Goliath (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Full Circle

1 Shit.
How is it not "eve"? I don't understand that.
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there? Boo.
- Boo, who? - Aw.
Why you crying? Can I get you something? Oh, yeah, um Cup of coffee, please.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- You look great.
- Hmm.
You still taking cases? The subsidence of our property wasn't a surprise.
I mean it's standard for the Central Valley, we were told.
- Right.
- And I-I wasn't worried.
I mean, the neighboring farms, they were doing great.
So slam dunk retirement plan, right? Hmm.
I always dreamed of moving to California.
Make some wine, impress my friends in New York.
It was the dream.
Like back in Constitutional Law? - Mm.
Oh, yeah.
- You remember? You and me.
Dreaming about starting our firm together, remember? Oh, yeah.
So, McBride & Turowski.
I bet we would have worked out of a funky motel.
Keep the overhead low to cut the bullshit.
Been spying on me, haven't you? You're living the dream, pal.
Yeah, is that what this is? Well, I didn't say it was your dream.
Still Turowski? No.
It's Bennett.
- Bobbi Bennett.
- Bobbi Bennett, that's got a ring to it.
It's bouncy.
What about you? Uh, McBride.
- You're a hell of a lawyer.
- Oh Yeah, right.
You know, the reason I ever learned anything in law school was 'cause I was trying - to impress a girl in class.
- Oh, yeah? Can't remember her name.
- Are you open for lunch? - Yeah, grab a table.
Somebody won a championship, I don't know.
Do you want to go outside? Lot of creepy lawyers - you could have called.
- Ha.
Look, I know enough about law to know that we might not have much of a case, but something's not right.
I mean, we're in a drought, but we're the only brown farm for miles, it's You're the only lawyer I know that might be able to figure the whole thing out.
I don't know about that.
Look, I'm in trouble, Billy.
- Why's that? - 'Cause we're bleeding money.
Our retirement's almost gone.
My husband doesn't know how bad it is.
I do the books, I know the numbers.
I lie to him, he believes me.
I fucking hate myself for lying to him.
I-I don't know what to do; I mean, Gene would've been perfectly happy retiring in Connecticut, but I pushed him for the vineyard.
I wanted it.
I think I'm gonna die soon.
I'm not sick, not like that.
But it's something.
A premonition.
I don't know.
- I sound like a crazy person.
- No, you don't.
I get it, believe me.
Just something feels unsettled.
And I'm I'm walking, and it's dark.
There's dirt under my feet.
'Cause I don't have shoes on, but I don't know why, and And then there's this, this glowing on the horizon.
And that's that's the last thing I see before I-I'm I'm gone.
Just devoured.
By what? I don't know.
I don't know what Gene's gonna do without me.
Let's go back, okay? Come on.
You won't take my case? Well - why not? - Well, honestly, I'm-I'm not that experienced with property and water rights.
You need somebody who is.
I can recommend a couple of guys.
That's bullshit.
Look, I just got off a case that nearly killed me.
- Okay? - Okay, I know that.
- I do follow the news.
- Okay, so you get it.
No, I don't.
I don't get it.
You're a lawyer.
You're good at it.
It's what you do.
I'm not your guy, honey.
You're mad at me, aren't you? Of course not.
You are.
- No.
- Oh, goddamn it.
You know, this would've been so much easier if you just told me to piss off the second you saw me.
- You knew how I felt about you.
- I mean, I You gave me the key to your apartment.
Said if I meet you there that night, then we'll just take off together.
Well It was too much.
I co I couldn't do it.
You could've said goodbye.
- I thought I did.
- Well, you didn't.
Look, I don't remember.
Um I'm sorry.
You still have my apartment key? Thanks for listening to me today.
You're wrong, Billy.
I didn't know how you felt about me.
You never said it.
Your advisor filled me in.
Said you're thinking about applying to law school after you've finished your degree.
Been working for a lawyer.
Yeah, doing paralegal work.
You seem nice.
Transcript looks great.
But here's the short of it.
Passing the bar is one thing.
Being admitted to the bar requires good moral character.
Your past drug use is an issue, but it's not disqualifying.
However your admission to blackmail and your court testimony for the Borns Tech case? Borns Tech? Mm-hmm.
It would be unethical for us to admit a student who couldn't be admitted to the bar.
So there's no chance of me getting into law school.
Look, you work for Billy McBride.
And while Billy McBride has had his own run-ins with the bar, his name still carries some weight in this town.
Having him testify on your behalf would really be your only shot.
Come on.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Hi.
