Good Trouble (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Vitamin C

1 CALLIE: Previously on Good Trouble - How're you feeling about your pitch? - I think it's great.
MARIANA: A few of the women and I are putting together a spreadsheet that proves that there's a gender pay gap.
Did you really think a password would keep me out? DAVIA: This is Viv.
I think Viv is homeless.
You don't know what the story is with her dad, if there even is one.
- ISAAC: You close with your brother? - I wanna be.
But he doesn't.
And I'm working on forgiving you, too.
- She's the only mother we got! - I am not sorry! Dom? - GAEL: When're you just gonna come out to your parents? - Never.
- I'm over Sumi.
- We are excited to get married.
- She's not over you.
- You gonna tell me about Callie? Helping you with your piece last night? Did you hook up with her? So, I'm your boyfriend.
They dropped the charges? He took a swing at a police officer.
You were a shitty husband, and a shitty father! DENNIS: I wish I was the one who died that day, not Jacob.
(WHIMPERS) (CROWD PROTESTING, INDISTINCT) SANDRA: I want to thank everybody for comin' out to support Jamal and my family It is s my great honor to introduce one of the co-founders - of Black Lives Matter - (CROWD CHEERS) Patrisse Cullors.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Good morning, and thank you for having me on such a tragic occasion.
I want to send my deepest condolences to Jamal's family, friends, and community.
Jamal joins a running list of black people killed by law enforcement.
We are tired of burying our children.
- "Forced out" why? - There was an I.
investigation goin' on about some comments he allegedly made to officers.
One of which was that it's cheaper for the department to let victims of police shootings die.
- That's disgusting.
- There's more.
Apparently, one of the officers present when Chief Kelley made the comment, was one of the defendants in your case Officer Griffin.
Alicia Opal and I started Black Lives Matter five years ago - because we believe this country - - desperately needed to transform.
- (EMPHATICALLY): Black Lives Matter! - (ALL CHANTING): Black Lives Matter! - Jamal's life mattered! - Jamal's life mattered! - (CHANTING): Jamal's life mattered! DOCTOR LIEB: Your mother has suffered a brain aneurysm.
The rupture caused severe bleeding and stroke.
There's no brain activity, and if we were to remove life support now she wouldn't be able to breathe on her own.
I don't believe that she's brain dead.
It's just cheaper for you to just let her die.
A black woman with no money.
They don't care about her life.
I'm not pullin' the plug.
I'm not lettin' them do that to her.
The will, the faith, the power (DOM SNIFFLES, EXHALES) To do what must be done CROWD (CHANTING): Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! (CHANTING CONTINUES) Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa What is this? It's the salary information for all the men who work at Speckulate.
Why are you giving this to me? - Am I interrupting anything? - Nope, we are done.
Everything okay? Yeah, fine.
So, I've been, uh, thinking a lot about your Activism app.
And I want to get started right away, so I'm gonna give you a team of two engineers, a designer and an assistant, you can choose whomever you want.
(PHONE RINGING) That's not enough people.
If you want more No! That's amazing.
Well your idea is amazing.
- Uh, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
I should get to work.
Hey, all of this goes to the roof, but you have to take the stairs.
I'll help.
Dennis, I'm going to keep calling until you call me back.
- I got it.
- And do not text me, I need to hear your voice! - Thanks! Nothing yet? - No.
I've called every jail and hospital.
He's not in any of them.
He's probably just on a banging bender with some 20-year-old hot yoga teacher, right? - Hey, how was the protest? - DAVIA/ALICE: Good.
Great seeing you there, by the way.
(SCOFFS) Had a nail appointment.
Dude Did you see Malika? No, I didn't see her, but there was a huge turnout.
- Okay.
- God, I just don't understand why Dennis is putting us all through this shit! Uh, Davia? I've heard much worse.
Viv, what're you doing here? My dad's working late again.
Can I hang here with you? Sure.
Come on.
SUMI: (CALLING OUT) Alice? I need you! How do I look? I think I'm still in love with you Hey, I was looking for you.
You look beautiful.
Alice - I-I - Hey! Um people have questions.
I don't know anything, so - So where's this wedding happening? - Oh, everything's upstairs.
On the roof, just go straight and the stairs are to your right.
Who's getting married? Mom, Dad! Uh, what're you doing here - today? - We have an engagement present for Sumi.
