Ghost Hunters (2004) s11e09 Episode Script

Overdue for Death

It's only us.
Oh! JASON: Was that a voice? Was it a voice? On this episode of "Ghost Hunters" Westerly Library.
They have the apparition they're seeing on the first floor, they're hearing footsteps, and they're even seeing some objects moving around.
[ Loud clicking ] JASON: What the [bleep] is that? I have personally heard my name called.
We've also had several incidents in the attic.
We heard footsteps.
STEVE: We're up in the attic.
We'd like you to come talk to us.
JASON: It sounded almost like a male voice.
There was a sighting of a librarian that worked here many years ago.
STEVE: Sallie? As you still here? WOMAN: I was walking up the grand staircase, and I felt like there was someone behind me.
Do you see that, Sam? I'm hoping that you guys can give me some reassurance that things are safe here.
Sallie, if that's you, could you come closer to us? [Bleep] I just saw movement back there.
JASON: TAPS is staying local and investigating in our own backyard.
We're heading to nearby Westerly, Rhode Island, to look into a host of paranormal claims at the Westerly Library.
We've obviously done a lot of investigating in Rhode Island, but I feel like we haven't been here in a while.
I'm pretty excited to be in our home turf.
I think this is gonna be a great case.
There's a lot of different claims that are going on, and, you know, they're truly bothered by the things that are happening there.
That's what I've heard.
They have the apparition they're seeing on the first floor, they're hearing footsteps, and they're even seeing some objects moving around.
Ron over there just really wants to have us come in and check out the place and see if we're able to come up with any answers for what's going on.
I'm excited.
Let's get over there and get this going.
JASON: TAPS case -- Westerly Library, Westerly, Rhode Island.
Thank you.
Hey, Ron.
BOTH: Nice to meet you.
How's it going? Steve.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, I'm Dave.
I'm very relieved that you guys have come.
So why don't you tell us some of the history here.
Back in 1892, Stephen and Harriet Wilcox agreed to fund a memorial and library in honor of Civil War soldiers.
The original building was completed in 1894.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Wilcox did not live long enough to see the opening.
JASON: Over the next 100 years, the library grew to over 50,000 square feet, and it was recently designated as Rhode Island's first literary landmark.
In 1938, New England was hit by a powerful hurricane that swept away homes and killed hundreds of people.
Many bodies ended up in makeshift morgues at the former Westerly High School, which stood on land which is now part of the Westerly Library and Park.
Some believe these souls could be behind the strange occurrences here.
So why don't you tell us about the activity you've been experiencing.
I have personally heard my name called in an area of the building where I'm by myself.
We've heard that there's a male voice that's heard in the circulation.
At least one employee has heard a male voice.
We've had a book, twice now, fall from the shelf in the circulation area.
You guys have that on video, too.
I do have one of those incidents on video.
If you don't mind we'll check it out.
It's pretty clear that it doesn't just fall.
It looks like it's dropped.
Love to see that.
We've also had several incidents, particularly in the attic, when we know that there's no one around.
WEIR: Myself and a few others decided to venture up into the attic.
And we were up there, and we started to get an eerie feeling.
And all of a sudden, that eerie feeling started to kind of prove itself when we heard footsteps.
[ Footsteps ] And it was the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced.
Definitely felt that whatever was up there was trying to get us out of there.
I absolutely think the Westerly Library is haunted.
JASON: Also in the attic, employees report hearing voices, feeling an aggressive presence in the room with them, and seeing a ball of light suddenly appear.
On the second floor, people claim to hear voices and footsteps, especially near the grand staircase.
BARRUS: I was walking up the grand staircase, and I felt like there was someone behind me.
And I thought I heard a second set of footsteps, but when I got to the top of the stairs, I stepped aside and the steps continued behind me up the stairs and down the hallway.
I was freaked out and kind of scooted into the staff room, and I said, "Is someone there?" And I got a knock in response.
There was definitely someone there.
JASON: There have also been reports of seeing shadow figures moving through the rooms and hallways, as well as some people encountering an apparition of a former employee.
GACCIONE: It started about a year ago.
