Golden Boy (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

McKenzie on Fire

1 Gentlemen.
Where is she? At ease, Officer Bellocq.
Commissioner he's dead.
Preliminary investigation indicates it was a clean shooting in a difficult situation.
In my book, that makes you a hero.
Well done.
I know your thoughts are heavy.
I've been in your shoes, all right? I'm good, Commissioner.
I'll be back in the street in no time.
No, you'll be back when you're ready.
Okay, heal this wound properly, or it will show up in places you've never expected, and it could take years to heal.
And then it could cost you.
Lady slipper orchid? It's the one you like, right? I thought we were taking it easy.
It's just a flower.
Um, after the banquet for my brother Hey, you know what? I was pretty hammered.
You said something that could be read a few ways, so most likely you know about me and Arroyo.
And you know that he's married.
It's none of my business.
It's complicated, but I'm trying to clean a little house, and I would appreciate it if you kept it quiet.
Of course.
I'd never put your personal life on the streets, all right? Yeah.
You staying partners? Depends.
All right, we got a shooting on a subway.
One DOA on the scene, another en route to the hospital.
Owen's gonna meet you there.
It's his case.
The flower thing was nothing.
I was extending a peace offering.
Or looking for a way back in? Come on, it's me you're talking to.
I ask for space, you do the opposite.
You're like a little kid.
DOA is Beth McGuire.
32, address in Hell's Kitchen.
She was with her sister Angie, who was also shot.
Transported to the hospital.
Through and through to the shoulder.
Any witnesses? Conductor said the emergency brake was pulled as the train was pulling out.
When he looked up, he saw a white male in a black hoodie and jeans running up the stairs.
Didn't get a look at his face.
Couple other witnesses gave similar descriptions.
Robbery gone wrong? Possibly, but nothing was taken from the DOA or the sister.
I'll put a call into Transit Authority for the surveillance, and I'll look into surrounding businesses.
Yeah, make sure we get the video surveillance from all the stations north of here.
You never know.
The guy could have booked it to another station, hopped on a train going a different direction.
What's the matter? I seen a few hundred casings over the years.
This is only the second I've seen like this.
It's, uh, defective ammo, right? The case exploded because it's self-loaded ammunition, and it was loaded with too much powder.
I studied that first shell for hours.
There's even a similar chamber mark on the side.
What case were you working? I wasn't working it.
I studied the evidence.
Where's the medical legal investigator? On his way.
We need to get a bullet out of that DOA and to ballistics as soon as we can.
I'm gonna head over there with this.
Hey, um, McKenzie, hang on one second.
Just for the uniformed what's going on? This bullet is real similar to the one that killed my brother.
Golden Boy 01x07 McKenzie on Fire He said the results will be just another minute.
You all right? Mm-hmm.
You need anything? Two years ago, McKenzie's brother Patrick stumbles on a possible robbery in an alley in Chelsea.
Now, there's a gunfight, and when the smoke clears, there's one less oxygen thief lying dead on the ground, but so is Patrick McKenzie.
Now, the M.
took two bullets out of his body.
Two different calibers.
Yeah, I remember the shooting.
There was, uh, there was a manhunt, wasn't there? Right.
The DOA was some local thug.
You know, complete dead end.
But they never found the second perp.
The bullets match.
They came from the same gun in your brother's homicide.
First thing, we got to talk to the surviving sister.
Before the shifts ends, I also want to talk to her attending.
I'll meet you at the hospital.
Okay, first thing you're gonna take a breath.
I'm fine.
I don't see how you could be.
You haven't been waiting on this two years, Don.
All the more reason to take a breath.
Now, you can have as much access as you want, but I'm gonna run it, and I'm gonna do it right.
That's what you want, hmm? I'll meet you at the hospital.
Debbie, you know I got your back, but you got to know that I'm here for you.
Back off.
If I have to say it again, we're gonna have a problem.
So, just stay out of my way.
Me and my sister had just seen a movie.
We were getting on the subway home, and someone followed us on and started shooting.
Can you describe him? I just remember looking down the barrel of the gun.
Beth struggled with him, and then it just went off.
