Glitch Techs (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


[upbeat music playing]
Smash it up! ♪
When alien comets
Terraformed the world ♪
A prehistoric roar was heard ♪
Smash it up! ♪
Mighty beasts
From Cretaceous time ♪
Became mutant heroes
Who battle crime ♪
The Smash-O-Smash
O-Smash-O-Smashozaurs! ♪
Alert, alert!
Stegazaur's causin' some major
dino destruction downtown!
-With me,
his best bud Tri-Tops,
these prehistoric pals are unstoppable!
[both] Yeah!
[both laughing and grunting]
[young High Five roars]
-[young Casino yells]
-[young Casino] Smashozaurs!
-Whoo-hoo! Whoa!
-Ah Ah
[sneezing rapidly]
[chuckles] You sound like
a chipmunk with hiccups!
Come on, Casino. I can't help it.
Relax, Five. I'm just messin', man!
Let's finish this battle
and smash this bridge!
-[both] Smash it up!
-[car horn honking]
[Mr. Nieves] Five! Come on, mijo.
-Gotta get to work!
-Holy smokes!
I forgot. I'm supposed to go
to work with my dad tonight.
Come on, Five. We just got started!
I won't forget, 'Sino.
We'll hang again soon.
Yeah, see you soon.
[video game beeping]
[announcer] Smash!
-[Casino] Yeah, Casino,
you still got the touch!
-[cell phone chiming]
Come on, High Five,
where can you possibly be
that's more important
than catching up with your buddy?
[grunts] Let's speed this up.
[gauntlet powering up]
[Five exclaims]
It's baby bird time!
Hey, plant-face!
Say goodbye to your little friends!
[gauntlet voice] Incoming call from
[yelling] Casino!
Oh, beans! I was supposed to meet Casino!
I'm at the arcade ready to smash it up!
-Where you at?
-[Miko] Five! Take the shot!
Uh sorry I'm late, buddy.
I'm just wrapping up at work.
Come on! You're still at work?
You're not gonna bail on me again,
are you?
Uh, nope.
I'm just taking care
of this one last customer.
[straining] Real tough customer!
Okay. Tri-Tops is gonna hold the fort.
See you soon, Stegazaur!
Gotta go, under attack.
[Five grunts]
Mush! Mush!
-Dude, what happened?
We had a plan!
[gauntlet voice] Call disconnected.
Uh, weird time for a phone call.
[glitch growls]
[Miko yelping]
[Miko straining]
[Mitch] Hey! Noobs!
[gauntlet powering up]
[gauntlet fires]
Thanks for the distraction.
[theme song playing]
[man] Who knows what really happens
when a video game starts to glitch?
Here come the Glitch Techs
They know what to do ♪
They got the tech
They got the moves ♪
Glitch Techs
They're the wrecking crew ♪
They'll solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
When a glitch is loose ♪
They'll wipe them out
Old school or new ♪
Glitch Techs
Always coming through ♪
To solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
Whoa! ♪
Glitch Techs! ♪
Yeah! ♪
[Miko] Hey! Hey, what's wrong with you?
Uh, you can't just show up and KS
another Tech's glitch, Williams.
Qué te pasa, Mitch?
[panting] That that thing!
It came out of my game system.
It just went all crazy!
Uh, I think I was going this way.
If you kiddies can't handle glitches
Hey, more XP for me.
[tires screeching]
Man, that dude's the worst.
No wonder he's got, like, zero friends.
Friends! Oh, man,
I'm still late to a reunion with Casino.
[video games beeping]
[announcer] Smash! Smash, smash!
Smash! Smash!
[game over music playing]
[Casino] Oh, no. That is not how I go out.
Aw, out of plays already?
[Five] Swipe!
[chuckles] No worries.
I got enough plays to last all day.
Oh, man!
Long time no see!
[chuckles] Come on,
it hasn't been that long.
Yeah, uh, well, I hope you brought
your A game with you, chipmunk.
Did he just call you "chipmunk"?
You ever heard this kid sneeze?
Oh, yeah, yeah! Like he's got the hiccups!
Casino, uh, this is my work buddy Miko.
Hey, what's up, Miko?
You bring your game face?
Pssh. It's the only face I got!
All right, then. Get ready to
-[both] Smash!
[all] Smash it up!
[chiptune music playing]
[announcer] Final level!
Check it out. These games always end
on a final bridge level.
That is classic Smashozaurs.
Yeah. We always used to get there
but could never actually finish it.
This time, we're gonna do it.
[bracelets chiming]
Huh, you guys got the same ringtone?
Uh, buddy,
I may need to step away for a sec.
It's a work thing.
