Good Trouble (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Arraignment Day

1 The newest member of the State Bar of California, - Ms.
Callie Adams-Foster! - Wait, wait.
Seriously I passed? Yes, you passed! That's Kathleen Gale, who's now opening a small, non-profit defense shop here.
Aren't you opening this firm to help people like Jerod? I'll do it on one condition.
You quit Legal Aid and come work for me.
I don't think you should audition for the CBTV program.
Well, Lindsay's kind of my mentor, and they're Threatened by you.
Oh, I'm just working out some new material for the audition.
About the Coterie? I thought that was my thing.
I'm also joining the Equity Committee.
You know they're not a school-sponsored group, right? Look, your review is coming up.
I'd hate to lose you.
How can I be in a relationship with my boss? Maybe there's a way to turn a bad idea into a good one? But no one can know.
Unfortunately, the powers that be, they don't really like BLM.
It's the reason why they're cracking down so hard on you.
I am going to raise bail to $250,000.
I am remanding Ms.
Williams into custody.
Name? Uh, Callie Adams-Foster.
No, not your name, sweetie.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
I got two for interviews today.
Martina Hernandez, Wendy Evans.
Uh, looks like they both need to be brought down from solitary.
How long is that gonna take? Takes as long as it takes.
You know the system.
- I'm gonna have to come back.
- Uh-huh.
You're finally wearing your suit.
Yeah, first day on the job as an actual lawyer.
Seemed like the right time.
Hey, it's always the right time to look like a boss bitch.
Ooh, what are you doing today? Trying a big murder case? No.
I know next to nothing about criminal law.
I'll probably just be observing for now.
Observing like a boss bitch.
I'm sorry.
What's your client's name? Uh, Shai Faraz.
Shai Faraz! Get in there.
Oh, dibs! That's my material.
You can't call dibs on an observation.
Hey, the only way to get privacy in a communal living situation is to shower in your clothes.
Ha! See, there, it's a joke now.
TM, trademark, me.
Right now.
I'll just write my own better, funnier joke.
Showering in your clothes is efficient, you know? It saves time and water.
You want to shower naked? Okay, boomer.
Not bad.
Did you guys see Kelly? Gives a new meaning to the term "wash and wear".
Actually, I think that might be the winner.
Ooh, what did I win? We need you to make a ruling on joke ownership.
Sorry but I do not want to get caught in between my BFF and my lover.
I'm sorry, your lover? I mean, it doesn't bother you that they kissed me? I've kissed you.
Many times.
And I can never judge myself for it, so how could I hold it against them? Aww, thanks, babe.
I will be rooting for both of you to do your best at the audition tonight.
I'm not taking sides.
Hey, we missed you at the Equity Committee meeting.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
How's your Saturday? We're meeting again at my place.
Uh, look Um My performance review is coming up, and I didn't realize that the committee isn't a school-sanctioned thing.
I totally want to join, but I think it would be better if I just wait until I get a contract.
I get it.
Harder to be an ally when you've got something to lose.
You okay? My principal is observing my class for my assessment today.
If he doesn't recommend me for a third year of Teach for America, they won't pay for my masters, and then I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.
So, the quarter-life crisis.
I know it well.
And I know you.
You're gonna be great.
Also, have you heard from Dennis at all? Uh, not since our phone call.
I'm just trying to give him space.
He's lucky to have a friend like you.
Hey, Impulse Buy! Kathleen saw you in the window and just had to have you.
No offense meant by the nickname.
None taken.
Uh, is Kathleen always impulsive? Rarely.
I'd say everything she does is calculated.
Well, except all this.
You think she did this on a whim? I think she walked away from the successful firm she basically built to open up a non-profit in a fairly sketchy part of town on a day's notice.
Location is irrelevant.
It speaks to the rushed, some would say impulsive, - decision - What does it say about you two? You left the firm too, right? - Well played.
- I like her.
Good morning.
Your usual, almond milk latte.
Favorite lemon scone.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Oh, don't get too comfortable.
We're headed off to court today.
Are you trying a case? We don't have any cases yet, which is why we'll head to court to pick up any PD overflow.
You're picking up cases at the court of arraignments? Oh, no.
You are.
We've never done arraignments.
Well, everyone has to start somewhere.
Uh, what about Jerod's case? Oh, I'm on it, but pro-bono cases do not keep the lights on.
And I hope you're all wearing your cheap suits because your arraignment suit is going to have a permanent stench.
Let's go! Shai Faraz.
I'm Shai.
Are you my lawyer? Uh, yes.
Umm I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I just talk to my friend? Just for a moment? What are you doing in here? Hi.
