Good Trouble (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

It's Lonely Out in Space

1 Why do you need two lofts? It's for Isabella.
I'll be paying for it.
Do you have $5,550? I can always ask Yuri for an advance on my next commission.
Gael doesn't want Isabella to know that he paid to sublet your loft.
- So mum's the word.
- Great.
Sumi, who's that guy over there? Joaquin.
He is our newest Coterie member.
We need to talk about your sister, Jenna.
She sent me a postcard from someplace called The Coterie.
This whole time, I thought no one's heard from her in eight years.
This is my sister's Bible.
I think she might have lived here at some point.
Where is she now? I don't know.
How've you been doing, with Callie gone? Great.
Welcome to the team.
I need you to sign this.
It's just your standard non-compete agreement.
Are you sure you want to do this? I'm staying at Revitalize and I'm gonna feed you guys brands that they're going after.
You won't be able to come back to Bulk Beauty.
Once we launch, there's not gonna be a non-compete issue because there won't be a Revitalize.
Did you update the deck for the Riot Face pitch? On it.
Just sent it to you.
We're going after Riot Face.
Talk to Jan Rivera.
I'll stall our pitch as long as I can.
- On it! - Thanks! Thumbs up! It's the greatest beauty subscription app you'll ever use.
It anticipates your refills before you even realize you're out.
Michael Beach.
New lip gloss line.
- Got it.
- Copy that.
Exclamation marks! We can connect Veganique's customer base with earth-friendly products.
Like your new petroleum-free vegan lip gloss.
Glow Fille's got a new eco-friendly line.
Contact Candace Gomez.
- Copy that.
- All over it.
Ooh, love it.
We can help Glow Fille's line of vegan cosmetics totally disrupt the market.
Landed Riot Face! Closed Veganique! - Glow Fille, signed! - Sealed! - Delivered! - They are ours! Wish you were here! Hey.
You know, you can sit and eat here if you want.
No pressure.
Well, if you can stand me.
So uh, your sister in Oklahoma, do you guys talk much? No, not that much.
Are you guys close? Uh, we were when we were younger, but you know, people grow apart.
I mean, not not everybody.
No, you're right.
They do.
Have you ever had to go undercover for a story? - Uh, what do you mean? - I don't know.
Like maybe taking a job somewhere or joined a group to expose a wrongdoing.
I mean, I'm a reporter, not a spy.
Why do you ask? No reason.
I was just thinking, you know, that it might feel really isolating to have to pretend to be somebody that you're not, you know, even if the ends justify the means.
Being undercover's got to be a really lonely business.
I would think.
Yeah, I guess, uh I guess it would be.
And I can understand how you might get sucked in by the people you're probably supposed to be suspicious of and forget why you're even there in the first place.
That's it? You're full? Yeah.
You should call your sister back.
How did you know that my sister called? Don't want to grow apart.
- Hey, you ready? - Yeah.
Um, okay, so I was reading that maybe we should get a crib that turns into a toddler bed.
- That's a thing? - Apparently.
Like a little Transformers bed? Yeah, I heard they have some that turn into cars when they're 16.
Do you have to answer? I think so.
Hey, Yuri.
Mate, I need you to come in.
- Now? - Yeah, right now.
Got a big collector coming in, in a couple of days, and we need to sell a painting.
And I believe that you've got a debt to be paid.
So chop, chop.
Okay, I'll, um I'll be right there.
Isabella, I'm I'm so sorry.
I have to go in.
Yuri's been creatively blocked, and I guess he's feeling inspired.
I understand.
You've just been spending a lot of time with Yuri.
Do you not have regular hours? - I'm really sorry.
- No, it's okay.
Um, there will be plenty of time to shop for cribs.
Um, but I actually wanted to talk to you about something.
Um I'm not sure this job with Dennis is going to work out.
Why not? He's just not making enough to justify paying me.
So I may have to reconsider going to Santa Barbara.
So what's your preference? Waxed or unwaxed? Your floss? Waxed.
I'll have to make an appointment, but that can be arranged.
Um, hey.
So it turns out that another friend of a friend used to live here.
