Good Sam (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Previously on Good Sam I spoke with the board.
They're not just gonna hand you the reins at the end of this.
They're gonna choose between us.
The next time you want to help me, don't screw my best friend! I cannot put myself second to you anymore.
I need to do things differently.
I'm in this with you.
I don't want to get our old thing back.
I want us to make a new thing.
You're gonna use my tummy tucks to pay for everyone else's raise? Mm-hmm.
- My DNR.
- A daughter is not supposed to have to prove that she loves her father, but there you go, Dad, there's your proof.
I want to be chief, but I also want to be your father.
Let's start over, do things differently.
- Sam.
- Oh, don't get up.
- No, I want to get up.
- Okay.
Uh, the table okay? - Yeah, table's fine.
- I picked the table.
You-you should pick the table you like.
I pick this table.
- I'm gonna sit.
- Sure.
I ordered you coffee and, um, pancakes.
You love pancakes.
I did.
And I'm sure I still do.
- I didn't think you'd come.
- Course I came.
Look, what we had before wasn't perfect, but whatever it was, this war for chief is destroying it.
That's what war does.
Let's not let it.
Let's not even talk about it.
Then maybe we can enjoy ourselves tonight.
- At the gala? - Mm-hmm.
Dad, I have to talk about work at the gala.
The whole board will be there, even the out-of-towners.
Come on, clock out.
Have a little fun.
Those votes are already decided.
You don't know that.
There might be more undecided voters on the board than you realize, Dad.
Maybe so.
Thank you.
If you're thinking Calhoun, forget it.
The guy loves me.
He's putting me in his will.
Patty Gilroy is on the record saying she supports a woman in this position.
She kisses me on the lips to greet me.
I mean hello and goodbye That vote is locked.
Okay, see, this is impossible.
You realize that, right? We can't get through breakfast? We can't be in here fighting for our relationship and be out there fighting over this job.
It's not gonna work.
The Christmas Truce.
- The what? - World War I, Brits and Germans locked in battle.
Christmas Day, fighting stopped and soldiers who had been killing each other got out of the trenches and started singing Christmas carols in the other sides' languages.
It can be done.
"Parties shall cease all tactics, "including mines, booby traps "and other devices.
"Hostilities to resume following proper notification or violation of terms.
" If the Allies can sing "Jingle Bells" in German we can manage this.
If this turns out to be a trick Uh It's not.
It's not a trick.
Then I guess I'll sign it.
Uh we should talk about Lex.
What happened between you and Lex goes under "mines and booby traps" for me.
If you want peace, you will not bring it up again.
All right.
We have a truce.
What do you mean you didn't tell her we're back together? I wanted to.
I mean, I tried to, I just It just went better than I hoped.
Sh Uh, she was smiling, and then the truce happened, and then I just - didn't want to mess it up.
- That is so sweet.
And I get it, I do.
But I need to get out of this closet, Griff.
- Okay? - Sure.
I want to put on a very pretty dress, and I want to go to that party with you.
- That's that's what I want, too.
- Yeah? I'm going to trauma today.
What? Why? Because I don't want to be with you and her all day.
It's gonna be weird.
It's not gonna be weird.
I'll tell her.
All right.
Well better do it soon.
Donna, you gonna be my date to the gala tonight? Sorry, Dr.
Tucker, I have another offer.
Oh, Donna, no.
You're gonna spend the whole night watching him take selfies.
Okay? He doesn't even know that the camera points the other way.
Selfies are warranted.
I look great in a tux.
You have a tux? I have part of a tux.
Tim and I were Chippendales for Halloween.
The pieces I did wear, I rocked it.
Not too late to come down with a stomach bug, Donna.
You two stop it.
Neither of you are going to the gala.
I've seen the price of those tickets.
Oh, my God.
I know, you're right.
This is more than my car payment.
I don't know anyone who would actually spend that kind of money to go to a gala.
It's a fundraiser.
The money's the point.
Plus, it's a good party.
So I've heard.
Ooh, are we talking about the gala? Anybody going? I was just saying, 500 bucks a plate, - it's a little steep.
- It's a bargain.
Paid more than that for my putter.
We have a 60-year-old female with a lung nodule.
Tucker and Dr.
Costa, - will you get her to imaging, please? - Yeah.
Griffith, I need you to pull the chest tube in 2100.
- Mm-hmm.
- And there is a consult - Ooh.
