Gone (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Don't Go

1 .
[pleasant ambient music] [owl hooting] - That'll keep us warm for a while.
- Mmm.
This should too.
- You brought the good stuff.
- Mm-hmm.
[cell phone rings] - Hey, hey, what did we say? - What if it's an offer on Bayside Drive? - Then Rachel can take care of it.
[continues ringing] [ambient music continues] - Ow.
Remember when I said this was a good idea? - You can't take it back.
- Just saying.
The Fairmont has pillow-top mattresses.
[twig snaps] [leaves rustling] [tense music] - Hello? Who's out there? [dialing buttons beeping] - [screams] [both screaming] - 911.
What's your emergency? [woman continues screaming] Hello? [distant sirens wailing] [knocking on door] - Hi.
- Hi.
- Wait.
I-I thought we were going out, right? - We always go out.
I thought maybe we could stay in.
I brought dim sum.
- Awesome.
- Can I come in? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come in, come in.
Come in.
- Oh, wow.
Great place.
- This must be Bruce.
- Oh, careful! He doesn't like strangersusually.
- Aw, well, hey.
I will get drinks.
You get plates.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Oh, yeah, I don't--it's not-- - Oh, wow.
Water it is.
- Sounds good.
[laughing] It's all good.
[Marian Hill's "Down" playing] Wait a second.
Didn't you make these in high school? - No, no.
Someone else.
- No, you did.
[chuckling] You did.
When you ran for Student Council Treasurer? - I cannot believe you remember that.
- Wait, what did they say again? Something - "Confucius say--" - Yes.
- "A vote for Noah, and the budget will grow-a.
" - [laughs] Yeah.
It's a shocker you lost, right? - Shut up and eat your cookie.
- [sighs] - What's it say? - Huh.
[chuckles] It says, "You will take a chance in the near future.
" Mm-hmm.
- Interesting.
- Very.
- Oh, yeah.
- What? What does yours say? - "You will soon be kissed by a beautiful woman.
" Oh, wait, it says "kicked.
" - [laughs] Shut up.
- I like the first one better.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry, I can't--I just - Don't be, don't be.
- IIt's not because of you-- - No, it's-- - I'm sorry.
- No, it's--Really, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- I should clean these up.
[solemn music] - Okay, spill.
Your date.
- Yeah, it was--it was nice.
It was nice.
- Kick, how long have you and Noah been dating? - Uh, six week? I think.
- Yeah, six weeks.
The dates should've stop being "nice" at least three weeks ago.
- I just--I I couldn't, you know.
- I'm sorry.
It's a stupid thing to say.
You shouldn't feel rushed.
What happened? You've had boyfriends before.
- No, I've had hookups.
I don't bring them home.
It's it's different with him.
I like him.
- Frank's ready for us.
- It's okay.
- Dr.
David Crawford and his wife, Karen from Portland, Maine.
He's a surgeon.
She's a high-end realtor.
They went camping in White Mountain National Forest yesterday.
At 9:24 last night, a 911 call was placed from Karen's cell.
It got cut off.
- That 911 operator heard screams on the other end of the line.
At 6:00 a.
this morning, a Park Ranger found this tent empty and also found three sets of footprints going off into the woods.
- Now, what do we know about the Crawfords? Any enemies? Extramarital stuff? - Uh, they've been married five years.
No kids together.
But David has a son from a previous marriage, Mason.
He's in college.
Scanning through their social media, it seems like they're into the outdoors.
Hiking, camping, running, that sort of nonsense.
- Well, they post a lot of pictures together on their social media.
Doesn't seem like their marriage is in trouble.
- There's a local Sheriff that thinks this might be connected to an abduction case that happened two years ago.
Kennedy and I will get into that.
James, I want you to dig up everything you can on the Crawfords.
You guys are going to the campsite.
I've arranged for you to meet a search dog and handler.
- That seems like a pretty big area for just three people to cover, right? - The more people on the ground will only confuse the dog and alert the kidnapper.
- What about a drone? If this guy marched the Crawfords off into the woods - Eyes in the sky-- not a bad thought.
- You heard he said that right? - That canopy's too thick.
A drone would be blind up there.
- Okay, guys, gear up.
Go get 'em.