Sumi? - We were in the neighborhood.
- You live in Orange County.
Every time we want to come see where you live you make excuses, (IN CHINESE) Uh, look! Look! - What's there? - Oh, I thought I saw a bat.
- A bat?! - You have bats? Well, Sumi's out of town, yeah, you know, she's on vacation.
So I'll make sure she gets this.
So, what is this place? Well, we all have our own apartments but we share a bathroom and a kitchen.
Boys and girls shower together? Well, not, like, together.
Oh, hey.
This is Jo anna.
She, um, is She's someone who lives here.
- Yes.
- Oh, hello.
- Uh, hi, nice to meet you.
- TREA: Hello.
You know what? I'm kinda busy, so, um, I'll make sure Sumi gets this, and you two can just, - you know - Surprise! You're back! - So soon.
How was your trip? - What? Oh! Oh, great! (SPEAKING CHINESE) - San Francisco.
- San Diego.
I knew it was San "Something.
" Those two get so mixed up.
I have something for the bride.
There she is! The bride, Meera.
And Gael, the groom.
Yes, ah, lovebirds, aren't they cute, Mom and Dad? - SUMI: Mm-hmm.
- Very nice.
(IN CHINESE) - ALAN: Congratulations.
- They're so in love! Yes oh, yes, we are so in love.
(CLEARS THROAT) PATRISSE (ON PHONE): We have to create it so we can feel proud of this country.
So we can feel proud of raising our children here, in this place that's supposed to be free.
(CROWD CHEERING) You don't have to stay.
I know it's hard to accept, but Mom's gone.
You'd be happy if she was dead.
That's not true.
I have somewhere I have to be.
I'm sorry.
But I'll be back? (MONITOR BEEPING) (FOAM HISSING) How do I know that you aren't setting me up? When I took this job, they told me they wanted to change the culture here.
But, that was all B.
The same B.
I sold you on.
I'd quit, but I'm a single mom and I need the paycheck.
I gave you that info to you because the only way to force change around here is to publicly shame them.
Please, no one can ever know I gave that to you, or else I will never work anywhere again.
COURT DEPUTY: All rise for the Honorable Judge Curtis Wilson.
- Still can't believe he gave her your case.
- Thanks.
Why not me? This totally sucks.
JUDGE WILSON: You may be seated.
JAMIE: That's hearsay.
You can't prove Chief Kelley said that.
And since he just passed away, you can't question him about it either.
CARL: But you can prove Officer Griffin said he heard it.
If I.
questioned about it, it would be in his personnel file.
Maybe that's why Wilson wouldn't let us read it.
If Griffin admitted to being told that, by his boss? It goes straight to the failure to provide critical care complaint.
But Wilson's already ruled his personnel files stay out.
It's not right! If it's in there, how could Wilson do that? Unless, that's how he got the charges against his son dropped.
JUDGE WILSON: Good afternoon.
If everyone is ready, we'll begin with opening statements.
Jamal Thompson was shot seven times in the back, by Officer Griffin and Officer Turani.
Merely because of the color of his skin.
Because some police are biased against men and women of color.
Because they could.
Because there are police officers getting away with excessive use of force - every day in this country.
- Objection.
DAVIDSON: Jamal Thompson was arrested at 18 for assault and battery.
He was jumped by gang members.
Officers will testify that he was in a gang.
Objection! Facts not in evidence.
I'll allow it.
Jamal was not in a gang.
And not every young black man - is a gang member.
- DAVIDSON: Jamal matched the witness description of a 5'10" African-American male wearing a red shirt who was breaking into cars.
Not every witness reported the suspect to be wearing a red shirt.
Why did he run if he was innocent? He was scared.
DAVIDSON: He ran because he was guilty and afraid of getting caught.
He was running away from them - when they shot him in the back.
- DAVIDSON: He turned and lunged at them.
They thought he was armed.
They were in fear for their lives.
Does this look like a gun to you? Objection.
And after they shot him, they let him lay there for 20 minutes, bleeding to death.
(AUDIENCE MURMURING) Governor just signed a bill granting access to the investigatory records on officer conduct.
That includes personnel files.
There will still be exceptions, and until it takes effect in January, I'm bound by current law.
Aren't you giving Jamal's family grounds to appeal? No.
Knowing what's in here, I'm confident that my ruling to keep Officer Griffin's personnel records redacted will stand even under the new law.
