God Friended Me (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

The Princess and the Hacker

Previously on "God Friended Me" I love you, but we can't be together.
But we're soul mates.
The president of IdentitySeal liked your idea? - My soul mate app.
- You really think an app - is gonna help you win Jaya back? - Yeah.
If the God Account can save Ali, I'll agree to become its prophet, even if that means giving up love.
Then that's what you need to do.
You have a ductal carcinoma in your left breast.
I wanna see Dad marry the woman he loves.
Just for today, I wanna pretend that everything is right in this world.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Hey, where's Rakesh and Cara? You're the first one here.
Any idea what Rakesh wants with us? No clue.
So, how are things going with you and Cara? You making the whole "just friends" thing work? Yeah, kinda.
Am I just kidding myself? Will things ever get easier? Yeah.
Just gonna take some time.
Hey, look.
Not to completely change the subject, - but can I ask you for a favor? - Yeah.
Dad and Trish are back from the honeymoon.
I'm going to tell them about my diagnosis this afternoon.
Would you mind going with me? Of course I'll come with you.
Thank you.
Oh, good.
Everyone got my message.
What is this about, Rakesh? He wouldn't even give me a hint as we were walking in.
Well, I wanted us all to be together.
I have incredible news.
I finished my soul mate app.
It's up and running and ready to be unveiled.
That's great, Rakesh.
It sounds like you just secured your job at IdentitySeal.
And more importantly, once I put my name in the app and Jaya's name appears as my perfect match, I can finally prove to her that we belong together.
I just wanted to share this moment with my best friends.
Whoo! Okay.
Here we go.
So, right now, the app is scanning the internet for compatible data points to find the person whose unique online footprint most complements my unique footprint, and my soul mate is "Lulu Achebe.
" That doesn't make any sense.
Who is Lulu Achebe? Um, your soul mate is my Friend Suggestion.
Okay, Rakesh, I'm confused.
- Didn't you test your app? - I did.
Yeah, with famous couples, you know, to see if the code was right.
Like Kim and Kanye? No surprise.
Soul mates.
And I was sure Jaya would come up.
Otherwise I would not have made such a production.
Well, I'm sorry, bro.
I know you wanted to prove to Jaya that you two belong together.
We do belong together, okay? I'm having my staff run a system check.
It's just a glitch.
Or maybe it isn't.
Look, I'm just saying it's kind of hard to ignore the timing of the Friend Suggestion.
Maybe the God Account agrees with your app.
Maybe Lulu is your soul mate.
And your soul mate needs our help with a problem.
Can you stop calling her my soul mate? Can you please just look into her? Okay, fine.
Lulu Achebe.
Let's see what we've got.
Okay, that's weird.
I can't find anything online outside of her Facebook page.
What, she doesn't have an Instagram? No, she has one social media account.
Clearly, this would never work.
Okay, well, according to her Facebook page, she's a grad student at Columbia University.
- Could you pull up her schedule? - Yeah, on it.
Looks like her next class is tomorrow afternoon.
Okay, I'll see what I can find on Lulu.
Who, for the record, definitely not my soul mate.
You should have seen this waterfall.
Nature is truly the art of God.
This is what he says now.
You should have heard him on the way up the mountain.
Oh, please.
There had to have been a better way - to get up there.
- It looks amazing, Dad.
Well, as amazing as it was, and it was, we're glad to be back home.
So what's been going on with you guys? Actually there is something I wanna talk to you guys about.
Three weeks ago, I found a lump in my left breast.
It's cancer.
Oh, Ali.
I didn't want to tell you guys before the wedding because I knew you'd put the honeymoon off.
So what did your doctor say? That it's invasive ductal carcinoma.
But I'm gonna meet with my doctor tomorrow.
We are going to go over the results of my genetics test and talk about treatment options.
Miles is gonna come with me.
Sweetheart, I am so sorry I wasn't here for you.
- You are now.
- Every step of the way, I'll go with you on your next appointment, - we'll alternate, or - We'll do whatever you need.
Thank you.
And the good news is is that they found it early.
And the doctor's extremely optimistic.
