Good Trouble (2019) s02e13 Episode Script


1 You might wanna check your phone.
You've got a text from Evan.
He wasn't asking me if I was DTF.
He wanted to know what it meant.
EVAN: I have a plan.
to take back control of the company.
Go do everything we want to do to fix things here.
Lindsay Brady! (CHUCKLES) She's my ex.
Would it be weird if I asked her out? She just pulled this runaway bride thing.
- Did you know about this? - About what? Sumi called off the wedding.
I don't know if she's ready to jump into anything quite yet.
How much trouble am I in? JAMIE: You could be sentenced up to a year in jail.
Malika did not know that they were protesting you.
And she didn't leave because the people who are fighting for black lives are counting on her.
DAVIA: I thought by learning about this dance, we could learn about what was going on during the time of Kaffir Boy.
What up, Gumboot Becky? Why is it on me to educate all my white friends? Read a book, Davia, do some research.
MARCUS: Pretty speeches are great, but I need to know I can count on you.
You can.
Did you get through those files I gave you? - I haven't.
- Don't forget, your priority is to do the job you were hired for.
The company that owns the development group you're suing Anwei International, I represent them.
is the largest jailing county in the largest jailing state in the largest jailing country in the world.
This is a crisis.
We fight against the paradigm that suggests that people going through JUSTINE: Judge Wilson isn't pressing charges.
And he cancelled the restraining order.
Unfortunately, the city attorney is charging you with a felony.
And she is asking for a year of jail time.
county jails are hyper violent.
And we've seen an increase in violent deaths.
What happened with Kendra? If I don't admit that it was me she's gonna fire everyone.
Including you.
I'm gonna move back in with Mariana.
Pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa pa-pa And then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa pa-pa (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CELL PHONE BEEPS) (MESSAGE NOTIFICATION DINGS) I need your app to fail.
(CELL PHONE BEEPS) (MESSAGE NOTIFICATION DINGS) Mariana, can I speak with you? Oh, sure.
(GRUNTS) Thank you.
There is no way I could have lifted all this on my own.
Yeah, no problem at all Are you moving? Looking.
In the meantime, I'm crashing with a friend.
He's letting me store all my crap in his garage.
Well, is there anything else? How long have you been a "SchlepMate"? - Um, not long.
- Hmm.
I actually just quit my day job so I can focus on other stuff.
Like? I'm an artist.
That's hot.
I'm an actress.
Well, I'm trying to be.
Modeling pays the bills right now, just catalog stuff, nothing fancy.
I think you could book some jobs.
Yeah, it's not rally my thing.
And schlepping around for strangers doing chores is your thing? Yeah, you know what, I guess so.
Um, would you mind rating me? Definitely a ten.
On, on the app.
Absolutely, I'll give you five stars.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, if I wanted to book you for another job, would I be able to do that? I don't really think it works that way.
I think you just kinda get whoever is available.
That's too bad.
See ya.
(PHONE RINGING) CALLIE: So what exactly do you do for Anwei International besides helping them gentrify poor neighborhoods? That's not fair.
Los Angeles is facing a housing shortage crisis.
So the solution is to evict low-income tenants to build more homes for wealthy people? They are being offered generous relocation fees.
That won't stretch far.
I mean, do you know that the average apartment in L.
costs $2,300 a month? I can't even afford that, and I have a law degree.
Look, I don't like it either, but you can't stop supply and demand.
We can pass laws to protect renters.
There are 59,000 people living on the street in L.
, a lot of them due to gentrification.
I don't represent Anwei in their residential construction business.
- But your firm does? - Yeah.
It's a potential conflict of interest which I have to disclose to Marcus.
Or you could take yourself off the lawsuit.
Yeah, or you could take yourself off the Anwei account.
MARCUS: Callie, I need your help.
We have to prove that a California court has jurisdiction over Anwei International, if we're going to move forward with the class action.
- What do we need? - We need evidence that Anwei gave implied consent to be bound to California law.
But they don't have any offices here.
