Gomorrah (2014) s04e11 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 11

How is everyone?
- And you?
- I'm fine, I already told you.
Mind telling me
what the fuck happened?
Blue Blood tried to kill us all.
He's not the problem!
But whoever's behind him!
They were waiting for me
in that shithole.
She told you
Blue Blood was there, right?
So what?
She doesn't know
that you're behind the bust.
Or do you think I told her?
We're only alive by a miracle.
But not you
You look like you've been
for a stroll.
Tell me to my face
if you think I tried to kill you.
If I wanted you dead,
you'd be buried by now.
We need to stay calm.
Calm and united.
We're under attack,
and I want to be sure we don't have
enemies other than Blue Blood.
So, Michelangelo, keep your eyes open
in Secondigliano.
For you and for us.
There's one thing
Michelangelo's right about.
We're a family
and we gotta act like a family.
I handed the Levantes to you
on a silver platter,
and yet they're still standing.
Either they're very lucky,
or they had a guardian angel.
Or maybe you're useless.
To see if that's true
we gotta try again.
Not now.
Now you need to lie low.
They're after you,
they mustn't find you here.
You gotta get away.
Patrizia, you know why I'm here.
I want revenge too,
but at the right moment.
we gotta keep a low profile.
Now get outta here.
Where you been?
At Enzo's with the guys, talking.
What did you have to say?
For now they gotta disappear.
What does your family say?
They suspect you too.
They're not sure,
but we got a spotlight on us.
We have to be careful.
Truth is, while they're alive,
we're not safe.
And now I gotta take
Secondigliano back.
Remember who we're doing it for.
I know what I'm doing and who it's for,
no need to remind me.
I know how you feel.
But you gotta relax.
So far, there are no dead
to mourn.
Everything OK?
Speed up a little.
Turn right.
Patrizia, don't turn around,
we got a car tailing us.
So what do I do?
- We'll go home.
- Let's finish our rounds.
- Patrizia
- I said let's go.
Get out, I'll be right there.
Don't you dare contradict me
in front of my men ever again!
I'm in charge here.
I can't let them see me weak,
neither in my house
nor outside it.
Then excuse me.
I thought I was talking
to Bianca's mum,
but I'm dealing with the boss
of Secondigliano.
Where's my father?
Papa! Why the fuck
have you got a car tailing us?
Calm down, Michelangelo.
You told me to keep my eyes open
and I did,
but it seems you don't trust me.
We've been attacked three times.
Someone's gotta be behind it.
Maybe it's only that little shit
from Forcella, maybe not.
I watch my house
and I do it well.
I'm asking you, please,
you gotta trust me.
You're my blood, Michelangelo.
We all trust you.
They confirmed, the shipment
arrives tomorrow morning.
Good, I'll go.
I don't like you going out
on your own.
Then we'll go together,
that way
they can't do anything to me.
I'll go by myself.
I need to be seen
on the streets.
As boss of Secondigliano
they gotta know I'm always there.
If I hide like a rat,
I'm nobody's boss.
Please, listen to me.
I have a bank account in Switzerland
with two million, why don't we leave?
We can go
and live wherever we want,
far away from my family,
from all this shit.
I don't want to go anywhere.
My place is here.
You don't get it,
they want to kill you!
If they want to kill me,
here I am,
but they'll have to make war
on my turf.
When you married me,
you knew who I was.
Yes, I knew.
Tomorrow I'm going to the delivery.
If you come, good,
you've chosen our family.
But if you don't come, I'm sure Papa
will be glad to have you back home.
Thank you for coming.
There's problems in Bologna.
That's strange,
I didn't hear anything.
I did.
- And what do I do?
- You leave in the morning.
I can't tomorrow.
But don't worry, I'll make some calls
and straighten it out.
Some problems can
only be solved in person.
I'll go,
but are you sure this problem
can't be solved any other way?
There are things
that people get whacked for,
before they even have time
to apologise.
Then there are sons,
who mess up again and again,
but you forgive them everything
cause they're your kid.
The other night, I had
three powerful charges put in,
the same stuff
we use at the quarry.
Her men are already here.
Stand by with that gizmo,
we gonna bring the sky down.
Donna Patrizia,
the shipment's arriving now.
Let's go.
- They're opening the gate.
- The shipment's here.
- That's it, yeah?
- She's missing though.
