Gomorra (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 6

What's the matter, Patrizia? Nothing.
I'm sad you're leaving.
I won't be away long, I have to run an errand in Modena.
- My father ordered me to do it.
- I know.
Are you sure that's all it is? I'm scared they want to fuck me over.
Who? I don't know.
Nicola was one of the few who knew about the shipment.
Do you think it was him? I can't believe it.
To get the cops mixed up in it, you need to know people.
You need to be powerful.
Who else knew about the shipment? All the allied families.
It's going to be all right, just relax.
But do me a favor: stay at home for the next few days, while I'm away.
I'll feel easier if you did.
- I'll go get ready.
- Okay.
- Well? - They're not talking about this raid.
I only heard one thing.
- But it's a rumor.
- Spit it out, I'll pay you.
- Not all the drugs made it to storage.
- What? A big whack of it has gone back onto the street.
How do I get to it? Call this number.
- How do you feel? - I'm fine, don't worry.
- You've taken your medication? - Yes, sir, don't worry.
- Which did you take? - That one The one with the red cap, with the English name.
Did you taken the bleomycin? I have a doctor in the house and I never knew it! You have to take it three times a day: morning, afternoon and night.
Hold out your hand.
There you go.
Paoletto has to get his vaccination shot, I have to go to school.
- Where's your mamma? - Sleeping, should I wake her? I'll do it.
It's Linuccio, go let him in.
Get up.
It's late.
- Serena, get up.
- Cut it out, Nicola.
Paoletto needs his vaccination.
And here he is I'll do what I want.
My ass! Get up! I'll give you two minutes.
- Go away, get out! - I'll break your legs, get up! Fuck off! The situation's not good.
The seized drugs are back into circulation.
Whoever's behind this is very powerful, he owns some cops.
What are you gonna do? It was you and me in there, we're the only ones who got out.
She thinks it was me and so she suspects you, too.
We gotta figure out who it was, we gotta bring her proof.
That's the only way we can sleep easy, us and our families.
So? What are we gonna do? I got a contact.
We gotta go today.
Hi, Serena.
We wanna see Kevin, we need to talk to him.
- Are you Nicola? - Yeah.
- And him? - He's my cousin.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
Know who that is? That's Mister Antonio, an ex-traffic cop.
He began doing our accounts and later he left his wife.
Just think! Bro', people shoot their mouths off, but everyone likes cocaine.
And black pussy! We'll take a kilo, to start.
Obviously we'll pay in cash and you name the price.
What did he say? He said it's all good, but he has a question.
- You're from Secondigliano, right? - Right.
How come you want coke from us? Yours is better.
Or has something happened that we don't know about? I'm fed up, I want to make some money on my own.
Tell him he can trust me.
We'll start like this, then when you know we have the money you can introduce us to whoever sold it to you, and we can do some good business together.
Obviously we'll pay you for your trouble.
We'll let you know.
Guys, let's go.
What brings you to Forcella? I heard something that might interest you.
What is it? The cocaine from the raid is back on the streets.
- How's that possible? - I'm trying to figure it out.
So, why didn't your boss come and tell us directly? Because things are going badly for us and I don't want Patrizia to think I wanna fuck her over.
If what I think is true, there's someone behind it.
- Who do you think it is? - I'm thinking someone big.
Someone who doesn't want this alliance anymore.
Us, together, we gotta stop him.
As far as I can tell, the problem's yours.
- Not ours.
- That's true.
But what happens to me today, could happen to you tomorrow.
When it happens to us, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
What's wrong, Valerio? - You got a problem? - No, no problem.
Even though you don't say it, I know what you think.
Then, you also know where we stand.
Selling pills to kids to get by.
- We'll wait for Patrizia's shipment.
- It won't be long.
- That's what she said.
- What do you mean? I don't get you.
The raid's been harmful for us, too.
What if Nicola's right? If there's someone behind it? There was an emperor called Julius Caesar.
Know what he said? When your enemy's after you, you have to be one step ahead.
Tell me something, Valerio.
Did the emperor have a consigliori who wanted to take his place? Because maybe Nicola wants to swipe Patrizia's place.
- Let's tell Patrizia.
- We'll mind our own fucking business! You still don't get how it works here.
You gotta mind your own business and keep your head down.
You can't trust anyone.
Enzo When I met you I saw something in you but I don't see it anymore.
Kevin? We don't need time, I got the money already.
Cool, I'll see you tonight.
We're doing the handover.
He got the name of who sold them the coke? - Yes, but he wants 10 grand more.
- We gotta negotiate.
This money's peanuts, surely our life's worth 10 grand.
You trust them? Come up, Lino.
Good morning.
- How much is it? - 35.
You made less this week? If you come on Thursday and not Saturday, it's obvious.
