Good Trouble (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

A Very Coterie Christmas

1 We need to have the Christmas Festival at the Coterie! What? - Is the manager around? - I'm the manager.
You're Claudette Bourguignon? Oui! Your lease is up.
- Did you know he was in prison? - No.
- Mom never told you? - Oh, who cares? Who is this? This is our dad.
- Hey, wait, son.
- Hey, man! I am not your son.
I'm here, Abuelo.
Your father's had a stroke.
But we won't know how severe any complications may be until he wakes up.
Is there a chance that he won't wake up? - Jesus is in Nepal.
- I thought he was in Tibet? Well he should be here.
It's Christmas.
Is this the first Christmas he's spent away from home? Yes, and we're not very happy about it.
Well, I understand the need to travel and find oneself.
Do you think you have like the flu or something? I think I'm pregnant.
I'm gonna move out of the Coterie.
I'm scared you're just gonna disappear.
Oh, my God! Jamie's gonna ask you to marry him.
Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa, pa, pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa, pa Three, two, one lights! Thank you for staying up late on Christmas Eve to decorate! The Coterie looks amazing, thank you! I appreciate you so much, getting ready for tomorrow's festival.
And I hope to see all of your beautiful faces tomorrow morning because we need all of the help that we can get, so go home, get some rest.
Oh, here, can I get a picture of me with all this behind me so everyone can see what we did? Oh, and by everyone do you mean Raj? No.
Uh where have you been? Ha.
It's a very long and X-rated story.
Starring the two of you, I hope.
No, no, no.
Oh, then why are you blushing? Hey! So since I have all of you here, do you remember Claudette? So is that, uh ? Sphynx cat.
Her name is Gaia.
She's my familiar.
Ah, so, you're a witch now? Sorry.
My eyes Sorry, I'm allergic to smoke.
Anyway, the reason for my visit Wait.
I need to smudge you.
I cannot have any negative energy invading my space.
Saturn is in the 9th house.
Got it, um Let me sit right here.
As I told you on the phone, the Coterie lease is up, but we have an option to extend.
So we just need you to sign.
The Coterie.
I started La Coterie Anarchiste.
Yeah, we dropped the anarchist part, you know.
It got a little too "Purge"-y.
So, you run me out, you killed my dream, and now you need my help.
In all fairness, you know, you didn't give us much of a choice, You know, the primal scream therapy in the middle of the night.
The scream travels better at night.
But, c'est de l'eau sous le pont.
Meaning? I will sign the extension.
Oh! Great! Thank you so much! On one condition.
If you let me move back in.
- Hell no! - Over my dead body! I would rather stick hot knitting needles in my eyes and ears and under my fingernails.
That's the first time I ever agreed with you.
- Okay.
- I'm serious.
That's what I thought.
Just checking.
I love you all.
So much.
I love your moms.
Role models, you know? I love the way you all smell.
Oh, that's I think that's good for tonight.
- Oh! - Hey! Um Oh, whiskey and croutons.
Is that what I smell like? Let's just make sure this is the best Christmas ever! One for the books! Um, hey, has anyone heard from Gael about his grandfather? Last I heard he had a stroke and they're still waiting on him to wake up.
Hey, can I get a minute alone with you? On the roof? - On the roof? - Mm-hmm.
Cream and two sugars, right? Hmm.
We were never the good sleepers.
I signed the DNR.
It's the right thing to do.
I'm not ready to lose my father too.
I'm never gonna stop missing my son Alejandro.
I was never Alejandro.
I was just trying to be for you, and Abuelo.
Maybe you could learn to love your daughter Jazmin.
You know, I've always loved Christmas.
Especially as a kid, all that anticipation, never knowing what you're gonna get.
That's how it feels to be with you.
Never knowing what you'll get? Well, yes, that's true, too.
No, I mean, being with you feels like Christmas Day, every day.
So Oh, there you are! I'm so sorry, Jamie.
Callie, I need you, like now.
Uh, can it wait? Ooh, Dom, nice.
No, it can't.
It is an urgent family matter.
Mmm! That's delicious.
Very good! You owe me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, I'm so sorry! They told me I could put this in your loft, so No, it's no problem.
Come on in.
- I'll just put it right there.
- Great.
- You good? - Yeah.
