Glee s03e10 Episode Script


So here is what you miss on Glee.
Sam and Mercedes started secretly dating, and then he left town and now he's back and wants her back, but Mercedes has a new man I've moved on.
Coach Beiste had the hots for Cooter the football recruiter and he liked her back but when Sue found out, she decided she wanted Cooter all to herself.
Emma's got wedding fever, but Will's a little skittish 'cause the last time he was married, it didn't go well.
Terri pretended to be pregnant, she yelled a lot, and she hated the Glee Club.
And that's what you missed on Glee.
Mercedes, what's the deal with you and Sam? You've been stealing glances in the choir room, and you still haven't told us what happened over summer vacation.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Go.
- It's true.
Sam and I spent a lot of time together at the lake.
And we had a fling.
Hey, tell us everything.
Yeah, dude, give us specifics.
It was incredible, guys.
Summer loving, had me a blast.
Summer loving, happened so fast.
I met a girl crazy for me.
Met a boy cute as can be.
Summer days drifting away to, uh-oh, those summer nights.
Uh, well-a, well-a, well-a, huh Tell me more, tell me more.
Did you get very far? Tell me more, tell me more.
Like, does he have a car? Uh-huh, doo-doo, uh-huh, doo-doo Uh-huh, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo I saved her life, she nearly drowned.
He showed off, splashing around.
Summer fling don't mean a thing.
But, uh-oh, those summer nights.
Tell me more, tell me more.
But you don't gotta brag.
Tell me more, tell me more.
Cause he sounds like a drag.
He got friendly, holding my hand.
Well, she got friendly down in the sand.
He was sweet, just turned 18.
Well, she was good, you know what I mean, whoo.
Summer heat, boy and girl meet.
But, uh-oh, those summer nights.
Tell me more, tell me more.
How much dough did he spend? Tell me more, tell me more.
Could she get me a friend? Summer dreams ripped at the seams.
But, oh Those summer nights Tell me more, tell me more I, Becky Faye Jackson, am the hottest bitch at McKinley High School.
I'm not only co-captain of the Cheerios, I'm president of the Perfect Attendance Club and I've won a participation award in rhythm gymnastics.
You may be wondering why I sound like The Queen of England.
It's simple, in my mind, I can sound like whomever I want.
So lay off, haters.
Okay, let's get reals.
I could easily snag any dude east of the Mississippi, but I'm extremely picky.
For instance, Rory grins too much.
He looks like an insane person.
Is that a Mohawk, Puckerman, or did someone glue a squirrel to your head? No-Chang-do.
I'm no rice queen.
Now, that's more like it.
Sweet, sexy and handi-capable like me, with a voice as velvety as my favorite Sunday church dress.
It's decided.
Artie Abrams, you're my new boyfriend.
What happened to Jason, that cute boy you took to the prom? I like hot dogs and he likes pizza.
And I like Artie now.
What do I do, Coach? You can ask him out on a date.
Worst he could say is "No.
" True that.
Frankly, Becky, I think you can do better.
Mind if I join you? Sure, Ems, but your man's over there.
Yeah, I'm just gonna let him be.
He totally tanked his fantasy football season, so So, two chickens today, huh? Emma, I'm celebrating.
Why? Cooter and I eloped.
- You what? - How did it happen? Well, you know, I've tried to be better - about showing folks my feelings.
- Right.
So there we were, it was Christmas Eve, and we are at the Taco Bell.
And I looked Cooter right in the eye and I said, "Coots, I gotta tell ya, I think you're my soul mate.
" And the next thing you know, I'm walking out of Fort Wayne's 24-Hour Chapel.
- Mrs.
Cooter Mankins.
- Oh, my God.
That's why he hasn't called me in weeks.
Well, Michael Chiklis in a wig, I would like to offer my congratulations.
I've been bested.
I guess it's time to call Boreanaz.
Aw, wh's wrong, Punkin? Shannon, I'm so, so glad this is happening for you, I am.
I don't think Will wants to marry me.
For God's sake, Amelia it's 2012.
If you want to marry Will Suester, ask him.
Will I love you so.
I always will.
I look at you and see the passion eyes of May.
Eyes of May Oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day? Wedding day I was on your side, Will, when you were losing.
