Glace (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Glacé (AKA "Frozen Dead") How long have you smoked? Twenty years.
Maybe a bit longer.
A lot? It depends Yes.
A lot.
- Is it serious? - It's cause for concern.
It looks like high blood pressure.
But the blackout points to a panic attack.
Don't drug me too much.
I need to think.
You need to go to hospital, then two weeks' rest.
I'm not stopping.
- Be reasonable.
- Not now.
We're almost there.
I'll stop when this is over.
Well? Like you said, it's remote, deserted and close to the border.
How much longer? Six hours.
By this time tomorrow, we'll be far away.
ls this what made Mum go mad? Answer! Monster This is your punishment.
Yes, Charlène What's the matter? He hasn't come home yet.
I've had a miscarriage.
- Have you told him? - He won't answer the phone.
Leave him a message.
If he realises you need him, he'll call back.
I'd better go.
The kids will wake up.
Charlène I'm sorry.
- Is everything all right? - Yes You? Is it true about Lombard? And Delgado? Is he connected to the rapes? He may be.
We're running some checks.
Do you think Lombard will go after him? Are there others besides Delgado? - I've said enough.
- Captain Haven't I kept my word? There's a fifth man.
We don't know who it is yet.
Happy New Year.
- You too.
Is Captain Ziegler in? - Not to my knowledge.
- How do you feel? - Better.
- Where are you? - A Lombard subsidiary is renting a chalet.
I've just talked to the financial director.
The holding company made the booking.
- The order came from Lombard.
- It's hideout.
It's obviously not for partying.
The Special Response Unit's on its way.
- I'm coming.
- See you in ten minutes The directions are in the GPS.
I'll meet you once I'm done.
Take care.
Eric, get out.
The cops are coming.
Eric? They're here.
You have to finish.
Don't ask me to do that.
See this through.
For us.
I love you.
The first floor window has been opened Received.
My name's Bruno.
I'm the Special Response Unit negotiator.
Mr Lombard, please tell us Move in! I repeat, move in! The target shot himself in the head.
We'll try to recover the laptop data.
Here Lombard's SIM card.
Contact the telco.
On New Year's Day? Stuff New Year's Day.
They can get off their arses.
lt's our only way to get to his accomplice.
Are you all right? What's wrong, Martin? Those fucking videos I can't help thinking of my daughter.
Let's go back.
The colleague you had a row with at the station Vincent? He's in the drunk tank.
He caused havoc.
He'd booked himself into a hotel in St Martin.
- We'll finish here.
Go if you like.
- Thanks.
See you.
Call me, right? I'll come back.
I'll swear.
Some people know what you are.
They'll come.
And they'll take their revenge.
You're late.
Do you have it? The fifth name I recognised your footsteps.
You're not supposed to be working.
- Elisabeth - What? Talk to me.
What's going on? - I forgot my phone - Elisabeth Don't touch me, you swine.
When I arrested Hirtmann I mean, afterwards Do you remember? I I woke up I was in hospital.
- Charlène was on duty.
- Shut up.
I don't want to know how you got my wife pregnant.
You're a traitor.
A traitor and a loser.
She had a miscarriage.
She needs you.
Irène? - It was Perrot's laptop.
- At Lombard's hideout? The hard drive is fine.
But I can't open the last visited files on my phone.
- I can look on your PC.
- Go ahead.
The mailbox is open.
I'll put you on loudspeaker.
Fuck! She bit me! Well? It's Delgado.
Shut it, you little brat! We don't give a shit about your dad.
If you open it again, I'll rip you open.
You'll be fine.
Calm down Aren't you Doctor Ferney's daughter? That's good, Elisabeth Martin, is it Ferney? Yes, it is.
Probably with Lombard.
I'm 15 minutes from the centre.
Bring her back.
First I'll fuck you, then I'll kill you! Cut it out.
Calm down.
Stop this.
What's your name? Tell me.
Stop this Can't you see? It's all staged.
They consented to it.
Who's the fifth guy? We paid them a lot of money for that.
Sorry, Captain.
Each to their own vice.
I like stories.
As odd as it may sound, I find that less twisted than making a mate's wife pregnant.
Your cells aren't soundproof.
Block all exlts.
Don't let Dr Ferney out.
She left about 15 minutes ago.
She's gone.
We can't seal off the area.
We're undermanned.
- We need the fifth man's name to get her.
- Delgado won't say anything.
Keep me posted.
