Goliath (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Pride and Prejudice

1 Oh, my God, please help me Knee deep in the river trying to get clean He says, wash your hands, get out the stains But you best believe, boy, there's hell to pay Yeah, you best believe, boy, there's hell to pay, saying Oh, my God, please help me Neck deep in the river screaming for relief He says, it's mine to give but it's yours to choose You're gonna sink or swim, you're gonna learn the truth No matter what you do, you're gonna learn the truth, saying Ate the bread that once was stones Fell from a cliff, never broke a bone Bowed down to get the kings overthrown And I'm all alone and the fire grows And I'm all alone and the fire grows [cigarette hisses] [cell door opens, slams] All right, McBride.
[latch clicks] You're out.
I'm running a little behind.
I'm gonna trust that you didn't screw me on my shit here, okay? [siren in distance] [elevator bell dings] [door closes] The judge dismissed it, Mr.
You missed it.
You gotta be shitting me.
What the fuck happened? - What happened to my car? - Came in that way.
Oh, bullshit.
It didn't come in in that way.
My goddamn windshield wasn't broken.
The fuckin' headlight wasn't out.
Look at this shit.
There's fuckin' dents in it.
What's going on here, huh? Look.
Sign the form.
[bell ringing] How's your bite feeling? You go to the doctor yet? I'm fine, Dad.
Really, it didn't even hurt that bad.
Mom wasn't too excited about the whole thing, though.
Look, I just don't want you walking around thinking it was my fault at all, because you saw the guy - Dad, please don't.
- You saw the son of a bitch.
How about your mom? What is she saying? Don't do that, either.
I don't know.
I'm just sorry the whole thing happened, honey.
So we're good? Yeah, Dad.
We're good.
- Hey, Dad? - Yeah.
Get your shit together.
[blues] [continues] No housekeeping today, okay? [sighs] [exhales] [pounding on door] - I said no housekeeping! - What, you couldn't call me? You couldn't let me know what's going on? If I had known that you'd been arrested, I could have done something! I could have moved the hearing! You get one call, man! And you can't fucking use it? Could you keep your fucking voice down? Fuck you, keep you voice down! There's no law that says they gotta give me a phone call.
I was resisting arrest.
They ain't got do me no favors.
- How drunk were you? - Not at all! I haven't really had a drink in three days.
- Where's Rachel? - What do you care? You fuck her.
And you don't show up for her case.
You're fucked up and you're sick.
And you made me look like a fucking idiot! I'm coming up with a plan to fix it, 'cause I actually do care.
Oh, I understand.
I understand.
Because you're gonna fucking fix it, 'cause I tell you what.
I didn't get to where I am by letting assholes like you drag me down.
Where you are? You got a one-woman shop in fuckin' Van Nuys, honey.
Fix it! Or I swear to fucking God I swear to God I'm gonna make your life shittier than it is now.
Believe it or fuckin' not.
You'd have to be a goddamn magician to do that.
- Malicious prosecution.
- Malicious prosecution? For starters.
And anything else you can think of.
First of all, I don't think that failure to show up at a court date - constitute - [clicks] The case is dead, Donald.
It's dismissed.
Be a gracious one, and let's just let sleeping dogs lie.
Some dogs refuse to lie.
Some dogs you have to hit, kick while they're down, in order to ensure they stay down.
I've known Billy longer than any of you, longer even than you.
I know what he's capable of.
For good and ill.
He's a moral leper.
Billy created this firm.
I created this firm.
That's why my name is first.
The point is, whatever your feelings are for Billy My feelings are not in play, Michelle.
Are yours? I don't want any claim filed.
- [clicks] - If you file a claim, then I have to report it back to Borns Tech where I will be met with "why.
" It is not a satisfactory response on my part to say I have no fucking idea.
If they ask you why you just tell them because I said so.
[doorbell chimes] - Listen, please.
- No.
- Hear me out.
- Mm-hmm.
I gotta a plan.
We're gonna go back to state court.
I'm gonna get the hearing rescheduled.
And then at the same time, Rachel Listen! I'm gonna file in federal court with an entirely different theory.
Now, if none of that works, you just sue me for malpractice.
I got professional insurance.
I'll go along with whatever you say.
And then you get something for your case.
- You think I did this for money? - No.