We just need a list of business associates they work with, to give the court jurisdiction.
Does that include, uh, legal representation? Yeah, it includes everything.
- Got it.
- Okay.
So, this worksheet is based off of some of the reading that we've done this quarter.
And I want you all to spend the period filling it out.
(STUDENTS GROAN) Or not, your call.
Thought you were gonna teach us some more gumboot moves.
(STUDENTS LAUGH) (CLAPPING AND FOOT STOMPING) I was just trying to teach the kids material they could relate to.
I didn't realize I was appropriating black culture or whatever.
Yeah, well, you might have asked me.
You told me it wasn't your job to educate your white friends about race.
I also told you to read some books.
Lesson learned.
Just gonna stay in my lane from now on.
(CHUCKLES) That wasn't the lesson.
Then you know what, what is the lesson, Malika? I try.
They make fun of me.
You make fun of me.
Not racist, okay.
I'm a good person, and I have feelings too.
My dancing days are done.
(STUDENTS LAUGH) Okay, Andre, principal's office, now! Sorry, I was aiming for the garbage can.
You don't throw things.
I was just trying to make a basket.
You're not doing your work! You are not doing your work! STUDENTS: Ooh! DAVIA: Go.
Come on, I I can't go to the principal's office again.
Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you threw something at a teacher.
Anyone else want to make a weapon out of their worksheet and join Andre at the principal's office? Thanks again for letting me open for you.
Oh, yeah, you're welcome.
Ooh! What about family stuff? Let me ask you this.
Are people surprised when you tell them - you were born in China? - Yeah.
Well, mostly because they assume I'm Korean or Japanese, one time Dutch.
I went through a clogs phase.
- Ooh! That's funny.
- Yeah, let's punch it up.
- How about - Ooh.
Sorry, checking the time.
What, you gotta hard out or something? ALICE: So, you work Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9:00 to 3:00? Tuesdays and Thursdays? Fluctuate.
So today, today for example? I'm booked till 4:00.
Why are you asking me about my work schedule? Um just trying to project the monthly utility bills based on when people are at work or here turning on lights and flushing toilets.
Oh! Smart.
Well, gotta go.
That's bullshit, right? No.
So you're not trying to keep Sumi from running into Lindsay? Nope.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
I have a thing at four.
What about tomorrow between 10:00 and 2:00? Yeah, that works.
So, uh did you ask Sumi about going out with me? That is if you're cool with it? I'm totally cool with it.
But, you know, like I thought, she's still getting over her ex.
- Oh.
- And she's not open to dating anyone right now.
Well, I can wait.
Could be a while.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Sumi is.
- She might move.
- Really? Where? Oklahoma.
- Oklahoma? - Oklahoma.
What, is she from there? No, uh, she is very obsessed with finding Bigfoot.
You know, typical.
And there's a lot of sightings there, you know.
She even bought binoculars.
She is so funny.
Not intentionally.
See you tomorrow.
Bigfoot? Okay, so I don't want my ex dating my mentor.
- You know, Sumi is just gonna - Sumi shit up.
- Exactly - So tell her that you don't want her to date Lindsay because of your professional relationship.
She will get it.
Yeah, she won't get it.
Sumi only sees the world through Sumi-colored lenses.
The only way she'll get it is if the tables were reversed.
Well, how long can you keep them apart? As long as people get their teeth cleaned, you know? Good luck with that.
MALIKA: Davia I know you're trying.
I thought this book might help you understand what I've been talking about.
(MESSAGE NOTIFICATION DINGS) How did Kendra find out it was you? I have a written statement from Angela saying she copied the men's salary information and gave it to you.
She can't prove that you published it online.
You stood up in front of everyone and you said I did it.
I hacked into HR, and I posted the salaries online.
I just did that to save Angela's job.
Josh was going to fire her.
And we all said it.
- I did it.
- I did it.
- I did it.
- RAJ: You weren't the only one.
But you were the first one to say it.
It doesn't matter who said it first.
She can't fire us all.
