Goliath (2016) s03e06 Episode Script


1 Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe I will sell this house.
I already told you what I think.
Mm Yeah, Denise needs a place to come home to.
A break from life in the dorm would be good.
That's true.
How about you? Is this the kind of house you'd like to come home to? Hey, guys.
- Hey, honey.
- What's going on? We're just hanging on the porch.
Why? It's nice here.
You guys want to stay for dinner? - Well, it's my house.
- Barely.
We'd love to.
- Cool.
- Thanks, honey.
You didn't answer my question.
Fuck her, Dad.
And this house.
Oh, my God.
What? What's up with the bathroom? - What do you mean? - Well, the daily affirmation on your wall is terrifying.
Uh, not to mention the party that is in your trash can.
So how worried do I need to be about you? No more than usual.
- Really? - Yeah.
Okay, 'cause you've been hiding out here for weeks.
I'm not hiding out, I'm working.
- You're working? - Yeah.
Uh, yeah, so let's work.
So, to review, basically we need the Blackwoods to turn on each other.
- Right.
- We need Wade to tell us who was at that meeting.
Uh, we need him to name names on the record.
- You got that? Yeah.
- Yeah.
I got it.
Uh, who signed the NDAs, - and what they got in return, yeah? - Yeah.
That's it.
Just so you know, I'm fine.
No, seriously, I'm okay.
Seriously, I'm agreeing with you.
- Yeah, okay, fine.
- Well, fine.
The state of California contacted us.
So they approached you? They were certainly aware of screwing us out of our water contract during a drought.
So your ice cream cone melted on a hot summer day, and the state of California offered to buy you a new one.
- Objection.
- Why? - What's the question? - What flavor did you get? All 31.
For the record, my client answered in jest.
He did not receive ice cream from the state of California.
So if the state of California called the meeting, what did they get out of it? I want to have this fucking house.
You know what? I want these fucking friends.
I you know, I want to be you, dude.
But I don't want to work for it.
- I thought you wanted to be senator.
- No, dude.
The state of California was trying to avoid a lawsuit.
So you threatened to sue the state? Well, the state was in breach of contract.
I would die in the water department as long as I know - I could be fucking rich.
- Hmm.
What if I could make that happen? Okay, to clarify, the farmers you were outraged that the state of California was gonna take care of its residents, provide them with water over you, so you couldn't turn a quick buck.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm wrong about that? A contract is a contract.
We've provided you with said contract.
Exhibit 14.
The state was contractually bound to deliver Mr.
Blackwood's allotment of water, and they chose not to honor the contract.
I pay a shitload of money, they give me water, period, and they fucked me over.
Next question.
Your sister's interesting.
- Objection.
- Not really.
She's an integral part of your business, right? Very.
Why are you giving up? I'm not.
It's just, sometimes I win, sometimes Mother Nature wins.
I don't accept that.
Well, you're gonna have a tough time being a farmer.
I'm not a farmer.
I never was.
And you can control more than you realize.
Not this time.
Try me.
She wears the pants? These days, women can vote and everything.
So, Diana has a vote in all your business matters.
- Gentlemen.
- Wow.
These chairs seem a little tired.
I can talk to Maria about - switching them out, maybe - The fuck is this? - New blood.
- More like cement shoes.
Roy, it's always a roll of the dice.
Hey, Uncle Roy, I promise not to tell Anybody about your secret clubhouse.
Pinky swear.
- You're not gonna play? - No.
Right Love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed.
Well I'm an artist.
I bring an artistic sense to the company.
That's cool, um, but your title is CEO of the Blackwood Almond Company.
- That's correct.
- Great.
So, as CEO, you must have a working knowledge of the business side of your company.
- It's not my company.
- Okay, your brother's company.
- That's correct.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you gonna answer the question? There was no question.
Here's the question.
Um, is it your contention, as chief executive officer of the Blackwood Almond Company, that have no direct knowledge of the business side of your brother's company? - That's correct.