What are you doing? I saw you here yesterday, too.
- You're Patty, right? - No, I'm not.
I ran your plates.
Lot of moving violations.
- That's - Jeff's out of town, so don't waste your day sitting here waiting for him.
I'm not.
Okay, look, I don't know what happened between you two, or why he won't return your calls.
None of my business.
But I think moving on is a good idea.
- Don't you? - I just want I wanted to apologize.
- I'll tell him.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Hey, handsome.
What's up? How are you? Doing all right.
Hey, um Hey, is it cool if I just work part-time from now on? Yeah, whatever you need.
You get another gig? No, I just don't feel like working anymore.
No, I, um, I'm going back to school.
- No shit? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
- Thinking of going to law school.
Really? - Following in your footsteps.
- Don't do that.
So I need you to vouch for me in front of the bar association.
Why is that? There's some question about my moral character.
- Oh.
- Not surprised? I didn't mean it that way.
No, it's-it's not about the drug stuff.
Borns Tech? Yeah.
My my testimony.
I'm sure you don't want to get into it right now.
No, I want to help you.
I'll do it.
- Really? - Yeah, of course.
- When is it? - A couple weeks.
I'll text you the details.
All right.
Be happy to.
So how you doing? Everything good? - I'm all right.
- Mm-hmm? Saw an old friend of mine.
- Was it a good visit? - Kind of.
A lot of memories.
You know how that goes.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
What the hell are you doing here? You said your name was Billy McBride and you lived in Santa Monica.
Yeah, that's-that's right.
But that's too You were making those weird noises again that you make when you sleep.
And then you would totally just stop breathing - for, like, a minute.
- Yeah.
And then you would start breathing again Well, see, I-I know.
Sometimes, I forget to wear my thing.
So how the hell did you get in here, anyway? - Oh, Art.
From downstairs? - Oh, great.
He have you ever seen those dreamcatchers he makes? They're, they're so colorful, and I, I wonder where he gets those feathers from.
- Do you have any? - I-I don't, I don't know.
Anyway, I-I told him that you saved my life.
And, um And then he walked me upstairs and, you know, let me in.
But your door wasn't locked, so I don't know if I really needed to talk to Art.
Though, I didn't know which room was yours, so Yeah.
No, I get it.
- So I guessed it was - I get the whole picture.
It's fine.
Yes! Yes! Oh, my God! - You remember! - Yeah.
Memory like a steel trap.
- Mexico.
- Yeah, Mexico.
That's right.
How could you forget? Yes.
Yes! That's right.
Yeah, we, um What brings you to Santa Monica? Oh, I-I need a ride.
You need a ride? Lemmy is my mom's sister's only son, I think.
They don't talk, my mom and my aunt.
When's the last time you saw Lemmy? Uh, let me think, um So he was just out of jail Something minor like jaywalking or breaking and entering.
And I remember he needed a new engine for his motorcycle.
So maybe six years ago? You've owed him he's owed you money for six years? My, my husband had just gotten his settlement check, so we had extra.
- Does he know you're coming? - Oh, yeah.
I left him a message.
He's always home.
Well, if he's always home, why didn't he pick up? He screens his calls.
He doesn't trust the government.
- Hey, there.
- Hey.
Why are you here? It's Saturday.
Ah, just straightening up.
Had some paperwork to do.
You know Billy, he's a mess.
- Ah, what are you up to? - Nothing.
Where's Billy? He's not downstairs? - Nope.
- Oh.
I'm not sure where he is.
Do you want me to tell him you were looking for him? Uh, no, it's not important.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Um, okay.
You know, uh, I was gonna go see a movie.
No, I don't want to see a movie.
Then I'll I'll see you on Monday? - I will see you on Monday.
- Okay.
This is quite a shithole.
You sure we're in the right place? Oh, yeah.
I was here, like, two years ago.
I thought you said it had been six years.
Oh, Lemmy wasn't here.
My mom and I were getting her TV back.
Ooh, look, he's fixed the place up.
- Huh.
- Ooh, this is new.
Listen, why don't you just let me give you 2,000 bucks and forget this shit, all right? No, I don't want to put you out.
That ship already sailed, honey.
- Ooh.
That's Mr.
- Of course it is.
Lemmy's definitely here.
Lemmy! Lemmy, stop! He can't hear me! Oh.
Can I help you? It's me.
Your cousin? Ginny's daughter? Oh.
This is Billy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So what can I do for you? I sent you a message? Oh.
I don't check those.