Did the shooter say anything or demand any money? Right when he pulled the gun, an express train went by.
It was noisy.
Can you think of anyone who might have done this to you? I've been in Syracuse for two years.
Just came in to visit Beth.
What about Beth? Did she, um Did she have a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend? Last guy moved to California three months ago.
She was a regular girl.
Worked at Bloomingdale's.
She didn't have enemies.
Takes a lot of guts to struggle with somebody that's holding a gun unless she knew him.
Oh, she's tough.
Didn't take any flack.
But she had a good heart.
Can I just get a minute? We'll finish up later.
All right, get some rest.
That's it? Not a single question about their lifestyles? Or-or were they somewhere they shouldn't have been? Or did they have any enemies that might have gunned down my brother two years ago? Her sister was just killed, and she was shot.
She'd rest more comfortably with the killer in custody, believe me.
Okay, we start with what's in front of us.
And when that's done, then we work your brother's case.
Slow and steady, huh? Don, you say I want this done right, but honestly, I just want this done right now.
I know.
It's my dad.
Her father was on the job.
He was the Chief of D's.
They got a huge cop family.
Anyway, listen, this case ain't gonna play out in any way you've worked yet.
Not with a colleague involved.
Any advice? Well, for now, just step carefully and keep a close eye.
All right.
We ran both Angie and Beth.
They don't have criminal records.
However, they have relatives who are involved in a long-standing criminal enterprise.
OCID says the McGuire family are former bootleggers that went into the tavern business.
Racketeering, - money laundering, gambling.
- Lot of guys in the streets with extra holes in them when they started out.
They're still in the game? The neighborhood's been yuppified.
You can change the name and plant some trees, Lieutenant.
It's still Hell's Kitchen.
Does it still play into the shooting? Not so far.
Your brother have any links to the McGuire family? What do you mean? Like, investigatory or criminally? No, I-I just meant, had he had he crossed paths with them on a job? I know my brother's case file back and forth.
He was not involved in anything outfit-related.
Can I have a minute for my dad? All right, back to it.
You remember when I said, "Step carefully"? Yeah.
You could have come in.
I would have introduced you around.
Well, I don't need to interrupt.
I can't believe your little brother's with his reserve unit right now.
He should be here for this.
How'd you find out what we're working? 25 years on the job, Deb.
I still got some friends.
Daddy, come on.
I was gonna call you.
We've been combing through your brother's case for two years together.
You couldn't find the time to pick up a phone on something like this? I wanted to get a little further down the line before I got your hopes up.
Your mother's already down at St.
Michael's lighting candles.
And I really wanted to avoid getting her hopes up, Dad.
You get good news fever, and-and it's just You know what it does to her mood, Deb.
It's hope that parts the clouds.
It puts her on a roller coaster.
All right, all right! Let's not get started on that again.
You know these victims, the McGuire sisters, are the spawn of an old-school Irish crime family, right? Yeah, it's come up.
And McGuires have been going at it for years with the Lehane family.
The Lehanes got a bar on the Lower East Side.
That's where you start.
We're looking into McGuire associates, we'll see where it leads.
Sweetie, I got this jittery feeling.
When you know how close you are, and you just want to get the ball in the end zone.
Dad, we're working it.
But slow and steady-- that's how it cracks.
You know what this would mean to your mother, right? Yeah.
I know what it would mean to all of us.
Three-Nine Squad.
All right, thanks.
Surveillance footage is on its way down now.
Florida? It's nothing.
It's a retirement community.
We started looking at condos.
Yeah, I forgot about your two-year plan.
Yeah, it kind of fell by the wayside.
Two years, wow, that's gonna, uh, that's gonna come up pretty quick.
Don't we got work to do? All right, so long.
Angie and Beth McGuire move through the turnstile, then that's our guy.
Notice the blue stitching on the hoodie? He's got it turned inside out.
Old school stick-up move, right? Cross-referenced the MetroCard with the surveillance time stamp.
It was purchased with a business credit card personalized to a George Riddle.
He's got no record, no known relation to any Irish outfit in the businesses or restaurant on the Lower East Side.
