Ginny and Georgia (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

I'm Triggered

What's to prevent him from stabbing another student? The school has very strict disciplinary guidelines when it comes to violence.
It wasn't just violent.
It was a premeditated attack by a child! With severe aggression! We're taking it very seriously.
I don't know where he learned this behavior.
It is inexcusable.
Clearly, he's struggling emotionally.
Zach required a stitch! Who knows when he'll next hold a tennis racket? This is my fault.
I must have missed Austin's cries for help.
I'm… so sorry this happened.
Austin shouldn't be allowed back into the classroom.
I agree.
Austin needs time away from school to process this.
Given that this is his first offense, I think suspension is appropriate.
Cynthia? Do you agree? He should be in therapy.
Oh, absolutely.
Therapy, yes.
This aggression is not OK.
Let's go.
Well? How'd it go? - I'm not gonna lie.
It was - You're not gonna lie? That's weird.
I'd like to hear from Austin.
How'd it go? I'm suspended, and I have to do therapy.
Mom said she was worried.
Baby, I'm not worried.
There is nothing wrong with you, and you don't need to go to therapy.
That Zach kid had it coming.
I'm sorry.
Are you suggesting the nine-year-old deserved to be stabbed through the hand with a pencil? I'm sorry, but you've got a lot of opinions today.
I don't remember anyone popping out of your birth canal! Can it.
He needs to see someone, Mom! Clearly, he's not handling things well with your whole secret family surprise.
I like Caleb! I didn't tell you about them for good reason.
Maddie is trouble! You can't trust anything she says.
Oh, that's rich.
Please, lecture me more about who I can trust.
I'm rapt.
- I don't wanna go to therapy.
- Don't worry.
You're not.
I'm not paying for some twenty-nothing, latte-drinkin', tweed-wearing hypocrite who thinks they have any idea about my life.
Austin's life! You mean Austin's life! Baby, listen to me.
You're perfect.
But I heard you.
You said you were worried.
- Nothing I said was true! I was try - Lying! Protecting you.
Georgia lives in fight or flight.
Mostly flight.
I've lived in 12 different homes because if something goes south, Georgia doesn't let the dust settle.
Never look backwards, only forward.
Ginny, what's done is done.
It don't do any good digging through mud.
All you get is dirty.
Best wash yourself clean and move on.
What happens when your past shows up after 12 years and is suddenly in your kitchen cooking dinner? Shit on a shingle? Maddie.
Please, you used to love it.
Mom cooked it all the time.
'Cause it was the only thing she could make while blasted.
Speaking of… Help yourself.
Well, excuse me, princess.
Once you go bottle, you never go box.
Look at you.
Big house.
Wine glasses.
Hell of a long way from Alabama.
Why are you here, Maddie? I'm your sister.
Haven't seen you in over a decade.
You disappeared.
That hurt, Mary.
It's Georgia now.
- To shittin' in high cotton! - Three-ply toilet paper.
So, how are you? What's your life? I'm good.
Doin' real good.
- I live near Mom, but I got my own place.
- Oh.
I got a job! I'm a customer care advisor.
Like, on the phone! It's good for me 'cause you know how much I like talkin'.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
Caleb's dad? How about Ed? He still hangin' around? Get this.
Couple years back, Ed got a hook.
For his hand? Like a pirate? Full-on Peter Pan shit! I think he did it 'cause kids kept asking for high fives.
- What about you? You datin'? - She's dating a mayor.
Keepin' a nice low profile.
You bagged a mayor? Damn, sis, that's some high-class shit.
So, when do I get to meet him? Excuse me? Where are you goin'? - Out.
- Out doin' what? Meth.
Good night.
You can't stay mad at me forever! She's gonna stay mad at me forever.
Glad I have a son.
- I don't know where she gets it.
- Are you kiddin'? You.
She gets it from you.
Full you.
All you.
That's you walkin' out the door.
Let her go.
She probably got plans with that cute boyfriend.
How do you know about Hunter? Social media.
That's how I found you.
I followed Ginny.
Connected the dots.
You know that song he wrote her has got over, like, 16,000 views? Why are you here, Maddie? I missed you.
