Good Girls (2018) s02e13 Episode Script


- Previously on "Good Girls" - I'm giving you the keys to the kingdom here.
Kingdom's in your name.
He took it back.
I'm about to be arrested for murder! Hey, I don't work while I'm on vacation.
That's what I am? Work? Your money's cooked.
The Feds know everything.
I'm going to make it as easy as possible for the kids.
I need to protect my family.
Do you still love each other? I found this thing online.
We would rent a place and the kids would stay here, and you and I would switch off every couple of days.
- Okay.
- How's it going with the sister? - Not in the Friend Zone.
- Already? You're FBI! - I love you.
- So what happens next? I'm sure you have much bigger fish to fry - than a mother of four.
- Come on.
You are way more than that.
What's your angle here, man? Go on record saying you saw Leslie Peterson's murder.
How Beth Boland chopped him up.
Is he going to take Daddy again? I'm still hoping we can work it out.
- They're counterfeiters! - If we dig deeper You get motive for the murder too.
You are ratting out a gang! You think they're going to let you talk? You gotta disappear for good.
I meant what I said.
If it's not us, it'll be them.
You'll get the other half when we know you left the country.
He was stealing from me, wasn't he? - I'm gonna kill him! - It was an accident.
She murdered him, Beth.
What are we supposed to do with this? What color was Boomer's hair? - We call the cops.
- You want to explain that we dumped the wrong body? You rather get put away for murdering a guy who's not dead? Thought you might want your key back.
Annie Banannie.
The croissants are filled with chocolate-hazelnut, and that's streusel with Saigon cinnamon and burnt orange morning roll.
No buckle? Not today.
Don't be shy! Whenever you're ready, Mrs.
My name is Elizabeth Irene Boland.
And this is how I murdered Leslie Peterson.
So who's the new manager? Whoever it is, he's phoning it in.
Nana got sold a yogurt from September.
No way he's rotating the milk.
We are being charged with your murder, you piece of Would anyone like a soft drink? Girls? - No, thank you.
- All good.
I'll have a Tab.
What are you doing? Calling the cops and telling them that you're alive.
- You can't do that.
- Watch.
- They'll kill me.
- The cops? The gang! Screw this fool! You're gonna go in there, you're gonna show them your new Flavor Savor, and you're gonna tell them you've never been better.
Oh yeah, okay.
Yeah, 'cause we're not about to go down for your sorry ass.
Then I'll tell them about the other sorry ass.
What other sorry ass? The one in the trash bag.
I'm gonna need a straw, Nana.
I saw how you threw him in the back of a minivan like a wet dog.
How? I hid out behind Mary Pat's.
Lived off the land.
You can drink your own urine till it's brown.
You were like 100 yards from a 7-Eleven.
They have cameras.
I'm sorry.
So that's your plan? You're gonna hole up like Anne Frank up there for the rest of your life? No.
There's a surgeon in Tampa.
Does full facial reconstruction.
He's the only guy Escobar would ever use.
It's like witness protection, but only better.
You know, I get a new face, I get to start over.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
I want my life back, okay? You know, whatever.
What do you care? Thank you.
How much? All of it.
Nose, cheekbones, jaw.
Nana, get my vision board.
Which one? The girls or the cards? The face one.
How much does it cost? No! - You couldn't afford it.
- Neither can you.
We are not going down this road again.
We're gonna buy him a new face and he's going to ghost us.
First you show cops old face.
First you show me money.
Well, who are you even going for? Rupert Grint.
The ginger from Harry Potter? Yes, the doctor said he's closest to my bone structure.
You know what? It's not that far off.
Where is she with the vision board? Nana! Jesus.
How are you? What's going on? Your neighbors said you moved out.
Yeah, something like that.
Where'd you go this time? Epcot? Six Flags? What do you want, Elizabeth? I need some money again.
I gave you the keys to the kingdom.
I know.
But you didn't want them.
If I could ask anyone but you, I would.
I'm in real trouble, all right? That Fed's got a real hard-on for you, huh? Not the good kind.