When you were losing I never scheme or lie, Will.
There's been no fooling.
There's been no fooling.
But kisses and love won't carry me.
Till you marry me, Will.
I love you so, I always will.
And in your voice I hear a choir of carousels.
Carousels Oh, but am I ever gonna hear my wedding bells? Wedding bells Oh, come on, Will.
Come on, Will.
Oh, come on, will.
ome on, Will.
Come on and marry me, Will.
I got the wedding bell blues.
Please marry me, Will.
I got the wedding bell blues Emma, did you just ask me to marry you? What? No.
No, I didn't.
Was that out loud? No, I didn't.
Oh, my God.
Finn, give me a drum roll! Marryme.
Marry me.
Question mark! Yes, I am proposing to Ms.
This is the kind of news that you share with your family, and you guys are my family.
Shue, we're so happy for you.
We totally don't think you'll screw it up this time.
Here's the thing: it'sot to be perfect.
I'm sitting down with Emma's parents to ask for permission, and then this proposal needs to knock her well-washed socks off.
And that's where you guys come in, okay? So the assignment for the week is to come up with a proposal number.
And you know Ms.
Pillsbury-- it's got to be perfect.
Well, you can count on us, Mr.
Pretty romantic, huh? Think you're going to get married someday? After I win my first Grammy.
You have any idea who the guy is going to be? Cause I know this awesome dude who's great at impressions and totally into you.
Sam, stop.
I'm with Shane.
It's because I'm white, right? Are you insane? Okay, then it's because he's such a stud athlete.
That letterman jacket makes all the girls go wild, I know.
It was a summer fling, Sam.
You telling me thinking about that tilt-a-whirl at carnival doesn't make you smile? Okay, that was fun.
That's what I thought.
But I'm with Shane now.
Sorry, but summer is long over.
Hey, Sugar.
I was wondering if maybe you wanted to work on a number together for Mr.
Since I'm a director, I-I thought, you know, it would be really great Look, Artie, you seem really sweet.
You're really just not my type.
No, I wasn't really asking you out, but I just think we'd look really weird together.
Not that you're disabled, it's 'cause I'm abled, and people are really mean.
I'm really worried that people are gonna think your legs look thinner than my arms.
Hi, Artie.
Um, do you want to go out? Go out where? On a date.
Hey, Coach.
I'm not sure if you remember me.
Uh, Sam Evans.
I want to join the basketball team.
Are you serious? Where were you when I was having tryouts? Uh, living in a hotel in Kentucky.
To be honest, sir, I really want a letterman jacket with a varsity letter on it to wear this year and I need it, like, fast.
Look, pal, every team at this school's already been practicing for months.
The seasons have already started.
Is there any team I can join in any sport? Please? Anything? Well, I mean, yeah, there's one, but I don't think you're gonna be inrested.
Here's your chamois.
Guard it with your life.
Every Guppy gets one and only one.
You also get a letterman robe, so you'll need to pick a nickname to embroider on the back.
It should be water-themed.
I'm Vinny the Gill.
Would Trouty Mouth work? Sam Evans, I'm Coach Roz Washington, and you are one strange-looking kid.
I've never seen lips like that on a white child.
And one of your nipples is higher than the other.
I bet you had overcome a lot with those crooked nipples.
Well, I know a thing or two about overcoming.
When I was growing up, they said that black folks couldn't swim.
But I had a dream that one day, I would get to the promised land! So I swam my way and got my 40 acres and a pool.
Coach Roz was an Olympian.
That's right.
I won this bronze damn Olympic medal in Beijing, China for individual synchronized swimming.
I bet you didn't even know there was such thing as individual synchronized swimming.
Nod to me if I'm getting through to you! Nod to me! I'm gonna say one thing to you, Sam Evans, and I'm only gonna say it to you once.
If you pee in my pool, I will kill you.
Hey, guess what, dude.
I just joined synchronized swimming.
Keep your voice down.
You want everybody to hear you? Yeah, it means I get my letterman jacket.
Dude, you're in synchronized swimming and Glee Club.
That's like some kind of weird death wish.
Swimming is sexy.
Not if it's synchronized.
I'm not worried.