No, since they decided to store everything in my room for tomorrow, I I have no idea where to hide this.
Oh! Who is that for? Ah, it's for Dennis.
It's a nice gift.
Look, I know you know about Jacob.
Dennis told me.
How's he doing? He's not great.
He refuses to go to grief support groups, or see a therapist.
He won't even play his music.
Which is why I thought this guitar would help.
Right? I mean, it's just rude not to play your Christmas gift.
Does anyone else here know? It's just me.
Yeah, honey, that's that's a lot.
Just for you on your own, right? Oh no, I don't mind.
It's wonderful that you're there for him.
It is.
Have you ever considered that maybe that's the reason that he hasn't? Gotten professional help.
Because he has you.
Uh I can't just turn my back on him now.
And maybe you need him to need you.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's no.
It's none of my business, really.
- It's okay.
- It's just I do a lot of counseling in my work and sometimes I don't know when to stop, so.
It's okay.
Feel free to decorate your room at will with Okay, honey.
All if you believe In true love What? I'm coming out to my parents tomorrow.
On Christmas? They're not gonna kick their gay son out of the house on Christmas Day, right? Do you really think that they would do that? My mom will be disappointed.
And she'll cry.
And that'll make my dad feel like he has to be a hard-ass.
If I can get him alone, maybe I can tell him first.
I just I just want to get it over with and and I want everyone to know about you.
Well if you really don't want your mom to cry, then I would wait on telling her that all her kids are dating Adams-Fosters.
Cause that could be a bigger blow than you being gay.
We don't know for sure, but she's a few days late.
What are you gonna do? I-I-I guess I'm going to Amsterdam.
Are you ready to be a dad? There you are.
- Ready to go? - Yeah.
Hey, thanks for all your help.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah! - Hey.
- Hey! Bye, guys.
Uh, where have you been? Nowhere.
So what did Callie say about me maybe being pregnant? I'm sorry, I just needed someone to talk to.
You could talk to me.
Did she say we're too young, we're not ready, - I should get an - No, no, she didn't say any of that.
If that's what you want, I will.
If we're not ready.
I mean, are we? Probably not.
I don't want you to get an abortion.
Unless that's what you want.
I don't think that's what I want.
Then we're having a baby.
And-and-and you're not going to go to Amsterdam alone.
Hey, how about that Diane bringing up Jamie's ex-girlfriend tonight? - What was that? - The one that got away, in her opinion.
And poor Brandon.
I mean, I understand not wanting to put his career on hold to move to Amsterdam for his wife's.
You know, that's, that's a lot to ask.
Is it a lot for me to ask? For you to put your life on hold and come with me to Sacramento? No, honey, that's, that's completely different.
You know, we're not in our 20s trying to get our careers off the ground.
I want you to be happy.
I'm happy when I'm with you.
Look what I stole! - Is that weed? - No! It's mistletoe, goofball.
Merry Christmas.
Mmm, Merry Christmas! Should we be doing this - in our children's bed?! - Most definitely.
We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Happy Hanukkah Welcome! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And a happy New Year - Feliz Navidad - Feliz Año Nuevo So everything here today is free, but once a week LA CAN comes into neighborhoods and gives out fresh produce out at a price everyone can afford so take a calendar.
I'm on probation, I can't vote.
Well actually in California you can vote while on probation.
Would you like to register? Uh, sure, thanks.
You can just bring it back to me.
I have registered five people.
How are you doing? Oh, that's odd, seeing a Republican actually want to register new voters.
Ooh yeah, we are more focused on moving polling places too far for Dems to get to.
How serious do you think they are? She really seems to like him.
I don't think I can handle Jim and Diane as double in-laws.
- Ugh.
- What about triple? - What? - I think there's something going on between Carter and Jude.
Are you deliberately trying to ruin my Christmas? Lena Adams-Foster! - I'm gonna put this on you - No, no.
Well hello! - Hey! Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- What a surprise that is! Well, you know, since all our kids are up here volunteering - Instead of at home with us.
- Yes we thought that we would just drive up and, uh, help out.
- That's great! - Yeah.
- Hey! - Hey, what are you doing here? Well tis the reason for the season, Son.
Want to help me bring up more toys for the kids? Yes, yes, absolutely.
Lead the way! Diane, can I interest you in a pair of antlers? No thanks, but, um, give me a job.