Go Move Now Go Move Thanks for letting me take a shower.
It's good to have it done so when I get home, I won't go to bed with wet hair.
Where is "home"? Where do you live? Atwater Village.
We have a house.
So it's just you and your dad? Yeah my mom died a while ago.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
So where's your boyfriend? Jeff? Ah, well, he doesn't live out here.
He's back home in Wisconsin.
- Are you guys serious? - We are.
But we have some pretty big obstacles to overcome.
- (CELLPHONE ALERT) - Oh! My dad's here.
Thanks for letting me hang out again.
Why don't you ask your dad to come up? I'd like to meet him.
I mean, the point is to change the culture at Speckulate.
Now that I have Evan's ear, maybe I can have an impact on him.
Maybe he didn't even know about the pay gap.
Maybe if I just talk to him about it, he'll fix it.
And I'm getting to create a social activism app.
And I'm gonna hire Malika to consult.
That could be a real change in the world, where publishing the salary info could just not have any effect at all.
And it could just end up getting me fired.
(ZIPPER ZIPS) What do you think I should do? Well I think you can convince yourself of almost anything.
But your gut will always tell you what's right.
(SIGHS) My gut tells me that my app will have a more positive effect on changing the culture at Speckulate more than publishing the salary information will.
Well, there you go.
Hey, this came for you earlier.
So lucky I have you to talk to.
How was your first day of the trial? Not sure.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) What's that? Uh, just a work thing.
I am grateful to you for taking care of my daughter.
I work two jobs and they ask me to stay late sometimes.
I-I understand, I just wanted to meet you.
Uh, Viv says you have a home in Atwater? Is there any way she could take the school bus after school? She seems mature enough to be home alone.
We, uh, did have a home.
But my wife was very sick and we lose our house.
DAVIA: Where do you live now? I, um saving for a deposit on an apartment.
I hope to have enough soon.
We're, uh-uh staying in shelters and-and with friends when we can Please if you won't call anyone.
It is very hard as a single parent.
Having to work so much.
You know why I started with the drugs.
I was working two full-time jobs.
When the howling of the world has fallen silent Sat across the table from I don't want to lose my daughter.
She won't tell anyone.
She's cool.
better off there with nothing to fear You're her favorite teacher.
She says if not for you, she wouldn't want to go to school.
That learning would be boring.
But you make it fun.
Well she's my favorite student.
Don't tell anyone.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I will keep you I will hold you in the way I was homeless for a while.
There's no shame in it.
CALLIE: It's all here.
Griffin told Internal Affairs that he was there when Chief Kelley said that it's cheaper for the department to let victims of police shootings die.
IMAGINARY CALLIE: You can't leak those files to Jamal's attorneys.
If they had these records, they might win their case.
Or at the very least, the failure to provide critical care.
It's unethical.
No one would have to know.
You'd know.
Whoever leaked those files to you will know.
I wonder who it was.
Maybe the investigator's - source in the department? - Exactly! You don't know who they came from.
Or if they can be trusted.
If they get caught, will they talk? 'Cause if that happens, your career will be over.
You'll never be able to practice law.
You might even face criminal charges.
What's unethical is that I.
never made the investigation public and Wilson chose to keep these files redacted.
Why would he do that if he wasn't protecting the police? You don't know if he made some deal to get his son's charges dropped.
You could be wrong.
And you'd be betraying Wilson, your clerkship, and the oath you promised to uphold.
What about betraying Jamal's family and Malika, and the justice they deserve? You're up late.
Just working.
What's your excuse? Couldn't sleep.
Was gonna go for a walk.
I broke it off with Bryan.
Thank you.
Yeah, it was fun.
Good night.
Part of the reason I broke it off was you.
I haven't felt this way about anybody in a long time.
I should have fought for you.
I know you're seeing Jamie.
But if you have any doubts, that he's the guy for you I just wanted you to know where I stand.
But I found myself Walking on SAM: I mean, activism? It's a little on the nose, right? - ALEX: Evan couldn't care less about social issues.
- Right.
You remember the other pretty engineer girl? What was her name? - Yeah, it was something exotic, like Armen - Alina? With an A - ALEX: Ar Amanda! - SAM: Amanda, right.
Evan took an "interest" in her and then boom! - SAM: Yeah, her app was toast.
