Good Witch (2015) s00e04 Episode Script

The Good Witch's Family

1 (Sighing) (Knocking) (Door closing) Hello, Mr.
You brought me something.
An eviction notice, I'm afraid.
Don't be afraid.
The fact is, you haven't paid any rent for quite a while.
I have to ask you to vacate these premises by no later than this Friday at midnight.
The stroke of midnight.
Hmm, I like that.
Young lady, do you understand what I'm telling you? You're throwing me into the street.
Let's not put it that way.
What about your parents? My parents are dead.
Well, you must have family.
As a matter of fact I just found out that I do.
Before you go, I need to review this vacate list with you.
First of all, clean out the refrigerator of any food (Clearing throat) Are you all right, Mr.
Lowden? No, I uh My stomach.
What is it? Indigestion, I think.
(Door opening, closing) (Sighing) (Door creaking) Hello?! Anybody home? (Rattling) Hello? (Rattling) Anybody here? Up here, Jake.
- Cassie.
- I don't think the last owners ever cleaned out these leaves.
Don't do that, let me do that for you.
Cassie, where's the ladder? What ladder? What brought that on? A lot of things.
The sight of my husband.
Our new life and our beautiful new home.
You make things beautiful, Cassie.
Sure is good coming home to you after a tough day.
Tough day? Yeah, I've got all these demonstrators down by the river.
I know what you need.
10 more officers.
Herbal tea; my own special blend.
Hey, hey, where's the fire? Do you have time to say hello to your stepmother? Stepmother? That's a beautiful word.
Sorry, Cassie.
Dad, I'm off to see Wes.
Do I know him? He's just a guy in my class.
We're writing a song together for my application to music college.
It is really going to make me stand out.
That sounds good.
Don't you want to write your own song? I can write music but lyrics are kind of hard for me to find the words.
Sometimes the words find you.
I know you're in a hurry but before you go, could you two help me with something in the garage? Uh, yeah.
Oh, still so much to do.
I was wondering if you boys could move this up to my sitting room.
BRANDON: This looks like a treasure chest.
What's in it? Treasure.
Lori? - Cassie, hey.
- May I come in? What a silly question.
You have tons of homework? No, this is my wedding gift for you and Dad.
Sorry it's a bit late.
Oh, the best gifts are the least expected.
- A family tree? - Mm-hmm, with Grandpa George, my Dad my Mom.
A family tree is a great way to remember where we came from.
And I uh, added a new branch for you, Cassie.
That is so sweet, thank you.
And who's that branch for? Abigail, your cousin.
My cousin? What cousin? Your mother's sister's daughter.
Abigail Pershing: age 25.
Lori, wow.
You're amazing.
How on earth did you find her? I didn't.
She found us.
The website lets family members connect and she wrote me and I wrote her back right away.
Oh, we have to do more than that, we have to invite her for a visit.
I always suspected my roots ran deep.
Let's see, if she's my stepmother's cousin then what does that make her to me? My first step cousin? Family.
Cassie I got your trunk all squared away.
Oh, thank you, Jake.
Guess what? Lori just gave us the most wonderful gift.
A family tree.
Oh, that was nice of her.
There's even a branch on it for our newest family member.
Cassie, are you pregnant? No, not yet anyway.
No, the branch is for a relative of mine I've never met.
My cousin Abigail.
I've invited her to come visit.
Oh, what do you know about her? Enough to know I want to get to know her better.
Permits? I think we should issue permits to protest down by the bridge.
Middleton police, Deputy Derek speaking.
That way the people that are for the bridge and the people against the bridge won't show up at the same time.
See, the cold weather hasn't stopped anybody yet.
Yes, Mr.
Burl, the river is still open for fishing.
I think it's the best thing for crowd control on the whole.
You know what the best thing for crowd control is? A mounted officer.
I just can't see why anyone would be against this bridge.
- (Telephone ringing) - Look, I'm a pretty good rider.
My Aunt Janice already said she'd donate her quarter horse.
How 'bout it? Derek of the Middleton Mounted? Aren't you going to get that? Middleton Police, Deputy Derek speaking.
What was I saying? The bridge? Well, why not? Don't these people know what this bridge will bring into this community? Revenue pouring into this town from the tri-cities.
It sounds good.
It's good for the police department, too.
Jake, when the bridge is built and the annexation goes through, your department will grow.
You're looking at a better salary, better job security.
That sounds good, too.
All our public officials will benefit.
Including the deputy? And it'll be a great way for me to close out my term.
Now excuse me.
I have a 10:00.
And I have to pick up some paperwork from the Clerk's office.
Man the phones, Derek.
Man the phones, Derek.
(Telephone ringing) Middleton Police, Deputy Derek speaking.
Order! Order! I think that we are all agreed that this bridge and annexation is the worst thing to hit this town since the great flood of 1956.
The issue at hand is how to stop it.
Now, I propose that we picket the Excuse me, sir? Sir? Martha, we've been married for 26 years.
Oh, I hardly recognize you anymore, Tom.
Not since you told me that you are actually in favour of this monstrous bridge.
Don't you want to hear why? No! (Gavel pounding) This is a meeting of the anti-annexation committee.
