Good Behavior (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

The Heart Attack is the Best Way

- I'm Letty.
- Javier.
You're not an English teacher.
You're a thief.
Amazing, considering what you do for a living.
And if you don't tell the truth, Silk will! When I was young watching movies, I always thought it was so stupid when they dump a body in the river.
I thought, why don't they make a friend at a funeral home and cremate the body? - Your sister lives here? - She used to.
Thanks for doing this.
I'm driving down to Ava's anyway.
That was a huge help.
Hey, Uncle Jav.
- Jacob.
- Hi, Dad.
- Get out! Get out of here! - I will get my son.
Don't worry, custody almost always goes to the mother.
Unless the mother is me.
Rhonda Lashever, FBI.
Your former parole officer said that you might be willing to help me locate this man.
They will guarantee you get custody of Jacob.
All you have to do is give us his handle.
- This is you? - Yeah.
Philanthropist? I do hereby grant full custody of Jacob Michael Raines to his mother.
I sold you out to the FBI.
How else do you think I got Jacob? If you don't want to be with me, that's fine, but please, don't walk in there and throw your life away.
If you're gonna raise a kid, you have to be totally selfless, and that will be a good thing for you to try on.
I was so hoping you'd be here.
I'm here.
We need to go right now.
Oh, shit.
He got away.
We'll find him.
Oh, my God.
Why'd you set the alarm so early? I thought you were working the lunch shift.
I am.
But you're taking Jacob to sign up for school.
Are you guys done? How can I help you? I'd love for my son to go to school here.
Okay, where is he? Right there.
All right, fill this out.
All 17 pages, plus the birth certificate, record of immunization, former school records, and proof of guardianship.
Of what? Guardianship, custody.
Why would I pay a ton of money for him to go to private school if he wasn't actually my kid? We need the records.
Look, we just moved here a few days ago.
We're living only a few blocks away, and he really needs to be in school.
If you could just start now, I promise I'll get you all the forms and records A.
If he could just start now? Yeah.
I'm sorry, it's the middle of the school year.
We have no room for your son.
For anyone, or for my son specifically? For anyone.
Okay, you know when they say there are no more tables available at a restaurant, and there's always one open in the back? There are no more tables available.
All right.
Fill out the forms, and if any other student moves or drops out or flunks, your son will be third on the wait list.
Third? I'm sure he'll be in by April or May.
Seriously? As long as he nails the interview.
This isn't how a bribe works.
We'll home school you.
- What? - It's a thing.
I know what it is.
We're not doing that.
Yes, we are, and you don't get to talk to me that way.
You never even graduated from high school, and Javier doesn't speak English.
Yes, he does.
You know what I mean.
But home schooling will be way more fun.
We can learn about whatever we want whenever we want.
That's the exact opposite point of school.
Says who? Can't I just go to a normal public school? They would have to let me in.
No, they wouldn't.
We've been here three days, and we're renting an Airbnb.
You need a permanent address.
So, let's get a permanent address.
We need to be sure we like it here.
I like it here.
And we need enough money.
Can't you just steal some? Baby, listen to me, I'm not I'm not doing those things anymore.
You are all I want in this world, and now that I have you, I'm gonna do everything I can to make a normal life for us.
So why are we using fake names? Um All the things I used to do are why they took you away from me.
- You know that, right? - Yeah.
Well, so, there are people from my past who might try and find me, and I don't want that to happen.
I want a clean start.
If we use new names, we can easily do that.
Does that make sense? We will have a real house, you will go to a real school, we will have a normal life, do you hear me? Beautiful day.
It's supposed to be like this tomorrow, too.
But I don't think you will be here tomorrow.
Why not? I know what you did to your brother a few years ago.
He wants you to pay for that.
He asked me if I could help him, and I said that I would.
I got the same story about you.
Only I was told to shoot you.
Aah! Does my name have to be Michael, though? Your middle name is Michael.
But if I get to have a whole, new name, why can't it be more interesting, like Tristan? Tristan? No.