When Patrizia finds out we took Berlingeri's money When she finds out who wants to screw her, she won't mind.
And if it doesn't go like you say? If it goes wrong? Why don't we talk to Patrizia? We'll explain it all to her.
- She'll understand.
- Lino We have to bring Patrizia a name.
We need to figure out who it was, trust me.
It's all good.
It's you and me, we'll cream them! All done? Very good Good, huh? - Almost like in Naples.
- Let's say that What are you doing here? I'm working.
- I don't want to see you anymore.
- I'm pregnant.
And what do you want from me? I need to ask something only you can tell me.
What kind of mother would I be? The worst in the world.
You smell like Mamma's hair.
- You still remember it? - I can't forget it.
Alessio, what should I do? If the kid's going to end up like us, forget about it.
Nicola! Lino! - You found us.
- Pieces of shit! What have you done? - Shut up.
- You're shit! Shut up or I'll shoot you in the mouth! - So shoot me! - Shut the fuck up.
- Shoot! - We need you alive.
Now listen to me good.
Your boss is a whore, she's not capable of running the alliance.
A woman can't be in charge of Secondigliano, you need to take her place.
Or we'll tell Patrizia that you were behind the raid and we'll kill you.
What do you say? We don't want this, we want you to be okay.
Nicola, think about your family.
Your mamma, your sister.
That sweet little niece of yours, she's so cute.
Your women need peace of mind, they need a secure future.
Or not? Beat it.
Nicola We got an offer for you.
You kill Patrizia and take back what's yours.
- Where were you? - What do you want from me? Didn't mamma tell you not to go out? - I went for a walk.
- Get in there.
Serena, you need to stay here, full stop.
Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can do? Don't you get it, we got a big fucking problem? How can I make you get it? What's your problem, Nicola? You think only you got problems? If you'd talk once in a while we could find a solution.
What's your big fucking problem, Nicola? The kids are asleep, are you crazy? No one was supposed to go out.
I told her, but you know what your sister's like.
- I sure do.
- Well done.
Well done.
You always take his side.
I'm always the bad one.
Go back to bed, Mamma.
- Can I go to my friends? - Sure, off you go.
You, go slow! Your aunt called.
She said Lino's missing.
- Do you know where Lino is? - No, I don't know.
He didn't come home last night, he didn't even call.
She's worried.
- You don't know anything? - No, Mamma.
- What's going on? - What you said, Lino's missing.
Hello? Where? See you there tonight.
I gotta go, Ma.
Be careful.
- Grazia.
- Mickey.
Can you hear me? Something bad's going down.
I can't explain now, you gotta come back now.
Well? You thought it over? And what did you think? If I wasn't forced to, I'd never do it.
But Patrizia isn't family.
Whereas Michelangelo is your brother.
Have you thought this through? If you really care about someone, you gotta be prepared to do anything.
Even hurt them if it's for their own good.
I hope he feels the same way.
But that's your business.
As for what I gotta do, I'm ready.
- When? - Tomorrow.
So tomorrow we'll be fucking rid of her.
And after we'll all drink a toast together.
You can go now.
You just come in like that? We're not kids anymore.
Come with me, I wanna show you something.
- Serena - It's important.
What's all this money? I've been saving it up all this time.
If I don't come back, you know where it is.
Why wouldn't you come back, where are you going? Nicola! Serena Whatever happens, you gotta take care of them.
You gotta promise me.
I promise.
Nicola! Can I talk to you for a minute? I know everything.
- I didn't have any choice.
- I know.
We'll take care of it, but you have to trust me.
Give me your gun.
Nicola, trust me.
Give me the gun.
Come with me.
You're my brothers.
- You're my brothers! - Calm down.
Calm down? What the fuck are you doing? - Papa told us to.
- He said not to get you involved.
And you do what he says? What the fuck's going on? These two wanted to do things without telling me and they wanted to frame you.
What are you going to do now? How do you wanna fix this? You wanna talk to Patrizia? And we go out with the guilty party? Michelangelo Are you with us or against us? Why are you here? - What happened? - You were right.
It was Nicola.
How do you know? He suggested a deal to my brothers.
Why would he do that? He wanted to take your place.
That's why I came back.
I did it for you, I took care of you.
I'm expecting your child.
It's wrong It's wrong having a favorite child.
It's wrong.
I've always loved all my other kids, all the same.
But not you No.
You were something else.
From the first moment, I loved you so much.
So much.
Too much.
So why did you do what you did to me? Tell me, I don't get it.
Because a delicate plant dies It dies if you put it in the wrong soil.
This plant isn't dead.
Actually, it's sprouted.
It's borne fruit.
Patrizia's having my baby.
It's your blood, we're a family now.
Well, if that's the way it is, go! You have my blessing.