Caleb should know his cousins.
After Mom goes, you're all we got.
Boys! Dinner! Mom! Austin and I are gonna make a spaceship! - I have a black light! - Awesome! It's gonna be awesome! We can set up a Quidditch field! I have my Nimbus.
You can bring your Firebolt! We can make a fort! Yeah! Reminds me of us when we were their age.
How long can Caleb stay? Couple of days couldn't hurt.
At least till you go back to school.
Yeah! Go on.
'Fore it gets cold.
- You too, princess.
- Oh… Well, shit on a shingle.
Who does that? She told me her parents were dead.
That they died in a boating accident, and that she was an orphan.
With a straight face, she said that to me.
- Yeah, it's… weird.
- It's psychotic.
I don't even wanna talk about this anymore.
You know you're really beautiful? You're just saying that to calm me down.
It's working.
Keep going.
Hey! One chomp and you take out the lead guitarist of 3SB.
My bandmates will come for you.
I love that you're the lead guitarist in a band.
It's like dating John Mayer.
You love John Mayer.
It's so cute.
The fact that you constantly DM him is… It's cute.
"Hi, John! I know you get a ton of DMs, but I wanna let you know I love dancing to your music!" I shouldn't have let you read those.
"I know you're really busy, but I wanna wish you a happy birthday!" He's a national treasure! "You're so funny on Instagram.
I love Current Mood.
" Current Mood is good! You agreed that it was good.
Like a ripple on the wave of the water No one's ever gonna tell me When to stop it, oh I'm the one who's always on your mind I'm the one who's always on your mind I'm the one who's always on… I'm the one who's always on your mind - What? - It's my mom.
She thinks this is funny.
She's ruining my life, and she's making jokes about it? I feel like I'm living in King Lear.
But a bad version.
In the park.
With homemade costumes.
"Nothing will come of nothing!" - Sorry.
- What am I supposed to do? Have dinner with them? Start posting family pics, and pretend that all of this is super normal? Maybe she had her reasons.
Whose side are you on? Yours! I… I'm… I'm just saying, they're here now, and… they are your family.
I think it's really cool.
I… I'd be stoked! Well, I'm not stoked.
I feel like I don't even know who my mother is.
She's not this tragic orphan that had to go through it all alone.
If she's lying about this, what else is she lying about? Maddie? Sorry, didn't mean to wake you.
Thought maybe you had some sleeping pills? No.
I sleep fine.
Really? I'm an insomniac.
I'm lucky if I get four hours a night.
I sleep great.
I brought these photos for you.
Figured you might not have any since you left in such a hurry.
She's not doing well.
Maybe she shouldn't have done all those drugs.
I was asleep, Maddie, so… Right.
I'll just leave these here for you.
'Night, sis.
And how was work, dear? - What game is that? - It's poker.
You ever play? Mm-mm.
I could teach you.
- She can't eat that.
- Oh, she loves it.
She's a baby.
- You gotta cut it up.
- She's good.
Huh? Aren't you, Ginny? Yeah, you're good.
Huh? Yeah, you're so pretty.
Just like your mom.
- When are you gonna let me take you out? - I work for you.
I could fire you.
Anthony… Then we could get married, and… we both wouldn't get lonely in our old age.
Thanks for watching her.
Anything for you, gorgeous.
You know that.
Let me take you out to dinner, huh? Huh? Get you out of this rattrap.
You own this rattrap.
My dad owns the rattrap.
He just happens to like living in Florida better.
Which… Can you blame him? Come on! Let me buy you something nice.
A pretty yellow dress? A bath balm? Something mango? How about health care? Ginny had a fever last week.
It cost four months' salary for them to tell me to have her drink fluids.
Come on.
You know I can't do that.
My dad doesn't even know I'm paying you under the table.
Doesn't it mean anything that I'm letting you stay here for free? With baby Ginny? …poker, Scotty win.
And a bold play by Daniel.
See you tomorrow? …all your money off of game… Pretty Georgia.
I have two queens.
He's gonna muck the king, queen.
But he says he has two queens.