I'm very impressed by the increased ACT-ivism downloads.
Yeah, our partnerships with activist organizations are really paying off.
We should go to dinner.
To celebrate.
Yes, professionally, with the team.
Yes, with the team.
Is the team free tonight? No, the team has a friend's comedy show.
Maybe the team could meet you after the show? Great.
It's a date.
And by date, I of course mean a professional work-related gathering.
What's wrong? We have a problem.
Why didn't you let anyone at the Coterie know? My team's raising my bail and I didn't want to worry everyone.
Okay, we're your team too.
We want to be here for you.
Yeah, I know.
Excuse me, I thought you were my lawyer.
- Sorry.
- I'll let you get to it.
Is there anything you need? You see that woman in the jean jacket? Hey.
Hello! Can you do me a favor? White supremacists? They've flooded ACT-ivism.
They're using our app to spread their hate.
Yeah, and they're pushing down the crowd-funding post for Malika's bail.
How did they find us? They troll BLM.
We have to comb through all of the posts and ban the most offensive users before Evan finds out.
Why? What will Evan do? I don't know, but Speckulate has so much bad publicity that he might just shut down the app.
We've worked way too hard to let that happen.
DA Hansen isn't in.
Yeah, tell her we're here with the family of Malika Williams.
We have a petition demanding that she drop the charges against her.
I'm happy to pass it along.
We'd like to hand it to her personally.
Well, I have no idea when she'll be back.
Then we'll wait.
All right, y'all, this has now become a sit-in situation.
Get your phones out, call your folks.
We need to fill these halls.
Yo, how is this helping Malika get out of holding? What's going on with the bail money? We're crowd funding it, and we're almost there.
Look, don't worry.
We got this.
That's what you said about the hearing, that it was routine, and now she's locked up somewhere.
Look, we're not gonna leave her in there.
What happens if you don't raise the bail? They'll move her to Lynwood, a women's jail, till her trial.
But we're not gonna let that happen.
Oh, this is bullshit.
What the! Let them do their thing.
They got this.
Yo, Isaac.
Yo, what's going on? We're here at the DA's office.
They're still trying to get the bail money.
When you coming in? I don't know.
I'm on my way to the airport right now.
But this is exactly the shit I was afraid of.
Tell me about it.
So my client is Shai Faraz, a 19-year-old college student.
The DA is offering a fine and 300 hours of community service.
My client wants to take the plea.
What is she being accused of? So, you were charged with indecent exposure.
My girlfriend and I were just fooling around in my car, when the cops pulled up.
It's not like we were exposing ourselves.
Well, since you don't have any priors, we can probably get you OR.
It's "out on your own recognizance".
Uh, we're just gonna need one of your parents to show up in court and vouch for you.
You can't call my parents.
Why can't she call her parents? 'Cause they don't know she's queer.
If my dad finds out I'm queer, he'll I don't even know.
You can't call him.
Well convince her she's wrong.
Taking a plea is the first step towards building a rap sheet.
And real life gets in the way of fulfilling community service hours which then leads to additional punishment.
I'm sorry, I can't convince her to do something that might get her kicked out of her house.
Okay, fine, I'll do it.
This isn't the dinner table.
You don't have to wait to be excused.
How's it going? So far, not so good.
I hear you.
I got a dud of a case.
Client's failed to appear three times.
- No way I can get her bail.
- What's her name? Yvonne Byers.
Why? You see that woman in the jean jacket? Can you do me a favor? Hey.
Hello! This must be your first time.
How you holding up? I'm good.
- No one's good in here.
- Hmm.
Okay, well, I'm Yvonne.
And this is Cadence and Brooke.
I don't know her.
You hungry? I have a candy bar if you want it.
No, thanks.
It's okay.
Take it.
Thank you.
The guards forgot to take my cell phone, so If you need to send a text let me know.
Don't worry.
You're not alone.
Her name's Yvonne Byers.
She's got three kids on her own, and they keep changing her dates to appear at the last minute, and so she's missed them because she doesn't have childcare.
She's afraid that if she misses work tonight and gets fired, she could lose her kids.
And the lawyer they gave her sucks.
He won't even try to get her bail.
Is there any way you can help her? Uh, I'll take the case, if you want.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's all yours.
So then, uh who can tell me about the problems Mark encountered with the pass laws enacted during apartheid? Okay.
So He wanted to get a job to provide for his fam, right? But he had to get a job to apply for a pass, but it was illegal for him to apply for a pass without a job.
So, it was pretty messed up.
That's right, Andre.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Ms.
Thank you for being my favorite teacher.
