GLOW (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Nothing Shattered

1 Just chill.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? Think you can stand? The referee's checking now, folks.
Is Zoya pulling all our legs or maybe it's time to call the medical professionals! Hey, this is real.
She's really hurt.
Oh, shit.
Sam, I don't Are you okay? Are we stopping this? What are we doing? Here comes the camera guy! She's really hurt.
I don't know if we should call the match - Hey! Hey! I got you.
- Don't touch her, just leave her All right, yeah.
Pick her up.
All right, cool.
This is an ugly stuff, folks.
Zoya may never be able to goosestep her way through Red Square ever again! Nope.
How do you get through these things? Over? Under? What - Through the bottom.
- Okay.
Sorry, sorry.
No, no, no.
Sit down, GLOW fans! It's okay! Speaking of break, who wants a fresh bowl of Howard O's? I got you.
All right.
You're okay.
Where's the closest hospital? - I don't know.
- Hey, Officer and a Gentleman! Put her in the limo.
She can put her foot up in the back.
I can drive her.
That's so sweet.
But we're her friends.
We got it from here.
Oh, my God! Get the door.
Get there.
I'm gonna put you down there.
Hold there, hold on.
- Hey! What's going on? What's the plan? - Valley General is on San Fernando.
I'm a Jew, and I'm driving, so we're going to Cedars.
Cedars? Are you fucking kidding me? We'll be in traffic for hours.
- Ruth! Where do you want to go? - I don't care! Okay.
All right.
Just go to the close one.
All right? And look! Hey, hey, hey! You're gonna be fine.
It's probably nothing.
Okay? Okay.
Get her in the car.
Let's go.
Be careful.
We are right behind you.
Hey! I could have carried her, too.
You know? But someone had to shoot the show, right? Okay, we're almost there.
- I'm here, I'm here.
- Yay, we're almost there.
We're here.
Okay, we made it.
All right.
 I'll go get a wheelchair.
They're free.
Yep, yep.
Got it.
The left, the left.
I'm gonna go check us in.
Want me to lick your wound? Saliva helps with blood clotting.
She's not even bleeding.
- She might be bleeding internally.
- Sheila, you're freaking her out.
Ruth? Take a Valium.
There you go.
- Beep, beep.
Beep, beep beep.
- Oh, yay! Where's Debbie? Jesus Christ! Sorry, I thought it was empty.
Well, they took Ruth to the hospital, and Sam went with her and I just stayed behind to clear out the audience.
Someone left behind a retainer.
It's not even in a case.
I'll leave you alone.
It's fine.
You can stay.
Um okay.
You know, in high school, I once convinced Birdie to fly me to New York to see Bruno Sammartino fight Stan Hansen.
It was at Madison Square Garden, and halfway through the match, Hansen did this body slam, but you could tell that Sammartino didn't land right and I just remember in the papers the next day, there were these photos of him with a neck brace and like, crushed vertebrae.
This is my fault.
I shouldn't have pushed the wrestling so hard, you know? Well, we all knew what we were signing up for.
Even Ruth.
Maybe it's just a sprain.
I heard a pop.
Time for a Klonopin.
Hey, you already gave her a Valium.
Okay, half a Klonopin? Ruth.
Why is this taking so long? My friend is in pain.
Do you hear me? My friend is in pain! - You're my Shirley MacLaine.
- And the first pill just kicked in.
Good news.
We'll have a bed ready soon.
So, I'll take her back and all of you can leave? Not a chance.
What the fuck is going on? Why is she still waiting? - 'Cause it's not a gunshot wound.
- She's going back now.
Hey! Hey! Hi.
Hey, hi.
Thanks for You know.
Are you ready? I got her.
My show.
Capisce, Hercules? What a fucking asshole.
What? I like her.
- I was trying to help.
- You helped.
We all saw.
Sam's just you know, stressed.
You know, but you are right.
He is a pretty big fucking asshole.
Half a Klonopin? Take the edge off? No.
Thank you.
Can someone at least call me and let me know how she's doing? That was so scary and it could've happened to me.
- Or me.
Or both of us.
- Or both of us.
Oh! It's like that movie Ice Castles.
Where the small town girl with big talent gets into this world of skating competitions.
And then she goes blind.
And then she has to skate blind, and she does.
And then there are all these roses, but she can't see them Yeah, whatever.
Fuck that movie.
It happened to Joe Theismann last Monday.
One minute you're dropping backwards to pass the ball, the next your leg cracks back in nine places.
You know, it is good that Sam was still filming, though.
What? Makes great television.
Probably boost the ratings.
Yeah, because maybe Debbie almost murdering Ruth saved the show.
You think she hurt her on purpose? Hello there, Ruth Wilder.
I'm Dr.
Are you with the circus? I'm an actress on a TV show.
Called GLOW.
I'll have to watch it.
Okay, so left ankle.
We're gonna have to cut off this boot.
Oh! No, no, no.
These are important.
All right.
Doc, I got it.
Ow, ow.