So it is time for me to teach you how to pay invoices, something I hate doing, so I'm thrilled to be able to punt it off to you.
So F4 brings up the drop-down menu.
You select "create invoice.
" Template pops up, fill it out, save it.
You got all that? F4… - What's going on with you? - Nothing.
I'm just tired today.
Oh man, tell me about it.
So, Casino Night guy? We had our first date last night, and it was… This smile, that's how the date went.
Oh! I'm trying not to get excited because love is a construct that has only disappointed me in the past, but I will make him my husband.
He's picking me up for lunch, so you can meet him and judge him.
Tell me everything you think.
- Obviously.
- All right.
- Good morning.
- Good mornin'.
You guys had sex? You were showing me F4? Oh my God.
We can pretend that didn't just happen.
So you take the check number, and you sign into the account like this.
Then, of course, you're gonna put each vendor next to the payee field.
- That's it.
Branch transit.
All that - OK! - That's gonna be in there.
- Mm-hmm.
Got it.
Hola, Virginia.
¿Qué piensas de los separatistas? ¿Virginia? - Chupé a tu papá.
- ¿Qué? I said I sucked off your dad.
You know, talking about current events en Español es difícil, but when your partner's not even listening… es imposible.
Sorry, I'm just… I'm really distracted.
My family's been extra insane lately.
Oh, everyone's family's insane.
Why? What's, uh… What's going on? It's my brother.
He stabbed a kid in the hand with a pencil.
- Um… like full-on.
- Oh.
- Is he in therapy? - Hey! What? Everybody needs therapy.
It's like maintenance, right? It's like brushing your teeth, huh? Brushing your brain.
You know both my parents are therapists, right? Jeez.
I've been drawing my feelings since I was three.
You know what? Why don't I text my dad and see if he can arrange an appointment with Austin and somebody at his work? - Really? - Yeah.
I mean, yeah, it's no big deal.
Thank you.
Can somebody help me with her? OK.
Don't make it look like you're looking, but look at Sophie, and tell me if she's looking at me, OK? Look.
Yeah, I'd say she's definitely not looking.
Told her the same thing.
I'm the most unlovable human being on the planet.
If people were running down the street, and I was stuck in a pothole, and there was a tsunami coming, they'd leave me to die.
Are they running from the tsunami? That would be understandable.
You're not unlovable.
We love you.
I don't care if you guys love me! I want Sophie to love me.
She was like this all of gym.
She said she couldn't climb the rope because of emotional duress.
I couldn't climb the rope because of emotional duress! God.
I'm triggered.
It's OK.
What's up? Nothin'.
I'm fine.
I haven't heard from you.
Are we good? Just got a lot goin' on.
- Anything you wanna talk about? - I can't.
It's family stuff.
- Oh.
- Next week? Uh… Sure.
Next week.
It's a little late to play hard to get.
- Jesse! Hi! - Hey! Georgia, this is Jesse.
- Hey! Pleasure to meet you.
- You too! Georgia.
Such a pretty name.
Where you from? Oh, a little bit of a lot of places.
Georgia is our new addition, but she's already totally making her mark.
Casino Night was all her.
That was great! I was really impressed.
I'm a third grade teacher.
That money's appreciated.
- So, should we, uh, get going? - Yeah.
Do you wanna join us? We're just going across the street.
Oh, you guys go ahead.
I got a lot of work to do here.
- Yeah.
You sure? It's my treat.
- Oh, that is so sweet.
- No, I'm… I'm good.
- OK.
All right.
Well, enjoy! Yeah.
I'm in.
I'm out.
I'm out.
All right, it's 20.
It's a 1K buy-in.
Buy-ins go up every half hour.
You're lookin' at 150 for the next deal.
Pot's at 10K.
At first, I thought this idea was crazy.
And now? You're good.
Maddie? Hey, Mary.
- Gross.
Oh my God.
No, don't look at her.
- So sad.
Avoid eye contact.
She'll think she can talk to us.
So funny, guys.
I got Austin an appointment for tomorrow with Dr.
Mm, Dr.
Darmody? He's my therapist.