And since you are pro annexation, I would appreciate it if you would cease spying on us and excuse yourself from the room.
Martha, don't you think we should welcome opposing points of view? Remember what happened when they annexed Ridgewood? Urban sprawl.
With all of the traffic and noise and pollution that go along with it.
Now Cassie, don't tell me that you actually support this annexation? No, not at all.
The Mayor talks about what we'd gain.
But I'm worried about what we'd lose.
This is a quaint community of friends and neighbours.
A family.
Exactly, and that's why we have to force the opposition to see it our way.
Martha, we can't force our views on anyone.
We have to listen to what they have to say and hopefully they'll return the favour.
Fortunately, Tom is being termed out of office.
What we need is a new mayor.
Someone who clearly loves this town and who the town loves in return.
Do I hear a nomination? Oh, come now, people.
Someone eminently qualified is in this room.
Cassie Nightingale.
(Applause) Oh, I'm very touched but Please, please, let's not pressure Cassie, I mean, after all, she is a newlywed.
With a large household to oversee and two lovely but demanding youngsters.
But like you said, we have to win people over.
Who better than Cassie? Come on, Cassie, we really need you now.
Oh this town has given me so much already.
I'd be happy to give something back in return.
(Applause) So long as Martha agrees to help me.
I second the nomination.
(Gavel pounding) Resolved.
Cassie Nightingale with my help will be the new mayor of Middleton.
Yes, 20 amethyst stones for the gift bags.
For the sweet 16 party I'm planning for my stepdaughter.
By the way, would you have sandalwood candles? No, not for the cake, for the room.
Lori loves the scent of sandalwood.
Right, well, I think that's all at least for now.
Okay, thanks.
Jake? Hi.
I have some big news about the future of Middleton, our future.
Well, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.
I was talking with the mayor you go first.
I'm running for mayor.
What brought that on? Well, like I said the future of Middleton and by running for mayor I'll be able to help stop the annexation.
Are you sure you're going to have time with, I mean, with the house, the family? This is all about family and where we live.
Oh, I can't wait to tell the kids.
Oh, uh, what did you want to tell me? Oh, I uh convinced the mayor to issue permits for the demonstrators.
So that that should make work a lot easier.
(Piano music playing) This is good.
- Thanks.
- Really, really good lyrics.
I can hardly hear a melody in my head that might work.
You know, this is the kind of love song that people will remember.
How'd you think of this? I was inspired by a certain someone.
Oh, Angela? Angela's history.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
As of yesterday it's Tiffany.
Oh, hey, Lori.
Something you have to tell me? Uh I'm Wes.
I know, I mean, I'm Lori, - Brandon's sister.
- Yeah, - I figured.
- Dinner's almost ready.
Do you want to stay for dinner? Because that wouldn't be a problem.
I mean, we have lots of room, you know, food.
BRANDON: Dinner usually includes food.
Thanks, Lori.
Yeah, - dinner sounds great.
- Great.
I mean, I'll tell Cassie.
Did you see that? I there was somebody at the window.
WES: Who? I thought I saw someone.
Guess not.
We better get back to work.
Hey, Lori, ask Cassie if we can have dinner out here, okay? Okay? Okay.
Cassie?! Cassie, this room gets more and more amazing every time I see it.
Welcome to my sitting room.
Why do you call it your sitting room? Is that all you do in here: sit? You can travel a great distance by sitting very still and thinking very deep thoughts.
Brandon was wondering if he and Wes can eat in the garage.
Of course, they're working a tough deadline.
Maybe I could eat in there, too.
But he's a senior and I don't want you to eat alone.
And he probably doesn't want me around so I don't know.
What do you think? I think that uh I was a lot like you when I was about to turn 16.
My mind was all over the place.
School, friends, boys.
- You'll know.
- Know what? If he's the one for you.
How will I know that? By first making sure you know yourself.
Sometimes I don't know what to think anymore.
Hmm, that's why you need this.
A pen? - What for? - Writing.
Sometimes when my thoughts are circling my head like so many whirling stars I like to write them down.
It's beautiful, thank you.
Or you can use it to pen invitations.
To your sweet 16 party.
What sweet 16 party? The one I'm giving you on your birthday.
Cassie, you're the best.
CASSIE: So much to do and so little time.
(Smoke alarm beeping) Smoke alarm? I could've sworn I set the stove for simmer.
I'm going to open the front door.
Why? Cross ventilation.
Among other things.
Hi, I'm Abigail.
We've been expecting you.
This reminds me of our old house back in Greenfield.
Your family's still there? We've all gone our separate ways.
It looks like you've made a wonderful life for yourself, Cassie.
For all of us.
Are you married, Abigail? Not yet.
I'm more of a matchmaker.
Really? Hmm.
Would you mind if I unpacked? I've been on the road since six this morning.
Absolutely, in fact, if you'll excuse me I have some urgent work to do myself.
I'm so excited you're here, Abigail.
We'll all get together for a big welcome dinner tomorrow.
The whole family.
Cassie's a great cook.
I'll order pizza tonight.
Later, you might want to take a walk into the village.
