Godfather of Harlem (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

How I Got Over

1 This is our war of independence, only they're gonna do all the fighting.
- War against who? - Chin against Bonanno.
I'ma put his contract, uh, from Bobby Robinson over to Royal Chord Records.
Joseph Bonanno is the money behind that label.
I thought you moved his contract over to Bonanno.
Got to talk to Bonanno about it.
But I'm sure he'll do it just to aggravate Chin.
I thought you were doing it to protect Teddy.
That, too.
He's just protecting me from one mobster by selling me to another? - You want to pick up and move to California? - Yes.
And you so caught up in this white girl, you can't even see what it is she doing to you.
Since Teddy's a friend of your daughter, I thought maybe that you could help me get my artist back.
Took a lot of courage to straight-up lie to Chin's face.
Sure hope it doesn't blow back on me.
He ain't gonna touch you.
The March on Washington, in actuality, has become nothing more than the Farce on Washington.
If you're free on August 28th, a ticket to Washington.
Let's raise some hell.
I'm here to talk to you about your son and who you blame for his murder, Vincent "Chin" Gigante.
- What did you do? - I buried his body in the basement at Fidler's store.
God rest your soul, Lorenzo.
You sell Bumpy Johnson all the junk he wants.
This is war.
It's about getting these motherfucking guineas to kill each other off! He's trying to stir the pot with you and Bonanno.
We'll all reap what we sow.
Are you my sister? Yes.
I am your big sister.
Goodbye, Daddy.
I'll miss you.
Brother, I always thought I'd be the first one to go.
I'm sorry I couldn't stop this.
Funny thing about revenge once you taste it, you want more.
You started this war, Bumpy, not me.
I guess it's got a life of its own.
Bad dream, Bumpy? Drugs give me nightmares.
Where's Mayme? She's out in the hallway with the rest of the family.
I requested a few extra minutes of privacy.
First of all, I want to see how you're doing, and second of all, I have a message for you.
These last three weeks have been crazy.
Chin is at war with Joe Bonanno.
Nobody knows why.
And you are not to go after Chin.
I was under the protection of the Families, and Chin shot me.
You will get justice, but not right at this moment.
I guess the rules are different for me, huh? If he'd come after you, there'd be soldiers in the street.
I'm gonna kill that motherfucker! I'm gonna give you some very good advice, okay? Some of the best I ever gave to you.
You've got a beautiful family.
If you go after Chin anything can happen.
Thanks for for visiting me, Frank.
Of course.
We got rifles from Joey Salerno, his boys in Queens.
Pasquale got handguns shipped from Georgia.
We're gonna hit Bonanno back hard.
Real hard.
With you two, God gave with both hands.
11 dead in the past three weeks.
They shot Pete Lombardo sitting on his stoop.
74-fucking-years old.
It don't make sense.
Bonanno cannot come after you without permission from the Families.
He's fuckin' crazy! Don't touch me.
What's the matter with you? - Now ain't the time for broads.
- Come on.
The guys are trying to blow off some steam.
You should do the same, all right? After all, we've been hunkered down for three weeks.
Let's go for a walk, huh? Let's get out of here.
You know what? This captain gave us rifles and pistols.
Let's go back to the armory, let's squeeze him for some Thompsons.
- Come on.
You stay here.
I'll - It'll be fun.
Come on, come on.
No, no, no.
I want to go for a walk.
I want to get some fresh air.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey? Oh! Come on.
Let's go.
Check the streets.
Clear at the corner! - It's all clear! - Nothing this way.
Go get the car.
225s, .
It's not.
It's .
- Yeah, I thought it was .
- No, no.
Aah! Fuck! Get him inside! Fuck! Can't hear a fucking thing! Get him in! Did you see anyone?! Get him in! Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in our hour of death.
That old lady across the street, she's got burns all over her body.
Come on.
Get rid of them.
Hey, hey.
Take them out.
Take them out.
A guy that walks into our to my block, huh? Guy walks out into my street walks out into my street! Puts a bomb under my car! I don't know how that happened.
Had 20 fucking guys out in the street! I'm gonna do an investigation.
Where the fuck is Ernie? Hmm? Hmm?! I don't know.
You having fun with your big sister while your daddy's away? Oh, yeah.
Elise and I play games.
And she reads me all kind of crazy books.
Oh, yeah? Like Like, what kind? Your daddy's coming home today, honey.