We caught your mother's early as well.
Starting treatment quickly makes all the difference.
This is a battle.
A battle we have fought and we have won before.
And we will again.
Excuse me.
You're holding up the line.
I'm sorry.
Um, my friends were supposed to come with me, but they bailed, so.
You know.
- Mine too.
- Really? It sounds like we got some really lame friends.
I'm Rakesh.
- Hi.
- Lulu.
How did you hear about the truck? My favorite site, "Catapult's" food page.
I'm constantly checking it for new spots or where to find the best pumpkin mac and cheese.
- Charlotte's? - Charlotte's.
- Charlotte's.
- Yeah.
My, uh, my friend Cara's actually the head of features - at "Catapult.
" - Wait, really? Mm-hmm, yeah.
Why? Everything okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Okay.
This line is too long.
Hey, any chance you'd like to grab a bite someplace else? Sure, yeah.
I know a great spot, actually.
- Okay.
- That way.
I can't believe that.
You know, I had a full conversation where I was talking about Data from "Next Generation" and they were talking about Data from "Goonies.
" Well, they're both great Datas.
Hey, so does everybody from Central Africa know this much about, you know, pop culture in America, or is that just you? My parents went to University in the States, and my mother fell in love with everything America.
She died when I was seven, but she made sure she pass on that love to me.
Yeah, well, sounds like she had great taste.
Oh, the best.
Hey, don't look now, but that guy from the food truck is over here.
Is this, like, a stalker situation Also, Lulu, I said don't look.
Relax, Rakesh.
That's just Mohammed.
He's kinda my, um Boyfriend? No.
My bodyguard.
I haven't been totally honest with you.
My real name is Louella Avila Chuke.
I come from an important family in my country, and my father can be a little overprotective.
So Lulu Achebe is just an alias? Like Trinity from "The Matrix.
" Look, Rakesh, there's something I need your help with.
Any chance we can meet tomorrow? Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Wasn't that Lulu? What happened? The reason why we couldn't find her online was because Lulu isn't her real name.
- What do you mean? - She's Louella Avila Chuke, and her father's the king of Longo.
Our Friend Suggestion is a princess.
So unlike Lulu Achebe, there's tons online about Louella Avila Chuke.
Well, you said she needed your help.
- Any idea what's going on? - Not yet.
What else do we know? Um, her father, King Omari, is a very influential leader in Africa, and it looks like he raised Lulu and her brother Zain on his own after their mother died.
Anything else? Uh, mostly just articles about her philanthropic work and photos of her helping people, so.
Yeah, which is a standard public image of a royal.
You know, no wonder my soul mate app paired me with Lulu instead of Louella, because I barely looked at her Facebook page, but it matches me perfectly.
Like, impeccable taste in rom-com, sci-fi, you know, loves old school arcade games.
Very into the mobile culinary experience.
Huh, switch the profile pic, and she's you.
So you're saying she could be your soul mate? No, I'm just saying she's cool.
Hey, it looks like King Omari is coming into town tomorrow to give a huge speech at the UN.
Maybe that has something to do with this.
Yeah, maybe.
Oh, it's Lulu.
She wants to meet at Honeysuckle in an hour, - and that's weird.
- What? She asked if I could bring you.
This is a pleasant surprise.
Well, I was just in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd pop by.
You were pretty quiet last night.
You wanna talk about it? Honestly I'm not sure.
I thought what you said to Ali yesterday was exactly what everyone needed to hear: that you fought this battle before and won.
What else was I supposed to say? That watching that battle play out with Ella almost broke me? That there would be days that she's gonna feel so sick that she's not gonna be able to get out of bed? Days when I have to look her in the eye and say, "Oh, no, no, baby, no, it's gonna be fine," hoping that she's not gonna see the fear in my eyes? They caught it early, which means she's gonna start treatment early.
We are gonna get through this.
Ali is going to get through this.
No, you're right.
Hey, Lulu.
Uh, these are my friends Miles and Cara.
It's a pleasure to meet you both.
Yeah, Rakesh said that you wanted to meet me.
I assume by now you know who I really am.
Princess Louella.