There was a sighting of a librarian that worked here many years ago named Sallie.
And she has been seen where her old office was and on the main floor getting into the elevator.
Was that seen by the same person or by different -- Two different people.
So they saw enough detail to know that that was actually her? Yes.
The basement is home to the children's section and administration offices.
Claims in this area include shadow figures, apparitions, and mysterious tapping noises.
The library will also be providing us with security camera footage of what has been described as a lavender mist in an area of the basement that is off limits to the public.
All right, so, what are you mainly hoping we're able to accomplish for you? I'm hoping that you guys can find out what it is that's going on and give me some reassurance that things are safe here for people, that I don't have to worry about anything happening to anyone.
Thank you very much for your time.
We'll go talk to the rest of the team.
It's great.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
So, we just got done talking with Ron about the activity that seems to be going on over here at the Westerly Library.
Ron's main concern is for people's safety, also employees who somewhat feel threatened when they're trying to close up the building.
They're alone, they're a little intimidated and scared.
And he wants us to see what's going on, see if we're able to come up with any answers, and try to help take away that fear.
We're definitely gonna try to cover as many areas as possible.
It's tough with a library because you've got bookshelves and everything else, which can obstruct views.
But we're excited about this investigation.
I think it's gonna be a good one.
All right, so we'll set this little camera up here on the second floor of the library.
And basically what we're looking for is the black shadow that comes out and goes down this hallway.
Then there is also the claim of the lady that apparently goes in her office.
Let's tilt up just a slight bit.
Right there.
So I set up the camera on the second floor of the Westerly Library, and I had to come back down the stairwell here behind me to go back to the truck.
And as I was doing so, it sounded like there was a woman whispering.
I heard two words -- not sure what they were, but it sounded like two words right over my shoulder.
Came around the corner here to make sure there was no one else here, and Shari was here setting up the camera, but she said she wasn't talking or saying anything.
So, interesting start to the night.
Just pan up a little bit.
Little more.
Right there.
All right, all seven cameras are up.
STEVE: Tango.
We good? We are good.
Let's get the lights out and start investigating.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
JASON: Jay and Steve, on our way up to the attic at Westerly Library.
What's that noise? It's like a fan or something? Yeah.
So in here, they have the balls of a light, light anomalies.
Light that appeared under the chair.
And I see a window, but the problem is the street's going that way.
You have a parking garage there.
But would head lights come up there? It would light up, up here, but Right.
It's not like it would appear under a chair.
But it could shoot up and hit that reflective Well, here, I've got this on me, so I'll take a look and see if anything shines over here.
I'm seeing the shadows and light play, but nothing that looks like a ball of light on a chair.
We're up in the attic! We'd like you to come talk to us if you can.
Do me a favor.
Just step back the way you just stepped and come back over here.
Well, it didn't do it.
Um It sounded almost like a male voice, just like, "All right.
" I know you can get some play with the sounds in here.
There's a lot of weird angles up here.
A lot of different materials to work as filtration.
Some things could work as a magnifier.
[ Tapping ] Oh, there it was again.
Hello? If that's you we hear, can you talk louder? We're having a hard time finding you! We're lost.
Can you help us out? You can talk to us.
Or make a noise.
You might be able to lead us to you.
Hello? So, I set up a stationary GoPro with the laser grid pointed at the books in the circulation room, where the one book kind of fell on its own.
The laser grid will really help with any minute movement, you know.
The laser will either intensify or you'll see it bend a little bit.
Steve and I have actually witnessed something like that before, so through experience, you know, he said to me, "Hey, let's try that again.
Let's put a laser grid on the books.
" So, great idea by Steve, and I'm glad that we used this technique.
[ Crickets chirping ] Steve and Jay on the second floor of the Westerly Library.
This is the auditorium they were talking about.
They've seen shadow-type entities.
Is there a reason why you might still be here? Did you work here in this building? Do you know about the hurricane? So we know the high school that used to be on this property next to the library was used as a makeshift morgue for about a hundred people.
Did the spirits travel here? Oh, I heard that behind me.
Did you hear that? No, what? Walking.
Behind me.
