Good Trouble (2019) s02e04 Episode Script


1 I really don't want anybody to know about Jacob or that I was in the hospital.
Will you promise me that if you ever feel suicidal again, that you you'll just come to me.
I haven't exactly broken up with Jeff yet.
What if you get him to dump you? Just tell him that you don't want to move back to Wisconsin.
I'll move to LA.
But you love Fitchburg.
I love you more.
Can I stay with you tonight? Yeah.
I think we should implement a rule that supervisors cannot date anyone who works under them.
The app literally doubled the donations! We only made $10,000, not 20.
- I met my father.
- How'd that go? We always thought that he just up and left.
My mom never said anything good about him.
Is everything okay? I'm being evicted.
- You ever been in love? - Once.
His name was Elijah.
I can't get a job until I've passed the bar.
Which I will hopefully know about soon.
I didn't pass the bar.
We don't do grassroots activism here.
At Legal Aid, we're focused mostly on providing direct legal services to the local community.
You wouldn't believe what that woman has been through.
This is Callie, your new research assistant.
Cary, Gwen.
Hi, I'm Cary.
So nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
They're our paralegals.
You'll be working for them and all the lawyers here.
Will you show Callie around, give her the lay of the land? Of course.
You are gorgeous.
Is it okay to say that? Cary's new.
Don't worry.
The only person he wants to harass around here is Right behind you.
- Hey.
- This is Callie.
She's our new research assistant.
Oh, good.
Can you check the LARSO on this three-day notice? Uh, this is defective.
It doesn't list the outstanding rent owed or where to make payment.
Where did you go to school? UCSD.
- Legal studies? - Law.
You're a lawyer? Yes.
I haven't passed the bar yet.
Well, aren't you a little overqualified to be a research assistant? I need a job.
Well, don't be tempted to give legal advice.
Oh, don't worry.
I will stay in my lane.
All right, back to work.
How about one that's a little l-less Less? More relaxed.
- You ready? - Yeah.
What are you doing? That is a terrible - You're a fierce tiger.
- What are you do - Please get up.
- You're a Komodo dragon.
And I need a photographer, not a critic.
Well, I'm not a photographer.
Yeah, but you're tall, and pictures look better from above.
Come on.
Let me see.
I like that one.
Who invited the dinner rolls to the party? You look like you.
Thanks a lot.
And real.
Well, I appreciate the "beautiful" part, but no one wants to see anything on Instagram that's too "real".
Oh, this is the one.
I thought the point of the whole body-positive movement was to love your real body, without filters.
Okay, everyone uses filters.
And I'm not trimming or slimming.
Oh, speaking of which, my mom's gonna be in town getting one of her "procedures".
At least she's staying in a hotel this time.
You do remember my mom? Yeah.
Why? No reason, you were just pretty wasted last time.
Good morning.
Good Trouble 2x04 Unfiltered Yeah, I know.
Caller ID.
The place is so tiny.
I don't know how you do it.
Well, you could always stay in a hotel.
I can't afford a hotel.
Yeah, but you can afford a brow lift or whatever? Doctor Levin has a payment plan.
Mm-hmm? And what's the interest rate on this payment plan? Less than my credit card.
And I would appreciate a little support, Davia.
Mom, you're a beautiful woman.
I'm over 40, and single, with no one to take care of me.
Time's running out, okay? What, you want me to end up old and alone? Mom, you're not gonna end up alone.
You'll always have me.
I know.
And I love you so much.
But I can't have sex with you.
Don't you want to find someone who loves you for what's inside? Honey, men aren't interested in the inside if what's on the outside doesn't give them a boner.
I got you something.
For my baby girl.
Do you like it? - It's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
And expensive.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
You are so pretty.
Oh! And talented.
Look at that gorgeous face.
If you just lost 30 pounds, you could get any man you want.
There she is.
- You did it, girl! - And she raised $20,000.
- You made us proud.
- Her app is genius.
Thank you, all.
So, are you excited? We heard Evan was there.
He must be impressed.
I think I'm just gonna tell Evan what happened and have him garnish my wages, so no one needs to know.
Whoa, wait.
You don't have to make up that money.
The Center for Transgender Veterans is expecting $20,000.
They were expecting half that.
They'll understand.
