Glitch Techs (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

The Glitch Modder

[all exclaiming]
[both grunt]
Wait, Meeks! Mitch is bringing backup.
Five, did you just call me "Meeks"?
Because I love that.
[chuckles] Yeah. I thought
it was a fun nickname.
[tires screech]
Hey! Glitches-for-brains!
Save your sickening displays
of friendship for never.
Let's take this mob down!
Han and Zahra, you're on support.
Got you covered.
-You do you.
[tires screeching]
Miko! Where are you?
[Miko] Ding-dong!
Let's give this glitch stitches!
What are you Oh, fine!
Hang on!
[Miko laughs and cheers]
[Mitch] I'll keep us moving
while Hinobi scans for weak spots.
-[glitch belches]
-[Mitch grunts]
-[Mitch] Good save, Zahra!
-Yep, yep.
[Mitch] Miko, can you see a target?
Ooh! Hello, weak spot!
-[Mitch] Miko, wait for orders.
Me for the K.O.!
Wait for it.
[Five and Mitch scream]
-[Haneesh grunts]
-[Bergy yelps]
Precious sight, I squandered thee.
[Five and Mitch screaming]
-[tires screeching]
-[Miko exclaiming]
-Victory dance emote! [vocalizes]
-[Mitch grunts]
What's your deal, Miko?
You're supposed to be support class!
I was being supportive
by taking down that mob
like it was corn on the cob.
Uh, guys
-we got lurkers.
-[Miko continues vocalizing]
I'll reset them.
Don't want you lot mucking it up.
[Miko vocalizing]
Oh, nerds! You wiped Miko!
Mitch just wiped Miko!
Okay, okay, okay, nobody panic.
Nobody panic!
-Tech down! I repeat, Tech down!
Hey, hey, hey! Cool down, you bozos.
She's fine.
She's What?
Yeah, uh Miko kinda can't reset.
Hey, man, that is not a toy.
You don't reset? That's crazy weird.
Well, it's not weird. It's cool. Right?
No, it is weird.
You're clearly so different
from the rest of us.
Makes you wonder what other
strange little secrets she's got.
Guys, come on, I'm not weird!
Am I?
Everybody resets.
Says so in the Tech manual.
[Miko] Five.
You think I'm weird?
Uh, no, no, no! Not that you're weird.
Uh, just that it's weird!
[chuckles nervously]
Lots of cool things are weird.
Like honey on cheese.
Or frogs. [chuckles nervously]
[Mitch] Okay, then.
Us normal techs are going
to head back to HQ.
So enjoy sniffing your toes or eating lint
or whatever it is you do, weirdo.
Hey, you're the weird one, dude,
'cause I'm normal!
I'm the normalest normal
who ever normal'd!
-I'm as normal as--
-[Mitch] You're being weird right now.
[theme song playing]
[man] Who knows what really happens
when a video game starts to glitch?
Here come the Glitch Techs
They know what to do ♪
They got the Tech
They got the moves ♪
Glitch Techs
They're the wrecking crew ♪
They'll solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
When a glitch is loose ♪
They'll wipe them out
Old school or new ♪
Glitch Techs
Always coming through ♪
To solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
Whoa! ♪
Glitch Techs! ♪
Yeah! ♪
-[Five] Woo-hoo!
Ready to bust some baddies?
Fight some foes? De-rez some
Hey, Meeks, about earlier
-I just wanted to say--
[automated voice]
Glitch signature detected.
Oh, hey, look, there's a glitch signal.
Guess we have to stop talking
and get to work.
-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
-[Five] Whoa!
-[tires screeching]
[Five groans]
Didn't have my seat belt on yet.
Really? Didn't notice.
So, what's the glitchy sitchy?
Ah, there it is. Let's get at it.
Miko, hold up. Look.
[Five] It's a Chomp Kitty, but
its color scheme looks totally different.
[Miko] Huh. What's that thing on its tail?
[automated voice] Seg-fault error:
illegal glitch signature detected.
"Illegal" signature?
Uh, did that Chomp Kitty
just hack a vending machine?
Glitches aren't supposed to be able
to act outside their game program.
Apparently, this kitty's gone rogue.
Uh, we may need to call this in.
You call it in.
Wait, you're going after it?
Does a salamander love seaweed?
Uh I don't know, does it?
Ugh. Just come on.
Dude, kitty has a master.
Careful, don't let 'em see us.
Relax. I'm in ghost mode.
Nobody's gonna see me without--
-Oh, nerds.
Double nerds.
[Miko] Triple nerds!
-[Miko grunting]
-[Five panting]
[Miko] That's a fast glitch!
Ally! Let's go, mibirdie!
[Ally caws]
Okay, you go that way. I'll go this way!
[Ally caws]
[Five] End of the line, kitty!
Or not!
-[Miko] Come on, Five!
Who is that?
How did they tame Chomp Kitty?
Where did they get access
to raw plixel technology?
