Ghost Wars (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

The Pain Connection

Previously on Ghost Wars I'm Daphne Holt, CEO of Lambda, and I'm going to solve your ghost problem.
- Do you know this asshole? - He's my boss.
Over the past few years Daphne has become obsessed with quantum state, dimensions.
The after life.
She's determined to prove that it's possible for humans to engage in these other realms.
I can't stand by and let you re-start this accelerator.
The last time we did this, people died.
That's the risk we take.
I say screw diplomacy.
Let's smash the shit out of that thing! This is about to get real ugly.
[groaning] You were right.
We did find something.
Nobody saw it being removed? Yeah, we cleared everyone out after the fire was extinguished.
The last thing we need is another angry mob marching up here.
- What about the other specimens? - All destroyed.
We're getting life signs from inside but they're fading fast.
Tenacious old bastard, isn't it? You sound impressed.
Nate thinks this is tangible organic matter from the after life.
I am practically in love.
Oh, my gosh.
It's Dr.
Daphne, we have no idea what we're dealing with here.
Honestly, Dr.
Clark, where is your sense of adventure? Clear.
Well, that's unfortunate.
- But maybe it's for the best.
- Save it.
I want a complete necropsy on that thing.
Tissue samples, blood work, stomach contents.
Keep me informed.
Yeah, yeah, I saw him last night.
So did I.
He was still alive.
What time? - 10pm.
At the Chieftain.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I saw him at 12:00, midnight.
[knocking] Miller! [knocking] Miller? It's Winston.
Coming in? No.
I already know what's in there.
Miller? [shaking can] [retching] Christ on a crutch.
Where the hell is Norm and Billy? They should be doing this.
I think they're looking for Paolo.
What's the point? Paolo, he's either dead or worse.
Where the hell is everybody? You said it.
We'll start with the major abdominal organs.
Retract once I've made the incision.
I'll begin with the liver.
- Are you out of your fucking mind? - You gotta believe me, Val.
I don't have to do anything you want, Dan, and I don't have time for this.
- Mommy V, my tummy hurts.
- I know, I'm coming, honey.
Listen, I know you've been through a lot, Dan, but so have we.
That's why I'm here.
I'm trying to help you.
Yeah, no, I've seen what happens when you try to help.
- [groaning] - Goddammit, Val! You're in danger! Sophia came out of one of those things, and it changed her.
Same kind of thing Abigail came out of.
- It must have changed her, too.
- No.
No! - Shut your mouth! You shut it! - Listen I don't wanna hear another word.
Come on, we're leaving.
- Come on.
- Val, don't make the same mistake I did.
Dan, you need to sober up.
You're no good to anyone drunk.
[screaming] [low discussion] Sure, okay.
I'd be happy to.
- Father.
- Father Dan, what're you doing? - Are you surprised to see me? - Let's go.
- Are you? - What do you think you're doing? [groans] - I didn't touch her! - Back off! - Are you all right? - Get away from me! - I didn't touch her! - Back off! You don't know what you're dealing with! What's the matter with you? Huh? You are not going to believe this.
Is that what I think it is? [gasps] Shit.
What's your problem, Father Dan? I was in the middle of something out there.
Sophia is terrified of you.
You already killed her kid.
Now she says you're after her.
Trying to help the boy Winston, that's enough.
We have another one.
In case you hadn't noticed, trouble follows you around.
Yeah, actually I had noticed.
You know what doesn't follow me around? So, unless you wanna do your job tomorrow by yourself Stay away from her.
I got this, banana liqueur, or Ever-clear hooch.
I think I'll just have water.
Thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Well, the last thing we need is to be fighting each other.
That's right.
We got bigger problems.
Those pods.
I made a terrible mistake.
Those things are being used against us.
Things? Are you saying that there's more than one? The fire.
There were more in that house.
I was there.
I set the blaze.
And they're gone? There's one more at Lambda.
And they have no idea what they're dealing with.
The cellular mutation results in an aggressive mitosis rate.
It's as if he's made of hyperactive stem cells.
No scarring.
And it's not just repairing damaged tissue.
These things are practically organ farms.
We're talking potentially billions in transplant surgeries alone.
Why the mutation in the first place? For what purpose? One hypothesis is that the pods are mutating human cell structure to make our bodies more hospitable vessels for these incorporeal guests.
- Ghosts.
- They're using our bodies against us? Don't take it so personally, Edward.
Daphne, we have no idea what these things are, what they're capable of.
We don't know what it's doing to Dr.
Jones, if he's even in there.
- Nevermind the legal ramifications.