Middleton has some great shops and cafes.
I'm so sorry, I have to take care of these papers for city hall this evening.
So you can run for mayor? I've been reading all about it on the town's website.
That the mayor is stepping down.
Seems like you'd be perfect.
Huh, you're very well informed.
I try to keep up.
But you, you're amazing.
A beautiful family, your own shop on Main Street, a run for mayor.
Where do you find the time? Well, it won't take all my time, I'm running unopposed.
Besides, I always find time for what's important.
I can see that.
That's why I'm glad you're here.
(Door opening, closing) Hmm.
Hello? Oh, good evening, Derek.
I saw a light on, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.
It sure is.
It looks like you're burning your candle at both ends.
I left all my application forms for mayor here at the shop.
I can't believe how much paperwork I've got.
Well, you and me both.
I thought you were at the demonstration.
Oh, no, they finished up for the night.
So I'm just going to go back and finish my reports.
I don't know.
There's so much up in the air with Middleton these days.
Who knows where we're headed? I sure don't.
Hmm I might have something to help with that.
A compass? Wow, I haven't had one of these since I was in boy scouts.
- Hmm.
- Does it work? Like a charm.
You know I have a GPS in the squad car? That belongs to the police department.
This is for you.
Something to remind you that you can chart your own course.
If you say so.
Well, right now it is pointing out the door.
So I should probably get back to work.
Yeah, me, too.
Goodnight, Derek.
Your sister's all right.
I guess so.
No, I mean, all right.
Don't you already have a girlfriend? Yeah, so what? So how many girlfriends do you need? Look, don't get distracted, okay? This is a big opportunity for both of us.
You're right.
Look what Abigail made for dessert.
What is it? Almond meringue.
Isn't she awesome? Do you want some, Wes? Wes? No, thanks.
Okay, sorry.
Okay, um, let's take it from the uh, the second verse, all right? (Sighing) Don't tell me someone refused my dessert? It's okay, more for me.
You don't sound okay.
Trouble with Mr.
Right? Who knows if he's right? Wes, I mean.
As Cassie says when the right one comes along I'll know.
Sounds like Cassie is really looking out for you.
All the time.
So she wants you to be happy, right? Yeah.
Well, just think how happy you'd be if Wes was your date to your sweet 16 party.
But he doesn't even like me.
I have just the thing.
What is it? Chemistry in a bottle.
Perfume? Very rare oil.
You dab it behind your ears, it'll be our little secret.
(Sniffing) I don't smell anything.
Wes will.
But only if he comes very, very close.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Cassie? Oh, sorry.
Cassie's my cousin.
I'm Abigail.
You must be Derek Sanders.
How did you know? It's on your nametag.
Oh, right.
Would you like to join me? Uh, sure.
Strudel? It's much too much for just me.
I love strudel.
My ex-girlfriend used to run a bakery.
Ex? She moved away.
Were you expecting me? What? It's just that you have two forks.
I took it from the next table.
I hope that's not breaking the law, Officer.
It's a major felony but luckily for you I'm off duty.
Really? I just assumed you'd be working overtime with all the excitement over the annexation.
Well, it sure is exciting.
I just wish I could be a part of it.
So you're for the annexation? Oh, sure.
I think it's going to do a lot for this town.
I just hope it does something for me.
Don't just hope.
What do you mean? Maybe it's time for a change of direction.
I'm not exactly sure what you're driving at.
Well, if the annexation goes through, the people that support it could be rewarded.
Yeah, maybe.
People like you.
Yeah, you have a good point.
Are you a career counsellor or something? No.
I just like to see people get what's coming to them.
It's crazy.
No, but I am a little unconventional.
Huh? Oh, no, I meant the compass.
It's just that north is that way and it's pointing in the opposite direction.
(Sighing) Thank you for cleaning the kitchen.
I didn't.
Abigail did.
Oh, she shouldn't have done that.
After all, she is our guest.
Certainly has the magic touch.
You uh, writing down some of your feelings? Spanish homework.
I don't think I could write another word.
I filed all the papers for mayor.
It's official.
Mayor Cassie Nightingale.
That's so exciting.
Not as exciting as your sweet 16.
I thought you might want to sign some of these.
Invitations to your party.
Yeah, thank you.
And Abigail said she'd take me dress shopping.
She's got a really good fashion sense.
Her senses are very keen.
What is it? It's hard to say, something in the air.
Goodnight, Lori.
Pardon me.
Oh, you must be Abigail.
Very nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you, too, Officer.
Call me Jake.
It must be the uniform.
I don't know why but uniforms always make me nervous.
Well, I'm not a police chief when I'm home.
Just a dad.
A pretty good one according to Lori.
Well, it's certainly a lot easier with Cassie around.
She's sure to be able to stop the annexation.
That's a good thing, right? Were you looking for something? A towel.
A towel, yes, well, uh, linen cabinet is that way.
Help yourself.
And if you need anything else just let me know.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
(Sighing) I made the deadline for mayor.
Signed, sealed and delivered.
What an evening.
You haven't even started campaigning yet.
Well, I'll manage.
Besides, I am running unopposed.
You got all these people to talk to hands to shake, babies to kiss.