Behind you here or out here? No, out there, I think.
Did it sound like that? A pop from the floor.
No, I didn't hear popping.
It sounded more like depression.
Like [ Imitates squeaking noise ] Really? Any TAPS members down there? Oh.
Is that a voice? Was it a voice that time? [ Muffled thud ] What the hell was that? That was not a voice.
STEVE: Any TAPS members down there? It's only us.
Is that a voice? Was it a voice that time? [ Muffled thud ] What the hell was that? That was not a voice.
Whatever made that noise probably made the sounds I was hearing.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
It sounded like it came from, like, in this room.
It was loud.
I want to see if anybody's in there.
Did you hear that up there? Yeah.
Steve? Yeah.
You just hear that whispering? No.
I know she was whispering in here.
It was like [ Imitates whispering ] We should go in there, then.
Jay and I, we just heard a bunch of sounds.
We were in the room upstairs, the auditorium.
I heard footsteps behind me that were It sounded like they were coming from where Jay was.
And as soon as we went to where I heard the footsteps, we started hearing banging and shuffling coming from down here.
[ Object rattles ] JASON: What the [bleep] was that? Hey, Jay, did you just open a door? No, did you just hear that? Was it a door opening? Yeah, a creaky sound? I just heard what sounded like a door opening.
You didn't open a door in here? No, I literally just turned around and said, "What was that?" And it was loud enough that I know I caught it on this.
It sounded like somebody opened a door right there in that foyer.
Or closed the door.
I think this is locked.
[ Door clicks ] Can't be this.
It's all locked up.
Those are locked, so It was a long, drawn-out Drawn out, like [ Imitates creaking noise ] Like somebody opened or closed the door.
Well, let's keep looking and see if we can find the source.
This is Dustin and K.
in the attic.
Oh, Dustin, there's supposedly a bell tower.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're right, man.
You want to go up there? Heck, yeah, I want to go up there.
Always good to check out belfries.
I'm game.
Can you grab that? Yeah, that would be great.
There you go.
DUSTIN: By any chance, are there any spirits that come up here for whatever reason? If there is anyone here that can hear us, would you please call out to us? We kindly ask anybody that's here with us and perhaps just unseen to please come forward and let your presence be known to us tonight.
That's a weird little sound.
Where'd that come from? If you're able to make a knocking sound like that, could you do it again? It sounded like it came from below us.
I don't know, Kaje, maybe we should just go back down.
I mean, there's really not much to see in here.
I'll light you up on the way.
SAMANTHA: This is Sam and Shari in the basement of the Westerly Library.
Is there anybody in the children's section? Ron asked us to come out and talk to you.
They think there might be a child in the library.
Maybe someone that is still here from when the high school was used as a makeshift morgue on the property.
Could you show us your favorite book? Do you hear those noises? Are those regular noises? The tapping? Yeah.
I heard a few that were different.
'Cause there was -- it started over here, and then it went over here and then it went over there.
I definitely heard the louder ones over here, and then then the one that was back there.
How about you make a really loud sound and we try to guess where you are? Somebody down -- it sounds like Like, I thought I heard a -- like a guy voice.
So, Shari thinks she might have heard something.
Can you make a knocking noise in here, just [ Knocks ] Like that? Hello? STEVE: Steve and Jay, still on the first floor.
Looking for the source of the door noise.
[ Lock clicking ] It's not that.
This is [ Door creaks ] Oh! Oh, but it's on -- it's on a wood block.
That wouldn't have closed.
So are these two.
Those -- Shh! Remember Sam and Shari are all the way down there.
Okay, right, yeah.
That's way down there.
We've had some phenomenal activity.
I gotta be honest with you.
It's been great.
It really has.
I mean, what I like most about it -- Shh! Did you hear that? [ Crickets chirping ] JASON: We've had some phenomenal activity.
I gotta be honest with you.
It's been great.
It really has.
I mean, what I like most about it -- Shh! Did you hear that? That was like a just a weird [ Imitates growl ] It really has, I mean What I like most about -- Shh.
I mean, what I like most about it -- Shh.
If you can hear us, we need you to tell us your name.
