Good Trouble (2019) s02e02 Episode Script


1 You know, in fact, I was kinda hoping that, maybe, you'd want to join my team? We're just so excited for the first all-female team at Speckulate! GAEL: Don't use me because you don't want to deal with whatever's bothering you.
It's not fair.
I love you.
I am not moving back to Wisconsin.
I left Lily.
Promise me that if you ever feel suicidal again, you'll just come to me.
JUDGE WILSON: The jury finds the defendants not liable.
MALIKA: You were a good son.
(GASPS) PROTESTERS: Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! MARSHAL: Do you have you federal court security card on you? It's getting tough these days to get up and go in Our goal is to bridge the access-to-justice gap for the indigent and under-privileged, and we're currently suing the city for not making enough publicly funded housing accessible to people with disabilities.
Baby, come and get it over with We work with the Innocence Project.
As well as overturning wrongful convictions of youth.
Cause I'm never gone, never gone Never losing faith, hey! At the A.
, you'll have eight project areas to choose from: policing, jails, immigration, education Domestic abuse, child rights and services, shelters for abused women First Amendment, LGBTQ, reproductive rights We're currently appealing three death row cases.
And that sounds amazing.
And exactly Exactly Exactly what I want to do.
Feel like every morning's Now, that's a power suit.
You are going to blow them away at your new job.
Get it over with and be done, hey! ooh It's my dream to work for the A.
Once you pass the bar, I don't see why we can't make that dream come true.
Never losing faith EVAN: Working on the weekend? Yeah, so much to do now that I'm a team leader.
Can I uh, help? Um, sure.
I'm kind of just stuck on this code.
- I'm not satisfied until I get it - - I'm not satisfied until I get it - - I'm not satisfied until I get it - Not satisfied Not satisfied 'Til I get it - Not satisfied - Mariana.
Not satisfied until I get it - (ALARM SOUNDING) - Mariana.
What? Wake up.
- What? - Wake up.
- (ALARM SOUNDING) - Wake up.
Your alarm's been going off for like ten minutes.
(ALARM SOUNDING) Good Trouble 2x02 Torn Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa You know, it's normal to have a sex dream about your boss.
It doesn't mean you're attracted to him.
I'm not, at all.
I mean, I just I feel icky, like, like I cheated on Raj.
Oh, how's it going with the hooded warrior? - Amazing.
- DAVIA: Hmm! I thought it'd be too much dating and working together on my app, but it's been great.
So, everyone at work knows that you're hitting it? - Oh, no.
- You know, that's hot.
So, you guys are, like, sneaking around, - doing it in the supply closet? - No.
Oh, come on, everyone smashes at work.
- They do? - No.
Hey, hey Ooh, ooh MARIANA: Oh, my God.
You hooked up in Wilson's office? (GASPS) With Jamie or Gael? I would rather not say.
You know, actually, come to think of it, I haven't seen a lot of Jamie around lately.
Okay, after everything that happened today, I, I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm not saying that I don't want to be with you.
I just, I need some time and space to to get my shit together.
But I understand if you can't give that to me.
Is this your way of making me break up with you so you don't have to do it? No.
No, it's not.
I promise.
(JAMIE SIGHS) Then take the time you need.
CALLIE: Yeah, Jamie and I are on a break.
Okay, Ross.
Oh, oops.
Got your mocks for the app ready.
Can't wait to see them.
How is it working with Gael? It's great.
He super talented.
I'm super happy he's on my team.
Do you guys ever talk about me? Oh, constantly.
You know, even though we have a ton of work to do, we spend almost all of our time talking about you.
No, I just like wonder where his head's at.
You mean, if he's waiting around for you to decide who you want to be with? I don't expect him to wait for me.
- You don't? - No.
(SIGHS) Why don't you just make up your mind already? No, I am not dating anyone until I get a job, and I can't get a job until I've passed the bar.
Which I will hopefully know about soon.
Well, in the meantime, there's really no temporary position you can fill? No.
No, there aren't any other positions I'm qualified for, so I guess I could get a retail job.
No, don't be ridiculous.
I'll keep paying the bills until you find out your bar results.
Oh, speaking of which, um, I got a notice that I've almost used up my data plan? Oh, uh, yeah, I took you off of unlimited.
