Golden Boy (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Role Models

1 You play like a street thug, Commissioner; no honor.
You trying to get inside my head, Jack? I'm already there, kid.
This game means a lot to you, doesn't it? It's what I got left.
It's not like I got the perks of being the Commissioner anymore.
Or the headaches.
You think you bear that burden better than I did? Is that that why you're here asking for advice every two weeks like I'm your damn godfather? I learn just as much from my enemies as my friends.
You taught me that.
Help yourself.
I'm not loaning you money for a tattoo of a swan, Agnes.
It's ridiculous.
There's something I've been thinking about that's very important to me; about our parents.
Walt, I went out with a nice guy last night, a runner for an architecture firm, and my first instinct when I got home was to call my ex.
That scumbag I locked up? You joking? Yeah.
Took everything not to.
It's like I can't get into something nice 'cause I immediately see it going away, like mom and dad did.
So I say, "Forget it.
" I go to what my head thinks I deserve: a loser.
You don't deserve a loser, Agnes.
Come on.
Then I need to know why I find them so attractive.
I need to hear our folks' side of things, from them.
Agnes, our parents will disappoint you.
Trust me.
They have done nothing but.
It has been years since we've seen either one.
I mean, I I don't even know where they are, all right? Being a detective, I'm sure you have ways to find them.
Your brother was a great cop.
He died two years ago on this exact day, and I still got that knot in my stomach like when I first heard.
Yeah, but the benefit tonight's gonna be nice, right? I've been thinking about it, and I don't think it's a coincidence that our thing started this exact night last year.
Detective Clark, Three-Nine squad.
All right, thanks.
DOA under the Williamsburg Bridge.
It's a cop.
He's a decorated M.
, a detective from the Six-Four, Tim Novak.
He was DOA when the paramedics got here.
Multiple gunshots to the head and torso.
Some bastard sprayed his SUV around 5:00 a.
I worked with him back in the Six-Four.
Arroyo, too.
I'm sorry.
What was he doing out here? Second job, doing security for Kyle Burton, hip-hop mogul.
In town for a gig at the Garden.
Novak was driving, obviously.
Burton called it in.
Where's Burton? Getting looked at.
You're very lucky, Mr.
You call getting shot at lucky? I call being alive lucky.
A member of the NYPD died protecting your overpaid ass.
Now, what did you see? I was passed out in the back.
According to various tabloid Web sites, Mr.
Burton has an affinity for pills and alcohol.
He just got out of rehab last month.
First time it worked in my favor.
I was on the car floor, bullets flew right over me.
You got enemies, Mr.
Burton? You spout off a lot in your work.
Nobody's after me, man.
What were you doing here under the bridge? Looking to score? Do I look like a ghetto rat, huh? I was passed out in the back.
I remember dude saying something about going around some road construction or something.
"Dude" was a detective.
Be respectful.
And stay available.
You're up to catch now, right? Yeah.
There's gonna be a lot of eyes on this.
The commissioner and Novak were close.
I heard he was gonna start driving for him in a couple of weeks.
So what does that mean? Unwanted scrutiny.
The police commissioner himself.
We're gonna need to canvass these buildings, and there's no way we can even get that.
I mean Is it true? It's Novak? Yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's take a walk.
Let's take a walk.
Where's the witness? He's on his way to the hospital.
Are you kidding me? We need to question him while his recollection's still fresh! That's Detective 101! We got this, Arroyo.
You got this? Yes.
Come over here.
Let me educate you.
When I was a rookie in Brooklyn South, Novak was my rabbi.
I'm running this one.
I'm up to catch, so I'm running it.
You see the commissioner over there? Why don't we tell him you're a dirty cop? You want to do that? I'm over your threats, Arroyo.
I'm done.
I have a recording of you giving a skell stolen evidence money.
Commissioner hears that, you and Owen are done.
You're not gonna play that tape for anyone.
No? No.
I know about you and McKenzie.
