Goblin Slayer (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Adventures and Daily Life

1 This show contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.
​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
Master, what should I do today? What should you do? How stupid can you be?! You got hit, so you hit back! Hit the goblins back! Those critters are smart! You think you'll be able to kill goblins? I will.
Even though you only watched while the goblins used your dear sister as their plaything? Why didn't you jump out and hit the goblins? Why didn't you take your sister and run? You were powerless and didn't do a thing.
Did you think you could do something as soon as you gained a little bit of power? Even if you could, it'd be just for show! It'll soon be gone, and poof, it's all over! But you're the one who has to decide.
The moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win.
Luck, wisdom, and courage! It all begins with whether or not you're going to do something, so do something! Yes, master.
Look above you.
This is a puzzle, a riddle! If you don't want to die, answer quickly.
Yes, master.
Very good.
More just than the gods! More evil than evil deities! The rich need me! The poor need me not! What am I? Now, be careful! You'll be crushed! Nothing.
The answer is nothing! Correct! How about this one? It will appear before you at any time and any place.
It will never let you escape, yet you can never even talk to it! It's right beside you! Give up! Death The answer is death! Good Well done.
Finally, answer me this.
What's in my pocket? What's in my pocket? Whispers and Prayers and Chants It appears you are awake.
So how was it, sharing a bed with me and her? Not bad.
So this is the miracle of Resurrection Achieved by sharing a bed with a virgin.
Oh, so you've heard of it? I knew of it.
Though, sadly, I cannot be considered pure anymore.
Goblins? Yes.
It was about ten years ago.
I was captured by goblins, and inside the cave Would you like to hear what happened? I already know.
I cried like a child, repeating, "It hurts It hurts" But I can see Though it is blurry, I can make out your shape.
We can find you anywhere, but at the same time, you seem like you may disappear as soon as we turn away.
You're like a shadow.
People are Women are weak creatures.
I'm worried.
I'm scared.
Isn't it strange? I, the Sword Maiden, am scared, terrified, night after night I feel absolutely helpless.
This is the world we live in, after all.
No matter how many things we have to help us Though I'm sure others wouldn't understand, right? Really? "Really?" he says Is something funny? Well, don't you think it's funny? I'm the woman who defeated the Demon Lord.
And yet I'm scared of some goblins Please Will you help me? U-Um, uh D-D-Did you see?! Yeah.
Don't worry.
You don't have any scars.
Are your wounds healed now? Yeah.
Goblin Slayer What? Um Are you sure you're not pushing yourself too hard? Why do you ask that? You seem different than usual, somehow.
Nothing's changed.
Um Goblin Slayer? This must be it! Hey! I heard you two were awake! You okay? All better now? Looks like you're all better, Beard-cutter and little girl.
Thank goodness the spell was performed in time.
I see you're all safe.
Are you really one to talk, Orcbolg? How's the canary? It's fine! Totally fine! Actually, you were in the worst shape of all of us, Orcbolg.
As soon as she woke up, she was all, "Goblin Slayer!" and started crying.
It was a mess.
H-Hey! You promised you wouldn't say— He's not going to get it if we don't.
At any rate, now we should be able to continue our exploration.
Or perhaps we should tend to our equipment first.
Come on, Scaly, you fool! We need to eat first! Ah, how thoughtless of me.
None of you have eaten yet? Correct.
We promised, remember? That when we got through that battle, we'd enjoy a meal together.
Promises must be kept, right? This is delicious! My empty stomach can barely handle it! There's nothing like a meal enjoyed together.
All right, you two get some rest.
We'll go scout the sewers.
Huh? But A warrior with no equipment is too big a risk to take down there.
Sorry Thanks.
Want me to hold that? No, I'm fine.
I see.
They'll all be fine, right? Yeah.
Are your wounds healed now? Yeah.
Make sure you don't do anything too reckless.
What's wrong? Don't give me that! All you keep saying is "Yeah.
" Really? Yes! I see.
You say "I see" all the time, too! I'll try to do something about it.
Good, you do that! So, you mentioned that you wanted to go shopping.
I'm going to look at the weapons and armor, since mine were damaged.
What are you going to do? My chainmail was torn, so I was hoping there was a shop that could fix it.
It'd probably be faster to buy a new set.
But I'd rather not.
Why is that? Because this is the first thing you ever complimented me on.
I see.
I guess you're right.
This has a huge hole in it.
You'd probably be better off buying a new one.
No, I'd really like you to repair it if possible.
Sure thing.
I'll fix 'er right up.
Need a makeover, miss? N-No, thank you! I need these repaired.
A-A silver rank? It's leather armor and a round shield.
I need it done as soon as possible, along with that chainmail.
Um if you need them done immediately, the fee will be a bit higher That's fine.
Thank you kindly, sir! I'm going to have a look at your swords.
I'll take this.
It's a bit long, but I'll shorten it myself.
I'll be using your whetstone.
But sir, a sword like that is really only good for goblins— I'll be using it to kill goblins.
What?! Come on by! Gather round and have some mouth-watering ice crème! Delicious, delicious ice crème! Ice crème? I wonder what that is.
I'm not sure, but seeing how mostly kids are gathering around, it's probably something sweet.