- For a VAD if you want it.
Uh, actually, I requested for a rotation in trauma.
If that's okay.
Just to change up the pace.
I'll take the VAD.
Thank you.
Just a little nervous.
Oh, don't be.
You have a very good doctor.
A very handsome one, too.
You single, Dr.
Handsome? My daughter Erin's a real catch.
Paging Dr.
Handsome to the control room.
Handsome Wow, wow, wow.
What? Is it, what, is it so hard to believe that a patient finds me attractive? Well, I mean, in fairness to her, she's under partial sedation.
Okay, here we go.
Let's see.
Smooth edges.
Even color throughout.
Regular in shape.
Betty's in luck.
Look like a classic - benign finding.
- Hold on, hold on.
Look right there.
You see the spiculated margins? Scarring from a previous biopsy? I don't think so.
We need to get in there and get a better look.
I'll schedule her for a VATS.
All right.
Ruby Williams, 73.
Collapsed in her kitchen.
- Neighbor called it in.
- I called it in.
- I'm the neighbor.
- She was bradycardic with a heart rate of 30 when we got there.
We got the pacer pads on her You're hurting me! Ruby, hi.
I'm Dr.
We need to shock your heart to speed it up.
If you can relax, it won't hurt as much.
Transvenous pacer kit.
- I need you to back up.
- What? Right now.
Thank you.
Gonna have you turn your head.
I'm into the internal jugular.
Pacer wire.
I'm at the right atrium.
Did you just stick that wire into her heart? I sure did.
Let's give it some juice.
Still at 50 beats per minute.
Give it to me.
- I'm turning her up.
- 48 - 60.
- There.
It's capturing.
Oh, thank God.
Ruby, we're gonna run some tests and find out what's going on with your heart, okay? - I'll call her daughter.
- Okay.
- Short-term stay.
- Mm-hmm.
ICU, outpatient and urgent care.
A community clinic that serves all patients regardless of income at last! It's great work, Malcolm.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You think it's ready to pitch? I do.
But? It's just that when it comes to development funding, your father's very - Conservative? - Yeah.
- Yes.
- But, you know, there's a real appetite for community initiatives among some of the members of this board.
What if we approach them first? - At the gala? - They'll all be there.
If we build a groundswell of support for this plan maybe your father will defer to majority opinion.
Yeah, but if he suspects an end-run around him, he'll kill this before it hits his desk.
It's too risky.
Yeah, no, you're right.
You're right, we need to get him on board.
I just I just don't know if I can.
I'll do it.
Malcolm I'm passionate about this.
I believe he'll respect that.
In my experience, you only get one shot with him.
If it's a no, there's no second bite at the apple.
I got this.
Trust me.
I do.
Thank you.
- Ah.
- All done.
- Byron.
- Mr.
Everything okay? Orthopedics was supposed to give the welcome speech tonight, but they just backed out.
You want someone to step in? I'd consider it a personal favor.
Uh - Sam will do a great job.
- What? You're the interim chief, aren't you? She'll be happy to do it.
I would.
Then it's settled.
See you tonight.
- Great.
- Okay.
What are you doing? When the chairman of the board asks for a favor, you just say yes.
No, I mean, why did you volunteer me? You could have done this yourself.
Why are you handing the microphone to your competition? I handed the mic to my daughter.
Tonight we are not enemies.
Am I really supposed to believe that? Schellenklang.
Everybody! You still haven't told her about us.
You want me to do it for you? No, I think it's better coming from me.
Then why haven't you done it yet? Dr.
- Yeah? - Something came for you.
Dry cleaners just dropped it off.
Looks like a very pretty dress.
It is.
But nobody's gonna see it.
- Why not? - You know why not.
Come on.
Well, I can't show up to that gala as your plus-one without her knowing, so Uh that's it.
Just focus on breathing.
My mom said she can't breathe.
I need a respiratory tech to start BiPAP now.
- Is this another heart attack? - No.
Her EKG looks good.
And based off of these blood markers, I don't think she ever had one.
This is something else.
Need 125 of Solu-Medrol and ten of continuous albuterol.
Has your mom been coughing a lot? Uh, I don't think so.
Yes, she has.
Uh, mostly at night.
- Is she taking anything for the cough? - Allergy medication, over-the-counter.
We just figure she's allergic to the cat.
Mom doesn't have a cat.
I'm ordering a CT.