I saw you outside O'Leary's.
You two are sleeping together, aren't you, huh? Now, I didn't start this, and I got no interest in your private life, but you backed me into a corner, so I'm gonna do the same to you.
This ends now, right? And I'm up to catch, so you take your orders from me.
Golden Boy 01x04 Role Models Every day Tim was on the job, I-I knew this was a possibility, but nothing can prepare you for this.
Novak, did your husband ever mention anyone who might have had a grudge against him? This wasn't about Tim.
This is about these god-awful gangster rappers.
Did Tim keep a file on clients? If he did, it would be in his office.
Down there to the left.
Jeannie, my God.
Hi, hi, hi.
Oh, Vince, it's awful! It's so awful! Don, I know I'm interrupting.
No problem, Vince.
Take your time.
We'll be in the office.
"Vince"? Lieutenant Madrid.
He's Novak's C.
at the Six-Four Squad.
We all come up together.
And Arroyo, too? You and him both worked out of Brooklyn South? No, I transferred out about a dozen years before he got there.
You know, Madrid, Arroyo, everyone at the Six-Four, they got a lot of love for Novak, but you don't seem too broken up.
I don't want to taint the investigation with my opinion.
Looks like Burton has a history of violent altercations with another rapper, Remy Hyde.
Seems they both were hooking up with the same Victoria's Secret model.
That a reason to spray bullets at him and a cop? Oh, it's been done for less.
I'm gonna text over to the squad and get Diaco on finding an address for Remy Hyde.
So, Madrid and Novak.
Let's pretend for a second that I can be impartial.
Come on, Don.
Tell me, what's up.
We differed philosophically.
Why are you standing so close? Madrid's outside listening.
What do you know? Don.
Walter Clark.
Hey, saw you in the paper after you shot it out in front of that check cashing store.
You're in Homicide, what, a month? Yeah.
Kind of guy we could use at the Six-Four.
He's doing just fine in the Three-Nine, Vince.
He caught this, by the way, so if you have any information, by all means, give him a call.
You know, me and Novak were partners in this security business? First place I'd look is Remy Hyde.
One of Burton's dumbass rap enemies.
Yeah, we're-we're on that.
I'm a bump on a log here, Don, it's killing me.
Don't expect me just to sit back and do nothing.
You got a a gun and a badge and revenge on your mind, Vince.
Now, we're gonna get this guy, but we gotta do it the right way.
That's what Novak deserved, right? Owen's one of the best.
You're lucky to be working with him.
Thank you, buddy.
We'll be in touch.
Am I missing something? You know how Arroyo will make nice with you, pretend like he's your best friend, then just stab you clean in the back? Yeah.
Where you think he learned that? Mr.
I'm a big fan.
Your American Cream album? Exemplary.
But I gotta say, you're not looking too good here.
Yo, kill a cop over a panty model? How crazy do you think I am? "I'm 'a kill the punk bitch, Bitch-ass punk is gon' die, Bullets to the bitch's brain.
" That's you referring to Kyle Burton on your Twitter account.
It ain't easy to stage something like that and make it look real.
Especially when Kyle can't act.
You're saying your beef with Burton was faked? Choreographed, like a Alvin Ailey ballet.
Why? Wait.
Because you've got a single dropping, Kyle Burton's on tour.
Headlines drive sales.
Got an alibi for last night? I was at my townhouse.
Check the security cameras.
Ask my women.
Names and numbers for these women and anyone else who can back you up.
Your fans may not fact-check your lying ass, but I plan to.
No security cameras under the bridge where the shooting took place.
Couldn't have been planned better.
I just wanted to ask No, I don't know who Arroyo's on with.
No, I meant just to see if you're doing all right.
I mean, the case, a cop shot on today of all days.
It's a tough day regardless, Mm-hmm.
but case brings up a lot.
Yeah, well, I just wanted to say, you know, I'm thinking of you and hoping we can make the benefit tonight.
Thank you.
All right, brass is getting antsy.