-Faster, Ally!
[Ally caws]
[Miko] Oh, nerds!
That is it! You're going
Then so am I! [grunts]
Miko, wait!
They can make portals, too?
[Miko] Whoa!
-Oh. Shh. It's okay, girl. Don't worry.
We're gonna find Miko.
And I think I know how.
[Miko] Oh!
This is awesome!
Less awesome.
Hey! Watch the goods.
This place is amazing!
Did you make all of this?
-How long have you--
That bird construct you were riding is a
chicky chum from the game Bravestone 12.
-Yes or no?
And this peripheral allows you to remotely
interface with Hinobi console tech.
-Yes or no?
-Um probably?
Oh, I knew it! You're a modder, too!
A what?
Sorry for the whole
throwing-you-in-a-cage thing.
It's a security measure
in case any normies wander in.
But it's so nice to meet you!
It's nice to meet you, too.
I'm Miko. And you are
Holy mother of MOBA,
I haven't even introduced myself.
-I'm Ridley, and that's Horn.
-[Horn purring]
Welcome to my lair! [chuckles]
May I interest you in a tour?
[Miko gasps]
Does a salamander love seaweed?
Only if it's raining.
[gasping excitedly]
Finally someone who gets me.
-[screaming] Yes!
Careful and
Okay, now we should be able to track
any constructs made
with that same illegal glitch signature.
[Ally caws]
Okay, girl. Now, remember,
whoever it is we're dealing with must have
access to powerful, dangerous tech.
Who knows what they could do
to Miko with it?
[in deep voice] Why?
[gasps] Faster, Ally!
[Miko laughs] Whoa!
Hey, Ridley, give me some more juice!
[chuckles] You got it!
[Miko laughs] Whoo!
Whoo. Juicy.
Ridley, this is stuff is amazing.
I can't believe you built it all yourself.
I'm a hacker by day and a modder by night.
And sometimes also by day
if I'm bored of hacking.
You're a wizard.
[chuckles] Oh, stop.
Well, don't stop. I am. [chuckles]
It's so nice to meet a fellow wizard.
Most people at school think I'm weird.
Like that comp-sci griefer Mike Sims.
Mike Sims!
I don't know who
this Mike Sims thinks he is,
but I don't think you're weird at all.
Bah, I totally am.
But I like being weird.
Normal's boring and lame.
[creature purring]
You're right. Who wants to be normal?
Not me. Weirdos for life!
-[electronic music playing]
-[Miko] For life!
[Five] Hmm. That's weird.
Someone laid a graphic map
over the entrance.
I could probably run a standard decrypter.
-That works, too.
Is that your Hinobi console?
It was
until I cracked it open
to make a few adjustments
and found this little fountain
of creativity.
Now it's a Ridleybox!
Far as I can tell,
these little nano-pixels
are like pure game code waiting for input.
So, at first, whatever game I put in
[Miko] Created a different glitch!
Ha! "Glitch!" Great name.
I'd been calling 'em sprites,
but glitch sounds way cooler.
Anyway, after a while, I started tweaking
and saving custom glitches
here on the hard drive.
[Miko] But why don't they escape
and tear up your whole neighborhood?
They stay in containment
until I release 'em.
Before I do, I rewrite their AI
till they're sweet, docile li'l babes
like Horn here.
[Horn purrs]
Ooh! Wanna see
what I've got cooked up for Horn 2.0?
[Ridley] That's the vanilla model.
Next, we upload him
with a custom addons.
[gasps] So cute!
And transmog his appearance
for that extra bit of spice.
-Uh less cute.
Sweet, huh?
I borrowed his AI code
from the Uber-Dragon in Fire Age 4.
The Uber-Dragon?
Isn't that a pretty hardcore boss?
[chuckles] Oh, yeah.
Once I get this guy stable,
I'm gonna fly him all over town!
Maybe I'll even use him
to scare Mike Sims. [chuckles]
Mike Sims!
[automated voice] Danger.
High-level glitch detected.
But enough .bout me, guildie.
Tell me about you!
How'd you get the Hinobi tech
to make that gauntlet?
[inhales sharply] Uh well
[whispering] Do you actually
work on the inside?
[Miko groans]
Ridley, you are so lucky your game
system glitched in such a cool way.
It's clearly allowed you to create
some truly amazing stuff,
but glitches can be really dangerous.
If you lost control--
What are you talking about?
I thought you liked this stuff.
I do. I'm this stuff's biggest fan.
But the truth is, I'm not a modder.
I'm a Glitch Tech!
Like those guys at the Hinobi Store?
Well, yeah.
Only we fight glitches.
You know, to protect people.
We're kind of like superheroes.
Oh! And with your modding skills,
you would make a perfect Glitch Tech!
-For sure.
All we gotta do
is break all this stuff down,
take it to HQ for containment,
intro you to my boss,
hook you up with a gauntlet--
You want to take
my sprites away from me?
Well, technically, it's sort of my job to.