Sallie? You worked here for 50 years.
Are you still here? [ Object slams ] Whoa! Whoa! [Bleep] [bleep]! Thing almost landed on my [bleep] head.
I saw that.
And he's huge.
He's huge.
What the hell.
It's like a pterodactyl.
What is a bat doing in the [bleep] library? Whoa! What the hell?! [Bleep] Why is he in here? Why is here in here? [ Laughs ] Why? Screw this.
He's huge, and he's everywhere.
I quit.
DUSTIN: This is Dustin and K.
We're in the attic of the Westerly Library.
And it's the main claim that we want to check out up here, because apparently, people have witnessed balls of light come together.
Well, what I'm gonna use here is the rem-pod.
[ Device beeping ] If an energy field does come in contact with it or pass by, it will alert us, and then we can really focus our EVP questions at that precise moment.
So if there are any spirits that may be here in the library with us, my name's Dustin.
There's my buddy, K.
We're here to try to communicate with any of you here tonight.
I'm gonna try to throw out some names.
If it's any of you, perhaps you could try to interact with that device we have under those chairs.
Is it Stephen Wilcox? Sir, are you the one responsible for those lights? We know that Stephen Wilcox started the project and passed away before the project was completed.
And we also know that his wife, Harriet finished the project.
There's also a theory that you could be Sallie -- a long-, long-time librarian here.
Sallie, did you ever come up here? STEVE: This is Steve and Tango.
We're in the basement of the Westerly Library.
Where was that lavender mist seen? It happened right over here, against this wall.
Right now, I opened up the video to the mist footage that happened in the basement hallway.
And Steve and I are gonna check it out, and, you know, analyze it, and maybe, possibly, disprove this claim.
All right, Steve, here's the video.
STEVE: So, where's the mist now? It's right here, in the middle of it, kind of.
I mean, if you look at the plane this wall is, right? And look how that mist shows up, it's clearly a reflection because it's on that same plane.
And you see when it lights up brighter, the whole wall lights up.
It's not free-floating at all.
It's definitely a reflection of some sort.
The mystery is still where is the light source? Right.
What is the light source? All right.
So, let's go that way.
So right now, we got Steve and Tango taking the basement.
And Samantha and Shari moving up on the first and the second floor.
First and second floor is where a majority of the activity so far has happened tonight.
where there'd be voices, footsteps, things banging around.
It's been pretty much all the activity that has been claimed here.
Hey, Dustin, K.
, why don't you guys go check out Sallie's old office.
: 10-4.
DUSTIN: This is Dustin and K.
We're now on the second floor of the Westerly Library.
This was Sallie's office.
: Okay.
And I'd like to check it out, but I really don't want to barge in there and disrupt anything.
I know, but I just saw movement back there.
Did you really? I saw a light blocked out right on this -- there.
I think it's the second to last stack there, there's a sliver of light going horizontal.
Something just moved that way.
So what I'm gonna do is place the rem-pod just slightly inside, and a recorder.
Okay, I'm good with that.
All right.
So let's set this up.
Sallie, I know this is your office.
I hope you'll permit me to just place this in here.
I'm gonna try to use this device to try to communicate with you.
Okay, I'm gonna turn this thing on, and it's gonna light up.
Gonna place it right here on this table.
[ Device beeping ] And then this device with the red lights, you can try to speak into.
And I'll place that over here on the chair.
I'm gonna step back outside of your office, Sallie, with my friend K.
Sallie, I really respect the fact that you worked here for 50 years.
That's amazing.
We can understand why you'd come back here.
Sallie, did you have a favorite book? Could you tell me the name of your favorite author, please? Sallie, if that's you Oh, there it is again.
There it is again.
[bleep] DUSTIN: Sallie, did you have a favorite book? Could you tell me the name of your favorite author, please? Sallie, if that's you Oh, there it is again.
There it is again.
[bleep] In between the sliver back there.
Yeah, did something Something just completely blocked out a bunch of that.
Sallie, if that's you, could you come closer to us, perhaps? We're just gonna come in real slow.