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Did you see that? Oh, my God, Sam.
Are you okay? What's going on, baby? I'm just I'm helping out a friend.
I think he'll pull through.
Let me walk you to study hall See you later.
I've been thinking, Mr.
The girls are gonna try to neuter you with this proposal assignment by encouraging you to sing a sappy ballad, or maybe en cry during it.
That's not only humiliating, it's predictable.
Therefore, I'm proposing you subvert expectations, - and lead with your hips.
- My what? So modest.
You have rock star hips, Mr.
It's true.
Mick Jagger hip Yeah.
Unleash the moves we've been practicing on Ms.
Pillsbury, and she will swoon.
Don't be alarmed by the disco ball.
Oh Watch oh Just shoot for the stars If it feels right And aim for my heart If you feel like And take me away And make it okay I swear I'll behave You wanted control So we waited I put on a show Now I make it I was born in a crossfire hurricane And howled at my ma in the driving rain And it goes like this Take me by the tongue And I'll know you Kiss me till you're drunk And I'll show you All the moves like Jagger I've got the moves like Jagger I've got the Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas, gas, gas* *But it's all right I don't need to try to control you But it's all right now* *Look into my eyes, and I'll own you With the moves like Jagger I've got the moves like Jagger I've got the moves Like Jagger I was born In a crossfire hurricane And I howled at my ma In the driving rain Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh, moves like Jagger But it's all right I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas, gas, gas, and it goes like this But it's all right* *Take me by the tongue and I'll know you T*ake me by the tongue* *But it's all right Kiss me till you're drunk and I'll show you Yeah-ah* *All the ves like Jagger I've got the moves like Jagger I've got the Jumpin' Jack Flash It's a gas, gas, gas* *Oh, yeah But it's all right* *I don't need to try to control you Well, it's all right Look into my eyes, and I'll own you Oh, oh* *With the moves like Jagger I've got the moves like Jagger I've got the moves Like Jagger Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas, gas, gas Oh, guys.
I like it.
A lot.
It's a it's an inspired choice, but you know, all that dancing, means a lot of sweat, and Emma hates dirty, so, uh you know, I don't want to do anything to trigger her.
It's definitely in the mix.
- I'm gonna go with you, Mr.
- Yeah.
Wait, please.
Artie, that was awome! Thanks, Becky.
So you had fun? It was a great Part One.
Part One? No, that was the date, the entire date.
I mean, I-I invited you here so you could see me bring my sexy, which I think you'll agree I did.
Part Two is dinner at Breadstix.
Rachel says you're supposed to spend two months' salary on the ring.
Or was it two weeks? Honestly, I just zone out every time girls start talking about this stuff.
So when's the wedding? She has to say yes first, right? And I have to work up the nerve to ask her.
After my last marriage, I just don't want to fail again.
Finn I want you to be my best man.
- Are you screwing with me right now? - You've taught me more about being a man than anyone I've ever known.
You stand up for your friends, you're not afraid to cry, and you'll make sure I don't do anything too stupid at my bachelor party.
- Is that a "Yes"? - Yeah.
All right.
Oh, that one's nice.
oh, yeah.
Hey, do you mind if I talk to you about something, man-to-man? - Yeah.
- I've been thinking about my future, too.
So I met with a recruiter.
I thought you said you were giving up on football.
For the Army.
I just want to do something special, you know.
Like my dad, but without the whole dying part.
- You know? - Yeah.
Hey, that one's really nice.
It's medium-sized so it should be easy to clean.
Pillsbury would really like that.
Yes, she would.
Right this way, please.
In order for us to help you propose to Ms.
Pillsbury, we're going to need some salient information first.
Come on, ladies.
It's not like this is the first time I've ever proposed.
Oh, yeah? How did that marriage work out for you? I mean, what was your big move then? A jumbotron that said "Hey, Terri, I Want To Make a Fake Baby With You"? Let's start from the beginning with you and Ms.
P What'd you think the first time you met her? - Hey, welcome to McKinl, Ms.
- Thank you.
I'll never forget how I felt the first time I saw her.
I think we've got this one covered.