What do we got? Staged, the whole fight between Kyle Burton and Remy Hyde.
I can't believe I ever bought into the veracity of hip-hop.
I just got off the phone with ballistics.
The rounds that they extracted from Novak came up to match an open shooting from last month.
Suspect in that case was named Portis Walker.
A meth dealer in the Six-Four.
Any history between Novak and Walker? Yeah, Novak arrested him twice last year.
Sounds like these two had a beef.
Find Portis Walker, get him in.
Already got his last known address.
I'll tell the brass.
You were on the phone for 20 minutes with ballistics and you got all that information? You were talking to Vince Madrid.
Lieutenant Madrid, and I just happen to be the guy he chose to call.
You get information, you run it by me and Owen, all right? Then we run it by the lieutenant.
You got it.
Police! Clear down here.
Clear down here.
Keep your eyes open upstairs.
My leg! You shot my leg! Okay, ow, okay, ow! I'm going! You got me! All right, let's get an ambulance for this idiot.
Okay, okay, okay.
Portis Walker.
How's that little gash on your leg, Portis? Doing okay? Looks like they got you all stitched up.
Two words, police brutality.
I want charges pressed.
We'll get to that.
Tell us about you and Detective Tim Novak.
He was always hassling me.
You were a meth dealer.
He is a cop.
Ergo, that is how the relationship works.
Where were you at 5:00 this morning? Asleep, alone.
No good, seeing as how we took that out of your car.
Nine millimeter-- the same caliber of bullet that was taken out of the body of Detective Tim Novak.
We tested it.
It's the murder weapon.
No? No way.
You got to listen to me.
That was my gun, I admit that, but it was stolen from me two weeks ago.
I couldn't have shot that cop with it; it's impossible.
And your stolen gun just happened to end up underneath your front seat after it was used to murder a cop? Under my front seat? If I shot Novak, why would I hide my gun under my front seat? You think I'm stupid? Novak was hassling you.
You got the murder weapon.
You got no alibi! He's the dirtiest cop I ever met, but I didn't kill him.
This son of a bitch does not talk smack about a decorated Madrid.
Madrid! Cool it.
I'm gonna get killed in here.
You think this guy is gonna talk with a lynch mob next door, huh? Do me a favor, please.
Go to O'Leary's; have a drink for Novak, would you? Let's go.
Let's clear it out.
Lieutenant, come on.
You know I'm right.
The second you get something, call me.
I won't be able to make it to the bar, but I wanted to express my condolences.
Appreciated, but I'm guessing that you got more on your mind than condolences.
Well, I haven't known Owen that long, but he seems to think there may be some validity to To what this scum Portis Walker's saying? I'm not trying to get you upset.
Owen was the standout loser in our squad.
We used to call him Crockpot because he'd just stew on a case and never close it.
He wasn't like me or Arroyo or you.
You're not above dicey dealings to close a case, am I right? Not sure where you heard that from.
You're effective.
Novak was, so am I and Arroyo, while Owen, however, is squeaky clean.
And what's it got him? Zero, while the rest of us have made first grade, lieutenant, and like Jack Dowdell, commissioner.
So who are you gonna trust? Me or that coward, Owen? Coward? Don't get me started, kid.
Don's a nice guy.
Teddy bear, but detective? Hey, I went back to interrogation.
They said you were down here.
Yeah, Portis Walker's a broken record.
He ain't giving it up.
So, what exactly are we doing here? Well, you heard him say he's not stupid enough to hide a gun under the front seat of his car.
Got me thinkin' he may have a better hiding place.
Like a trap? Maybe.
I'm trying to find a combination.
You get anything from Madrid? Well, he said you didn't fit in in the Six-Four.
Why not? And don't give me "philosophical differences.
" The guy called you a coward.
What's your side of it? He called me a coward? Yeah, he sure did.
I'd been on patrol for, like, four months when arrested this scumbag for rape.
