Good Girls (2018) s02e11 Episode Script

Hunting Season

1 Previously on "Good Girls" So I got your trash bag for you.
Yeah, I figured I'll hold on to it for a bit.
Who are you protecting, you or me? - I want you done.
- It's over.
- Which part? - All of it.
Bring the children home, okay? How did they even know about the pills? Or exactly where to look for them? Someone said something.
Did you remove a pen cap from the evidence locker? You're not going away for this.
We'll get you a real lawyer.
You know how much that costs? So how we gonna do this? I took it all out.
Oh, my God.
You left our payday in a trash can? You do whatever you want - whenever you want - I take risks, Ruby.
Without thinking about anyone else but yourself.
What are you doing here? I tried calling.
I blocked your number.
You don't gotta know about this, then.
Where are the books? Uh, they they're in accounting.
Not those books, the book club books.
- FBI! - Everybody down.
Where is she? Mrs.
Boland, we're gonna need you to come out now.
- Lot's clean.
- They knew we were coming.
Kenny, now! How'd you know they were coming? I didn't.
I just stopped in to go over promos with Linda and I saw all those cars, like, a block away all those FBI guys.
That is some Spidey sense.
Or lucky, like you said.
So did he call or text? Check my phone.
It's weird, 'cause Janey saw you in the park with him.
You said you were done.
- He did us a favor.
- Are you kidding me? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.
That dealership, do you know how long it's been in my family? 'Cause it's gone now.
Can we do this another time? Hey, honey? - Give this to your mom.
- Thank you.
We had a deal, Beth.
We still do.
My slime kit came! You're gonna be late for school.
Can you open it? Please, please.
Okay, but then I want you in the car.
I'm serious.
And, you guys, grab your backpacks.
Can I see? Can I see? We're gonna do slime later.
Kenny, I got your backpack! Let's go! Let's go.
And you get 10% off your next purchase.
- Well, thank you.
- Yay, you.
Here you go.
Thank you very much.
Hey, uh, can you cover for me? Where you going? Home.
I don't feel well.
Oh, I would, but, uh, I gotta organize the meat freezer.
It's getting crowded again.
Hunting season.
Since when do we hunt our own meat, anyway? What is it, like, a weird farm-to-table thing? No, um, it's a service we offer the community.
Anyone can store their meat in there for a fee.
And if you want, Karl will butcher it.
No charge.
Good to know.
That's totally disgusting.
Coffee filters are 25% off until 10:00 tomorrow.
Hey, pal.
How how are you? - Oh, hey! - Hi.
Are you okay? Fine, yeah.
Need a break? Not really.
You want to tell me what's going on? Nothing.
You've been avoiding me.
I don't know if I can do this.
Well, that's not nothing.
Well, I-I didn't know how to tell you.
So you you just waited for me to take the hint? I'm sorry.
I'm not good at breaking up.
Wait, we're breaking up? Well, I don't know.
I Well, that's not nothing.
I just need to figure some things out.
I think I just got dumped.
What'd she say? That she has to figure stuff out.
Yeah, brother, you got dumped.
What is that? Mrs.
Boland left a page from her ledger.
Okay, here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna buy yourself a pint, something shameful like Oreo or cookie dough.
Go to hell, man.
Then you're gonna watch "Fault in Our Stars.
" Oh, I already read the book.
Anything to get the tears flowing, okay? - Mm.
- Then you just gotta flush her out.
You're a dick.
And maybe if you stopped thinking with yours, we'd have more to go off of than a scrap of paper.
We still need her.
I'm cool with her kid.
Then do that.
And do this too.
You're paying for the ice cream.
We should be okay until tomorrow.
Coffee? - Oh - Sure.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Starbucks, Great Lakes, or Astro? Just, uh, tap.
I'm sorry? Oh, you know, from the pot's fine.
We have a runner who will get you anything you want.
- Um - Uh - Cappuccino's fine.
- PSL.
This is a joke, right? Well, I'm sorry to waste your time.
No, no, no, no, no, no, it's this case.
This is hilarious.
This thing ought to have its own set down at the Comedy Castle.