Yeah, well, what about everyone else? It's a beta test.
Things are supposed to go wrong.
No, not on my watch.
I mean, all of those guys are expecting me to fail.
And Evan stood up to his board of directors.
I can't let him lose his faith in me.
I don't think you have to worry about Evan losing faith in you.
Oh, my god.
Do you still think that he's doing - all of this because - No, I didn't say that.
- Well, that's what you're implying.
- No, it's not.
Look, I can't talk about this right now.
I don't have time for this.
I have to go down to the art department, and then I have a stupid grievance meeting.
Miss me? What's his story? - Oh, Dennis? - Yeah.
- He lives at the Coterie.
- Hm.
What does he do? Well, you're looking at it.
He must have a job.
Not that I know of.
But he just moved in, so I barely know him.
Well, maybe you should get to know him.
He's very attractive.
Yeah, no thanks.
That guy's a loser.
Every man's a loser until he finds the right woman.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, can you send Dennis a refill of whatever he's drinking? - And say it's from Davia.
- Mom, no.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.
Okay, what about his date? Well, she can get her own drink.
Hey, guys.
Are you and Raj dating? Is that why you chose Raj to be on your team instead of a woman? No.
No, I-I chose Raj because he's an excellent engineer.
People might think they got passed over because you're dating.
Like me, for instance.
You're the reason that Evan fired Josh.
If any of the guys find out that you're dating someone on your team, they're gonna rip you apart.
All of us.
It could undermine everything we're working for.
As head of the grievance committee, you either need to break up with Raj or take him off your team.
I think they're right.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
I heard you took that 5G workshop.
You wanna grab drinks later so I can pick your brain about it? Sure, man.
Hey, man.
Uh, can I get a double chai latte? Coming right up.
Very pleased with the way the app is going.
Would you mind if we spoke in private? I need a declaration to complete this petition for dismissal.
- Good morning.
- I said, "Good morning".
No, you didn't.
Good morning.
Would you mind cite-checking this motion for me? Sure.
- My declaration? - Yeah, I'll do it.
What's this? A vanilla latte.
For you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I just need that declaration.
He's not in yet.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Callie, this is my father, Joseph.
He's being evicted.
I think because of us.
They can't evict you for making a complaint about maintenance.
I'm behind on my rent.
I ran into some medical bills a few months ago.
The landlord was letting me stay in exchange for doing odd jobs around the place.
But then he accused me of snitching about the broken elevator and gave me 24 hours to get out.
I'm so sorry, Joseph.
But don't worry.
I'll get someone from my office to fix this.
Good morning, Marcus.
- Hey, Marcus.
- Morning.
Uh, Marcus, can I talk to you? Yes.
Make it quick.
I have a client.
I wanted to talk to you about that demand letter.
What demand letter is that? Uh, the one you told me to serve on the Towers on Western single residency hotel.
Elevator's been out for weeks, and management keeps saying they're gonna fix it and they don't.
I was wondering what can be done.
Well, we would serve a demand letter saying that they have 48 hours to address the problem.
Otherwise, they're in breach, and they could lose their license to operate.
I know what to do.
What I don't understand is how the manager knew Joseph had anything to do with the demand letter? I didn't put his name on it.
I think that's on me.
Selina, you okay? The elevator's still broken.
Yeah, I can't do my shopping.
No man has carried me like this since my husband carried me across the threshold.
God rest his rotten heart.
I'll go get your wheelchair, huh? Just hang tight.
What else could I do? Here you go.
So, how long has the elevator been out? A while.
They keep saying they're gonna fix it, but in the meantime, people like Selina are trapped on their floors.
That's not right.
There's gotta be something they can do.
Well, we'll manage.
Well I'd like to see you again sometime.
If it suits you.
- Yeah.
I'd, I'd like that, too.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna die soon.
Oh, no.
Don't you bet on it, Selina.
You're gonna outlive us all.
Excuse me.
Can I ask when you plan on fixing the elevator? Who the hell are you? You don't live here.
My father does.
And the tenants who can't use the stairs are stuck on their floors.
It's none of your business.
Then I'll take it to someone whose business it is.
You served a demand letter? That's what you said we do We, as in one of the licensed lawyers.
I guess I misunderstood.
Is that it? No.
Um, there's a problem.
