Godfather of Harlem (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

It's All in the Game

1 Mrs.
Greene, I'm Stella.
I brought you a gift.
CASSIUS CLAY: But I have to tell the world that I'm a Muslim.
It's It's my faith.
So you're gonna take a dive.
What do you want me to do, Malcolm? Well, I want you to get the tape.
Fight your fight.
I'll take care of that tape.
You sell to Johnson or anyone else, you're gonna have a serious problem on your hands.
Let's not forget you're just the "acting boss" while Vito's in the can.
You were his fuckin' driver, for Christ's sakes.
I'm trying to walk the line with Mayme this time around, you know? I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon.
You want to talk about your illegal numbers operation? The guineas, they run the banks, but the Blacks and the Latinos, they get pinched off the street every day.
I'll sign you right now if you cut that for me as your first single.
ELISE: You were a shitty father.
But I'm a shitty daughter, and I know that, too.
Get clean.
Get a job.
Get alright.
I have faith in you.
You and me are gonna be at war until one of us is dead.
RING ANNOUNCER: Winner by unanimous decision Cassius Clay.
MAN: Hey! Coming in! MAN #2: Get to the loading dock.
MAN #3: Alright, we're coming.
Alright, y'all, you heard the man.
- Let's move.
- MAN #4: Go! Come on, guys! Move it! Hell up in Harlem Lot of problem solvers Lot of dope dealers Lot of money laundering Real go-getter If you ain't know, nigga We came to put locks on blocks to show niggas [GUNFIRE.]
Hey I told you to have the guards check every truck from top to bottom.
I know, I'm sorry.
- He was off-duty - Just shut the fuck up! Shut up! This is fucked up.
Roy? Roy.
My man.
My man.
Yeah Change Yeah Open up my window again Open up my window again I can hear death calling my name I can hear death calling again I swear to God, things ain't gon' change I swear to God, things ain't gon' change I keep a revolver with your name I keep a revolver with your name Just in case Lay on my back watching the ceiling fan I had a dream to touch a kilogram Still at odds with the Irish Mob Rolls-Royce down Malcolm X Boulevard Lord, these haters really out here preying on me Got the .
40 on me and it's stayin' on me Snow-white mink like I'm Dutch Schultz Run the books and let me show you how the numbers look You can be lucky like you're Luciano The kilos coming like they new pianos Fat Boy got the big body Coast to coast, I can shoot product Open up my window again Open up my window again I can hear death calling my name I can hear death calling again I swear to God, things ain't gon' change I swear to God, things ain't gon' change I keep a revolver with your name I keep a revolver with your name Just in case ERNIE: Bumpy Johnson had the balls to hit us, we hit him back twice as hard.
It was fuckin' beautiful.
We opened up with those Thompsons, the niggers dropped like turds.
I told you this guy was special.
Remember? When we made him an associate, I said, "This guy is special.
" You did.
You said he was special.
And now we got Johnson on the run.
We got to press the advantage, and we really got to put his ass in a sling now.
Think this will put me over the top? [MAN SINGING "MALAFEMMENA".]
Top of what? Making my bones.
The books are closed.
It's all I dream about getting made, you know? That's all you dream about? I thought all you thought about was Stella.
You wanna get into her underpants? What? You, uh You heard me.
No, of course not.
So you're only interested in her because you think I'm gonna bump you up? I'm interested in her because I've been in love with her since the fourth grade.
So you do want to get in her underpants.
Huh? Femmena Tu si na malafemmena Chist'uocchie 'e fatto chiagnere [LAUGHS.]
Lacreme e 'nfamitá - Alright, alright, alright.
- Very nice.
Enough, enough.
You know, I'll make your fuckin' bones.
You're butchering the song.
Stop it.
How do I look? I advise against this.
Why? Because it clashes with my robe? Take this issue on, they'll come after you.
You'll need a police bodyguard.
I don't need anyone dressed in blue next to me as long I got God at my side.
God cannot protect you from a bullet to the back of the head.
Now, can you explain to me why on Earth you're doing this? Because our people are being treated like shit.
Take a woman, let's call her Mildred.
Mildred had a dream last night that a big, old catfish jumped right outta the river onto Eighth Avenue.
This morning she goes to her dream book A-And don't lie.
I know many of you have one.
- And next to "catfish", it says "514.
" - She places her bet with a numbers runner, $1 on 514 straight.
This is our homegrown Negro lottery and the largest single employer in Harlem.
With a faith as powerful as Jesus's walk to Gethsemane, our Mildred, well, she waits for the day's number to be announced.