I'm making money off my dead brother? That's not what I'm saying! Hang on a second! Please! I never missed a court date in my lifetime.
- Bullshit.
- That's not bullshit.
- I don't believe you.
- I always made it.
Maybe I was in bad shape sometimes, but I always answered the fucking bell, Rachel.
And as far as Look.
I also There's this guy There's this guy that's been following me around.
Okay? I've seen him three times.
The first time was at the bar.
He's glaring at me at everything.
At first, I thought he was just some fucking asshole.
But then, sure enough, he's outside, he's taking pictures.
I'm with my kid.
He's creeping around out there all night.
And last night, he was in my cell.
There's gotta be something to it.
It's gotta have something to do with the case.
I know it does.
- We got something - You need more help than I do.
Rachel? [latch clicks] [explosions] [speaks Spanish] Hey! Idiota! Quit it.
Fucking seals won't go away, man.
I fucking hate seals.
- [explosion] - What's up, man? Oh, no.
Get the fuck outta here.
We don't need anything from you.
I'm not here to see you.
I'm here to see him.
I told you, man.
He isn't against moving shit.
It's just that he don't know you.
You know how many guys out there would be willing to make this deal? It's not my boat, man.
It's my brother's boat.
Can't blame him, either.
How do we know you're not some kind of cop? Just show up here with this deal out of nowhere? Dude, we don't know you.
My brother's careful.
He's got his wife.
Got kids.
He's actually kind of a pussy now.
If you don't handle deals like this, why do you have a guy like Billy McBride working for you? - Who? - He's a lawyer.
He's the one who told me you guys would be open for this deal.
He's a drug lawyer.
He's big.
I don't know any lawyers, man.
Don't bullshit me.
I met the guy one time.
He came by here and wanted to talk about an accident we had on our old boat.
That's it.
What'd you tell him? Woman: That was the last time I spoke to her.
Man: That was very brave.
Thank you, Candace.
Is there anyone else that would like to speak? I recognize some of you from the old days when I used to come to this meeting.
I figured I'd either die or come back when I hit rock bottom, which I did a few times.
But I just kept redefining what rock bottom is.
Kind of like God's little acre.
Maybe that's a little obscure for some of you younger folks.
And recently I had a pretty good chance to come back.
I got some decent work.
Got a girl that would half-assed tolerate me.
But I fucked it up.
You know, aren't you all tired of saying the same shit over and over at these meetings? I know I'm tired of hearing it.
Truth is, I wanna get my shit together for my daughter's sake.
And I wanna get back to being somebody that people can trust.
So that's kind of my deal.
- Hey, Alma, you got a sec? - No.
Listen, I wanna apologize to you for missing the court date.
Don't talk to me, Mr.
- Listen, I need a favor.
- You're not getting one.
I gotta go back in front of Keller.
He's not gonna like it, but you gotta do this for me.
I'm calling on you for a favor, and you know exactly what I'm talking about.
- You gonna do it or not? - Or what? Are you threatening me? I don't wanna have to, but I will.
- After you.
- Thanks.
Okay, so just a recap.
Great freeway, access.
- Right? - Right.
And you saw the light inside.
And the public schools are on the up.
Excuse me for one No.
This is a shown by No.
What? Did you fix it? If not, fuck off.
Not yet.
But I filed a new case in federal court based on the death on the High Seas Act.
- High sea what? - I'll explain it to you.
Look, I just need you to help me get Rachel back.
- I've been trying and it ain't working.
- Right.
Well, I don't blame her.
Hey! Why don't you guys go inside, have another look around, and I'll be right in, okay? Okay.
I'm trying to make amends here.
If you want me to apologize to you too, I will.
I'm sorry.
I don't accept.
I've been having kind of a rough time.
I need a little help.
Oh, so you're the victim? Is that right? Look, I know all about guys like you.
I've married two of them, and Forget it.
I'll figure out a way to get the case reheard without you.
Patty We can do this.
I guarantee you.
I just need you to help me get Rachel back.
- I'll be right here.
- Whatever.
Cooperman asked for me again? Why? Seems he's a fan.
Malicious prosecution and whatever else you can throw at them.
Billy's just tried to resurrect the case in federal court under the High Seas Act.
So, while you're at it, you can draft a response to that, as well as the motion to dismiss, and we'd like it all by the end of business.