Looking forward to that.
Speaking of babies, have you given any thought? Well, of course I'd love to.
But do you think we'll have the time? You're not scared of changing a few diapers, are you? No.
It's not that.
- I'll get ready for bed.
- Okay.
(Sighing) (Floorboards creaking) I love what you've done with this room.
You have a magic touch as well.
- Pardon? - The dessert was delicious.
The kitchen was immaculate.
It's the least I could do.
Yes, I believe you're capable of so much more.
Beautiful old trunk.
- Is it a family heirloom? - Hmm.
There wasn't all that much to pass down on my side of the family.
There are gifts everywhere if you're ready to receive them.
Goodnight, Abigail.
(Footsteps retreating) (Bell ringing) Cassie, I just learned that someone is actually running against you.
- Unbelievable! - Why? Oh, there are two sides to every issue.
Why shouldn't there be two candidates? Tom won't even tell me who it is.
Claims that it's confidential until it's certified.
He probably recruited this person himself - just to push through the annexation.
- Did you ask him? - I can't talk to Tom these days.
- I think All he does is ramble on and on about his legacy, his bridge, his vision of the future.
- But you - I can't get a word in edgewise.
You can't imagine how frustrating it is.
I think I can.
Now we certainly have our work cut out for us.
So here is your door to door itinerary.
Please don't dawdle, 30 seconds a house.
Oh, Martha, making friends takes time.
Well, you don't have it, not anymore.
Cassie, brace yourself.
If you're serious about winning this we have work to do.
(Bell ringing) With someone running against you it's a whole new ball game.
You're not going to have a minute of time.
I thought we could all pitch in.
You could help hand out flyers.
Cassie about the bridge.
Hey, guys.
Derek? "Derek for Mayor?" I'm just getting started, what do you think? You're running for mayor? It's not that shocking.
- Is it? - Well, I wasn't expecting it.
Uh why? For the same reasons that you and Tom are behind the bridge and annexation.
I think it's great that you're running.
- You do? - Absolutely.
Best of luck.
You, too, Cassie.
May the best man or woman win.
What brought this on, Derek? Actually, you, Cassie.
You gave me that compass which led me to that cafe which led me to that cousin of yours, Abigail.
She's fascinating.
She can cast a spell all right.
Well, I should get going.
All right.
Cassie the mayor made a pretty good case.
You know, he promised a bigger police department, a raise, that would help the family and college.
I know you're running against the annexation but it's worth taking a good look at, don't you think? You're right, we should take a good look at it.
The stakes are very high.
(Sighing) (Sighing) (Sighing) - Hey, Wes.
- Hey, Lori.
Are you going to our house to work with Brandon? Because that's where I'm going.
Uh, the library.
Oh, me, too.
I thought you said you were going home? Well, I want to do some research first.
Oh, I'm just taking out some poetry, you know, inspiration? Oh.
So do you want to go to library together? You know, my dad gave me some of his old U2 vinyl.
Maybe you want to check it out sometime? Yeah, maybe.
ALL: No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! No bridge to Middleton! Thank you.
CASSIE: So glad we can finally sit down to a nice dinner together.
I just wish Jake could join us.
Me, too, I've been exploring your town.
Met some great people.
You made quite an impression.
Brandon, Lori, dinner! They were just here and then they ran off.
Teenagers; you never know what's next.
That's why I have to be prepared for anything.
That's a very nice painting.
Ah, yes.
The Grey lady.
Elizabeth Meriwicke.
She's an ancestor.
- You mean our ancestor? - Mm-hmm.
I don't see the artist's name.
The technique is very good.
You know about oils.
I took a couple of painting classes.
I didn't mean those kind of oils.
I'll be right there, I'm just going to wash up.
It's kind of magical to see her blossoming.
Almost overnight.
Real magic takes time and love.
You know teenagers, when they have their mind set on something.
I'm just happy to help.
- Hi, Cassie.
- Hi.
Better eat quickly.
Wes got hung up at the library so we've got a lot of work to catch up on.
Lori, did you find what you were looking for at the library? How did you know? BRANDON: What were you doing at the library? Checking out a book.
You were with Wes, weren't you? LORI: That's right, so what's your problem? I want this song on my college application and I can't write it without Wes.
So who's stopping you? You! You're wasting his time flirting with him.
We were supposed to practice and he was two hours late.
Please, can we just enjoy our meal? Just back off, okay! Don't tell me what to do.
I'm almost 16 and it's my life.
Hey, Brandon, Lori, will you tell me what is going on with you two? Wes and I have a tough deadline and she's distracting him.
You're just mad because we have chemistry.
Tell him, Cassie.
Well, you know, getting the song done on time is extremely important to your brother.
You're taking his side? No, I'm not taking sides.
It's possible that Wes isn't the guy for you right now.
What do you care? All you care about is being mayor.
I thought you were my friend.
I can't believe her.
Brandon Kids?! Sorry.
This salad is delicious.
Wait till you taste my main course.
I can't believe that you're actually endorsing that Derek Sanders.
Well, I can't believe that you're not supporting me.