I'm up for anything.
- Anything? Well - Yeah.
Follow me, Diane.
It's gonna be fun.
You really pulled this off.
- I am so proud of you.
- Ah, thank you.
Yeah, has all this convinced Raj you're a good person yet? No, I still haven't heard a word from him.
But that's not what this is about! And why hasn't Jesus called? Is there no service in India? Oh, maybe I missed his call.
Let me see.
Oh, I've got your mother's phone again.
What? Nothing.
What are we doing? Washin' feet.
Other people's feet? Yeah.
It's gonna be the best time of the year Got my hands in the sky 'cause I know that I'm making My best life when you're near This Christmas Toast to the memories through the year There's $50 on this gas card.
Thank you.
They just transferred my son to Kern Valley.
Now I can go see him.
- God bless you.
- God bless you and your boy.
- How's it going? - Good.
I can't believe y'all opened y'all home for all this.
This is a big thing to do.
Well, this is what it's all about.
So Dom's here, up in the Coterie.
Oh, okay, okay.
I'll keep my distance.
I, um, I got a little something.
For both of you, um - Oh! - It's not much.
Um but I'm not sure Dom is ready to accept this.
Maybe you can give it to him when he is.
And I wanted to say, I'm so sorry that Mom stopped taking us to see you.
That you had to do your time all alone.
Oh, that wasn't your mama's doin'.
She brought y'all every week.
Or tried to.
But I told her to stop.
- Why? - It was wearing on her spirit.
Having you kids see the gun towers.
Going through the metal detectors, searched like you were criminals.
So I told her I didn't want y'all doin' my time.
Don't come no more.
You can blame me.
Don't blame your mama.
The babe, the son of Mary It's snowing sprinkles! I like sprinkles! I like sprinkles too.
Christmas Eve is coming soon Now you dear old man Whisper what you'll bring to me - Tell me if you can - Hmm, all right.
- Shall we? - Oh! Who's this? This is Javi, and Javi - is a little bit lost.
- All right, Javi.
Well you wanna make some cookies? Yeah, let's make a cookie and we'll go find your parents, all right? Hey! You okay? I, uh, saw your dad.
Did you tell him? Just couldn't get the words out.
Look you don't have to come out to your parents for me.
I just feel like Eliza and Jamie are so perfect and straight.
They're not perfect.
And just because they're straight, that doesn't make them any better than you.
- Tell my parents that.
- I-I will! If they try to make you feel ashamed for being the amazing man that you are? I sure as hell will get up in their face.
I'm sorry.
I hope that one day, everyone understands and it doesn't matter who you wanna love.
Did you just say you love me? - No! - I think you did.
- No, I did not say I love you.
- Wow, I mean - we've only been dating for a few weeks.
- Oh my God, shut up! I hate you.
Hey! So, Eliza is not pregnant.
So you don't have to go to Amsterdam.
I'm still goin'.
Why? Because I love her.
I don't want us to be apart.
It's kind of funny, I was relieved when I thought I didn't have a choice because I didn't have to feel ashamed for giving up on a job opportunity here.
So you're willing to give up on your career to support hers? Well, no, I I'm willing to make a compromise, and stuff.
You know, that's what you're supposed to do in relationships.
And this is a bigger deal for her career anyway than some assistant job here for mine.
And there are composers in Amsterdam.
You know, I could try to get in there.
- Good.
- What? Say it.
What are you thinkin'? I think that you're not where you thought you'd be.
And paying your dues is hard.
So this gives you an excuse to quit.
Is that why you quit your clerkship? Because it was too hard to pay your dues? Who told you that? - Mariana? Of course she did.
- No.
And, look, I'm sorry.
- I shouldn't have said anything.
- So who told Jude? - I don't know.
- I do.
One two, one two One two, one two Yo, yo - Oh, you're here! - You're an elf.
Watch your head.
Merry Christmas! Happy holidays.
Hey, have you seen Mariana? - No.
- Okay, if you see her tell her I'm gonna kill her! Happy New Year I like your sweater.
Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
So how was Santa? Oh, he's so good.
Thank you so much for sponsoring this.
The kids are so excited.
So am I.
To see everything.
Yeah, well, I'm so excited for you to see everything.
Okay, uh, let me show you around.
Okay, the coast is clear.
I mean, come on.
Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la - So in Alice's loft we have - Livestock.
Petting zoo.
You know, just the ones that would have been in the manger.
There's a very high chance that they gave the wise men gastroenteritis.
Don't worry.
They're secured in the pen.
Stop the goat! Stop that goat! Petting zoo break-out! Help! Don't let the goat escape! - Oh hey! - Come back here, goat! I'm the manager.
You're Claudette Bourguignon? Oui.
Your lease is up.
What the hell is going on here? This is Jack Taylor.
He owns the building.
- Oh.
- And there are no animals allowed! He's not a permanent resident.
Whoa! Nor is the pig.
Where is Claudette? I thought you were Claudette.
No, ha, what gives you that idea? - Claudette is here.
- She is? Of course she is Kelly.
I'll go get her.
Let's go check out Santa.
Oh! Hey, girl! What's up? You swore you didn't tell Moms I quit my clerkship! What, no, I know, I swore I didn't tell Moms - which I didn't.
- Why would you tell Jude? I need your help.
We're imagining a world without jails or police.
But what about the murderers or the rapists? Most people going through the system are there for crimes of poverty.
They've been sex trafficked, they've been abused.
There's substance abuse issues, there's mental health issues.
Our folks need care.
Instead, they're getting punished.
Abolition is the idea is that all people deserve human dignity.
Mom! I need you now.
Your cookie looks funny.
I was going for abstract but you're you're not wrong.
- Well look who I found.
- Daddy! Hmm.
Going for abstract? Is somebody living in there? No, ha.
That'd be illegal.
Here she is! I found her.
This is Claudette, our Coterie manager here to re-sign the lease.
Je parle un peu français moi-même.
Oh! Well oui.
That's all the French I know.
Well that's good good French.
Well I, I am very, very nice to meet you.
We've met before.
When we signed the lease five years ago.
Yes, I of course.
How could I forget such a handsome face.
What's going on? Oh, mamá! I don't think you've I don't think you've met Claudette.
This is Claudette our, our Coterie manager here to re-sign our lease extension so we don't have to move out.
From what I've seen today, I'm pretty sure you're in breach.
Uh, actually, the entire building is permitted for public use and the theater downstairs has used live animals in various productions.
So as long as we have no pets, we're not in breach.
This extension looks irrevocable to me.
This is my sister.
She is a brilliant lawyer.
All right, let's get this over with.
Ah, voil Um does anyone have a plume? Oh! Hmm.
First I need to see your ID and get a thumbprint.
Oh, well, is this necessary? It's just a lease, so.
Well technically it's a business lease.
So, yeah.
Well this is an outrage! Um, if you don't think that I am who I say I am, then I refuse to sign.
I refuse! I refuse.
I refuse to sign.
Eh! It's - Huh - You ever have coquitos? My mother went to prison when I was 6.
She had a boyfriend who was selling marijuana so they charged my mama with dealing too.
My grandmother was left to care for me and my two brothers.
We were lucky 'cause a lot of kids with parents in prison end up in foster care.
The prison they put my mother in was a five-hour drive away.
Between gas and the expensive food they make you buy in the prison vending machines, it'd take all that travel and hundreds of dollars to see my mom for one hour.
We could only afford to see her a few times a year.
My story is the story of millions of families.
Because when a loved-one does time so do we.
I'm lucky.
My mom got out and she's right over there helping out today.
Without the support of all these amazing organizations, we wouldn't have made it.
So thank you to them.
And to you all here who opened your home to us.
That was super dope.
Happy holidays! And please welcome the Street Voices Symphony.
Merry Christmas.
I didn't have three weekends to put the galaxy on your ceiling, so It's gorgeous.
I'm sorry.
I didn't get you anything.
That's not true.
I don't know where I'd be without you.
I never thought that washing other people's feet - would be so moving.
- Gross? Jim! What? And as I look around it becomes apparent that that blood no longer circulates I literally pray for them every day.
It's just hard to do it alone with two kids.
Maybe we can help out with some money? She won't take it.
We could drop some food off.
That's a good idea.
Anything we could do to help anonymously.
nothing but the blood of Jesus can make me whole again! Nothing but the blood of Jesus That's love.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just thinking about Mom.
What's up, man? Why aren't you with your fam? I was.
You know I got two families now.
Thank you.