I'll call the prosecutor.
A Maurice Carlier is here to see you.
Your unit in Toulouse told me you were here.
My daughter Hélène has gone missing.
She came to see me and asked to stay the night.
When I came back from the shops, she was gone.
She's not answering her phone? She left it at home, with her bag.
Her car is still outside my house.
She told me she'd found Fabienne.
I was there.
It can't be a coincidence, both you and her here at the same time.
He wanted that.
You let Fabienne die.
Don't let him take my only remaining daughter.
I know you.
You work at the Warnier centre, right? Why are you in my house with a gun? Do I really have to tell you? - How does it feel to protect a murderer? - I didn't know.
I swear I didn't know.
- I've just found out.
- Then let me go.
Let me go.
I can't.
It's not just me, arsehole! - There are others.
- I know.
Wait! What are you going to do? I'm sorry.
- Martin! Good You're early.
- Where is she? I've been waiting for this.
You, me And a young woman somewhere who may die.
- If ever - What will you do? It's me you hold a grudge against.
Don't let her die.
No, Martin Please I kept my dignity when you arrested me.
Pull yourself together.
You made the wrong choice ten years ago and Fabienne died.
I'm giving you a second chance.
Do you want it? Get me out of here and I'll tell you where she is.
You have a little time to find a way.
In two hours, it will be too late.
- Yes? - Lucas just called.
Lombard made one call to a mobile that's signalling at Delaunay's.
I remember you.
Little whore.
It's Servaz.
Drop your weapon! Delaunay, I'm going to shoot.
- Martin! - Up here! Where is she? Where is she? Martin Diane Diane Berg isn't her real name.
Her name's Hélène Carlier.
She is Fabienne's sister, Hirtmann's last victim.
He wants me to get him out.
Who? Hirtmann got Lombard and Ferney to abduct Diane.
He'll let her die if I don't help him out.
- Do you realise what you're saying? - Yes.
- We'll find a solution - There's no time.
- We can't let him go.
- I'll find Hélène then I'll bring him back.
Why are you telling me this? Because I trust you.
Help me.
Back again, on a public holiday! - Is the dlrector here? - Yes.
I'll call him.
We have to do this.
Captain Servaz is here, sir.
I'll take you to his office.
- Don't worry.
I know the way.
- You also know the rule.
Excuse me No problem.
I'll wait.
I'll wait here.
Captain Ziegler told me about Eric Lombard and Dr Ferney.
I'd rather tell you before you find out I had an affair with Elisabeth.
But I have nothing to do with all this.
Wait here.
Could you come in, please? Hands up.
On your knees, hands on your head.
Lie down, hands behind your back.
Are you mad? Open the door.
Go in.
She has half an hour of oxygen left.
Then she'll be gone.
Where's Cyrille? - Mr Hirtmann has to be taken to the police.
- No transfer is scheduled today.
- We notified you.
- I'll check.
No need.
Put your gun away.
Come on! Come over here.
This way.
To the Volvo What have we got? Roadblocks, back-up and Martin's phone signal.
- You had no inkling of what he was up to? - No.
It makes no sense.
Pull over.
Get out.
Get out, sir.
Set your colleague free.
And don't hang around.
Come on - Zombeaux to base.
- Go ahead, Major.
We're almost there.
We're about to intervene.
How far are they? Where exactly are you? At the intersection between roads 125 and 825.
Zombeaux to base.
We're going in.
Get out! - Stay still! - Hands up - Freeze! - I'm not moving.
Is this your mobile? It's not Captain Servaz.
He's called Maurice Carlier.
He has Captain Servaz's phone.
Was that him in the car park earlier? You gave him Martin's phone? What were you thinking? Hirtmann's abducted Fabienne Carlier's sister.
Once Martin finds her, he won't let Hirtmann go.
Captain? Prosecutor d'Humières.
Captain Ziegler's waiting for you.
From now on, she's in custody.
So you wanted to go to Spain Stop over there.
Give me your gun, please.
Martin When will you see that I mean you no harm? I'm your friend, right? Without the bullets, I won't tell you where she is.
She must have a few minutes of oxygen left.
But with fear, panic anything could happen.
Start the car.
Take the track after the bend.
She's waiting for you.
Hélène! Please - You're holding me too tight.
- Sorry.
I knew you'd come.
Wait here.
I'll be back.
Stop, Martin.
Please stop.
- You know I can't! - Is she alive? Drop your weapon.