- [sighs] - Oh, uh, don't forget your bug spray.
[suspenseful music] [car doors shut] [device beeps] - Okay.
Let's go.
- Just 'cause you're the man, you get to lead? - No, I get to lead 'cause I've had years of survival experience.
- Bet you were a boy scout, too.
- Eagle Scout.
- Of course you were.
- I heard that.
- I wanted you to.
- Oh, man.
Smell that? - I don't smell anything.
- Exactly.
It's clean.
- It's creepy.
No one can hear you scream out here.
- So you're not outdoorsy, huh? - Not exactly.
[dog barking] - Dana? - John.
Hey! - I haven't seen you since-- - The Tampa case.
- Tampa.
- I hear you're with Frank Novak's team now.
- Yeah.
Along with Kick Lanigan.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Yeah, you too.
- Careful.
She's not really into nature.
[all laugh] Hey, what's shaking, Rocky? Good to see you, man.
Got any new intel? - Yeah, yeah.
The Crawfords' belongings are still in their tent, including their cell phones and wallets.
- So he wasn't after their money.
- Nope.
Come on.
- Looks like they just wanted a weekend alone.
I don't see any blood.
- Well, the kidnapper's armed.
The only way to subdue two adults who are in decent shape.
- Two of my prints match the Crawfords' shoe sizes, So the third one must be the kidnapper's.
- How are we supposed to track them in all this brush? - If anyone can pick up their trail, it's the Rock.
- The sleeping bag is a perfect scent article.
Hey, Rocky.
He's on scent.
You ready? - Come on.
- Would you just tell him I'm here? - He can't see you right now, Sharon.
You folks FBI? All right.
- Yep.
- FBI? Are you guys here about that missing couple? 'Cause I know who did it.
It's the same bastard who murdered my sister, Megan.
- Sharon, we don't know that for sure.
Bill Wheeler.
- Agent Novak.
This is Agent Kennedy.
- Thanks for coming in.
- So your sister's the woman who went missing two years ago.
- Almost to the day from the exact same area.
His name's Glenn Mills.
Would you just arrest him already and get him off the streets? - Well, what can you tell us about him? - Local man.
Wilderness guide.
Bit of an odd duck.
He and Megan were romantically involved.
- A few dates.
She barely knew him.
- They went for a hike.
He claimed they got into an argument.
Megan stormed off.
A little while later, he heard screaming like she was being attacked.
By the time he got there, she was gone.
- Well, two people go into the woods, one comes out alive-- I'd be taking a hard look at him, too.
- We brought in search dogs, never found a body.
Without it, the case was circumstantial.
- Why don't you give us this Mr.
Mills' address, okay? We're gonna take a look at him.
- Do better than that.
I'll take you there myself.
- Can I keep this? - Oh--thanks.
- Thanks.
[tense music] [police radio chatter] - Wondered how long it'd be before you came knocking on my door.
This about that couple? - Where were you last night, Glenn? - White Mountain.
- Same forest Crawfords were abducted from.
- It's a big forest.
- Anyone with you who could verify your whereabouts? - Just him.
And he ain't talking.
- Glenn, if you had nothing to do with this, it would be helpful if you were a little more cooperative.
- I was cooperative two years ago when Megan disappeared.
Even helped look for her.
Didn't matter.
Everyone still thought I killed her.
Business went under.
Everyone looked at me like I was some kind of monster.
It's not like killing a couple could make my reputation any worse.
- Okay, uh, is there anything else you'd like to tell us? - Yeah.
Get the hell off my property.
[dark music] - Don't leave town, Glenn.
[dog barking] - That's a good boy.
[Rocky sniffing] Scent's getting stronger.
We're close.
[Rocky barking] - Ground's disturbed.
Looks like something's buried.
[intense music grows] It's the Crawfords' clothes.
But no bodies.
- I think he's lost the scent.
- What is this? - Petroleum jelly.
It keeps your body from shedding skin cells.
It covers up your scent.
- That's why he got rid of their clothes.
Probably put them in rain or hunting gear, something that doesn't breathe.
They smear their skin and hair with petroleum jelly to throw off any scent dogs.
- This isn't some random psycho.
- No.
He is much worse.
- Frank.