With you not working, how much data do you really need? Hey, by the way, do you mind picking up my dry cleaning? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Oh, and, uh, I need toothpaste and shampoo.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
You don't think you're, like, blackballed, do you? Like in the legal world? So, it isn't on your resume, but I did a little asking around about you and I found out that you were clerking for Judge Curtis Wilson for just a, a few months? What happened there? (ELEVATOR DINGS) PROTESTERS: Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! Does this look like a gun to you? - Objection.
- JUDGE WILSON: Sustained.
- DAVIDSON: Objection.
- Sustained.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Overruled.
In your deliberations, you may give consideration to the relevance of comments made by Chief Kelley, to determine the state of mind of Officer Griffin, as there's no way to know what impact, if any, they had on him.
PROTESTERS: Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! Jamal's life mattered! - Jamal's life mattered! - Where is he? - Oh! - Where's Judge Wilson? - No, you need to leave.
Miss! - Judge Wilson! I need to speak to you.
You call yourself a judge? - Isn't it your job to make sure - I need security.
that everyone gets a fair trial? - That the jury decides and not you! - The jury did decide.
No, because you let them get away with seating one black juror! You sustained every defense objection.
You told the jury that they didn't have to consider a Chief of Police telling officers to let people die! You are proof that the system is rigged against people - who cannot pay for justice! - Ma'am? A mother lost her son! - Ma'am! - Her only child! Have you no heart Judge Wilson? Have you no humanity! Shame on you! Shame on you! Callie? I'm going to assume you didn't give your security card to Malika Williams? No, Your Honor.
But she doesn't just live in your building.
She's your friend? We have become friends, but I never shared any information with her about the case and I was very careful not to cross any ethical lines.
But you could have easily given her Officer Griffin's personnel files, just slipped them under her door? I already told you, I didn't give them to her or anyone.
And I know I should have given them to you.
And yet but you didn't.
- Your friend is in a lot of trouble.
- She's a good person.
- Who stole your credentials.
- In the heat of the moment.
Everyone has to be held accountable for their actions, Callie.
But not your son? My son is being held accountable, by me! Well, Malika doesn't have a wealthy, connected father to advocate for her, sir.
And what about you? What should I do about you, Callie? - How should I hold you accountable? - You should probably fire me.
You think you've used up all your second chances You think that what you're made of isn't good enough I know you'll buy your parents a beautiful house.
It doesn't look the way you planned it Thank you for everything.
You take good care.
You're not a problem JUDGE WILSON: Naomi? Will you let the U.
attorney know I wish to press charges against Malika Williams? (CLEARS THROAT) I have worked for you going on ten years, and though I didn't always agree with some of your decisions, I kept my mouth shut because I wasn't hired to give my opinion.
But today I'm going to.
That young woman was overcome by a lifetime of anger and frustration, of not being seen or heard, and being treated by some as less than and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.
(SIGHS) I know this is hard for you to understand.
But I'm not asking you to understand.
I am asking you not to ruin this young woman's life.
She made a mistake, and you know the consequences of that are far greater for her.
I have never asked a favor of you, but I'm asking you, please do not punish this woman for just living while black in this country.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) What's going on? It's a surprise.
Yeah, my parents' divorce was a surprise.
So was my appendicitis.
EVAN: Hello.
Good morning.
In an effort to show our female colleagues how much we appreciate them, and that we hear your concerns, today is the first annual Women's Day at Speckulate.
I had nothing to do with this.
(SCATTERED APPLAUSE) EVAN: We have donuts, and balloons.
And manicure and pedicure stations.
So, women, enjoy! (LIGHT APPLAUSE) Is this a joke? Pink lemonade mimosa? Is there a raise in there? Oh, hey.
"Facing the death of a child may be the hardest thing a person can experience.
" Some ways to care for yourself include exercising.
See? (PANTING) This isn't so bad.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
DAVIA: Diet.
What's all this? Mood enhancing foods.
What is this coconut oil doing in the trash? We got this.
Twenty more and we're done.
Nine No.
Okay, it's not, it's not funny! Get off! Dennis! Get off! Dennis! DAVIA: Mediation or alternative therapies.
- PODCAST HOST: article about the President - Dennis! There's nothing more depressing than political podcasts! I am trying to help you every way that I know how, but if you won't help me help you, what is the point? Look, I appreciate everything you're doing, - but - I know, I, I don't get it.
I never lost a child.