Oh, (Snorting) as if you honestly care what I think? Did you hear me? Do you ever listen anymore? What I said was You said that you wanted me to support this destructive annexation.
Martha, it's not going to destroy anything.
Really? Well, it's already ruining our marriage.
Good evening, Martha.
She can be so close-minded.
Well, actually, that's why I came to see you.
I think that Cassie and Martha have a point.
Heavens sake, not you, too.
Now hear me out.
I've been looking into this road that's going lead from the bridge? Through the sycamore grove and out to the county line.
What of it? Right, well, they're surveying a lot more than a new road.
I'd like to look into this a more - if you don't mind.
- I do mind.
Jake, do you want to help Middleton? Keep the peace.
There's another demonstration scheduled in 15 minutes.
(Sighing) Resident, friends, colleagues residents of Middleton, sorry.
Another chance encounter, huh? I don't believe in chance.
Join me again? This speech of mine is a mess and I'm running out of time.
Maybe I can help.
I don't know, it's all over the place.
Like me.
I don't know, maybe, maybe politics isn't for me.
Well, you can't back out now.
I mean the future of the town is at stake.
If you don't step up and move us forward, then who will? Well, that's it.
What's it? For my speech, that's the focus.
The bridge moves us forward to the future.
I've got to write that down.
Write it on this.
- An envelope? - Write it on the back.
Your entire speech like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
It'll help focus your message.
Like Lincoln.
How do, uh, elderberry pancakes sound? Lori, would you like some? Just the juice.
- If this is about yesterday - I just woke up, okay? I just thought you know, we could spend some time talking about your sweet 16 party.
(Telephone ringing) Cassie? - Cassie, have you seen my work shirt? - Yes, Martha.
Check the dryer.
Good morning, sunshine.
You're turning on Spring Street? Okay, yeah.
Sure, I'll be ready.
Hey, Mr.
DJ, maybe you can talk to your sister and find out what she wants on her party playlist.
I don't want to talk to her about anything.
Fine, I don't even want the stupid party anyway.
Okay, you two, we'll talk about this later, all right? Nothing like a long morning walk to jumpstart your day.
I'm going to make ginger muffins, who wants one? That'd be great.
ABIGAIL: Jake, how about you? Uh, I'd, I'd love to I just, I don't have time.
I've got to check a couple things out north of the city before work.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(Car horn honking) Oh, and there's my campaign manager.
Lori, if you change your mind about the party just jot down a few things you'd like.
Not with this pen, it doesn't work.
Apparently not.
(Car horn blaring) Oh.
Go ahead, Cassie, I've got everything under control.
Okay, coming, Martha! Everyone gets a little bit nervous when they give a speech.
Just the thought of all those people looking at me it scares me to death.
- The secret is: don't let it show.
- All right.
Chin up, speak up, enunciate, and smile.
All right, thank you, Mayor, I'm going to go and review my speech.
Mayor, I don't believe we've met.
I'm Abigail Pershing, - Cassie's cousin.
- Oh, - Tom Tinsdale.
- Are those ginger muffins? They sure are.
I brought them by for Jake.
He had to leave for work so early this morning.
Really? I haven't seen him yet.
Oh, he said he had to go up to the sycamore grove first.
That's real dedication.
It's gone! My speech.
I wrote it this morning on your envelope and I put it right in my drawer, I know I did.
Then it has to be there.
Did you lock the drawer? Yeah, and nobody else has keys.
Except Jake.
- Hey, Wes.
- Hi, Lori.
I keep running into you.
You think it's fate? Maybe.
I'll tell you what I think.
I think you planned it.
You're going my way, aren't you? Hey, if you're looking for Brandon, relax.
He's still at school, basketball tryouts.
Hey, do you still have those records? - Records? - Yeah, your dad's U2 records.
I want to check them out.
Sure, but I don't think my parents would like that.
They won't be home.
Hey, if you're not cool with it, we can always get your brother to join us.
I can make my own decisions.
So we're on? My house is that way.
Yoo-hoo, focus, Cassie, focus.
And for heaven's sake, smile.
I guess I'm a little distracted today.
Take five! I know how hard it is to smile 24/7.
When I ran for Miss Delaware Water Gap my cheeks were killing me.
Chicken or fish? For lunch? No, for the fundraiser you're planning Tuesday.
Oh, Tuesday is family night.
Cassie, there are people counting on you.
Yes, yes, there are.
Where are you going? Cassie! Tom.
You're late.
- I was up at the sycamore grove.
- I know.
Abigail told me.
Well, I was on my own time.
Do you have any idea what's going on up there? Do you know what's going on here? Derek's speech has gone missing.
It was locked in his desk.
There are only two sets of keys.
What are you saying? Look, you've got a great record, Jake.
But lately, with your wife running for mayor you've lost sight of your priorities.
My job is to preserve and protect the town of Middleton.
If there's a threat to it, I got to look into it.
Don't push me on this.
I'm still the mayor of this town and you need to remember that.
And I'm still the chief of police.
I got work to do.
Jake! I'm not finished you with yet! (Knocking) (Door opening, closing) Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Anybody home? Uh, the second verse right there.
I just love the way Bono sings about life on the street.
