Good Trouble (2019) s03e13 Episode Script

Making a Metamour

1 We got it! Did you get it? No, I didn't get it.
The camera wasn't recording.
And you betrayed us, Marianna.
We don't need any of that in our business or in our friendships.
I can't believe I'm starting over, looking for a new job.
Kathleen Gale's office.
3:30, yes.
Monday the 5th? I'll let her know you called.
You don't happen to need a job, by any chance? Uh, what are you doing? I work here now.
- You're not taking him out of this classroom.
- Step aside.
Me and a few of the other RJ kids decided to start this petition to get the cops out of our school.
I'm leaving the country for six months.
This is not what I asked you to paint! It's your cut from the painting I sold.
Watching you sign your name onto the pieces that I create, that's not my dream.
Dennis is back at the Coterie, but we are not together.
I really like someone else, if someone else is willing to be patient with me while I sort my shit out.
She's pregnant, the baby's mine, and she's going to stay as long as she needs to.
We're here for you both.
We having a Coterie baby! I know things are much more complicated now, but I'm used to complicated.
I should always get up this early.
I'm always up this early.
Worth it though, right? Oh, my God.
Is she You should maybe Hey.
You okay? I'm fine.
Morning sickness.
Uh, how about some ginger and tea? Okay.
Come on.
Aren't you gonna turn off the water? You should finish taking your shower.
I'm I'm fine.
- No, it's okay, it's okay.
- Really, I don't I - I really - Let's Let's go get you that tea.
I'm so sorry.
Ah, he's back.
You forget something? Your humility maybe? So I'll take you up on that check and the arrangement you suggested if it's still on the table.
What changed your mind? I'm gonna be a father.
Hey, it's working.
We've got 63 kids to sign the petition so far, and we're doing this zombie protest at lunch.
You know, to show that we're the walking dead as long as we still got police in our schools.
That's amazing.
I love that.
I'm really proud of you, Andre.
Now, I've got to go see a guy about some fake blood.
Uh, maybe maybe no blood.
Later, Ms.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, Mr.
- Hi.
- My gosh, Andre is so pumped up.
He's engaged, and I think it's all because of Restorative Justice.
- That's so great.
- I know! Friends hug, right? Totally.
And we're coworkers, so we're, like, doubly down to hug.
Okay, here's where we are with the Tommy Sung case.
Because you couldn't get the dummy to fall and dislodge the rock, at least not on camera.
Mickelson is preparing a computer simulation of the fall.
It's no smoking gun.
But, remember, we just have to prove reasonable doubt and Sorry to interrupt, um, DA Adler is on line one.
Take a message.
We also have the issue of this beer bottle that was found in a bush near the top of the drop-off with Tommy's fingerprints on it, which does not look good for us, especially since Tommy told the police, in his statement, that he was nowhere near the drop-off.
- So I think that - Sorry.
Uh, Mr.
Rubin's calling about his court date.
I will call him back.
You know, why don't you just answer the phones from in here, so you don't have to keep going back and forth? Oh.
I'll just put this right here.
Carry on.
Which brings us to the kids you're interviewing today.
Some of them saw Tommy and Zack fighting at the party.
You need to encourage them to reconsider their statements to the police.
You said you saw a fight between Zack and Tommy.
Could it have just been them horsing around? It didn't look like horsing around.
Well, did either of them throw a punch? I don't think so.
I've been at tons of parties where guys get drunk, get a little physical.
It's hard to call it a fight.
It looked like a fight.
Anything to drink? Water? Soda? No, thanks.
Right this way.
Were you drunk or high that night? No, I don't do that shit.
Ask them if Zack was drunk.
Zack seemed like a really fun guy.
You know, he was the life of the party.
Maybe he had a history of having one too many.
Big drinker.
Am I right? Oof, man, he could put them away.
So it would be no surprise to anyone if he fell off the drop.
Sloppy at parties? No, no, no.
He, uh He held his liquor really well.
Wow! You must work out.