- And so was she.
You may be seated.
(CHAIRS CREAK) WALKER: Your Honor, we'd like to call our forensic witnesses.
Jamal was running away when Officers Griffin and Turani opened fire, hitting him seven times in the upper left shoulder and torso.
He stopped suddenly, turned, and lunged at them.
Fearing for their lives, they fired their weapons, striking him in the right thigh and shoulder.
The force of those seven bullets to the back spun Jamal around, facing toward the officer where the last two bullets hit him in the right thigh and shoulder.
The force of the bullets to the right thigh and shoulder spun him around, facing away from the officers, causing the remaining seven bullets to strike him in the left, rear shoulder and torso.
Based on the autopsy and the fact that the bullets didn't lacerate any major organs The aorta was severed - With immediate critical care - No matter how fast the EMTs could have begun working I believe Jamal had a 50% or better chance of survival.
I believe Mr.
Thompson's wounds were fatal.
He had no chance of survival.
I didn't really know her.
Is it true Evan took an interest in Amanda, and greenlit her app, and then all of a sudden, she was gone? People were saying that Evan wanted more than the app.
And when she didn't, you know they fired her.
Or she quit.
Is that why you were worried about his "intentions"? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to make you feel like he wouldn't just see what a creative and brilliant engineer you are.
It's okay.
I'm sorry I got mad at you.
- (SIGHS) - I know you were just trying to look out for me.
You okay? Yeah, just a feeling in my gut.
JAMIE: I know this is hard for you.
Especially after what Carl told us.
Thank you for coming today.
- It's very sweet.
- It's no great gesture, being here for you.
I really care about you.
I care about you, too.
And I love that you're so passionate about Jamal's family getting a fair trial.
Please do not do something impulsive that you might regret for the rest of your life.
(ROCK MUSIC) Did you know about this? - About what? - Sumi called off the wedding! - No! - Yeah, she did it in a text.
I-I'm sorry.
- I-I - No, you're not.
This is what you wanted, right? You want her back? You can have her.
Hell, why don't you marry her? You know, it's all set up for you.
- Meera, I - No! How did you get all the men's salaries info? I can't reveal my source.
No question, we put it all out there.
- Internally.
- RACHEL: No, online.
Expose the whole tech community.
- GINA: Totally, yes.
- CASEY: Wait, hold on.
if we publicly shame Speckulate, the company's revenues could suffer and then we could all be out of a job.
I'm willing to risk it.
- Yeah, me, too.
- Me, too.
CASEY: Look I've been at Speckulate longer than any of you.
And I put in a lot of time and I put up with a lot of shit and I finally earned my position as a director.
And I don't think I'm willing to blow that up.
I'm sorry but I'm out.
Casey I just can't do it.
Mariana, you have a lot to lose, too.
- You just got your app idea greenlit.
- Yeah, but But this is bigger than my career.
This is about doing what's right.
Let's put the list out there.
- CLAIRE: Yeah.
- RACHEL: All right.
- (MONITOR BEEPING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SIGHS) I understand that Mom was overwhelmed with two kids, as a single parent, workin' two jobs, 16 hours a day.
I remember the good times before the drugs and the alcohol.
I understand why she went to them for relief.
Life is hard especially for people like us who are living in a world of white supremacy, in a world that can treat us like we're less than human.
- I understand.
- (SIGHS HEAVILY) You and Mom were at peace.
You were a good son.
You can feel good about that.
I don't.
ALICE: I do love you just not in that way anymore.
I'll always be your best friend.
And you know, it took a lot of guts to call off the wedding.
Even though someone spent hours painstakingly planning the whole thing.
(QUIETLY): I'm sorry.
But you should marry anyone that you're not 100% sure is "the one.
" Time I got nothin' but I know CALLIE: It's all here.
IMAGINARY CALLIE: You can't leak those files to Jamal's attorneys.
You don't know if he made some deal to get his son's charges dropped.
CALLIE: It's unethical.
- IMAGINARY CALLIE: You don't know who they came from.
- JAMIE: I really care about you.
- You could be wrong.
- CALLIE: It's unethical.
