Good Trouble (2019) s04e13 Episode Script

A Penny With a Hole In It

Lucia's always playing games.
I wish you could be
less hung up on Lucia
and more supportive of me.
I'm gonna sleep at my place tonight.
I need some space.
I think I have just the location
- for the women's center.
- Great! Where?
3rd and Temple.
The city posted these sweep notices.
It's, uh, the lot on 3rd and Temple.
Why not let me be your manager?
Let's get you paid.
Thank you, Santa Clarita!
How are you?
I'm working and living on a farm,
and I've never been more at peace.
I mean, if she's so happy where she is,
then why is this guy watching her?
Plates from the van she got in
are registered to this address.
My son Adam has the van.
- Adam Miller?
- Adam is my brother.
If your sister's with him,
she's in danger.
How do you know Zelda Grant?
She's a brand influencer.
With, like, four million followers.
I heard about another
female-led start-up
doing something really similar to BB.
If you're interested,
I could put in a word.
So we had an idea.
It's a new feature for the
app called "Counter Pro."
Gael gets 50% of
everything that you make.
Or I could tell everyone that Yuri Elwin
is a fraud.
Your baby mama came to visit yesterday.
- You're fired.
- What did you do?
I'm really so sorry.
I can't right now.
I'm coming.
Oh! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Hi! Um, good good morning.
I'm Alice.
Uh, and I've been asked to facilitate
your sexual harassment training.
"What is sexual harassment?"
Talk about a touchy subject.
Can't really put your finger on it,
but if you do,
make sure it's in the right spot.
I'm kidding.
Sexual harassment is no joking matter,
which is why we're
all here at 7:00 a.m.,
bright and early. This blows.
It's a bad choice of words.
Okay, um
All of you consented to
be here against your will.
Am I right?
Do you feel harassed?
What about now?
I'm just kidding.
"Melissa, nice necklace."
That's appropriate.
"Melissa, I love the way your necklace
plunges down your neckline
and accentuates your ripe melons."
That's inappropriate.
Hey! Where are you going?
I I still have the section,
"When it's okay to date your co-worker."
Can you? Is that allowed?
No! There's 47 more pages.
We're getting through I I'll be
I'm Give me a break!
I'm a comedian, people!
Come on!
I'm trying my best! Look at me
Gael. Gael!
Gael, stop. I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help.
Gael! Please! Wait, I'm sorry!
Isabella, I don't have a job now!
What are we gonna do?
How am I gonna take care of our baby?
How am I gonna make that kinda money?
I'm so sorry. Stop!
Please! I'm so sorry.
Please just don't leave me.
Just don't leave. I'm so sorry.
- Please don't leave.
- Okay. Okay.
Hey, it's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
Good morning.
I'm gonna get us some coffee.
Okay, I'm not doing
any more online seminars
or pet adoptions!
A month ago, I was
opening for Margaret Cho!
What happened to me?
Nothing! You are on your way!
And I just landed you a gig on stage
- at a very hot
- Club?
Coffee shop! It's very popular.
So, uh, a gig where people are
there for lattes, not laughter!
- Come on!
- Well, I think
Wha De Derek has a sitcom?
Oh, yay, Derek!
"Yay, Derek"?
"Oh, yay, Derek." Wh-what?
I was the one they were supposed
to give the comedy deal to.
This is supposed to be me!
He tried to sabotage us!
No, I had to do the right thing.
I had to be Miss Big Person!
Now, look at him!
I was supposed to be Hiss & Hers!
- This is my life!
- Okay, Alice.
Breathe. Take a deep breath!
And listen.
Okay, everyone has their
own path to success.
We have a strategy. Okay?
So run your own race.
And meanwhile, try to find joy
in the wins of your friends.
Yay, Derek!
The launch of Bulk
Beauty was very successful
and created an initial influx
of subscribers and profits.
But now, our numbers
are starting to plateau.
What we need is something new
to get people talking up the app.
Like what?
What if we partner
with a brand influencer
that can help promote Bulk Beauty?
Zelda Grant has over
10 million followers.
We already know her.
And if she can drive
a ton of new customers to our app
How much
would a deal with Zelda cost?
I've been doing some research,
and we're talking in
the ballpark of $100,000.
I don't know about
spending that kind of money.
I thought our first
priority was to buy Evan out.
It is! But Evan isn't in any hurry.
He hasn't even asked for
a return on his investment.
So why not take advantage of this
and reinvest in ourselves?
And who knows, if Zelda increases sales,
we might have more revenue
to buy Evan out even sooner.
That makes a lot of sense.
Yeah, but wouldn't we still
have to get Evan's approval?