- Sorry! - Watch it! All right.
Just take it easy.
I'm gonna go slowly.
Okay, I didn't do anything yet.
So going slow.
All right.
Here we go.
You didn't even feel it come off.
Holy shit! - Oh, fuck! - Can you feel your toes? Can you wiggle them? - Good? - Yeah.
Let's see.
How does that feel? It fucking hurts.
So we're gonna take some x-rays, see what we got.
- Maryanne here will help you get set up.
- All right.
There you go, honey.
Distract me.
Well, I'm not gonna be my regular chipper self.
I fucking hate hospitals.
I hope this helps while you wait.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
I stole these from your neighbor.
I think he's dead anyway.
I got to run.
I think the nurse saw me.
Can you just Yoo-hoo! Hey, Dawn! What did the squid say to the bagpipe? I don't know, Stacey.
What did the squid say to the bagpipe? I'd fuck you, if I could get you out of those pajamas.
- I don't get it! - That's 'cause you're a dummy.
I made a frog.
"If two men fight together, and the wife of one draws near to rescue her husband from the hand of the one attacking him and puts her hand down and seizes him by the genitals, then you shall cut off her hand!" It's like an action movie.
I should've read this sooner.
Ruth, Ruth, that's her name.
She got hurt and it's a shame.
But don't be sad, don't be worried.
We're here to help! What rhymes with "worried?" Say hello to my little friend.
Hello! You're about to make love with a man for the first time.
"You, A, turn off the lights.
B, turn on the lights.
C, ask what he prefers.
" Well, definitely B.
If I didn't want to see him, why the fuck would I be making love to him in the first place? Okay.
Blood of toad! Spirit of darkness! This sexy voodoo vixen's put a spell on me! Ugh! A love spell.
I'll do anything you say, Black Magic.
My new wrestling character.
What do you think? - I loved it.
- Yeah.
All right.
Time to take a look at the damage.
Take it at your own speed.
Stay still, okay? Hey.
- How is she? - We don't know anything yet.
- We know she's in horrible pain.
- And she can't walk.
Other than that, she's peachy.
Ruth doesn't have insurance, and we don't know what to fill out.
How could she not have insurance? She's a professional wrestler.
Employed by Bash Howard Productions.
Who doesn't provide health care.
How many of you don't have insurance? My parents pay for mine.
We do stunts and don't have a death wish.
This is my responsibility.
I will take care of it.
This place gives me the creeps.
Want a Nutter Butter? Oh, no.
I'm good.
I'm good.
I failed out of med school.
So this place brings out a lot of bad feelings.
What? You went to med school? Yeah.
When I wasn't wrestling, I was studying.
You didn't notice I always had books with me? No.
But I really don't pay attention to all of you.
Can't you take classes? Get back in.
I don't want to get back in.
I only did it in the first place to make my parents happy.
I'm just so tired of trying to make other people happy.
I let my mother slowly deteriorate in a place like this.
Instead of dying on a beach in Italy like she wanted.
I'm sorry.
I just thought that the game was living as long as possible, instead of dying on your own terms.
- Big fucking mistake.
- Hmm.
I'll take a cookie.
Thank you.
Sam bought them.
To share.
Any update? Well, she's getting an x-ray.
They think it's just a sprain.
- A bad fucking sprain.
- Look, she's not dying, okay? It's after midnight.
Everyone's tired.
So, why don't you go back to the motel? You did a great show tonight.
Great? We were amazing.
Well, until the ankle.
You think we'll get our old time slot back, Sam? No.
I don't.
I think we're gonna die at two a.
But we'll die on our own terms, right? Fuck, yes, we will.
Okay, come on, crybabies.
I'll drive everybody.
Get drunk while we ice our fucking knees, let's go.
- I don't want to leave Ruth here alone.
- She's not alone.
Bash and I are here.
 Don't worry.
We'll bring her back.
I'll see you at home.
She's in room three.
How are you feeling? I don't know.
Melrose gave me a Valium.
God, that sounds good.
Do you have another one? - Oh.
Hello there.
- Hi.
Well, it's good news.
Oh, my God! Really? I'm so relieved.
You see right here? It's a clean fracture.
Just snapped right in two, but there are no bone splinters, nothing shattered.
I hate when the bone shatters.
You gotta find all the pieces.
This is such a beautiful break.
So, we'll get you going with a cast and then you'll be on crutches for eight weeks.
Ten at the most.
All right? Someone will be by to get that started.
God, it's not that long.
It's the rest of the season.
I won't be on the show.
I mean, well, we're getting canceled anyway, so And it's just a job.
No, it's not! Okay, Jesus.
I worked ten years to get a job that was more than just a crappy one-line role.
It's never easy for me.
You're the one who walks in and gets whatever job she wants.
Okay, you don't have to lash out at me.
- I did not mean to break your ankle.
- I don't believe you.
No, Ruth.
No, no, no.
No, it was an accident, Ruth.