(Car horn honking) That's Cassie.
Hey, I am so glad you're here.
I really want to talk with you.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, let me get that.
- Want some tea? - Uh, - yeah.
- Okay, where's Abigail? Oh, I uh, haven't seen her.
Wes, now.
Let's get together later at the park, 11.
After curfew? Scared? Not if you're there.
(Door opening, closing) Hibiscus or nettles? - Hibiscus.
- Great.
Is there something you want to tell me? No.
Are you sure? I thought you came home to talk to me? Jake.
- Hi, honey.
- Hey.
- What is it? - Oh I've been fired.
Kind of creepy out here.
I like it 'cause you're here.
You hear that? (Howling) An owl maybe.
No, something else, listen.
(Twigs snapping) What is that? Just somebody walking around.
This late? There's nothing to be afraid of.
I'm here.
- (Branch snapping) - Let's get out of here.
Wes, wait! (Grunting) Wes?! Where are you?! (Panting) Wes?! - (Twig snapping) - Cassie! Are you okay? - You scared me.
- Yeah, the woods are a scary place.
He left me here.
You're not alone.
Lori, thank God.
We were so worried till Cassie called to say you were okay.
Brandon and I were looking all over for you.
What were you thinking? You don't know? Maybe you should go to your room and think about it there.
I'm going to take a walk.
It sounds like you guys have a lot to talk about.
I'm not buying it.
Jake What, I'm a cop.
Well, at least I was a cop.
I know when someone is up to no good.
I don't think Abigail deserves the blame for all our problems.
I'm not just blaming her.
I've raised those kids for a long time, Cassie.
Lori crossed the line, she needs to be set straight.
I may be new at this but I know that what Lori needs right now is a hug.
(Knocking) Lori? Well, go ahead.
- What? - Ground me.
That's why you're here, isn't it? Oh, so you're here to say "I told you so.
" I'm just here.
I can't say that it'll always be easy but I can promise you this: I'll always love you.
(Sniffling) My mind's been all over the place.
It's like I don't know myself anymore.
Sometimes the first step in knowing yourself is admitting just how little you know.
Sleep well, Lori.
Oh, and uh, Lori, before you go to bed, don't forget to wash behind your ears.
(Sighing) (Sighing) Let's get to it, Bran.
Did you hear about last night? It was pretty crazy.
Yeah, crazy.
We heard these footsteps coming, you know? Closer and closer and your sister just freaked.
Seriously, it was like a scene out of a horror movie.
Her eyes were like this big and then she just took off.
I tried to stop her but she was just gone.
Well, that's not how I heard it.
Hey, whatever, you want to get back to work? All right.
You know what? No, I don't want to get back to work.
I just want you to get out.
You know, without me, you can kiss your music school goodbye.
(Sighing) (Indistinct TV chatter) Hey, how's the song comin'? Yeah, it's finished.
Does it have to be loud? The control freak strikes again.
Okay, you two, give it a rest.
With butter or without.
Cassie? Don't you have that rally at the Lion's Club? The rally is postponed.
Abigail is out shopping and uh, I thought a little family time would be a lot more fun.
Are we having fun yet? Move over.
Oh, yeah, yeah, nothing like spending time with the family.
We'll always find time and stay close regardless of who joins us on our journey.
(Doorbell ringing) I've left Tom.
(Yawning) Good morning, Martha, how did you sleep? I didn't.
Well, you're welcome to stay here until you and Tom work things out.
Oh, well, in that case I might just be here forever.
(Sighing) How many people do you plan on taking in? They're here so we can help them.
I looked into Abigail.
Do we really need to do that? I think so.
I had Derek run a background check and according to her last landlord, she never paid rent after her first month.
I think she's pulled the same stunt in four different towns before that.
I know something's troubling her.
Oh, she's trouble, all right.
While you were investigating, did you happen to get her side of the story? Cassie, you have such a big heart.
It's one of the reasons I married you but be careful.
How do you mean? You've had all kinds of challenges before but there's something very different about this woman.
Really, I keep thinking there's something very familiar about her.
All those apartments, I'm surprised she never moved in with her parents.
She couldn't.
Her father left after she was 13.
And her mother died a year after that.
I know what it's like to bounce around from place to place.
No where to call home.
And that's where the similarities end.
Because I found a family to love me.
Besides, without all our bad fortune, we wouldn't have the good fortune of sitting here, holding each other's hands.
You know, there's an upside to this unemployment.
And I'm glad you decided to spend more time at home.
No place I'd rather be.
We'll be all right.
There's always another job.
But another you, I don't think so.
Cassie, how do you spell phenomenal? B-r-a-n-d-o-n.
Yeah, that's the correct spelling.
Are you working on your college application? Just an essay for English Lit.
I don't know about applying for college anymore.
Really? I don't stand a chance without that song on my college application.
It's a great music school and you're a great musician.
Brandon, you belong there in the fall.
Thanks, Cassie but, I tried, you know, putting some words to my melody but I just don't have it in me.
Great songs come from the heart.
You've got a lot of heart, Brandon.
I just I can't write.
You know what I think? I think you just need to keep searching for the right inspiration.
Yeah, maybe.