Why aren't we moving out? We are.
We just want to give you a heads-up.
Give it to me walking.
DMV says George Riddle is six-foot-two, 200 pounds.
While the surveillance video, the guy in it, he must be five eight, maybe 150.
Well, it's hard to tell description over surveillance.
What we're saying is this guy Riddle is somebody we're just gonna talk to, not take down with guns blazing.
I got it.
You got a minute for us? I'm actually about to open the restaurant.
Four detectives come in and ask for you by name, I think the restaurant can wait, right? Right? Where were you last night midnight? Closing up till 12:30.
I swear! The other bartenders were here with me.
Your MetroCard was used last night.
You sure that wasn't you? My wallet was picked through last week.
The card was in there.
They took it.
Did you report it? It wasn't that big a deal.
What are you looking at back there? I think it might have been one of the dishwashers swiped my stuff.
Was this the guy? You recognize him? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
He works here.
That's Ronin Burk.
All right.
Ronin Burk? Hey.
Hey! Get over here! Stay down! Stay down! Mr.
This is madness! Beating the hell out of me for a MetroCard that I found in a men's room at a restaurant.
That you? Too damn blurry to see who it is.
- You got the wrong man.
- His face.
Care to comment? He was trying to flee.
From your locker at the restaurant.
Smart move to turn it inside out.
Quick flip and, uh no one can describe you.
I'm the only guy in New York with a sweatshirt? What did I do to deserve this treatment? Where were you last night midnight? Walking home from work.
They didn't have you working last night, did they? They don't know their arse from their elbow.
Sorry, fellas, I don't know what this is about.
Ran this mutt, Ronin Burk.
His home address? It's above Lehane's bar.
What about it? Lehane's old-school Irish mob family.
They have a long-standing beef with the McGuires.
But our subway shooting victims, Beth and Angie McGuire, neither one of them appear to be personally involved in criminal activity.
Well, then maybe we need to look harder.
What about this Ronin? If he lives above Lehane's bar, clearly there's a connection.
But he has no record in the U.
IC said he just got here a month ago.
Just got here? As in As in, first time in the country.
So he couldn't have been involved in your brother's shooting.
But he's still connected to the gun.
And it doesn't mean that he didn't shoot Beth and Angie.
Either way, he's pretty clammed up.
Search his place.
I'll get a warrant over the phone.
Any other boss would've benched you on this.
Should you be working a desk? No, Lou.
Then keep it together.
Deb! Is that the gun that killed my brother? Your apartment.
With your fingerprints all over them.
See this? This is a round from the gun that you used to kill Beth McGuire and to shoot her sister Angie.
See, it's, uh, self-loaded with too much powder, so it leaves a little signature on the shell after it's fired.
The gun the surveillance footage from the subway and your sweatshirt.
You're going to jail, Ronin.
Only two more questions: why'd you do it, how much time you're looking at.
You live in a room above the Lehane's tavern.
Your visa into the U.
S is sponsored by the Lehane family.
The Lehanes and the McGuires have a long-standing organized crime feud.
Did you kill Beth McGuire as part of that feud? Son two years ago, this gun was used to murder a cop.
Now, we know you couldn't possibly be involved.
You weren't in the country.
But if you tell us where you got this gun and help us find a cop-killer, well, now we can try to get you a deal on this shooting.
You understand? You're sitting on a mountain of leverage.
I got nothing for you.
- Shanty Irish son of a bitch.
- He's still clammed up.
Knowing he'll do 20 years for killing Beth McGuire and shooting Angie.
Because he knows something about that gun.
And he knows who used it to kill my brother, and he's afraid of them.
Otherwise, he takes the deal.
Exactly! Been digging into Angie McGuire.
Again, no priors, nothing criminal.
There's got to be something.
A monthly credit card bill to St.
Vincent's hospital.
Stems from an emergency-room visit two years ago.
Same night as your brother's shooting.
How long until she left town again for Syracuse? Two days later.
And I got an old friend at St.
She took a peek at Angie's medical records from that night.
Possible sexual assault.