My father's coming to town tomorrow to speak at the UN.
He asked me to prepare a speech.
I believe he's going to name me as his successor.
I'll be the first woman to rule our nation.
- Wow, that is incredible.
- Congratulations.
I'm humbled by the thought.
I mean, I have to ask.
How could I possibly help? I love my country, but we struggle with gender equality.
Which is why I spoke out against an article online praising Longon education when 2/3 of our girls are being denied one.
I used a pseudonym to protect my identity, but somehow, a journalist at "Catapult" figured out who I was, and is now quoting me - in their article.
- And you're worried that if your father learns about what you said, then he may change his mind about you running the country? - Yes.
- Hmm.
Which is why I was hoping you could speak to the journalist writing this story.
Well, yeah, of course.
What's their name? Erin Blake.
I know her well.
That's wonderful.
Lulu, this is Erin.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
You too.
Cara told me you wanted to keep your name out of my article, but I'm sorry.
Your quotes are news.
I understand your position.
All I ask is that you let me explain mine.
My father has accomplished a lot for our country, advances in technology and health care.
But we still have a long way to go with gender and social equality.
That's why I was speaking out.
If you reveal my identity, the attention will be on me, and not the issues.
The princess of Longo criticizing her country is too good of a story.
I'm sorry.
Ok okay, what if we can guarantee you an even better one? I'm listening.
Well, why settle for a couple quotes from a princess when you could get the first exclusive interview with the future queen of Longo? Tomorrow at the UN, my father will announce that I am his successor.
After I'm named queen, it would be an honor to sit down with you.
I can't thank you all enough.
We are happy that we could help.
I have to get back to class, but I would like to take the three of you out as a proper thank-you.
Yeah, we'd love that.
Hey, uh, Lulu, I'm headed that way, actually.
Can I walk you back to Columbia? I'd like that.
You know, Rakesh might be on to something with his whole soul mate app.
- They seem really good together.
- Yeah, they do.
And she's gonna make a great queen.
- Thanks to you.
- Well, thanks to us.
We're a good team.
We always have been.
Look, I know this isn't easy for us, but we're still friends, and I am so thankful for that.
Me too.
It's just a lot harder than I thought.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, I gotta run.
I'm going with Ali to her doctor's appointment, and then to my dad's for lunch.
Um, I'll call you later? Mm-hmm.
So, you nervous about this speech at the UN? Like, isn't there supposed to be, like, 300 countries? - Okay.
- Of course I'm nervous.
Well, you're gonna be great.
Can't believe some guy I met in line at a food truck just changed the course of my life.
Maybe we were destined to meet.
Maybe we were.
I'm guessing this is not for me.
It's my father.
He wasn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow.
Father, this is a surprise.
My plans changed last minute.
Hi, Louella.
Zain, I didn't realize you were coming.
Father asked me to join.
Sorry, I'd like you both to meet my friend Rakesh.
We're on our way to the hotel.
But I wanted to stop here first to talk to you about the speech.
I can come by this evening to go over it.
That won't be necessary.
I decided your brother will be speaking at the UN tomorrow.
Of course.
If your brother's giving the speech, that means My father chose him to rule the country.
Not me.
My brother's going to be king.
Chang, it's nice to see you again.
Nice to see you too.
So, I have your results.
Based on the genetic testing, we were able to identify specific markers that indicate your type of cancer should respond well to chemo.
Uh, when would I start? Well, immediately.
Actually, I've been thinking about holding off for a bit before starting.
Al Ali, holding off? What are you talking about? I've been doing some research.
I know that chemo can deplete a woman's egg reserves - and affect fertility.
- It can.
And I've always assumed I'd be a mother one day.
So I was considering freezing my eggs before treatment, just in case.
Yes, chemo carries a risk of damage to your reproductive health, but the egg freezing process means you'll delay treatment.
I know, but we caught it early and we're only talking about a few weeks Ali, there are so many variables and complications that could come up.
And knowing how aggressive your cancer is, a few weeks could mean a great deal.
It is something you should seriously consider.
You know, a family lunch is just what I needed.