Is there anyone else who might have had a problem with Zack? Tommy was devastated when Coach replaced him with Zack as starting quarterback.
Players get moved around all the time.
It's no big deal, right? But we were gearing up for scouting season.
Starters get almost all the playtime.
I would've been upset.
Upset enough to hit him over the head with a rock and push him down a ravine? Mm, I don't know about that.
Maybe there's someone who had a beef with Zack.
Is there anyone else who might have had a problem with Zack? Anyone else? To show the police they didn't investigate other suspects.
Made a rush judgment.
Uh, I can't think of anyone.
Everyone liked Zack.
Everyone liked Zack.
Everyone liked Zack.
You're also interviewing Tommy's girlfriend, Katie, and she is the closest thing we have to an alibi.
Tommy's the sweetest guy.
We need her to confirm that he's a teddy bear, that he could never hurt Zack.
That's why I love him.
I've never seen him get mad or violent or anything.
Try to get her to remember that Tommy never left her side.
So to confirm, Tommy was with you the whole night? Well, most of the night.
The only exception being the beer run.
Well, I mean, it was a party.
We weren't together the whole time.
Did you see the fight between Tommy and Zack? No, they were always messing around like that.
Nothing serious.
Do you know of anyone else who had any issues with Zack? So, no? Zack was a great guy.
Did anything else happen at the party? Anything unusual involving Zack? No.
I'm sure it was an accident.
I can't believe the police think Tommy did this.
They were best friends.
I know Tommy, okay? I know he's innocent.
Hi, excuse me, will you sign this petition? Hi, sir, how are you doing? That's a nice hat.
Can I interest you in Have a great day, man.
Would you like to sign this petition? Let your representatives know you care about budget reform? This shifts the focus from policing, prosecution, jail, and probation.
to mental health care, housing, and substance abuse treatment centers.
Is this about defunding the police? Yes, defunding, but reallocating that money to community-based solutions.
Without jails, what will we do with the violent criminals? Well, we focus on prevention.
Our criminal justice system doesn't address the power imbalances or structures that allow these crimes to happen in the first place.
You're wondering, "How can there be real consequences without jail?" And there can be.
Healing justice.
And we're asking you to imagine that.
So Isaac left.
- Left? - The country.
He had a business opportunity.
For how long? Six months at least.
Sorry, that must hurt.
It did.
But he could have stayed and tried to work things out.
So What does that mean for us? It means Isaac chose to leave.
And I'm choosing to move on with my life.
Come on.
So, hey, uh, Tanya wanted me to ask if you were up for drinks.
Like all three of us? Like a triple date? No, like a metamour date.
Your partner's partner.
Just you two.
Oh! It's something we do, Tanya and I.
We like to meet each other's partners.
You know, make sure everybody gets along and likes each other.
It just eliminates that feeling of secrecy from the whole dynamic.
So you good with that? Of course.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
That's great.
I'll give her your number.
- What you waiting on? Let's go.
- I know.
I'm telling you, she's hiding something.
- Who? - Katie.
She's sketchy.
Really? How do you explain the tears? Are you all right? She's proving a point.
Fake tears.
I know.
Practically invented the technique.
Wait, so if Tommy gets convicted, he's going to jail, right? - Not juvie? - Correct.
Juvie is pretty scary too.
Callie can attest to that, right? Don't you have phones to answer? Oh, I am answering them.
Press two for Callie Adams Foster.
I programed an office call forwarding system except for Kathleen's calls, of course.
So what do we need you for? Other stuff, like sleuthing.
Well, here's some "other stuff".
I need these filed.
Can we get back to the "Callie was in juvie" part? - Yes.
- Oh, yeah, twice.
She's a total badass.
Ask her about the time she took a baseball bat to her foster father's car.
I think we have a new nickname.
Criminal Callie! There were extenuating circumstances.
Okay? Filing.
On it Boss.
So what are you, like a headlight smasher? Or do you prefer the side view mirrors? Those things come right off.
Tony, Rowan.
Charles, you old so-and-so.