Mom, we got to get you moved in with me.
Dad's been gone for ten years.
Your neighbor shouldn't have to look after you this way.
What are you doing? Mom.
Mom! She's not my neighbor.
What, Anna? Of course she is.
She's not justmy neighbor.
Honey, I loved your father.
But in case anything should happen to me, I need you to know Anna is the love of my life.
The thing about heart surgeons is they never miss a beat.
What was that? A joke for my speech tonight.
And apparently not a good one.
This is a terrible idea.
No, no, no, no.
They're gonna love you.
Look, y-your timing just needs a little work.
You want to leave 'em in stitches.
Okay, that's good, and I'm gonna use it.
Just here to help.
- Okay, removing the mass.
- Make sure you go deep and take extra tissue just to be safe.
Got it.
Very good, Dr.
Oh, come on, don't start with that.
All right? Have to find a way to dodge the daughter when she comes later.
- Why would you dodge her? - 'Cause I don't want to date her.
How do you know? You haven't even met her yet.
She could be the girl of your dreams.
Well, in case she's not, I just don't want it to be awkward.
'Cause that would suck.
- Right, right.
- Uh, yeah.
- Ruby? - Hmm? This CT scan shows what looks like scar tissue in your lungs.
I'd like to get a biopsy to see what might be causing that.
- Okay.
- How soon can you do it? - We can - Hold on a minute.
I go get coffee, and you're scheduling surgery? Were you gonna keep that from me, too? It's a minimally invasive procedure.
- It still has risks.
- Why don't we walk through the? You don't get to decide her care.
You're not family.
You shouldn't even be here.
I want her here.
And I want the biopsy.
I guess you've made your decision, then.
Please don't make me choose between the two of you.
Looks to me like you already did.
If you make a donation to this department, it won't be "in vein.
" Huh.
It's good.
Really? Mm.
You driving over there with Malcolm? Uh, no.
I'm gonna meet him there.
Want a ride? Sure.
So, how do you know about Malcolm? Aren't you two dating? Yes, but you've never taken much interest in my boyfriends.
Your boyfriends were never very interesting.
That is not true, and if it were, it would be your fault.
Mine? Yeah, for giving me a distorted view of men.
Unreasonably high expectations? Not what I was thinking.
Don't blame me for your underwhelming suitors when your stepfather's the kind of guy that steps out of the shower to take a pee.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Um, will you hold this for me? Don't tell.
Very nice.
Oh, I see Rhonda's already here.
Hustling bids for her auction items, - no doubt.
- Mm.
There's Calhoun.
Oh, and Patty Gilroy.
Looks like you two - might need to get a room.
- Very funny.
- You should put that in your speech.
- No.
- Uh, how about a picture? - Sure.
Loosen up back there.
It's like rigor mortis has set in.
Rigor mortis doesn't set in to the large muscles of the back for at least 12 hours postmortem.
Assuming normal ATP levels at the time of death, - of course.
- Of course.
Can I get one with just the chief? - Sorry.
- What? Uh, just the chief of the department.
Um Yeah.
That would be, uh, my daughter.
Such a happy family.
Though I doubt they'll be smiling like that once they find out about the vote.
What vote? Chief of Cardiothoracics.
Board wants you to weigh in.
CMO should have a say in such a crucial staffing decision, don't you think? They want me to choose between my daughter and my ex-husband? Mm.
The CMO does not vote on board matters.
It's unprecedented.
Take that up with Byron Kingsley.
He's just there.
Are those shrimp puffs? - Hi.
- Hi.
This is the part where my dad is here - with us right now.
- Yeah.
- Dr.
- Mm-hmm.
What are you doing? I am checking out my daughter's boyfriend's handshake.
Tells you a lot about a man.
Right, Malcolm? Dad, please stop.
All right.
So, tell me about yourself.
Oh, what would you like to know? I don't know.
Interests, hobbies.
Unusual allergies.
You are not good at this.
Okay, tell me about your family.
Well, I know about your dad.
I just golfed with him this last weekend, so, how's your mom? - My mom? - I would ask you to say "hello," but she doesn't like me very much.
- Hmm.
- Oh.
You probably know that.
Uh, actually, I don't.
We haven't really spoken since the divorce.
Well, bet that was messy.
- It was.
- Mm-hmm.
But it was 12 years ago, so No.
12 years.
Seems like just yesterday they joined the board.