So I'm interviewing him, and he starts boasting how he's gotten away with it, like, five times already.
He gave me dates and locations.
So I pull all the victim complaints.
I find every attack.
Come to find out, these all got recorded as misdemeanors.
Criminal trespass.
So those complaints never get kicked up to the detective squad, and no one is out looking for a serial rapist.
Six-Four, they were underreporting.
Making felonies look like misdemeanors so the crime rate in their precinct looks low, and they all look good while this animal's out preying on women.
So did you report them? Nobody wanted to hear it.
I was transferred out.
They all got promoted.
Dowdell became the damn commissioner.
You know he's the one that dings me every time I'm up for grade? They got all the chips in the game, I got none.
So who's a coward? Me? Not me.
I'm done.
What do we got? Boom, .
45, just like Walker said.
Why would he hide the murder weapon under his seat if he could've hidden it there? He would not.
But somebody who's trying to set him up would.
I subpoenaed Novak's bank statements.
The guy is moving huge amounts of cash.
Here I am, trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay my kid's tuition on a third grade salary.
This guy's putting a swimming pool in the back of his mansion? Hey, look, we don't know what we're into yet, but judging by the players, I don't know, maybe it would be smart to just let them think Portis Walker's the shooter until we can find out the full story.
Huh? Yeah, right.
Detectives? How are we doing? We finished the canvass of Portis Walker's block, Commissioner.
Nobody could place the guy at the time of the shooting.
He had a lot of meth paraphernalia in his apartment.
He was running a good-sized business.
If Novak was hassling him, sir, he'd have a lot to lose.
Works for me.
Detectives Owen, Clark? That's our primary angle, sir.
We're just trying to shore up some intel, hopefully get Portis Walker to talk.
Don't drag your feet.
No, sir.
Your cars were paid for with cash.
Your, uh, house remodel, cash.
Your son's private school tuition, cash.
Your husband couldn't afford these things on his salary.
He was making extra money working security.
We pulled your tax records; the extra income doesn't cover the disparity by a long shot.
Come on, you suspected he was involved in something, didn't you? Two weeks ago, I found this gym bag filled with cash in Tim's trunk and I confronted him about it, and he said he was in something way over his head.
With whom? Wouldn't tell me.
To protect me.
But then my radar was up, and one time, I picked up the phone and I heard him arguing with Vince about that money.
Vince Madrid? Yeah.
But they were best friends.
Vince wouldn't hurt Tim.
Would he? Owen and Clark subpoenaed Novak's financial records.
I got to ask, was Novak caught up in something? No, you don't got to ask.
Novak was a good cop, and that's the way he's gonna be remembered.
Look, after 25 years of service, was he perfect? I don't know.
Are you? A little lesson from your old rabbi.
What you're looking at here is legacy.
Who deserves what.
Did Novak put away hundreds of scumbags? Yes.
Does Portis Walker deserve to do time? Sure, but for this? You're one of us, kid.
You got that fire in your eye.
You said Novak was dirty.
How do you know? How do I know you're not dirty just like him? We're not wearing this badge because we think it lets us break the law.
To me, to us, this means you get to hold us to a higher standard.
See, that's not my experience of you guys.
Look, I can't guarantee what will happen if you trust us, but I can tell you, without a doubt, that if you don't, life as you know it, it's done.
I know Novak was dirty because he was ripping off dealers and giving me their drugs to sell.
Do you know who killed him? I just know I didn't.
Was he working with anyone else? I just dealt with Novak.
Okay, how'd it work? We had a drop spot in the basement of a warehouse in Bed-Stuy where we exchanged the drugs and money.
I know you've been talking to Walker again.
Are you taking this scumbag's word that Novak was dirty? You got a real pair, you two, you know that? That what your gut's telling you? You got run out of the Six-Four on a rail, and you've got a grudge the size of a Mack truck, that's what my gut tells me.
Oh, yeah, wouldn't that be convenient? Some grudge.
Except you're ignoring the facts.