("VITAMIN C" BY CAN PLAYING) Her daddy got a big aeroplane Her mommy holds all the family cash A beautiful blows I stay at the corner She is living in and out of tune Hey you You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing Your vitamin C Hey you You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing Your vitamin C Your vitamin C A monster press machine in on her body While she is stepping on the quicksand A beautiful rose Stay at the corner She is living in and out of tune Hey you You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing Your vitamin C Hey you You're losing, you're losing, you're losing, you're losing Your vitamin C Your vitamin C Hey you (ENGINE ROARING, DISTANT) JOSH: Okay, listen up! Listen up.
(SIGHS) I'm sure by now you're all aware that someone, in a disgraceful breach of privacy, posted a list of Speckulate employee salaries online.
Now, we called this meeting to demand that if anybody knows who perpetrated this theft of company data, we want to hear from them now.
Let me put this another way.
All right? This is a huge PR problem for this company.
We could lose clients.
Face lawsuits.
Every single one of your jobs is at jeopardy right now.
What if you just raised the salaries of women and people of color to parity with the men? Wouldn't that solve the PR problem? Um Okay, so here's the thing we were not aware of this disparity.
All right? Angela, here, the head of HR, should have brought this to our attention a long time ago, and, uh, I think what we should do, is to hold her accountable.
So Angela I'm sorry to do this publically - but you are - I did it.
I hacked into HR and I posted the salaries online.
I did it.
I hacked into HR and posted the salaries online.
I did it.
I hacked into HR and posted the salaries online.
I did it.
I hacked into HR and posted the salaries online.
I did it.
I hacked into HR and posted the salaries online.
I did it.
I hacked into HR and posted the salaries online.
(CLAPPING) Bye, you're all fired.
Yeah, I-I wouldn't do that.
Talk about a PR nightmare.
EVAN: What's going on here? CLAIRE: Oh, and also, while we're putting it all out there Josh tried to kiss me.
- Me, too.
- Me, three.
Who all here has Josh tried to kiss? EVAN: Wow.
Evan This is this this is a smear campaign, is what this is.
I am the victim! JUDGE WILSON: Morning.
Are the plaintiffs ready to call their next witness? Yes, your Honor.
The plaintiffs would like to call Officer Griffin to the stand at this time.
(CLEARS THROAT) Officer Griffin.
Is there anything in your personnel file that you wouldn't want this jury - to know about? - Objection, Your Honor.
- Permission to approach the bench.
- Permission granted.
The personnel file of Officer Griffin is not in evidence.
DAVIDSON: You ruled to keep it under seal.
What are you up to, Ms.
Walker? - New evidence has come to light.
- We'd like to request a recess until tomorrow to, uh, evaluate this evidence.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) SANDRA: Hey, it's Sandra, can I come in? I'm sorry I didn't make it to court.
Yari told me about your mother.
I'm sorry for your loss.
It's okay.
(SNIFFLES) I'm fine, I'm just tired.
- (CRYING): I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
You know, I, um I gave you the wrong advice when I said we couldn't have our moments.
That we had to be strong.
That that black superwoman complex.
(LIGHTLY CHUCKLES) We don't have to be that.
We can just be real.
We can break down.
We can We can ask for help.
We can be there for our sisters, and brothers.
The way you were there for me.
(SOBBING) Hey, so, I want to be honest with you.
It was my idea to expose the gender and race pay gap.
- And considering everything else - What "else"? You know everything.
I think it might be best if I leave Speckulate.
I don't want you to leave.
I'm-I'm glad you brought this to my attention.
I don't like dealing with the administrative side of things, so I had no idea that women weren't getting paid the same as men.
But I plan to correct that, and get rid of Josh.
Please don't leave.
Thank you, but I think I have to.
You know maybe I'll develop my app on my own.
On your own? Well, yeah, maybe I'll set up a GoFundMe page or something.
M-Mariana if you choose to leave, I can't stop you.
But you can't take your app with you.
Every idea you had under contract here belongs to me.
- DENNIS: It's me.
- DAVIA: Where the hell are you? DENNIS: I drove out to this cliff, by the beach.
I was gonna drive off.
One of the voices that I kept hearing in my head was yours.
DAVIA: Really? What was I saying? - "Do it.
" - Shut up.
I did hear you telling me not to be an idiot.
It's not like I'd leave some big void in the world, but it suddenly felt selfish, like a betrayal of Jacob.
Who fought so hard to live.
How would I explain that to him? If there is a heaven.
How would I explain.
We put him through so many tests and drug trials just to keep him with us.