Diana Graham.
Do you remember her at all? I do, yeah.
Uh, nice enough, but not so good with the courtesy flush.
Why? Oh, uh, no, because my friend lost touch with her.
He's trying to track her down.
So do you have a number for her or maybe know where she's at now? Mm, no and no.
She was kind of a loner, kept to herself.
And as I recall, she just up and moved one day.
I don't know why.
Uh, but you might ask Alice when she gets back.
Got it! Thank you.
Oh, I do have a I have a tip.
No one else knows this.
This is my favorite shower stall.
- It has the best water pressure.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and just so you know, I don't just, you know, share this kind of information with just anyone.
Oh, man.
Thank you.
Got it.
I really appreciate the heads-up on that.
- All right - And also with you.
- Have a good - Okay.
You Oh! Vegan cashew ricotta on wheat.
Order for Megan! Hi.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
We've never been so busy.
See? The early bird does get the worm and the prime parking spot.
Hi, welcome to the Toast Truck.
What can I get you? Yeah, you can get your truck out of my spot.
- Your spot? - Yeah, I'm Craig.
I run the Fat Boys truck.
This is my truck's spot.
Always has been.
Sorry, man, but it's first come, first served, right? Oh.
Seems you got here real early.
Been here more than two hours already, right? Yeah, that's about right.
And with items like, uh, chili toast.
Y'all have access to a bathroom? A bathroom? In a food truck? All right, come on, man.
Seriously? Hey, I don't write the health codes, pal.
- This is bullshit! - Tell me about it.
You know, if we had more of a social media presence, instead of us trying to find the crowd, the crowd would be trying to find us.
Well, we post on Instagram and Facebook.
Yes, which is great.
But I think we should make some fun TikToks.
You know, like drive up interest and engagement.
I I think word of mouth will be enough once we find the right parking spot.
Hey, what's up? Hey, um, just calling to see if we're confirmed for our doctor's appointment later.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
All good.
So, um, how's it going today? Not great.
Yeah, we found somewhere good to park, but apparently you have to be within 200 feet of a public restroom or have an agreement with a local business to let your customers use theirs, which is ridiculous because who goes to a food truck expecting to use the restroom? Anyways, now we don't know where to go.
I have an idea.
Why don't you guys park the truck in front of the studio? I mean, we get tons of foot traffic here and you can say you have an agreement to use our restroom if anyone asks.
That would be amazing.
You don't think Yuri would mind? No.
He won't even notice.
You won't even know we're there.
No one has ever asked us to use the restroom.
You already have your own distribution and online presence.
So, yeah, you're probably wondering What we need you for? Exactly.
I mean, duh, you're huge! Literally.
So, yeah, let's take a look at your carbon footprint.
Your company is contributing to global warming and the proliferation of landfills.
So apparently Bulk Beauty just landed Glow Fille.
Oh, really? Don't you think it's odd that your old partners are signing the same brands we're targeting? No.
Essentially, our apps are identical.
Logic dictates that they would want the same brands.
So what are we doing wrong? I don't know, Liza.
Why don't you ask our project manager? Oh, wait, that's you.
You're right.
Ultimately, I am the one responsible for this team, and so far, your work has been a big disappointment.
You haven't set any pitches, and in the pitches we have set, your contributions have been less than stellar.
So frankly, if I don't see improvement, I just don't think this is gonna work out after all.
Wh What my partners mean to say is that Marcienne is an industry leader in sustainability.
Think of us as your PR partners, reminding consumers that you're never too big to care about global warming and waste.
And let us bring more customers to Marcienne who might not be aware that you are the beauty brand that sustains the test of time.
I love it.
- Let's do this.
- Fantastic! Massage Wish.
How can I help you? Hi.
Yeah, I was looking to book a massage with Diana Graham.
Oh, Diana's booked for the day.
Is there another day that we can get you in? Okay, when's her last availability? Her last appointment is always at 5:00 for 60 minutes.
Um, she has a slot at that time Wednesday afternoon.
Okay, great.
I'll call back when I know my schedule.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
Pizza Pie, hold the pig, add burrata.