Why don't you step into my office? Who's that? His name is Charles Sackolov.
He's one of the name partners at the old firm.
Nickname, Sack o' Shit.
Wonder why he's dropping by unannounced.
Maybe he came by for a booty call? I'm just saying, it was Rumor.
Hey, what happened? That happened.
What's going on? I guess Solomon heard about the protest.
He called a bunch of the parents who made their kids bail on us.
And kids can't say no to free pizza.
Even from the cops.
I'm so sorry, but try not to get discouraged.
It doesn't matter.
It was a dumb idea.
Hey, it's not a dumb idea.
You're fighting for what's right.
And you shouldn't give up on that.
What's the point? Let's get out of these stupid costumes.
How were the interviews? Okay.
What do you got for me? Uh, well Nothing really.
Everyone stuck to their original story.
You're sorry? Don't tell me you're sorry.
Tell the 19-year-old boy who is about to spend the rest of his life in prison.
If you don't have the skills to rattle a few fun facts from a bunch of kids, then you have no business defending anyone.
There is always something new to exploit or old to bend in any statement.
So find something to prove to me that I didn't make a big mistake taking a chance on the three of you.
She is a bad ass bitch.
I love her.
All right, just like I showed you.
You apply ink in one long, fluid motion.
No! No, no, no, no.
It needs to be a fluid motion.
Yours is just jerky and uptight.
It's awful.
Yuri, I can get it right.
Nah, just Just leave it, all right? Got another job for you.
I need you to address these invitations to my next gallery show.
So, what, we're, like, talking labels? No, we are not talking labels.
I'm an artist.
I'm not some mass junk mailer.
My invitations are handwritten.
Use this chisel-tip pen.
This is a list of 200 names and addresses.
And I need it by end of the day tomorrow.
All right? What? Too much? Nancy is not going to be proud of my little outburst.
Who's Nancy? My therapist.
Look, Tommy is not the only one whose fate is on the line here.
If we lose this case, Ken Sung might not tell me where his sister is.
And proof that she's not dead might be my only way out of this.
Well, why don't you just tell the FBI? Maybe they can find her.
If I did that, I'd also have to let them know that I tampered with their witness.
Even if I say it's because I was concerned for her safety, her disappearance benefited my client.
What if we made a deal? Best case scenario, I'm disbarred and I lose everything.
And I'm forced to join Witness Protection because Albert Sung will know that I snitched.
So I need Denise Chen to prove that she's still alive.
And, unfortunately, for that to happen, we need to win this case.
Does any of this have to do with why your former partner stopped by? You're really serious about this pro bono thing, huh? Serious as a heart attack.
So, Chuck, to what do I really owe this pleasure? The FBI has been sniffing around the firm.
They want to look at our books.
If they do, they're likely to find the same anomalies that caused us to part ways.
You need to fix this.
While I appreciate the heads-up, I'm not the only one whose anomalies will come to light if they start digging.
So I will do what needs to be done on my end.
But in the meantime, I suggest that you do your part as well.
We both know that it is in neither of our best interests for the FBI to be anywhere near the firm's books.
Well, Kathleen, you certainly haven't lost your edge or your looks.
Maybe we can get a drink - for old times' sake? - Oh, Charles, we closed that door a long time ago, and I don't think your wife would appreciate it.
You never cared about my wife before.
Well, I am trying to redeem myself.
That is what this is all about.
Good for you.
You know, the junior associates call you Sack o' Shit, right? Does any of this have to do with why your former partner stopped by? No.
It was just some housekeeping business pertaining to my exit from the firm.
What kind of housekeeping business? Well, you promised if I was going to represent you, you'd be honest.
It is an unrelated matter, but I appreciate your persistence.
I like how much I'm rubbing off on you.
There's calcium in ice cream, right? For the baby.
Everything else makes me so nauseous.
At least you're not craving anchovies.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, morning sickness sucks, especially when it lasts all day.
Um Did Callie say anything about this morning? Hmm.
What happened this morning? Nothing.