All right, class dismissed.
Please read the final chapter.
Well, you're gonna be late for your next period.
All right, well, I won't keep you in suspense.
I thought you did great.
Thank you.
I will definitely be recommending you for a third year.
Really nice work.
Good afternoon, Your Honor, Kathleen Gale for the defense.
The Kathleen Gale? Well, I'm sure I'm not the only Kathleen Gale but I appreciate what I hope is meant as a compliment.
Well, I only meant that I didn't think someone of your stature had time to pick up misdemeanor arraignments.
Well, this is where I started my career, and I was feeling nostalgic.
Then please continue.
First, I'd like to apologize for wasting your time, a point I tried to make clear to the nice, young prosecutor.
Two young women kissing in a car? Can that really rise to the charge of indecent exposure? More like homophobia.
In any case, my client has no priors.
She is a full-time honor student, with a very proud father, who I am sure will make certain that she returns to court if the prosecution wants to risk provoking a discrimination lawsuit.
All right, you've made your point, Ms.
Defendant is released on her own recognizance.
Pretrial motions are set for two weeks from today.
Thank you, Your Honor.
How could you call Shai's father, when she begged us not to? I didn't call anyone's father.
So who told him to show up then? No one.
I never told the judge that Shai's father was here.
Yes, you did.
If you look at the record, I said Shai has a proud father who I'm sure will make certain she returns to court.
And then you gestured to the gallery.
Gestures don't make it into the court record.
So, what if the judge had asked to speak to Shai's father? The point is he didn't.
Because I didn't give him a chance to.
Your job is not to argue the facts.
It's to form your own narrative.
The courtroom is theater.
You're the actor trying to manipulate the judge and jury.
"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit".
Of course the glove fit, Callie, but the actor convinced the jury that it didn't.
Read the jury, read the judge, and put on a show.
Understood? It's not funny.
I have an audition tonight for this comedy diversity program, and I'm not ready.
But I will be, you know? Still a few more hours away, so You should come, yeah.
Have you seen my fliers? I posted it everywhere.
I'm meeting friends.
Oh, okay.
Well, the more the merrier.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Think about it! Hey, this came for you.
They're from Malika.
You read the card? Hypervigilance is the price of safety.
You're welcome.
"Good luck tonight.
Don't let anyone or anything get in your way".
You know, I won't let my jokes and my life be appropriated by you, and that includes my ex-girlfriend.
You do your Coterie, and I'll do mine.
May the best woman, person, them win.
You kissed Alice? I heard what you said to Lindsay.
Was I being a jerk? No, girl, you were taking your power back.
I'm so damn proud of you.
I mean, look how far you've come from the person who almost went broke literally wiping people's butts with free toilet paper? Out of context, that sounds weird.
Alice Kwan, you are ready to soar.
Do not let anyone or anything get in the way of your audition.
- Okay? - Okay.
- Nothing.
No one.
- Okay, okay.
You promise? Pinky promise.
Girl, you big yas queen! Can't believe she used her one phone call to send you flowers.
What are you talking about? You haven't heard? No, uh, I turned my phone off so I wouldn't get distracted.
Okay, I won't tell you then.
You have to tell me.
Malika is in jail.
What? Yeah, the judge raised her bail, so they're asking everyone to come to a sit-in at the DA's office.
Guess you're not coming though, right? Since you've got your whole audition thing.
We've already banned about 30 users, and we're monitoring the app for any more that may show up.
I don't know how long the sit-in is going to last, but keep me updated.
I can work remotely.
Hey, look! It's someone from Brown Lives Matter! Go back to Mexico, wetback! Go back to Mexico.
- Yeah.
- Go back to Mexico.
Hey, you okay? Just keep walking, all right? Go back to Mexico.
There's DA Hansen! It's DA Hansen! DA Hansen! DA Hansen! Four more years.
Law and order.
All Lives Matter.
Let's keep it moving.
Keep it moving.
Don't let the libs take over America.
All Lives Matter.
Law and order.
Yeah? Hey.
Uh, did you find out where these white supremacists came from? It looks like the first users raged after we banned them.
They started posting on alt-right message boards, and directing people to counter protest.
Using our app? And they're getting other people to create ACT-ivism accounts so they can flood the feeds.
Yeah, as soon as we shut down one account, five more pop up.
We need more resources.
It might be time to tell Evan.
We can do this.
Let's just shift to shadow banning and then we can rework the algorithm so that all the positive users stay on top of the feed.
We'll do our best.
We gonna need all the support we can get.
I'm so sorry.
My team is working really hard to find a solution.