Your mother walked in, and I Well, to be honest, I didn't like her very much, either.
- Dad! - What? Can we please talk about something else? Sorry.
Did not mean to put you on the spot.
Let's talk about something else.
You want to talk about, uh, my mother? She was a total narcissist, for a start.
- Oh.
- Honestly.
There were pictures.
You know, we're just gonna I'm gonna I'll see you in a minute.
I am so sorry.
Don't be.
It's actually one of the most normal moments I've seen with you two.
Being embarrassed in front of your date? It's classic dad territory.
Well, if you say so.
Your father wanting a relationship with you, even though it's not perfect It's better than the alternative.
I didn't know that you don't speak to your mother.
I didn't even know she was still on the board.
Uh I mean, she's still part of the Kingsley Family Foundation.
You know, it's the Kingsley family she wants no part of.
I'm sorry.
We don't have to talk about your mom.
It's probably better if we don't.
- Yeah.
- Can I buy you a drink? Yes, please.
Did my best.
Straight, right? All right.
Before you tell me that I can't be here I bought my own ticket.
I am my own plus-one.
I'm just glad I got to see you in that dress.
Is there anywhere we can go to talk? Sure.
How you doing? I am not here to pressure you.
When you tell her and how you tell her is your business.
But I will not stay hidden in the shadows while you try to figure out what you want to do.
I know exactly what I want to do.
First, I'm gonna do this.
Now, I'm going to go tell Sam everything she needs to know.
I think I'm all caught up.
Honey, it's me.
- Yup.
- Oh.
Did you know they got back together? Lex and your father? No.
But sadly, I can't even say I'm surprised.
I just wish he'd found a better way to tell you.
I wish she had told me.
Instead, I found out from Rhonda.
Rhonda? Yeah.
She told me Dad was looking for me, and pointed me in the exact direction they'd gone.
It all comes back to Rhonda.
- Between this and the vote - What vote? Yeah, she, um she's talked the board into making me vote for the chief job.
Why would she do that? To undermine my objectivity as CMO.
But I am gonna speak with Byron, because she does not dictate policy.
But don't worry about that.
You're gonna give your speech, they're gonna love you, and the votes will come, okay? Just don't let your father derail you.
I should have told her at breakfast.
It was never gonna be easy.
- Hmm.
- The good news is, she knows.
The good news is, there's a bar.
I'm on call.
Plus, I'm not here for that.
I want to mingle.
I need to know these people, and they should know me.
Let me make some introductions.
I can handle myself.
Part I need you for comes later.
Oh, Patty, looking gorgeous.
You all by yourself? Mrs.
Brooks was just saying how impressed she is with Lakeshore's new director of finance.
Well, thank you.
I've learned from the best.
I'm sure your father has great plans for your future.
Oh, I actually have some plans of my own.
Like a community clinic - under the Lakeshore - Mrs.
Brooks means business plans, not passion projects.
- Well, this would be good for business.
- Mm-hmm.
It would raise our profile in the community, bring in more patients.
Patients who can't pay the bill? I really think it's worth hearing.
I have heard it, and the answer was "no" then.
It's "no" now.
I think this year's entertainment has been the best by far.
You don't like the way I do business, I get it.
But leave my family out of it.
Your business and your family are the same thing.
That's why the board is questioning your objectivity.
If I have to vote, I will vote.
It's not a problem.
Well, if it is, I told Byron I would be happy to step in as CMO.
You did what? Someone needs to check you, Vivian.
You've been abusing your power for too long, and now you're taking money out of my pocket - to serve your - Lower your voice.
Excuse me? Lots of eyes in this room.
And whatever our differences, we've both worked too hard and come too far to be reduced to a catfight at a cocktail party.
Lovely to see you, Vivian.
Oh, and Rhonda, if you want my job, come and get it.
I plan to.
I know the clinic is not an easy sell, but I thought he'd at least hear me out.
Now I got to go tell your mom it's not happening.
You can't just give up on this.
Talk to him, one on one.
You always tell me to stand up for my vision, and now it's my turn.
You have a good idea so go fight for it.
- Hi.
- Whiskey double.
That good, huh? I'm trying to understand where my son got the impression that I want his opinion on how to do my job.
Well, if you find out, let me know.
I'm in a similar situation myself.
I know you are.
- Now's your chance.
- The very idea that you and your daughter are in competition for for that job It's outrageous.
It's where we are, my friend.