- Okay.
- Really? 'Cause you look a little bit like a deer in the headlights.
It's just that I've never even seen the man.
Well, it seems you're on his radar.
Which could either be very good or very bad.
Donald hates Billy McBride more than any human on the earth.
And Donald is one of life's truly magnificent haters.
Just imagine how happy he would be if you help bury his biggest enemy.
End of business.
[opera] [clicks] [clicks] Best way not to get a DUI is to drink at home.
- I was set up, Frankie, okay? - Why? I don't know.
I'm still trying to figure that out.
Hey, I need you to stop calling me, okay? What are you talking about? I'm talking about calling me and hanging up like a teenage boy.
I called you a couple of times.
I left a message, but I didn't hang up on you.
Really? You didn't call me and hang up? It wasn't you.
I swear to God.
Did you hope it was? Tell the truth.
[chuckles] Hmm.
I'll stay for one second.
- Federal court.
- Yeah.
- You think we can win? - I know we can.
Hey, look, I'm sorry about coming over there and acting like some tweaker or something.
It's okay.
If I didn't give a shit, - I'd just give it up, you know? - I know.
Your face okay? Yeah, it's fine.
I'm lying.
It sucks.
- That feels like shit.
- [chuckles] I mean, the sleep apnea and everything - and the busted nose - Not good.
- Bad combination.
- Not good.
This thing, um This thing we did together, you and me - Sex? - Yeah.
[laughing] If we're gonna be back in business here, probably should shy away from that.
I agree.
It was kind of fun, though, wasn't it? [both chuckle] If you're feeling kind of low Kind of down - Hurt? - No, it's okay.
- Thanks for doing this.
- Yeah.
God, I'm being followed, and you're having people hang up on you.
It just, um I've never been stalked.
Me neither.
You think it's the case? I can't imagine it's not.
I don't wanna see you blue You're a sweet guy.
- You are.
- Come on.
[continues] Patty said that juries used to love you.
But what happened? She's right.
They did.
Juries loved me.
And I loved them, too.
That's the secret.
At one point, they loved me so much, I could do anything I wanted, just about, yeah.
But that can be dangerous.
I won't say anything if you don't.
I won't say a word.
To see you smile Have you actually met him? No, but maybe I will.
Has anybody ever seen Cooperman? He won't let himself be seen.
Supposedly, half his face is burnt off.
Some injury in Vietnam.
He sits in a dark room all day.
I heard he has hepatitis and light sensitivity.
I heard the partners make him stay in the room, because he's out of his mind.
And it was Billy McBride who drove him nuts.
I even heard it was McBride who lit his face on fire, and they made up the whole Vietnam story.
That's definitely not true.
Yeah, Luce, you gotta take a picture if you ever meet him.
Oh, yeah, I'm gonna whip out my phone and send you a Snapchat? Don't worry.
That's never going to happen, because he does not exist.
You know who doesn't exist, Sumi? You.
In fact, none of you exist.
Unless we count flecks.
We don't count flecks.
Specks, we count.
Lucy, here, has clawed her way up from being a fleck to a little speck.
Did you file the answer in federal court? - Yeah, last night.
- Good.
- Oh, fuck.
- [exhales] Okay.
You guys can't hang out in here anymore.
- She's not coming back.
- Seriously, get out.
- I'm not a fleck.
- Rules.
How many times I gotta say this? I don't argue.
Okay? I paper, I plead, and I settle.
If I'm your strategy, then you gotta get a new strategy.
[chattering] - Hey.
- Hey, what's up? - Oh, hi.
- Billy, this is Marva.
- Hi.
- How you doing? Good.
How are you? And this is Patty Salton something.
- No.
- Okay.
Marva has agreed to take over.
Take over what? She'll be my replacement.
She has considerable experience as a legal secretary.
- And I - Come here a sec, Brittany.
I wanna ask you something.
Come here.
I gotta go back to my other job.
Right? We agreed on a temporary basis.
- What's up? - I gotta get on with my life, Billy.
You said for one case, which I did.
Yeah, and we're not done.
We gotta go to federal court now.
I Billy, I need to make a living.
Well, you're gonna make a living.
I told you.
This is a real fucking case here.
You're gonna get paid.
I promise.