Like Tim Novak crying to his wife over bags of cash and being in over his head on something.
And arguing over money with Vince Madrid.
So what? What does that even mean, huh? That she was distraught? She was confused? Novak wanted out of dirty business, so Madrid killed him for it.
Hold on, jackass.
You just crossed a line.
Where's your proof? That's what we're gonna find out.
Yeah, you're gonna plant it.
You watch your tongue, all right? You know, maybe you ought to ask yourself whether you're more concerned about protecting your hero's image than finding a cop killer.
You're gonna wind up with egg on your face.
Then you'll have a front-row seat.
You coming? So what do you expect to find in there? Drugs or money that'll tie Novak and Madrid to dealing.
Which would give Madrid motive to kill Novak.
Son of a bitch.
Guess Madrid got here first.
You don't know that.
He's sending a message.
You can't prove any of this.
We've got surveillance of Madrid in the vicinity of Portis Walker's drop-off point with a duffel bag.
And Crime Scene pulled Madrid's DNA off a chewed piece of gum at the site of the shooting.
He spit out his gum.
Had to been from this morning.
Doesn't prove anything.
He wasn't there this morning.
Look, it ain't no secret that me and you got a lot of dark history and we don't see eye-to-eye anymore.
But I believe you want to do the right thing here.
So what? Railroading a good cop and soiling the reputation of another, that's the one right thing, Don? I was in the Six-Four before you, hmm? I saw 'em with the free meals and the free dry cleaning running around like princes of the city.
I got no idea why you're telling me this.
'Cause I already have years on the job.
I knew what to look for.
But you you were just a kid.
You can't blame yourself for thinking that they ran the town.
You really think you can get into my head? Your boy is involved, plain and simple.
But he ain't going down without a statement.
Madrid raised me.
I owe him every benefit of the doubt.
Hey, were you and Novak ripping off dealers and selling their product? Unbelievable.
You think I'm wired, huh? I'm here to help you.
Did you kill Novak? You know me.
You know that's bull.
There's a case.
It's circumstantial, but there's DNA at the crime scene.
Total lie.
You covered every base, but you spit out your damn gum.
So what's that prove? Nothing.
You were like a father to me, you know that? Oh, come on.
Don't get wet on me.
You want me to help you, or you want to spend the rest of your life in a cell? I know people at the lab, and your chewing gum mistake can end up in the incinerator.
But I got to know what else I'm up against.
I'm sick over this.
You did me a lot of good turns and I'll do this.
But you got to put in your papers and you got to leave town.
I put my ass on the line every day, and I still couldn't afford Phoebe's asthma inhalers.
How does that make sense? Were you and Novak in this together? We'd take off dealers.
I'd drop it off at the warehouse, Portis Walker would pick it up, Novak would collect the cash.
Then what? Novak said that he wanted to start driving the commissioner; I told him, bad idea.
We're in this for another couple of years at least.
Then he said that he was crying a lot.
That if I didn't let him out, he was gonna "unburden himself" to the D.
; cop a plea.
So you mowed him down in the street like a dog? But it wasn't for me.
All right? I swear.
Please forgive me.
Did I get greedy? A little.
Please forgive me.
There's no joy in this for me.
You did good, man.
Go to hell.
Let's go bring him in.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Anything you care to add, Vince? This one he'll break your heart, too.
I don't think so.
Oh, I've heard what he gets up to.
I think he's more like me than you, Don.
I think my partner was asking if you had anything you'd like to add in your defense.
You're either going places or going to jail.
Mark my words.
And, no, you little pissant, I got nothing to say.
I want my lawyer.
I can't imagine how you must be feeling.
I'm just looking forward to being by your side tonight.
You see, this is what I was talking about this morning.
Only a cop could understand how this feels.
Message came in for you while you were out.
Lorraine tried to reach your cell, but she couldn't.
She got a sitter for tonight, so she'll be coming to the banquet.