The tenant on whose behalf I served the letter is being evicted in retaliation.
They can't do that.
Well, he's behind on rent.
And he's the father of a friend of mine, so I feel like this is sort of my fault.
Ya think? Is there something we you can do to help him? Maybe.
But I can't do anything without looping in Teresa.
And if I do that, your first week here might be your last.
So, I made a mistake.
There was a glitch - in the beta test - Raj told me.
What exactly did he tell you? That it doubled the amount of donations, and it was his fault.
No, i-it was my fault.
I-it was in the original code.
He was just trying to fix it on the fly.
He asked me to garnish his wages to make up the extra money.
That's what I was gonna ask you to do, t-to my wages.
I'm the team leader.
It's my responsibility.
I'm the company leader.
The ultimate responsibility is mine.
So, I will make up the $10,000.
No, I I can't let you do that.
I'm rich, Mariana.
$10,000 to me is like $10 to you.
Uh, I mean I'm assuming.
Until I win the lottery.
The odds of you winning the lottery are practically nonexistent.
Well, what about your board of directors? I'm happy to tell them the app was a complete success.
Because otherwise, it, it was.
Thank you.
You're an amazing boss.
There are no bosses here.
I am so sorry.
I just wanted to help.
Can I ask how much you owe? Around $800.
I can loan you the money.
I'm not taking money from my daughter.
I didn't mean to make a thing out of this.
I just needed to know what happened.
Yeah, but this is my fault.
Please, let me make it right.
I wasn't in your life all these years.
Didn't want to bring any trouble on you or your mom or your brother.
You were probably better off not coming to see me in the first place.
Thanks for the tea.
Can I talk to you for a moment? So, not to rub it in your face, but the photo that I chose for my Insta got over a thousand likes so far.
What's going on there? Uh, just something to do.
Well, I have something for you to do.
Do you want to go to dinner with me and my mom? Tell ya, you, you remind me of the boys I used to date in high school.
Oh, yeah, speaking of high school, what grade is Misty in? Says the person out on a Saturday night with her mother.
Who says "snap"? You two, get a room already.
You all good here? We'll do one more round, on me.
We have that party to go to.
Ooh, was there gonna be a bouncy house? One more drink.
Come on.
I'm going.
You can meet me there or not.
- Uhh - Yikes.
- Rude.
- Not good.
See? That is the problem with dating younger women.
They're all about the drama.
Uh, since he's buying, I'm gonna have a margarita with your most expensive tequila.
Okay, make it a skinny.
You should've seen the body my baby used to have.
Oh, when I was anorexic? No.
Before that, Davia.
Talk about drama.
I mean, as long as you're not starving yourself, you can never be too rich or too thin.
Am I right? Yeah, I'm not really up for being around people right now.
I know.
I told her you wouldn't come.
Plus, we're meeting early because of her surgery so that's why I'm eating now.
You're not gonna eat with her? Well, I'll get, like, a little salad.
But otherwise, I have to endure my mother's well-meaning remarks about how I could get a man if I just wasn't so fat.
That's for being chivalrous as my boyfriend.
And that's for going behind my back as team leader.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Evan's gonna cover the 1OK out of his own pocket.
Seriously? Yeah.
Because, ultimately, it's his responsibility.
According to him.
And he's rich.
Also according to him.
And I swear, if you read into this - in any way, I will - What? Fire me? That's him.
I have a work order to fix the elevator, okay? I'm representing Joseph Turner.
Did you give him a 30-day written notice of eviction? Come on.
He's 60 days past due on his rent.
I don't care if he's 60 years past due.
That's the law.
And it's illegal for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant who has exercised his legal right to complain about a violation of safety laws.
Like failure to repair an elevator.
So, if you try to throw Mr.
Turner out before the 30 days, we'll sue.
Yeah, but if he doesn't pay before then, he's outta here.
What's this? A new demand order.
This one's signed by a judge.
You have 48 hours to repair the elevator or you'll lose your license to operate the facility.
We bought your friend's father some time, but if he doesn't pay, he'll be out on the street.
Thank you so much.
I'm so grateful for your help.
Don't be grateful.
Just don't screw up.
You have a law degree, Callie.
I'm assuming you actually earned it.
So, think next time.