Which is why you need to go to a grief group support meeting and talk to people who know what you're going through.
Please? Okay, I'll go.
If you stop making me eat salmon and listen to binaural beats.
Fine, and I will just cancel the cryotherapy.
What's that? It's where you stand in an ice-cold chamber for three minutes and it's supposed to produce endorphins.
(SCOFFS) What? I got it on Groupon.
Thank you.
You know, I got to admit, unemployment isn't all bad.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry.
- Mm, you already said you're sorry.
- It's not good enough.
- It's my fault you lost your job.
- No, it's not your fault.
I'm happy to be out of there, and I'm excited to start making a real difference somewhere.
Is this gonna follow you? (SMOOTH R&B MUSIC PLAYING) I don't think so.
Okay, so why aren't you spending your day off in bed with Isaac? MALIKA: Well, girl, he has his own business.
It's not like he can call in sick.
CALLIE: Are you guys, like, official? I want you to meet my family.
- Get out.
- (CHUCKLING) I'm serious.
I'm serious.
Uh, both my brothers and my sister, we we go to our parents' house every Sunday and have dinner.
You sure they're ready for this hot mess? I mean, you're hot, for sure, - but you're not a mess.
- (CHUCKLING) Although, I wouldn't mind if you just, just took a little break from all this activism stuff.
- Oh.
- At least, on the front lines.
So, you don't have to bail me out of jail again? I mean, you don't always have to live in the pain of struggle.
You know, us thriving is a form of protest.
- I know.
- You do? Maybe a couple of Sundays from now.
After all, it's not like we're official, you know? Are we not official? - Hmm? - (CHUCKLES) Oh, it is so on! - Okay, that's what he says.
- No, you love it! You're so into him.
What's up with your love life? You still on a break with Jamie? I'm just figuring stuff out.
Stuff like Gael? Jamie told me he loves me.
- Girl.
- Like they're so different.
Jamie is sweet and dependable, and we have the law in common.
And Gael is, also, sweet and, like, sensitive, and an artist, and just the kind of guy you can lose yourself in.
Well, girl, you are strong enough to get lost in love and still keep your wits about you in life.
You just got to trust your instincts.
I mean, at your most vulnerable moments, who do you want to call? Whose arms do you want around you? Hi.
Uh, are you looking for someone? Hey, uh, sorry about that.
Uh - ELIJAH: No, actually.
- This is Malika and Callie.
I'm Elijah.
Have you ever been in love? Once.
Who was she, or he? His name is Elijah.
What happened? Just weren't ready for each other.
- You want to come up? - ELIJAH: Yeah.
Any idea who that might be? (CALLIE GROANS) Sorry I missed the show.
I love your work, but I always have.
Not always.
One piece I didn't like.
You said it looked like a donkey scribbled on a wall with a crayon in its ass.
I said that? Are you sure? It's not a critique one easily forgets.
(CHUCKLES) This is sexy.
Sure, would look great in my showroom.
Can I buy it from you, or do I need to talk to your dealer? I feel weird making you pay for it.
I don't mind paying for it.
You can have it.
You can't just give your work away.
It's not for sale.
Fair enough.
You'll just have to invite me to your next show.
That way I can buy from your gallery anonymously.
Somebody just did that.
- It wasn't - No! I wasn't invited, remember? How's business? (CHUCKLES) Good.
I've just been doing a lot of red carpet.
I just dressed Emily Blunt and Emma Stone.
Yeah, I saw that.
I'm sorry.
For what? For hurting you.
I was an asshole.
Everyone in college is an asshole.
You weren't.
But you did have that man bun thing going on.
Yeah, what about that poncho you never took off? (LAUGHS) So are you seeing anyone special? (PHONE VIBRATING) Have you seen Alice? Is she here? Nope.
- Where's Malika? - She went out.
- Kelly? - Nope.
Okay, listen, I have to talk to someone, so you're going to have to do.
I, I haven't exactly broken up with Jeff yet.
You know, he left his wife before I could tell him that I am not moving back home to be with him, and now I feel terrible because he ruined his life for me and he's having a really tough time and I just, I don't know what to do.
So, is moving back to Wisconsin the issue, or is Jeff the issue? Both.
No, I love him.
I really do.
But things have changed.
You know, my feelings have changed, but I feel like a total shit for dumping him now.