People named Tristan are fictional characters who have to turn into animals so that women will have sex with them.
Then Lachlan.
It's Scottish.
You can't be Scottish.
I could be half-Scottish.
No, it's it's a thinker.
A what? People will think too much about it.
You never want people to think too much.
Just be Michael.
Trust me.
This is what I'm good at.
Can we just tell the public school this is our permanent address? They'll know it's not true in two seconds.
Don't worry, I'm gonna get everything we need for home school.
How will you know what to get? What do you mean? You're not a teacher.
I remember sixth grade.
I'll be back soon.
Just hang here.
- And do what? - I don't know.
It's recess.
Where are you? Working.
They called me in early.
Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system.
Can I help you find anything? Do you have these in a 10? I don't see any in the pile.
I'm sure we do, let me check in the back.
Thanks, Meg.
- You're late.
- I know, I'm sorry.
My kid was sick.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What are you doing in here? - What are you doing in here? I asked you first.
You never park in here.
It's supposed to rain.
No, it's not.
What are you doing here? I was looking for a glue gun.
A what? Excuse me.
Is this your son? Are you okay, baby? Yeah, I was just playing at the beach.
Is there a problem, Officer? Are you his father? No, but I'm his mother.
Where's his father? Myrtle Beach.
Why? Who cares? I found him alone at the beach.
I played outside all the time when I was a kid.
Things are different now.
Children can't be alone in public places.
We're very sorry, Officer.
Thank you for bringing him home.
What is the law, so we know for next time? - Who are you? - There's no law.
The only thing in the state of Georgia is that children under 8 years old shouldn't be left alone at home.
Keep reading that thing.
Children between the ages of 9 and 12, based on level of maturity, can be left home alone for brief periods of time.
He's very mature.
If you say so.
I do.
Thank you, Officer.
Let's go I told you to stay here.
You can't go out and do whatever you want by yourself.
You just told the cop that I could.
Yes, to get him to go away, but you can't wander off without telling me.
I'm supposed to stay inside all the time? Yes, that's what Wi-Fi is for.
Why were you at the beach? Oh, wait, let me guess.
You were staring at the water, thinking about how much you hate me.
At first.
Because of the school thing.
W-what happened? The private school thing, it's not gonna work.
We'll have to home school him for now.
What's a home school? Exactly what it sounds like.
It doesn't sound good.
- Apple wants to help.
- Apple? Is that a person? I think he means the computers.
She's a person.
She's my age.
I met her just now at the beach.
She lives right on the water in a huge house.
She likes me because I'm black.
She wants me to go to her school.
A different school from this morning.
What does that have to do with you being black? She's running for class president, and diversity is part of her campaign platform or something.
Anyway, then her mom came out of their house and asked who I was and who my parents are.
- Because you're black.
- Probably.
I told her that you weren't black, though, and I think she felt better.
You don't need to tell people anything.
I know.
I didn't.
But I told her that you would.
They're coming over at 5:00.
I'm sorry, what? I invited them because Apple thinks maybe her mom can help me get into that school.
- Jacob! - What? It's just her and her mom.
Her dad's working late.
You can't just invite strangers into our house.
They're not strangers.
They're neighbors.
Javier can make food.
Tonight is not the best for me.
Me neither.
We'll do it another night.
No, we won't.
I want to go to a real school with other kids.
You said we would have a normal life.
I know.
I know I did.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying.
I I got you some new clothes today.
Okay, you know what? It's fine.
We'll We'll have them over.
We have a chicken I can cook.
You can help.
Go try your new clothes first.
We are not ready for this.
This is what you're good at.
Being a mother? No, not a good one, not yet.
Especially not one who talks to other mothers.
- You can pretend.
- No, I can't.
If I could pretend at being a good mother, they would never have taken Jacob away from me in the first place.
This is what you wanted.
You look so great.
I do? I think you should wear that tonight, don't you think? Maybe.
I mean, only if you want to make a good impression.
I do.
Are you sure it looks good? I think you always look good.