Talk about a PR Nightmare.
You're really going to fire five women? And three people of color? We have cause.
And any bad PR will be offset by the fact that I got the board to approve the salary laddering plan.
- You did? - Yes.
And I interviewed four new engineers this week.
Three women, two people of color, all qualified.
Which should mitigate any perception of bias.
MARIANA: If I don't take the fall for it, she's gonna fire everyone that said it.
And besides, why would I want to stay here? They took me off my app.
And Evan Evan what? He asked me to sabotage the launch so Kendra could look bad and he could get full control of the company back.
What did you say? You know, actually, I don't have to think about it.
I'm not going to sabotage myself or the women here in order to save your company.
So you're gonna have to come up with a better plan, because we're not going to pretend to fail for you to succeed.
RAJ: I can't believe he even asked you to do that.
I mean, he is an asshole who only cares about himself.
Let them fire us all.
If you take the fall alone, it could make it hard for you to ever get another job in tech.
Aw, such longing looks.
Is is it true that you two bone in the supply closet? Hey, guess what I just heard? You remember Amanda? You mean Mariana 1.
0? Apparently, she is suing Evan and Speckulate for wrongful termination.
So Evan's days are numbered, then.
No, are you kidding? There's no Speckulate without Evan Speck.
They need him if they want to take the company public.
They want to take the company public? Yeah, the board does, but Evan won't let them.
Why not? Uh, control.
He already has to answer to them, he doesn't want to have to answer to shareholders too.
So then, what do they do about the Amanda problem? Make it go away.
They'll pay her off, keep it quiet.
They need Evan.
They can't go public with a big scandal hanging over the company.
Amanda has got them by the balls.
Man, I wish Evan sexually harassed me.
ALEX: No one is gonna sexually harass you, Sam.
- SAM: You don't know that.
- ALEX: I actually do.
SAM: Name one person that wouldn't sexually harass me.
- ALEX: Me.
- SAM: Name two.
ALEX: Mariana.
100 percent.
SAM: She could.
Look at me.
- JOSEPH: Wow, this is so good.
- (MALIKA CHUCKLES) - There's really no meat in here? - MALIKA: No.
It's awfully nice of you making food for me.
Well, I'm celebrating something that has a lot to do with you.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I can't think of anything I've done for you that's worth celebrating.
That's not true.
I got a job.
LEX: Trisse and I grew up together.
Yeah, we actually met when my brother was being incarcerated for his mental illness.
My dad and my bro too.
PATRISSE: But I actually brought you here because I thought you'd like this work, especially 'cause your family's been impacted.
I mean, of course, I would love to help out.
Well, we're thinking more like a paid position.
We have some internships open, and I wanna offer you one.
It's not a lot of money, but it's money.
Once we get you trained up, you'd be a full-time organizer.
PATRISSE: Benefits and everything.
Wait, are you kidding? That sounds amazing.
Uh what's the interview process? I saw the work you did on Jamal's case.
And Trisse vouches for you.
I don't see why we can't start training you now.
This is everything I've always wanted to do, and to get paid to organize is crazy! I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
I mean, I'm still going to need to bartend, but it's just so dope that Patrisse put me on, after everything.
So, what's going on with the restraining order business? PATRISSE: This is all about retribution.
MELINA: Yeah, it's 'cause BLM protests outside DA Paula Hansen's office every week because she refuses to hold police accountable.
And you got arrested at a BLM action, so she probably called in some favors with the city attorney's office.
I think I'm in trouble.
Nah, we're just being detained.
They're not gonna book us on this.
I violated a restraining order.
What? MALIKA: I didn't know that Judge Wilson was our target.
Malika, we cannot protect you if we don't know what's up.
MELINA: Everything we do is a coordinated effort.
It's planned, strategic, organized.
PATRISSE: Rogue actions make the work seem chaotic.
MELINA: And it gives them the power to discredit us in our message.
I understand that.
I'm so sorry.
OFFICER: Malika Williams, you're under arrest for disorderly conduct and violation of a restraining order.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.