The first time Ever I saw your face I thought the sun Rose in your eyes And the moon And the stars Were the gifts you gave To the dark To the dark And the end of skies My love And the first time Ever I layed with you I felt your heart So close to mine And I knew our joy Would fill the earth And last And last Till the end of time My love And the first time Ever I saw Your face Your face Your face Your face Hey, what's wrong? That song was so It was so beautiful and moving.
The first person I thought of wasn't Shane.
It was Sam.
I don't know.
I thought it was in the past.
Yeah, I think you just need to take it slow, okay? And listen to your heart.
Maybe the spark with Sam is still there.
It's the middle of January.
Why is their Christmas tree still up? Just be grateful Comrade Obama still allows Christmas.
Here's your tea.
- Are you sure it decaf chamomile? - Positive.
I have to say, I'm a little confused.
Yes, where is our little freaky-deaky? Oh No, that's not decaf.
Listen, why don't I just cut right to the chase Uh, I know you guys don't like me very much.
But I want to marry your daughter.
And I know it would mean a lot to her if I got your blessing.
Excuse me? You asked for my permission.
I'm saying "No.
" Are you sure you've really thought this through? Our daughter has a very serious problem.
Son, marriage is messy.
And if there's one thing Emma can't handle, it's a mess.
And that's before babies.
And the diapers and the sticky hands and the runny noses.
I'm telling you, she will not know how to deal with it.
Are you sure you want that for your kids? Forget kids.
Is that what you want for yourself? Hey, Artie, we wanted to talk to you about something.
We think you need a Becky-vention.
You were spotted having dinner with her at Breadstix.
- So? - So, it's a little weird.
Seriously, dude, what's your angle? I don't have an angle.
She asked if I wanted to go to Breadstix, and I said, "Yes.
" So, tell me about yourself.
What sort of stuff do you like? What's your favorite movie? Schindler's List.
Seriously? Toy Story 3 is a close second.
- What do you want to be when you grow up? - Five-foot-ten.
You know, Becky, I'm glad we're doing this.
The more I get to know you, the more I like you.
I have to say, you're actually sorta cool.
You should see my dance moves.
My mom says I have "Get Down" Syndrome.
Look, we think it's great that you're being so, so nice to Becky.
But we just I don't.
I know that girl.
That girl's a sly, conniving bitch.
We just We think you should be careful.
Yeah, you don't want to lead her on.
I mean, she's gonna think that you want What is she going to think, that she's fun to be around, that I had a good time hanging out with her.
You guys talk a good game how it's okay to be different, how it's what's on the inside that counts, but I think you're just as narrow-minded as the rest of this school.
I liked spending time with Becky.
She knows what it'like to be trapped by a disability.
She doesn't care what people think about her.
She's really optimistic about life, which is really amazing considering what life has handed her.
But they don't even have that on the keyboard.
Have a seat.
Will, uh told us about your plans for the future.
Yeah, which was supposed to be private.
Look, I-I knew telling them might upset you, but I felt obligated to bring Burt and your mom into this discussion.
This is a big decision.
Well, you know, I was I was going to tell you guys about it sooner or later.
Look, Finn, you know what Want, okay? I wanna need somebody to take over the shop while I'm off in DC, and if I let your brother do it, he's gonna have all the grey small monkeys wearing white dinner jacket.
Yeah, he would well I'm not in the scene tomorrow.
Okay, well I'm glad.
Now, because I'm antimilitary or anything like that.
I just don't get where you're coming from with this.
Well, my dad was a war hero.
I have an obligation to him to to be a good man.
To make something of myself, to help people like he did.
I knew it was about him.
You don't have to prove to anyone that your dads in you.
You know, everybody already knows what kind of man you are.
Yeah, but how can really know until you get tested? And what better way than than to walk in his footsteps? Your dad was a good man.
was brave and true, and he had the same goofy sense of humor you do.
But he didn't die in Iraq.
He served over there, but something happened to him.
I never found out what.
Uh, I he I don't know if he he did something or saw something just lost his way, but but he broke.
He died a hero's death, right? He died in Cincinnati after being dishonorably discharged.
Honey, he had a drug problem that he tried to get over when he came home-- for for you mostly but but then he he would just disappear for a day or a week sometimes.
One day, he just didn't come back.
It was an overdose.
Oh, I feel sick.