Thank you.
I appreciate that, but they've been harassing BLM and DPN users through the chat feature.
Hate speech, death threats, images of violence, lynchings even.
It's vile.
We can't ask our people to subject themselves to all this.
I I know.
Um I'm sorry.
This will all get resolved soon, I promise.
Even so, ACT-ivism's now connected to these groups.
That stench doesn't just go away.
It might be too late.
Good news.
Good news, y'all.
We raised the money, got the bail.
Our lawyer is on her way to post it right now and bring Malika back.
- That's all right.
- Yeah! But we ain't goin' nowhere until the DA comes out, takes our petition, and drops the charges against Malika altogether.
- Shut it down! - Shut it down! - Shut it down! - Shut it down! - Shut it down! - Shut it down! Uh, Your Honor, the crime I mean, the alleged crime is victimless.
And Yvonne I'm sorry, Ms.
Byers, my client is a mother.
A very caring mother Who has four bench warrants.
The DA is well within her rights to ask to remand her into custody while she awaits trail.
But to remand someone into custody for this kind of alleged crime, it's, uh cruel and unusual Impulse Buy is crashing and burning.
Uh, sorry, Your Honor Your Honor, the charges against my client, they barely constitute a complete sentence, much less a provable charge.
OR is the only fair outcome, Judge.
I don't recognize you.
You've been in my courtroom before? No.
Or, uh, any courtroom, actually.
Then you should act like it.
You don't do your clients any favors by pretending you know what you're doing.
Defense's request for OR is denied.
Bail is set at $1,000.
So, I have an idea, but you need to trust me.
Take a breath.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I'm sorry, um, this is actually my first ever argument in a courtroom.
It's quite all right.
You were making an Eighth Amendment argument against cruel and unusual punishment, I believe.
Yes, uh, what I was trying to say was This is a case about unpaid parking tickets.
There's no victim, no one suffers.
But Ms.
Byers' family will suffer, if she's remanded.
Um, I went through the foster care system myself.
So, I know first-hand kids are better off with their mothers.
And if she's released on recognizance, she will show up for court next time.
Still, everything in this file tells me that your client should be remanded.
That said I'm going to set bail at $500.
It's the best I can do, counselor.
Thank you, Your Honor.
How the hell she pull that off? Seems a little humility goes a long way with this judge.
Hey, at least we got bail.
And I appreciate that, but no way I can get $500.
Your bail's taken care of.
You can go get processed.
We got all the money.
Where's Malika? Malika asked us to use the funds to bail out some of the other women she's in holding with who, she believes, need it more than she does.
That's dope.
Yo, you think it's dope my sister's going to jail? Mmm.
Terrorists! Lock Malika up! Lock her up! Lock her up! - No, lock you up! - Go on, get outta here! Yo, get outta here! Any more chaos, we start arresting folks.
Lock her up.
- You got that? - Yeah, and a lot more too.
Thank you.
I'll be praying for you.
I'll be okay.
Your kids all need you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, of course.
Yvonne Byers? So, everyone's going to the sit-in.
I'm headed there now.
We'll get you out.
I thought we were meeting at the restaurant.
Oh, I was gonna bring those for you.
Is that okay? Yes, that's very okay.
They're roses.
Yeah, I I can see that.
Wait, why aren't you at your friend's comedy show? There's a problem.
With my app.
We have to shut it down.
Hey! Why aren't you at your audition? There'll be other auditions.
I just can't not be here for my best friend.
Thought I was your best friend.
I don't really like labels.
Hey, why don't you do your act he? What? I mean, you've got a captive audience.
And if you choke it's not like they can walk out.
No, I don't think Yo! Listen up! My girl Alice just bailed on a super-important audition to be here to support Malika.
So she's gonna do her act right now.
Does that sound good to y'all? Yeah! I have no idea if she's funny, don't blame me if she's not, but give it up for Alice Kwan! Go on! Seriously.
Seriously, everyone needs to laugh right now.
- Do it right here? - Yeah.
I had two Hot Pockets right before this.
Uh Simmer, simmer.
How's everybody doing? Uh, this is the biggest hallway I've ever played.
That's for sure.
Yeah, one for the books! Lots of people, crowded space.
Reminds me of home.
Not China, the Coterie.
I live in an "intentional community", which, for the uninitiated, translates to "millennial clown car".
I'm the manager, so I drive the car.
Um, it's a jalopy that runs on sexual tension and bad decisions.
Which we have plenty of.
We can't shut it down.
But we have to.
When you create a product, you can't control who uses it.
We're a platform.
We're not a media company.
And we're not political.
