Ghostwriter (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Jungle Ghost, Part 2

You know what? Just take it.
For your loyalty to the bookstore.
Hey, Grandpa.
Look who I found.
Hey, is that Spinoza? I missed this little one.
- Where did you find her? - I, um Well, Dad.
It's a bit of a long story.
I No, it's not that long of a story.
Mom helped us find her.
Thank you, Amy.
So, how's the new cash register? The customers seem to like it.
Can't believe it.
Just when we found Spinoza, Mowgli's gone.
The pages are blank.
He's still here somewhere.
We need Mowgli, or we'll never solve your grandma's unfinished business.
And you think that fur ball knows something? What was that? I don't wanna say it out loud because then it might be real, and I really don't want it to be real.
Shere Khan? Why would your grandma release an evil tiger? All I know is we have to find Mowgli before Shere Khan does.
Are you out here all alone? Hi.
Aren't you cute? What? That's weird.
- Here's your share, Rusty.
- This looks so good.
And yours.
Pizza was a good choice.
Not bad.
Good hunting.
Yum! Yum, yum, yum.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was your day? It was eventful.
Did you get the link I sent you? Yeah.
For that chair that hangs from the ceiling? I know.
It's so cool.
It would look great in here.
What? We don't need a chair.
We already have a couch.
Dad said I can help him fix up the place.
Well, I have some ideas as well.
We should use the money on something we all could use.
Like a new gaming center.
You already have that.
Yeah, at Mom's.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
But you are the only gamer in the house.
A hanging chair is for everyone.
- But I'm not sitting in a hanging chair.
- Tell you what, I set some money aside for furniture.
If that's not what you want, then compromise on something else for the living room.
One thing.
Let's go, Rocco.
Oh, I already took him out.
Besides, you don't want to go out there.
What if there's a man-eating tiger roaming around the streets as we speak? Not that there is.
I don't know what you expect to find.
Mowgli could be anywhere by now.
So I was on the neighborhood blog last night and a bunch of people were complaining about dogs stealing food.
One woman even said that a dog took her pizza when she wasn't looking.
So he's still in the neighborhood? Yeah.
Which would explain that.
Mowgli! Stop running! We are trying to help you! You don't care about me or my pack.
We think Shere Khan followed you.
It is not possible.
You're here.
Trust us, it's possible.
Come with us.
We need to take the dogs to the shelter.
Shere Khan can look far and wide, but I will hide where he will never find me.
Wish me luck, Joan.
"Joan"? Oh, just my nickname for Mr.
I don't get it.
Hey, now that I have you, I just wanted to say I shouldn't have tried to get special treatment because I'm an athlete.
Because there is no excuse for messing up on that test.
I should've studied harder.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
This class is very important to me and I really wanna learn the material.
I know I don't deserve it, but is there any way you'd let me take that test again? Well, I appreciate your directness.
Okay, I'll let you retake the test, but this is a one-time offer.
I won't let you down.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Joan Slithers.
You're in a good mood.
So, did you find Mowgli? No.
So how can you be in a good mood? I have a life outside of finding missing book characters.
Good for you.
So how do we find Mowgli? "Eyes".
We all have eyes.
Anything else? For a woman who owns a bookstore, you'd think your grandma could use a few more words.
Maybe she means the spooky eyes we saw in the alley.
Yeah, but those eyes belong to Shere Khan.
So my grandma wants us to go up to a wild tiger and what? Talk to him? - Not it.
- You can't call "not it", Donna.
We all have to do it if we don't want Mowgli to get hurt.
What about us getting hurt? Ruben's right.
If this is what his grandma wants us to do, we should do it.
Let's go find Shere Khan.
Don't do that.
There's all kinds of germs down there.
I gotta look for tracking signs like Mowgli did.
Do you see any? I see gum and some abandoned shoelaces.
Hey! Over here! Paw prints.
The eyes.
What if we got the message wrong? Then we have to defend ourselves.
With what? Shoelaces? Well, if this is the end, at least I made my bed this morning.
I didn't.
He's moving.
That's not Shere Khan that's Bagheera.
Okay, that is a plot twist I did not see coming.
He's friends with Mowgli, right? Bagheera, we know Mowgli.
I think he's trying to tell us something.
Something angry.
I guess we can't talk to him without Mowgli.
Don't worry.
He's one of the good ones in The Jungle Book.
But he's still a panther.
His animal instincts could kick in at any moment.
I think he wants us to follow him.
I think we're in the right place.
Look at that big cat! Seems rather mean.
I could take him.
They're talking.
Mowgli must be close.
Chevon, are you okay? That's the dog that almost bit me last month.