Thing is, I'm a little dry right now.
You know how it is.
What are you doing? What do you mean? I mean, right now.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Just getting my hair cut.
- What? - Don't cut it.
It's just a little trim.
I like pushing it out of your face.
Yeah, just like that.
Ha, you got me.
So listen, I wish I could help.
You could.
You choose not to.
Ah, don't be like that, Elizabeth.
Like a toddler playing with his food, the orca tosses the seal pup high into the air before devouring him, and what began as Turner's got a warrant.
How long? 48 hours.
Let's get out of here.
Let's just go right now.
- I have a son.
- So just bring him! He has a dad.
When it goes down, I got I got to do my job.
Do you want to make cookies? What? Never done it.
Yeah, why not? It's a suicide mission.
It worked.
So this guy would go to a bar, order a beer, order lunch like a burger, awesome blossom, whatever and then he would take a coaster, put it on the top of his glass like he was going to the bathroom or something.
Excuse me! I'm sorry.
Could we get some ketchup? Then he would rob the place, come back with a bag of cash, enjoy the game and, like, finish his lunch.
Stupid is what it is.
It's kind of a perfect alibi.
Not if he was on "20/20" talking about how he got caught.
What do you want to do? Call the cops on that weasely little bitch.
Okay and then he, um, tells 'em about Jeff and they dig him out of my front yard.
We do this, we're straight up hoodlums.
I hear you, but Jeff It's insane! Thank you.
We didn't kill him.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Can we also get a side of ranch? Ooh, yes.
But Turner will make it look like we did.
Couple of cameras, one security guard.
Everybody is old.
I'm not talking Liam Neeson old, I'm talking, like, Benjamin Button old.
I mean, like, little.
Like I mean I could take them, you know? Honestly, I'm not sure why we waited so long.
Who's winning? This one's for friendship, that one's for cooking.
- What's happening? - That one's for navigation.
I FaceTime'd your mother.
And this one's for service.
Why would you do that? I want them to know her more.
You feeling okay, babe? You're facing three to five.
Okay, but they still got you.
Tomorrow, I'm robbing a bank.
All children! Please report to the dance floor! All children to the dance floor, please! - What's going on? - Making moments, kid.
Can't we do it in the morning? If you plan it, it's not a moment! Duh! Now I'm gonna need you to get up and shake some booty! Let's go! I got to pay that little dick off.
- Ruby.
- Or get life for killing him.
- Ruby - Or life for dumping a body, dragging it all over town and using it to mulch my girl's flower bed.
Yeah, but if you kick in the bank part then you're gonna get life plus 20.
They got warrants, Stan.
So it's got two closets so we can both keep some stuff there.
It's kind of all we can afford, but I I think it's going help it feel normal for the kids.
It reminds me of our old place in Hamtramck.
With the linoleum? Do you remember that the hallway always smelled like pierogis? Oh God, what was that about? It was terrible.
Like pierogis 24/7.
I think it was a candle or something.
Candle? Who does that? Nobody has ever wanted that smell ever.
Ugh! I know, but every night.
Every night, pierogis.
I like pierogis.
I love pierogis.
Oh, my God.
What happened to us? Which one? First Detroit.
Warren and Brush.
All right, do it at 2:00.
Why? Uh, shift change.
Less cops there.
Excuse me.
Hi, um, they're in the bathroom but, um, I can order.
Um, she's going to have the black bean burger, and she'll have the chicken quesadilla.
Our kingdom is fully stocked and ready to serve your needs.
We offer wholesale pricing.
So why sleep like a pauper when you can sleep like a king? Come visit Detroit's premiere mattress store and we'll give you the keys to the kingdom.
So if I'm depositing checks and cash, - do I list it separate? - I'm not sure.
Or is it just, like, one total? I wouldn't know.
Don't you work here? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
So you put the subtotal right here.
See? Don't! And how would you like this? Two 5s and a 10, please.
Don't forget my sucker.
Purple flavor, please.
Thank you.
- Take care.
- Okay.
It's like $400 cashmere.