What if you get him to dump you? How? Just tell him that you don't want to move back to Wisconsin, and that your life is here now.
Make it his choice.
You know, I actually hadn't thought of that.
He loves his life in Fitchburg.
That might work.
Yeah, happy to help.
- Are you drunk? - Yeah.
I like you better this way.
Thank you? EVAN: So, how was Women's Day received? Um, fine.
I was surprised more women didn't get manicures or pedicures.
I thought they'd appreciate that.
Uh, look, what they'd appreciate is a raise.
To get paid what the men are paid.
How's that going? I'm working on it.
I have to answer to my Board of Directors Who, let me guess, are all men? I'm working on that too.
Do you know that 93% of boardroom members at all private tech firms are men? That's 7% left for the women.
Even the Fortune 500s are up 17% of women in the boardroom, which is still lame.
I love that.
You love that women are left out of the boardroom? No.
No, I love that you're a statistics person.
- Look, Women's Day was - It was lame.
A nice gesture.
Women want more than pink donuts and manicures.
I'm trying to close the gender pay gap And race pay gap.
Yes, but what can I do in the meantime? I don't know.
Why don't you form an employee grievance committee to make suggestions to management? Yes.
Do that.
Who do that? You do that.
M-me do that? I mean, me? I think, uh, this is it.
Shall we? Are you, you coming in? Oh, well, I mean, I thought I would.
You know, for support.
Hmm, that's what the people in the support group are for.
Look, you got me here.
Okay, but I think I need to do this alone.
I'll check in with you later tonight.
I am so happy to see you.
You didn't have to drive all the way out here.
I would have come to you.
(LAUGHS) I know.
Things at the Coterie have been really hectic lately.
You okay? I applied for a third year of Teach For America, like you told me to do when you said that I should stay in L.
And I don't, I don't want to move back home.
My life is here.
It's It's not in Fitchburg.
But your eyes stay on me I'm so sorry, but I never thought that you would leave Lily.
So I start a fight Cause I want you to notice me It's okay.
I understand.
Cause I need you to hold me She lost a lot of stuff moving around, over the years.
I mean, you can have, you know, whatever you want.
("REMIND ME" BY ZOLITA PLAYS) She never lost this.
(BOTH LAUGH SOFTLY) You remember her dragging us to church every Sunday, no matter what shape she was in? Hey, at least she gave us something: God and Jesus.
Makes me so damn sick I miss you You took the poster down? This fast life, it makes me wanna quit What if they press charges against you? I know how strongly you feel, but all this is not worth another life destroyed.
I can't fight anymore.
But I can't remember It's time to heal.
Don't live your life in rage.
Focus on family and friends, and love.
So, wherever you can find it I don't want to call my home Remind me, remind me Yeah, I'm taking a little break from all that.
I get it.
What's that? - A letter from our father.
- From Folsom? Did you know he was in prison? - No.
- Mom never told you? No, never talked about him.
I mean, why didn't she tell us? Maybe she was ashamed.
Didn't want us to know.
I mean, I wonder where he is? If he's still inside? Yo, who cares? He didn't ever write us any letters.
That we know of.
No, why you got to be so suspicious of Mom? Obviously, he did something wrong.
Okay, not every black man in prison did something wrong.
Yeah, I thought you was taking a break from all that? Bottom line is we don't know him, and he doesn't want to know us.
We don't need to go looking for more pain and disappointment.
Let's just deal with what we got to.
(SCOFFS) WOMAN: She was so helpful.
WOMAN 2: Do you wanna exchange numbers? First step, it's time We gotta make up our minds Hi.
Excuse me.
Um I was waiting for a guy who was supposed to be in this meeting.
He's, uh, tall, gaunt in the face, but still relatively handsome.
Oh, yeah, he left as soon as the meeting started.
Is he okay? Um I already have this huge job and now I have another one, which I'm not getting paid for.
Just say no.
Look, I can't.
It's important.
And now that I'm getting my app developed, I can't make it look like I'm out for just myself.
Besides, if I ask the fight club girls to join the committee, maybe they won't be so mad that I asked two men to be on my team.
Nice angle.
Hey, have you ever had sex at work before? Apparently, it's a thing.
Really? (CHUCKLES) I think we're the only ones here.
Yeah, and I saw Evan leave.
Dennis? Dennis! You scared the crap out of me! Again.