I like it.
But it's your company. Your call.
Great! Um, next step is to ask Zelda.
I'm not interested.
Uh, is there a reason
that you're not interested?
Well, I believe women should
be supportive of one another.
And Mariana,
I don't trust you.
Me? Why?
Because you ripped off
Raisa and Ava's Counter Pro idea.
Well, they were compensated
for that in the buyout.
No, actually, they weren't.
And now they have no app and no jobs.
And I feel responsible
for introducing you to
them in the first place.
And that's why I'm not interested.
I can't believe they got
nothing for their idea.
Looks like Jackie ripped them off too.
Maybe we should
compensate them ourselves.
No, no, no. Absolutely not.
We invited them to join us!
And they chose to stay with Jackie.
Even when they knew she stole our idea.
I know you like them,
but we don't owe them anything.
Neither do you.
My friend confirmed what
Adam Miller's brother told us.
He did a few years in prison
for assault and battery,
drugs, grand larceny.
And we're sure that this is the guy
that was watching you and
Jenna in the coffee shop?
I mean, he drove away with her
afterwards in his mom's van.
It's gotta be him.
Okay, well, did your
friend get an address?
But I'm assuming it's
wherever this farm is
that Jenna's working on.
So I'm gonna go back
to the farmer's market,
try to see if I can find the
van and just wait for them.
And then what?
Try to talk to Jenna again.
Maybe she doesn't realize
how bad this guy is.
Whatever you do, just make sure
that you talk to Jenna in public.
Especially if this guy is dangerous.
Don't worry. I will.
Do you have a moment?
That vacant lot you chose
for the women's center
is occupied by an unhoused encampment.
I'm concerned it might appear
like we're using the women's
center for political cover
just so we can clear those people out.
We're not clearing them
out to build a Target.
We're building housing.
And we'll relocate them to shelters.
Temporary shelters with
conditions and curfews.
We need to offer them permanent housing.
If you don't like the
way we're doing things,
feel free to present
me with a better idea.
Or we can forget about trying to
improve lives and offer services
with the women's center.
You're gonna need to learn, Malika,
that there are no perfect solutions
to the problems we face.
Did you ever hear about that group
of unhoused people in Philadelphia
and the team of
organizers who got the city
to buy a few empty apartment buildings
for them to move into and control?
But the same idea was floated
around here a while ago.
City even got a big-time commercial
real estate mogul on board.
Wh What happened?
Same thing that always happens
when there's talks of
spending millions of dollars
to actually house the unhoused.
It fell apart.
Wh What was this
real estate mogul's name?
Maybe we can get a meeting.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!
What is this "we" business?
Well, I can't do this
alone. I need your help.
I don't know.
Come on, please!
That's It's my religion.
Please, please. Come on, girl.
- You look so beautiful.
- Thank you.
- And I'm glad we went with the bigger dress.
- Yeah.
That girl is making herself known.
Hmm. In more ways than one.
She's kicking right now.
Can I feel?
Of course! Here.
Thank you.
For including me in the wedding.
Of course! You're family now.
And I can't wait to be Tia Jaz
and spoil my little niece to pieces.
I'm not sure if I'm
supposed to know this,
but Gael told me the two of
you are together as a couple.
And I am so happy for you.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Nothing, um, it's probably
just baby hormones or something.
Is everything okay with you two?
I think I made a terrible mistake.
Why do you keep checking your phone?
Oh, um, just hoping for a text.
I had a fight with Angelica.
So why don't you just text her?
Because even though she was kinda right,
she was also kinda wrong!
So I think the ball's in her court.
Hmm. Solid reasoning
with a dash of pettiness.
I approve.
I think that's him.
Yep, that's him. Let's go!
Mr. Rexford hi.
Um, we're from City Councilwoman
Lucia Morales' office.
Can we have a word with you
to discuss reviving the purchase
of apartment buildings
you own for the unhoused?
Look, I've been down that road already,
and the city dropped the ball.
This is why government solutions
to real problems always fail.
Not always. Public funds have
been used to do great things
like social security and Medicare.
So, surely we can help
fund a housing program.
Especially since we have
over 90,000 vacant homes
and apartments in LA
just sitting empty.
Some of which belong to you.
The city's in bed with people like me.
And most of 'em don't give a
hoot about the unhoused crisis
as long as they're making money
building luxury homes and apartments.
I tried to offer the city
a chance to buy apartment buildings
to minimum profit for
me for permanent housing.
But they're penny
wise and pound foolish.
So they keep investing
millions on temporary shelters
and and services with
no long-term solutions.