He's really sweet.
You're in therapy? Beth's had me in therapy since I was old enough to understand the word "adopted.
" Do you think he can help me with my relationship? - You don't have a relationship.
- I am triggered.
All I have to do is figure out how to get him there without Georgia knowing.
Oh, she doesn't know? - Yeah, is that a problem? - Well, he's under 12, right? - Yeah? - Yeah, no.
I think she's gonna have to give consent.
Sorry, girl.
Oh, hi! Aww, are these, uh, your pretty gal pals? Y'all cheerleaders? You look like cheerleaders.
I was.
I got expelled for pushing Sabrina Zito down the stairs.
Bitch! Amazing.
Gin, can I get a chardonnay, two cubes, and some ranch? Thanks, hon! Can I go on break? Till tomorrow? …then I saw Maddie.
And then she just came in and sat down with my friends.
With my friends, Mom.
It was so embarrassing! She can't just show up at Blue Farm and talk to my friends.
That's my place of work.
Mom? Are you even listening to me? Hello? Mom? Hello? Am I invisible? Am I a ghost? Can you hear me? Do I need Whoopi Goldberg? It's just a damn avocado.
Mom, are you OK? Um, Mom, I know you're having a nervous breakdown, but Maxine just texted me, and our yard is on fire.
A fire? My garden! It's on fire.
What the hell happened? - Austin! - Hey, you stop right there! Mom, the kid's starting fires! I know a therapist that he can go to.
What? No! Hey! - What is wrong with you? No! - Can I go to your house? Fine.
Nothing this fun ever happens there.
Just sayin'.
Why play hard to get when you can play get it hard? I'm not really sure there's a right way to answer that.
There are, like, 50.
Come on.
WD-40 torches.
That's what our sons were playin' with.
- Oh, hi, sis! - They almost burned my house down! Well, all I'm hearin' is that they didn't.
JoJo, pour my sis a hulking glass of wine.
She clearly needs it.
I'm not stayin'! Someone needs to watch the kids.
I obviously can't trust my sister to do that.
Oh, don't get your dander up! - Please pour.
- Please don't.
- Georgia.
- Joe.
Uh, Bruce! Joe! Might I remind you that you chased me around the lawn with a WD torch? You called it Fire Dodge! We were kids! With no adult supervision! - Which is kinda my point.
- Would you stop fittin' and start sittin'? - You sound like a deranged Dr.
- Hmm.
So uppity.
I gotta pee.
In case this night is headed where I think it's headed.
It's not.
So, that's your sister, huh? Mm-hmm.
We were talkin'.
Sounds like she wants to make things right, get to know you.
- She's a lost soul.
- Oh! Alert Ursula.
OK, I'm just saying, family's family.
- He likes you.
- He doesn't like me.
- He likes you.
- He doesn't like me! Would you do him in a box? Would you? Could you? With a fox? - Shut up.
- I am Dr.
- Oh my God.
- Oh! You're paying for this.
I'm not paying for it.
He's not gonna let you pay 'cause he wants to get into your pantaloons.
Maddie! What do I do about Sophie? Oh, I know! You should drunkenly try and make out with her in front of all your friends.
Oh wait.
You already did that.
Are you trying to kill me, bro? I'm serious, man! I need help.
What do I do? Apologize.
Tell her you like her.
Be direct and truthful.
God! I'm so sick of people not being direct and truthful.
Sorry I've been so obsessed with Sophie.
What's going on? Is this about that biddy from Blue Farm? She was like a human Fyre Festival.
- You can't tell Abby or Norah.
- Ooh.
It's gonna be good, isn't it? I love sentences that start with "don't tell Abby or Norah.
" Apparently, Georgia has a sister that she forgot to tell me about.
Hey, loser.
Dad said Mom's working late, so we're on our own for dinner.
You OK? Not really.
- What's up? - None of yo business! No, it's OK.
He can hear.
Georgia has a secret sister that I never knew about who just showed up.
Austin might be the next Ted Bundy, and I thought my mom's parents were dead.
But, hey, fun news… they're not.
OK, I would watch the shit outta that show.
That sucks.