We found Vaseline along the trail.
He used it to mask the scent.
The dog tried to pick up the scent again.
No luck.
We sent Dana home.
- Glenn Mills used to be a wilderness guide, so I'm betting he knows how to throw off tracking dogs.
- Maybe that's why Megan Finch was never found.
- Well, dog or no dog, there are other ways to track them.
- Bishop, you're heading into some rough terrain.
When you lose cell, I want you on that satellite phone, okay? - Copy that.
- All right, what do we got on the Crawfords? - Well, I went through all their texts and emails, and I can't find anyone who'd want to hurt them, except - David's son? Mason Crawford.
- Check out the texts he was sending his dad.
"I despise you.
" "Stay away from me.
" "I wish you were dead.
" - I thought me and my dad didn't get along.
- Well, Mason dropped out of school a month ago.
Went on a bender, smashed his dad's car with a crowbar.
Got sentenced to rehab and went AWOL 24 hours ago.
- MIA for 24 hours.
Just enough time to drag his parents into the woods.
- [breathing heavily] What? - Evasion technique.
You want to throw off a tracker, make a 90-degree turn behind a boulder or a tree.
He's leading them this way now.
- So how many cases did you work with Dana? - Just the one.
- Yeah? Seems like you two were close.
- It was a rough case.
Missing kid with a bad ending.
We commiserated over a bottle of Jack.
- So how long were you two a thing? - Should I get a lawyer here? [chuckles] - It's just a question.
- It was a one-time thing.
We had fun.
What about you? What's the deal with you andyour buddy, Noah? - [chuckles] I don't want to talk about that.
- I'm not the one who brought it up.
- What is that? - Hair.
It's coated in petroleum jelly.
- Is that Karen's? - Yeah.
We're on the right track.
- Mason's mother died when he was 15.
Since then, he's been in and out of rehab.
Coke, meth.
- Would you describe him as violent? - Last week, David and Karen came in for family counseling.
Mason got angry.
Starting choking his dad.
- Did he have the same hostility toward his step-mom? - Mason hated them both.
But they never gave up on him.
Tried everything.
Therapy, medication.
Outward Bound.
- That's the wilderness program.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, he's good in the woods? - Very.
Unfortunately, when the program ended, Mason relapsed, and he ended up back here.
- Do you think Mason is capable of harming David and Karen? - If he's using I think Mason is capable of anything.
- [breathing heavily] - You gonna make it? Vomit.
Smells like alcohol.
There was a bottle of Pinot at the Crawfords' campsite.
- Fear can make you physically ill.
- Bear tracks.
A mother and two cubs.
Let's give 'em a wide berth.
We can pick up the trail a little further on.
- We talked to Mason Crawford's roommate.
He hasn't heard from him since he went to rehab.
And no luck pinging his phone.
- Yeah.
- Listen you're losing daylight.
You want to head back? Or even hunker down for the night? - I want to keep going.
- We're trying to make up time.
Had to take a little detour to avoid some bears.
- Bears? Some conservationists have been keeping tabs on the local bear population.
A few months back they were out there, putting up cameras.
- Video? - Still cameras, I think.
- You think one of them would have a picture of the Crawfords? - Are they connected to a network? Can I download the data? - [chuckles] No, they're old school.
You'd have to retrieve the cameras manually.
I could call those people and ask them where the cameras are located.
[cell phone rings] - Hear that? Listen.
As soon as we get a location on those cameras I'll get them to you, okay? - Copy that.
- You've got that look, Kennedy.
- Are you referring to my "Mason Crawford just got arrested breaking into his parents' house" look? Your step-mom and your dad were beaten before they got marched off into the woods.
You been in a fight, Mason? - I don't know anything about that.
I was looking for drugs.
That's why I broke into the house.
- Really? 'Cause looking at this dirty jacket, I'd say maybe you've been out in the woods.
- Look at Agent Kennedy.
When you're being interrogated, you should look the questioner in the eyes, because looking down is a classic sign of untruthful behavior.
- I, uh I think I should talk to my lawyer.
- You mean your parents' lawyer? - The parents that you killed.
- [stammering] - Mason.
- [breathing heavily] - We can see that you're hurting.
I think I know why.