Unlike the time you "accidentally" fucked my husband twice! How about the time you "accidentally" made out with your co-star, what's-his-face.
At your stupid Paradise Cove Rap Party, and I didn't tell anyone.
Are you fucking kidding me? That's completely different, and you know it! You know what? I don't care.
I don't care anymore.
I have eaten shit for months.
I have done everything I can think of to make this right.
- You can't make it right.
- Great.
Then I'll stop trying.
I am so tired of apologizing about Mark.
And you didn't love him enough to stay married to him.
I'm not married to him because he fucking cheated on me! You never loved Mark.
You don't have the right to say a fucking word about my marriage! Do I have a right to talk about your power complex? Or do I have to schedule a meeting with all the producers? I earned my title.
Your work ethic is legendary.
You wanna talk about how you sabotaged my date with Russell? Even though you know I haven't wanted to go on a date with someone in years.
Yeah, forgive me if I don't feel bad about that, at all.
Let's talk about how you thought I should let myself be raped to save our show.
- The show you don't give a shit about! - You're so fucking melodramatic! What are I care about the show just as much as you do.
No, you don't! You needed a distraction! And big surprise! You got what you wanted.
You could have slapped me and walked away.
But instead, you took the one thing I got.
I don't have what you have.
I never have.
Yeah, here we go.
I miss this.
Poor Ruth, she doesn't have anything.
So, Deb, be careful.
 Just downplay all your accomplishments.
Just pretend all the things you worked so fucking hard for don't matter at all, because she's gonna feel sad and insecure about her life and suck all the joy out of every moment that you have.
Poor, poor Ruth.
Right, right, you're the success, and I'm the disaster.
- That's how it's always been.
- I never made you feel like a disaster.
You did! Every time we saw each other you'd draw it all out.
Make me give you all the details, every shitty audition, the horrible dates.
We'd we'd We can roll around in all of my failures and mistakes.
And then you could go home to your house and your family and your life! And feel comfortable with every choice you ever made, even though you were miserable.
- No, I was happy.
- Bullshit! Fuck you! Hey, what's the prognosis? Fucking broken.
I never felt so guilty about anything.
Jesus! You live a charmed life.
I thought I was gonna have a wrestling show and no one was gonna get injured? What the fuck is wrong with me? Destroyed our little family.
I mean, Ruth is a gimp.
You know what, just don't be so hard on yourself.
She'll go on to live a full life.
Jesus, fuck.
Sorry, sorry.
I thought you were all out getting wasted.
I don't drink.
I Can you bring Ruth some of her clothes, so she doesn't have to leave the hospital in a leotard? Sheila.
So, I know what this looks like from the outside, but I'm I'm not I'm not trying to destroy Ruth's life, okay? This isn't some elaborate revenge fantasy.
- Hey, are you okay? - I don't know.
I don't know.
Ruth and I had a fight and I'm sorry.
My parents fight.
They stockpile years of ammunition and then, one day unload it all.
God, it's so weird to think of you having parents.
Yeah, I keep waiting for them to get divorced.
They never do.
They always end up back together.
You should bring the clothes.
Does she have anything cuter? I won't be needing these anymore.
You should give them to Justine.
She'd make a great replacement Zoya.
I'm not giving your part away.
Well, you have to, if you want to keep the story moving forward.
Who cares? It's just a TV show.
Everyone keeps saying that.
It's not, to me.
I have people now, people who come with me to the ER.
People who care if I'm hurt.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just the easiest thing to say, you know? How's this? I don't want to make this show without you.
I'm not gonna make this show without you.
I thought we're all replaceable.
Well, you're not.
I got markers! And I paid your bill.
Oh, Bash, you didn't have to do that.
Yes, I did, 'cause you couldn't possibly afford it.
- And I felt so guilty.
May I? - Yeah.
A Bash Howard Production.
- SS? - It's my initials.
Could you clarify that it's not a Nazi reference? Maybe draw a heart around it or something? Wow! Fucking sensitive.
"F" for Francis.
I thought you might want to leave the hospital with pants on.
As you may have heard, Ruth and I got into a really big fight.
- Oh, everybody heard.
- Yeah.
Yeah, the cashier at the gift shop couldn't stop talking about it.
Well, I'm glad we gave them a show, since we never got to finish our match.
All right, look.
Prior to the bone snapping, that wrestling was unreal! But we gotta tone it down, okay? I can't afford everyone getting injured.
I could afford two more people getting injured.
So, what's the plan, Sam? You know what? We got four episodes left, right? Fuck it.
 No one's watching.
No one cares.
Ruth can't even walk.
So, I say we do whatever the hell we want to do.
Let's just set the weirdos free and see what the fuck happens.
I hope you guys have fun.
Oh, you're not getting out of it.
You're like a one-woman idea machine.
And where we're going, you don't need legs.
- You did see Back to the Future.
Hey! - All right.
All right.
Can I ? Sam? Can we hire Reggie back? Who? I'm kidding.
Yeah, who cares? Bring the Viking back to the sinking ship.