Sallie, when I was I was setting up cables earlier tonight, it sounded like a woman spoke to me in the stairwell.
Was that you that was with me earlier tonight? [ Pulsating ] Hey.
Dude, check that out.
[ Whispers indistinctly ] Sallie? [ Pulsating stops ] I think my camera died.
Did it just, like, drain? No, no, no.
Yeah, it was just fine.
It was just working fine.
We had a fresh battery, and we really haven't We haven't been in here long enough.
We haven't been investigating long enough for this thing to be dead.
We had the rem-pod go off, and then the camera died.
The camera's completely drained, dude.
We saw movement in here.
I clearly saw light blocked out a couple of different times.
We came in here slowly, cautiously, respectfully.
And my camera's gone.
It was a fresh battery before we left the truck.
Sallie, we're gonna try to come a little closer.
Sallie? DAVE: This is Dave and Shari on the second floor.
Let's check out that claim of the woman that walked up the staircase right over here.
And she heard what sounded like footsteps behind her.
So my question is, does it just sound like that, you know what I mean, when you're just walking up the stairs? Let's do a quick little experiment.
So, after you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well, I didn't hear anything.
Like, nothing that makes me think there's someone behind me.
Is there anybody here with us? Can you make any footsteps, noises? Heard that.
Kind of like [ Imitates whining ] Yeah.
DAVE: Hello? Sallie? K.
: This is Sam and K.
We are in the lower level.
So K.
and I are on the lower level of Westerly Library over where the administration offices are and such.
And we have quite a few claims down here.
I mean, there's the disembodied voices that are all over the building.
There's the footsteps.
But we also have tapping on this glass window, to be specific.
Also, I think, we have shadow movement in this room here.
That was seen from the office behind me.
In here, there's, like, a little bit of light coming from the telephone or something.
I think it's both of those windows are at ground level.
Could the shadow have been of somebody walking right outside? Yeah.
It very well could be.
I can see that there are reflective surfaces on the opposite wall in this room here, so we do have some ability for shadows from the outside to possibly reflect inside that particular office.
Let's see if we can see what's outside that window.
And this one's just a stone wall.
Nobody's walking by that window.
You see that, Sam? It looks like I'm standing at the other computer.
We've got multiple panes of glass, and it actually looks like she's in that other office.
I'm not, in any way, am I saying that that's completely explaining the experience someone had down here, but it is an interesting phenomena that we have here.
All right, let's see what else we can do down here.
This is Steve and Tango in the circulation area.
Have you seen the video of the book falling? No.
Okay, I'll show it to you.
Okay, so, the bookshelf is over here.
I mean, it comes forward, and then -- It comes out quick.
The way this shelf is, how would it just fall off? Like, it would have to be on the edge already.
The problem with the video is that you can't see the front of, you know, the Exactly.
You can't figure anything out by the angle that this video is.
Right, that's the problem.
You can't prove, you can't disprove, you can't do anything.
You just see the end result, you see the book falling.
Well, that's why we hooked up the camera.
You know? Yeah, I mean, we got two camera's on here.
Let's head out of here.
All right, first floor.
Okay, and this is K.
and Shari.
We have just entered the first floor of Westerly Library.
One of the claims was there's a woman that works here, and she saw a woman in a purple coat going that way.
The other claim was somebody felt touched.
And also, a lot of people here their -- either their names being called or other names being called.
One person actually said that they heard somebody saying, "Library lady, library lady, library lady.
" Yeah? You know.
Let's wander a little, huh? Hmm.
So, this is the area where people get touched, right? Yeah, in the corner.
: Sallie, there's a lot of people that believe that you are still here, walking around the library and checking on the books and checking on the employees.
I know that you worked here for over 50 years.
That's pretty amazing.
Hey, what's going on over here? I just saw a big flash of light in here.
Sallie, I know that you worked here for over 50 years.
That's pretty amazing.
Hey, what's going on over here? I just saw a big flash of light in here.
In this room? Yeah.
Hello? Sallie, was that you? So, Shari and I were just in the other room, you know, just talking about a different claim, and I just kind of looked over in this room here, and in between all the stacks, I saw a light light up.