[suspenseful music] Now, if you just tell us the truth get that burden off your chest, I think that'll make you feel a whole lot better.
- Mason.
Did you kill your parents? - [shaky breathing] [dark music] .
- According to the coordinates James sent, one of the cameras should be just up here.
The cameras are camouflaged as to not spook the wildlife.
- There.
- I think there should be another one just over There.
- Oh.
Ready to do some climbing? [Twin Buffalo's "Higher"] - Oh-oh-oh, hey I don't need nobody to make it on my own Zero to a 100, I run the open road Ain't no way to beat me Can do it on my own Whoa, oh, oh I don't need nobody to make it on my own Zero to a 100, I run the open road Ain't no way to beat me Can do it on my own Whoa, oh, oh - Well, looks like somebody didn't get a merit badge in tree climbing.
- My tree was bigger than yours.
[cameras beeping] - No Crawfords, no kidnapper.
- Just a bunch of wildlife.
[both sigh] - [under breath] God.
- I got 'em.
- What? - Look at the time stamp.
As of five hours ago, the Crawfords were still alive.
Let's go.
[tense music] - Any way to determine if that's Mason Crawford or Glenn Mills? - His face is too obscured to do facial recognition, but there's other ways we can help work up a physical profile.
Shadows can give us his height, and we can help approximate a weight by comparing him to the Crawfords.
- All right, let's do it.
- [chuckles] Next time can you say, "Make it so, Number One"? - Just shut up and type.
Warp speed.
[keyboard keys clicking] [computer dinging] - Huh.
It's not Glenn Mills or Mason Crawford.
- So who is he? - Backs to the tree! - [muffled shouting] [thud] [whimpers] - You must be thirsty.
- What's your name? - [breathing heavily] KarKaren.
- Get some rest.
- [whimpers] - You'll need it.
- [muffled sobs] - You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let's stop and rest.
- No.
No, let's keep going.
- You can't track what you can't see.
I'll dig a fire pit.
- What? What if he sees it? - Dig a deep enough hole.
Flamesthe smoke are concealed.
It kept us safe and warm in Afghanistan.
[grunts] [leaves rustling] [animals chittering] I thought you weren't afraid of anything.
- [exhales harshly] When Mel had me we stayed in this cabin one summer, in the middle of nowhere, and one night, he and Linda had gone to sleep, and I had been practicing picking locks with my bobby pins, and that night it worked.
[eerie music] I didn't know what to do or where to go.
I just took off running.
But I kept hearing his voice in my head telling me that you know, the woods are so dangerous.
[panting] There's animals everywhere that were gonna eat me alive.
- [gasps] - So I stopped.
And he found me.
And the next day, we moved.
And when we were driving away, I saw a house that was 100 feet away from where I stopped.
[solemn music] I just wish I could have kept running.
- Well, you couldn't have known.
- Yeah, well, I let fear get the better of me.
And I still do sometimes.
- Like with Noah.
[soft music] [small laugh] In our first case, you asked me why I was on this task force, why Frank picked me.
- Yeah.
- WellI had a brother.
He was younger than me.
By a whole six minutes.
People could never tell us apart.
We would play tricks on our friends, on our teachers.
Hell, sometimes our parents couldn't tell us apart.
They'd call him "John" or me "Mark.
" We'd ride our bikes to school.
One day, Mark wasn't feeling well.
Principal sent him home.
And, uh A man in a truck pulled up alongside.
And he, uh - He took him.
And he was never found.
I'm sorry.
I did some digging when we did the tiger kidnapping case.
I should have told you.
[softly] I'm Sorry.
- You know even though we were twins, I was a big brother.
And I was supposed to protect him.
- That principal never should've sent him home alone.
[solemn music swells] - He didn't.
I was there, Kick.
When that truck stopped and man got out I, uhfroze.
I didn't scream.
I didn't fight.
This man grabbed my brother.
My best friend.
And I just I froze.
[inhales] [exhales] I, um I'll take the first watch.
Get some sleep.
- If this guy wanted to kill the Crawfords, he could have done it at the campsite.
But instead he marches them off into the woods.
- He knew we'd bring in a search dog.
That's why he made them change.
He probably had extra clothes and Vaseline stashed ahead of time.