- I have clients of my own.
- I know that.
But I thought we had something here.
Besides, look at this fucking woman.
Look how goddamn big she is.
- This is a little fuckin' place.
- Hey.
Shh! No disrespect, but fuck.
You gotta stay with me here, honey.
It's really not fair for you to beg like that, 'cause you know I owe you.
Come on.
But Marva stays and I train her.
It's fine by me.
Hey, Jason.
My God, look at you, you got so tall.
Give me a hug.
Good to see you.
God, you look so much like your dad.
Hey, um Hi, Gina.
I hope it's okay.
No, it's not.
- Mom, please.
- Jason, go inside.
I'll be in in a minute.
It's good to see you.
This is rude.
You're just stopping by without calling first? I did call, Gina, you don't return my calls.
That didn't stop you from coming, did it? I just thought that you both deserve to understand what's going on.
We don't want to have anything to do with you or your bullshit case.
Ryan didn't kill himself.
He wouldn't kill himself.
He loved Jason too much.
- He loved you too much.
- I know that.
I actually have his suicide note upstairs.
Do you wanna read it again? Do you wanna read about how much he hated what he was doing? How much he hated himself? Do your lawyers even know about the note? Oh, Jesus.
Do you have any idea how much this hurts us? How much this hurts Jason? Just go.
[door closes] The room key.
- He checked in yet? - No.
- Thank you, sweetie.
- Of course.
Baby, bodies aren't just for sleeping It's been a year since I really rolled out [continues] Yeah Ooh, but it took a long turning 'round [continues] It's only unattainable love [sniffs] Pretty.
Pretty woman.
I'll just be God damn, they rigged these fuckin' blood test results.
- Billy.
- I wasn't drunk.
Okay, look, I will handle the DUI.
Okay? That I can do.
What was your blood alcohol? You just handle the federal case.
Let me worry about the DUI.
Why are you being so dumb? My entire practice is dealing with DUIs.
Excuse me, hon.
I don't see anywhere here in your pleading where you say that there was a wrongful act.
A man blew up on a boat owned by the defendant.
Res ipsa.
Something wrong happened.
It's obvious.
That's all you got? Something wrong happened? - I'll just handle the federal case, too.
- Fuck you, Billy.
"Fuck you" is good in traffic, but not in court, okay? In the real world, lawyers have to argue cases and shit.
Thank you.
Thank you for your wisdom.
Honey, I was doing this shit back when you were wondering why Ken and Barbie didn't have genitals.
I used to handle 20 cases at a time.
I think I can handle two.
- Jesus Christ.
- Billy? Talk to you for a second? - Okay, let's have it.
- Okay.
- Denise was pretty shaken up.
- Yeah, so was I.
She was tased, Billy.
Well, I wasn't drunk, okay? She could have been seriously hurt Yeah? Well, talk to your goddamn boss about that.
You are insane, if you think that Donald Cooperman has some conspiracy against you, insane! Okay.
Well, let me explain something to you.
Ever since I took this case, weird shit's happening to me, okay? People are following me, I'm getting pulled over by the cops, having my ass beat.
- You're so crazy.
- Yeah? - Let it go.
- It's not happening.
- No.
- You can't win this.
Yeah, maybe not.
But I'm sure as shit gonna try.
And let me tell you something else.
As much as I'd like to fuck Cooperman, that's not the reason I'm in this one.
I'm actually doing this again.
So get ready for it, will you? I don't care why you're in this one.
Just leave our daughter out of it, okay? Yeah, well, I kind of was.
And then you let her, you know, get lost.
Sorry about the Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
I have some unsettling and some good news.
Yeah? Well, give it to me.
The clerk from the federal court just called to say that the case has been dismissed.
No explanation given.
Just dismissed.
I know, it's unsettling.
Well, what's the good news? Your friend Alma called.
How the fuck did he get the case reinstated in state court? It was dead in state court.
I saw it die.
- And yet it lives.
- That's not an answer.
It wasn't actually dismissed with prejudice.
It got kicked because Billy didn't show up.
We refiled the motion to dismiss.
We're back in there tomorrow.
This time it will be squashed for good.
How do you know that? Because the Gnome has the assignment.
And Cooperman is the one that got him the appointment.
The Gnome? I don't like the Gnome.