Work again? [scoffs]
-Maybe I can--
-[Miko] Uh
Quick pause for some super boring,
really lame work talk.
Five, we got a glitch sitch up in here.
-What are you buggin' about?
-It's just that
Casino's been waiting for me
for a long time.
So he waits a little longer. No big deal.
My gauntlet says it's in the arcade,
but there are too many games
to detect the source.
Ha! Here we go
Sucker popped! Let's move!
Come on, Five! I need some backup!
Uh, be right there, buddy!
Ugh! Head in the game, Five!
[glitch screaming]
Okay, got a signature reading.
What's a "Possessor glitch"?
I don't know, but
let's not find out!
[glitch groans]
Five, I made it over the bridge!
I'm up to the final boss battle!
That's great, buddy! [chuckles]
Okay, Five, I think I got it!
You do? Awesome! I'll be right back!
"Be right" What?
Boss level.
Glad we could finally share
this moment together.
-Dude, right?
-[Miko screaming]
-After all this time.
What are you wearing?
What? Oh. [chuckles nervously]
Uh, just some novelty glasses
from the ticket counter.
Why are you trading in tickets?
We got a boss to beat!
Uh, sorry I gotta use the bathroom!
Be right back!
Aw, come on!
Little help?
-I'm here! I'm here!
-[Miko grunts]
Oh, no.
[Casino] Come on.
Come on.
Smash Smash
Smash it up!
Oh, nerds!
[grunts] Hang on, buddy!
[panting] My scanner lost the signal.
It must have gotten away.
I don't think so.
[Casino] Whoa! I'm okay!
-[Five] Uh, well
I don't know how to tell you this, but
Is there something on my face?
-[tail rattles]
I'm a real-life Tri-Tops!
And I love it!
[dramatic music playing]
I guess now we know
what a Possessor glitch does.
[Miko] The gauntlet can't tell
what's glitch and what's Casino.
Smash! [grunts]
[laughs nervously] Okay, pal.
Don't worry.
I'm sure we can take care of this.
Miko and I just have to figure out
what to do.
We've been dreaming of something like this
since we were kids!
I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
We're gonna smash, smash, smash it up!
[chuckles nervously] Awesome.
[Casino grunts and laughs]
We gotta get him somewhere safe.
[Mitch] He's not going anywhere.
Back off, Mitch!
Ho-ho, Five! You guys are superheroes?
I mean, could this day get any cooler?
Clear the shot, beanpole!
Hey, when you come at my friend,
you better show respect, griefer!
[laughs] "Friend"? A Possessor.
Oh, why didn't you say so
in the first place?
-[Miko] Hi-yah!
-[Mitch groans]
Five, run!
Casino, get on!
I don't know what's going on,
but whatever it is, it's awesome!
[Mitch grunts]
-[kittens meowing]
-[upbeat music playing]
Make it stop!
It's projecting kittens
on the back of my eyelids!
Who was that guy? Your archnemesis?
More like a work frenemy.
But I know just how to stop him.
[air hissing and squeaking]
Yo, Five, if you wanna stop this dude,
I think we can do better than that.
[grunts] Smash!
Now that felt good.
Whoa! Okay, uh get in my van.
[loud thud]
[exclaims] Let's roll.
[Casino laughing]
[automated voice] Incoming call,
emergency channel.
Greetings, TechTag: High Five!
BITT! Miko and I captured
a Possessor glitch.
Ho-ho! Very impressive, Tech!
The Possessor is an ultrarare,
supremely dangerous, high-priority glitch.
-How did you capture it?
In my best friend's body?
[BITT] Oh, my!
-[Casino] Boring!
-Hey! That was important!
Don't be so quick to zap me back to normal
before I've had a chance to enjoy it. Huh?
A junkyard!
[tires screeching]
Supreme smashing opportunity, bro!
Come on, say it with me.
You know what time it is.
No. Casino, we can't.
We gotta get you some help.
Smash it up.
[grunts] You know it, buddy! Whoo-hoo!
-[Mitch mumbling]
-[upbeat music continues]
-Huh? What are you trying to say?
Oh! Oh, oh, oh, you want a turtleneck.
You're blowing out a candle.
You can't breathe.
Oh, right, sorry.
-I could have you banned for interference!
-[groans and coughs]
Have I told you you're the worst recently?
One of the rarest glitch signatures
ever recorded,
and, of course,
it falls right in her partner's lap.
[huffs] That noob's sitting on
an XP gold mine and doesn't even know it!
-A Possessor is rare?
-Uh, ultrarare!
And I'm gonna bag one if I've gotta
go through Five's little buddy to do it.
Not while I have anything to--
Oh, don't look so glum.