Without the political will to
really change, it's impossible.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Nothing is impossible
if you refuse to give up!
Look at you!
This is what happens
when I get involved!
I start to care! And that
is a horrible way to live.
Oh, no. Don't go there. I need you.
Fine. We are gonna live to regret it.
I do think we have an in with the son.
- Oh.
- He was impressed by you.
The son?
Yeah, the guy with Rexford is his son.
Maybe he can convince his dad.
Go call Silas.
I'm looking for Adam Miller.
You found him.
- You're Adam Miller?
- Yeah.
Can I help you with something?
Uh, yeah, no, I just came
to see my sister, Jenna.
Uh, Jenna isn't here at the moment.
I'm Silas.
Welcome to our farm.
You met, uh, you met Adam.
And, uh, this is Tamara and Holly.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Jenna's up in Bakersfield today,
delivering honey to our vendors.
Sorry you missed her.
I'm afraid that she won't
be back until late tonight.
Uh, since you're here, why
don't I show you around?
This land has been neglected for years.
But it was ripe with potential,
so we turned it into
a working farm again.
- Beautiful day, Silas.
- Yes, it is.
Tomatoes look lovely, Wendy.
Thank you, Silas. The
Earth has blessed us.
So all these women work for you?
Not for me, for the farm.
Most of our income comes from
harvesting the honey from our bees.
- Bees?
- Bees.
Yeah, bees are powerful
symbols of love and dedication
to a cause that's greater than oneself.
And we strive to emulate that here.
We call this place "The Colony,"
and our honey "Great Radiance."
So you all, like,
live here together too?
Yeah, we find it easier to be in harmony
with both our work and our
spiritual alignment on the farm.
Living off the grid as much as possible.
I hear that.
So what's his story?
Oh. Yeah, like many of us here,
Adam, he's had a difficult past,
uh, anger issues.
But he's he's paid
his debt to society.
Everyone here has some trauma
that they're trying to leave behind.
And like all of us, he
deserves a second chance.
So you all practice, like,
some kind of religion?
The Earth is our only God.
Transcendence and healing
is what we're all about.
I have a doctorate in psychology,
talk therapy can only take you so far.
You know, I recognize
you from from the cafe
where, remember, I met with my sister?
Why didn't you just
introduce yourself then?
Well, Jenna asked me to
come for moral support,
but she did not want me to interfere.
Family affairs are not my business.
That right?
Jenna has been very clear with you
that she does not want
any contact with her family
or her painful past.
I think she'd be pretty
upset that you came.
Is there some reason that
you're finding it difficult
to respect her wishes?
Because I assure you, she is
perfectly safe and happy here.
You know, I You're right.
I should respect her wishes.
I just I miss her, man. You know?
But, I mean, this does seem
like a like a safe place.
I'm glad you feel that way.
Could you do me a big favor, actually?
Could you just not tell her I showed up?
Normally, uh, I don't keep secrets.
But since this will only hurt Jenna,
I won't say a word.
Thank you, man.
Thank you.
Really nice to meet you.
You as well.
I wish you peace and blessings.
Thought I might find you here.
I can't believe this is
where I'm getting married.
- Mm-hmm.
- So beautiful.
Thanks for making this happen.
Ah, it's gonna be amazing.
And it was really nice of you to
invite everyone from The Coterie.
Oh, your friends are my friends.
So how did, uh, the
fitting with Isabella go?
Good. Um, she
told me what happened with your boss.
Did she tell you that she got me fired?
And she's afraid you'll
never forgive her.
Jaz, she crossed the line.
She saw you were being
taken advantage of,
and she was just looking out for you.
Look, she had no business
talking to you about this.
She's family, and she loves you.
Try not to be so hard on her.
Isabella was only doing for you
what she thought you maybe
couldn't do for yourself.
I have to go. But I love you.
Me too.
All right, get outta here.
What's up, everybody? L.B.
Brady here to let you know
that I am making my stand-up
debut on Kimmel tonight.
I crushed it!
Hola, me gente!
I just booked a national commercial.
What's up, y'all?
This is the pilot script
of my brand-new, soon-to-be-hit sitcom,
Hiss and Hers! Snake it or Break it.
I absolutely crushed it.
I cannot wait for you to see it.
So tune in tonight!
You are looking at the
new face of Charge Card.
- I just want to thank all my fans
- Seriously?
for all the love and support
y'all have been showing me on Instagram.
- How do you Charge?
- It means the world.
Man, everything's coming
up L.B. these days!
- Good things really do happen to good people.
- Bop!
So I'm not sure if you're
taking new clients right now,
but I just went on
tour with Margaret Cho,
and I just sent you my reel.