Thanks, Cassie.
(Knocking) Lori, do you have Dad's old U2 record? What are you doing? - Lori, this is terrific.
- It's none of your business! "Fill me with fear and shame, pound the walls - find someone to blame?" - It's private! - Lori, it's poetry.
- Get out, now! These would make great lyrics.
You think? Better than anything Wes ever wrote.
- If you don't mind me saying so.
- That's okay.
We're over anyway.
- Oh, same for Wes and me.
- What? Well, after he left you like that in the park I told him he could keep on running.
But Brandon, that song meant so much to you.
So do you.
Hey, want to go down to my studio? For what? Let's write a song together, okay? Okay.
But you know you don't need me.
I need good lyrics.
You could write them.
Nah, I wouldn't know where to start.
Just write and see what happens.
Just like Cassie said.
Maybe the words will find me.
Hi, Lori.
Oh, hi, Abigail.
I heard about you and Wes.
I'm sure there's something else I can do to help.
It's okay, Cassie gave me everything I need.
Wishing stones? Only 25 cents.
Can this be right? Yeah, put a few more of those out, would you? Why charge such a low price? I listen to my customers.
They tell me that they find that low cost items make them want to visit the store more often.
Ah, so you attract lots of repeat business.
I attract lots of good things.
Thanks for filling in for me, Martha.
It's the least I could do.
Martha, you made 12 sales this morning.
Hmm, just lucky, I guess.
No, I think it's because you hear what people need and you help them find it.
You're an excellent listener.
Yes, I am.
Aren't I? Oh, look, here we are.
Cassie, what is this? - Oh, it's quartzite.
- No, no, no, the stones.
This old newspaper photo.
It's my Tom.
Oh, you're in there, too.
Attentively listening.
Where on earth did you find this? It just turned up when I moved in.
That was three years ago and this newspaper is 12 years old.
I never throw a good thing away.
Abigail? Oh, my trunk.
Well, I guess that does it.
- I'm going to miss this place.
- Yeah.
Before I go, there's something you should know, Derek.
You have been a fine deputy and I guess I didn't always tell you that.
I'm sorry.
It's easy to take someone for granted when they're as reliable as you.
Thanks, Jake, coming from you, that means a lot.
So I guess I got it all.
Oh, I should check my mailbox.
Hey, you got your hands full.
Let me.
Just flyers.
- Oh, no.
- What? It's my campaign speech.
I wrote it on the back of this envelope.
I must've been so tired I put it in the mailbox and the mailroom sent it back up to us.
I spent this whole time wondering if I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Just get back out there on the street and protect the good people of this town.
- If you're looking for Jake - I need your help.
- Abigail is gone.
- Gone? She didn't come home last night.
Derek, she's completely cleared out of our house and she took something very dear to me, - my antique trunk.
- What's in there? Something very powerful.
- I can't believe she'd just take it.
- I'm afraid so.
Can you find her, Derek? Do you want to turn her in? No turn her around.
I need to see her.
Okay, don't worry, I'm on it.
Abigail? Hello? Abigail? Hello? Cassie, hey, it's Derek.
Yeah, I thought I saw Abigail near Gleek Alley.
She may have headed north.
You know what? Here, just a minute.
Uh Uh, let me just get my bearings and I'll get right back to you, Cassie.
You're welcome.
(Knocking) Tom? We need to talk.
We've done a lot talking lately.
Between the shouting.
If you want me to change my mind about that bridge you can forget it.
I think I made my feelings pretty clear the day you stormed out of the house.
Well, aren't you going to say anything? I thought I'd just listen for a change.
I want to give something to this town that's going to endure.
Long after I'm gone and forgotten.
I know that's hard to understand.
I understand perfectly.
You want to be remembered for something.
Well, yes, I suppose everyone does.
A legacy? Tom, you already have one.
Oh, that's me the day I won the election.
- Where did you get this? - Cassie's gift shop.
She told me that she never throws a good thing away.
I'm beginning to see what she meant.
- Remember Main Street back then? - Oh.
It looked so much better after we added the flower planters.
And those beautiful old-fashioned shop signs.
We made some nice improvements.
You made this town what it is over the last 12 years, Tom.
And that's all that I was fighting for.
To keep what you made.
It's a nice shot of you, Martha.
It does capture something I hope never changes.
You mean Main Street? I mean, us.
DEREK: Hello? Hello? Hello, Derek.
- How - Did I find you? I found out you have a history of occupying apartments.
After Jake had me do a background check.
So I looked at the places for rent and I narrowed it down to the places that were rented recently.
But then I'm not surprised.
You hurt a lot of people around here.
Are you hurt? I'm on duty, ma'am.
So what now? You're going to take me to jail? No, you're staying right here.
Thank you, Deputy.
I'll be right outside.
You have something that belongs to me.
It's mine, I'm afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Do you think there's magic in there? I'll give you magic, you deserve it.
Why, because I tried to tear your family apart? Why not? You destroyed mine.
You're so loving, Cassie Nightingale, so helpful.
Where were you? Where was your family when my mom needed help? She reached out to your mother and nothing, not a word.
And she died that year and I was abandoned, too, by you and by your parents.
