Ghostwriter (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

The Wild, Wild Ghost, Part 2

Uh, welcome to Village Books.
Are you looking for something specific? [HITCH.]
I'm looking for a boy.
Calls himself the Camarillo Kid.
Maybe you've seen him.
Wears a white hat.
Goes about yea high.
Haven't seen him.
I'd have remembered the hat.
Uh, you said "yea high"? Uh, sorry.
Most of the people I run into are about yea high.
We don't get a lot of cowboys in here.
What about you? You're awful quiet.
I haven't seen any cowboy.
Y'all best not be lying.
'Cause if you are, I'll see to it your life becomes one endless nightmare.
Curtis, don't you think you owe the Kid an apology? Clearly, he was telling the truth about Hitch.
I'm sorry I said Hitch wasn't real.
I accept your apology, Curtis.
And I'm sorry I dragged y'all into this mess.
Hitch will not rest until he's brought harm to everyone I care about, including all of you.
We're not gonna let him near you.
We better not.
You see how scary he is? You know, he seemed to really not like you, Ruben.
"One endless nightmare".
We need to talk in the hallway.
Not you.
I still think he's lying about something.
Curtis, enough.
We all need to be on the same page here.
Yeah, especially if we expect to find Grandma's letter before Hitch finds us.
How do we do that? Hitch doesn't look like a guy that gives up easily.
We need to figure out what book they came from.
But we already checked all the westerns in the store.
Maybe they're not from a book at the store.
What if Grandma released him from a book at school? It's worth a try.
We can check the library tomorrow.
Until then, the Camarillo Kid will stay hidden in my room.
You actually trust that guy? I do.
One, two, three, four Chevon, it's late.
Is sleep not a part of your plans tonight? - Almost done, Mom.
- That's what you said two hours ago.
Am I hearing crickets? Thirty-two, 33, 34.
What's the thermostat set at? Seventy-one Fahrenheit? Exactly.
You little guys are amazing.
What are you up to over there? Just wait.
You'll see at the science fair.
I wanna see it before it has a first place ribbon on it.
- Don't jinx it.
- Okay.
Five minutes.
Then it's bed.
- Might be more like ten.
All these westerns seem the same.
So far, I found Billy the Kid, The Dakota Kid, and Kid Corral.
Are any of them missing words? - [SIGHS.]
- Keep looking.
Chevon, the two main forms of communication in ancient Egypt were hieroglyphics and and what? Trouble.
Huh? I don't think trouble's a major form of communication.
It's hieratic.
Use of cursive writing.
"Trouble" was referring to that.
- Oh, no.
Hitch found us.
What do we do? He knows we're lying about Camarillo.
I can only keep the Kid hidden in my room for so long.
We gotta get Hitch off our backs.
- [MAN.]
The following students, please report to room 105 immediately: Jake Simms, Curtis Palmer-Moreno and Shelby Hoffman.
What do you think that's about? I have no idea.
Wish me luck.
- What do we do about Hitch? - [DONNA.]
Don't worry.
This book gave me an idea on how to deal with him.
Cancel your plans after school.
Saunders has informed me that an upcoming test was taken off his desk here.
What does that have to do with us? [MR.
The test was taken during my after-school review, and you were the only three in here at the time.
- You think I did this? - [PRINCIPAL FONG.]
I didn't say that.
But we believe one of you did.
Well, I didn't do it.
I didn't say you did, Curtis.
You know me, Principal Fong.
My mother sold you your house.
You came over for dinner.
This has nothing to do with your parents, Jake.
And I'm not blaming any of you.
But whoever did take the test, knows who they are.
If no one comes forward, I'll be forced to notify your parents and give you all a week's suspension.
What's going on? Someone stole a test off Mr.
Saunders' desk.
And they think it was you? We were the only ones in the room when it happened.
- Curtis.
- I didn't do it, Donna.
The Camarillo Kid should be safe now.
Nobody ever goes into that equipment locker.
Come on, better get home.
No, we got you.
Let me out! You're making a big mistake.
Looks like I'm your one endless nightmare.
We know you took Camarillo Kid's parents.
And are holding them for ransom.
The Kid told us everything.
Did he also tell you that I'm a marshal here to arrest him for his crimes? Fake badge.
Anyone can get one of those online.
Bet it's cheap plastic.
Looks real to me.
It's 'cause it is.
Man, I knew there was something wrong with that cowboy.
The fake limp, the sob stories.