A number that is determined by the betting tally at the race track.
Ahead in first position.
Running along the outside.
Now swinging around the clubhouse turn - POWELL: These last three digits - - are published in the newspaper - - and become - Here's betting total for the day, boss.
- the day's number.
- A number that most often results in a lost dollar.
But once in a while, just as Jesus began his journey to heaven from the garden, Mildred begins hers.
And just like Jesus was betrayed by Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane, we are betrayed in Harlem.
- Betrayed - WOMAN: Amen! Amen! by a government and police force that arrests, fines, and incarcerates Negroes while letting the Italian bankers who make the real money remain untouched.
- That's right.
- Amen.
Now, I am against numbers betting in any form.
WOMAN #2: Amen! But until the day the numbers is wiped out in Harlem, I will fight for the right for the Negro to have the same chance as an Italian.
WOMAN #3: Amen! I will use my Congressional immunity to enter into the Congressional Record the name of one Italian numbers operation each week that the police do not raid.
- - TEDDY: We will rise, we will rise With the fire in our eyes Yeah [DOOR OPENS.]
That's good, Teddy.
We'll move the mike, get a little distance, and go again.
He's killing it in there.
It's gonna be a great demo.
We'll get it to some deejays for some airplay, start Teddy on some "hops", local clubs, build word of mouth.
Says here you get publishing and master rights to the song.
Not necessarily.
I heard Sam Cooke retained his master rights.
Teddy's no Sam Cooke.
He will be.
What the hell do you know about this industry? I know when my man's getting ripped off.
Your man? Sister, you need to get off this kick, least while he's up and coming.
Negro's writing a song about fighting whitey, and he's got Betty Crocker on his side? World's changing, old man.
You think the sun comes up just to hear you crow.
Ain't nothing more difficult than telling a woman her man is gone.
Nobody does it better than Bumpy.
He's had practice.
I know it's hard, but, your mom, she's gonna take care of you, alright? [CRYING.]
Roy was a friend.
I know he'd want you to have this.
It's okay.
You need anything, come to me, alright? Talk to me.
PETTIGREW: Here he comes.
BUMPY: Get that street gang, the Copians, to protect our runners.
Consolidate all our spots with 'round-the-clock security.
Bump, the Copians are just kids.
They ain't the muscle we need.
I got the muscle.
Who? The United States government, that's who.
Get the fuck out of here, guys.
Oh! Well, thank you, darlin'.
Who's the first? The first what? The first Italian numbers banker you're gonna enter into the Congressional Record.
Well, how the hell do I know? You promised the congregation one Italian a week.
Why is Jack Kennedy playing possum with my addendum to the Civil Rights legislation? Adam, you're evading.
Now, as much as I hate to admit it, you hit a nerve with that sermon.
And some people put names in the suggestion box.
You're gonna have to name names.
Well, who'd they put in the suggestion box? That's the problem.
No one named any Italians.
Too frightened, I guess.
But a Negro woman got named several times.
Esther James.
Apparently she delivers bags of cash between the Italians and the cops.
They call her "The Bag Lady".
Well, what damn good is that gonna do me? I'm supposed to be fighting for Negroes, not ratting them out.
Don't worry, Roy.
I got a call from Bumpy Johnson.
The guineas fucked up his store over on Lenox, and he's ready to help.
I don't think Johnson's the right resource.
He's a criminal.
If I was afraid of rubbing elbows with criminals, I wouldn't have become a Congressman.
It sounds so good.
- It did, didn't it? - It did.
It's happening, Teddy.
- Stella.
How long do we have? As long as my father thinks you're dead, we're safe.
It's gonna be kinda tough if I get as famous as Sammy Davis Jr.
Oh, Christ.
This your pimp? had experience prior to going into the penitentiary.
- I'm quite sure of that.
- MAN: The only experience that we can find, Mr.
Hoffa, is experience in armed robbery.
Well, Mr.
Hoffa, did you arrange for him to come to work for Local 332 after he came out of the penitentiary for armed robbery? I don't believe, if my memory serves me right, that he went to work at 332 Why would you want to do anything to draw federal attention? 'Cause I can work with Adam Clayton Powell.
uncle, Herman Kierdorf, he came to work for the Local 332 shortly after he got out of the penitentiary.
Kierdorf You're gonna offer up names of Italian numbers men.
Chin's gonna be first.
Frank Kierdorf That's never been your way.
You're not a snitch.
I had to visit four widows today 'cause of that motherfucker.