He's a loose cannon.
We are gonna be fine, Leonard.
This should be settled.
Donald Cooperman will not use our money to fight his vendetta.
That not what this is about.
I don't care what this is about.
Donald Cooperman can't let it go.
He is obsessing over Billy McBride.
And I am telling you, this thing could be fucking us up the ass.
- Oof! - Hard! Leonard, sweetie.
Maybe this whole general counsel gig isn't for you.
You don't seem to be having fun.
Do not handle me, Callie.
People should be happy in life, that's all I'm saying.
- The Gnome.
- Yeah, regardless.
And you say he's Cooperman's friend? Not necessarily.
Most of Cooperman's friends hatehis guts.
Keller's a decent judge.
He's just a nasty little prick.
Okay, so should we survive the motion to dismiss tomorrow, we settle.
- Right? - Could be.
Let's assume for the sake of argument that you are everything you're cracked up to be.
Let's even say you show up to court tomorrow.
We are talking about one of the top three law firms in the world and then there's Born's Tech which is a fucking massive global weapons manufacturer.
Then there's us, which is not so great.
So there's windmills, and there's windmills.
So, what? You wanna give up? Yeah, they're a big deal.
So what? Look, part of being a lawyer is knowing when you're on to something.
And we're on to something.
All right? Oh, God, please don't fuck this up.
This is not me going behind Donald Cooperman's back.
I wanna be clear about that.
Well, I'm pleased to hear that, Leonard.
Because it sounded like you were.
I'm just saying the case should have settled, but Cooperman won't do it.
Wait a minute, I'm confused.
I thought it was dismissed.
It was dismissed in state court when Billy McBride failed to show.
Then he filed in federal court where Donald, to his credit, got it squashed, even without a hearing.
But then the case resurfaced in state court.
You must have had a friend in the clerk's office.
This McBride is desperate, which to me makes him dangerous.
We should throw some money at him and make this go away.
But Cooperman is too blinded by his anger to see that logic You know what I think? I think it's a small price to pay to make Donald happy.
Cooperman works for us.
He acts like it's the other way around.
Maybe it is.
Look, do you know what that guy Larson did here? What are you talking about? He worked on the Falcon class line of fuel systems for the Navy.
That's not what he did, Leonard.
What do you mean? Do you actually want to know what he worked on? Yes.
No, you don't.
If Donald Cooperman wants to carry water on this or anything else, you know what you job is? It's to say yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Will that be all, sir? - You wanted to see me? - I did.
- You wrote a nice brief, Lucy.
- Thank you.
Judge Rosten Keller is sitting.
You've heard of him? - The Gnome? - He's a very active gnome.
He asks a lot of questions.
I'm gonna need you there, should he want specifics on any of these cases you've cited.
- Great.
- He's also known to question second and third chairs.
He considers any attorney of record to be fair game.
I'm sure you can guess my concern.
Well, I've upped my dosage of Alprazolam.
Come in.
I'm sorry? I asked you to smile.
Okay, please show me you can do better than that.
There you go.
I want you to feel that smile between now and tomorrow, in the hopes that it might beget self-confidence.
Judge Keller preys on the weak.
I don't want him looking at you and smelling blood.
I expect poise and strength.
I won't let you down.
And should Judge Keller call on you to speak, I expect you not to stutter.
[knocking on window] - Is everything okay? - Yeah.
What's up? Uh, I was just wondering, would you wanna go grab coffee with me sometime? Oh, sweetie.
[whimpers] McBride: This smells like shit, dude! I saw your fucking mouth breather.
- You could be a - [blow lands] - [people struggling] - [Taser clicking] - McBride: Fucker! - [chuckling] [laughs] Oh, my God.
[laughing] - [beep] - Wendell Corey's on line one.
[beeps] - Wendell.
- Donald.
I've been thinking.
This case needs to go away.
- It shall.
- When? - Tomorrow.
- No later.
Our general counsel, Leonard Letts? He's getting nervous.
And he's getting nosey.
Are we done? You know, I've ben thinking.
You should come in for a visit, see what we've got going on.
I'll set it up for sometime next week.
Sounds good.
Donald? It needs to go away tomorrow.
[line clicks] [beeps] [clicking] [beeps] Callie Senate is here.
Are we ready? We are ready.