I am sorry.
I did not know you were coming back.
Yeah, well, you're an ass! Davia, I appreciate everything you are trying to do, but you are suffocating me.
You can't save me.
I'm not trying to save you.
I'm trying to get you to want to save yourself! You know, and you're right.
I, I can't do that either.
But no matter what you think, you cannot do this all alone.
And it doesn't have to be me, but you need to find somebody who will help you.
You know, maybe that's why your marriage fell apart.
You know, maybe you shut your wife out? I don't, I don't know, but it is so messed up to think your life only matters to you.
(DOOR SLAMS) (TRAFFIC NOISES) You're a shitty husband! And a shitty father! DAVIA: You know, maybe that's why your marriage fell apart.
JACOB: Daddy, will you come lie down with me? I can't.
I'm working.
JENNIFER: Jacob had to get cancer for you to pay any attention to him.
- Daddy, please.
- Jacob, dammit! I said go back to bed.
DAVIA: It is so messed up to think that your life only matters to you.
Hey, did you have a chance to get that stuff for me today? Actually, I never made it out.
I'll do it tomorrow.
Too busy day-drinking with Malika.
I'm not your personal assistant.
Okay, well, have you been getting your unemployment checks? - No.
- Why not? Because I'm not eligible for unemployment.
And what about you? What should I do about you, Callie? How should I hold you accountable? You should probably fire me.
I probably should.
I'm not going to.
I believe in your character, Callie.
However, it is well for the heart to be naive and for the mind not to be.
You need to learn that, before you leave this clerkship.
My job is to prepare you for the real world.
If it's naive to believe that social justice is more than an ideal, that it's attainable, then I would rather be naive in heart and mind, Your Honor.
I'm grateful that you hired me and that you believe in my character, but this was out of character for me.
To apply for a clerkship with any judge, cause I am not interested in interpreting the law, I want to work to change it and make it better.
Not nine months from now.
Thank you for this opportunity.
But with all due respect, Your Honor, I have to quit.
So this is the end The closer I get Wait, you quit? I couldn't work as a clerk anymore.
Not in that environment.
Okay, well, my work environment isn't great, but I didn't quit.
No, cause you're passionate about your app, and you're doing something you believe in.
Yeah, and because I thought you were fired, and someone has to pay the rent.
You don't have to worry.
Okay, I'm going to get a great job and I will pay you back every penny.
Will anyone hire you if they find out that you quit your clerkship? I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth.
But I know I did the right thing.
I believe in myself.
I believe in you too, and it's okay.
You don't have to pay me back.
We're family and I know that you would do the same for me.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
Mm-mm, no, no, no Truce, truce, truce.
(GROANS, SIGHS) What're you doing? Paying our bills.
Thank you! (KNOCKING AT DOOR) Can I stay with you tonight? Yeah.
I am so sorry, but I never thought you would leave Lily.
It's okay.
I understand.
I'll move to L.
I can get work to transfer me here.
But you love Fitchburg.
I I love you more.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Angela, can I speak with you? - Yeah.
- In private? - Sure.
(SIGHS) How about an implicit bias workshop? Ooh, uh, and sexual harassment.
And an effort to put more women in leadership positions.
You know, and as to the sexual harassment concerns, I think we should implement a rule that supervisors cannot date anyone who works under them, or on their team.
ALL: Agreed.
It'd be good for the guys to know that's not on the table.
GINA: Avoid a lot of awkward situations.
Mariana? Yeah, of course.
JOSEPH: It's open! Do I know you? I think I'm your daughter.
So, it's not on your resume, but I, I did a little asking around about you and I found out that you were clerking for Judge Curtis Wilson for just a few months? What happened there? I thought I might have a progressive influence on a conservative judge, and when I realized that wasn't possible, I quit.
See, I want to change the system, and I didn't see any reason to waste another nine months just for the cachet on my resume.
I think that's bad ass.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I think you'd fit in perfectly here.
SALESPERSON: Now, that is a power suit.
You are going to blow them away at your new job.
I haven't gotten the job yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get it.
MALIKA: In those most vulnerable moments, who do you want to call? (KNOCKING AT DOOR) Come in.
For nothing Cut all my hair I didn't pass the bar.
From nothing Tried not to care (SOBBING) Let it rain down, let it rain down on me So I can see If I could only learn to
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