And this is totally up to you, but I think everything might be just a little small.
Yeah, I didn't want to say anything.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
I should know your size.
I'll go get the right sizes right now.
You don't have to go now.
No, I want to.
Got to make a good impression.
- Thanks.
- Plus, we need wine.
Don't you need these clothes, to exchange them? Oh, right, right.
Why do you say "hi" like you have no idea I've called you 11 times? How do you want me to say it? Like, "Christian, oh, my God, I'm so sorry I've been ignoring you.
You helped me so much with stealing and breaking into Lashever's phone so I could find Javier.
But I never even called you to let you know it worked.
Thank you so much, Christian, and I miss you.
" Hi.
How do you know it worked? Because Lashever came back to my place.
So you did get laid.
Yeah, and she was still at my place the next morning when she got a text about Javier getting away, that he escaped the whole thing.
Wow, that's good to know.
Wait, you didn't know? Nope, they never found him.
Then how did he get away? Excuse me, miss? Would you mind taking your phone call outside? Store policy.
Of course.
I'm so sorry.
I have no idea how he got away.
I haven't talked to him, and I have no idea where he is.
So where are you? With Jacob.
We're fine.
And thank you for helping me that night.
Even though I didn't even up finding Javier, thank you for helping me try.
Of course.
So if you find out that Lashever is setting another trap for Javier, you'll let me know.
You are with him.
No, I'm not, but if you stay close to her and find anything out, I'd just really appreciate it if you keep me in the loop.
I won't be seeing much of her anymore.
She's not interested in a relationship.
So? Be buddies.
It's cool that this house comes with silverware and plates.
Yeah, that's how it works with vacation houses.
So you don't have to buy everything for just a few days.
Can we stay forever? No.
If you stay too long, vacation houses are much more expensive than regular houses.
Because of the plates.
Because of the plates and the towels and the silverware and the coffee machine.
Mom hates that coffee machine.
So do I.
What if people want coffee tonight? Should I call mom and tell her to get a new machine while she's out? She's not here? No.
Thank you.
Big party tonight? Nope, it's all for me.
I forgot this was in here.
My husband went hunting this morning.
And fishing.
Put the wine in the back seat.
Hey, baby.
I got everything we need in a bigger size.
Want to go change? Apple and her mom are coming in five minutes.
Well, then, you have five minutes.
Plus, I need to talk to Javier about something.
I thought I was hallucinating.
I didn't know you left with the car.
As soon as I knew, I called you.
You brought a dead body into this house? It's a long story.
I don't want to hear your stupid long story.
Hello?! Hi.
The door was open, so sorry we're a few minutes early, but Apple and I just couldn't wait another minute to meet you.
And we couldn't wait another minute to meet you.
Oh, and thank you.
You must be Apple.
Michael will be down in just a second.
- Okay.
- Your son was so adorable to invite us over, but then, I didn't know if it was really okay, but I didn't have your number, and neither did Apple.
And anyway, I'm Carin with a "C.
" A what? It's Carin with a "C," not a "K.
" Oh.
Well, I'm Lindsey, and this is Emile.
Look at Emile in the kitchen.
Look at me.
Could you get the rest of the wine, honey? Is there more wine? Three more cases in the garage.
In the car.
What's your favorite movie? If, uh If I'm being honest, or if I'm just trying to impress you? Both.
You're talking to an FBI agent.
Okay, fine.
Uh "The Bodyguard.
" Ah, me too.
No shit? People don't give Whitney Houston enough credit for her chops in that film.
I took knife-throwing classes 'cause of "The Bodyguard.
" Where's my sandwich? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm, mm, mm.
- You like that? - Oh, ho! I'll take a Rob sandwich any day.
All right.
Where's your mom? My mom? Estelle.
Estelle's my wife.
What the hell's happening? She's FBI.
- I know who she is.
- You do? Why did you let her in this house? I don't know.
I don't know what this is about.
Why wouldn't I let her in? Winner.
Rob, go do something else.