Why shouldn't I take something for myself? Did you find something you could use in there? It wouldn't open.
You know, that I would do anything to save my family.
You are family, Abigail.
- What is this? - Magic, the love of family.
- It's just a picture.
- Of both of our parents.
It was just taken just before my parents died in a car accident.
Died? Before you were born.
That's why they couldn't be there for your mother.
But what about you? You could've come for me.
I was only a child, Abigail.
I never knew about you.
You were alone, too.
It hurts to be alone.
Then I found my family.
And now you know you have one, too.
I'm so sorry.
No, don't be.
You've helped us.
How? All the challenges you brought us only managed to bring us closer together.
But after all I've put everyone through.
Well, sometimes we have to travel a long road to go a short distance.
I guess I still have a long way's to go.
The journey is what makes everything worthwhile and there's no hurry.
What was it you said? Magic takes time.
And love.
Like the love of a family.
And my town.
And now you know why Middleton needs to be saved.
Cassie, you're speaking first followed by Deputy Sanders.
Now I have to limit your time at the podium to no more than 12 minutes.
What I have to say will be brief, Mr.
Excuse me, Cassie, before you go out there, there's something about the annexation that you need to know.
I'm sorry, Tom, she needs to know, everybody does.
Then go ahead, Jake.
I looked over the surveys, I checked over the real estate transactions.
As soon as the annexation goes through the tri-city plans to issue permits to build in the sycamore grove.
Build what, Jake? Right now they're making way for a mega mall.
You said they, Jake, who's they? Developers, they've been buying the land up for over a year.
No one will shop on Main Street anymore.
It will never be the same.
No, no, I suppose not.
I'm sorry but I have the proof right here.
You've done this community a real service.
I should've listened sooner.
Thank you, Chief Russell.
Welcome back.
Cassie, it's time.
Here, put this on during your speech.
It's my charm bracelet.
Magic charm? Good luck charm.
Emphasis on the good.
Friends, neighbours, many of you know Lori, my stepdaughter.
She's been working on a family tree.
And I am deeply touched and grateful to be included among the branches.
It's a beautiful image, isn't it? A family tree? Because like a tree a family is a living thing.
That flourishes in the summer, sheds its autumn glory, endures the rough winter and lives to grow again.
When I first came to this town I was a stranger.
Perhaps a little stranger than most.
ALL: (Chuckling) Things weren't always easy but in time Middleton became my family, too.
A living thing.
Like trees in a forest, we grow, our branches reach up for the sky while at the same time our roots drive down deep.
And that is what's at stake for our town.
Let's not forget our roots.
Without them, without the enduring love that supports every family we wouldn't be the beautiful, neighbourly, loving town that we are.
If I'm mayor I'll do my best to keep it that way.
(Applause) Cassie.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I had a whole other speech planned but I just went with what I was feeling.
No, I mean, congratulations on being our next mayor.
Shouldn't we have an election first? I guess we could but I'm not going to get a lot of votes when I'm endorsing you.
- What? - That's right.
You're exactly what this town needs right now.
What do you need, Derek? I want to be what I've always been, a police officer.
Maybe I'll be mayor one day or chief of police but I'm happy doing what I do best.
You sound like a man who knows exactly what he wants and where he's going.
And I didn't need that crazy compass to figure it out.
I'm sorry you had no use for my little gift.
I realized that I'm a terrific cop without it.
Unless that was the gift.
Well, that makes it official.
- Every last ballot has been counted.
- And? And? Cassie Nightingale is the new mayor of Middleton by a near unanimous decision.
Martha, thank you so much for everything.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you, I couldn't do without Tom.
- Thank you.
- After you.
I suppose it isn't easy for you.
Passing the mantle of power? It's as easy as walking out the door.
You know there is a state gubernatorial election under two years.
- If we started tomorrow I know I could - Now Martha? - Yes, Tom? - Are you listening? Yes, Tom.
I love you, Martha.
Do you have to leave tomorrow? I have a long journey ahead of me.
And some people to see.
I'm afraid I already booked my flight.
A round trip ticket, I hope.
I'll be back now that I have a family to come home to.
You'll always have a home here, Abigail.
I'm just sorry that I'm going to miss your birthday.
Oh, I completely forgot.
My birthday's this Saturday.
Sweet 16, Lori, in all the excitement.
No big deal.
Well, let's go in here.
ALL: Surprise! Happy birthday, Lori.
Happy birthday, honey.
It doesn't look like the family room at all.
It's beautiful.
I guess that's a good thing.
Make a wish.
I've got my wish.
(Blowing) Okay, everyone, give it up for the birthday girl, my sister Lori! Are you ready to party? Good beat.
Let me hear you shout Turn it up Let me hear you shout Let me hear you shout I thought you might be up here.
Just giving the teenagers a break.
It is their party.
I can't remember the last time I sat down.
It's been a long couple of weeks.
But now that things have settled down a bit, I've been thinking.
About what? About family.
The future.
I'm ready.
For what? For a little twig on the top of that family tree.
Oh, Jake, that's wonderful.
Because I'm pregnant.
Looks like all our wishes are coming true.