And Kierdorf was recommended for the I wish you'd considered doing that before you went to Alcatraz.
I would've had you home a lot sooner.
had experience.
Why, Mr.
Hoffa? Wasn't there another man that could serve the position of business agent for the Local other than someone who just came out of the penitentiary? Fuck 'im.
We needed an experienced organizer Go for it.
in the position.
And there are plenty of men in Flint capable of handling this job.
Is it a good training to be serving time in the penitentiary for armed robbery to serve as a business agent Thanks.
- WOMAN: Here you go.
- - MAN: No problem.
Thank you.
- - MAN: 1 and a 1/2.
- - - One.
- - Good morning, ladies.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Reverend.
You see the headline this morning? The March on Washington is set for August 28th.
You're gonna get a boatload of bets on that number 8/28.
Same thing happened when Willie Mays hit .
Everybody in Harlem bet 380.
And they all lost.
How is the incomparably lovely Mrs.
Johnson? She's fine.
I never thought I'd be fighting for equality in the numbers business, but this thing is on fire.
I have an interview at my office today with Lester Wolff.
Certain of my congregants tell me that there's a woman, Esther James.
They say she delivers bags of cash for the Italians damn near every day.
I wouldn't play with Esther James.
She's liable to knock you out.
You hear me? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm not talking about Esther.
I am talking about the Italians.
Now, you offered to give me names.
Alright, I need you to take every name I give you, launch an investigation into every single one, make sure that they go out of business and straight to prison, right? I'm sure you've heard of the Congressional hearings that I'm chairing where a Mr.
Joseph Valachi has decided to spill the beans on the Mob.
Well, you will have the same blanket immunity that we've given Valachi.
I mean, that snitch will live to be 100.
Us brothers got to look out for each other, right, daddy-o? [CHUCKLES.]
Now fess up those names.
Well, come on, man.
This is between you and me and the Congressional Record.
I'm waiting.
I'm not a snitch, man.
This is not snitching.
This is good business.
If this is good business, I'd rather be dead.
Bumpy what have you done for the community lately? I mean, handouts to the poor aren't community service.
That's just giving back a little bit of what you stole.
Good day, Reverend Powell.
MALCOLM X: Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.
I don't know what brought me back here.
I fucked it up last time.
I don't see a path for myself out there.
I hate myself out there.
Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet? I know you gonna say the white man, but he ain't responsible.
- Who else? - My father.
Elise, your father is a complicated man.
All of that payin' people's rent, puttin' kids into college, the turkeys on Christmas.
That don't cost nothing to a man with money.
I've often thought of Bumpy as a stone with many facets.
Intellect, rage, pent-up emotion.
You forgot pride.
You wanna know the key to my father? He may be big man in Harlem, but if he go south of 110th Street, he just another nigga.
I don't think he can ever get over that.
- - You say you love movies, and you haven't seen "Cleopatra"? Elizabeth Taylor's costumes are gorgeous.
Did you know she made 65 costume changes in that movie? - 65? - Yeah.
Well, I'd change 65 times if I got to fuck Richard Burton.
Did you ever see "The Great Escape"? I loved that flick.
Steve McQueen did all that motorcycle stuff.
I should know your name before I cruise you any harder.
I'm Peter.
Uh, hey, speaking of movies, did you see "Victim"? God, I hated that film.
Even the title.
It was another tragic movie where homosexuals are the victims.
We should be like the Negroes.
You know, protest.
March and sit-in.
Be seen as real people.
I feel pretty alone sometimes.
I'm talking too much.
I do that.
No, no, no, no.
Don't apologize.
Can we go somewhere? [GASPS.]
You scream, and I'll blow your fucking face off.
You hear me? Now, my name is not Peter, and yours sure as hell ain't Gordon.
Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna tell your boss and your boss' boss what a fucking deviant, cock-sucking queer you are.
Your marriage, over.
Your job at the race track, gone.
And that's just for starters unless you can do me a favor Jason.
VIRGIL: Hey, my man.
What they get you for? Fucking a white girl.
What about you guys? We're with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
They arrested us for "loitering" at the sit-in at Woolworth's.
We'll get bailed out within the hour.
We gonna head right back down there.
Wanna join? Nah, I'm a musician.
I'm not political.
Change is coming, brother.
You're a Negro man living in America.
You don't have the option to not be political.
Don't you want to live in a world where you don't get thrown in jail for fucking a white girl? Hmm? CHANCE: I tried to get other bankers to take some of our action, but we can't lay off this bet, Bumpy, to nobody.