If I attacked you, you must've deserved it.
I think.
I mean, I can't really see as well as I used to.
It's true, he's nearly blind.
Please don't eat us, oh mighty cat! This is absurd.
I could eat all of them as a light breakfast, if I truly wanted.
Bagheera, we can hear you now! Now hear me loud and clear.
Stand aside and let me speak to the man-cub or else I will make a meal of you with frightening haste.
Uh, on second thought, maybe we should leave.
Thank you.
Bagheera? What are you doing here? I've been watching.
I wanted to be sure you fit into the world of humans.
How am I doing? Mm.
Could be better.
Mowgli, we need to take the dogs back to the shelter.
They don't belong in cages.
They're my pack.
You can't take them, by the rules of the free people of the jungle.
We're not in the jungle.
Mowgli, in some places, the pack isn't always animals.
Look at you.
You were a man-cub in a wolf pack.
These dogs belong with human packs.
We will leave this jungle if you promise to find human packs for all the wolves.
You mean "dogs".
Yes, Donna.
So this is where the man with the books lives.
I can't believe we're finally talking to you, Spinoza.
You're happy? I have so much to say and finally someone can hear me.
You are quite a small cat.
What I lack in size I make up for in charm.
Hey, Spinoza, you knew my grandma, right? - Teressa Reyna.
- Oh, Tess? That was my girl.
I met her four years ago.
Or was it three? All I remember, it was a hot summer day.
I know that on account of what the butcher was wearing.
A grown man in a tank top? Mm-mm.
That ain't right.
This cat is very strange.
Me? Your hair hasn't been combed in, what, your whole life? Now where was I? - Your grandma brought me milk - Sorry to cut you off, but, I was actually wondering about more recently, like before she died.
Do you happen to know if my grandma had any unfinished business? I'm trying to tell you, but I can't just cut in the middle of the story.
It won't make no sense.
So where was I? Oh, yes.
The warm milk, right? Ruben, what is going on in here? Where did these animals come from? We found them on the road while we were looking for Spinoza.
Yeah, they're strays, and they don't have a home.
You are very sweet, but they have to go to the shelter.
Of course you'd say that, kidnapper.
They don't wanna go to the shelter.
Yeah, they're so cute.
Well, they can't live here.
We could hold a pet adoption at the bookstore.
People don't go to a bookstore to get a dog.
Why not? I think it's a great idea.
We could call it "Words And Wags".
Or "Read With Your Favorite Breed".
I like it.
Come on, Mom, you're always talking about getting more people in the store.
- Great news! - Let's do it.
Sounds like a plan.
Pepper, don't lick the sink.
You wanna be my friend? Where's Curtis? Oh, don't stop.
The hot air makes my fur tickle.
This reminds me of that time your grandma nearly tripped on me, but didn't.
Great story.
I know.
And she didn't even say sorry.
I didn't look at her for at least two weeks.
"What shielded ancient Egyptians from foreign attack?" The pyramids.
It was the desert.
Not bad for dogs.
And I should know.
I grew up in captivity, which is how I know it's not just about appearance.
These humans will be looking for more than just a pretty set of paws.
Pepper, if you want to find a home, you're going to have to learn some manners.
I thought I saw a ball.
You really pulled it all together.
I'm impressed.
Hopefully it works.
Oh, it's gonna be the four of diamonds.
How'd you know that? He used to do that trick when I was little.
And with every kid that came to the store.
I guess if you're little, it'd be cool.
Mom, are you okay? Sorry.
I don't know what came over me.
Just seeing my dad brings back a lot of good memories.
Makes me miss Grandma.
Me too.
I guess I didn't realize moving here has been hard for you too.
I just wish we'd visited more before it was too late.
Well, it's not too late with Grandpa.
The dogs look great.
No thanks to you.
- Where have you been? - Didn't know you were taking attendance.
What's going on over there? Wouldn't you love to have a dog like this? See? He likes you.
Look at her.
To your left.
No, not that far left.
- Okay, okay.
Don't yell.
- Don't Turn the other way.
Don't Rotate your I don't think so.
He barks too much.
He wasn't barking.
Well, he was.
It's his way of communicating.
I can hop the highest! Look at me! This is the best day of my life! Okay, great.
Let's go.
I'm finally going home.
Thank you for what you did today.
It's cool.
I know you don't like the ways of the animals.
Well, yeah.
I too haven't had the best time with humans until now.
My wolf brothers used to tell me tales of their spears and fire.
It scared me.
I bet.
But now I see there is another side to humans.
And I guess I can see now why you like the animals.
They're actually pretty cool.
Very cool.
It's hopeless.
That's not true.