Possible sexual assault the night my brother is killed, and she leaves town for two years? - Sounds like someone else is afraid.
- Okay, we're gonna go talk to her.
No, no, no, no, no.
You got your hands full with the files on Ronin Burk.
I'll go down to the hospital and I'll run it by Angie.
Not alone.
Arroyo is re-canvassing the subway.
He'll meet me there.
I got it.
Hey, uh, Owen's got the files, so how about I tag along? All right.
I was gonna see if she was ready to be discharged.
We offer her a ride, she'll talk easier if we keep it informal.
Where are we going? I thought she was staying downtown.
We're taking a little detour.
Are you in or not? Where are we going? Two years ago, January 10, you went to the emergency room.
What was that about? I got hit by a taxi.
Did you report it? Guy sped off.
I didn't bother.
Why is this coming up? That visit coincided with the murder of an off-duty police officer.
His name was Patrick McKenzie.
We think he was killed trying to stop a robbery.
Why are you telling me this? Patrick was my brother.
The gun that was used to kill him was the same gun that was used to kill your sister last night.
I want to go home.
Not yet.
This is where my brother died.
I can't even think about how scared and alone he must have felt.
The only comfort I have is thinking that maybe he died protecting somebody.
Was it you? Were you being assaulted? You of all people know how devastating it is to lose a sibling.
Oh, God.
Two years.
Two years I've been awake at night thinking about this.
Please, tell me what you know.
I don't know anything! Nothing, okay? I don't know anything! Two years ago.
Two years ago.
Look at me, look at me.
Two years ago, something precious was taken from you, wasn't it? And last night, something even more precious was taken.
Your sister Beth.
Now, she deserves justice.
You both do.
And we got you, huh? I think it was Devlin Lehane.
I think I heard his voice.
Devlin Lehane? What happened that night? I knew Devlin growing up.
He's a drunk.
Drug addict.
One night after work, he followed me with some scumbag friend and shoved me in this alley, and they attacked me and they ripped out my earring, and they started raping me.
But that cop, your brother, he came on it and he ordered them to the ground.
When the guns came out, I just I just I just ran away.
Why didn't you come forward? I was scared he'd come after me, so I left town.
Doesn't tie in to the shooting last night, does it? A week ago, I came to visit Beth and I saw him on the street.
Two years I've been living with the memory of that night, and I just lost it on him.
I started screaming at him.
I'm sure he had this Ronin Burk come and shoot me and my sister to shut me up.
Lehane runs a tavern downtown.
Let's go.
Gonna get a uniform to guard you where you're staying.
My dad beat us to Lehane's tavern.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Here comes your little girl.
Behave, Eddie.
First officer on the scene said your father came in here with a baseball bat, demanding answers.
Who worked him over? Uniform says this guy was leading the charge.
Name is Devlin Lehane.
Hey, hey let's just get him in and start the interviews, right? Slow and steady.
What the hell's going on here? Where you two been? This Devlin might be good for her brother's murder.
Hey, sweetheart.
All roads lead to Lehane's, right? This Devlin's got a record longer than my arm.
You're trying, but you got to take a step back.
Are you kidding? Showing up here with a bat? It's the only language they speak-- these thugs.
Oh, don't give me that look like I mucked everything up.
It didn't help us.
Was I right about Lehane's? We should have come down here first thing this morning.
You got to strike while the iron's hot, Deb.
My colleague says the opposite.
Now, you put me in the middle and you're clouding my work.
Who's been studying this case? Dad, take a step back before you get yourself locked up.
Crazy son of a bitch came in swinging a bat.
What should I have done, poured him a whiskey? Well, Devlin, we got to talk to you about something else.
Officer Patrick McKenzie.
Killed two years ago breaking up a rape.
Got nothing to do with me.
And we believe you.
Angie McGuire said the same thing.
She told us the guy you were with is the guy who assaulted her.
But it'd be a shame for you to do time that you didn't have to.
You and your buddy, you go out drinking.
You see Angie.
She leaves the bar, you go after her to try to get her phone number.
She shoots you down-- that happens-- but your buddy-- he's the guy who ain't gonna take no for an answer and he tries to rape her, and of course you feel bad because you didn't stop it.
