Giri/Haji (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

As the dust settles, one life is saved and one is lost.
Old enemies settle old scores, while a gangster plans his revenge.
Two detectives sit in silence.
And a girl makes a connection.
A lie is uncovered and consequences made clear.
A favour is asked.
And a woman is set on a dangerous path.
Another drink, monsieur? I think they're closing.
George? Two more, please, over here.
Please? Oh! Well, there's a place around the corner and it's open til 6:00.
My mother told me nothing good ever happens after 2:00am.
Well, your mother never met a Rodney.
A fact for which I'm grateful every day.
I'm not trying to hit on you.
I know.
I'm really not.
No, I know! You've tried to shag everyone else in here.
It's insulting.
We're friends, aren't we? I'm knocking it on the head.
Oh, come on! Don't do that.
That's your problem, Rodney, don't know how to go home.
You mean when.
Hey! Hey-hey-hey-hey! Hey! Happy hour, happy hour! That's a very bad idea.
So was killing yourself.
This is excellent coffee.
It's from a place around the corner.
They grind the beans for you.
It's You know, it costs a bit more, but I think it's worth it.
I'm sorry about your dad.
He was a good man.
Deserving of better sons, I think.
It's OK, I was watching him.
I didn't try and run away.
I don't care.
If I'm not with you, you stay in your room with the door locked! The British police want to see me today.
He's saying I should take Taki with me.
That's actually not a bad idea.
I can tell them your English is atrocious.
Huh! She can be your Translator.
See? So our detective got shot in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, we've got this guy at the gunfight in Soho.
We believe that he murdered this man Saburo Endo, a Japanese national, in London.
He asks if you have sent them to Interpol.
We're waiting to hear back from them.
The information we have on Saburo is that he's a known relative of a known Yakuza boss in Tokyo called Shin Endo.
Endo's a suspect in a number of violent incidents recently, possibly including the one that injured my detective in Japan.
Shin Endo is just a suspect in those crimes, but they don't think it's because someone killed his nephew.
So, a Yakuza boss's nephew's murdered and the suspect turns up in a Soho turf war between Connor Abbot and the Albanians.
There has to be some connection, wouldn't you agree? The Yakuza have no interest in London.
Well, things change.
How are you enjoying the course? He likes the course.
Hm? Mm.
I thought it might be a bit basic for a detective of your rank.
See, we were expecting a junior crime-scene investigator.
Um He got ill suddenly.
Well, it's good of you to sit through all the lectures.
I mean, you know, with your English being so bad.
Do you deal with the Yakuza in Tokyo? Yes.
This must all seem very close to home for you, then, eh? Your boss knows there's a connection, but he hasn't got there yet.
But he will.
He'll find out who Yuto is, he'll find out he's your brother.
You're running out of time, Kenzo.
Japan is a death sentence for Yuto.
The British police? They'll end up sending him back, anyway.
But just to let him go He killed someone.
It is my responsibility as a policeman to make him see justice.
But my responsibility as a brother to keep him safe.
I can't do both.
Is she OK? I've never seen my dad hug anyone, until my daughter was born.
I honestly didn't know he knew the words, "I love you" until he met her.
They adored each other.
And she didn't get to say goodbye.
That's my fault.
Maybe it's not too late.
We were worried about you after hearing the news.
I lost most of my men.
Police seized my bar, my house.
My bank accounts have been frozen.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I've been in worse situations, don't worry.
Um I think we should talk about phase two.
Phase two? Yeah.
With my help, you've gained a stronghold in Tokyo.
Um London's pretty much fucked right now.
Er it's time for me to come over there, as discussed.
Oh, yes, Mr Abbot.
What do you know of my culture? I know it's an untapped market, a billion-dollar industry.
That's my business.
What do you know of my culture? You know absolutely nothing of my culture.
You know absolutely nothing of my world.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated by all of us, but there was never a place for you here.
Yuto Mori lied to you.
Now, you listen to me, you old bastard.
We had a deal Goodbye, Mr Abboto.
What the? Oh! We are going to the sea! Thank you very much.
Oh! Fuck off! What in God's name is happening? Taki's grandfather passed away.
We're going to the seaside to honour him.
Couldn't you have just honoured him in the pub? He loved the sea.
Last time I saw you, you'd just been blown up.
How did that all pan out? I didn't die.
I have three questions about your car - did you lose a bet, can I drive, and does she have a radio? No, no and yes! Stop! Taki, I require you.
Where are we? Annie, your future bride, the very girl of your dreams.
Don't run away.
Hello? Buzz us in, you slut.
Um we were just passing through and were wondering if you want to go for a drink this week? I can certainly make myself free.
She can certainly make herself free.
That's what we like to hear.
Also, side note, do you have any? Babe.
I have one rule for leaving the city, and that is never to do it with a clear head.
That's your one rule for everything, isn't it? You owe me.
Always and forever.
OK, let's go.
Are you ready now? Yes.
Let us bring light to the provinces.
Ah! Yuto needs to get something from the car.
Thank you.
Oh! Who wants a drink? I'm driving.
Small red? Um Pint of bitter.
I like it.
You've been here too long.
Orange juice.
Get her a vodka and coke, and one for me too, please.
Just going for a poo.
There you are.
Do you think they've ever seen this many Japanese people before? They probably think they're being invaded.
Lucky you didn't bring your sword! To our father, our grandfather, Hotaka Mori.
We will remember you.
I'll just sort of imagine what he was like, but I know what you mean.
You have one new dating match! Jesus! Thought I'd cancelled that.