You're not the first to be duped by him.
No way! The Camarillo Kid's good.
He did help me come up with a great idea for my science project.
- I'm with Ruben.
- Leonard doesn't have friends.
- "Leonard"? - [HITCH.]
Leonard Wilder.
And he's a thief.
Robbed me of my Patches.
It's the finest ride I ever had.
Well, that's pretty awful.
I'm with Curtis.
What? I changed my mind.
- He's using you kids.
- Using us for what? I reckon he's hoping you'll lead him to gold, silver and diamonds.
It's called the Trinity.
"Gold, silver and diamonds".
You don't wanna know the trouble we'll all be in if he gets ahold of it.
I reckon someone needs to open this here door and let the law do its job.
The Camarillo Kid has been nothing but nice to us.
The least we could do is hear his side of things.
No way! He's lying.
If I had stolen this Patches, would I still be standing here? Probably not.
See, I told you, Curtis.
He's good.
But Hitch showed us his badge.
Which he stole from the real marshal, my pa.
Ooh, good point.
Well, it is.
So, what's the deal with the Trinity? "Gold, diamonds and silver".
Hitch says that's what you're after.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Never heard of no Trinity.
They can't both be telling the truth.
The only way to know is, find the book and read it.
Then I say we keep Hitch locked up.
Then I say we lock up the Kid too.
Then how exactly are we gonna find my grandma's letter if we lock him up? He's here to help us.
But you better keep an eye on him.
Because if anything bad happens, it's on you, Ruben.
You here to let me out? I can't.
I promised the others.
But I brought you a brisket sandwich.
I figured, as an Old West guy, you'd probably like barbecue.
Hey, tell me more about you, Hitch.
You seem like a pretty legendary cowboy.
The type that someone might write a book about.
And what would that book be called, if there was a book about you? You should talk less.
Hey, I'm the only one that trusts you here.
So just give me something so I can help you.
I work alone.
You're welcome for the sandwich.
Hey, Jake.
I heard about the stolen test.
- [SIGHS.]
I can't believe it.
- Yeah.
And now we're all in trouble until someone admits to stealing it.
Who do you think did it? Look, Curtis is my best friend, and I'd never wanna believe he could do something like that, but But what? Well, he did say something to me during Saunders' review that was kind of weird.
He said "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to pass this test".
Curtis said that? Wow.
- So, you think he took it? - Maybe.
Your brother was up by Saunders' desk.
It's true.
He went to sharpen his pencil, walked halfway back to his seat, but then for some reason, he stopped and went back to the sharpener.
But didn't he just sharpen his pencil? Strange, right? And the test was right by the sharpener.
Was there anyone else near the test? At one point, Shelby sneezed and went over to the desk to get a tissue, so So what? I sneezed.
I have allergies.
I would've never taken that test.
I'm getting an A.
I only do after-school review 'cause my mom can't pick me up till five.
Look, I get you're trying to protect your brother, but you probably shouldn't talk to me any more about this.
What were you talking to Jake about? I asked him about the stolen test.
- Did he tell you I took it? - Not exactly.
- Did you talk to Shelby too? - Yeah.
- And? - And it's not looking good, Curtis.
Jake and Shelby both heard you say you'll do whatever it takes to pass the test.
Study hard, not steal it.
So tell me, what did happen? Okay, so it was me, Jake and Shelby in the classroom.
Saunders had just finished printing out the test.
Make no mistake, this is not gonna be an easy test.
Saunders, a little help, please.
Do we have to know about [CURTIS.]
And that's when my pencil broke.
Yes, it is, Shelby.
So, I went up to the front to sharpen it.
What about Shelby? Jake said she sneezed.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
She went up to the front to get a tissue.
So, Shelby was by his desk too.
She could have taken the test then.
She could have.
But I didn't see her do it.
What did you do after you sharpened your pencil? I went back to my desk.
Actually, no, I stopped.
I heard this weird buzzing noise.
Thought maybe the sharpener was jammed or something, so I went back up to check.
No one else mentioned the buzzing of a pencil sharpener.
You don't believe me about that either? I want to believe you, Curtis.
But I also know how badly you want to play basketball.
And you did lie to everyone about hurting your shoulder.
Now I know how Hitch feels.
Where have you been? We agreed you need to stay in my room.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't sleep.
I had an idea where the letter might be.
Where? There's an old box on the dresser in your grandfather's room.
- No, you did not go in - It's okay.
I was quiet.
- But it wasn't there.