Right? It's not a crime to be a witness, Devlin.
Look, you did what just about any other guy would do-- you ran.
And you hoped the police would never come knocking.
They didn't, so you went back to your life, and two years later she comes back to town out of the blue.
Probably looking for money.
It makes sense that you would, you know, send Ronin over, maybe rough 'em up a little bit.
How would you know that he's gonna haul off and shoot them? That doesn't make you an evil guy.
You're just a scared one.
Now, look, Ronin Burk's life is over, but, Devlin, yours doesn't have to be.
You give us Ronin, and as far as me and my partner are concerned, we think you're gonna be in pretty good shape.
Pretty good shape? Walking into a lethal injection? If I'm not under arrest, I'm leaving, and that old fart that broke up my bar-- I want him charged.
So we're cutting Devlin loose? This is just a start.
Owen's no fool.
It's got a lot of angles left.
I'm not a psychiatrist, so I don't why you are the way you are, but I do know that you are disgusting.
What's this now? What do you want? You need someone else to do your dirty work for you.
The only way you could attack a woman is if she was drunk or unconscious.
I wouldn't do that.
Oh, Angie told me all about you.
You get off on hurting and controlling women.
How does it feel to have a woman controlling you now? Hmm? What's the matter, Devlin? You seem a little upset.
Not as upset as you.
My brother's still alive.
I'd rather have a brother in the ground than a worthless loser like you.
You're weak, so you overcompensate by acting like a man.
I see 'em every night in the bar: desperate to be picked up, but too angry to let it happen.
Beat it, Devlin.
How am I supposed to tell my dad I let that guy walk? These things take time; he'll understand.
You don't know my father.
You know, I can't say that I know what you're going through, but I've been close.
I know you have.
So, safe to say I know what you're thinking.
You know where Devlin works, you got a gun, and you got an idea how to do it and get away clean.
Do not.
You're too good, you're too smart, and you ain't down there on his level.
I'll be back.
Hey, Maxine called-- not urgent, about Florida.
Didn't you hear anything I said today? Keep an eye out.
Ah, you're early.
How are you, baby? Hey.
Here, I brought you something.
Are you kidding? Patrick liked these.
I haven't had a doughnut since the academy.
Well, if you don't want it, I'll eat it.
You know, speaking of the academy, little secret? Your first week on the street, your brothers got together and followed you around from job to job.
What? Mm-hmm, once they saw you could handle yourself, they went back to work.
How did they get away with that? They worked in a different precinct.
Well, they had time on the books, took a couple days off.
He walked, didn't he? Sorry, Dad, but we don't have him yet.
Your brother was such a good man, Deb.
I mean, since he was a kid, Patrick was all about taking care of everybody else.
And he's left bleeding to death, alone in a filthy alley.
I couldn't be there to help my son when he needed me.
You can't imagine how that feels.
It's got to end, Deb.
How's it gonna end? Holster your weapon.
Pat was our backbone.
When he died, the void Was like I would do whatever I could to, to just fill it, you know the worse the better.
And then was that when your dad started investigating? Every day.
He'd have a new theory and he would just say it was for my mom.
But it was all him.
But he wouldn't want it like this.
All right? Why are you watching out for me today? I'm the eyes for the whole squad, you know.
Those guys, you know, they We care so much for you and we just don't want to step on your toes.
Just like my brothers used to do.
Yeah, just like your brothers.
We're family, you know.
And, you know Owen's got a plan of how we're gonna nail Devlin, okay, but the only way it works is if we go slow And steady.
Slow and steady.
Health code violations, my ass.
And illegal poker machines, stolen inventory-- not good for a place already on probation.
You think you're playing dirty, coming after my bar? Your heads are filled with cat urine.
I don't think I've ever been insulted that way before.
The hell is this now? We're a little tight on space.
Got to stow you with your old pal Ronin.
You guys can, uh, I don't know, chat about the old country.
We're not chatting about nothing.
You don't think I'm aware of this amateur tactic? Don't speak a word, Ronin.
They're watching us, hoping we talk.
Got a brain in me head.