Our job is to create ways for people to communicate, but, you know, we can't control what they say.
Nor should we, on either side.
Okay, but this isn't a "both sides" issue.
There's clearly a right and wrong.
And what about bad publicity? If we shut it down, the publicity would be worse.
We're about to launch a new social network app.
We can't be seen catering to only those users whose politics we agree with.
That would guarantee failure.
Okay, so we just give these bigots an online home because it's good for business? I have hundreds of employees to think about.
Their families, my responsibility to them.
I have to think about what's good for business.
Can you understand? Yeah.
I understand.
It's your company.
Your call.
All right, how's this? District Attorney Paula Hansen has colluded with police and has targeted Black protest by jailing people like Malika Williams for peacefully protesting for Black lives.
Malika Williams is not a threat to society.
The real threat is DA Hansen who has refused to meet with community leaders.
Malika Williams forfeited her bail so we could be free today.
So we could go home to take care of our kids.
And not lose our jobs being held in jail awaiting our next hearing.
Time and again, DA Hansen has been out of step with the Los Angeles voters.
Except for these guys.
DA Hansen.
Four more years.
Law and order.
Help us free Malika Williams and fight the reelection of DA Hansen.
That looks pretty good! Yeah.
Hold up.
Lift your right foot, please.
Come with me.
Watch the door.
Very good.
To your right.
What a crazy day.
Tell me about it.
I'm really sorry about your app.
I know how much you put into it.
Aw, dude, you smell.
My, uh My nice, expensive suit just became my cheap arraignment suit.
Come here.
Do you think Malika is going to be okay? I hope so.
What do we know? Malika! Thank you, I don't know how you all did it.
Dyonte and Gael did it.
They made a video and it went viral! Y'all killed that! And we got DA Hansen's whack-ass to drop the charges.
What a relief! I'm so sorry, baby.
I got here as soon as I could.
You got here, that's what matters.
And I heard you missed your audition.
You're not just anyone or anything to me, okay? Thank you.
Welcome home.
Oh, shoot! I should take this.
Yes, yes, you should.
Uh, hey! Sorry I missed the audition.
I had a friend emergency.
I didn't bail because I was afraid I wasn't gonna get in.
Because you did get in.
How? Some folks live-streamed your set at the DA's office and Sumi sent me the link.
Wait Sumi did? Yeah! I showed it to the judges and it was unanimous.
Unanimous! Congratulations! You're part of the CBTV comedy diversity workshop! - Yes! - Thank you! She got in! They think I'm funny.
Oh, okay, bye.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
Thanks for sending my set to Ruby.
Like I said, I support you both fully.
So, no hard feelings, I hope? Why would there be? I got in too.
Looks like we'll be in the program together.
Isn't it great? Yeah.
Love you.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
And thank you all for standing up for me and just for fighting against oppression, no matter the consequences.
Word! We love you! You all inspire me to do better and be better every day.
- We love you! - Thank you, Malika! So we gonna get this party started or what? - Shots? - That's why he can hang out with us.
I've been working all day and all night long Lookin' around at my brothers and my sisters I say lay down and look up for a moment We are one Cheers.
Oh, we're here together Callie, Mariana? Come in.
Malika's back and they dropped the charges.
Come on, get out here! What? Hey.
Thank you.
- Malika! - To Malika! Jordan, what's going on? We're protesting.
One of the students from the diversion program was sent to juvie.
Look, I have met with many, let's say, well-meaning teachers in my day.
That's how I was convinced to sign Andre up for this diversion program in the first place.
It sounded like real action, something that gave him discipline and structure.
But now that I know more, it's just harassment.
And the bar is so low with these so-called infractions.
One more strike and I'm out.
Wait, wait, wait.
Who was it? Not one of your kids.
It's Javier Cruz.
Well, we'll make a plan.
We will keep communication open, and we'll do everything that we can to make sure that you don't get a third strike.
Okay? No offense, I know you're trying.
But this is bigger than one teacher.
It's a broken system.
There's nothing you can do.
All we've done since we've gotten here is fight.
For gender and pay equality.
And we're still not taken seriously or really even heard.
It's like death by a million paper cuts.
And the bottom line is we don't own any of our work.
I can't give my energy to a place that takes the best of me and won't stand up for what's right.
I understand.
It's your company.
Your call.
But I can't be a part of it anymore.
Don't go.
I have to.
What about us? I don't know.
If you're out, I'm out.
Me too.
What the hell, let's do our own start-up.
What's most important is that our students know we will never give up on them.
And we refuse to stand idly by while they are forced into a program that's essentially a pipeline to prison.

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