I went to Madam Sables, Slade, the Brantley Brothers Nobody's touching this number.
I hear Chin Gigante's runners haven't taken this number all day.
His doors are closed to 828.
I don't get what the fuss is all about.
Out of a thousand possibilities, what are the chances 828 actually hits? ANNOUNCER: Maintains the lead.
Kelso now approaching third.
At the 16th pole.
Kelso moves up right alongside.
If Chin won't take this bet, something's going down.
- Maintains the lead.
- - Kelso now approaching third.
- - At the 16th pole.
- - Kelso moves up right alongside.
- And that's Kelso in the lead.
- Hospitality moves into fourth.
- - And as we approach the finish line, - - it's Kelso the winner by one length.
Here's the betting total for the day, boss.
The running time per mile is 1:37.
We did it.
We fixed the fucking number.
What an exciting finish today! 828.
That is victory.
- Good work, Ernie.
You know, that proves two things Niggers fuck with us, they rue the day they fucked with us.
And Ernie Nunzi makes a very good finocchio.
- Maybe too good.
- ERNIE: Alright, watch it.
Hey, we broke Bumpy Johnson's bank.
Now he's gonna need money.
He's gonna seek out a partner.
Who's gonna help that son of a bitch? That's exactly what we need to find out.
I saw that junkie Izzy betting $10.
That motherfucker never has two nickels to rub together.
Chin's boys gave him money to bet.
He fixed the whole thing to wipe me out.
I didn't see it coming.
So if it was a fix, we ain't gotta pay folks off.
That's our problem, not the folks who bet.
We start with partial payments.
People understand.
25 cents on the dollar, we'll make full payment by the end of the day.
Now, how can you promise that? Look.
Nearly 875 people hit the fucking number.
At 600-1, that totals nearly $300,000.
We ain't got that money.
I'll find it.
- You hit! - Find him? - You hit! - Did you find Teddy? The number you asked me to get? 828? It hit.
Momma, we rich! Stella Gigante? Where the fuck have you been? I've been asking for someone for the last nine hours.
Do you have any idea what my father's gonna do to you? I didn't see your name on the booking log till this morning.
Don't worry, this is all gonna go away.
I need to make a phone call.
VIRGIL: So, you're a musician, huh? Whatcha got? Too many days like this Too many times to forget Too tired to back down now Too tired to watch my mouth When my hands go up Oh, they don't fall Till it all falls down MAN: Mm-hmm! When my hands go up Oh, they won't fall Till it all falls down Dig it, brother.
That's what I'm talking about.
Right on.
- WOMAN: "Did you call anybody?" I ain't got nobody to call.
Hello? Who's this? It's Stella Gigante.
Where's Teddy? He's in jail at the precinct on 116th.
Don't worry.
It's It's a false arrest.
It's all gonna go away.
But you need to go and bail him out.
I'm going.
Why are you calling me? 'Cause we both love him.
And we're the only ones he has.
Stay away from my boy! [RECEIVER SLAMS.]
Your Muslim Girl Training will serve as your introduction into the faith.
You'll attend classes that will bring out your natural, God-given skills and talents.
You'll receive instructions on speech, dress, hygiene, and etiquette.
Why is it called Muslim Girls Training? The name "Girls" is used to connect our submissive nature to God's will.
It's a word of honor.
I see you're in good hands, Sister Elise.
Sister Marny is one of our finest and most respected sisters.
Thank you, Minister Malcolm.
So, how are you? It's all new to me.
I'm trying to learn.
The theme of the Nation is "know thyself".
It is the pathway to becoming whole again.
As-salamu alaykum, Sister Elise.
Sister Marny.
You're not the first.
The first? The first to be swept away by him.
Flirting will get you nowhere.
I wasn't flirting.
Malcolm is a friend of my father's.
Don't be lured.
He's just a man.
What are you doing here? You're lucky it was me who took the sergeant's call at the club.
He said you got arrested with a young Negro named Teddy Greene.
I won't tell your father 'cause it'll break his heart.
You're not gonna tell my father, and you're not gonna touch Teddy.
'Cause if there is one thing my father would hate even more than me fucking Teddy it's that you fucked up and killed the wrong guy.
You got it? POWELL: Well, it's good to see you, Lester.
- Good to see you, too, Reverend.
- Welcome to Harlem.
- How are you? - I'm doing really well, thank you.
- Good, good, good.
- High time you made it up here.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, you know, I was all set to talk about your European trip with Miss Ohio.
- Oh, Miss Ohio.