Don't speak a word.
Because it's playground time for detectives of the NYPD.
What now? Gonna wait a couple minutes.
Then I'll go make Ronin a sandwich.
What kind? Oh.
That's irrelevant.
Let's go.
Not a word.
You? You're going into a cell, buddy.
Come on.
Mayo? Aw, come on.
Devlin ain't gonna mind if you say yes or no to mayo.
Here you go.
What is this? You gonna beat me with a sandwich? What the hell's the matter with you? It's a snack.
We need a statement from Devlin.
I got nothing to say about Devlin.
I was gonna say we're giving him some time alone.
It's no trick.
There's no game here.
Come on, it's not gonna bite.
Fine, forget it.
I'll eat it.
Hungry? Uh, you know, we got a couple of minutes.
You want to hear an impression? I do pretty good Irish.
Americans can't do Irish.
"I shall be at Aqaba.
That is written in here".
- Huh? - That's a pretty good O'Toole.
Damn right, it's pretty good.
But it's O'Toole doing a Brit.
So no credit.
Gabriel Byrne.
"I can't feel my legs.
Just a taste.
All right, sit tight then, my man.
I didn't say a word.
He just made me a sandwich.
You expect me to believe that? Chuckling with your new best friend? I can't hear a word they're saying.
No, it's all good.
They're under the recorder.
Did you make a deal with them, you stupid donkey? I didn't say a word.
Why on earth did I trust you? supposed to ask who told you to bring a gun to scare Angie McGuire, and where the hell did you find it? Behind a loose board in the apartment weeks ago.
I didn't know there was a body on it.
A cop! Wow! Now, I'd use the words "gold mine," but I'm not one to gloat.
Further along in the conversation, you ask Ronin if he said anything about the safe in your bar.
We found the safe.
Angie McGuire's earring, from when you tried to rape her.
Oh, yeah, we tied this identification to another sexual assault.
The other artifacts might take a while to connect up, but on the face of it, you're a serial rapist.
Oh, wait.
And this.
My brother's watch.
You got anything to say? I do.
Stand up, you cop-killing son of a bitch.
You're under arrest.
Come on.
We're taking Devlin down to Central Booking.
You coming? Nah.
I got to go meet my dad.
Listen, uh, you can just throw that flower in the trash, if you want.
I didn't mean anything by it.
I appreciate you taking a backseat today, but I think, putting the case away, it Puts us away? We still partners? Yeah.
But that's it.
It'll get more sun over here.
You really ready to give it up after two years? This case wouldn't have made without you, Don.
I used some very old tricks.
Without you watching out, McKenzie would be locked up.
That was you watching out.
I mean, I told you to Look, I'm just saying, all right? Just saying what? What are you saying? Slow and steady, huh? You know you're the best of us, right, Don? Exactly what she said.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You've been picking at that Brussels sprout for the last 20 minutes.
It's the economy, hon.
I mean, you know, maybe it ain't the best idea to relocate while it's so bad.
Because if you retire, it's damn hard to go back.
Maybe you're not ready.
Come on, now, I didn't say that.
Well, maybe you're conflicted.
That suit you better? That's good.
You've been messing with me all day, haven't you? I know you like the back of my hand.
You know, retirement, Max, and leaving the job behind I'm starting to have an effect over there again.
Why don't we just take it slow and steady.
Maxie, I'm so glad I have you.
I love you, sug.
I gave this to Patrick when he graduated from the academy.
My father gave it to me.
I never thought I'd see it again.
When Patrick died I know I shut down.
Nothing mattered more to me than solving his murder.
I thought I'd failed you as a father.
And I thought I failed you as a daughter.
I know, like, I should've cracked that case.
And I couldn't look you in the eye until I did.
I thought about it every day.
Hey, hey, hey.
You never failed me once, not for a second.
Deb, you're a perfect daughter.
And you're a damn good detective.
Your advice to that officer today, "Healing the wounds of a trauma.
" A shooting, being shot-- you had both those happen to you.
Do you ever really get over it? Well, if you do the therapy, you're willing to confront your demons, face them down.
You might want to step back.