Yeah, sure you did! Let's see him, then.
It's probably no-one.
I want to see! Show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show, show Stop it! Hello, salt-and-pepper daddy! Dilf surprise at the high school reunion! Stock photo model of a sexually unthreatening lawyer! OK.
Leader and de facto father figure of a small but determined band of Midwestern Chippendales! We get it.
Do you get that I would sit on his face and wouldn't charge for the privilege? Oh.
He is handsome.
Are you going to go on a date with him? No, I don't think so.
Oh, my God! Carpe diem, Sarah! Seize the dick! What are you writing? Just the sitting on the face thing.
Rodney! I'm joking! I'm just asking him out for you.
There you go.
You may thank me when you can walk again.
Where are you going? Toilet.
Well, one of us is in the wrong place.
Rodney, do you think perhaps you're doing a bit too many class A drugs for this time in the afternoon? Um Where would you draw the line on that? None? Interesting, interesting.
You and I don't know each other that well, but I'm fine.
Well, maybe you should talk to someone about it.
Honestly, no need.
Has that guy messaged you back already? Mm-hm.
Someone's keen! Here you are, all single and with no complications.
Let's go.
Think we should leave five minutes apart, otherwise they'll think we've been shagging.
Oh, be quiet! Yo! Fuck off! You've been here too long.
Fuck! I'm Kate fucking Winslet! Yuto will be gone soon - when he's well enough to travel.
So I suppose you'll be leaving too, then? Whoo! Fuck you, England! Thank you.
Hey? Take it easy, OK? Maybe lay off the hard stuff for a bit.
Narc! I literally am! Don't worry about me, babe.
Fuck it, anyway.
It's me, it's Rodney.
I'm in Le I'm in Le I'm in Leicester Square.
Hey, it's me.
Pick up, pick up, pick up! Pick up the phone! Are you coming this way? No! I can't! Hey, it's me.
Are you out? Are you out? Hello? Hey, if you get this, please could you send me a text with the number of a guy that you use? Mm.
Here she goes.
So bloody predictable! Shouldn't you be dancing on a bar somewhere? They're all closed, babe.
So where was everyone tonight? Busy.
That's too bad.
Seems to be the way of it these days, though.
Sun's coming up.
You always hated that.
It's the worst sound in the world.
I don't know.
I always quite liked it.
What are you doing? I'm off, love.
Dressed like that? Hm! Yeah.
No beautiful things where I'm going.
No jewels and dresses, I'm afraid.
Don't go.
I have to, darling.
I loved you.
Well ain't that the fucking tragedy of it all? You come here alone? Yes.
What about that? Me too.
It's tea.
It's crack.
Some trade-off.
I need you to take it.
Just take it away from me.
Do you have any family, someone you can call? It's just me.
It's not.
And I had it all under control, you know? And the missus took me back and I could see the girls again.
And it was all right.
And there wasn't a trigger - nothing happened.
I just started again.
I woke up one morning, and I didn't give it much thought.
I just went out and I bought some gear, and that was that.
Like, 11 months down the pan.
I don't know why.
Cos you hate yourself? You had a nice thing and you threw it away because, oh, you hate yourself and you think you're a worthless piece of shit, probably.
This is Terry's time to speak.
Others will get their turn after.
No, he's right.
I do.
I fucking despise myself, sometimes.
You have value, Terry.
We all do.
Not a lot of fucking value, let's be honest.
I mean, no offence, but Terry here chose drugs over his children, so let's not gild the lily too much vis-a-vis St Terry.
There's no judgment in here.
Judgment isn't a solid object that you can close a window against.
It's a pervasive fucking entity.
Terry, love, you fucked up.
We all did.
Because we all have some fundamental flaw in us that refuses to be happy or satisfied.
Someone comes along and tries to help us build a little world, and we let them, until the time comes - and the time always comes - when we shatter it into a million tiny pieces because it's what we do, it's our way.
And that's why we hate ourselves, and that's why we do drugs.
It's not, you know, rocket science.
Sorry, I'm Rodney, by the way, and I'm a drug addict obviously.
Hi, Rodney.
See you later, yeah? Yeah, see you, bruv.
Taki's on a date with a girl.
Wow! And how do you feel about that? She has brought shame onto our family.
I have no daughter.
I don't know.
Let her be happy? I messaged that man back.
He asked me for a drink.
What do you think about that? About what? Me seeing this man.
What do you think about that? You are free to do what you want to do.
I don't want you to go home.
I don't want you to see that man.
We can put words on this.
We're grown-ups, it won't disappear.
I'm not afraid of it.
I feel like I've been in a cage for a long time and you have a key, and maybe unlocks the door.
I'm not an honourable man, Sarah, but I try to be.
It's not a cage and it's not a key, Kenzo.
It's your life, and it's mine, and it's your wife's and your daughter's, and it's all of us just trying to work out the truth of it.
And it's as messy and fucked up as anything, but that's what it is.
I don't know what to do now.
I do.
Oh, fuck! How was your first day? Are you all fixed? Please don't embarrass me in front of the other drug addicts.
Are we allowed to walk you home? Yes, but I need to eat a pizza immediately.
What are you doing here? Came round, looking for you, the other day.
I know.
What do you want? He's a murder suspect.
He was in the Battle of Soho.
No-one's calling it the Battle of Soho, for fuck's sake! Whatever! I just thought I'd give you the courtesy of a heads-up.
You know, before I report this.
What do you want? Just doing the right thing, Sarah.
Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Ian! Ian!