I left you this message and it said, "Hey! How you doing? "I really need my $2,000 back.
I'm gonna get a ride to your house.
See you soon!" Beep! What? I lent you the money for the engine for your motorcycle? Oh, shit.
Yeah, well, I-I really need the money.
- It-It's a long story.
- Oh.
Yeah, it's a long story.
I don't have it.
- Ugh.
- I can get it for you.
Before we go, though, y'all like coasters? These are, uh, one of a kind, three coats of poly, handmade.
If I buy one of them from you, can we go? Well, they come in sets of four.
I'll, uh, give you a hundred bucks for all four of them.
That's exactly what I was gonna say.
Oh, geez.
- Okay.
Whoa! - Here you go.
- Yeah.
- So you see, now, you only owe her $1,900.
Good one.
All right.
- Follow me.
- Where to? Uh, my buddy's.
The guy with the money.
He's throwing a party.
Shouldn't you have a shirt? Shirt's at the party.
- This is unsweetened, right? - Yeah.
I can't take sweets anymore, hurts my jaw - and I don't know why.
- Hmm.
Do you know that Joseph and Karen are saving money by - using me as a daycare center? - Yeah.
Thousands and thousands of dollars.
Yeah, well, they should pay you.
That's just what I said and they laughed.
Hey! Stop pulling her hair.
Stop it.
Get over here.
I said get over here.
You're just gonna spray me with the hose.
I am not.
Ah, ah! You tricked me.
No more hair pulling.
I did not trick you.
You saw that a mile away.
They can be a pain in my butt.
This place is so nice.
Yeah, you should see it on Christmas.
I bet.
That's still Christmas.
Y'all like fireworks? I love fireworks.
Oh, yeah.
Are you having them? No.
We should do more fireworks around here.
Ooh, look! Shiny! Oh, yeah.
Oh, this is it right here.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Hey, anybody seen that gas can I left here? Listen, you stick close to me, all right? Who knows what this is.
Oh, it'll be fine.
He's family.
Hey, you're not a cop, are you? No, even worse.
- I trust you.
- Okay, good.
Come on in.
It's Lemmy! - Oh! - Ah! Lemmy! Lemmy! Goddamn it.
Grab a rag, man, place to sit.
Watch out for that hole.
Uh, they're not here for that.
We need to talk business.
All right, man.
Be right back.
Hey, ladies, show these guys a good time.
Hey, we got booze and booze, what can I get you? Um, we don't know how long we're gonna be here, so Hey, wait, I know you.
- You're Dan's wife.
- Oh.
No, I-I'm not married anymore.
That's good 'cause I fucked him in high school and he was a total asshole.
- He's still a total asshole.
- Fucking men.
- Fucking men.
- Hey, Jude! This is Dan's ex-wife.
- Jude? - Oh, shit! What the hell are you doing here? Oh, my God! Could you set me up on some of that booze there? Sure.
Bottoms up.
Here's to you.
Hey, what's in this anyway? - Pink Fuck.
- Pink Fuck? Pink Fuck.
It's a Pink Fuck gun party.
Didn't Lemmy tell you? No, Lemmy didn't tell me that part.
I caught him with my best girlfriend.
And Goddamn, is that gasoline? You got to drink it really fucking fast.
It's better not to taste it.
- Ah, son of a bitch.
- Son of a bitch.
Buddy's gonna send one of the girls to the bunker to get the cash, so we're good.
Did you say bunker? How can they be closed? Did you get your money? Yes, that's why I wanted to take you to Applebee's.
Listen, I don't remember leaving.
What's going on? You didn't drink that punch, did you? You did.
Um It'll be okay, but you're not gonna remember any of this, and, uh, it's gonna burn a little when you pee, but it'll be okay.
Excuse me, sir, this seat is reserved.
What's that? Christ.
I say this chair is reserved.
I didn't know that.
Ah, well, it says so right on the back, so there's no confusion.
Oh, well, I was confused 'cause I don't read chairs.
So, how about this one here, is that reserved? - No, it's not, and yes, you can.
- No? Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Jimmy, uh, next round's on the house.
- All right, good? - Yeah, I'm good.
That's pretty nice of you.
Well, just enjoy yourself.
- Nice trade.
- Yeah.
I am the god that you need.
All right, Central Valley! Whoo! All right, we got a lot All right, that's gonna do it for us.
Short set tonight, uh We are Not Poyzyn.
I'm not Pete.
We were never here.
Uh, do check out the merch booth, though.
Ask for Cheyenne.
I'm losing.
- You can't sit there.