But, Ridley, I promise,
if you come with me--
You're just like everyone else.
Afraid of the thing that makes me special.
You want to take it away
and make me normal like you.
I'd never do anything to hurt you!
-The Glitch Techs are the good guys!
-[Horn hisses]
[Ally caws]
-[Ally caws triumphantly]
-[Five mimics fanfare]
You are goin' down, glitch master!
Five, what are you doing?
Freeing you from
this villain's evil den of
[chuckles] Actually,
this place is way cool.
I was expecting you to be under attack
by some kind of crazy glitch monster
or something.
Yeah, that's more like it.
[Five grunts]
Welp Good luck
with this bag of bees, normies!
Ridley, wait!
-[Horn meows]
[Ridley groans]
Oh, dipswitches, my main server!
Bad kitty!
-[gauntlets firing]
Uh, what's going on?
Why won't our emitters have any effect?
[automated voice]
Hardware is incompatible.
Program code unrecognized.
[Miko] These glitches aren't
like the ones we usually fight!
-Ridley's modded their codes!
-[glitch growls]
You mean we literally
can't beat this thing?
Ridley, you have to help us!
No way, you traitor!
I gotta salvage my files and bail.
Why did you have
to burst in like that? [grunts]
I had it under control!
I'm your partner, Meeks. [yelps]
I gotta have your back.
Yeah, sure. Now you have my back.
[panting] What's that supposed to mean?
[Miko panting] This morning, Five!
You totally sided with Mitch
when he called me weird.
Aha! I knew you were mad.
Of course I was mad.
And you know what else?
I hate the name Meeks.
[gasps] You said you loved it.
Okay, kitty, gotta be a way
to get you back under control.
I can't believe you lied
about liking Meeks.
Well, I can't believe
you totally bailed on
[gasps] Ridley!
[both grunt]
No. No!
[yelps] Oh, no.
[Miko] Five!
Are you okay?
I looked it up.
Salamanders don't eat seaweed.
They're carnivores
who prefer slow-moving prey.
I thought you should know.
Oh, Five.
You complete weirdo.
[glitch roars]
Hey, you two. Give me those gauntlets.
Whoa, hang on.
We're not giving you anything, you--
Five, she's one of us.
There. Your stupid tech
is now signed to my modified code.
-You can fight my Dragon-Kitty now.
Thanks, Ridley.
Don't thank me yet.
I'm uploading some of my custom mods
from Fire Age 4 into your gauntlets.
This guy isn't gonna go down easy
because I don't believe
in shoddy craftsmanship.
[both] Right!
[both] Whoa!
[Five] Thanks for the buff, Ridley.
Hey, buddy.
We heard you pre-ordered a beatdown.
And good news: we got some DLC for you!
Oh, shmup.
[grunts] Get him, Five!
[both grunt]
[chuckles] Hey, hey!
Looks like we got him.
With this new gear, we're practically--
[both] Whoa!
[Five grunting]
I got you!
I don't get it, we're both
hitting the guy's weak spot.
[gasps] That's it.
We're both attacking, but the Uber-Dragon
in Fire Age 4 had two weak spots.
So I'll take the first spot
I'll wreck the second.
Not this time!
That's my partner!
That was amazing.
I'm, uh sorry about your Uber-Kitty.
And your awesome lair.
Me, too.
Ridley just come to HQ with me.
You could probably build
all sorts of new stuff as a Glitch Tech.
You'll just be weird with friends.
Trust me, it's better.
[Ridley] Sorry, Miko, but you're wrong.
You think you have friends now,
but trust me,
they won't stick around.
Ridley, no!
[Five] She's modified the original signal
I was using to track her.
It's not working anymore.
Guess she doesn't want us to find her.
I guess not.
I'm sorry, Miko.
But I think you did the right thing.
Come on, Fiver. Let's go home.
Come on. Doesn't "Fiver and Meeks"
sound like an awesome video game title?
[Miko] Nope!
[chuckles] Okay. Miko it is.
I use my remaining mana
to play Bile Swarm of the Necrofiend.
Clearing your field
and your remaining life points.
[exclaims and sighs]
Miko. I've set up a body scan
in the smart room
if you ever want to explore
the mysterious intricacies of your brain.
Oh. Uh, also, it's nice to see you.
'Sup, Five. 'Sup, Miko.
Watch out. I'm gonna flash ya!
[chuckles] I'm just kittens.
Hey, Miko, wanna play
sorcery cards with me?
But I've gotta warn ya, I've built
a pretty mean swamp deck. [chuckles]
Ah, Miko.
Come to freak us out with your presence?
You know what, Mitch?
You're right. I am a weirdo.
I'm a weirdo for life.
And you better watch out,
'cause I got my freaky eye on you.
Yeah, well you're
You're just a whatever.
Jeez, what a weirdo, huh?
-You're the weirdo!
-[both chuckle]
We're all weirdos. Now get back to work.
[theme music playing]
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