So, is the chicken cooked with olive oil or butter? You know what? Just bring me a kale salad.
And then another vodka rocks.
I'll just have the kale salad, too.
Are you allowed to drink before you have major surgery? I'm getting my eyes done, Davia.
It's not major surgery.
So Jeff left his wife.
- How do you know about that? - It's the talk of Fitchburg.
Mainly because Lily's mom is telling anyone who'll listen that Jeff is a monster.
Well, he's not a monster.
No judgment here.
I mean, you've been in love with that boy since high school.
And clearly, he loves you, too, for what's on the inside, like you said.
Do you know how rare that is? And you, you found the one.
Well, um, actually, he's not the one.
What do you mean? I'm not in love with Jeff anymore.
Does he know this? No.
Not yet.
He's, he's just having such a hard time, you know, with Lily and then his family.
Everybody's mad at him.
Davia, you better think long and hard about this.
You found a good man who wants you.
And take it from me, the pickings are slim out there, even for the size twos of the world.
Don't do something you're gonna regret in ten years, when you're still single and your biological clock is ticking.
That's all I'm saying.
Okay, 'kay, 'kay.
Come, come, come.
Davia, chin up and out.
Ooh! This is gonna be so cute on my Insta story, Twitter.
- Look at Misty.
She is mad at me.
- Oh, yeah, she is.
See, I told you.
Younger women are all about the drama.
- Last call? - Mm.
Thank God.
Let's bounce.
Oh, one more drink, with the woman who birthed you.
She was nine pounds, ten ounces.
And she just tore me to shreds down there.
But don't worry.
I'm tight as a drum now.
Mom, no one's worried about your vagina.
Let's go.
Oh, come on.
I never get to have any fun.
Will you stay and have one last drink with me? - Sure.
Why not? - Great.
Well, you two senior citizens can have fun.
I'm going home and going to bed.
Will you make sure that they get back okay? Yeah.
No problem.
- Thank you.
- I love you.
Ooh, okay.
So tell me all about you.
I want to know everything.
Got a minute? 'Bout all I got these days.
Look, I understand, not wanting to take your daughter's money.
But there's no reason why you can't take a loan from me.
No, no.
I can't do that.
This is killing Malika that she put you in this situation and she can't fix it.
Uh, you said you haven't been there for her for years.
Well, if you want to be there for her now, you'll take this money, and you'll lift the burden off of her.
I know, it's I'm paying you back every cent.
Yeah, you damn right you are.
And can you, uh keep this between us? For sure.
Take care, man.
This isn't a convenient way to get rid of me after I messed up? No.
I hate this.
It's just the rule of team leaders not being able to date people under them mostly protects women against the Joshes of the world.
And I can't be selfish.
Even though I really want to be.
I know.
So, what are we gonna tell people is the reason I'm no longer on your team? Well, it's no one's business.
People are gonna talk.
Yeah, well, people are really gonna talk if they find out we're dating.
Especially Alex and Sam.
I mean, we could tell them.
No, we can't.
You're right.
And you would get the worst of it.
I'm gonna miss working with you so much.
Especially the late nights in my office.
I'm available for late nights anytime.
And hey, I don't want you to worry about Evan.
If he ever crossed a line, which he hasn't and he won't, trust that I would shoot it down right away.
I do.
So, I saw your latest Insta post.
Oh! It got over a thousand likes.
Okay, I have a question.
Are these body-positive people really proud of their plus-size selves, or are they just, you know, pretending to be to justify overeating and, you know, just being unhealthy? We're really proud of our bodies, Mom.
And just because you're plus-size doesn't mean you're not healthy.
Well, I don't buy that.
- Dennis! - Hi.
You said he wasn't coming.
I'm late.
Oh, good.
Come sit.
Let's get you a drink.
Oh, actually, I'm not really drinking at the moment.
Oh, that's no fun.
- One drink, come on.
- Mom.
What? He said he's not drinking.
I am, however, starving.
Thank you very much.
Ooh, all right.
One of each small plate for the table, and two orders of those fried artichokes you love.
Bonnie? Do not tell me you're just having a salad.
Well, I'm watching my figure.
Well, you're too skinny, if you ask me.
And let's have some of those sweet potato fries, too.
Thank you.
Hey, y'all.
Oh, hey.
Uh, you remember my mother? - I sure do.