Um, so, I want to do something nice for Gael and Callie.
I know their schedules have been all off.
And I have an idea, but I might need your help.
What do you have in mind? Right.
No, I know.
Mom, I got to go.
All right.
No, okay.
We can talk more tomorrow.
Yes, I will talk to Dad too.
All right.
Sorry about that.
- It's okay.
- Family issues.
I'm Tanya.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, I'm a hugger.
Is that okay? Sure.
Sure, sure, sure.
So I have been dying to meet you.
Dyonte is very smitten by you.
Oh, well, he's a great guy.
That's why we love him, right? Well, enough about us.
Tell me about you.
Who is Malika Williams? You know, I'm capable of more than just answering phones and filing.
If I were you, I would I don't know, maybe have me do a deep dive on some of these kids' social accounts.
Oh, well, I'd prefer you use your skills to act professional.
Keep my personal life out of the office.
Sorry, I assumed that you told Tony and Rowan about juvie.
Isn't your criminal background like an asset? Wait I was not a criminal! And now, thanks to you, every time I pass Tony, he begs me not to shiv him.
- That's a good one.
- That's not funny, Mariana.
This is exactly why I was worried about us working together.
Okay, well, you want to know what I was worried about? You underestimating me.
I can do more.
Like what? Like I discovered that Katie and Zack didn't follow each other.
On any platform.
Not a single one.
And that's weird? Uh, in high school? Yes, that's very weird.
Why wouldn't you follow your boyfriend's best friend? Unless, you didn't like him.
And aren't you trying to find out if there was someone that had beef with Zack? Okay.
I'm listening.
Okay, it's official.
Looking through all these kids' profiles? We're old, Mariana.
When did we get old? We have to, like, pay taxes now.
Oh, come on, we're not that old.
I mean, you act kind of old sometimes, but we're still mostly young.
Seriously, though.
I think we might be, like, old-old.
I don't understand half of these acronyms they're using.
Like, what does #2LDRZAS even mean? Wait, what was that? Um, it's just a comment on a picture of Katie on Izzie's account.
I think I saw that hashtag on one of Katie's photos too.
Let me try searching.
Okay, there's an Instagram account.
Oh, but it's private.
Izzie follows, but not Katie.
My guess? It's Katie's Finsta.
Seems like there's a ton of posts too.
I wonder if Katie the fake crier is hiding a bunch of deadly secrets on her Finsta.
I mean, what do we do? Just ask her about it? I'd ask Izzie.
Maybe she'll spill some tea.
Dyonte gets something in his mind, he will not let it go.
Why does he insist that mustard is secretly better than ketchup? - Right? - Ugh.
And you have to try it, or he won't let you get on with your lunch in peace.
Exactly! Enough about him.
Tell me about your work at DPN.
Oh, well, um I'm working on my mini-campaign, you know, to help women in the system with childcare so that they can make it to their court dates and community service hours or visit their loved ones in prison.
We raised over $20,000.
That's amazing! And Dyonte helped me make a video of these women and their stories, and DPN is going to share it with the County Board of Supervisors as part of the push to reallocate police funds to community support services.
I love your passion for the work.
You and Dyonte have that in common.
And then there's me, in marketing and social media.
Hey, you got to market the message too.
And social media is huge in this work.
You know, I was telling Dyonte that I'd be down to donate my time to DPN.
Uh, come on over, girl.
We need all the smart, dedicated people we can get.
We just got to get Dyonte to figure out his mini-campaign now.
He's looking into doing a mini-campaign? He didn't mention it.
Yeah, he's circling a bunch of ideas, but he's having trouble landing on anything.
I just I really want to help him because he's helped me so much.
Sounds like Dyonte.
I'm really glad we did this.
Me too.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Is that a new piece? Yeah, commission for a new diptych, 50,000 apiece.
If you want, I could help paint one of the pieces.
Nah, don't worry about it.
Your priority right now is to finish these invitations properly.
Half of them are crap.
Thank you for coming in.
I was worried that Andre didn't come to school today, so I just wanted to make sure that he's okay.