It's a timed effect.
Just long enough to shake you off
and shut you up.
[both] Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
See? Just like old times!
I missed you, man.
Why's it been so long
since we just played together?
I missed you, too.
[metal clinks]
[Mitch] There you are, Tiny-Tech.
You make it too easy.
[Ally cawing]
Ugh. Really?
Okay, Mitch, I don't want do this, but
Oh, who am I kidding?
I totally want to do this!
[Ally exclaims]
-Mind if I drive?
[Mitch screams]
[gauntlet chiming]
Go for Miko!
-[BITT] Greetings to you, TechTag: Miko.
-[Mitch screaming]
-This is BITT.
-Yeah, I know. Hi, BITT.
I have been trying to get a hold
of your assigned partner, High Five.
-He's not back at HQ already?
I have some important information
about the Possessor glitch
currently located
inside his friend-shaped container.
As long as the glitch
remains inside of Casino,
he and anyone near to him
are in grave danger.
-[Ally whimpering]
[vehicles compacting]
[Five] Hey, Casino,
you had enough yet, buddy?
No way!
I can't explain it,
but it feels too good to smash things!
Like it's my purpose, you know?
What I was made for.
Like I was
Programmed for it?
[Five exclaims and gasps]
I think it's game over, 'Sino!
Look, this is dangerous.
We need to get you to HQ
and get this thing out.
[in deep voice] No!
You left me behind when we were kids,
and you wanna do it again now?
What? 'Sino, no, look, it's not like that.
[huffs] No, it's not,
because this time,
I'm the one leaving you behind.
[Casino roars]
-[Miko] Five!
-[Ally cawing]
[Miko gasps]
-[Miko groans]
-[Ally whimpers]
Where's 'Sino?
On a rampage.
It's about to get worse.
According to BITT, if we don't get
that glitch out of him quick,
the glitch could take over permanently.
I just wish I knew where he was going.
Well, if he's following the game program,
didn't you say those Smashozaur games
always end on a large bridge?
A bridge.
Let's go get my friend back.
[footsteps thudding]
Smash it up!
[lands heavily]
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
[vehicle approaching]
Aw, man. Where did he come from?
Mitch only cares about the XP. Mush!
-On three, jump!
Let's do it!
-[Miko] One
-[Ally caws]
[both] Three!
Ha ha!
[engine revving]
I've had just about enough of you.
[engine revving]
[Mitch screams]
-[kittens meowing]
-[upbeat music playing]
You're loving this, aren't you?
Well, look who showed up for a reunion.
'Sino, the fun's over.
We have to get this glitch out of you.
Oh, no. I know that face.
Five wants to forget me again.
I didn't forget you, Casino!
That's the glitch talking!
Five, I haven't seen you
in two whole years!
It hasn't been that long.
Has it?
Yeah, time really flies
when you're havin' fun.
Without me.
Casino, I'm sorry. I didn't realize.
But I'm here now.
Yeah. So let's finish this!
I want to smash!
Smash it!
I can't let you do that.
[gauntlet powers up]
[rock shatters]
[gauntlet voice]
Selecting armor skin: Smashozaurs.
-You really wanna finish this?
-[gauntlet beeping]
Let's finish it!
[dramatic music playing]
Smash, smash
Smash it up!
[Casino] Yeah, that's it!
Now say it with me, "Smash, smash--"
No, Casino! I'm through playing!
[Casino laughing]
[Five groaning]
[Casino grunting]
[laughs menacingly]
[groans] Huh?
Aren't you two smashed out, already?
[Five grunts]
[Miko and Five grunting]
[Casino laughing menacingly]
[in normal voice] Five! You okay?
Say something, dude!
Say something!
[sneezing rapidly]
[Casino and Miko laughing]
See? Like a chipmunk with hiccups.
Casino, the glitch!
[straining] I know! I can feel it!
Get out of me, you glitch!
[both screaming]
[Mitch] Hey! Noobs!
[glitch screaming]
Thanks for the distraction.
[scoffs] Whatevs.
Oh, 'Sino, buddy, are you okay?
Yeah. Embarrassed mostly.
Not sure what came over me.
I wish we could just forget
all this happened
and start over from the beginning.
-We can.
[gauntlets powering up]
[video games beeping]
Hey, buddy. Sorry I'm late.
It's been a really long day at work.
Yeah, whatever.
I missed you, hermano.
It's been way too long.
Thanks, man. Missed you, too.
Aw, reunions give me the feels.
Oh, and this is my pal Miko.
You mind if she joins in?
What's up, Miko? You bring your game face?
Pssh. It's the only face I got.
All right, then! Get ready to
[all] Smash it up!
[theme music playing]
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