- Hi.
But who's this guy? Where you been? Around.
Well, I'll have the waiter bring out an order of those fried artichokes on me.
I know how much you love them.
How'd it go? He took the money.
I don't feel great telling him it was mine, although it could've been.
You're not putting your money on the line for my dad.
What if he can't pay you back? Or what if he needs money again next month? Now, I know your savings took a hit with that eight hundred.
But are you gonna feel obligated to help? No, 'cause next month won't be my fault.
Just be careful.
He is a grown-ass man.
He has been taking care of himself long before you were in the picture.
I understand you want a relationship with him, but Yeah, but he doesn't want one with me.
So, don't worry.
Besides, I gotta get right with Dom.
Probably can't do that with our dad in the picture.
I'm just saying.
If he comes back around, don't go try fixing his life.
Let him be there for you and not the other way around.
I'm good.
You are still in the doghouse for not following me back on Instagram.
Oh, I'm not really on social media these days.
No, no, no.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Come on, you love these.
Bonnie? Help me out with these.
Oh, okay.
It's very, very fried.
And delicious.
I love a woman who's not afraid to eat.
Oh, Davia and I were just discussing the whole body-positive thing.
What do you make of it? I think it's great to see anyone proud of the skin they're in.
But would you ever date a woman who was plus-size? Sure.
Have you ever dated anyone who was over, say, a size two? I don't really know women's sizes.
Okay, a woman who couldn't fit in your jeans? See? People say they'd do a lot of things in theory, but it's what they do in practice that tells the real truth.
I have to use the restroom.
You never called me either, Dennis.
You know, I was really messed up.
I don't remember anything from that night.
Well, that's a shame.
'Cause maybe if you did, you wouldn't be chasing these little girls around.
You'd remember what it's like to be with a real woman.
And I can always remind you.
I'm at the McCadden Hotel.
Room 605.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Why wouldn't it be? Davia.
Go away! - I said, "Go away".
- Well, if you really wanted me to go away, - you would've locked the door.
- Oh, don't flatter yourself.
I never lock my door.
I'll go away, if you tell me who you're mad at.
Me or your mom? Both.
I told you I don't eat in front of my mother.
And that's messed up.
Uh, you, you should be yourself.
That is not for you to decide.
Or to judge.
Especially when you go around hiding who you are all the time.
You don't get to tell me to keep your secrets and then force me into some sort of confrontation with my mother.
I mean, look at me, Dennis.
She knows I actually eat.
I don't want to be myself around my mother because it hurts.
I'm sorry.
It's just, I care about you, and she's got no right to judge.
You think I don't know that? You think I, I don't wish that she could just see me and not how I look or what I eat? She's the most insecure, self-loathing person I've ever known, and she's projected that on me my whole life.
Which is why I became anorexic.
And by the way, you can be too skinny.
Okay, I was 90 pounds.
I had to go into a hospital, get fed with a tube.
I don't want to tell my mom what I really think about her, 'cause it will only hurt her.
I don't want to make her feel how she makes me feel.
Oh, hey.
I am sorry.
I know.
It's okay.
You know, she's bound to overstep again, not to mention she's entitled.
She's young and determined to change the world, the way we all were out of law school.
We could use some wide-eyed energy around here.
There's a difference between passion and impertinence.
Jeez, you've got it in for her.
No, I have more cases than I can handle, and I don't have time to rein in the ego of a young lawyer who's got something to prove because she failed the bar.
Don't worry.
She's not your problem.
I'll mentor her.
Like you mentored me? Let's not go there.
Hey, Evan.
Thanks again for everything.
Of course.
So, I was wondering if you would like to get a drink with me sometime.
To talk next steps on the app.
Yeah, sure.
When? How about now? Now? Unless you have plans.
Uh, yeah.
Now is great.
Hello? Hey, hey.
Uh I just wanted to let you know, um, I worked my situation out here.
So you don't need to worry.
That's good.
And, um look, I'm I'm sorry for what I said about you coming over and looking me up.
I know it's too late to be your father, but I'd like to be a friend.
This is our dad.
- Hey, man.
- So, this is how you got my back? - Hey, wait, son.
- Hey, now.
I am not your son.
Yeah, I could always use another friend.
Okay, that's great.

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