She can't replace you.
You and I would never let that happen.
We're gonna keep those kids in line one way or the other.
A word? You have a deal with Byron.
Sam Makes perfect sense.
You think I would do that to you? I think our truce is over.
Sam Griffith, please report to the stage.
"Hostilities to resume following proper notification.
" I'd say this qualifies.
I'm sorry I went about this the wrong way, but Vivian and I we have put a lot of time into this.
Vivian's using you, son.
All you are to her is a way to get to me.
Did you really forget that? Good evening.
I am Dr.
Sam Griffith, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery.
In my department, we don't just have heart.
We have the whole thoracic cavity.
Thank you.
You must be Erin.
Oh, God.
My mom tried to set you up with me, didn't she? She always does that.
Last week, she made me go out with her podiatrist.
Podiatrist? Hope he didn't make you foot the bill.
If he did, I would have given him the boot.
That's good.
What is that? Why is it doing that? Her blood pressure's dropping, and her heart rate's going up.
- Is that blood? - Yeah, her resection site reopened.
What? The spot where I removed the mass is bleeding.
I have to go back in and seal it off.
Tell the OR we're coming back.
Sam? Sam? Sam, listen.
Whatever you think you saw with Byron, that's not what it looks like.
Really? And what about this? Is this not what it looks like? 'Cause it feels pretty familiar.
- It's complicated.
- No, it isn't.
I have been trying to keep up with you in a game that you've had rigged the entire time.
- And the two of you - Maybe we should go - talk somewhere privately.
- I I don't have anything to say to you right now.
Look, I didn't want you to find out this way.
But I also don't need your permission.
- Okay.
- I can do what I want - and date who I want.
- Yeah.
- He's out.
Let's turn him.
- Okay.
- Everyone back up.
Give him some space.
- One, two, three.
- Oh.
He's bleeding out.
- All right, get pressure on it.
I can't get control until I get this out.
Then do it fast.
Don't think about it.
Here, here's a towel.
If I put any more pressure on this, his airway's gonna collapse.
The cut's too deep.
You got to tie off the external jugular.
- With what? - Anybody have any dental floss? - A manicure kit? - I need ice, hand sanitizer and more light, please.
- Come on.
- There you go.
- Yes, yes, thank you.
- Here, scissors.
I'm extending the incision.
There's the lacerated vessel.
Got it.
- Hold that? - Yeah.
Tying off the vessel.
- Good, good.
- Mm-hmm.
Ambulance has just landed.
Step back, Dr.
Trulie! What? Why can't I help? Because your judgment is clearly impaired.
Come on, come on, get 'em in here! Go.
Joey? Hey.
- How was the gala? - Don't ask.
- You have Ruby Williams' results? - Yeah.
I was just about to walk them in right now.
I got it.
I have your biopsy results.
I didn't want to make you wait for it while I got changed.
You have a condition called sarcoidosis.
It's causing the inflammation and the scarring in your lungs.
That's why you went into heart block, and why you've been coughing at night.
It sounds serious.
It's a chronic condition, but it's manageable.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Are we? Look, all I want is for you to be happy.
And I'm glad that you are, but this woman is a stranger to me.
It's not her fault, It's mine, baby.
I-I should have told you.
Why didn't you? I was scared.
I didn't know how you would take it.
I kept saying I was waiting for the right time.
But look how much time we lost waiting for the right time to come.
I need to take a blood sample.
I'm gonna send a specialist to answer all of your questions.
- Okay? - Thank you.
Actually, when you're done with Ruby, I'm next.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Hey, Darius, there was a lot of blood vessel damage in your neck.
I guess I just lost my balance.
Well, actually, you lost consciousness.
That's why the force of your fall was so severe.
Your coworker dropped off your backpack.
You have a lot of cold medication in there.
Have you been feeling sick lately? Y-Yeah.
Uh, just like a head cold, but, uh, it won't go away.
Don't suppose you told a doctor about these symptoms? I didn't tell anybody.
Why not? I work in food service.
One sniffle, and they send you home.
- Mm.
- I don't have any more sick days, and I need the work, so I just kept taking the cold meds.
But you didn't get better 'Cause it's not a cold.
You have mitral stenosis.
It's a narrowing of one of the valves in your heart, and the symptoms can mirror a cold.
But cold medication makes it worse.
Elevates your blood pressure, restricts your blood vessels and adds stress to the heart that it can't take.