I mean, they haven't offered one single argument here that isn't laughable.
W-we didn't find it funny.
So they're charging you with evidence tampering, right? You ever heard of something called chain of custody? Um, yeah.
Is that good or bad? Good, 'cause this pen cap that they're saying you took? It's been through so many undocumented hands, you're just as guilty as anybody else in that station.
So you think you can get him off? I can and I will get him off.
Happy birthday.
So all we'll need is a signed letter of engagement and we will deliver some pain.
It says here, um, you require a retainer before service? Yes, yes.
We bill our time against it.
It's just to streamline our accounting.
But as soon as we get the check, we'll get started.
And, um, how much is that retainer? Ten grand.
Hmm, okay.
Didn't know if you wanted whip on the PSL, so you got both.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
That's a white boy's thumb.
Could be a toe.
That's not a toe.
'Cause I suggested it? Because it has hair on it.
Yeah, like a big toe.
- Guys.
- You have hair on your toe? - Like you don't.
- I am not a hobbit.
It's evolutionary.
People have to have a tiny bit of fur left from - Whatever, Frodo.
- Guys.
It's Boomer.
I mean, it has to be, right? I don't know.
Don't look at me; I don't know what his toe looks like.
You know what his thumb looks like? Well, it's clearly personal.
He wants me back.
I mean, there's nicer ways of saying it, gang friend.
I blocked his number.
Greeting card, I mean, e-card, an edible arrangement.
So what are you gonna do? He needs to get over it.
All right, what do you want? Thought you'd never ask.
- Wait.
- Yeah.
W-why do you have Because now we have to work off a debt.
Apparently, two budding entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to go on a pill run but didn't deliver the pills.
- Guess whose fault that was.
- Don't even start with me.
So you went behind my back again.
- To be fair - We needed the money.
And you said you were out.
You know how much a real lawyer costs? Like, 11,000 doughnuts.
Have you ever had a lemon rind stuck in your garbage disposal? It goes round and round and jacks up all the blades.
Turns out, so does an ear.
I mean, how much of him is left? Enough to send to the cops if we don't, as he put it, "Do what you do.
" But I mean I mean, what about the FBI? What about the FBI? Well, I mean, what if they're watching us? I mean, I don't know that they're literally watching us, but, you know, after what happened with the raid, they they could be watching some of us or one of us or none of us.
Let's move on.
How does he expect us to wash this much cash without the cars or Costco? What do common criminals do? You know what I mean.
Hi there.
It's all I have.
Do you, uh, want to order a pizza? I'm too tired to cook.
You don't cook.
Well, then can you call? Because I'm too tired to dial.
- Sure.
- Ugh.
What's so funny? Someone taught a parrot to burp.
I mean, is it actually burping, or is it just imitating a human burp? I'll ask Noah.
Wait, what? He tagged me on the parrot.
What do you mean, he tagged you on the parrot? I mean he DM'd me.
Wait, when are you guys DM buddies? Why do you care? I just don't want you DM'ing him.
Fine, I'll text.
Hey, I don't want you anything-ing him, okay? What did you do? What do you mean? You always do this.
Sadie, no Whenever you find someone normal which is never you mess it up.
Look, it's not it's not like that, okay? He's cool.
Well, I'll find someone cooler.
- I like him.
- Well, I'm sorry, but that can't always be enough.
- Why? - Because.
You know, he may not be as normal as we think he is.
Well, now we'll never know.
Slime kit came.
Where have you been? Just running errands.
Man, I hate these ties.
It breaks every single time.
- Beth.
- Huh? I don't know what to do anymore.
I'm really trying.
Are you? I mean, it's not the kind of job you can just go to HR and give your notice.
But maybe you don't want to quit.
I do.
Then I don't think you can.
I want to make it as easy as possible for the kids.
I don't want to get lawyers involved unless, of course, you do, but we can't really afford them, so I gotta protect my family.
But I'm gonna get out.
Me too.
Did you knock? No, I usually case the joint before I knock.
Do you wake up every day with this much attitude, or is it just for me? Just you.