Very nice girl.
- then you changed the dialogue.
Well, if you don't set the tone of the conversation, Lester, - it sets you.
That's what American politics is all about.
One incendiary comment sets the press all atwitter.
And then you enact your real agenda while they gab like schoolgirls on sorority Sunday.
You know, next time you're in Sag Harbor, you'll have to spend some time on my boat.
I'll teach you how to water ski.
Water ski? Don't you know Negroes can't swim? [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Okay, you ready to go? - I'm ready when you are.
And in three, two, one.
I'm Lester Wolff and this is "Wolff At Large".
Today, I'm at the Harlem congressional office of Congressmen and Reverend Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
Good day, Reverend.
Hello, Lester! Now, recently, Reverend Powell, you made headlines with your assertion that the Italian Mob controls the illegal numbers operations in Harlem.
It's more than an assertion.
It's a stone cold fact! And, it's your belief that Negroes are arrested and incarcerated at a far greater rate than the men who control the gambling operation.
If you don't believe me, check the police logs.
In the last three days, more than 100 Negro numbers runners have been arrested.
Not a [TAPPING.]
single white Italian.
Who are these Italians? At the appropriate time, my team will lay bare those names to the American people.
You offered to enter the name of an Italian banker into the Congressional Record every week, but, thus far, none have been entered.
We continue to gather information.
Without specific names, it appears you're stirring the pot so reporters will gab like schoolgirls on sorority Sunday.
I have names.
Who? - I'm not at liberty - Not a single one? Not one single name to convince this reporter that this story merits attention? [FILM RATTLING.]
In fact, through my very well-placed sources, we've identified a woman a Negro woman, actually who is the key go-between, the bag-lady, if you will, for the Italian Mob.
Her name is Esther James.
I hope you don't mind I'm havin' a martini.
- [CLINK.]
- Cheers.
Have a seat, honey.
Make yourself comfortable.
So, $312,000.
You're in quite a pickle.
Pay you back with interest.
Six months, at the most.
I trust you.
I'll get my checkbook, change out of this dress.
You make yourself at home.
Take off your shoes.
Or more.
But when you need Someone to Did you get the money? Love No.
Don't go to strangers It's not like you haven't fucked her before.
Darlin' Come on To me-e-e-e-e There were so many centuries where we didn't own our own bodies.
- Someone else owned 'em.
- Play with fire - Maybe that's why it seems easy - 'Til your fingers burn to give it away.
And when there's no Pla-a-a-a-a-ce for you So, no, To turn I couldn't do it.
Don't go to strangers Darlin' Come on To me For when you hear a call-ll-ll-ll-ll To follow your hea-ea-ea-ea-ea-rt You follow your hea-ea-ea-rt - I know - I love you.
I love you, too.
I've been through it all - What are you going to do? - And I'm an old hand And I'll understand If you go So Make your mark [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS.]
I need to ask you for a loan, Frank.
I'm sorry, Bumpy, but I can't give you the money.
The Feds are watching every move I make.
They're everywhere but up my ass.
Castling so soon? Don't try to fuck with my head.
All I've got is my rep, Frank.
If, uh, I don't pay my bettors off by tomorrow, my rep is gone.
You crossed the line when you broke in to his social club.
Mayme, how is it possible that, every time I see you, you look even more beautiful - [LAUGHING.]
- than the last time? Thank you, Frank.
It's always nice to have you over.
I'll leave you gentlemen to your match.
I helped shut down that ruckus at Fidler's store in return for Chin granting me the right to get heroin from Italian sources.
But, this guy, he's still threatenin' to kill anybody who sells to me.
Yeah, that's Chin's way.
He's threatening Bonanno now.
Bonanno's thinking about moving into Harlem? Yeah.
Bonanno's gonna have to pay Chin a tax and Bonanno doesn't like it.
Messed up your pawn structure here.
Long time.
When Lucky passed away last year, I went to Naples for the funeral.
Lucky's dead.
Vito Genovese is in jail for life.
It's a whole new world out there.
You know, Lucky told me that you're a stand-up guy, so that's why I'm here.
I'll get straight to the point.
I hear that you gotta sell your dope in Harlem through Chin.
- It's his territory.
I can sell more dope than him.
I got connections with Negroes up and down the East Coast, from Florida to Detroit.
Chin'll go to war over that.
The Families don't want a war.
If he starts it, they'll side with you.
It's too risky.
You were an innovator, like Lucky Luciano.
Established the dope pipeline from Marseille [CHUCKLING.]
to New York.