Nobody wants me.
Don't talk like that.
Of course they do.
Yeah? Name one.
You want to adopt me? Yeah, I do.
We just have to convince my parents.
But once they get a good look at you, that won't be an issue because you're so cute.
You're not listening to me, Curtis.
A hanging chair spins.
It's just like its own kind of game.
Or we can get a second controller, and you can play with me on the new gaming setup.
Sorry to interrupt whatever this is, but the dog books go on that shelf.
What is a gaming setup? How do I describe it to you? It's like - A waste of time? - No, it's not.
Dad said we need to compromise.
I'm not saying yes to a second controller.
In my pack, we bring council disputes to the head wolf, Akela.
And he decides.
Perhaps I can help you? I don't see how.
We don't want the same thing.
Well, what does your father want? Or the little wolf.
I don't know.
Never really thought about it.
It seems to me you should do something that helps the whole pack.
I know what we should get.
Does it involve gaming? Hey.
How was the pet adoption? All the dogs were adopted.
So, I'd say pretty great.
That is great.
What's in the bag? Well, we talked about what we should get for the living room.
And we decided we don't really need a hanging chair.
Even though it would look amazing.
And I guess we don't need a new gaming setup.
So? We got a popcorn maker.
Yeah, so we can have movie night together.
Just like we used to.
I love that idea.
And we even got treats for Rocco.
You brought back the cash register.
I got to thinking.
This register's a part of our past and maybe we don't need to change everything.
How about a compromise? We keep both.
Really? Well, I found out you can play Scrabble on that thing.
So, this is what the ocean looks like? Not at all what I pictured.
Then picture this, panther.
His grandma could read my thoughts.
She looked at me and said, "Are you hungry?" And she just got me because I was hungry.
I can't take another pointless story.
Mowgli, what what happened to your city clothes? I do not fit in here.
And I miss my home.
- But you were doing so well.
- I must return to the jungle.
You cannot.
It's not safe, Mowgli.
Shere Khan will be waiting for you.
It does not matter.
I cannot live in fear of Shere Khan.
Besides, I have my pack with me.
Together we will defeat him.
I get it.
In some ways, I'm jealous.
Well, except for the angry tiger.
Sometimes I wish I could go back to my old home.
Don't feel bad.
You too have your pack.
I do? Yes.
Curtis, Chevon and Donna.
They're just Your friends.
You are very lucky.
All right, Curtis.
Here you go.
Good luck.
You sure this is gonna work? I think so.
This is where Mowgli first came out of the book.
I don't get it.
We thought your grandma released Mowgli to help us talk to Spinoza.
I was sure she had something to do with Grandma's unfinished business, but I guess not.
And the romance novels were placed right next to me.
Everyone knows I love legal thrillers.
So I let her know I did not like that.
Obviously, we got it wrong.
All Spinoza gives me is a headache.
Where have you been? Do you even care about what's been going on around here? I'm sick of you blowing us off.
I wasn't blowing you off.
I was studying.
Not that it mattered.
I failed my history test again.
What? I thought I knew my stuff, but I didn't.
And now I'm off the basketball team.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
Honestly, I thought you were Mr.
Which is really annoying by the way.
Well, I'm not.
I faked my injury because school policy says I can't play basketball until I get my grade up to a C.
Which I didn't.
If you want, I'll help you study on the next one.
Thanks, but I don't know what happened.
I swear I knew it.
You sure you're ready to go? It is time.
- Tell your doggy I am leaving.
- He'll be happy to hear that.
Later, Mowgli.
If you ever come to the jungle, you'll be my guest.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I'm a inside cat now.
I'm gonna miss you.
Never thought I'd say that to a panther from the jungle.
Goodbyes are a part of life, be it city or jungle.
Be well, my young human cubs.
The characters are going back in the book.
I wonder if we'll ever find out what Grandma needed help with.
Last chance, Spinoza.
Anything else that you can remember that no one else knows? I already told you how she cheated on the Sunday crossword.
Something bigger.
A real secret.
Secret? The only thing I can think of is that letter she would read when no one else was around.
But that couldn't be it.
What did you just say? Your grandma had this old letter.
She kept it in a fancy box.
Secret letter? It must have been important.
One time, when she thought she was all alone, I was sitting there minding my own business and she took it out the box, right? Then she opened up the envelope, lifted the flap, pulled the letter out and she read it out loud.
And it said Said what? Where can we find the letter? Spinoza? Spinoza? I know why she can't talk to us anymore.
Check this out.
Mowgli's back in the book.
Right when Spinoza was getting somewhere.
Now we know one thing.
Grandma did have a secret.
We need to find that letter.