- You can discuss it later.
- All right.
Why don't you help Junie Byrd pack up the car? - Okay.
- I'll go with her.
Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby.
- Dr.
Kravitz - Elise is so good with her.
Those two get on like a house on fire.
How long we gonna keep up this big sister act? I don't know.
Maybe we wait until Margaret gets a little bit older.
First, we have to make sure Elise has really straightened out.
I put you in danger you and the kids.
So sorry.
The important thing is, is you're all right.
The important thing is that it never happen again.
I promise you that it won't.
I'll make sure.
All right? 200,000 people are assembled today at the nation's capital to rally for civil rights.
Many have traveled far, arriving by bus, by train, and by air for the March on Washington.
Black man's angry, white man's scared.
Kennedy was bamboozled.
Like, how could he give Martin Luther King the final speech instead of me? - Shit! - Sorry about that, Congressman.
- Aw, man.
- Hey, don't worry, don't worry.
I got another bottle in the trunk.
No, I don't drink.
I was talking to the driver.
King's speech his speech will be all talk.
I don't expect anything meaningful will be accomplished.
You know, I have half a mind to call The New York Times and tell them Jack Kennedy chases ass like a dog in heat.
You know what? Why don't we get you a cup of coffee instead of that whiskey? Aren't you the one always talking that if a dog bites ya, bite him back? And Kennedy is a dog.
I was talking about using force to confront the white man's brutality.
The minute the movement turns to violence, we are finished spiritually and in practical terms, as well.
Well, we talking vengeance, Brother Adam, or justice? It is often difficult to distinguish between the two.
Driver, make a quick stop at the hotel.
- I need to change my clothes.
- Why? They can put a gag in my mouth, but my fine suit will speak 1,000 words on my behalf.
This war's meant one funeral after the other.
Silva Vendetti? Yeah, we had confirmation class together.
They shot that poor kid when he was throwing out the garbage.
This is why that Bonanno, he's gonna rot in Hell.
Stella we need you to come home.
That's why I called you here.
Instead, you're gonna go sleep on that Francine's couch.
How do you know I'm at Francine's? - What, Daddy's checking on me? - No.
She told me.
Every couch you lay on, they call me.
What kind of a daughter does not come home when the family's in a crisis? You tell me.
This isn't my home.
Of course this is your home.
What happened to Lorenzo? Lorenzo? Lorenzo Bonanno.
Anything could've happened to that kid, Stella.
Look who his father is.
His father is fighting with your father, because he's jealous of everything Daddy has.
When are you gonna open your eyes? Stop that.
Come home for your father.
If you don't want to come home for your father, you come home for me.
I don't have a home.
Of course you have a home.
Daddy! Welcome home, Daddy.
Oh, whoa.
Careful, dear.
Daddy's still fragile.
Elise was just reading to me from a book.
Not from the Quran, I hope.
- "Stuart Little".
- Okay.
Why don't you take the bags and the flowers and put 'em in the bedroom? I'm sorry, Mayme.
I saw you had ham in the ice box.
You're welcome to it, of course.
Bumpy's just home now.
He needs his rest.
Mayme, just one word quick, and we'll be out your hair.
He needs his rest, Del.
You of all people should know that.
Darling, why don't you go lay down on the couch? Make yourself comfortable.
I won't be more than a minute.
Let's take this in the den, all right? Word has it, Bonanno put a bomb under Chin's car, but he's alive.
I knew Bonanno would try to kill Chin, but I didn't think he'd use a car bomb.
I mean, that's low.
All bets are off when someone killed your son.
So, Chin's holed up in his social club, and Bonanno's expecting reprisals from Chin's soldiers.
Meanwhile, Bonanno's sending us as much duji as we can handle.
- Hmm.
- Got to admit, Bump, you figured that out pretty good.
Everything except for the part about me getting shot.
The address is 1275 Pleasant Avenue.
Apartment number 4B.
Rented in the name of "Petrocelli".
How we gonna get into this building? Ever since that car bomb went off, Chin's tripled up security.
I have a friend Bernie "The Jew".
He's a real estate agent.
Wear workman's clothes.
He'll be there to let you into the back.
Don't show your face on Pleasant Avenue.
Here's the thing the apartment window's got good sight lines to the social club.
You'll get a clean shot when Chin decides to come out.
He's got to come out at some point.