- Jones signed away his rights - when he became a Lambda employee.
- So we're expendable? Maybe you should take a walk, Dr.
I want you to find the root cause of the mutation and see if we can replicate it.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Thanks for doing this.
My pleasure.
Okay girls, I won't be long.
- Take your time.
- Thanks.
I wanna go with you.
I know, honey, but Sophia's gonna take good care of you two, okay? It'll be fine.
- Bye, honey.
- Bye.
Don't leave them alone together.
- I won't.
- Thanks.
Father Dan is alive.
I know.
He told her everything.
Did she believe him? No, but he will find someone that does.
- So what should we do? - What do you think? We'll find him and kill him.
[knocks] This is a nice surprise.
And you brought company? You can go.
You said no more secrets.
I did.
That's a two-way street.
Of course.
Let's talk about the pod that you recovered from the fire.
You were gonna tell us about that, right? I will do one better.
This is Dr.
You told me you weren't in the business of abducting people.
People, no.
We took a pod.
He happened to be inside it.
I was just as surprised as you are now.
He has a wife.
We have to tell Karla.
- That wouldn't do anyone any good.
- He's not Paolo anymore.
He's right.
Our speculation is that the old Paolo was pushed out - for another consciousness.
- An evil spirit.
Regardless, there is a psychic connection between the specimen and the extracted livers.
- They're communicating.
- Yes, and when it feels It? No.
That's Paolo.
When Paolo feels pain, they feel pain, and vice versa.
We need to destroy it.
Not very Christian of you, Father.
That's not a human being.
This is an opportunity to examine what these entities are capable of.
See where they're weakest.
We need to understand our enemy to be strong.
She's trying to appease us.
Destroying them is not her end game.
My end game? The regenerative properties in this one specimen have the capacity to end disease.
- End pain and suffering - No, no.
What? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You promised that you were gonna help us with our ghost problem.
There is so much to learn from them.
This is wrong.
Right and wrong, good and evil.
Cancer doesn't think that it's evil, it's just doing its job.
Who the hell are we to decide? - God decides.
- God is dead.
Spare me your freshman year provocations.
I am not being provocative.
I have the data to back it up.
What do people pray for, Dan? Good health, long life.
God does not give that to you, science does.
- Blah, blah.
- What if you were to never get sick, never get old, never die? It kinda takes God out of the discussion, doesn't it? This could save millions of lives.
You clearly have a lot to learn about the world and our purpose in it.
And you need to wake up and accept reality.
Your faith is nothing but a blind devotion to an urban legend translated a thousand times by uneducated people.
If I took that drivel literally I would be banished from the camp just for menstruating.
I don't think these evil spirits are our enemy.
I think our enemy is standing right in front of me.
That's enough, Father.
You should go.
I'll uh, I'll see him out.
You do that.
Sorry I lost my temper in there.
Hey, were you serious about what you said? About stopping this? Absolutely.
You're gonna need this to get into the lab and then out of the building.
You're helping me? It's gotten out of control.
Somebody has to do something.
Well, God bless you, son.
How can you be sure this isn't Paolo? I respect you enough not to lie to you.
Now, if you did the same I told you, I don't know anything.
You don't get rich without being able to read a poker face.
Didn't you inherit your wealth? You saw something when you touched the cylinder.
And you saw something during your haunting.
I caught that.
Have you heard anything? No.
You okay? Uh-huh.
He's gonna come home, okay? Don't.
What? I'm just trying to be nice.
[door buzzes] You shouldn't be here.
Go back to the observation lounge.
This man you're working on here is a member of my congregation.
And? Well, I was sent to administer last rites.
Daphne requested it.
A little late, don't you think? I think, given the circumstance, God will overlook it.
Look, we've all been through a hard time.
Paolo was Catholic.
Let him rest in peace.
Thank you.
You don't want to get too close.
May the Lord, his love and mercy, help with the grace of the holy spirit.
May the Lord, who frees us of sin, save you and raise you up.
This is the lamb of God.
Takes away our sins from the world.
Happy are those who are called to his supper.
[growling] [groans] [sounds alarm] [alarm wailing] [alarm wailing] Patrol seven, this is security.
Are you there? I need some guidance here.
[radio] I got you, patrol seven.
No need to panic.
Who's panicking? [radio] Patrol seven, hallway one is clear.
Security, can you check again? [radio] Patrol seven, I said the coast is clear.
Repeat: it's clear.
[radio] Patrol seven, I think I see something.
Hold your position.
Repeat: hold your position.
Where is it? I'm in hallway two.
[radio] I said hold your position.