We're feeling things out, seeing if we like Tybee enough to stay for good.
One of the big things is finding a school.
Oh, of course.
You get to play hooky for a little while, huh? Nope, he hasn't missed a single day.
We've been home schooling him.
Oh, wow.
Until we find the right school, it's better than putting him in the wrong one.
Well, it's the middle of the year is the hard part.
Did you try the public school? We don't have a permanent address yet, but we want him to go private regardless, you know.
Of course.
Did you try Ravinia Academy? Yeah.
Don't quote me on this, but they were Racist? I didn't want to say it.
I've heard the rumors.
At Cedarwood Country Day, we have a very strict policy against any sort of discrimination.
Yeah, including against gay kids.
- Even though there aren't any.
- Huh.
Brooke Nelson's a lesbian.
Since when? Tuesday.
Well, okay.
Do you think Cedarwood would be a good place for Michael? Oh, I assumed that you had already applied there.
Not yet.
We hear it's pretty exclusive.
Well, it is.
I mean, it's number one.
I know the wait list is kind of long, but But he's black.
Why would you say that, honey? Because he is.
Diversity is my campaign platform.
And we only have two black kids.
Which is a real shame.
Well, I bet you get very good grades, Michael.
We don't do grades in home schooling, which is a problem because all of the schools want his records.
Oh, so you've always home schooled him? For the last few years, yeah.
Because of Emile's career.
He was a philanthropist.
Fundraising, really, mostly for celebrities and their various causes.
You've raised money for a couple of private schools, right, honey? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
How great is that? Well, kind of.
It was a whole whirlwind life.
Emile was all over the world 24/7, and we did our best to keep up, but it just got harder and harder, and then after Gwyneth Paltrow, ugh.
Oh, my God, Gwyneth Paltrow? I'm named after her daughter.
No, you're not.
So you can tell Emile is a pretty good cook, right? Mm, yeah.
I can't get my chicken to taste like this.
Well, so, he was working on Gwyneth's charities for over a year when she started having him cook for her dinner parties, too.
No way.
But wait, you know her website, Goop? Yeah.
Pretty soon, Emile started seeing his recipes on there.
She didn't ask.
She didn't pay for them.
She just stole them, put 'em in her cookbook, too.
I have that cookbook.
Then you have stolen recipes.
Who does that? Gwyneth Paltrow.
So we just decided, you know what? Let's try to live a simple, more normal life, and that's what we're trying to do.
That is so cool.
Cheers to that.
Cheers to that.
Are we done? Mm, yes, thank you.
I mean, are we done? I have no information for you.
Can you leave? Without dessert? J.
I'm off sugar.
But I really do need to find your daughter.
But I can't help you with that.
I've told you, I don't know where she is.
I find that hard to believe.
Really? Does your mother know where you are all the time? Of course she does.
Your daughter? Letty? Yeah, I'm aware of her name.
Your daughter Letty got her son back because she agreed to help me with a thing.
Only that thing didn't go so well.
Did she do whatever you asked her to do? She did.
Oh, well, then she doesn't owe you anything.
The last thing Letty needs is to get pulled back into any more shit with drug dealers.
Thank you for clearing her record.
Thank you for helping her get custody of Jacob.
And I'll thank you for leaving my house.
Well, if you do find out where she is, and you feel like letting me know, here is my card.
I wouldn't know the first thing about how to home school Apple.
I'd be the worst.
She'd be home schooling me.
Well, that's kind of how it is.
I mean, how am I supposed to remember hypotenuses or whatever? I can't even balance my checkbook.
You still have a checkbook? Mm.
Jacob really is brilliant, though.
He's much smarter than me.
He's perceptive and kind and curious.
He could be anything.
I just want the best for him.
Who's Jacob? Michael, Michael.
Jacob is his middle name.
Oh, okay.
Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system.
Silk is not I don't think you can play this game with just two people.
Who cares about the rules? Maybe she's born with it.
Maybe it's blank.
A lifetime of sadness? Yeah.
With enough time and pressure, blank will turn into blank.