Keep your eyes peeled.
C'mon, let's do it.
Donna Patrizia's coming.
There, she's coming.
Where the fuck is she?
- She's coming in, get ready.
- Today we're gonna get rid of her arse!
What the fuck's going on?
Let's go!
Calm down!
Shut up!
Don't push me.
What happened?
They arrested Patrizia.
What the fuck does that mean?
The cops made a raid
and got her and the shipment.
It's the second time it's happened.
- People in Secondigliano
- The fuck do I care about the people?
Go, Fernando, I'll call you.
What's going on?
Why did you make me come here?
Patrizia's been arrested.
What happens now?
To us, nothing.
You said if she went under,
she'd take us with her.
And all this goes under too?
I'm handling it.
Patrizia has no record,
with a good lawyer she'll be out
in a couple of days.
The TV news said they found
a hundredweight of cocaine.
If she wants to get out now,
she just needs to talk.
And you know that.
A true boss never talks.
My father never talked.
But she's not Pietro Savastano.
And if she decides to collaborate,
everything we've built collapses.
Even in prison, Patrizia is still
the boss of Secondigliano.
And she knows it.
Santore, the cell's freed up.
Turn right.
Patrizia Santore, second A, cell six.
Donna Patrizia
To share the cell with you
is an honour and a privilege for me.
Take the more comfortable bed,
I moved.
Thank you.
No, not those.
These are better.
Whatever you need,
I'm at your disposal.
Got a cigarette?
If I may say so, smoking's not good
in your condition.
Anger's even worse.
She's alive, Mickey.
That's what counts.
Patrizia Santore.
What's happening?
Evening, Miss Santore,
sorry it's so late.
Did my lawyer get lost on the way?
I thought a little chat in private
would do us good.
I have nothing to say.
Then maybe I misunderstood.
Your husband, Michelangelo Levante,
is obviously wrong.
He told us about the shipment.
It's not true.
That's what I thought too.
A husband reporting his wife
But then he explained he feels safer
knowing you're in jail,
outside he fears for your life.
He was really worried.
Especially after they found
enough explosives
to blow up the building
where you were arrested.
I told him not to worry,
we'll keep you safe.
If you have anything to tell us,
we'll protect you, give you a new life
Prison's no place to raise a kid, is it?
He told me you'd definitely
have something to say.
All right
Obviously he was wrong.
If while you think of your baby
you remember something, I'm here.
Are you all right?
I'm gonna be in here for a while.
And I need a friend I can trust.
- Are you my friend?
- I'm always at your disposal.
We have to let them know
I'm still in charge of Secondigliano.
How are you?
I didn't have any other choice.
My family nearly blew you up.
If it wasn't yesterday, another day,
I can't protect you two forever.
It wasn't up to you to choose.
But it was.
I chose to protect my family
and I did it the only way I knew how.
Which family are you talking about?
Listen to me,
I can't do anything for you in here,
I can't protect you.
But they won't give up,
they'll try to kill you in here too.
You have to talk to him.
You have to collaborate.
I'm not a rat.
Now get out
and stay outta my sight.
You can hate me if you like
but you're alive.
Now it's all in your hands.
My daughter's life too.
Last night a screw took Patrizia
out of her cell.
She came back an hour later,
that's all we know.
If she talked we'd know by now.
Maybe she said no for now,
but they find ways to tempt you.
The time's come to let Patrizia know
she's not alone.
Let's go for a walk.
You gotta do this,
and make sure no one comes
from the other side.
In the soup
Only by helping the Levantes
can we solve our families' problems,
don't you see?
Do what you gotta do.
Patrizia met with Ruggieri.
Is she going to collaborate?
I don't know.
Yes, you do.
Gennaro, I've thought this through.
She has every reason in the world
to talk, about the past too.
I always helped her,
I put my realm in her hands.
Gratitude doesn't count for shit
when you're desperate
and when all you have to think
about is your kid's life.
I know that
because I would have done
the same thing.
But I can't let her
destroy all our work,
all we've accomplished so far.
She has to die.
I told Fernando
to get her a message.
We got people in that prison.
To put her mind at rest.
Don't let her outta your sight.
She's going alone.
Let's go, without being seen.
Sorry, Nunzia, but there was
another way to help my family.
What did you think you were doing?
Fucking bitch!
Donna Patrizia, are you all right?
Get help.
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