- Okay.
Can you elaborate? - About? - Mm Oh, my God.
Uh, can you be more specific in regards to what you do know about your brother's company? Objection.
Everything that's coming out of her mouth is vague.
Everything that comes out of your associate's mouth is vague.
Uh, so do you know that your brother is stealing water from the residents of Blackwood County? - Objection.
- What? Was that too specific? Too loaded.
Maybe if you'd learn how to ask a proper question, - we'd be done by now.
- This is exhausting.
- I can't.
- Well, if you're exhausted, dear, maybe you should lie down.
Oh, I'm good.
Remember, stress doesn't only affect you.
- Excuse me? - Ms.
Blackwood, as CEO of the Blackwood Almond Company, would your artistic touch include trying to convince the general public that your brother stealing the county's water is aboveboard? What, is there something funny about that? That's absurd.
No, it does not.
We need to take control of the water bank from the state.
Why stop there? Let's take control of the Pacific Ocean, too.
Roy, hey.
Hey, Roy? Roy! - Roy? Hey! - We don't need him.
Actually, we do.
I don't know how we're gonna get there, but I love this idea.
- You do? - Yes.
- Eh, they keep screwing us over.
- Fuck yes, they do.
- Fuck the state! - And I know how we're gonna get there.
If the state of California approached you about this meeting, why Big Sur? Why not Sacramento? Better view? Or away from the prying eyes of the state government, maybe? Or maybe it was 'cause it was halfway between us and them.
You think that's what they were thinking? If the state was diverting the ranchers' water during this drought to the residents of Los Angeles County, wouldn't they need the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in on any negotiations? Wow, that's way above my pay grade.
Well, you didn't answer the question.
Well, all I know is that our contract is with the state.
Well, wouldn't any deal with the Blackwood County water bank and the state of California need L.
Metro's approval? You will have to get L.
Metro on board.
Done, dude.
How? My lucky charm.
The less you know, the less that's required of you.
Where was the L.
Metro water guy in all this? My client is not responsible for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.
If you have questions for them, I suggest you depose them instead.
Well, that would be great if I knew who they were.
Can you give me a name? Councilwoman.
Diana So L.
Metro wasn't part of the deal? Oh, it's my understanding that L.
has its own contract with the state.
Remind me, are you still cozy with the L.
Metro Water District? I am.
We should talk about your future.
Oh, I'm all yours.
Was the settlement made public? I'm the public.
I knew about it.
Well, see, that's the problem.
You are the public.
And you effectively privatized a public resource for your own personal gain.
I don't see it that way.
Well, I bet the people in Blackwood County who don't have any water might see it that way.
Nobody's ever complained to me about it.
Really? I'm the first one? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Mm, hopefully the last.
What if the people in L.
find out that their water's the next to go? Your guess is as good as mine, because I don't have anything to do with L.
Hey, Tom.
Diana, look at you.
Still sipping from the fountain of youth, I see.
You lay it on so thick.
Never change.
Well, Tom Wyatt is who he is, my dear.
- And I count on it.
Hey - Mm, who's this? She is the next mayor of Los Angeles.
- Oh - Tom Wyatt, Councilwoman Marisol Silva.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- I've heard so much about you.
Well, there's a lot to know.
Well, I think you both could benefit quite a lot from knowing each other.
- Really? - I do.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay, he doesn't bite.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours? - If you can handle it.
- Yeah! Oh, I see, well with both arms tied behind my back, my dear.
I think my work here is done.
It is done.
Get! Who decided to cut the Blackwood County residents' water off in favor of the farmers? - No one.
- Hmm.
Isn't it the Blackwood County Water Board's job to decide how much water is apportioned to residential and commercial use? Yes.
So this decision was made by no one, and yet somehow it happened.
No one cut off the residents' water.
The residents ran out of their allotment, and the board decided not to extend their allotment.
In fact, the board even warned the residents not to be wasteful during a drought.