I want you to call me when he does.
And when did you rent an apartment across from Chin's social club? In the hospital, soon as I could reach for a phone.
Don't you see, Del? Now, Bonanno's done a low-blow to Chin, which gives us a window of opportunity.
If we take Chin out now, the Families, they'll think that it was Bonanno.
Chin is dead.
Bonanno will be next.
and I'll be the only one left standing.
If the families find out you killed Chin, you'll have all of 'em against you.
You'll die an ugly death.
I saw that that little spark engulf the car.
I saw Ricky screaming, his face on fire.
I was 30 seconds away from death.
And who do you think's behind it? Bonanno, most likely.
You think Johnson could get a nigger on this street to plant a bomb, day or night? What, you don't think Bumpy Johnson knows white people? White people love that guy.
That's his secret.
Don't underestimate him.
- I got him right here! - It's Ernie! Bonanno's guy! This bastard made a run for it after the blast! I chased him all the way to 108th.
You stay the fuck down! He's one of Bonanno's from Bensonhurst.
I recognized him.
Used to date Rose Covelli.
All right, get him in the chair.
Tie him up.
All right, turn on the television make it loud.
He looks like a screamer.
simple fact is that until we went into the streets, the federal government Change the fucking channel! Come on! Get that nigger protest off there! We love Clanky, Clanky the Spaceman He can do a lot of things nobody else can We just squeeze him Coordinating Committee, Brother John Lewis.
Ellsworth, look who came to watch the March with us.
It's Archibald and Lillian.
Looks like you're healing up nicely, Ellsworth.
- Yeah.
- I think you lost a few pounds in the hospital.
It suits you.
This is Del Chance, Nat Pettigrew.
Nice to meet you fine people.
They're about to go.
Girls, help your father down here.
I'll grab the refreshments.
- I don't know if I need any help now.
- Mm-hmm.
We were just talking to your beautiful daughters here.
You've been hiding this one, huh, Bumpy? She's my daughter from a previous relationship.
Forgive Archie.
He's always sticking his nose in people's business.
It's okay.
So, Elise, Mayme tells me you're part of the Muslim group.
The Nation of Islam.
And they make you wear that outfit? They don't make you wear it.
You have to earn the right.
It's called a hijab.
When I get older, maybe I can have one.
Let's watch the march.
If we do not get meaningful legislation out of this Congress, the time will come when we will not confine our marching to Washington.
Clanky reports to you and me He can make anything chocolatey Clanky is very clever! Why did Bonanno come after me? Huh? He was not sanctioned to hit me.
No Families gave him permission to do that! A man that tells somebody to put a bomb under their car that's a man that lives by no code! There were kids out on that fuckin' street! You hear me?! Our entire way of life is based on them rules.
If If we don't stick to them rules, we're no different than the apes.
Would you turn that fuckin' thing off? Ernie, give me his wallet.
1632 74th Street, Brooklyn.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right.
As a rule, we don't touch families.
But because you put a lowdown dirty bomb under my car, the car that my wife drives, that my kids are in, I'm gonna - I'm gonna kill your family.
- No! Ah! Ah! I'm gonna kill your fucking family.
Ernie, go to Brooklyn and wipe 'em out.
You killed Joe's son.
You killed Lorenzo.
A 17-year-old boy.
All 'cause All 'cause he was fucking your daughter.
Sorry, boss.
I couldn't let him disrespect you like that.
Not here in our house.
He was a fucking liar.
Why don't we get this mess cleaned up, huh? Hey.
When we open the books back up, you know, I'll remember this day.
What are you doing up on your feet? Why the hell you invite those self-satisfied Sugar Hill negroes up in here? You know I can't stand them.
- You know that, right? - We talked about this last week.
I don't remember that.
You don't want to remember.
I'm not up for this today.
It's not that I don't want a will.
I just don't want Archie doing it.
That's it.
He is the best trust and estate lawyer in Harlem, if not Manhattan.
I don't want that busybody all up in my business.
I don't understand, Ellsworth.
You have everything organized your businesses, your bank accounts, your stock portfolios.
But you don't have a will.
You have never wanted to deal with the inevitability of your own death.
I saw you shot in front of my eyes.
I thought you were dead.
Margaret thought you were dead.
This is not some fantasy.
This could really happen.
Mayme I'm not going anywhere, all right? I'm here.