It's a lot to hear.
Just, uh, you know, take it slow.
Oh, my God.
I see everything that was good in him I see it all in you.
Why did you lie to me? Why? Because your dad was so much more than the last few months of his life.
That man he became was not your father.
Honey, I was going to tell you when I thought you were ready.
Well, I'm not ready.
I mean, how how, how did you think I could ever be ready for something like that? Here am I, becky Faye Jackson, about to seal the deal.
Booya! At this year's Special Olympics Ball, I'll have a medal around my neck and some man candy on my arm.
I absolutely rock.
Hey, Becky what's up? Hey, hottie.
My place.
We're going to do it.
- I'm sorry? - I just sent you a taste of what you're going to get on Friday night.
Oh my She got a cute little shape.
Coach, you have to help me.
I'm freaking out.
Well, you dated Brittany.
I'm sure she sent you titillating photos.
- That freak you out? - I guess not, but that was different.
Well, did you go out to dinner with Becky? Yeah.
We had a great time.
Do you want to go out with her again? No.
Well, here's a radical idea.
Why don't you treat her like a real person and tell her? Becky just wanna be treated like everybody else.
You of all people shloud know that.
so she can move on and maybe date someone who doesn't sound like one of those weird puppets they bring around to the grade schools to teach kids about sexual predators? And for God's sake, can you maybe go one day without the driving gloves? It's a wheelchair, Artie, not a Porsche.
Are you finished? Stop buttoning your shirts up all the way like a demented 90-year-old.
You look like you're auditioning for the lead in your nursing home's stage production of awakenings.
Thanks, Coach Hi.
Almost done.
You started taking down the tree on New Year's Day.
Have a seat.
I want to ask you something.
Uh, not there.
Could you sit there, please? Thank you.
You know how we're always talking about moving towards marriage, then nothing really ever happens? Well, mean, Sue said that I should be all liberated and ask you to marry me, but Do you want to be with me? I mean, as your wife.
Of course I do.
But? I love you, you know that.
But what if we get married? What happens when we have a house, a baby? How are you going to handle spit up on your special wednesday sweater.
Sweet heart,you can't control another person.
What if it's all just too much? I I mean, I've been taking my medication.
Some days great Some days some days not so great.
I'm I'm doing the best I can I'm doing everything that I can.
I know I know you are, I know you are, and it's not you fault that you have thisdisease, sometimes, it just so hopeless.
Can I promise you that I'm going to get better? You know.
This is what you get, you know? This-this this incomplete person.
With with toothbrushes and with rubber gloves and and with so much love for you.
But if that's not what you want, thenthen you need to be honest with me.
And with yourself.
And the sooner, the better.
No wonder none of my dreams ever work out.
'Cause I got loser DNA.
Well, if you're throwing a pity party, I want in.
I have as much chance getting into NYADA as I do playing Stanley in Streetcar.
Yeah, well, the letters came out from NYADA today saying who are finalists, and I have been trolling the NYADA chat rooms, and people are already talking about getting those letters.
- You didn't get one? - No, and I'm not going to, because Figgins put an addendum to my application talking about my suspension.
Screw this.
I'm getting a whole cheesecake.
The future used to be such an abstract idea.
Uh, and the dream was enough, you know? But now the future has the nerve to show up, and it's expecting us to do something, and it's not interested in giving a lending hand.
I'm actually kind of scared.
I thought the world would care more.
Make that two cheesecakes.
I actually thought we were all going to get out of here.
You know? Why did she have to tell me that? And why can't I have something in my life that's that's special, that means something? I can't win, I can't reign I will never win this game Without you Without you I am lost, I am vain I will never be the same Without you Without you I won't run, I won't fly I will never make it by Without you Without you I can't rest, I can't fight All I need is you and I Without you Without you Whoa-oh-oh You, you You Without you I can't erase, so I'll take blame But I can't accept that we're estranged Without you Without you I won't soar, I won't climb If you're not here I'm paralyzed Without you Without you Whoa-oh-oh You, you You Without you I am lost, I am vain I will never be the same Without you Without you Without you.
You know, I just wanted to say that I thought that you blew that song out of the water and totally nailed the assignment.
Oh, no, wait, wait a second.