The dog has to stay down, Callie.
Of all your lieutenants, why me on this case? You have talent.
That's it? Isn't that enough? There's nothing else in play? What else can be in play? Make sure the dog stays down, Callie.
He's rabid.
Handsome, wow.
Just go in there, relax.
Be you.
If he doesn't show up, can you argue this? He'll be here.
The hooker just texted me, so we're fine.
[bell dings] Oh, shit, it's them.
They got that cold "who gives a fuck about humanity" look.
Walking in a "V" like geese.
[scoffs] Right? Okay, confidence is key.
You with me? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay? 'Cause if you look like a winner, then they're gonna think No.
[door opens] All rise.
The Honorable Rosten Keller presiding.
Oh, my fucking God.
Good morning, Counsel.
This case seems to be hanging around like a bad smell, thanks to my clerk.
Now then, but I understand there continue to be problems with the plaintiff's original filing.
Yes, Your Honor.
The first issue would be standing.
Your Honor, before we get to standing Hi, I'm Patty Solis-Papagian for the plaintiff.
We're awaiting the arrival of lead counsel William McBride.
Judge: And where is Mr.
McBride? [door opens] I'm sorry, Your Honor.
The traffic was a mess.
I think the President's in town or something.
Miss Senate, Miss Kittridge, and Mr.
Letts were all here on time.
The litigant bringing the case can't be bothered.
Well, if protocol seems to count - Judge: It does! - I'm seven days early.
Because, you know, the defendant's required to provide notice before scheduling any motion to dismiss.
Judge: Yes! Well, we're all here now, so.
- [clicks] - Have a seat.
Let's proceed.
The issue concerns standing.
[clears throat] Miss Senate, I'll hear from you.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Rachel Kennedy is neither spouse nor surviving child of the deceased.
Wrongful death can be asserted by anyone financially or emotionally dependent on the decedent.
No California court has ever conferred standing My client's brother blew up on the defendant's boat.
First of all, Mr.
Larson took his own life.
The OSHA report makes that clear.
And OSHA depended on an investigation by the defendant.
The issue is standing, counsel.
You're straying off point.
No, actually I'm not.
The point of this lawsuit is to find out how Ryan Larson was killed.
I'm granting defendant's motion.
This case is dismissed.
Hang on a second.
What? Your complaint is defective on standing.
Therefore, the case is dismissed.
- Thank you.
- Are you kidding? Do I look like a kidder, sir? No, but you sound bought.
I hope they paid you well.
Oh, Jesus.
What did you say to me? I said you sound bought.
I meant you're acting like a guy who's been bribed or otherwise in the bag for the other side.
The case is dismissed.
I'm also fining Mr.
McBride $5,000 for direct contempt of court.
- Excuse me? - I do not excuse you.
Suggesting that I've been bought that'scontempt.
I'm ordering the plaintiff to pay full defense costs for both this proceeding and the preparation time connected thereto.
Call my next case.
What the fuck is this? That vulgarity will cost you another $5,000.
I don't give a shit.
Make it ten or fifteen, you douchebag.
Judge: Counsel, you are dangerously close to having your ticket punched.
Do you care if you ever practice law again? That's a fair question.
And you know what, Your Honor? We can take that up at my hearing.
Judge: Where are you going! McBride: I'm just approaching Don't you dare approach my bench without asking! Back to your seat, sir.
Well, like I was saying, we'll take that up at my hearing, because I'm sure Your Honor knows, as any good judge would, even the corrupt kind, that by holding me in contempt, you entitle me to a hearing, a hearing at which I'm allowed to introduce evidence including but not limited to misdeeds by defense counsel, and here's the good one judicial bias.
That's right, Your Honor, I said judicial bias.
Just put it on my fuckin' tab.
Judge, schedule my hearing.
What's good for you? My clerk will propose a few dates No! and notify the parties.
I don't understand what just happened.
Did we just win, or did we lose? Both, kind of.
Case got kicked, but we're still open.
That doesn't make any sense.
No, it's the law.
It's not supposed to.
Bottom line is, is we're still in the game.
That's the good news.
[tires screech] [crowd clamoring] Get back! Clear back! Come on! Woman: Somebody call 911! Man: I will! Rachel? Rachel.
[sirens approaching] You stinker!