All in my name.
Why? Think I can take some for Stan? So where is he? Who is he? It's not Photoshopped.
Where is it? Dequinder and McNichols.
- Where? - In a storage unit.
Nobody's gonna low five you, dick.
Give me the key.
After you go in to the cops.
- Oh, I'll go in.
- Yeah, you will.
- After I get the key.
- We're not doing that again.
- Okay, well, then deal's off.
- Then you don't get your money.
- Oh yeah, I do.
- Nuh-uh.
- Uh-huh.
- How's that? Ever watch "Storage Wars"? You'll be in jail, you won't make rent, all this will go to auction, and I'll get it for less than you bitches will pay hustling smokes in the yard.
Okay, wait, wait.
Just wait.
Uh, Nana? 86 the milk, company's leaving.
What what if you FaceTime the cops? Yeah, yeah! Boomer, FaceTime 'em! I'll give you the key.
You can hold it.
Or or Snapchat.
That'd be cool too.
That's like a video, so it's not live.
- Why is that not live? - It's just not.
- It's a video and then you send it.
- What's live? Periscope! Boomer, please! Just just think about it for one second, okay? Nah, my way's better.
I get to stay dead.
I got us tickets to Bey.
Happy birthday.
It's not for two months.
Surprise! Are you trying to age me? Take Stan, okay? What if he's in jail? He won't be.
How do you know? 'Cause he's going to take that deal.
It's my fault.
Okay, I'm cutting you off.
I'm turning myself in.
Why should it be you or Annie? I made you do it.
Can I have my drink back? Made us? Which part? The store, the money, Jeff, all of it.
Take your pick.
- We could've said no.
- But you never say no.
I am not your yes man.
No, you're a really good friend.
Do you think she'll open with "Single Ladies"? This is crazy.
No, that'd be an encore.
I'm not gonna let you.
Then we all go down.
And what is that? That's stupid? So now I'm stupid? Shut up.
Can I have my drink? Ow! Too hard! Well, you're just too delicious.
What's, uh, what's on tap for you today? The usual.
Hmm, you made enough for an army.
Book club.
All right, let's go, people.
Let's go.
Come here.
Oh! Go on, put it on.
Let's go.
Come on.
All right, let's go.
Move out! Chop chop, chop chop.
You look nice.
See you later.
- All right, let's go.
Come on.
- Chop chop.
Gift from the D.
It's what we talked about.
Country club living, time for good behavior.
All of it.
And everyone else walks away? D.
signed off.
Now you.
Where do you want to do this? I put out some sweets in the other room.
My name is Elizabeth Irene Boland, and this is how I murdered Leslie Peterson.
Where's Hardee's? And then I backed my car over him.
And I wrapped him in a tarp.
Officer Hill said in his affidavit this morning that you put the body in the freezer.
Does it matter? I'm afraid it does.
How did you fit the body in the freezer? You know those electric knives, the ones you use at Thanksgiving? Do you remember starting a fire in the lunchroom? No.
And when the Principal gave you detention, you smashed in his car windows? If I say yes, can I get curly fries? Then you blamed it on the special needs girl.
I apologized for that.
No, I did.
Then I gave them some story about you having special needs too so they'd keep you.
I can't go in there.
I can't keep making up stories, Leslie.
I am not a kid anymore, Nana.
Then go be a big boy.
You need a water or something? That would be nice.
Do you want to call your husband? In a bit.
He's at a job interview.
This way.
Hey, Jimmy.
How you been? Hey, how was, uh, how was book club? I lied.
I didn't read the book.
I didn't get that job.
Then it wasn't meant to be.
Where we're getting money from, I have no idea.
We could put the apartment thing on hold.
Until we can afford it, you know? Yeah.
Oh, no! Like a fine wine.
Ooh, so good! "I shall serve no fries before their time.
" How many times have you seen this? It's impossible to count.
Yeah, no, it's impossible.
I shall serve no fries before their time.
Hey, move over.
I crashed.
So have you heard anything? Word is, Turner's got so much egg on his face, the D.