Home schooling sounds weird.
You need to get out of it, I mean, if you ever want to have sex.
I'm trying.
I know.
I think it's working.
It was smart of your mom to talk about Gwyneth Paltrow.
She's smart about stuff like that.
Who are your real mom and dad? You mean, who are the black people? Yeah.
My dad is black.
He lives in Myrtle Beach.
My mom is downstairs.
She's my real mom.
With enough time and pressure Why are hair products for black people always in a separate section? I think it just makes it easier for black people.
Also then white people would accidentally use black people stuff and keep returning it and complaining.
With enough time and pressure, blank turns into blank.
No, Eric, I'm having fun.
Eric would never do the dishes.
Oh, just make him do them.
It's too late now.
He won't change.
Do you know how happy I am to have you and Emile here? To have people living across the street who are real, who don't judge? Most of my friends here, if they saw me smoking, they would not know what to do.
They're doing other things.
They most definitely are.
Oh, my God.
- You can't move somewhere else.
- I know.
I feel like you and me would have so much fun.
I know, I know.
I mean, I'd love that, but we have to find the right school for Michael.
Well, I am gonna make it happen, then.
That's that.
- Y - It won't be easy, but Emile's experience with fundraising will be a big plus.
I know all the people.
I'll make all the right phone calls.
Really? I'm gonna send e-mails, too.
Wow, that's That's amazing.
Thank you.
We are gonna get him into that school because we need to be friends.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Apple! Apple! - Eric? - I tracked the location of my daughter's phone.
She is in this house.
Where is she? - Sir, please calm down.
- Is he your husband? Don't tell me to calm down.
Apple! What in God's name Eric, calm down.
Apple and I just came over here for dinner.
I thought you weren't gonna be home until later.
- Is this a joke? - We're being friendly.
Apple wants her new friend to go to Cedarwood.
Oh, let me guess.
You told them you could help.
Let's go, honey.
Uh Sorry.
He is I'm sorry.
You tried.
No shit.
And you're trying to ruin my life.
Get out here! Who the hell do you think you are? - It was self-defense.
- You're the worst liar.
Fine, but I'm not lying, and you are drunk.
So what? I could drink all four cases of that wine, and it wouldn't come close to you killing someone and putting the body in the garage.
Do you realize what would have happened if that cop had seen? If Jacob and his friend had decided to come in here and play? - I understand.
- No, you don't.
You don't! I finally have Jacob.
I have a totally clean record, and all of that would have been gone in about one second.
Do you really think that my plan would be to kill someone and drive the body here? That's exactly what you did.
I thought it was just a normal job.
So you were going to kill someone? I Yes.
You realize how stupid that is, right? Any job you take could be the FBI setting you up again.
I took this job before that, before you sold me out to the FBI.
And it was a trap.
He was another hit man there to kill me.
Why? Who wants you dead? Besides me? - I don't know.
- Well, who hired you? I don't know.
A guy.
I met him at a bar.
He gave me an envelope.
Told me a story.
I'm not gonna call him just to let him know how alive I am.
You're not supposed to be doing this anymore.
Oh, really? Just like you're not supposed to be stealing anymore, huh? That is all the stuff I'm hiding for Christmas.
Right, all presents for you.
At least I'm trying.
What? I'm making an effort.
Yeah, but you're still stealing things.
In dark moments.
But you you never even tried not to kill.
I tried not to steal.
Well, then, that's what happened to me.
What? The dark moments thing.
Oh, my God.
You got a job.
Yes, for you, for Jacob, for looking normal.
But do you realize how much money we need just to pay for this house? Huh? For private school? Where do you think this money will come from? Not from killing people.
Well, it pays well.
A lot better than a line cook, and I had already accepted the money.
Do you know what happens if I take the money, but then don't do the job? What was that? I don't know.
That was a phone.
Whose phone was that? - It's probably mine.
- That's not your phone.
That ring tone is super annoying.
I would never be with you in the first place if that was the sound your phone made.
That's his phone.
Pull it out.
