Gomorra (2014) s03e10 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 10

Where did the fish go? Look, there's the duck.
- Hello Dad.
- Pick up your child.
- Why? - I said, pick up your child.
- He's taking a bath.
- Pick him up, now.
Let go of me.
Don't hurt him.
Why him? Why him, Dad? You've already chosen your side.
Oh, my poor baby.
What is it? His fate is now in your hands.
My father He wants you to talk to his friends.
If something happens to him I will never forgive you.
What happened? Call Patrizia.
Are you Gennaro Savastano's intermediary? So the little Savastano doesn't feel like coming himself.
- And why did he choose you? - I was his father's intermediary.
Unfortunately, Gennaro is not such a big man as his father.
He's mistaken Don Avitabile good will for stupidity.
Gennaro is a little snot that doesn't know how to behave.
He has to learn to.
Yeah, right.
And you're the professor? Listen, do me a favor and tell me what you want in exchange for the child.
Let's not waste time.
Then we solve this matter quickly, to our mutual benefit.
- The Federation knows everything.
- We knew that would happen eventually.
We didn't know that asshole Avitabile would give them my son.
We're powerless.
You have to give them whatever they ask.
I know.
But what they're asking I can't give it to them myself.
What do they want? You buy your stuff from the Federation, the Capaccios, at their prices.
You turn over 40 percent and you may deal in Forcella, but only there.
So we're under the Federation now? Who said you could speak? Shut up.
There is no other solution.
Gennaro is not allowed to deliver you anything anymore.
And he's not allowed to fight with us either.
Do you realize what you're asking? Enzo has to shake hands with Carmela's killer.
Can everyone just run their mouths here, or what? If you don't do this, you're alone in this war.
And if you're alone, this is the result.
I swear on my own life.
We will avenge Carmela.
We have a message from Enzo.
- When will he come home? - Tomorrow.
- Will his eye be okay? - They don't know yet.
He sent us to tell you something.
He says we must stop, that we now fall under the Federation.
- Why is that? - That's what Ciro and Gennaro are asking.
That's the kind of shit you get when you're in the System.
But we are different.
I'm not from Forcella.
I grew up far from here, and I'm different than all of you.
But you have chosen me as a partner.
And what does that mean, being partners? That you go on a journey together.
That's what partners do.
We decided to go on a journey with Ciro and Gennaro.
Today, they're asking if we want to stop.
We are their partners, so we stop.
But tomorrow, we will go our own way.
And if they don't want to follow us they will be the ones wanting to stop being our partners.
Let's go.
I love you all.
You are strong.
You're putting your heart and soul into this.
You're the guys who don't stop if you're going after something.
But if you think you can screw us over you're messing with the wrong guys.
The occasion makes the thief.
But do you know what we're going to do to suppress that temptation? We will go with you.
Then the rules will be clear to everyone.
What do you mean, you'll go with us? That was not the deal.
Do you hear how he talks? That guy went to college.
Not long enough, if he's asking such questions.
Then I'll explain it.
How else do we make sure that you turn over 40% and don't cross us? Our boys will come with you.
All transactions happen in their presence, then everyone can rest assured.
Both of us.
What's the word in Secondigliano? It caused a lot of controversy.
Taking someone's child away is paralyzing.
How rich and powerful you might be, it's still a matter of feeling.
That is why Gennaro Savastano is on his knees now.
Let's toast.
Isn't it time Secondigliano is being run by a woman? Charming told me that you have a joker card in your hands.
I'd like to see it.
Not out of suspicion, but when we start playing, we want to see all your cards.
You're right.
I'm happy to put my cards on the table.
I have my joker with me now.
She's Gennaro Savastano's intermediary.
Patrizia is smart, and Gennaro is not.
Besides, he trusts her.
Tell me.
- Gennaro has stopped everything.
- Good, that was the deal.
With all due respect We have to play our cards smart.
What do you mean? I think Gennaro has to be a little more patient.
We lost a lot of money thanks to him.
Besides, he never keeps arrangements himself.
I think a compensation for all the revenue we lost would be fair.
You haven't done enough, they think.
They want another three million.
I knew it.
Bunch of assholes.
I think you should do it, it's the only way.
Of course I have to do it, it's about my son.
Now you have to stay closer than ever to me.
Keep your eyes open.
I want to know how he's doing.
Tell me how he's doing.
Did he eat? Did he sleep? Did he cry last night? Did he sleep with his own blanket? You have to tell me.
If Pietro doesn't come back I will kill you.
- We're going to distribute this.
- Come on.
- This shit is only good for the toilet.
- In a week, our market is gone.
Guys We have to hang in a little longer.
See you later.
- What is it, did you change your mind? - What if someone finds out? Who will ever find out about this? We are not born as slaves.
We're in a storm and the captain is swimming with the tides.
That's nothing.
It's just the two of us.
How can this go on? - You can go home, if you want.
- No, I'll stay with you.
Come with me.
- Can he be trusted? - That doctor is a great mule.
He's deeply in debt and he's afraid of us.
He won't talk, believe me.
- Hello doctor, how are you? - I'm fine.
Another shipment will arrive next week.
- And don't you dare, eh? - Good bye.
What's happening? Why is Pietro not coming back? I'm doing everything they say.
I had a father who played with his son's life myself.
I will never forget that.
Bring me back my child.
Go play.
- Done? - We need to get to work.
The two of us.
This is all the money I earned since I came back.
Don't worry.
- They fucked up.
- They haven't shown up, have they? - You already said it.
- Fucking beardies.
I already counted it, it's all there.
Good boy Gennaro.
But there's a problem.
Right? What kind of problem? His guys are breaking the agreement.
The child is not coming back yet.
Send them away.
Could you excuse us for a moment? - Where are those two? - You can talk to me.
Do you answer in their name? I'm here.
Then I'll kill you first.
The Federation wants to set an example.
And we have to hand out that punishment.
Because otherwise my son will end up in the meat mincer.
I understand that you're angry.
I would be, too.
Ronni and Cantonese were wrong, I apologize for them.
But in this war I'm the first person to have lost his flesh and blood.
I cannot support you in what you want to do.
These are my brothers, and if I join, there won't be two rebels standing up, - but a hundred.
- This is exactly what the Federation wants.
That you become enemies.
That you spit your friends in the face.
So if they want that, we give them that.
That's enough.
Happy now? Tell the Wizard that the child must be returned to his mother.
I was almost killed, for real.
One more dirty trick like that and you get to deal with me.
Now hurry up.
- We don't touch the child.
- What do you mean? We do what's right.
Gennaro did what he had to do.
The child is going home now.
According to Don Edoardo, we can destroy him for good if we continue.
I've let Charming follow a hard line with Crazy and Diplomat, fine.
But you must never forget that the Wizard always keeps his word.
It has to become that way again, and it has to stay that way forever.
Hello, my little baby.
You're my dearest.
It's only a matter of time before we leave here.
- Donna Annalisa.
- Hello, Patrizia.
Is it you? I already expected you.
We have to toast.
Wait a second.
Come on.
You were really great.
Thanks to you, we are now where we wanted to be.
How did you do it? How did you manage to con Gennaro so well? I just told him the truth.
The best is yet to come.
We'll give him what he deserves.
But you have to be careful.
Very careful.
You must stay in your character until the end.
Gennaro's trust has to keep burning, until the moment has come.
Don't worry, I'm good at waiting.
I know that.
I know that very well.
But you always have to stay on my side.
By the way, do you have a boyfriend? It has to stay that way.
You're not suited to be someone's wife.
You'll always stay with me.
To the new Queen of Secondigliano.