Uh, order for Amy.
- Here.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- We are crushing it.
- I know.
Welcome to The Toast Truck.
What can I get you? We should go on a retreat.
Some of the greats, they did their best work in isolation.
You got Van Gogh, you got Munch, you got Kahlo They were all sick at the time.
And besides, there's no "we" in isolation, Yuri.
Yeah, but there is a "we" in wine.
Come on, have some.
It'll make you a hell of a lot more fun.
- No, thank you.
- Have some! It would make me more fun.
Come on.
- Fine.
- Good lad.
What what's up? I am so sorry.
Who do we have here? Uh, this is Isabella.
Oh, you are Isabella? Oh, you are quite lovely.
Thank you.
Um, this is my friend.
- Elaine.
- Elaine.
Um, and she needs to use the restroom if that's okay.
Any friend of yours is a friend of my dunny.
Door's right ahead.
So, Isabella, what brings you and your friend, whose name you've momentarily forgotten, to our little studio? Uh, just in the neighborhood.
Getting our steps in.
Oh, that's good.
Good for the baby.
You've got that, uh, pregnancy glow.
My ex-wife, she had it.
Creator of life.
Destroyer of mine.
- Oh.
- Hey! Oh, more visitors! Yeah, uh, this is my friend, Dennis, and - And my friend - Uh, Dan.
- Dan.
- Hi.
- Can Dan use your bathroom? - Absolutely.
But it's currently occupied by, uh, Elaine.
I can wait.
I think.
Door's just there.
Seems to be Visit-Your-Friend-at-Work Day.
- Do you have somewhere - I should get back to work.
Uh, what what about your friend? Oh, I can show him out.
He's my friend too.
We're all We're all friends.
- Cool place, man.
- Thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Love your work.
- Go.
- Okay.
Okay, bye, girl! Call me.
Um, okay, well, I don't want to disrupt the creative process.
Just wanted to say hi.
Okay, just Uh, wait.
- Do you mind? - What? Oh! Um Sure? It's just the wonder of life.
You should get going.
Okay, okay, yeah, yeah.
I'm I'm sorry.
Might not wanna go in there for a little while.
Chili Toast was pretty spicy.
He's just - Uh, Dan.
- Dan.
Um, thank you.
I'll see you at home.
Hmm, yeah, I'll see you.
Yuri, I I can explain.
What? I got an idea for a painting.
Woman with child.
Get the canvas.
Ooh, another bottle? This is a big day for us.
Marcienne is a huge brand.
Thanks to our MVP! We're gonna start calling you "The Closer.
" Well, now that I know what you can do, I expect you to keep it up.
Well, here is to landing more brands and more days like today.
- Hear, hear! - Absolutely! We're so happy you joined the team.
Subtracting food costs, we are officially ten dollars in the black! Hey, the way things have been going lately, I'm gonna take that as a win.
If you really wanted to win, you'd reconsider my advice.
All businesses lose money at first.
We're gonna be fine.
I am so sorry.
That is the first time anyone has ever asked to use the bathroom.
It's It's okay.
Yuri was none the wiser.
In fact, he got inspired.
What does that mean? He's finally painting.
And that collector is coming tomorrow.
So you can't make the appointment? Well, I I'm just afraid if I leave, he'll lose momentum and we really need the sale.
I am a big girl.
Okay, I'm more than capable of going to a doctor appointment by myself.
- If you need me at all - I will text you.
Don't worry, it's not a big deal, I promise.
It won't happen again.
Thank you for understanding.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
I just, um, have a doctor's appointment for the baby, so I'm just going to call a coche.
Gael's not going? No, he has to stay and work with Yuri.
It's okay, though.
I'm okay.
It's just Ever since that scare, I'm just I'm so scared the doctor is gonna give me some horrible news or something, so.
Why don't I take you? - Are you sure? - Of course.
Truck's not doing any more business today.
I'll be happy to do it.
Thank you.
I'd really appreciate that.
You are my angel.
Diana! Hey, Diana.
Thought that was you.
- How's it going? - Fine.