I am betting that right now, you are making some plan to go after Chin.
Where will it end? Will it ever end? That is why I need the will.
Signed and sealed.
You okay? Olympia told me that Silva Vendetti was murdered.
I went to high school with him, and now he's dead 'cause of me.
He's dead because he's in the mob.
No, he's dead 'cause I went to Joe Bonanno.
It started a war.
What's going on? My parents have eyes everywhere.
I just need some space.
I want to go somewhere they can't find me.
- My mom will have a fit.
- No, no, no.
Let's get the bus to California.
I swiped some money from my mom's purse.
I got enough to get us there.
I-I have a recording session tonight.
You can finish it in California.
- Come on, Teddy.
We gotta go.
- I-I know.
I just This is everything we worked towards.
It's finally coming true.
I don't want to ruin that.
It's rude to have your guests out in the hallway.
If you came here, white girl, might as well come see how the other half live.
Well, it's not a five-star, but I didn't want to run into anybody I know.
Ah, creature comforts don't mean much to me, Adam.
That's 'cause you don't know how to live! You're Malcolm X, aren't you? Yes, sir.
I thought the Honorable Elijah Muhammad banned the Nation from this "Farce".
Well, I have his blessings to be an observer.
This is Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
I'm George Lincoln Rockwell.
- You here for the march? - Indeed I am.
When such an unspeakable, vast, storming ocean African savages marches on your capitol, the white man must do something about it.
I'm president of the American Nazi Party.
Your friend Malcolm and I agree completely.
We both want the black man to go back to Africa.
Be great if the Jews went with 'em.
The white man's fed up.
You'll see 10,000 of us here today, marching in solidarity.
If I weren't a gentleman, I'd punch you right in the nose.
Malcolm, set your friend straight.
You're a black supremacist, and I'm a white supremacist.
We have more in common than you think.
Thanks for coming, Louis.
You You gotta take your collar off.
Excuse me? You heard me.
I want to talk to you as a brother, not a priest.
Come on.
- Take it off! - Uh Come on! I confessed to you that I did a terrible thing.
And I need to know if you told anyone.
You insult my integrity as a priest if you think I would break the sacred seal of confession.
No one? Not to mention Not to mention, you offend me as a brother.
And you're sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Vincent Joey Bonanno's He tried to blow me up this morning.
His soldier said that I whacked his son.
You know.
I didn't tell anybody else but you.
You murdered a teenage boy.
And now you're reaping what you've sown.
I told you that.
I've been in agony.
And my only solace is Luke 17:3 "If your brother sins, rebuke him, but if he repents, forgive him".
And can you? Forgive me? Do you repent? Louis.
Louis, you gotta get out of here, all right? You gotta get out of here.
This is no place for you to be right now.
You gotta go.
Come on.
You gotta get out.
Let me help.
Aside from Palmetto Chemical, the bank accounts, stocks, and real estate in your name and the various companies registered in the Cayman Islands of which you are sole owner, are there other assets we should mention? That's it.
Ellsworth, there are three people you should never lie to your doctor, your lawyer, and yourself.
I should remind you that profits obtained from gambling and narcotics can be subject to civil forfeiture.
Money's clean, all right? Mmm.
Oh, these are delicious, Mayme.
Thank you, Archie.
Now, beneficiaries.
Everything goes to Mayme with a trust for Margaret.
And what are your plans for your other daughter? I want to take care of her.
Give her a-a trust.
Well, Archie, to be perfectly clear, Margaret is not my biological daughter.
She's Elise's.
Bumpy is Margaret's grandfather.
In that case, there's the issue of guardianship.
Are you her legal guardian? No.
That's a serious issue.
Look, we took Margaret from Elise's hands when she was 1.
Elise was strung out on drugs at the time, you know? Bumpy got sent away a month later.
We just never got around to it.
Elise could demand custody of the child, and the court would agree.
You could lose your rights even to see the child.
I'll talk to her.
Here we have a memento known as "We Shall Overcome" by one of the gifted artists of America.
I hope you will get one before you leave.
Now, now.
Cheer up! You don't drink, you don't smoke, and the Nazis love you.
It's ain't easy being a Muslim.
The Nazis are the epitome of hatred and prejudice in this country.
Well, it's a free country, and anyone's free to be an idiot.
That's what's great about America.
Aw, come on, now.
You were ready to punch him in the nose.