You want me to say I'm sorry? I'm sorry, okay? You want me to say it in Spanish? I want you to say it like you mean it.
- Janey! - Hi! Hey, uh, where's Mommy? He'll definitely get the kids.
Hey, you don't know that.
And the house and the cars, this bed.
- He said it won't get ugly.
- It always gets ugly.
Well, that's true.
How'd you guys do? Uh, slowish start.
I washed $400 in quarters.
Yeah, no, I totally quit.
We're never gonna pay it down.
If he didn't have that body, he couldn't hold it over us.
But he does.
What if he didn't? I'm sorry, you want it back now? Be hard to find.
Would it? I don't know where he keeps his bodies, and I don't want to know.
That guy loves a storage facility.
You'd you'd need to get in first.
I need his key.
You don't even know where he lives.
But I know where he drinks.
Uh, hi.
So this is really embarrassing.
Um I had a little sleepover with your neighbor last night.
Mm, Brian? Um, the other one.
Uh, Christopher, 3B? The one with the little boy and the - Okay, Christopher.
- Right.
We didn't really get to names.
Um, but he left, and I went out in the hall to make a phone call because I couldn't get reception inside, and then the door locked behind me, so do you happen to have a key to Christopher's apartment? No, sorry.
Is there, like, a super or something? 'Cause I've just I've gotta go back in there and get my clothes and my, you know, morning-after pill.
This is my girlfriend's place.
I don't even know.
You could try the fire escape.
These windows never shut.
Find what you're looking for? No.
You want to tell me what it is? No.
All right.
Let's play a game, yeah? 20 Questions.
I'll start.
Why'd you follow me around all day? Was that your ex-wife? That's not an answer, Christopher.
Why are you here? Oh, that's not an answer, Elizabeth.
Is this some sport to you or some twisted hobby? What am I supposed to do here, buy that body back for the rest of my life? Piece by piece, limb by limb? How much for an elbow? Any eyeball? You're supposed to answer, though, aren't you? Why aren't you answering? Why are you talking so much? It'll take a lifetime to wash all that money.
Yeah, that's kind of the point.
Why are you doing this? I mean, you came to me way back when, right? Asking to be a part of it.
Now you a part of it.
When does it end? One question left.
You want it? Would you please leave my house now? What's that? Oh, one of those "choose the ending" books.
How about you choose your homework? My hot air balloon's on fire.
What are your options? "Stay and try to put it out" or "jump with my dog into the unknown below.
" You don't know what's down there.
Crocodiles, clowns.
The extinguisher is empty.
We exploded into a billion pieces.
All right, homework, baby girl.
So Daddy's going away for a long time, huh? Who's talking to you like that? Daddy.
He said I needed to help you out more.
What else did he say? That it was wrong but he'd do it again.
He said that? If he didn't do something bad, something worse would have happened.
Go back and see what happens if you jump.
Afternoon, Tara.
Starbucks, please.
Chai tea latte, oat milk, no foam, extra hot, dash of cinnamon.
Right away, Mrs.
So what'd you do to get this much cash? Because I'm betting that it's way worse than stealing a pen cap.
You said you needed a retainer.
Hill, we pride ourselves on our reputation here.
I got you the retainer.
I can't risk losing everything that I put into this firm.
So it's like that, then.
20 grand to cover the risk and another ten for our reputation.
Tell Tara to make it a grande.
Will do.
You're right.
About what? I can't quit.
Why? It feels good to be really good at something.
You're good at the dealership too.
It's not enough, is it? Does he, like listen to you more or you know, encourage you in ways that I don't? I just really like having sex with him.
Tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet Did you finally get the chance to dance What is happening right now? Oh, now you want to bring Train into this? Can you turn it down? Did Venus blow your mind? A really, really thoughtfully written song.
Can you please? Give me some of that.
So you hear from Beth? She couldn't find the body.
Did you come all the way here to ask me that? I'm sorry.
Lo siento.
Je suis désolée.
German? Eine un Wiener schnitzel.
That's not real.
But I mean every word.
I got Stan a lawyer.
- How? - I'm a disaster.
What did you do? I used the counterfeit money.
Oh, Jesus.