I'm sorry, do we know each other? Yeah, from The Coterie.
I'm Kelly's friend.
Remember we met at the party? Ehh, it's been a while.
Sorry, I don't remember you.
But you used to live there, right? No, I think you have me confused with someone else.
You know what? It probably wasn't called The Coterie back then.
It's the communal living place above the Palace Theater.
Look, I already told you I don't know what you're talking about.
I need to go.
Yeah, well, you knew Jenna Perez, didn't you? Look, I don't know who you are or what you want.
Don't come to my place of work again or I'll call security.
So what's up with your friend, Dennis, and Isabella? Nothing.
They work together.
Really? Well, I'd keep an eye on them if I were you.
More white.
- What do you mean? - Well, the reason my daughter doesn't want to visit me is because her mother's new boyfriend, my former mate, best man at my wedding, asshole, well, he's taken over as her new father figure.
So my kid loves him more than she loves me.
So, if I were you, I would keep Isabella real close.
Because whether it is good old, friendly Dennis or some other bloke, it's bound to happen.
The mother of your child is gonna meet someone new.
And when she does, you'll have to ask yourself, "What happens to you, baby daddy?" Tell me what you think.
It's really good.
That's what you think? 'Cause I think it sucks.
Yuri! It is so hard to be a woman in tech.
I'm just grateful Jackie bought our pitch.
Wait, you pitched to Jackie? We originally pitched an idea for sustainable household cleaning products.
But at the meeting, Jackie suggested beauty products, and we ran with it.
And she already had the code? Pretty much! She said she was developing something similar already.
We made a few tweaks, but Jackie saved us.
We were so burned out working for all these bro-dominated, toxic tech companies.
Raisa, she knows.
You know.
You worked at Speckulate.
Oh, God! How did you even survive that? I don't know.
Jackie gave me a real opportunity too.
So if I'm hard on you girls, it's because her future, our futures, depend on us succeeding.
You know, proving that an all-woman team can do it.
I think Mariana might just be our secret weapon.
Liza is on to me.
If we keep landing brands they're after, she's going to realize what I'm doing.
Maybe we need to let Revitalize land a brand.
Uh Like, maybe one out of four.
Three for us, one for them.
Maybe one out of five would be better? Mariana, what do you think? Yeah, what do you think? GINA, RACHEL, CLAIRE: What do you think? So, secret weapon, can I top you off? Um You know, it's it's getting kind of late.
I know.
You all are really very nice.
I'm sorry, I gotta go.
This was so fun.
We need to hang out more! And seriously, really great work today, Mariana.
Hey! Hey.
Good day? Yeah, fine.
- You? - Good.
How's, uh, business with Jackie going? Most of my business at the Hallis Group isn't with Jackie.
So you don't mind doing business with a company that steals other people's ideas? You don't either, I guess.
Mariana, are you okay? I'm fine.
Are you sure? You can talk to me.
No, I I don't need to.
Like I said, I'm fine.
You two were working late.
Oh, not exactly working.
Remember that truck that I told you - kicked us out of our first spot today? - Yeah.
We park in the same lot they do.
So Now they have enough toilet paper to share with their bathroom buddies.
That sounds Petty? Absolutely.
Karma can be a trifling bitch.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So how'd your checkup go? Good.
Well, I'm gonna go work on the shopping list for tomorrow.
Good night.
Night, chef.
- So everything's - Perfectly fine.
She's the size of an apple.
I'm sorry I had to bail on the doctor and crib shopping and everything else.
It's okay.
You had to work.
It's fine.
Um, Dennis went with me.
Went with you, like? Uh, he was in the room.
The waiting room? No, in the room with the doctor.
Why, is is that a problem? I, uh I guess if I'd known Dennis was gonna go with you, I would've What? Left work? Because when I was going by myself, you didn't seem to mind, but now that I have company, that's enough to tear you away? Well, I just mean you were obviously not okay going alone like you told me you were.
What was I supposed to say? "Please leave work and come with me"? That should've been obvious.
Honestly, I'm wondering why I even stayed, because you're the one who wanted to be a part of this pregnancy and you're never even here.