You're not gonna answer him? Anonymous was right.
Be a good person, but don't waste your time proving it.
Hey, uh, any chance that I could get a moment alone with you? Sure.
Hey Hey! If you want to go to Venezuela, you have my blessing.
We swapped phones again.
I want you to have your new chapter too.
It's for a year.
You know it's for a year.
Our love will survive the ages.
Hold on Let go Which one is hard to know Sometimes I hear Your tears I really didn't think it was gonna be this hard to give this to you.
It was supposed to be more romantic.
Time will tell Whether it's good or it's bad I tell myself This is the moment you had I hope you like them.
They're beautiful.
The big part of this gift is underneath the velvet.
Callie Adams-Foster you already have the key to my heart.
You can have a key to my place.
Where you're welcome any time.
A fob to your heart.
- You're cheesy.
- I know! You like it.
Excuse me.
You should come with me.
He hasn't spoken yet or moved his body, so we're still concerned.
I'm up at night Thinking of you And the things we did together I must sever these ties Sever 'em, sever 'em Oh, they bind me This belonged to your mother.
I finally got around to fixing it.
Who was that from? It's from Dad.
He, uh he left you something.
I told him I'd hold onto it in case you wanted it.
So I have one last present.
Oh, you're bringing back free toilet paper! Never! But I did talk to Claudette again and she agreed to sign the extension for the lease.
No one can know about this.
I don't wanna be anybody's landlord.
And does this mean you're not moving out? I'm not going anywhere.
Thanks for saving the Coterie.
Coterie saved me.
I love you so much! I love you too.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No strings attached? No Claudette attached.
It's a Christmas miracle! Staying together, now that's the best gift ever! - It's Jesus! - Oh, my gosh! Dibs! Dibs! Dibs! Merry Twin-mas! Don't ever leave the country for Christmas again.
Merry Twin-mas.
Where's everyone else? Hey, dude! Long time no see! - Hi, buddy! - Hi.
Where are you now? Uh India! - Oh, my boyfriend's in India.
- What? That's so funny because so is my girlfriend! Uh, don't you mean fiancée? What? Emma! And it's for real this time.
I still love the wood one you gave me.
I hate you.
Why didn't you tell me! Because you can't keep a secret.
Wait, Callie! I heard that you quit your clerkship.
What are you up to? I only told Jude.
- I only told Brandon.
- Actually we told him.
So who told Moms? I didn't.
Actually, um I did.
I was texting Lena about the election and I didn't know that they didn't know.
So The point is, sweetheart, why didn't you tell us? I-I I didn't want you to think I was being the old impulsive me.
There was nothing wrong with the old Callie that a little maturity couldn't fix.
"Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself being".
Alan Watts.
One college ethics course and suddenly you're Gandhi! - What is happening? - Guys, listen Oh, sorry, buddy! You can drag Jude whenever you want.
We're the ones that are 9,000 miles away.
I really wish that we were together.
Singing Christmas carols and stuff.
Well, that can be arranged.
Oh! He's doing a thing.
It's Christmas, you Grinch! Christmas is cheesy Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the Yuletide gay Next year all our troubles will be miles away What are you doing down here? It's not morning yet! I thought I heard reindeer feet on the roof and I wanted to see Santa Claus.
Come on.
You know Santa doesn't come until you're asleep.
Remember he knows when you're asleep and he knows when you're awake.
And if I've been bad or good.
That's right.
And you have been very, very good.
You've been good, too, Daddy.
Once again as in olden days Happy golden days of yore Faithful friends who are dear to us Will be near to us once more Someday soon we all will be together If the fates allow Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow So have yourself A Merry Little Christmas now The earth is turning the earth's just turning The earth's just turning the earth's just turning The earth is turning the earth's just turning The earth's just turning the earth's just turning I walked down the street "Dear, Callie As summer brings the happy times, the autumn winds will whispe, A closer friend I'll never find, than the one I call my sister".
I love it.
Merry Christmas.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And I heard that song That had reminded me of us Blue Bayou "Mariana I decided to move in with Jamie.
I'll cover my part of the rent for the rest of the lease.
I'll get the rest of my stuff this weekend".
No more living life like I used to All about you all about you This is how it feels when I'm all alone without you Without you No more living life like I used to All about you all about you I walked down the street hoping I would cross you
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