Hey, look I've been there.
I went to trial on some bullshit charges and I won.
We won.
But it cost me a year of my life and worry about being separated from my children.
We got your back, Malika.
JUSTINE: There is another option to consider.
They've offered a plea deal.
What is it? A $5,000 fine and 30 days in jail.
What do you think I should do? There's a big difference between a month of your life and a year.
But this is harassment.
You're a black woman.
If this DA wants revenge, there are ways to stack a jury against you.
So, what would you do? You would just give in, without a fight? Hey, Mom.
Yeah, everything with Lindsay is going great.
We're working on a routine together.
No, I haven't pitched your year of the rat joke yet.
We're meeting tonight at Douro.
I'll let you know how it goes.
All right.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
(SHOWER TURNS OFF) I was the one who published the salary information online.
I acted alone, and I take full responsibility.
Thank you, Mariana.
I appreciate you coming forward and I am sorry.
We're going to have to let you go as a result.
Before you do that, I think you might want to take a look at just one of the many inappropriate texts that Evan sent me.
I'd say that qualifies as sexual harassment.
And unlike Amanda, you can't buy me off.
So, if you insist on firing me, I'll go public.
And then, no way Speckulate gets to go public as well.
You can't do that.
- Why not? - You can't make a false harassment accusation.
Yeah, they're right.
We can't demand that people believe women if we're willing to lie to get our way.
It-it's just a bluff.
I I wouldn't actually go through with it.
But it's not true.
And Kendra and the board will think he did it.
They already think that he harassed Amanda and they don't care.
They need Evan to take this company public.
And he asked me to tank the app to save his job.
It's not like he's following some code of ethics.
Yeah, but two wrongs don't make a right.
This company needs women like you.
And me.
Sometimes you have to do what's wrong to make things right.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Oh, my gosh! I had no idea you'd be here tonight.
Meera? We're just grabbing a drink.
How's it going? Good.
We're engaged! - How are you? - Hangin' in.
Well, I just popped in, uh to say hi to Malika.
Grab a drink, catch up.
Have you ever even had a conversation with Malika? Yes.
Well enjoy your drinks.
- MALIKA: Hey! - Hi.
- Meeting someone here? - No.
I came to see you! - We never get to chat.
- (SNICKERS) How are things? Uh, fine.
Did you know that Sumi was going to be here? Mmn-mn.
ALICE: Hey, Mom.
Yeah, everything with Lindsay is going great.
We're working on a routine together.
(TURNS OFF SHOWER) No, I haven't pitched your year of the rat joke yet.
Yeah, we're meeting tonight at Douro.
I'll let you know how it goes.
All right.
Okay, bye.
WOMAN ON PHONE: Sorry, I didn't quite get that.
You know, I just felt bad about everything that went down between you and Sumi so just wanted to check in.
Working on the class action? All my regular work is done, and I-I'll finish the extra stuff you gave me - before I leave tonight.
- Don't bother.
I've been a little hard on you.
Um look, I really heard your advice.
It's just, I interviewed at the ACLU and when they came on board I get it.
I wanted to work at the ACLU once.
But what we do here, it's more personal.
I hope Marcus isn't taking advantage of you.
Making you do all the heavy lifting.
I don't mind.
And I'm learning a lot.
So I don't want to get between the two of you I'm sure you've heard the rumors.
Well, they're true.
We dated.
For a minute, but contrary to what you may have heard, I broke up with him.
Oh, I didn't hear that part.
I've found it hard to take on the traditional role of deferring to a man's ambitions.
Even though they don't say it in so many words, they expect us to put their careers first.
And FYI, unless you want to negotiate every little thing, don't date another lawyer if you can help it.
Look, I know you're invested in this case.
But you're not a lawyer on it.
You're not gonna get any of the credit for your work, and I thought passing the bar was your priority.
There will be other cases.
And clients.
Anwei accounts for most of my billable hours.
If I ask to be taken off their account, I'm basically asking to be taken off the partner track.