Apparently, you'd rather be hanging out drinking with Yuri than be with me.
If it wasn't for Dennis, I would feel totally alone.
I'm sorry, Isabella.
I'm just trying to save money so I could take care of the baby.
But you're right.
You're right, I I should be spending more time with you, and I promise I will.
Uh, everything okay there? Yup.
Where're you going? For a swim.
It's, uh It's pretty chilly out.
Thanks for the towel.
Apparently, you can hire bookers to hold spots at certain high-traffic places and events.
How much does that cost? Like $50 to $600, depending on how, you know, intense it is.
Look, Dennis, I really appreciate this job, and I'm really enjoying it, but I can't let you keep paying me when you're not making any money, especially when you're resistant to my ideas.
I don't wanna make silly videos.
Why would you not do anything and everything possible to make this food truck a success? Because I don't wanna look foolish.
I I am aware that there are certain people, mainly from my past, who, if they heard that I was driving around some kind of food truck, they would say, "How sad.
He was really going somewhere before everything happened.
Such a shame.
Such a promising future.
He must have really lost it.
" I don't want to give them any more reason to believe that with some humiliating video.
What are you doing? Wha - Hmm? - What are you doing? Oh, I'm I'm just looking for these people.
The ones from your past.
Oh, you know what, actually? Maybe I should look in the rearview mirror.
Because that's where they live, and this is where you are now.
In the present.
Following your passion, hopefully to something that makes you really happy one day.
And honestly, that is all that matters.
And if you're afraid of looking silly, that ship has sailed.
Case in point.
You are a very silly person.
I love it.
I think it might be your best work yet.
Uh, good morning.
I, um I got inspired by one of your sketches last night.
All you gotta do is sign your name.
And this can be delivered to my residence? Of course.
We're gonna package it up and courier it over this evening.
My share of that should pay off the advance you loaned me.
And since we're square, I'll be going back to my regular hours.
Here on this truck our toast's the most We've got toast with vegan cashew cheese And French toast Yes, please What about pizza on toast? How about avocado? Very West Coast Used to watch the Dow Jones, NASDAQ Now I got the Toast Truck clapback Took me awhile to find my passion Now I'm the mother truckin' bread assassin Whooo! You rang? Uh, yeah, so look, I know you weren't close with Diana when she lived here, but did you ever see her with this girl? Is this a trick question? No.
Yes, I saw her every time I saw Diana.
Okay, so they were together a lot? Inseparable.
Because that is Diana.
How much am I gonna live to regret this? Not much.
The likes are pouring in! "I'm in awe right now.
" "I've never wanted toast this much.
" "#ToastDaddy.
" Wait, "That guy can butter my toast any time.
" That's just weird.
There she is.
- Jackie! - The hero of the moment.
Congratulations on closing Marcienne.
Thank you, but it was really a team effort.
Oh, well, it was really nice to see your effort.
I guess you were kind of getting your footing at first but it's nice to see you're 100% on board.
- Of course.
- Great.
So! We have a mentorship program here at the Hallis Group, where we like to bring an outside creator to come in and advise our teams on where there might be some holes we're not seeing.
Oh, and, uh, here is your mentor now.
Uh, ladies, this is Evan Speck.
You may know him as the creator of Speckulate.
Of course, Mariana, you already know Evan.
Yes, of course.
Please use me for whatever you wish.
Or nothing at all.
You are the bosses.
- Feel free to - Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Evan.
Uh But just know from management's perspective, we'd like our team to take full advantage of all you have to offer.
So let's get him up to speed and see if he can spot any issues that might, uh, sabotage our path to success.
I'll check in with you guys later.
Excuse me, Evan, can I have a word? Considering our personal and professional history, why in the world would you agree to do this? Jackie asked me.
I thought you weren't doing her bidding.
I have other business at the Hallis Group, and it doesn't behoove me to say no to them.
Okay, I see.
Well, whatever behooves you, by all means, go for it.
You always do.
But just in case this has anything to do with you wanting to be closer to me, I hope you're not nursing any false hopes.
Copy that.
All right, then.
Oh, shit.

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