And I was reminded of Corinthians "Do not repay evil with evil, insult with insult".
- Oh, damn.
- Mm-hmm.
Now, I suppose the Bible has a quote for when you run out of cigarettes, too.
As a matter of fact, yes.
"You become a slave to whatever it is you choose to obey".
I figured you'd come up with something.
Let's get to the march.
I'll pick up some smokes on the way.
This march This is not for me, Adam.
You go on.
I'll wait here.
Let's turn it up.
Mahalia's singing.
And I've Mm.
Praise you, Father.
Been scorned Praise you, Father.
Praise you, Father.
I've Been 'Buked, Lord Blessed with this voice And I've been scorned Praise you.
Praise you, Lord.
Praise you.
Take But the one thing I've done wrong Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you.
You know I've stayed Shall we? In the valley, Lord, too long You know I'm gonna tell I didn't see you.
I-I didn't want to interrupt.
In the Muslim faith, we pray five times a day.
That was my afternoon prayer, Asr.
I realize this must still be a shock for you, seeing me like this.
Seeing you, maybe, and Margaret standing there together? It was like Heaven on Earth for me.
You know, I was angry at you.
I blamed you for a lot of mistakes I made.
I blamed you for how unhappy I was.
But I've taken responsibility for myself, and my faith has led the way.
And I just want to thank you for letting Margaret back in my life.
That's what I wanted to talk with you about.
The the thing is, I've been trying to get the estate in order for Mayme, for Margaret, and for you.
And there's some guardianship issues.
What do you mean? We'd always intended to to legally adopt Margaret long ago, but it never happened.
Now I need your consent to do that.
I am grateful to you.
Please know that.
But I can't give up my child.
Not for money.
Not for anything.
I I'm sorry.
I just I can't.
Daddy? There's a man on the phone.
Thanks, little one.
That's what you used to call me.
I did.
Hello? Yeah, it's me.
I suppose you heard the news.
You missed.
Yeah, my guy fucked up, and now he's dead.
- It's a fucking mess.
- Yes, it is.
Listen, in case you get any ideas about taking matters into your own hands, it wasn't sanctioned, okay? If you take a crack at Chin, they're gonna think it's me.
I'm gonna be fucked upside down.
Stay away from Chin.
Chin ain't my target.
Even though he deserves to die for shooting me in front of my wife and kids.
Yeah, well, I suffer every day for the loss of my son.
Your kids are alive.
Let's hope they stay that way.
Give me the keys.
It's a perfect sight-line to the club.
Almost got this thing built.
I just got to put on the scope.
Hurry up.
I don't want to miss Chin when he comes out.
I'd offer you some water, but our plumbing is broke.
That's all right.
Thank you for inviting me in.
Did you hear what they said on the radio, Mama? This is a fight for all of us, white and black.
We're excited about Teddy's new song being recorded.
He says you was talkin' about California when there's some money.
- Mama.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we were.
There's a lot of opportunities out there.
And your son's one of the greatest talents I ever heard.
At least we agree on something.
Tell me, Stella, you ever been to California? No.
You think it's all sunshine and palm trees? - No, of course not.
- Where you gonna stay? A black neighborhood or a white one? 'Cause from what I hear, the two don't mix.
- Wherever we're accepted.
- And whenever you have children, where they goin' to school? Because even though they passed desegregation, ain't nobody complying with it out there.
Better hope the baby looks more like you.
Mama, stop.
Don't you see this girl is gonna get you killed? - No, she ain't.
- You say you love him? Why would you put him in a position to get shot? Mama, shut your damn mouth.
Teddy, don't talk to her that way.
She's right.
She's right.
Hey! Hey! Stella.
Come on.
Don't listen to her.
Stella, don't listen to her.
- She's right, Teddy.
- She ain't right.
- She's right.
- She don't know.
I get people killed.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
I started a war so that we could be together.
Stella, I'm not scared, all right? - I'm not scared.
- What do you mean? It's over, Teddy.
What are you talking about? What What do you mean it's over? Come on, Stella.
- I'm not scared.
- It's over, Teddy.
It's over.
I'm gonna go tell my father.
And this time, it's for real.
You're just gonna give up that easy? What part of this has been easy? I'd rather give you up than see you dead.
Excuse me a moment.
How'd it go with Elise? I guess No mother worth respect would give up her child if she could help it.