Thank you guys so much for putting this together.
Of course, sweetheart.
You know, when your mother was sick, after every doctor's appointment, good or bad, we would do something together as a family.
I thought we could start that again.
I mean, if you like.
I love that idea.
Oh, good.
So what did the doctor say and when do you start treatment? Uh, well, she'd like to start right away, but I might postpone it.
Ali, what what are you talking about? Dad, I need you to hear me out on this.
I have done a ton of research.
Going through chemo carries a high risk of infertility, so I was considering freezing my eggs.
Well, how long does that process take? Three to four weeks.
A month? Ali, this is no time to be taking risks.
Well, Dad, it's like Ali says.
She's just considering it.
She hasn't decided or anything just yet.
The decision couldn't be clearer.
Your doctor said she wants to begin treatment immediately.
Time is a luxury we don't have.
"We"? Don't you mean me? I am the one going through this, remember? Ali, that's not what I meant, and you know it.
All I'm asking you is to listen to your doctors.
If starting now gives you even a 1% better chance of success, it's worth it.
I always knew it was a possibility my brother would be chosen.
I just assumed I was my father's choice.
Clearly, something happened that changed his mind, right? I got your message.
I'm sorry, Louella.
I know how much you wanted this.
How long have you known? Father told me on the plane.
I wanted to call you, but he insisted on telling you himself.
Did he say anything about his decision? Not in so many words, but I'm almost positive it came down to the politics of our country.
You mean the politics of men.
Louella, our country's no different from America.
There's never been a female leader in its history.
I thought you were going to be our first, but I was wrong.
And so was I.
I can't do this alone.
Father has always leaned on you for advice, and so will I.
I have to go.
I know tomorrow will be difficult, but it'll mean the world to me if you would be by my side.
Of course.
No one knows of my father's decision.
We'd prefer to keep it that way until tomorrow.
I'll keep quiet.
Lulu, you cannot give up.
You need to talk to your father and try and change his mind.
It's too late.
He's made his decision, and I must support my brother.
Hey, what are you doing here? You want the long version or the short? Uh, short.
Well, the king is choosing the son to be the next king.
What? I thought that Lulu said her father was grooming her to take over.
He was.
I think something happened - that made him change his mind.
- Like what? I don't know, maybe he found out that Lulu was behind - the quotes in the article.
- No, how? - Her name was protected.
- Thanks a lot, Cara.
Uh, what are you talking about? The only reason I promised to keep Lulu's name out of the article was because you promised me an exclusive with her.
But apparently, her brother is going to be announced as the next ruler.
Look, we just found out.
I'm I'm sorry.
Wait, how could you possibly know about that? I reached out to my source to confirm Lulu was going to be named queen, and they broke the news.
Cara, that doesn't make any sense.
- What what do you mean? - Well, Erin said her source broke the news, but Zain just told me that nobody knows about their father's decision.
Okay, so the source must be close to the royal family.
Or in the royal family.
Like, what if Erin's source is the same person trying to expose Lulu in the first place? And there is only one person who would gain something from that.
We need to talk.
Ali, I am sorry about lunch.
I have always supported you in everything you've done.
Everything! But when I needed you to have my back, you just sat there, quiet.
That was me supporting you.
Really? How so? Because if I would've opened my mouth, I would've agreed with Dad.
I would've said, "Forget about freezing your eggs, and start treatment as fast as possible.
" Miles.
This is my decision.
Ali, I have been sitting here reading every cancer statistic I can find.
Dad's right.
Starting treatment right away is the smart thing to do.
You know, a piece of me has always been jealous of you, that you have so many more memories of Mom.
I was so young, most of mine get mixed up with pictures I have.
Miles, for as long as I can remember, I've always imagined that one day I'd be a mom, that my child would grow up having the one thing I never did.
So excuse me if I wanna take a step back and think about the rest of my life before making a decision that could take that away.
I understand.
And Ali, I want that for you more than anything.
But, Ali, none of that can happen if you're not here to see it.
It was you, wasn't it? I'm sorry, Louella.
I really am.
How could you betray me like that? You know how much I wanted this.