So cool.
Um, thank you. Love you.
Not love you, but
Okay, I'm hanging up now.
How much of that did you hear?
Pretty much all of it.
- Yikes!
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I thought Sumi was your manager?
Yeah. I mean, she is,
but reality check, the
woman is a dental hygienist.
She doesn't have experience.
And I want a sitcom. You know?
I want a national
commercial. Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Wait, I saw that L.B.
booked that. Good for them!
Yeah, uh, for them. I'm very happy.
I get your concerns.
But Sumi had no experience
when she stepped in as Coterie manager.
And she did a great job!
Why don't you give her a chance?
And no other manager will care about you
as much as she does, so.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm. Love you.
Can you get that one? Okay.
Oh, it's a good job we did today.
Jackie was supposed to
compensate you for Counter Pro,
but because she didn't,
I want you to have this.
This is a mere fraction of
what Counter Pro is worth.
Yeah, I I know it's not a lot,
but it's my own personal money,
and it's all I have.
And the truth is, you
should've came to BB.
The truth is,
you tried to sabotage us at Revitalize,
and pretended to be our friend!
Okay Yeah, I I did do that.
And I'm sorry.
But I was your friend.
You decided to stay with Jackie.
We didn't have much of a choice.
You always have a choice.
Easy for you to say.
Not all of us have a rich boyfriend
who can buy up the
competition and bail us out.
And to think we felt sorry for
you having to work for Evan Speck.
When in reality, you
were sleeping with him.
Well, if you don't want the money
- We'll take it.
- We'll take it.
I suppose it's better than nothing.
Which is what we got from Jackie.
Don't think this gives you
license to sleep better at night.
Once we finalize the source code,
we can start testing the beta site.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
I rented another pod here
for an app I'm developing.
Oh, so you're just gonna
be here all the time now?
Not all the time,
but I thought because BB was here
that I could knock out two
Why did you buy Revitalize?
Why did you bail us out?
Eh Don't say it's because
it was a good investment.
Because if that's the case,
then why don't you care
when we buy you out?
Eh Don't say
it's because you want me
to have whatever I want.
Because that sounds like
you did all of this for me.
And it doesn't sound like
you moving on, or forward.
If you don't want me
to rent another pod
I I didn't say that.
Or, um, you're seeing too much of me.
I didn't say that!
Then what are you saying?
I'm saying, if this is a
professional arrangement
No Because this is a
professional arrangement,
I need you to treat me, and us, and BB
strictly professionally, like you said.
I don't want anyone under the impression
that you did all of this for
me because you're my boyfriend.
Okay. Thank you.
It's been a while.
Trust me, Xavier was
holding a coffee cup
from this coffee shop yesterday.
If he's a creature of habit,
this is how we happen
to run into him again.
Yeah, and end up being late to work.
Do you want my help or not?
Ah-ha! Here he is.
Go get him.
Me? Wh You're not coming?
No He likes you. Three's a crowd.
Hey. Uh, yeah, can I get an Americano?
Sorry. I need a new alarm tone.
Definitely not this one!
Tap his shoulder.
Hey, wasn't that you
yesterday with Gene Rexford?
You're the city council staffer.
That's me.
Uh, you You can go ahead.
- If you don't mind
- No, please.
Um, how long have you
worked with Mr. Rexford?
Uh, I worked with my
dad for about five years.
- Oh, he's your dad!
- Yeah. Yeah.
I I remember when that
city council deal fell through.
I was disappointed, but they
kept pumping their brakes, so
They may be a lot less
hesitant today, you know?
With the unhoused
situation so much worse.
I don't know.
My dad, once he walks away from a deal,
he's not the type of guy to walk back.
Unless you convince him otherwise.
He needs to see how
desperate the situation is.
It's up to our generation
to do what the older generation won't.
Okay, I'll talk to him,
but can I get my coffee fix first?
Of course. Sure.
Sorry about that. Um
I sent everyone a list of other
beauty influencers we could go to.
Oh, I love Cassandra Woodfine.
I wish my eyebrows were that fierce.
How about Sunny Yoon?
Ah, co-sign! She's so fun and relatable.
I've been rethinking this.
I I think that our priority should be
paying Evan back as soon as we can.
I don't want people to think
that we're taking advantage in any way
because of our previous
relationship with Evan.
So I spoke with Raisa and Ava.
I respect that you tried
to make things right.
I also really love your app.
So if the offer still stands
to be your brand influencer,
I'd like to accept.
- Yeah, the offer stands.
- Tall.
Well, my manager will be in touch
to iron out all the details.