At some point, Margaret is going to find out the truth, all right? I want to delay that for as long as possible.
Look, I know you're afraid that you're gonna lose Margaret.
But that ain't gonna happen.
You gave your love.
You gave your sacrifice.
That made you her mama.
You're gonna always be her mama.
All right? We'll make it work.
- Come on, everyone! - We will make it work.
Come on! Reverend Shuttlesworth he's about to speak.
Hurry up.
of the struggle from Birmingham, Alabama Mm.
Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth.
We knew that that there were going to be enough people here today to let the nation finally realize that we mean business about this thing called freedom.
We didn't come to molest.
We came to be peaceful and loving and law-abiding because we are a law-abiding people.
And we are glad that you came in such large numbers today, both white, black, and all races and all colors.
The people here today came to serve notice that if our country wants peace and tranquility, they might just as well free the Negro.
Because, you see, we realize that if freedom belongs to anybody, it belongs to everybody.
And until everybody has freedom, nobody is really free.
Last month, you came and you asked for help when Teddy Greene went under the protection of Bonanno.
But you was lying.
Right? All right.
All right.
You're working with Bumpy Johnson.
I barely know the man.
Well, see, there you go, lying again.
Because I asked around, and apparently, Johnson gave you the money to open your store.
Please, Mr.
I-I beg you.
I have two daughters.
What did Johnson say to Bonanno? What did Johnson say to Bonanno? I don't know.
I don't know.
No? Go ahead.
What did he say?! What'd he say?! What'd he say?! Hey! Hey! Stop.
Come on.
I told you I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
You would lose your life to protect Bumpy Johnson? I ain't no snitch.
decent housing, integrated education, FEPC, and the right to vote.
What do you say? She's upset and won't tell me what's wrong.
She's lucky to have a big sister like you, little one.
Come down here and join me.
Don't worry.
I'll see what the problem is.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says we have to turn our televisions in another direction to avoid this farce.
Just watch a sec, honey.
Today we're all fighting on the same side.
Is someone going to kill me? No, of course not.
Why would you say that? The man on the phone says he hopes we stay alive.
You gotta promise me you won't listen in when your daddy's on the phone.
You hear me? You hear me? No harm will ever come to you.
I would never allow it.
Promise? Cross my heart.
I'll never forget seeing you on the ground.
I know.
Go on, now.
Why don't you go listen to the speech with your mama? Go sit with your mama on the couch.
At this time, I have the honor to present to you the moral leader of our nation.
A great, dedicated man.
A philosopher of a non-violent system of behavior in seeking to bring about social change.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Thank you, Mr.
Bumpy, there's activity.
Is it out front? We've got eyes on Chin.
Yeah, he's coming.
He's coming out the club.
Fuckin' goombahs are all out front.
millions of people's faces - Just give us the word.
- burned by the flames of injustice.
I'm lined up.
Wait a second.
A taxi's pulling up.
Doors are opening.
Someone's getting out.
Who? It's It's his kid.
Now is not the time for retribution.
- I got the shot.
- He's got the shot, Bump.
- Hold up.
- Hold on.
Hold up, hold up, she's in my sight-line.
Hold on.
She's in the way.
We put our faith into wisdom of non-violence.
We shall obtain justice without resorting - Okay.
I got the shot.
- He's got the shot, Bump.
We must ascend the mountain Okay.
It's clean now.
Stella's out the way.
Are you there? Bump? Is it a go? Is it a go? Bump, is it a go? He's got the shot! and again.
Bump? We must rise to the majestic heights Stand down.
- What? - Do not shoot him in front of his daughter.
You hear me? - Stand down, Chance.
- What the fuck? I had it clean.
I don't understand.
I dream of a day my children will live in a country where they will be judged not by their skin color, but what they carry within their hearts.
It pains me to admit it, but Martin gave a damn good speech.
Rockwell! We didn't see you at the rally.
I was there.
Oh, yes.
You promised 10,000 of your brethren would show up.
The New York Times reporter told me it was closer to 74.
Go back to Africa.
Why Africa? I'm from Harlem, New York.
It's a jungle, too, but the food's better.
You'd do better to preach in the jungle where you can fornicate with the nigger savages.
I'm gonna sue you.
Get in line, baby.
Well, how'd it feel to finally strike back Reverend? Fan-fucking-tastic.
Sorry, Bobby.
It was my job to protect you.