So did I.
When I found out Father was going to make you his successor, I was devastated.
But I wanted to believe he was making the right choice for our country, for our people.
He was.
I know about your online aliases.
And when I saw the comments you made, it took me by surprise.
Father and I always knew you had liberal views.
I guess I never realized just how far they went.
So you called the reporter and told her it was me? And when we protected her name, you told your father that Lulu was behind the anonymous quote? He had a right to know.
The truth is, my political views are a better fit for our country.
I did what was best for our people.
No, you did what was best for you.
I know my views are progressive, but I wasn't going to force them on our people.
I was going to make small changes in the hopes that one day, bigger ones could be achieved.
I guess we'll never know.
So what is Lulu gonna do? I don't know.
It was kind of a one-two punch, her finding out that her father was actually gonna choose her to lead, only to be betrayed by her own brother.
Look, the God Account would not have sent you her name if she was supposed to be passed over.
Like, there must be something we can do.
Hey, it's a Facebook Marketplace alert for a collection of issues from some magazine called "Century.
" Sure, yeah, it's like "Life" or "TIME.
" But they went out of business decades ago.
Okay, well, this has to be a clue from the God Account.
Well, it's listed on here as free.
The seller just needs them to be picked up.
They're ours.
Thank you for letting me stop by.
Hope it's okay that it's just the two of us.
Of course.
Your dad won't be home for a while.
And I imagine that's who you came to talk about.
Him and Miles.
You know, they've never agreed on anything outside of the Yankees.
And yet, on this they're united? Well, I think it's coming from a good place.
They're just scared.
I am too.
I'm more scared than I've ever been.
I know what it might mean if I put off treatment even for a few weeks.
And I know there's more than one way to become a mother.
But I've just I've always imagined that I I know.
And I understand.
So you don't think I'm crazy for risking my life for some promise of something in the future? Ali, putting off treatment carries a risk.
But having something to fight for, to look forward to I think for you, not having that is a bigger risk.
I mean, there must be, like, 200 issues here.
It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but we don't know what the needle looks like.
Well, Lulu's on her way.
Hopefully she can point us in the right direction.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Nice poster.
But you should really check out the Japanese print.
It's way cooler.
I'm gonna buy that the moment you leave.
So I take it you're still attending the speech at the UN? I need to, for the photo op, especially since it'll be my last one.
What do you mean? I've decided not to return home after graduation.
I've spent my life preparing to help lead my country, but if my father and brother aren't interested in progress, there's a whole world out there that is.
Okay, well, hopefully, it won't come to that, okay? I'm sure there's a way to change your father's mind.
There has to be.
You know how I was telling you about the God Account? Lulu, I'm asking you to trust me, okay? There's something in these magazines that is a clue about how to help with your dad.
Yeah, these issues are from 1952 to 1984.
Is there anything during that time period that jumps out at you? Maybe something that has to do with your family? I can't see how.
My brother and I weren't even born yet.
And my parents didn't meet until Okay, um, this box is from '84.
They were both studying at Columbia.
Oh, my God.
That's my mom! But I knew she was super progressive back then, always speaking out on human rights and gender inequality back home.
But she stopped after we were born.
Lulu, isn't that your dad? I can't believe it.
Sounds like your father's political views were aligned with your mother's back then.
I don't know if this matters.
He's clearly not that man anymore.
Well, maybe that's what you're supposed to remind him of.
The man he used to be.
There is still time to change your father's mind.
You've met my friend Rakesh.
This is Miles and Cara.
I'm glad to see you were able to set aside personal feelings.
Your brother is going to need your support in the coming months.
I know he told you about the article, the quote I gave.
Yes, he did.
I had no idea your views were so extreme.
You sent me to a London prep school and then to Columbia.
You must have known that I would become more progressive, like Mom And like you.
I beg your pardon? Well, we, uh We happened to come across this.
I was young, unburdened by the politics and pragmatism that being a king would one day demand.
But that's why you should've chosen me.
I can carry on what you and Mom set out to accomplish.
What your mother wanted, our country wasn't ready for.
It's ready now.
But what if it isn't? I can't take that risk.