Did you know about the protest? Not until he came home sick from school.
You know he's in the diversion program.
What if the campus police had retaliated? He's only got one more strike and then I guess I've just never seen him this passionate about anything to do with school.
And I wanted to encourage that.
And I would agree.
Look, you have a real influence over him, and it's clear you care.
But if he's gonna get into organizing and activism, I think he needs someone who understands what that means for him.
Izzie, hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
My name's Callie Adams Foster.
This is my associate, Mariana.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, so thank you for coming in.
We just have a couple of questions for you.
Of course.
But I wasn't at the party when Zack was Died.
Uh, no, we know.
Um, we just really wanted to ask you about Tommy and Zack's friendship.
Wonder what the Sleuthing Sisters are up to? I'd watch that show.
I didn't really know Zack that well, but he and Tommy were always together.
How did Katie feel about that? Hey, you remember when I was dating Brad and he was always hanging around the guys? Uh, yeah.
I mean, put down the Red Bull and the Axe body spray, please.
Right? Totally.
Oh, sorry, it's Tanya.
A hedgehog? One of our agreements is that we, uh, can call on each other any time we need emotional support.
And hedgehog is your smoke signal.
'Cause, you know, spikes.
She's been going through some pretty heavy stuff with her family.
And, uh, I'm sorry.
She's your primary.
I get it.
You should go be with her.
Thanks for understanding.
Of course.
Wait, what are we doing? - I have to get to work.
- No, you don't.
- You have a doctor's appointment.
- I do? With the love doctor.
Oh, my goodness! Oh, my gosh, you guys.
I just wanted to do something nice for you two.
I know you had some trouble finding time for each other.
This is really nice of you, Isabella.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Enjoy.
Wow! A gentleman! As fun as this is, we honestly haven't really had a chance to actually talk in days.
So breakfast first? Yeah.
- Hmm.
Eat! - Okay.
- And talk.
- Mm-hmm.
Buen provecho.
I mean, the only reason I went back to work with Yuri was so I could paint for him.
And he is making me address envelopes.
Hmm, sounds like He's punishing me for quitting, for sure.
I shouldn't have told him I'm gonna be a father because now he knows that I'm desperate for money and won't leave.
All right, look, he needs you just as much as you need him.
So you just walk in there like the confident, talented, doing-him-a-favor-by-even- showing-up artist you are, and let him know you're there to paint.
And he can address his own damn envelopes.
We should do more of this talking thing.
I was just thinking we've done about enough talking for now.
Oh, really? You don't want another bagel, blackberry or something? Yuri? Ah, you're early.
Which either means you're in trouble or I am.
Is this punishment for quitting? Ah, so it appears that I am.
Why do you have me addressing all these invitations when you hired me to assist on paintings? Follow me.
Make some strokes on the canvas.
Ah, look at how similar these lines are.
See the envelopes taught you the technique, the repetition helped you perfect it.
Holy shit.
You just Mr.
Miyagi'd me.
- Like, "Wax on" - "Wax off".
There is no gallery show.
I just wanted to teach you something.
And now, you are ready to work on these pieces.
And you got another little technique to put in your toolbox.
- Well played.
- Yeah.
But why not just tell me that you're teaching me something? Oh, where would the fun be in that, eh? All right, it is a new day, new dawn.
Please tell me that you have something.
We think Katie has a secret.
Well, after scouring her Instagram, we all discovered that Katie and Zack didn't follow each other on any of their social accounts, which for high school is weird.
So we brought in a friend of Katie's who said that she thinks Katie was sort of over it.
Katie was sort of over it.
I mean, I guess she wanted to go to a movie that night, and then Zack texted about the party and Tommy, like, totally changed their plans.
So Katie was angry with Tommy because she didn't want to go to the party that night but Whenever Zack said, "Jump", Tommy was like, "How high?" We asked her if Katie liked Zack and she said Zack was a big personality.
She wasn't his biggest fan.