I mean, something lit up this room a little bit.
It happened, like, kind of in a couple of little flashes.
So it caught my attention, so we're just coming back here, basically, to try and figure out where it could come from.
Is there anybody here with us right now? If there is anybody here with us, is there any way that you can make yourself known? Okay.
All right, Shari, hey, check it out.
A car must have gone by.
See the lights on the wall? Yeah.
I did just witness what the effect of a car driving by is and the light coming in, and it's running across the ceiling.
That's a possible explanation.
I want to check the back, see if we can get touched.
Yeah, let's do it! Yeah! Let's! [ Both laugh ] Good job.
STEVE: This is Steve and Tango heading back down into the basement.
Hey, Steve, check it out.
[ Robotic voice ] I am the librarian robot.
Oh! Read books now.
Zero, zero, one, one, zero, one.
Garbage can.
[ Normal voice ] Man, I'm bored.
Whoop! Whoop, whoop, whoop! Here you go.
[ Robotic voice ] You will read a book.
[ Radio beeps ] Hey, team, let's get the lights on.
It's time to wrap.
STEVE: Tonight's investigation really had it all for us.
Jason and I, we had some great experiences.
Some of the other teams had some experiences.
We were able to disprove some things.
We definitely experienced the voices, the footsteps.
The activity we've had has backed up most of the claims that Ron has told us about.
So I know we've got some great things to show him already, and I'm really looking forward to going through the evidence and seeing what else turns up.
His main fear is for the safety of the people coming to the Westerly Library and the employees of the Westerly Library.
And no matter what, we're here to help, and we're gonna make sure we do in any way possible.
[ Engine turns over ] So, guys, Westerly Library, awesome place, huge place.
You know, our client Ron, his main concern is that with the higher volume of people coming into the library, he really wants to just make sure everything is pretty much safe.
But as far as experiences go, did anything happen to anybody? Dustin and I had an interesting experience right, like, outside of Sallie's office where she was for 50 years.
There was a moment there where we saw movement behind the stacks.
There it is again.
There it is again! [bleep] And then we walked in, and then, the GoPro -- boom -- battery gone.
Like, drained out completely.
That's coupling, you know.
You see something, all of a sudden, you know, your battery goes out.
Maybe it's Sallie that's still roaming around in there.
Maybe it's somebody else.
I know Jay and Steve had a lot of stuff happen.
This clip, this is Jay and Steve, they're on the second floor.
Steve hears footsteps, and Jay did not hear it himself.
But this proves that Steve isn't crazy, so Cool.
STEVE: Oh, I heard that behind me.
And you do hear it kind of like go, like, travel.
All right, in this clip, again, they're on the second floor, and they hear what sounds like some voices.
STEVE: Any TAPS members down there? JASON: It's only us.
Is that a voice? Was it a voice that time? Huh.
So they're hearing voices, and then this loud slam.
Like a door just closed.
When you and I were there at that same time, and we thought we heard a voice, we heard it the same exact time in the same area.
But it didn't -- we still don't know.
Couldn't hear it.
I know you reviewed that as well.
I couldn't hear it, you couldn't hear it.
So Jay and Steve are now on the main floor, and you hear -- you see Jay kind of stop, and you hear what he hears.
It sounds like whispering sounds.
I'll play it for you guys.
Oh, yeah.
Wow! JASON: TAPS was called to the Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, to look into a wide variety of disturbing paranormal claims.
After a thorough investigation Hey, Ron, it's good to see you again.
Good to see you.
we have quite a bit of evidence to present to our client, Ron.
We had some great activity.
We caught some really neat things, which, you know, we're gonna show you, and I'm hoping it's not gonna make your staff more uneasy to be here at night, but you're gonna have to draw your own conclusions on that.
This initial piece we're gonna show you, Steve and I were in the auditorium area, and there was walking, there was footsteps coming from the hallway.
So I just want you to listen to that.
STEVE: Oh, I heard that behind me.
It was pretty clear.
It's pretty evident, and we can hear that.
Each footstep sort of has its own sound.
Sounded very distinct.
