Gomorra (2014) s04e10 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 10

In the Bay of Naples, a few kilometers from Pompeii and Vesuvius, lies the world's most surprising underwater archeological site.
Here is the lost Roman city of Baia.
Since the first century BC it has been an exclusive place See the lovely parmigiana Mom made for you? Patrizia, will you tell me what's the matter? Last night I saw a documentary about bees.
The males do nothing from morning till night.
They only wake up when the Queen sends for them.
They mate in flight for safety.
And they fuck so much that their balls explode.
And then they die.
One after another, 'cause they're no good for anything anymore.
That's all they can do.
Gomorra (4x10) From the samples you brought from Milan, I see you do elegant stuff.
What's the retail price? 1,200? You sell them to retailers at 500 max.
Once you buy fabric, pay seamstresses, packing, shipping, you're left with 10%, right? Right.
Go with us and your earnings will triple.
And how? Our labor costs are low: two or three euros an hour.
It depends what their work's like.
You only have to decide, Evelina.
You can work with subcontractors in your area that cost more and won't do an hour of overtime for love or money, or you can make real money with us.
- The paper pattern? - I only have them for the samples.
- You'll do patterns and size-charts.
- No problem Fabric? I'll courier it all to you tomorrow.
- Dad, I got A in math! - Well done! What's the matter? - You take a bath in perfume? - You don't like it? I like it, on a woman, though.
Let's go wash our hands, dinner is ready.
Well done, Daddy's little scholar.
How did the checkup go? Is the baby growing? - Everything's good.
- And Patrizia? She decided to have a rest.
Good, if only she'd give it a rest for real.
What's happening in Central Naples is no good, and if the problem spreads it'll weaken Secondigliano.
And to keep helping a weak clan is too risky.
I don't think Patrizia's fit to rule right now.
You're her husband, make her see reason.
Now she has two options: be a woman or a commander.
I'd like to know what it is that you want, if you want to raise a kid or you want to mourn your wife.
Now let's eat, I'm starved.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Lord, bless this food.
Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name The Levantes are behind the bust.
They want to take Secondigliano.
They blamed Nicola and killed him.
Now they're hand in hand with the Graduate, who took everything that was Blue Blood's.
My husband's one of them, Gennaro.
And you didn't notice anything, Patrizia? I told you: a boss can never trust anyone.
- I know.
- Doesn't look like it.
What are you going to do? I can only do two things.
Be a wife and mother and leave everything to the Levantes.
Or I wipe out every last one of them.
I handed over a kingdom to you.
Mine, the Savastanos'.
And you're still here asking me which way to go.
No, Gennaro.
You're wrong.
I just wanted you to know.
This is my house.
And in my house I call the shots.
OUR BROTHERS You're nuts coming here.
You know the Capaccios run Forcella now.
Since you killed his brother, the Graduate's looking all over for you.
I could have put it here for you.
I'm the one who needs to be pardoned.
I know what you're risking, Pure'n'Simple, but you gotta set up a meeting for me with our most trusted guys.
You got it.
How do you feel? I managed to get some rest.
I had to make a decision before talking to you.
And I've made it.
I have to think about our Bianca first.
It's best if I hand over the command of Secondigliano to you.
Bianca? That was my mother's name.
We'll do whatever you want, sweetheart.
This place is like a jail.
But if Patrizia hadn't given us a crash pad, by now we'd be dead.
I don't want to mourn you.
I can't stop now.
First I gotta avenge our brothers.
You building a tower? Things aren't going well, Azzurra.
Secondigliano's about to blow up.
- That's not our problem.
- Yes, it is.
When things are going well, we're all friends.
But when things get outta balance, who knows what could happen.
You put Patrizia there, for a reason: to buy us our freedom.
I hadn't heard the news.
- Thank you.
So, how are things? - Good.
Igor, for the moment, I can't personally handle the shipments.
My husband Michelangelo will handle them.
Talk to him like you talk to me.
Gimme twenty.
Morning, Don Michelangelo.
We're done here, Donna Patrizia.
It's 213 grand.
In line with last week, maybe a bit more.
This isn't a neighborhood.
It's a city within a bigger city.
Secondigliano doesn't answer to anyone.
Enzo came to me.
He loathes everyone.
He says that your family's behind the bust and now he asks for my help.
He wants to kill you all.
Why didn't you tell me straightaway? Because I had doubts.
About me? Yeah.
And now it's gone? No.
But I've made a choice.
Enzo's here But you gotta make me a promise.
You gotta make a choice, like I did, and remove all doubt.
Enzo What have you done, bro'? Check out the hair.
Hey, Enzo.
I'm glad to see you.
Patrizia and I have the same enemy: the Levantes.
First they used the Capaccios like puppets, then they took our turf.
We gotta hide to talk.
They better not think I've forgotten them.
I think about them all the time.
Night and day All the time.
What do you got in mind, Enzo? Patrizia just wants to be a mom.
She's made up her mind.
And she's handed everything over to me.
Shipping, dealing spots Secondigliano.
She handed it over to me, Dad, not to you.
You never liked this place.
You never came here to work, but our family's fortune starts here.
Michelangelo To make concrete you need to mix sand with cement.
And what comes out is a new substance, that belongs to us, it belongs to our family.
You and Patrizia are like sand and cement.
You've become a substance that can build something very big.
And if you understand it, so does she.
You're right, Dad.
There's something else we have to settle.
We have to kill Blue Blood.
- Well? - It's good, I like it.
Thanks for coming, guys.
They told us you'd retired.
Maybe it's time for me to get back to work.
We missed you, Don Gennaro.
Let's go.
Go, go! There's no one here.
Run, it's a trap! Sons of bitches! You pieces of shit! Guys, after him! Mom? I'm fine, why? What's happened? Calm down, Mom.
What are you saying? And how are they? The main thing is that they're okay.
I'll be right there.
We failed.
Good evening, Don Gennaro.
Mistral's sorry, but he couldn't come to the meeting.
- He sent his regards.
- Don't worry about it.
I know what it means to live on high alert.
With all due respect, we thought you'd retired from our business.
Or am I wrong? It's true.
But now I've got money, contacts and skills.
Above all, I need to take back everything that's mine.
Excuse me, if you'll allow me Can I ask you something Mistral would have asked for sure? Go ahead.
Why did you choose him? The next war's gonna be long and hard.
And a man who had the guts to eat his enemy's heart in prison is a man who'll do anything.
And I need someone like that to win this war.
But that's water under the bridge.
After that, he did 20 years of maximum security and his friends all turned their backs on him.
I know.
But I also know that he once had enormous ambition and that's something that never dies.