Uh, what do you mean, "She wasn't his biggest fan"? Are we talking casual annoyance or real animosity? It wasn't a big thing.
I mean, it's not like she hated him.
And, honestly, I haven't really talked to Katie since graduation.
High school drama and all that.
It's kind of a blur.
So then we asked her about this hashtag that she and Katie have tagged each other's photos in recently.
You know, I feel so old.
I saw this hashtag on Katie's Insta, #2LDRZAS.
I have no idea what it means.
I have no idea.
And I don't really get how any of this is helping Tommy.
And I have a class, so can I go? We're pretty sure the hashtag belongs to Katie's private Finsta.
So if we can get her to follow Mariana Apparently, she loves cats so I came up with an account with the username @caturdaynitelive! - Oh, good one.
- Thank you.
Now we're just waiting for her to accept the request.
So we all think there might be photos maybe from the party that night, which might Cast suspicion on Katie.
Great work, everyone.
There may be hope for you yet.
Are we really going to infer that Tommy's girlfriend is the real killer? If she has motive and opportunity? Yes, we will, if we have to.
Let me know what you find on that account.
Maybe they really are the Sleuthing Sisters.
So, um, nice work.
And thanks for having our backs.
You're welcome.
And you can thank Mariana.
She caught the fake crying, so You're welcome.
We'll see if Katie let us into her Finsta.
She accepted! Um, okay, so see if she posted anything from the night of the party.
September 3rd.
Katie does not look super happy.
See if there are other photos.
What happened? Katie just deleted her Finsta.
- Shit! - Shit! Izzie must've tipped her off.
And Katie has something to hide.
And now we're back to having nothing.
So who's going to tell Kathleen? James, this is Andre.
I thought he might like to hear more about our Dandelion Rising program.
Hey, Andre.
Welcome to our space.
Are you ready to become a great leader? You're right.
I am I'm not the right person.
But I do know who is.
So if it's okay with you, could I introduce Andre to some people who can mentor him? So I'm here to talk to you about Students Deserve.
We're a student-led grassroots coalition that works to make sure Black lives truly do matter in our schools.
Our overall goal is to get schools to stop criminalizing us and instead invest in us.
We ended random searches, which was a racist policy that targeted Black and brown youth.
And we're currently working on a campaign to get police out of our schools.
So how are things at the Coterie? There's nothing going on between me and Dennis.
Did I ask about Dennis? We're just friends.
Are you still sorting out your feelings, if you're just friends? I wish I could say that I'm not still a little confused, but N No pressure.
I'm just a friend checking in on how you're doing.
Thank you.
I appreciate how patient you're being.
Of course.
I am extremely patient.
It's just too bad friends don't kiss.
It is.
But they can crush.
Big time.
I want the police out of our schools too.
I mean, how are we supposed to learn if we're scared that we're going to get thrown into juvie for something stupid like carrying around a Sharpie? It's just not right.
You good? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm great.
Oh! Think fast.
Oh-ho! She shoots! She scores! Okay.
Okay, you got some game too.
Hey, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for last night.
You know, bailing like that.
It really doesn't happen that often, but definitely should've told you about me and Tanya's emergency agreement before.
No, it's cool.
I'm cool.
We're cool.
You know, when you say "cool" three times in one breath, it's obvious you're not, right? To be honest, I think the newness of all this is a challenge.
I feel like all this is happening a little faster than I'm ready for.
And this isn't just a new relationship for me, it's a whole new love-style.
And it's just getting a little deep.
Like meeting Tanya? I didn't feel ready to do that, even though it went great and she's great.
Then why did you do it? I didn't want to do poly wrong.
There's no wrong way to do this.
We can totally slow this thing down.
And I should probably tell you that Hey, hey.
- Guess who? - Hey, babe.
Hey, Tanya.
Oh, you look surprised.
Didn't you tell her? I was just about to.
Well, I was so inspired by all the things you guys are doing here.
So D finally let me come and do some marketing for one of y'all's projects.
That's great! I'm so excited.
We can work together now! How fun!
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