I'm sorry, but what risk? Lulu said that your wife stopped speaking up after they were born.
But that wasn't the only reason, was it? No.
She only stopped when I finally told her about the threats.
You mean death threats? I begged her to stay silent about the issues she believed in.
But not as a king.
As a terrified husband.
It was the only way to ensure her safety.
Which is the same thing you're doing.
The decision to pass over Lulu was not made by a king.
It was made by a father.
Papa, I know you're scared.
But your fear as a father can't be what this is about.
You have to trust me, trust our country, and trust our people that they are ready for this.
Ready for a queen to rule.
- Thank you for coming with me.
- Are you kidding? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
And you deserve to give this speech, Lulu, not your brother.
You never know.
Maybe we were able to get through to your father.
He's pretty headstrong.
He told me he would need time to think about it.
I know you think that my views are too aggressive, but I won't be silenced by anyone, even you, which is why I'm going to come home and continue to speak my mind; continue to push for change, regardless of your decision.
And as a father, that terrifies me more than you know.
But as a king, it makes me proud.
Which is why I've decided you will be giving the speech.
And why I will announce you as my successor.
You say our country is ready.
I hope you are right.
I am.
Father told me.
That does not mean I agree with him.
Nor do I agree with your reckless decision to expose your sister to a journalist.
Your actions could've endangered her life.
Our country is not ready for the direction - she wants to take them in.
- I disagree.
And I'm going to prove to you that they are.
King Omari, they're ready for you.
Shall we? Hey, Ali, what's going on? We got your message.
I have decided to meet with a fertility specialist.
You're going to delay the treatment? Yes.
Did you know about this? We spoke earlier, and I support her in this, Arthur.
- You do? - Yes, I do.
You said the process of freezing your eggs could take a month.
What if it takes longer? I'm hoping it won't.
You're hoping.
You're putting your life on the line, based on hope.
Because right now, hope is all I have.
Hope is how Mom got through it.
I remember once when she was having a bad day after chemo, I asked her if she was going to be okay.
And she told me she was gonna be fine.
And I said, "How do you know for sure?" And she told me, because she would never leave me or my sister.
Dad, we gave her hope.
I need to do this.
And I need you to understand why.
I do.
Miles is right.
I saw it firsthand with your mother.
I just needed to be reminded.
Gender inequality still remains one of our greatest issues.
As the first woman representing Longo on this prestigious stage, I can say with all certainty those days are over, because more firsts for the women of my country are about to come.
You brought me a good-bye gift? Yeah, maybe.
Pumpkin mac and cheese from Charlotte's! You know, in my country, when a man brings a woman something he's cooked from the hand, it's tantamount to an engagement.
Hey, Prince Rakesh, that that sounds right.
Hey, Lulu, um I'm gonna miss you.
I know it sounds crazy, we just met, but I will.
Growing up, my grandmother used to tell me a story about meeting a which roughly translates to "soul mate.
" You gotta be kidding me.
In the story, a soul mate is a good spirit that takes on human form to help you along your journey, and will always be there for you.
I didn't believe in them until now.
Man, I wish weren't leaving to go around the country.
Did you at least say good-bye to Lulu? Yeah, I did.
Okay, and for some reason that makes you happy? Look, I know I've only known her for a couple of days, but for the first time, I could at least picture a future without Jaya.
And I know, a part of me will always love her, but Lulu told me that in Longo folklore, the word "soul mate" translates closer to someone who comes into your life when you need them and is always there for you, which means we can all have more than one soul mate, depending on where we are in our journey.
Hey, speaking of soul mates, the president of IdentitySeal loved the app, so I guess it served its purpose.
Cheers to that.
Wait, wait, wait.
Well, I gotta go check in with my team.
I'll let you know when the app goes live.
Yeah, we have no doubt.
I'm gonna get back to work, guys.
Oh, what are we toasting to now? Uh, how about the Longo definition of soul mate? Being just friends is going to take some time to get used to.
But there is an upside to all of this.
Okay, please share.
Couples can always break up.
But true soul mates, friends They stay together forever.
To forever.

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