You pull it out.
I'm not touching that body.
You are the one who wants the phone.
If he tried to kill you, don't you want to know who he is? So now you believe me? I am trying to help you.
I don't care who he is.
He's a hit man.
And it won't be his real phone.
It'll be a burner.
Pull it out.
Use his thumb.
That's me.
Text back "It's done," so they definitely think you're dead.
Look how sad you would be.
That's not what I was thinking.
What are you going to do with this body? I don't know yet.
Well, what was your original plan? I was going to give him a heart attack.
I was going to leave him there.
Ugh, always with the heart attack thing.
You need to get more creative.
I used to be creative.
The heart attack is the best way every time.
Not every time, obviously.
And why is it always a boring sport like fishing or golf? It is not always that.
I'm just doing what they do.
I kill a lot of white men.
I'll figure something out.
Take it to what's his name.
The funeral home.
Burn it.
I can't.
Why? That's your whole thing.
Silk doesn't want anything to do with me after my father After the dinner with my family, which I understand.
Maybe I will find a new funeral home.
What? Finding a new crematorium and a person to trust? How long does that take? A long time.
Well, it only takes two hours to drive to Charleston.
Silk can't so no if you just show up.
It's obviously an emergency.
It's always an emergency.
Get in the car, drive away, and get rid of this body.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Uhh You have a warrant? Always.
But we're working and sleeping together.
Well, I thought you Did you just say that we're working together? You didn't realize that? It's called servitude.
It's called you're a henchman.
And you're already failing miserably.
How could I - Letty is with Javier.
- No, she's not.
Oh, so you've talked to her? No, no.
Did you? I talked to her mother.
When? She thinks her daughter ratted out a drug dealer, which means Letty never told her who Javier really is.
Why would she? Why would she lie? I can think of several reasons.
She's still sleeping with him, that's the reason.
I'm not sure that's the reason.
This is why you're not the FBI agent.
This is why I'm the FBI agent you work for.
This is why you will do whatever I say because we're gonna find this guy, and he's not gonna get away this time.
This is important to me, so it's important to you.
Comprende? Yes.
That's Spanish for "Do you understand?" I know.
Because he's Spanish.
I think he's Argentinian, but Get help.
- Did you call Letty? - Nope.
Don't you want to know where she is, at least? Yeah, I do.
But then I'd know.
And then I'd have to tell.
And nothing good will happen.
Yeah, well, if nothing good will happen, then screw it.
Jacob? - Yeah? - Can I come in? Why did you have the door locked? For privacy.
Look, I know you're upset, and I totally get that.
Apple's dad was kind of crazy.
It sucks about her school.
But if there's an emergency, I might have to come get you, so you can't lock the door.
An emergency? Yeah, like, you know, you might be sleeping, and there's a fire in the kitchen or something.
- Because you got drunk.
- What? I'm just saying, maybe one day you'll start a fire in the kitchen because you drank too much.
That's not what this is about.
This is about not locking the door.
- Can you knock next time? - I did knock.
After you tried to come in.
I If that's what I did, I'm sorry.
I just don't want people barging in.
People? Who else would it be besides me or Javier? I don't know.
I don't want anyone to come take me away from you like they did last time.
No nobody is taking you anywhere.
You're safe, do you hear me? You're safe.
We will get you a new school.
How do you know? I don't know, but we will.
But only if you leave the door unlocked.
Only if you knock first.
I will.
Silk? Silk? Hi.
You can't sleep? No.
Why are you calling me this late? Lashever kept me awake with this sex game she made up called "Help Me, Rhonda.
" Now there are flowers everywhere.
Is she going after Javier? Just tell me.
Yes, she is.
When? I don't know.
She can't find him, but I think she's getting closer.
She's not letting it go.
He humiliated her.
He's just a stupid hit man.
Why does she care about him so much? She's hard to figure out.
Is that the ocean? Are you with him, Letty? No.
But I wish I was.
Do you love him? Are you okay? Yeah.
Are you? No.
Me neither.