All right, so now we headed out into the hallway to try to investigate and look around, and while we were out there, we started hearing what sounded like voices coming from the first floor.
Any TAPS members down there? It's only us.
Is that a voice? Was it a voice that time? Boom.
Did you hear that? It sounds like a door slam.
Was it a voice this time? Voice this time? And the strange thing about this, what we're gonna play for you, we started heading downstairs because of that sound to try to find out what it was.
And as we were standing there, the sound happened from upstairs right above us, almost like it was trying to lead us back upstairs.
So, here we go.
I want to see if anybody's in there.
STEVE: It's pretty loud.
Boom! It's loud and it's clear.
And, you know, when it's just, you know, the building, nobody's in here -- it's just Jason and myself, we had a camera operator with us.
But when he's right there and we're right here and you hear the sound come from way further out, it can be quite startling.
So, now in this room right in front of us, all of a sudden, there was, like, whispering.
You can hear voices coming from that room.
Sounds like somebody talking.
And that was right at the bottom of the grand staircase? Yeah, so Steve's still on the stairs, I start walking in, and, strangely, we have the sound of a door open or close.
You need to take a listen.
[ Object rattles ] What the [bleep] was that? So we've shown you some great evidence.
But that's just the beginning.
Wait till you see what else we have.
JASON: Steve and I are at the Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island, going over our findings with our client, Ron.
I know a lot of people claim to have activity in the attic, right? Okay, while we were up there, there were male voices that we heard a couple different times.
Male voices? Male voices.
We'll play this for you a few different times, 'cause it's really loud up there.
You hear that? I heard the voice, but I couldn't make out what he said.
We'll play it again for you.
You able to make out anything? It's hard to make out, but you can hear the voice.
One of the words to us, the last word that's said sounds like, "Hell.
" So, with that, just take a listen to it again and see if you're able to make out anything.
It's very difficult to make out.
But it's definitely a man's voice.
To us, it almost sounded like it was saying, "Go to hell.
" Or, "This is hell," something like that.
We have had indications of people in the attic that whatever might be there doesn't want us there.
Well, one other piece we did catch while we were up there, it's as we were walking down a little further, again, there was a male voice I thought I heard.
It's quite interesting.
Oh, there it was again.
Sounds almost like the same voice, but it's saying something different.
Oh, there it was again.
Really, it was an interesting night, 'cause we were able to have all these great experiences.
Pretty much, every team was able to have some sort of an experience, which is unheard of in most investigations.
And to be honest with you, yeah, the things -- like, if it's saying, "Go to hell," when you're in the attic, it's not welcoming by any means.
But the rest of the things we caught didn't seem, you know, like it had an issue.
It just seemed like it was going on with its routine.
The whispers downstairs in the book room, the bangs while we were on the staircase, hearing it upstairs and downstairs.
There's nothing that would give me any thought of malicious intent or it being angry or dangerous.
And that's -- again, as we said before -- the reason I brought you guys in or asked you to come was my concern for the safety of our patrons and their children, parents, grandparents, everyone that comes here and enjoys the library and the programs that we offer.
Well, how do you feel about the stuff we've shown you? It's a little unnerving.
Come on.
Are we gonna have to walk you guys through here every night? It does go along with some of the things that we had experienced.
This is pretty clear evidence to back up what we thought.
Well, you need anything, we're pretty much a rock-throw away.
So, give us a shout.
We'd love to come back.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Well, let's get out of here.
GACCIONE: After hearing all the evidence presented by the TAPS investigators, I have to say it's my personal opinion that there is definitely something happening at the Westerly Library.
TAPS uncovered evidence that confirmed some of the things that had been reported, but also put me at ease a little more as to everyone's safety in coming to the Westerly Library.
There is nothing to fear and, you know, there's no reason for anyone to be concerned about being harmed here.
JASON: So, I think that went great, man.
STEVE: Yeah.
Ron really seemed to like the stuff we showed him.
He did.
I mean, as soon as he heard that voice, he was like, "That's a voice.
That's a male voice.
" Well, and it's just nice that a lot of what we experienced were things that they've experienced.
Good job, brother.
Thank you.
On to the next, man.