's talking about tossing the whole thing.
I mean you think it's, like, over over? Well, if it is, we are the stupidest, luckiest sons of bitches in the world.
Never again though, right? You're through with it.
Choose us from now on.
Introducing the new Waterpik whitening water flosser, the first device that delivers precision whitening while you floss.
It restores your natural whiteness in just four weeks.
What I've noticed the most after using the whitening water flosser is how bright my smile is.
Um, I feel so much more confident in talking to people with my smile and also my breath is just so much fresher for hours after using it.
The secret is Waterpik's patented whitening and fuser technology that expertly mixes water with a gentle whitening agent to remove stubborn and hard-to-reach stains.
The whitening water flosser is clinically proven to remove 25% more stains than brushing alone.
It's up to 50% more effective than string floss for improving gum health Did you really go to Michigan State? Hmm.
Naval Academy.
So you're, like, super smart.
But you grew up in Minneapolis, yes? Philly.
Do you really like kids? Yeah, I have one.
His name's Justin.
He's six.
Lives in Arizona.
You know, they might transfer me to Phoenix.
Since, um, since all this went south.
You mean the job? Yes.
Well, that'd be good.
You could see your son.
It's a direct flight.
Well I burn super easy.
I'll buy you sunscreen.
Let's, um Let's just go to bed.
I got you a gift.
What is wrong with you? You know you're always saying I don't help? That's me helping.
This right here? That's your problem.
Take care of it.
I already did.
Nah, he's not just gonna let you walk away now.
I fixed it.
He knows your entire bag of tricks, darling what you do, who you are.
He even knows what makes your garden grow.
my bad.
Yeah, I might've let that last one slip.
Now, a guy like that can't let that slide.
How does that saying go? Cockle shells, silver bells, bodies all in a row? Ain't that right, boss? Come on.
Just like we practiced.
Wait, tighten this up Oh Where'd you go so early today? Hey, uh, you want some French toast? It's hot.
Ow, ow.
Want syrup? That place with the ball pit? - No, that place is a zoo.
- The kids love it.
Not enough Purell in the world.
What about that place with the really good kid's menu? No, no, no.
Germy kid goes there.
The one with the mom who talks a lot.
- Beth? - You coming to lunch? Beth? No.
Got a minute? You know what I'm going to miss most about this city? Nothing.
What about the lakes? Uh, I lived in corporate housing two blocks from a muffler factory.
I guess you were busy too.
Do you want milk? How are you going to fill your time now, Mrs.
Boland? You know, I just wanna be a mom.
What about that garden? Are you gonna arrest me? I want to take a long vacation with my fella.
Maybe hit up one of those lakes.
And then what? Thanks for the coffee.
Oh, my God and then what? Let's see how you do.
Go and be a mom.
Hey guys, I made you something.
What do you mean you made it? It's literally, like, nail polish remover, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach.
It's, like, so easy.
- It's kinda janky.
- Well, yeah, because I used Dean's ink jet just to see if it would work, but we'd obviously get a better printer and maybe even a graphic designer.
There's this mom who has a booth at the farmer's market.
She does business cards, but she's super talented, and she's divorced.
What? Don't "what" us.
She knows what's what.
We can totally do this without him.
You got this.
Come on.
I don't want it.
Yeah, well, I didn't get a gift receipt.
Then why don't you do it? 'Cause it's on you.
No, it's not! Yeah.
Yeah it is, mama.
- You put it on me.
- You asked for it.
You put everything on me! The money, the dealership.
Not easy being king, right? You put it all on me so it's never on you.
- Nothing's ever on you! - Yeah, well, now you got a bigger problem, don't you? You think he's my problem? So put on your big girl panties and take care of it.
He's not my problem.
Shut your mouth, bitch, okay, and just Ah! Give me the gun.
Go! You don't look so good, buddy.
What do they say? One's the loneliness number? It ain't gotta be.
Ah! You know this means you're gonna owe me, right? What do you say? I call them now, you still got odds.
We got a deal? He's gone.
We're free.

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