You, uh, you didn't want to talk to me in the squad room, Commissioner? You got a political bent to you, Detective? I hadn't given much thought to politics, sir.
It's about give and take.
Now, uh, I don't condone Tim Novak's crimes.
But he's paid for those with his life.
And maybe, we can preserve some of his dignity and allow his wife and kids to get his pension.
How? You caught the case.
Depending on how you write up your DD5s, this thing could unfold in such a way that, uh, it preserves his reputation.
That the only reputation you're worried about, sir? You got a very political mind, don't you, Detective? You're gonna have my damn job one of these days.
Yeah, I stated publicly that Novak was gonna be my driver, so, yes, my reputation is at stake, too.
Listen, if you do this, I'll owe you.
My brother Patrick saw the good in people, and believed it could inspire others.
So thank you all for coming, and, um, please make sure and buy some raffle tickets.
We got some amazing donations this year.
And-and thank you all for being so generous.
A late addition to the raffle.
Two tickets to Kyle Burton's sold-out show at the Garden.
Turns out Burton had a couple dozen traffic summons he's been ignoring, so he was motivated to make a donation.
Thanks, Diaco.
Isn't that the new detective in your squad? Walter Clark? Yeah.
Introduce me.
Why? Why? Are you jealous? Hi.
I'm Lorraine Arroyo.
Oh, hey.
I've read about you.
All my girlfriends are dying to meet you.
Can I tell them that you're single? That's very sweet of you, but, uh, to be honest, work takes up most of my time, so That's okay.
It was nice meeting you.
And you.
All right, take care.
I'm gonna get us some raffle tickets, all right? Hey.
Look, you got my marriage in a vice, and I got your career.
You and Owen.
And, uh you forget what you know, and you tell no one.
Especially McKenzie.
It'll be like Natasha and that money you gave her never existed.
Yeah? Now smile.
Everyone's looking.
All right.
All right.
You and Arroyo making nice, it's it's very sweet.
I told him I admired what he did today.
That's all.
You know I can read lips, right? I mean, I can't, really, but, uh, that face just told a tale.
What the hell's going on? Nothing anymore.
Ladies and gentlemen, Commissioner Dowdell.
Good evening.
While we're gathered honoring Patrick McKenzie, I'd like to take a moment to honor another proud member of our department who we lost just this morning.
Tim Novak served in the Six-Four proudly for 25 years.
To pay tribute to that service, I would like announce his posthumous promotion to Detective First Grade.
What? How the hell does this guy have the balls to do something like this when it's gonna come out that Novak's dirty? It's suicide.
What if Novak wasn't as bad as we thought? And, uh what if you were back on the list for grade promotion? Commissioner came to you, didn't he? What'd you do? You fluff up the DD5s so that his boy doesn't end up looking like the criminal that he is? And the cloud is off your career, do you understand? All right? I had a chip and I played it.
The one thing you never had against any of them.
Crooked deals.
That's their game.
You know, Madrid might've been right about you.
What? You come on, Don, you know he wasn't.
I I'm trying to do something good.
Why would I want a promotion that way? Damn, kiddo, you-you got a long way to go.
A long way to go.
Come on.
Hey, Don.
Don Can I get another? Please? How you doing? Super good.
You make some money? Why don't we call you a cab? Come on.
All right.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
All right.
I'm coming.
You good? Hey.
Detective McKenzie.
I work with your brother.
What happened to him? Not really sure.
Your brother closed a case today, so I guess he was celebrating.
Must've been a really big case.
Are you, uh you all right? You look like you've been crying.
I-I pick the wrong guys.
Every time.
Whew no, I don't know anything about that.
Oh, my God.
Have you had one of these? You want one? Mm.
Time for bed.
Come on.
You're super nice.
Arroyo doesn't deserve you.
Always appreciate your time, Commissioner.
I have an abundance of it.
I owe that to you.
I was just doing my job, Commissioner.
You know it's nothing personal.
Well, maybe it was a little personal.