That's why you passed out.
Darius, we have to replace the valve in your heart.
That sounds like it's gonna be a lot of sick days.
Lot of calcification in this mitral valve.
- It's gonna make it harder to resect.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't believe he didn't tell anyone what was going on with him.
Maybe he couldn't find the right time.
I just had my blood drawn.
My alcohol content is zero point zero, and this is my patient.
- Your patient? - I'm in trauma today.
This is trauma.
Metz to me.
You know you're the one whose judgment is impaired, right? Excuse me? You attacked me professionally tonight, a line I never thought I'd see you cross.
You want to talk to me about crossing lines? I told you I was gonna start putting myself first.
You left out the part where that was about my father! This is about my happiness.
You said you supported that.
And I meant it, Lex, but I don't know how to do this.
Then let's not do it.
- What do you mean? - You don't need to worry about your best friend being with your dad because you and I are not friends.
You pitched the clinic idea - to my father already.
- What? Yeah, yeah, I-I well, I pitched an idea a while ago, but smaller in scale, - less polished.
- But he shut it down.
Why didn't you tell me about any of this? I didn't think it was relevant.
Why wouldn't it be relevant? Because I thought you'd get a "yes.
" - Because he's my father? - Because it's a great pitch, and yes, because he's your father.
So that is why you hired me? I hired you because you are an excellent candidate who shares my vision of this hospital's future.
But, Malcolm, this is business.
And it would be naive to think that your father's position on the board wasn't part of the calculus.
I thought we were partners.
We are, but for this clinic to succeed, we are gonna have to play every advantage we have.
Yeah, well, I'm definitely feeling played.
You know, I'm just I'm having trouble seeing the advantage.
All right, look, - I should have told you about Lex.
- Don't.
And as far as the job's concerned, I'll talk to Byron, and I'll make sure he knows that I want a fair fight as much as you do.
- Whatever you say, Dad.
- Come on.
I still think this can work with us.
After what happened tonight? We saved a patient tonight.
One of many lives that we've saved.
While also trying to kill each other.
I don't think those two things go together.
Well, that's why you have to keep 'em separate.
That's maybe why tonight went a little sideways for you.
You think that tonight was my fault? I think you have to separate the personal and professional, or you will suffer, yes, whether it's competing with me or not, or losing a patient, or No, I'm good on the fatherly advice for the moment.
All right.
If you don't want to hear it from me, ask your mother how she does it.
She's a black belt at compartmentalizing.
Look at her.
She can handle anything, including having to vote for one of us.
Tell me you're voting for me.
What? If I am gonna fight Byron's plan to block me, I need to know that I have your support.
I I can't.
I can't go on record about how I am gonna vote.
It-it wouldn't be objective.
Got it.
Oh, Sam.
It doesn't change anything.
I am still your mother.
It's okay, Mom.
I get it.
It's fine.
I'm gonna win this, with or without your vote.
Ah So, it was a piece of tissue that hemorrhaged, but the repair went perfectly, and she should be stable now.
Thank you so much.
What if this was all my mom's master plan to get us together? Wow.
Well, that would be a very elaborate ruse.
Well, I wouldn't put it past her.
That being said, um, I would love to buy you dinner for everything that you did.
Um gosh, you know, I think I will maybe live to regret this, but, uh my-my heart is still stuck on someone else.
The old "it's not you, it's me" even before the first date.
Well, look, I know the podiatrist is out, but for the record, I think you still deserve to be swept off your feet.
You look like you've had as long a day as I have.
I was wrong about your dad.
- What do you mean? - Him asking about my mom at the gala.
Yeah, it wasn't just some friendly chitchat.
What was it? An angle.
A play.
Yeah, my mom just called, said Dr.
Griffith reached out to see if she'd be willing to vote for your next chief of the department.
And you know, things got a little tense between me and your mom today, but what your dad did this is some next level.
Malcolm it wasn't him.
It was me.
I called her.
Why? I'm trying to turn the tide here, and her vote could be the key.
I'm working to gather support, and clearly, your dad's already made his decision.
So, I'm-I'm just an advantage for you to play, too.
What? No.
This is my business.
This is not personal.
How is this not personal, Sam?! She is my mother.
I told you I didn't want to talk to her.
I told you I didn't even want to think about her! I'm sorry.
I have to end this war.
You ended something, all right.
Malcolm? Hey.
I think I lost my way.

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