- [SIGHS.]
I need to find that letter.
It's the only way Curtis will believe I'm innocent.
We'll find it.
In the meantime, how about breakfast? I'll get it.
You stay.
Morning, Mom.
What are you doing? I lost something.
Did I hear what I thought I heard? It may be possible that I misplaced my earrings.
Don't start.
The diamond earrings from Mom? Yeah.
Your diamond earrings are missing? Yeah, but don't worry about it.
I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.
Grandpa, your watch that you lost.
- Does it happen to be gold? - Mm-hmm.
And let me guess your money clip was silver? Yes.
The Trinity.
What was that, Ruben? You were saying something? - I didn't say anything.
- Hmm.
Because I'm pretty sure I heard you say, "Curtis was right.
We should believe him and follow him always".
- That doesn't even sound like me.
- Can you two focus? We need to release Hitch so he can help us track down the Camarillo Kid.
He's gone.
Maybe this means the Camarillo Kid didn't take the stuff.
It could have as easily been Hitch.
And now he's on the run.
Just give it a rest, Ruben.
The Kid is obviously the thief.
Maybe not.
Hitch has been lurking around.
If he wasn't locked up, he could have stolen the stuff.
And maybe even kidnapped the Camarillo Kid.
This is so frustrating.
We don't know where they are, who's good, who's bad, what book they came from and why we can't find it.
Yeah, and worst of all, we're no closer to my grandma's letter.
Hey, kiddo.
How'd the audition go? [SIGHS.]
It was a total disaster.
- Hm.
That bad, huh? - No way I'm doing the play.
Who knows what those theater kids think of me now? Well, if you don't like what they think, do something to change their mind.
Did I ever tell you about my first date with Grandma? We went to the roller rink.
Tess looked so beautiful.
I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.
Which I probably should have, because I skated into a pole and broke my leg.
Talk about "total disaster".
I was pretty sure no girl would ever want to go on a date with me again.
Yeah, but she still ended up being my grandma.
When my leg healed, I got up the courage to ask her out again.
I wasn't sure she would say yes, but I didn't want that day at the roller rink to be her final impression of me.
You know, bet you took her to the movies this time.
There's so many excellent projects on display.
You should all be proud of your children.
There is one project that stands out above others.
Who needs a thermometer when you can accurately tell the temperature with crickets? Come on up here, Chevon.
Well done, Chevon.
Thank you, Principal Fong.
And you might wanna turn up the heat.
According to my team of crickets, it's 65 degrees Fahrenheit in here.
A big round of applause for all of tonight's young scientists.
Where did all the crackers go? Let me guess, you think I took them? Curtis, you're being ridiculous.
Donna, get in here! It's the ghost.
"Stern"? Grandma? Okay, I'm guessing this is a clue.
Bow tie? Bow and arrow? Sorry, Grandma, but I need help.
Why would the ghost send Ruben and Curtis separate clues? I have a couple of theories.
Maybe Ruben's clue leads to the Camarillo Kid, and Curtis's leads to Hitch? And maybe it's up to us to choose which clue to follow.
My clue was "stern".
I bought Hitch a sandwich from Stern's Deli.
- He could be there.
- No way.
We should go find the Kid.
My clue was "bow".
So, maybe he liked bow tie or a bow and arrow? The Camarillo Kid's probably at a men's store or buying a bow and arrow somewhere.
- Why would he be at a men's store? - Why would Hitch be at a deli? Don't look at me.
I don't know.
That's it.
I'm going to find Hitch.
No, you're wasting your time.
I'm gonna go get the Kid.
We'll see.
Wait, both of you.
That wasn't my only theory.
- Too late.
So, what's your other theory? That the ghost sent them separate clues, because they were supposed to work together.
But what does she mean by "stern" and "bow"? I don't think that's what she means at all.
Bow doesn't go with stern, but bow does.
Stern and bow? Yeah, they're parts of a boat.
Stern is the back part.
And bow is the front.
But why would she be talking about boats? Maybe she wants us to go to the shipyard.
Stern and bow.
You're a genius.
Let's go.
Let's go get Ruben and Curtis.
Come on.
Come on, it's right over here.
What is that? A motorcycle? I'm pretty sure motorcycles don't hover above the ground.
Hitch's ride.
I just assumed Patches was a horse.
It's definitely not a horse.
What does a futuristic bike have to do with finding cowboys from the Old West? I don't think these cowboys are from the Old West.
Then where are they from?