Now, what the residents did with their allotment of water was not under our control, and that is standard procedure.
That was good.
That's your best answer yet.
Did you write that for him? Please direct your questions to the deposed.
Yes, ma'am.
So, if this Big Sur meeting was about the renegotiation of a public contract, why the NDAs? What NDAs? The ones you told me about.
Oh, you remembered that? I guess I'm not as smart as I thought.
Okay, I'll ask the question again.
Why the NDAs? What are the NDAs keeping so secret? No need to answer that.
McBride, you know the point of the NDA is not to disclose information they're protecting.
And "secret" is a very childish word.
We're adults.
- Can't hurt to ask.
- Well, hey, you got lucky once.
Hmm? So, here's a question.
Who holds the privilege to the NDAs? I believe that the Central Valley Tallgrass Farming Company holds that privilege.
Tallgrass Farming Company, which is you.
I guess I am smarter than I thought.
Okay, so, since you hold the privilege, you can tell me anything you want to tell me.
- Yes.
That's how it works.
- Right.
So, what do you want to tell me? As little as legally possible.
- Big day.
- Big day.
Kernen? Mr.
McBride, my client will not answer any questions that violate the NDAs.
Well, your client's not prohibited to answer questions about the NDAs, 'cause he holds the privilege.
As a matter of fact, in this deposition, he's legally obligated to answer any question I ask him.
As the person that holds the privilege of the NDAs, my client is choosing not to answer any more questions until a judge tells us otherwise.
- I'm gonna take you up on that.
- Good luck with that.
Okay Hey, let's take a picture.
Yeah, we need to run, 'cause we have a meeting, but we'll let you celebrate correctly.
Mwah! Thank you.
Over by the fireplace, let's go, come on.
- Bye.
- Okay, by my count, you, Roy Wheeler, Warren Hebb, Gerry Kernen, and a state water guy were at the Big Sur meeting.
- Who else was in the room? - That's covered by the NDA.
Next question.
Get that guy in the middle.
Put the rose between the thorns.
Hey, Uncle Roy, I want to see a smile.
Then give me something to smile about.
Oh, come on, the price of your land just went through the fucking roof.
- Fucking roof, man.
- Fake it.
- All right, here we go.
Yeah! - Government cheese.
There you go.
More smi All right, that's as good as we're gonna get.
We're done.
We're done.
Hey, hey, hey.
You know these documents are worth more than your life, right? - Understood.
- Okay.
Thanks, Delores.
Don't think it's lost on me your sister didn't sign an NDA.
Oh, worry, worry, worry.
You worry too much.
Ooh! Little help? Oh, hey, kid.
Do me a favor.
Put a bottle of water on there for the lady.
I got a hernia.
You want to see it? Appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
My hero.
So, uh Bobbi Bennett mentioned you.
Really? Yeah? How'd you know Bobbi? Well, I like to know the owners of all the local vineyards.
Anyway, Bobbi said that you were very interesting.
- Interesting? - Yep.
Well, better than nothing, I guess.
Hey, look, I've done a lot of cases like your brother's when I was on the other side of the table.
He's gonna do whatever he can to save himself.
More than likely blame you.
- Wade wouldn't do that.
- Really? I've seen it a million times.
Well, I I know you're suspicious of loving, functional relationships.
Marisol Silva also mentioned you.
You got to be shittin' me.
- Billy.
- Donnie.
Maybe a shade brighter for you? Hmm.
You seem to have a special relationship with your sister, but it hasn't always been that way, has it? Objection.
Well, they're partners in business.
I think their relationship's relevant.
- Mr.
McBride - No, it's o it's it's all right.
Look I know I'm a lucky man.
And safe to say the luckiest thing that ever happened to me was Diana coming home.
Uh, SpongeBob? Oh, Squidward, it's terrible Well, Squidward is actually being nice for a change.
Hi, everyone.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, Trina.
Whew! You can hug your mom.
But no hugs in white clothes, you said.