(INHALES) And then I just throw my life away? (SIGHS) So, I drove myself here.
Checked in for a 48-hour hold.
You lost your child.
I can't imagine coping with all that pain and grief.
Especially when you keep it locked up inside of yourself, and you won't share it with anyone who cares about you.
Because people do care about you, Dennis.
I know there would be a huge void in my life if you weren't here.
(SNIFFLES, SIGHS) I mean, there has to be someone in LA who needs a last-minute wedding cake.
It's-it's delicious, super moist.
Can I at least get store credit? Ugh.
Hello? Hey! So, you guessed it.
There is no more wedding.
And, for the record, I had almost nothing to do with it.
What's wrong? This isn't working for me.
I mean was it because of what happened with my parents yesterday or? Well, that was kinda ridiculous.
Why did you introduce me as "Joanna" and tell your parents that I live here at The Coterie? I don't know, it just kind of flew out.
Okay, well, I think I know why.
It's 'cause I look gay.
So, if I'm your friend then you're guilty by association.
- No - Whereas Sumi passes as straight, so it was never an issue.
- N-no, that's not why - Alice.
(SIGHS) Look.
Okay, we're sitting.
I don't think that the problem is just that you're not out to your parents.
It's you're not (SIGHS) out to yourself.
You're not at peace with being gay.
And that's way scarier.
'Cause if you can't accept yourself how can you accept me? - (CARS HONKING) - (DAVIA CHUCKLES) DAVIA: I'm voting there's maple frosting.
MARIANA: I think it's pecan.
I'm so tired.
Wait, did they really just stop the trial for a whole day? Yeah.
And did we ever find out what the new evidence is? Nope.
- What's gonna happen with your app? - I don't know.
I mean, if I leave Speckulate, we can't keep it, and if I do stay, things could get weird with my boss who I think is interested in more than just my app.
- Ugh.
- Evan? Hey, has has anyone heard from Dennis? Uh, yeah, he finally called me back.
He decided to take a road trip.
- And he's had really bad reception.
- ALICE: Mmm.
Hey, where's Joey? Uh working.
She had a - shift that just came up.
- DAVIA: By the way, I'm not moving back to Wisconsin.
I've decided to sign on for another year, and get my masters in teaching.
- ALICE: Yes! - GAEL: Here, here! Thanks.
I'd like to make another toast.
To The Coterie at the Palace.
"An intentional community.
" Hm ALL: " where we share resources to enrich our lives and the lives" " of others by cultivating friendship, social progress" ALL: " and artistic expression.
" - (CHUCKLING) - I've never been more proud.
You know I wrote it myself.
- To The Coterie.
- Um - Alice? - Why you call so late? - Can you put Dad on, too? Okay, hold on.
No, I don't I don't want (SIGHS) I'm not trying to FaceTime.
What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
There's just something that I need to tell you.
Did Sumi get married? Is that why you're crying? What do you mean? - To that girl Meera? - Is your heart broken? (SCOFFS) Um why would my heart be broken? Because you loved her.
(CRYING) How did I mean (SNIFFLES) you knew? We've known for a long time.
We've just been waiting for you to tell us.
ALAN: We love you, Alice.
We still want you to get married, and have grandchildren.
(SNIFFLES) That, uh, Joanna seems nice.
DAYA) - Painted gold like your feet - - If you're gonna lean into me - - make sure you feel the heat - - You can take what you want - But when you take it from me I'll make sure that you fall apart and fall down to your knees - I'm not betting on a miracle - Hey.
To give me peace What're you doing here? I thought you were back home.
I was.
But then I flew back because I wanted to tell you in person.
I left Lily.
GAEL: Well, I'm beat.
- Good night, ladies.
- MARIANA/CALLIE: Good night.
So I did a thing today.
RAJ: I can't believe you took the fall for Angela.
You know, you're a pretty amazing person.
Well, you stood up there with us.
Talk about amazingness.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You know, I know we're colleagues, and I don't want you to think I don't respect you as a brilliant engineer but do you mind if I kiss you? Uh, yeah, that would kinda be really disrespectful and inappropriate I'm so kidding, please kiss me.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Please.
I wanna know I wanna know Oh, my God.
- (BOTH CHUCKLE) - I know.
So what're you gonna do? About what? Who are you gonna choose? Jamie or Gael?
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