Right? Thank you.
And when I ask Georgia about it, she just lies and pretends like everything is sunshine and butterflies.
That's what bothers me most.
Obviously, there's a lot she's not telling me.
Why all the secrecy? It affects me too.
So ask your aunt.
What do you want, Georgia? I'm at the Bakers'.
Where are you? Fine.
I'm leaving now.
Mother of the Year is getting drunk.
I have to watch Austin and my new cousin.
I'll come.
Yeah, me too.
No, you won't.
What? I'm invested now.
Is mystery uncle next? Can't wait.
Let's do this.
Come on.
Remember? I put that lard right into his coffee cup.
Oh my God.
Ed had a lower-level blowout for days.
We sat outside the bathroom listening to him moan.
So proud of ourselves! Aah! So good! Mm.
So tell me about you.
You were married? That, uh, yoga studio guy.
How did you know about Kenny? Oh, Austin mentioned you guys moved right after he died.
Sorry to hear.
It was… awful.
Did he take care of you though? Leave something for you and the kids? His ex-wife's making that difficult.
How'd you guys meet? Mm.
I was his waitress at this dive, The Buffalo Hole.
- Right.
- And he said I had promise.
And he wanted to train me to be a yoga instructor at one of his studios, and then we got married.
Damn, sounds rich.
He did all right.
How many, like, yoga studios did he own? Three.
Yoga Bo Boga.
- Classy.
- Mm-hmm.
Were you involved in that? How many did he have before you got married? Like, all… all three? Damn.
What is this, an interview? No, I just… I don't know.
I wanna know your life.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
What happened doesn't mean that I didn't care about you and that I wasn't thinkin' 'bout you.
Well… …you were just a kid too.
I know, but I wish it was different, and I wish I could've Hey! What's past is past.
I'm glad you're here.
Shaggy, mm… That's our jam! Come on! Get.
Get! You remember it! OK.
…man dat luv To make you moist and wet… Here! One, two, three, four! Here! Then again, here! here! Joe! - Get in here, Joe! - No.
Joe, this is not… So good! This is so good.
- Come on.
No, you guys dance.
- Joe! You guys get closer together.
Come on.
- Get closer! - Oh! Oi.
Then just make it honky-tonk.
They're close.
- Make it a honky-tonk.
- Make it a honky-tonk.
Ooh! Don't touch the lava! OK, boys.
You gotta follow me.
Jump! Come on! OK! We gotta get to the sofa to be totally safe! Ready? - Don't touch the lava! - I got it.
OK! Here we go! Austin? Caleb? Now, if you could have a dog or a monkey, which one would you have? A monkey.
But what if it was a girl monkey and a boy dog? - A dog.
- Right.
Aw, look! He's found his intellectual equals.
All right.
Broke the door.
Hi, Mom! We were playing lava.
Oh, how fun! That's great! OK.
Hey, I brought them home 'cause they got a little sauced.
- Harry Potter! Ooh! - Oh! I remember this one.
Voldemort tries to kill him, like, a bunch of times.
And then this guy, Cedric? He gets demolished.
Poor Cedric.
- What's wrong with Aunt Maddie? - She needs to go to bed.
- She'll be OK.
- Uh, boys? Who wants ice cream? Let's go.
Hey, man.
Uh… Yeah.
Come on.
Don't be a party pooper! - The rug's so comfy.
- I know it is.
- I'm hungry! - All right.
Watch yourself.
You OK? Hey.
I hate her.
I really hate her.
She does this.
She ruins everything.
It's always something.
You're in the lava.
Hello! - Um… - Paul? Hi! Hi.
Uh, sorry to barge in like this.
The door was open.
I was just hoping to drop some flowers off for Georgia.
She seemed a little off today.
It's been an off-week.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll just leave these at the front door.
Georgia's upstairs if you wanna go on up.
Really? Yeah.
Go on up.
I'm sure she'd love to see you.
OK! Um… - Mm-hmm.
- That way? Thanks.
Take me to bed, Joe! Sure.
- Whoa! - OK.
All right.
- Got your phone.
- I want water.
- Joe! - OK.