I mean, Chin? He's just Vito's driver, for God's sake.
What do you propose? I can move your junk for $28,000 a kilo.
No taxes.
Only profit.
That's two grand over market value.
Now, why are you being so generous? You and Lucky, never miss a a trick.
I'm in a jam.
I need $300,000 cash in advance with the product.
But I agree to 12-point interest, per week, and that's two points better than what they're doin' out on the street.
To a new world.
To a new world.
Don't fuck me.
Let's get outta here.
WOMAN: If it's alright There you go, baby.
MAN: We'll find out.
Everybody gets paid.
You heard Bumpy.
Everybody get paid, down to the last person.
Vincent Gigante's here.
Yeah? Heh.
Go ahead.
Put your guns down.
It's alright.
I don't got shit to say to you.
It's funny, isn't it? We're both protected by the Families.
I can't kill you; you can't kill me.
That makes things very interesting.
What the fuck do you want? I'm goin' in my pocket here.
Goin' in my pocket.
I came to collect.
Looks like I hit the number straight on.
Looks like you did.
Yeah, and I heard you don't welsh your payouts.
I don't.
You know, you killed Zambrano.
You covered it to the Families.
Course, you sell your dope on my territory; you don't pay me taxes.
And you put a stop to the the fix in the Clay fight, didn't you? All that must give ya a lotta confidence.
Huh? Keeps you busy, lookin' down on me.
You're so busy, you couldn't see that I'm above you.
I don't know where you got the money to meet your obligations, but, I respect that.
Does raise a question.
Who in the world [CHUCKLING.]
would loan money to a broke nigger? Who? I got names that keep goin' around in my brain, but only one comes to mind: Joe Bonanno, who refuses to pay me taxes for the dope he wants to sell.
I think that you found out about that.
I think you met him and I think you arranged a dope deal.
Well, guess what, Johnson? I got there first.
All those kilos that he was gonna advance you are now in my possession.
Let that sink in.
So you owe him whatever he was gonna front you for your numbers crisis and a shitload of fuckin' kilos of dope.
That's me above you! You know, I heard your friend Malcolm X on the radio.
He was talkin' about pride.
Black pride.
Pride's a funny thing.
You know, it can mean dignity.
It can mean self-respect.
It can mean those feelings that you get toward things that are most dear to you.
I hope she was worth it.
Or, it can mean what the Bible says.
Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Come to church on Sunday, now.
How you doing, dear lady? What's your name? My name is Esther James.
- Oof! - WOMAN: Ooh! [LAUGHING.]
If I was you, I would keep that haughty spirit under control, Johnson.
Because that's me above you! [SUSPENSEFUL CHORDS STRIKE.]
Get the fuckin' door.
Let 'im out.
Let 'im go.
I spit that lyrical dope - They call it STTS - Me! - Above you! - That's that Stick To The Script - Me! - 'Cause this dope - Above you! - Is the best I be rockin' and rollin' - Every block gon be open - Fuck that! My niggaz takin' the charge And ain't no rule gon be broken I got it straight out the mountain So that thing gon be potent My niggaz in TNT send it back in the coffin And all this marchin' and votin' Ain't gon' be the solution Give me 10,000 kilos - Then I start revolution - Me above you! First I'll arm up the troops - Me! - Then rid the hood - Above you! - Of pollution This is my contribution When that Bentley be movin' Make me think of them days - When I was hungry and losin' - 'Cause I'm against all odds - Fuck.
- Against all odds Against all odds It's just me against the world 'Cause I'm against all odds Against all odds Against all odds It's just me against the world 'Cause I'm against all odds! I hustle my ass off To get what I want Go buy a couple of businesses But that's just a front I got that Bone Thug-n-Harmony 'Cause it's the 1st of Tha Month Imma out-hustle niggaz And be the first to re-up I got that loud up in that Dutch And that juice is up in that cup And I pray Jah look over 'Cause this real nigga G'ed up Flowers on that bottle with rose I call it Valentine I be movin' juice in the hood Like it was very fine It's a thin line Between love and hate This is for them niggaz inside With no release date Mobsters, money get thrown Into the fireplace Evil is a nigga that lies Wit a straight face Straight base, gold ace Paper chase, rat race Got a Jew lawyer that'll beat the case Only masterminds know how to crack the safe Let me kill the show, then you can close the drapes Gorilla fresh, bape and apes Tie these ducks wit the duct tape And I pray He let me walk Through the Pearly Gates! New estates Can you relate? [METAL CLANGING, ECHOING.]