Yeah, my hands are dirty.
Mommy doesn't care about that today.
Come here, come here.
I had a really, really good day.
- Why? - I think I landed A really big job.
Congratulations, Mom.
- Who wants ice cream? - We do! Hey, you left me out, man.
All right, so we're almost there.
What kind - of ice cream are you gonna get? - Cookies and cream.
No, it's always cookies and cream.
- It's the best one.
- You show me oh.
- It's the best.
- It's our favorite.
It's gre all right.
Wait, wait, hold on.
Hey, hey, Robert.
Hi, yeah.
I've been thinking about our meeting.
My brain is just exploding with ideas.
Oh, Mom, can we get In-N-Out, too? Uh Yes, but Sorry about that.
Uh, I'm back.
Oh, okay.
Uh, can I, can I, can I ask you why? Was it, was it my fee? Because, I mean, that's not set First of all, you're a copycat.
- Oh.
- And second of all, that's so not true.
You know what, Robert, it's, it's it's totally fine.
Oh, yeah, I'm so busy with my other clients that, um, it's, it's probably it's-it's for the best.
So yeah, yeah.
Good luck to you, too.
- You're crazy.
- You're crazy.
- You're being unfactual, bro.
- Stop it, Anton.
You stop it.
Mom, tell him to stop.
- Mom? - Mom? Mom? - Mom? Mom! - Mom! Mom, don't! Mom! Been looking for you.
- Really? - Yeah.
Little birdie told me that sometimes you take meetings here.
So? Can I sit down? I heard about what happened.
The accident.
Everything in front of me just went black.
I just, I couldn't see a way out, and we went over the bridge into the river.
- Jesus, Jesus.
- One of my sons lost his hearing from an infection, and it was all my fault.
Hey, hey, don't you talk that way.
Don't you even think that way.
The darkness everything going black, that's not your fault.
You've been fighting that for a very long time.
- I just got tired.
- Hmm-mm.
It'd been hard for so long with the boys, with work, I I just let go.
I get it.
I get it.
Enough about my sad news.
- What about you? - Uh Natalie left me.
Who's Natalie? - She's my second wife.
- Oh, shit! She left after I lost all my money.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah, what do you know? Uh good riddance to both of them.
She didn't deserve a cent of it anyway.
- So you're, you're broke? - I sunk all my chips into this, uh, coastal investment, and, uh it hit the skids when this oil rig blew up.
Didn't see that coming.
But, uh, still got the land.
And the orchards.
That's all I need.
Just like Dad.
I'm not sorry he's dead.
I can see that now.
So what are you gonna do now? Now that I'm broke? Yeah.
Maybe you could help.
Oh, I see.
- You need me.
- Always did.
You need my ideas.
Maybe it's time for you to take a seat at the table.
Oh, I'm sure those boys would love that.
Fuck 'em.
Okay, so I want to run through this list of companies that are owed water allotments - by the Blackwood County Water Board.
- Mm-hmm.
So, uh, if you could just tell me who owns each one as I go.
- All right? - Sure.
- Uh, Tallgrass Farming Company.
- Me.
- Okay.
Blackwood Almond Company.
- That's me.
- Hickory Hill Farms.
- Roy Wheeler.
Now Stephanie Littlecrow, I guess.
Uh, Gerry Kernen.
- Second Avenue Partners.
- Gerry Kernen.
- Red Gravel Industries.
- Me.
- Abbot & Archer, Incorporated.
- Warren Hebb.
I'm noticing a lot of repeated names here.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
It seems the same four people who operate the water board are allotted 99% of the water.
- How does that work? - Works great.
And it's not against the law.
There's another company on here that's allotted a 0% share of the water, called Fer-de-Lance, Incorporated.
Who owns that company? - Um say again? - I think I'm saying it right.
- Fer-de-Lance? - Fer-de-Lance.
You don't know who owns Fer-de-Lance? Not off-hand, no.
That surprises me.
Me, too.