So what about all the people losing their homes? They're gonna get their day in court, with or without you.
Uh (EXHALES HEAVILY) (CLEARS THROAT) I, uh I don't want this to sound how it's gonna sound.
I think I have more to lose here than you do.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (LATCH OPENING) (LAUGHING) Turns out you can request your "mate".
(CHUCKLES) So? Should I take it? It's, it's nice.
I've never lived alone before.
So before I sign the lease, I was hoping you could put some locks on the windows and maybe one on the door? Yeah, I mean, that's something that a landlord would do.
You should ask, save some money.
Landlord's not as cute as you are.
So, uh I'm not sure if I'm reading this wrong, but (LAUGHS) You're very beautiful.
You are too.
I just got out of something.
It could just be fun.
I'm not even sure I am totally out of it.
I'm definitely not over it.
I understand.
I'm so sorry if I misread the situation.
Or if I made you feel uncomfortable.
It's just, uh the last time I hooked up with someone that, uh, I'd just met, for fun, it kind of messed with my head.
I understand.
I'm still serious about those locks.
The landlord's cheap, and if I do decide to take the place, I'll feel much better if you do the job.
Uh, let me know.
I will.
And maybe I could just text you directly so you don't have to pay the app? Why would you have drinks with Meera? Why wouldn't I? Because you're my ex and she's my ex and (GASPS) You're not dating, are you? No.
That would be weird.
And wrong! I mean, there's got to be, like - Boundaries? - Yes! Boundaries! So, and I'm just thinking of this now, off the top of my head, totally fresh hypothetical, what if I wanted to date a good friend of yours that wasn't an ex? No! That would be weird too.
So, you wouldn't date a good friend of mine? Of course not! Exes shouldn't date their exes' friends.
But you did ask me for Lindsay's number.
And they're my friend.
Well I mean are you good friends? We're new friends.
And they're really helping me out with my career, so that's even weirder than me hanging out with Meera, right? Well, I don't know about that.
But yeah I guess it could be weird.
So maybe it's a good thing Lindsay's dating someone else.
But even if they weren't I can't go there.
- I get it.
- Well thank you for teaching me about boundaries.
You're welcome.
So, how's living with Jamie? Complicated.
I just found out that he represents a company we're trying to sue at Legal Aid.
Sounds like you've got a knack for conflict of interest living situations.
- Mm-hmm.
- (CHUCKLES) Honestly, I'm just glad there's no conflict between us anymore.
Well, I mean, you could always move back to the Coterie.
We all miss you.
I don't think Mariana misses me.
- I'm - MARIANA: Hey, um, do any of you guys want to have a sleepover in my loft? (WATER DRIPPING) I was just kidding.
Girl, she's seriously lost without you.
Okay, I know you didn't call me here to talk about my living situation.
If you want my opinion I'd take the plea deal.
Look, you'll probably get out early.
Like, two or three weeks tops.
And a misdemeanor doesn't follow you around like a felony.
You think I'll be safe? I mean, you must have been scared, being in juvie? Yeah, I was.
Look, I can't tell you not to be scared.
But I can tell you that I will come and see you every day, and I will ask Legal Aid and the ACLU lawyers to put the jail on notice that we're watching them.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
What happened to the blonde? You know how we do.
Have you told him? Not yet.
That's not right.
Yo, we just lost Mom.
Yo, a year is too long to lose you.
I'll take the deal.
But only on one condition.
- (CELL PHONE BEEPS) - That you dance with me.
Oh, so that's what we doin' now? We just gonna dance the bad news away? We're not gonna be sad.
Get on up here with me.
Come on.
This your move, right here.
Yeah, see, I knew it.
I knew it! - You gonna teach me - Yeah! (IMITATING DOM): Yeah! Oh! Oh! Hey! Where you at? (BOTH GRUNT, YELL) (MUSIC CONTINUES) I'll be there.
Every step of the way.
I was the one who posted the salary information online.
I acted alone, and I take full responsibility.
Thank you, Mariana, for coming forward.