All right.
Come on.
Georgia? Paul! Aww! - Uh… - What are you doin'? I'm sorry.
Ginny told me that I could come up.
But I can go if I'm interrupting something.
No, I was just leaving.
Who is this? Paul.
This is my half sister.
I'd introduce you, but she is hammered and unconscious.
So this is your family stuff.
Paul, I'm not like you.
I didn't travel around Thailand and go to college.
I grew up with a lot of really dark shit, and I didn't want you to have to see it.
Georgia, I don't know what it is you're not understanding about this.
I like you.
OK? I wanna know you.
You do not have to hide stuff from me.
I'm not gonna hide stuff from you.
Oh yeah? What kinda stuff? Well, um… I get really angry when I watch The Great British Bake Off.
It's supposed to be a calming show, but they do not manage their time well.
Everybody's got their shit.
It's not the same shit, and I know you had a whole life before you met me, but nothing is gonna scare me off here.
I got you.
I am the sun You know you need me And you might get burned If you take too much Don't get addicted 'Cause I'm gonna fade you like that rush Is that blood on me or blush? So what? You know I'm not a saint But I can make you pray So get down on your knees Give me a reason I should stay Trapped inside this madness I know you wanna have this So I can take advantage Savage Savage When you touch me You take me to heaven When you hold me, my body's a weapon If you think that you can save me… Break me down and tame me Here's your chance to do some damage Savage I am the tide I know you're drowning You're on a ride Be careful who you trust Don't get it twisted 'Cause I could be really into us Or I can leave you just because Because I feel like shit.
Have you seen my mom? Nope.
She was gone before I got up.
No text.
No note.
What kinda house doesn't have coffee? What are my grandparents like? I'm definitely too hungover for this.
That's Grandma.
She grew up in Alabama.
She's as crazy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Why? What do you mean? She was addicted to oxy my whole life.
Growing up… Georgia… …she took care of me.
Look, I know you're mad at her.
And hell, maybe she deserves it, but she was right not bringing you around them.
They're no good.
What about my grandfather? Uh… Georgia's dad is, uh… …not my story to tell.
You two don't have the same dad? Yeah, I'm definitely too hungover for this.
How about ice cream for breakfast? Boys! No? Yes.
Coffee? And I didn't think you could get any sexier.
Uh… Excuse me.
And you put your finger on mine, and our blood mixes.
Blood brothers.
Yeah! Should we tell them they're already blood relatives? Nah.
Don't ruin it for them.
Hey, there's, uh, no food in the fridge.
There was a whole pizza.
I ate it.
Where's Ginny? - I'm giving her a bath.
- What? You can't leave her alone in the bathtub.
She could drown.
She's fine.
Maddie, we need to talk.
What do you mean? You can't stay here anymore.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
I really tried.
You have no idea.
And I can't afford to look after you both.
Barely makin' it as is.
Please! I'm sorry, Mary! It's Georgia now! Georgia Warren.
- Georgia, please! - Are you listening? You have to go home.
I really am sorry, but you're just not my problem.
Don't make me go back there! Hi! We got butter pecan, your fave.
Why are their bags packed? - They're leavin'.
- No! - Why? - Because it's time for them to go.
Really? Is that what we're doin'? Ginny, take your brother upstairs.
No, Mom, it's OK.
We talked.
You haven't changed, Mary.
Only lookin' out for yourself.
Who cares what happens to everyone else? As long as Mary ends up on top.
Mary? Who's Mary? Who's Mary? Yeah.
Who is Mary? Upstairs, Ginny.
Take Austin.
- Mom, what is - I said now! Mom's big mad.
She only gets scary like that when she's big mad.
It's gonna be OK.
Hey, wanna go on vacation? Yeah? Where should we go? How about Wonderland? Well, this feels familiar! It's like New Orleans all over again.
How dare you come to my house and meet my children? So high and mighty.
Don't get a nosebleed up there on your high horse.
You may have fooled everyone else in this place, but I know you.
- What is that? - Ten grand.
Double what you asked for.
- I wasn't gonna - Mm-hmm.