Won't you just cut the Laurel and Hardy bullshit - and tell me who owns it? - Oh, I-I don't want to get in the middle of a family squabble, Wade.
What's that supposed to fucking mean? Well, maybe your sister knows something about it.
You'd have to ask her.
Fer-de-Lance, Inc.
Does that company sound familiar? - Nope.
- Mm, well, that makes sense.
Because a lot of work went into keeping the owner anonymous.
Uh, I would like to enter Exhibit 15 into evidence.
I don't have a copy of that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Here you go, dum-dum.
Um, would you please take a look at Exhibit 15 and tell me what that is? - It looks like a check.
- Sure does.
From? Fer-de-Lance, Inc.
Does that jog your memory? No.
Okay, so we looked into it and we found the registered agent for service of process is named Rochelle Purple.
Does that name mean anything to you? No, but you see, Becky Zimmerman, she didn't listen.
I said, "Becky, I am telling you, "there is no column for True Love in QuickBooks.
"Okay, you need a contingency plan and a phone tap.
" And she said, "Oh, no, Alan would always take care of me.
" So Alan fucks the babysitter.
Right? Which is just the most cliché thing you could ever do, and then I have Becky sobbing on the phone to me, "What am I gonna do, Rochelle? I'm broke.
" And I said, "You know what, Becky? "Build a fucking time machine and listen to all the advice I gave you five years ago.
" - You did not say that.
- Well, I didn't say it out loud.
But I was thinking it.
I just I can't be mean to Becky because she's so pathetic.
So pathetic.
Are you worried about Wade cutting you out of the family fortune? No.
Honey, he cut you out once, he could cut you out again.
I mean, you know what they say about - past behavior.
- He didn't cut me out.
- That was Dad.
- Okay, well, either way, you got fucked.
And that cannot happen again.
Wade won't let it.
Let's do this.
What if I set you up with something discreet? And Wade would never know about it, it could be like a safety net for you.
He hasn't always had your back.
D-Did you ask my brother about this? Actually, we ask the questions.
- Right.
- That's how a deposition works, yeah.
Any more questions, Mr.
McBride? - Mm-hmm.
- Uh, no more questions.
Nope, 'cause we have, like, 20 - Great, so we're done.
- No more questions.
- Are we are we done? - Yes.
- Oh.
- Nope, not quite.
We're done.
After you.
I mean, why didn't you keep pressing? You had her.
Well, I'm hoping we made her nervous enough to, you know, fuck up and help us out.
- That's why.
- I hope so.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
I forgot to tell you.
Uh, Fer-de-Lance.
- Fer-de-Lance.
The Fer-de-Lance? - Right.
- Yeah.
- You know what that is? - One of the Three Musketeers? - No.
It's, uh, it's a snake.
I googled it.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, shit.
What time is it? I got to get - Fucking late.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? - Yep.
Oh, there it is.
Thank you.
Hey, this is Billy.
Leave a message.
We're ready for you.
In the Borns Tech trial, you said under oath that Mr.
McBride ordered you to blackmail a police officer.
I think I I believe I may have been mistaken.
McBride was very clear on the record that he never asked me to do anything of the sort.
He just he asked me to handle a situation, and I misunderstood.
Prostitution and blackmail are both crimes of moral turpitude.
Yes, I know.
I-I'm not sure it was blackmail.
No? Well, I was under immense pressure from opposing counsel at the time.
I testified as I was told to.
So you're saying you didn't blackmail the cop, but you committed perjury instead? But I See, I'm just I'm not sure that, that the details of the situation actually legally amounted to blackmail.
See uh I mean, you-you'd have to ask Mr.
We would, but we can't, can we? Yeah.
It's a shame Mr.
McBride couldn't be here to speak on your behalf.
I mean, he's just been in depositions all day.
I'm sure he's just running late.
What happened during the course of the Borns Tech trial goes directly to the heart of what you would be like as an attorney.
It involves how you dealt with a witness during the course of a case.