Was-- the assignment wasn't "Make everything about Rachel Berry and force everyone to watch," was it? Easy, Santana.
It's fine.
That was beautiful, Rachel.
So, Mr.
Shue, what do you think? We've given you a whole bevy of songs to choose from, from upbeat and awesome to a little overwrought for my taste.
They've all been incredible, you guys.
I think I just need a little more time to really consider my choices.
Shue? Um, I probably should've said this the other day in Glee Club, but you know that whole proposal thing? How you want it to be big and special and worthy of Ms.
Pillsbury? I have an idea.
Do you have a second? Yellow diamonds in the light Now we're standing side by side As your shadow crosses mine What it takes to come alive It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny This is all for you.
But I've gotta let it go We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place Shine a light through an open door Love and life I will divide Turn away cause I need you more Feel the heartbeat in my mind It's the way I'm feeling, I just can't deny But I've gotta let it go We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place Yellow diamonds in the light* *in the light Now we're standg side by side As your shadow crosses mine We found love We found love in hopeless place We found love in hopeless place We found love in hopeless place We found love in hopeless place We found love We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love We found love in a hopeless place.
Emma you are the one.
You always have been.
The truth is, I feel like I've had to stop myself from doing this from the second I first saw you.
The first time I held this hand, it felt like I'd held it a million times before.
Like somehow, it's always been here.
Life is messy.
It just is.
And I I know that's hard for you, but that's why you have me-- to balance things out.
But you have to realize, you do that for me, too.
Every day.
Loving you and being loved by you makes everything better.
I love you with everything I am and everything I ever hope to be.
So Oh Emma Pillsbury Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? I love you so much.
Is that a yes? Yes.
Hi, Becky.
About Friday night Are you excited? Look I haven't been clear with you.
I really like being your friend, but I don't think we should date.
Is it because I'm too intimidating? Yeah.
I get it.
See you later.
I didn't ask him what I wanted to ask him.
I didn't ask if the reason he didn't want to be my boyfriend was because I have Down's.
I didn't ask him because I know the answer is yes.
Some days, it sucks being me.
This is one of those days.
Focus, Becky.
Don't let them see you cry.
Becky, you'll come to learn there's nothing quite like a good sob.
It hurts, Coach.
I liked him.
I know.
I know.
Well, you'll be happy to know you and I are in the same boat.
We both got dumped.
Tell you what I'm gonna do.
Gonna get some ice cream.
Couple spoons.
We're gonna turn our chairs towards the television, and we're gonna watch some Lifetime television for ovaries and wait for Beaches to come on.
You know what the third thing is? What? You're gonna take my hand because you and I are going to get through this together.
You have his eyes.
His mouth a little bit, too.
I've always had trouble finding myself in his face.
You know, I when I was kid, I used to stare up at the wall, his picture hanging there, and I used to convince myself we were, like, twins.
Is that why you asked me to meet you here? To talk about your dad? No, no.
I, uh, I want to talk about you.
About us.
I was gonna lay out a picnic, like the one you had for our first date, but I couldn't really figure out where you got those cool airplane cups, so And I told you you could kiss me if you wanted to.
I never understood why you ran off so quickly.
Yeah, I was just nervous.
Oh, I could never make you nervous.
Kind of nervous right now.
Wait, what's going on? Look, uh, I have something to talk to you about, but I want you to promise me that you won't say a word until I'm done.
Okay, and I know that's sort of hard for you, so I need you to promise me.
Okay, I promise.
Um, I just feel like, all my life, I've been, you know, wondering if I was gonna be as much of a man as my father was.
Now, all of a sudden, I'm up at night worried that I'm gonna become the man who he was.
Let's face it, I got, I got "High school hero, life zero" written all over me.
Except for one thing: you.
You're like a beacon of light guiding me through the darkness.
You're like this big gold star, and for some bizarre reason, you chose to let me love you.
And I feel like if I can just convince you to let me keep doing that, I'm going to be okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
I opened up my first c-credit card to get this.
I know it's not a swimming pool full of dancers or a tux or-- it's not very big, but it's a promise-- promise to keep loving you for the rest of my life.
All you've got to do is say yes.
Rachel Berry will you marry me?
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