- He's very patient, very methodical.
- He's like that serial killer in Alaska.
- Robert Hansen.
He'd bury his murder kit in the woods months ahead of time.
Just waiting for the right victim to play out his fantasies.
- Yeah, but he took women.
Isn't it unusual to abduct a couple? - Uh, it's unusual but not unheard of.
[tense music] Taking the husband just adds to the kidnapper's sense of power.
- Well, right now, this guy has complete control over the Crawfords.
So for him, there's no more powerful feeling than that.
- Why didn't you wake me? - All good.
Ready to roll? [dark piano music] both: [muffled shouting] - [muffled whimpering] - [muffled grunting] [thud] - Karen! [gun cocks] [gunshot] - He just gave himself away.
[dramatic music] - [panting] What? What? He must have tied them up here.
- These edges are frayed.
These weren't cut with a knife.
Look, they got free.
This way.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Single gunshot wound.
- We only heard one, right? Karen might still be alive.
- Look--she's dragging one foot.
She's injured.
- She's going to be too afraid to try to escape again.
- I'll send these to Frank.
[phone camera clicks] It could help us ID the kidnapper.
All right.
Let's go.
- This rope looks like braided nylon.
- It's a constrictor knot.
It's not very common.
I used to go hunting with my dad.
- This guy appears to be very well organized.
He didn't become a killer overnight.
He's probably got a history of violence.
- You're thinking he's used that knot before.
- I'll plug it into VICAP.
If it's been used in any other crimes in the area, it'll show up in the database.
- [panting] - We got a hit.
Domestic violence case from seven years ago.
- Roy O'Grady, from Newry, Maine.
Tied up his wife with a nylon rope.
Constrictor knot.
Then he assaulted her.
The neighbors heard her screaming and they called the police.
- Prosecutors entered O'Grady's journal into evidence.
Full of sadistic ramblings.
Rape, torture.
- Yeah, according to his ex-wife, O'Grady spent a lot of time in the woods, you know, hunting, learning survival skills.
- Got out of prison two years ago.
- That's right around the time that Megan Finch disappeared.
- Height and weight match our trail photo.
- That's him.
That's our guy all right.
- According to his ex-wife, O'Grady had a hunting shack up in White Mountain National Forest.
We're sending you the location now.
- Almost home.
- [shaky breathing] [whimpers] Oh, no! Aah! [thud] Uhh-- [startled gasp] - It's okay.
Don't be afraid.
- [gasping] - My name is Megan.
- How long have you been here? - I'm not sure.
- [whispers] Oh, God.
[intense musical buildup] .
[suspenseful music] - You ready? - Yeah.
[hinges creaking] [clunk] - [grunts] - Bishop.
Come here.
- Karen? Karen Crawford? - Yes! Yes, I'm down here! Please let me out of here.
[crying] - Oh, God.
- Get me out of here.
- Let's get you out of there.
Take my hand.
[grunting] Come on.
- [crying] - Oh, my God.
- Come on, you're safe now.
- He killed my husband.
- You're safe now.
Where is he? - [sobbing] You gotta stop him.
He took her.
- Who? - She said her name was Megan.
- Megan? Megan? Finch? - Oh, my God.
- She's alive.
- He's gonna kill her.
- We'll be back for you, okay? - [whimpering] [woman screaming] [tense music] - No, please.
You can keep us both.
[crying] You can keep us both! - Drop the weapon! [gunfire] - Megan.
- Aah! - Hey, it's okay, Megan.
It's okay, Megan.
I'm with the FBI, okay? Come here.
I got you, I got you.
I got you.
- [sobbing] - I got you.
- [sobs] - Come with me, okay? Come on.
Come with me.
Come on.
I got you.
- I can't believe it's over.
- Part of it's over.
The worst part of it for sure.
But I'm not gonna lie to you, Megan, you've you've got some tough days ahead of you.
[solemn music] - What will I do? - You'll survive.
Just like you survived what happened in there.
And if you ever need anybody to talk to, I'm here for you.
Okay? [police radio chatter] [both crying] - You want to talk about it? Kick, you saved two people.
- Yeah, well I should have saved three.
- You want me to go? - No.
Don't go.
[emotional music]