But before you fire me, there's something I want to say - RACHEL: You can't do this.
- GINA: You can't make a false harassment accusation.
CLAIRE: We can't demand that people believe women if we're willing to lie to get our way.
I don't regret it because we exposed a discriminatory wage gap and got salary laddering as a result.
I fought for women in tech, and I would do it again.
That's why we've decided not to terminate your contract.
- What? - I spoke to the board, and they've reconsidered.
I'm putting you back on your app, effective immediately.
Is this like a trick? No, Mariana.
We just don't want to lose a talented engineer.
Uh, hope you included some stock options in that laddering proposal of yours.
- Why? - Evan caved.
Speckulate's going public.
I know you heard me.
Step away, ma'am.
Are you even authorized to be on campus? This young man is part of the school's diversion program.
We are authorized to search him at any time.
So step back and let us do our job.
- This is a violation.
- I was using it to write my name - on my football gear.
- How is it a violation to have a marker? OFFICER 2: Tagging.
Some of the kids try to get high on the fumes.
Oh, that's just ridiculous.
OFFICER 1: This will go on your record as strike one.
Three strikes and you're out.
- Out of what? - "Diversion".
Then it's juvie, all for some stupid marker.
- Watch your mouth.
- Hey, you watch your mouth.
We're watching you.
I am so sorry that they did that to you.
Them? You're the one who sent me to the principal's office.
More than once.
You're the reason I got forced into this bullshit program.
I I had no idea.
Look, I will talk to Principal Solomon.
Don't act like you care.
I'm sorry, but I don't know how to teach kids who don't want to be taught.
You mean black kids? No, in my classroom I don't see color.
I'm color blind.
Yeah, well, that's your problem.
CALLIE: I'm gonna move back in with Mariana.
What? Are you breaking up with me? No.
If we aren't living together, I don't think either one of us has to step away from the case.
I don't want to take a step back in our relationship.
Well, I think this is how we save our relationship.
So, I've decided for myself and my family to take the deal.
I can handle a couple weeks in jail and then I'm not facing a possible felony charge.
JUSTINE: I think this is the right move.
But they've added a new condition.
Taking this plea would mean you can no longer attend public meetings or protest outside of public buildings.
- For how long? - For as long as you reside in Los Angeles County.
EVAN: Mariana.
I didn't think that we should talk in your office.
In case you still want Kendra to think that you hate me.
I'm sorry I'm not sorry.
I regret that and will do better.
(SIGHS) Did you take Speckulate public so you could save my job? I did what I had to do.
Yeah, but now you'll have to answer to shareholders, and all they care about is you making them more money.
Look, I messed this company up.
So it's time that I fix it.
But if I just leave, then you can still fix it - you can do any of - I don't want to lose you.
You're a talented engineer, and I can't afford to have the competition come in and scoop you up.
Look, it takes 18 months for an IPO to come together.
A lot can happen in that amount of time.
Thank you.
There's no thanks needed.
Just get back to work.
We have an app to launch.
I'd have to give up my activism? At least on the front lines.
What would you do if you were me? At your age, I would have thought I had to fight.
But going to prison didn't change anything, it just hurt the ones I loved.
So many of us, we sacrificed our bodies, our minds, our health.
The institution broke us.
You don't have to be a martyr.
You can take care of yourself, fight another day.
Don't let them break you.
This work, it's not just what I want to do, it's what I need to do.
For my family a-and for all the families that have suffered at the hands of a system that gives them no power and no hope.
You know what? I won't let them break me.
Or silence me.
I will take my chances in trial.
That's right.
We got you.
PATRISSE: We sure do.
If I never come through Yes, it haunts me Sunny days, I'd miss you Yes, it haunts me - (KNOCKS) - WOMAN: Come in.
Hey, um, can we talk? Found myself in a conversation From a missed connection WOMAN: If you're looking for Mariana, she's not home yet.
I'm her new roommate, Isabella.
Don't tell me I lost a step From a missed connection (LAUGHS)
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