I'm really excited to
start working together.
- What just happened?
- Zelda's back!
Well, in light of the great news,
I guess we can delay paying
Evan back for a little bit.
- Yay!
- Yay!
Uh, what did you do for Raisa and Ava?
I, uh, gave them $10,000 of my own money
to compensate for Counter Pro.
I didn't realize how
strongly you felt about this.
I think we should all chip in.
I agree.
We We're a team,
and we're all in this together.
And now we have Zelda!
Yeah, we do.
After speaking with Mariana,
I think it would be more
professional moving forward
if we work out some sort of
quarterly return on my investment.
Say 20% of the profits.
Does that sound fair?
Uh, yeah, I guess so.
- Yeah.
- Sure.
So what did you say to Evan?
Remember, we're all in this together?
So I've been trying to be
less passive-aggressive,
which is hard.
My ex texted me to see
if I changed the password
to the Hulu account we used to share.
Instead of responding that it's
time she gets her own account,
I told her the password,
which is "437, I hate you,
335, Stop being cheap,
886, I'm better at sex than you."
Yeah, turns out there's unlimited
characters for passwords.
Didn't bring your guard dog with you?
Shame. She's a feisty one!
Listen, I'll be outta
here in, like, two minutes.
If you could just try to keep
your mouth shut till then
Looks like someone found
a bark of their own.
All right, put down the
bag. Pick up a brush.
I'm not gonna send you
home, tail between your legs.
Not when you got a baby on the way.
You can come back to work.
Isabella was right. If you want me back,
I want 50% of the money.
Ho-ho, mate!
What do you even bring to
this? You're out of your head.
Am I?
Yuri, when's the last
time you picked up a brush?
You're blocked.
You've completely lost your inspiration.
And look, you could
try to convince yourself
that I'm just executing your vision.
But the thing is,
what the people love is your new style,
which is me.
That's what I'm bringing to this, Yuri.
And the truth is, you need
me way more than I need you.
So good luck.
25%, not a penny more.
And just to be clear,
you've got a baby coming.
So the truth is,
we need each other.
Then let's get to work!
Created a monster.
Oh, you better keep that girl of yours,
because it seems that she's
making a man out of you.
Okay, I'm Alice Kwan. Thank you.
Wow. You were right.
This turned out to be a great gig!
Hi. Hilarious set. Loved it!
My name is Lily Cam.
I'm a casting director.
And I'd love you to
read for a guest spot
for a half-hour comedy I'm casting.
I I'd love to!
Amazing! Do you have a rep
I should get in touch with?
Actually, she's right here!
This is my manager, Sumi.
Actually, no.
Apparently, I'm not
your manager anymore!
Excuse me.
Uh As it stands,
uh, I I I'm, uh, in
between representatives right now.
Yeah, um, is there a way
you can contact me directly?
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was just thinking about you.
I'm sorry to show up like this.
I think we need to talk.
What's up, everybody? L.B. Brady here.
Oh, my God, I've got some excit
Hola, me gente! I just
booked a national
What's up, y'all?
This is the pilot script
for my brand new
I cannot wait for you
watch it. So tune in!
Man, everything's coming up L.B
You were right.
I was letting Yuri take advantage of me.
And because of you, I
negotiated a 25% commission.
That's great!
I still feel like you
crossed a major line.
I know. And I'm so sorry.
I know you are.
And I do forgive you.
Look, I'm glad that you
and Jaz are friends and all,
but I'd really, really appreciate it
if we didn't involve our
families in our relationship.
Mine will not be a problem,
but I can totally do that.
I just don't want to be blindsided.
I Mm I
- I gotta pee.
- Oh!
The baby's head is literally
headbutting my bladder.
I'm sorry.
- But hold that thought, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
And I will be, um
I will be right back.
I'm sorry.
You went to the farm alone?
Jenna wasn't at the
farmer's market. I had to.
Okay, wh what happened?
Stop! Right there!
Lower the gun, Adam.
Joaquin, I showed you
around this afternoon,
but now you're trespassing.
If you step foot on this farm again,
I'll call the sheriffs.
And considering what you've been
writing about their deputy gangs,
I'm not sure you want me to do that.
I'm going.
He pulled a gun on you?
- Yeah. Adam did, yeah.
- Oh, my God!
You should've heard this guy Silas talk.
He's got, like, all these
women living and working there.
It's like he thinks
he's some type of guru.
I think I think Jenna's in a cult.
Yeah, I gotta get to her.
What are you doing here, man?
Came to give you this.
What is it?
It's a restraining order.
I'm being ordered to stay
250 feet away from Jenna.
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