I'm like that oil spill in the Gulf where they're still cleaning up the pelicans.
I'm the mess, not you.
Oh, believe me, I've destroyed my fair share of ecosystems.
But I shouldn't have said it.
You're a good person.
- You always have our backs - Noah's FBI.
I told him stuff.
What stuff? Like, a lot.
Do I win? It's real close.
Hey, when does Noah's shift start? In, like, 20 minutes.
Why? 'Cause that's what time I'm gonna get the puke flu and go home.
Yo, Tyler, I just left it out on the loading dock.
Cool, I'll hang it up for you.
- What'd you bag this time? - Six-point buck.
- Oh, hell yeah.
- Yeah.
That guy.
So people pay you to store the meat? Oh, no, I'm just holding on to it for Boomer.
He set the whole thing up before he went AWOL.
That sketchy little weasel would take kickback from anyone.
Literally anyone.
Cleanup on aisle two.
Wait what do you mean, literally anyone? That, I'm not at liberty to say.
It's not just hunters, is it? And it's not just deer meat, is it? I'm not really allowed to ask what it is.
At least he's ours now.
This cannot be his final resting place.
Why not? 'Cause he's not a hamster.
Do you want to throw him away again? Do not start.
Okay, we will take a minute and we're just gonna decide the best way to dispose of him properly.
And respectfully.
I wish there was a toilet big enough to flush this turd.
All due respect.
So all this is going on right under your boyfriend's nose? How many bodies are in there? I only saw ours and a pit bull somebody's probably getting stuffed.
- Ew.
- Gross.
And he's not my boyfriend anymore, FYI.
Maybe he should be.
- You could hand-feed him.
- No.
It would get him off our trail.
With my vagina? If we could use somebody else's, we would.
I really liked him.
I know.
Sadie, like, loves him.
I know.
Are you ready for this? Uh, hit me.
You not ready for this.
Mama, you ready for this? Play the damn song already.
Okay, watch this.
Okay, now you do it.
Oh Mm.
What? Can't love up on my wife? Get the spoons, Casanova.
Mm, spoons.
Got it.
I like this mood on you.
I like having my daughter back.
Me too.
I also like having a good lawyer.
Me too.
What I don't like is how we're paying for it.
If I didn't do something bad, something worse would have happened.
Who who said that, now? Daddy! Keep it going, baby.
I'm coming.
So what am I looking at here? It's not a VIN.
It's not a bank account.
It's not a street address.
- Okay.
- That is a serial number.
She keeps records of her cash? Oh, yeah.
'Cause it's not real.
Forensics tracked these back to three different sources in the area, okay? The paper's all totally legit, but the bills are all in sequence, man.
That's as good as it gets.
They're counterfeiters.
The pills are just the tip.
Who knows how big this thing goes? So I mean, don't hold back.
I'm awesome.
Here's the thing: she's a mother of four.
She volunteers, crafts, bakes for the neighborhood.
We jump on this now, she'll get Martha Stewart time.
If we dig deeper just a little deeper connect the dots You get motive for the murder too.
I want everything.
Question Does your boyfriend know how much you think about this shit? - Shut up, man.
- Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna go out, get a pint, okay? Something real bad like, uh like cookie dough.
Does this sound familiar? - You want to know what it is? - Yes, please.
She's a terrible human being.
And she thinks because she lives in this clean little bubble that no one's gonna notice.
So mint chip? - Get out.
- Mm-hmm.
And I'm tired of getting all the carrots back.
I'm spending money.
You guys have to eat a vegetable.
Yeah, just dip them in ketchup.
- Pretend they're French fries.
- Here you go.
Hyah! I'll pick them up later.
Hey, uh thank you.
I mean, it is my turn.
For, you know, finally being honest.
I signed the papers.
They're on your desk.
Look, I'm not gonna try to take anything.
Like, I don't want the house or What about the kids? Mommy, come here! One second.
The Coopers' dog is eating your new flowers! Oh, my God! Macy, Macy, Macy! Get out of here! Get out of there! Come on, come on, come on! Go home! So what's going on? What ya making there, B? What color was Boomer's hair?