Go ahead.
Okay! Thank you so much! Amazing! It's so cold and sweet! Is it good? Yes! Very much so! I see.
So it's a frozen dessert.
I've never seen a spell like this.
How is it accomplished? Well A scientist found out that if you put fire mixture in water, it freezes up real well.
Oh? So I got the idea that freezing up some milk might be delicious.
I see.
That was very helpful.
Give me one.
Keep the change.
Huh?! Thank you! What? Nothing.
I just figured out why you know so many things.
It's strange, isn't it? No one here has any idea that goblins are right below them.
Though I'm sure they're scared after what happened to the victims.
Anyone would be.
When I was young What? I thought if I took a step, the ground would open up beneath me, and I would die.
Huh? There was a time when I hesitated to even walk because of that.
It's not impossible, but no one worries about that.
That was really strange to me.
She and my sister laughed at me for it, but it took time for me to realize that I still have to walk, no matter how scared I am.
Is that how it is? It is.
Even now, I'm scared to death.
I'm thankful that you're helping me, but you're not required to help.
I told you I was going to do what I wanted to do.
Did you? I did.
You really are hopeless, you know that? Sorry.
I don't want to hear that.
It's fine, though.
I can't help the things I'm scared of— That's cold! Well, let's get going, Goblin Sla— There you are, Goblin Slayer! You've got some nerve, summoning us with a letter! Don't make me tell Guild Girl on you! Tell her what? The fact that you're out and about with that girl! Stop that now.
I'm the one who was summoned.
Oh, um You seem well.
Thank goodness.
Oh, yes! We had some business over here, so I had him come along.
Go on.
This will help a lot.
I'm not a delivery boy, you know.
Don't make me carry stuff like that again.
But why do you need this? You should be able to buy this in this town.
The stuff they have here won't work.
It has to be very fine.
I see.
What are you going to use that for? What else? To slay goblins.
He didn't come back again today.
Yeah How many days has it been now? Well, he said he was going to a town far away.
I'm sure he has his reasons.
He keeps leaving to slay goblins with no rest Eventually, the day will come when he won't come back at all.
He'll be back.
He'll come back, no matter what.
This is a very important place to both him and me.
So I always want to be waiting here for him until he comes back.
Beard-cutter, you're armed to the teeth.
You could try looking a little cooler.
Yeah Oh, I know, Goblin Slayer.
Why don't you stick some feathers in your helmet? Not interested.
By the way, Orcbolg, you didn't bring a torch today? There's something I want to try.
Fire would get in the way.
So, what's this trouble you mentioned? Right Behold.
What is that? No idea.
I mean, it seems to be a giant eyeball, but As far as I can tell, it is a creature of chaos.
A creature that must not be named It's a creature of that nature, right? Who cares what it's called? You can call it Giant Eyeball or whatever you want.
You never change, do you? But what's truly dangerous is that eyeball.
That is an evil eye capable of Disintegrate.
I would summon a dragontooth warrior, but when that Giant Eye glares at it, it will use Dispel and my spell will be undone.
Disintegrate and Dispel That is troublesome.
It looks like as long as we don't enter the room, it won't attack.
I think as long as the eye doesn't see us, I'll be able to use a miracle.
But if we get close, it'll see us.
We can't use spells, and that thing fires beams.
It definitely has the upper hand.
We're basically stuck here twiddling our thumbs.
There's something I want to try.
Just remember, you can't use fire, water, or poison.
That was our promise.
Just to make sure, we're outside the town now, right? We walked quite a ways, so I feel like we're a pretty good distance away.
Then this shouldn't be a problem.
Here it comes! Drink and sing, spirits! Sing, dance, and sleep like a log! Show me dreams of fire wine! The thing's harmless if it can't glare at us.
All right.
Orcbolg, what is that? Flour.
Don't breathe it in.
My spell's gonna wear off soon! Shoot an arrow at it.
It just needs to hit it.
Immediately cast Protection on the entrance.
This plan relies on you.
If you mess up, we die.
Got it! O merciful Earth Mother, please protect us, the weak, with the powers of the earth.
Powder in an enclosed space Don't tell me Cover your ears and keep your mouths open! Get down! You actually did it.
Sir Goblin Slayer, exactly what did you do? When he told me about the canary, the coal miner also told me that when there's a lot of fine powder in the air in an enclosed space, and there's a spark, it'll catch fire and explode.
But it's a hassle to prepare.
There's a chance it'll ignite or explode too early.
Meaning it'll be useless against goblins.
Wait, an explosion?! I didn't specifically use fire, water, or poison.
That's not the problem here Oh, forget it.
Um What were you going to do if it didn't explode? We'd shoot an arrow from the hall and run away until it could collect itself.
We'd repeat this cycle until it died.
It'd be a hassle, but it'd work.
I'd be the one doing most of the work there, wouldn't I? I guess it would be a life-or-death situation for you.
With all that exercise, you'd never plump up that anvil body of yours.
Actually, I'd say you need some more exercise, dwarf.
You fool! My plumpness is what defines a dwarf! Really? Get any fatter and we'd have to roll you down the hall! Now, then What's rather curious is this.
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