Why are you shit! Security, what the fuck is going on?! It's in here.
[screaming] Security! Do you read me? [alarm wailing] Daphne, we have to contain this.
I intend to, even if you are trying to sabotage me.
I know you gave the priest your key card.
Obviously I am disappointed.
What're you doing? Getting back my specimen.
[screaming] [alarm wailing] Clear.
[radio] The priest is heading towards the lobby.
What were you thinking? Same thing you're thinking now.
I wish I had killed it when I had the chance.
Given what I just saw I can't argue with that logic.
Then finish the job.
Kill it before it kills any more You have no idea what you're dealing with.
I figured it out.
I knew there was something going on with you.
Now I realize what it is.
You don't know me.
But I know people.
I've seen it many times in many faces.
Talk all you want about medical patents and the greater good.
But this fascination you have with the after life is personal for you.
Because you're dying.
Look, we're not so different.
I've questioned my faith before.
I've never lost it.
[quiet rumbling] [whimpering] Isabel.
- I'm coming with you.
- You're not going anywhere.
Look, I'm sorry about what happened.
I'm not mad at you, Edward.
I just can't lose anyone else I care about tonight.
What're you gonna do if you find him? [loud knocking] [cocks gun] Paolo? Where the hell have you been? What the hell are you wearing? Did Lambda do this to you? Lambda.
Those fuckers.
Come, sit down.
I'll get you something to drink.
Jesus, honey.
[smash] [panting] [grunting] [moaning] You scared me.
You should be scared.
I get the feeling that you know more about what's going on than anyone.
We do.
Abigail? Well, who's in her body? Another.
Another what? Yeah.
And Sophia, where is she? You have to tell me.
You can't help her.
You can't help any of them.
What do they want? I heard them talk about a a stone? A stone? They're coming for you.
[muffled voices] You know, Winston, you're always so good to me.
Uh, thanks.
- You're a good man.
- Thank you.
You're pretty good yourself.
- Wanna have some wine? - Oh, I don't know.
Come on, I don't bite.
Maybe just a little.
[groans] [screams] [groans] [groaning] Winston? Get up.
Listen to me.
Isabel's downstairs.
- Are you listening? - Yeah.
I want you to go get her, bring her to Val.
- Okay.
- Go! Go! Okay.
You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
Maybe not.
[groans] You know, torture only works if you want something from me.
You do want something, don't you? Answers.
Or maybe something more carnal.
You don't have to deny yourself anymore.
You don't have to be strong.
I take pleasure in weaknesses.
Approaching necessities.
Persecution and distresses.
For God's sake, for I am weak.
And then I am strong.
You're a fool if you think your faith will save you.
[groaning] We're all fools for Christ.
- Where is he? - Who? Your husband.
I haven't seen him.
Would you tell us if you had? Nope.
Who should I send the bill to? We are trying to help you.
Yeah, I've heard that before.
From you, actually.
[cocks gun] You can get the hell out now.
Drop it.
Let's go.
If you see him, just keep the shotgun ready.
Always is.
Father? What what's going on? You know I always cared about you, Father.
I always wondered, hoped that maybe you felt the same way.
That one day we'd be together.
We could be happy.
Then you killed my son.
Slaughtered him like a lamb.
There's nothing left of her in there, is there? She's gone.
And I'm proof that everything that you ever believed in your entire life is wrong.
There's no heaven.
There's no divine saviour waiting for you in the wings.
They'll come for me now.
Abigail, Paolo.
I'm counting on it.
You knew.
You feel pain, they feel pain.
[door opens] Don't come in here! No, don't come in here! He knows [groans] [screaming] [screams] You think that holy water's gonna help? Probably not.
But this might.
[whimpering] The three souls, people that I knew, people that I care about.
I believe that these souls were accepted into God's chosen after life.
But these bodies have limitations.
They also have something else in common with the soul.
Under the right circumstance they both burn.
Father! [evil laughter] Carol! Where's your God now? You have one move left, Father.
And I'm pretty sure it's a mortal sin.
[chuckling] If it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons, then it is the kingdom of God that will come upon you.
No! [chuckles] No! Okay.
[screaming] Father Dan? Father Dan! Father Dan! Father? I know I've let you down, Roman.
I failed you in ways that I don't deserve to be absolved for.
I'm not gonna ask you to forgive me again.
But I am gonna ask you for one last thing.
The people here, they need you, Roman.
Don't give in to your anger or despair.
We have to persevere.
To battle them from all sides.
Keep fightin' the good fight.
Don't lose faith.
Paolo? Is that you?