- What? - It's reserved.
- What? Oh, excuse me.
How is this? Better? So I'm losing.
Well, you should just kind of cut your losses, and, you know, - let's get out of here.
- No, no, no.
I-I just, I-I just need some waffles, some-some good luck waffles, wi-with a smiley face.
She's right.
- Sometimes you need waffles.
- Yeah! - Sometimes you need pancakes.
- Right! It's the same fucking batter.
- Oh, yeah.
- Perfect timing.
- They got the buffet - Let's go get waffles.
- This could change everything.
- No, I'm gonna stay here - and finish this drink.
- No.
While you ladies have a fucking waffle, all right? and a different texture and stuff It's the same damn thing.
I feel like Hey, you made it.
Go, go get us a table.
I'm making you a smiley face, okay? Oh, I see.
That sounds fun.
Okay, here you go.
Like it? Yeah, look at it.
She made it special.
- Oh.
- What? Okay, I'll be right back, okay? - I-I-I just - Where are you going? I just got to Okay! Oh, man.
She's got a real problem.
She's addicted.
You know, I was at the gas station.
You know how they have the TVs right on the gas pump? Mark my words, there's gonna be TVs in bathrooms.
They're gonna call it, like, "Toilet TV".
I mean, can you imagine? You're sitting on the john and they're I won! Applebees! Applebees! Applebees! Applebees! Applebees! Applebees! - Applebees! Applebees! - Billy! - Applebees! - I won the jackpot! - Are you kidding me? - Jackpot! Number 18! I won $50,000! Applebees! Applebees! Chips! Look at my chips Applebees! Applebees! Applebees! Let's go celebrate! Come on! Uh, please congratulate your wife on her winnings.
And I would like to comp you a room for the night.
How's that? I got I have to tell you something.
I hope it doesn't disturb you, but I think it's important.
Your death is closer than you think, and the last person you see before you die will be you.
Has an old friend reached out to you for help? You know, I sensed my wife's death, but, uh The hell, I never told her.
And my stepdaughter I, I think she still holds it against me.
Well, no, c'est la vie.
I just thought you'd like to know.
Billy? You okay? Billy? Billy? There's a party out here.
I'm Mayor Marisol Silva, and I'm counting on you to conserve our most precious resource: water.
It could be as easy as turning off the tap and taking shorter showers.
Together, we can weather this historic drought You don't have to shut the water off to brush your teeth.
What? The drought.
It's not gonna make a shit of difference.
Yeah, I work in water.
- No shit? - Uh-huh.
- You're the guy.
- Yeah.
Hey, who's your friend? Yeah, who's your friend? Hey, there.
- "Spencer Jackson".
- The Third.
The printers fucked up.
And you are? I am Janet.
I know I don't look like a Janet.
Yeah, you look like an angel.
I know that.
- So, what do you do? - Mm Sort of in between jobs right now, just looking.
No shit? Huh.
Well, if you ever make it up to Sac Town, I know every fucker up there, and every fucker owes me a favor.
You want to know why? 'Cause I'm fucking rich! - What do you do? - I'm a god.
A god? - A god of what? - I'm a god of rain.
I can make it rain anywhere I want.
How about California? Aren't we in the middle of a drought? We're in the middle of a drought 'cause I say we're in the middle of a drought.
So, what do you what is your actual job? My job is, uh top secret.
I make big fucking secret water deals, and I get paid a fuck ton of money to do it and just keep my mouth shut.
I want a job like that.
Don't-don't you, Billy? This guy, huh? All right.
Here you go.
I've never been a real winner before, Billy.
- No! - Red 14.
This table is rigged, like-like in Casablanca.
Hey there, Lady Luck.
Hey, I heard you won big tonight.
- You mind if we ride with you? - Yeah.
- Um I - More passengers on that train.
Black 31.
I need a waffle.
Okay, all right.
Here we go.
Sandra, make it happen.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- Mm what, what? - We've got to go.
We got to go.
- Okay.
Everything's fine.
- Is something burning? Oh, no, uh, not anymore.
Oh - Oh.
- What the hell's going on? - What happened to your money? - Oh, it got a little burnt.
Everything's fine.
No, no.
Don't get that.
Don't get that.
Here we go.
The hell's wrong with you? It was fun, Billy.
I'm lost.
Where are we? Useless.
What are you doing? Get the fuck out of here.
We're, uh, looking for Los Angeles? L.
is that way.
Turn around.
Okay, thank you.
Trees Bobbi's phone.
This is Gene.
Who's this?