I needed the money! - Mm-hmm.
- You know what? No.
You would've done the exact same thing, and you know it.
Ten grand is the least you could do! You built this pretty life for yourself.
But you left me behind to fend for myself.
I was a kid! Well, you're not a kid now.
But I know you ain't mad about the PI.
You know I'd never rat out what you did in New Orleans.
Your stupid little poker game.
You're mad 'cause I remind you of him.
You can't take one look at me without seeing my dad.
Feel him.
Get the hell outta my house.
But I know what it feels like.
To have your insides curl up whenever you remember.
Of wanting to peel off your own skin… and smash your brain across the room.
You know how I know that feeling? 'Cause after you left… he started doin' it to me.
Best get goin'.
- Time to go! - What? No! Come on.
- I don't wanna go! - What's going on? What happened? Turns out your mom's still the same selfish bitch she always was.
Let's go! Wait! I said now.
It's OK.
Hey, it's OK.
I'm so awake.
I don't know why.
Hey! Uh… Are you OK? You didn't answer any of my texts this weekend.
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure? Can I do anything? No.
Ac… Actually, yes.
Can you drive me home? - I can't be here today.
- We have class.
Yeah, sure.
Let's… Let's go.
How are you? - Good.
- Good.
That's… That's good.
So… I need to say something, but I'm dizzy, and I'm seeing spots, which could mean retinal detachment, which could be serious, but Max, I don't have time for this.
I screwed up at Halloween, and I'm really sorry.
Just… I've never dated anyone before.
- Yeah, it's pretty obvious.
- Painfully.
And… I just freaked out 'cause… I really like you.
And… I'd really love another shot.
OK? OK, we can try again.
So I'm still seeing spots, and… But I can die happy, so… Whoa! Now I'm seeing spots.
Oh my God! Hi! How you doing? - You don't look so good.
- Oh! I'm just not feelin' well.
Go home, patient zero.
We have a ton of campaign events this week.
We need everyone firing on all cylinders.
You sure? Yes.
Go, go, go, go.
Thank you.
Past lives couldn't ever hold me down Lost love is sweeter When it's finally found I've got the strangest feeling This isn't our first time around Past lives couldn't ever come Between us Sometimes the dreamers finally wake up Don't wake me, I'm not dreaming Don't wake me, I'm not dreaming All my past lives They got nothing on me Golden eagle You're the one and only flying high Through the cities in the sky I'll take you way back Countless centuries Don't you remember That you were meant to be My Queen of Hearts? Meant to be my love Through all of my lives I never thought I'd wait so long for you The timing is right The stars are aligned So save that heart for me 'Cause, girl, you know That you're my destiny D-destiny Respect to the moon, the stars Their sons and their daughters Our love is deeper Than the oceans of water I need you now I've waited oh, so long, yeah Gimme love, I need you now I've waited oh, so long Passing seasons Empty bottles of wine My ancient kingdom Came crashing down without you Baby child I'm lost without your love Diamond sparrow My moonlit majesty You know I need you Come flying back to me Through all of my lives I never thought I'd wait so long for you The timing is right The stars are aligned What the hell, Virginia? What are you doing home? I coulda killed you! I've never held a gun before.
What are you doing in here? Why you pawing through my closet? I want answers! - Answers to what? - All of it! Your past, everything! I'm sick of the lies! I don't care what you're sick of.
You have no right to go through my stuff.
Don't talk to me about what is right.
What is all this? Why are there guns in the house? Why do you have to send Maddie away? That's between me and Maddie.
She's my aunt! Why couldn't I know that? They're my family! They're not your family! I'm your family! - I want you to be honest with me.
- I have been! Bullshit, Mary! I'm sorry I slapped you.
I just… If you knew… you'd never look at me the same way.
There'd be no coming back from that.
I know you think you wanna know, but… you don't.
The past needs to stay in the past.
Do you understand? Sure, Mom.
My mom deals with her problems by ignoring them.
Bundling them up in a neat little box and packing it away.
Leaving the past in the past.
But it doesn't only affect her.
It's my life too.
And I want to open the neat little box.
Hi, Dad.

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