Did you have sex with a police officer and film it for the sole purpose of using it against him? Yes.
Thank you, Ms.
That'll be all.
We'll let you know our decision.
- No, hang on just a sec.
- That's it? - Yes, that's it.
- Uh, hang on.
I-I'm sorry.
I-I had a deposition go really late.
- The hearing's closed, Mr.
- No, I understand that, but, look, just give me a second, will you? This woman deserves your full attention and every consideration.
We gave her full consideration for the full 60 minutes.
You guys, there's no law that says you got to get out of here right now.
You know that.
Hey, how are you? - Hi.
- Billy McBride.
What's your name? - Ms.
- Okay.
How you doing? Pleasure.
Have you had a few to drink today, Mr.
McBride? That's none of your business.
That's not what this is about.
This woman right here, all the things that I'm sure you're concerned about, like her record, are the very things that would make her a great attorney because she's been on the other side, okay? Sh-She knows what it's like.
I mean, ordinarily, I-I don't hire defendants to work for me.
There's a reason I did.
Because she has experience, she has empathy, perseverance, all these things they don't teach you in law school.
All the intangibles.
I mean, can't we use more humans in our trade, don't you think? And I-I've seen her I mean, she's stuck with me through thick and thin.
So, I mean, can't we kind of loosen up and not make this some kind of boardroom meeting, and-and just be people with each other for a minute? We'll let you know.
That's it? "We'll let you know"? - We're done.
- Come on.
Thank you.
- Hey, honey.
Listen, I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
The deposition really did go long.
It's fine.
You did a great job, you did a great speech.
- Thanks, Billy.
- I wasn't just fucking around.
Anyone who ever dreamed It-it just feels like, somehow, to me, that just all the people in my life are just moving on, you know? It's like I'm I'm just standing here watch 'em watching, you know, move on.
Gee, that's fucking sad.
You know, you're fucked when you literally see the writing on the wall.
You couldn't really have a heart I always imagined I was gonna have, like, a really violent death.
My mother was run over by a bus.
- Huh? - I'm serious.
- Oh, she was? - Yes.
Sorry, that's usually a joke, you know.
I had an uncle, stabbed 17 times in a 7-Eleven.
And my ex-husband he got decapitated when he was riding a roller coaster.
- Wha - Goddamn it.
My point is that I've had a lot of bad luck, right? But maybe you seeing your reflection in mirrors, omen, or whatever it is, I mean, maybe it's a sign that it's, that it's gonna be painless or-or peaceful even.
How you figure that? Well Maybe you've accomplished everything you're supposed to accomplish in this life.
I haven't accomplished a fucking thing as far as I can see.
What are you talking about? You got a really interesting job, family.
Well, yeah, daughter, that's it.
I'm your friend.
- I am, you know.
- You sure are.
Why do I cry? Why do I sigh? When I know Deep down inside What you told me Was just Another lie How's your chicken noodle soup? I have the blues Salty.
H-How'd you find me? Oh, I-I have a-a friend named Dave who's a The truck driver He said he got really good service here from a from a really lovely lady, and He said I should stop in and-and say hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm really glad I found you.
I I mean, you vanished, and it was maybe something I had I-I just didn't know what happened.
It's a long story.
I've got time.
What you told me Was just.
Listen, we're gonna get 'em in court, and when we do, you're never gonna have to worry about the Blackwoods again.
But we're gonna need your help.
You'd be the unsung hero.
A-And by unsung, I mean anonymous.
You your name will never be attached.
I just took these to protect myself, that's all.
I totally understand.
I'm gonna protect you from now on.
I give you my word on that.
He will.
I'm so glad I found you, Delores.
You know You know what I like about you that I've never told you before, Diana? What? I like it that you don't need me.
That's not true.
You're the only person in the world who understands me.
Oh! I understand you, all right, Diana.
I hope that you understand what it is I'm gonna have to do to you now.
What's that? Shh You'll see.
Sleep tight.