Good Witch (2015) s01e90 Episode Script

Good Witch Halloween

With this charm, set forth the power to hide my true intentions.
When they look upon me, let them only see the good and not the evil in my heart.
Let me confuse and beguile and turn them against each other.
Therein, keep my soul and thoughts secret so I may bring the Merrywick women down.
Hmm Hello, Stephanie.
One of these days I am going to figure out how you do that.
That looks good.
You are glowing.
- Well, it's that time of year.
- You do love Halloween.
It's almost like Christmas for you, huh? Yeah, it's filled with traditions and family and a little bit of magic So yes, it's very special.
I passed by Grey House and didn't see any decorations out.
I was waiting for the whole family to get here before I did any real decorating.
Oh, so you're gonna get them all to help you? Yeah.
Everyone's so busy.
It just gets harder every year to keep our traditions alive.
This Halloween needs to be extra special.
Hmm so hanging twinkling lights and carving pumpkins helps keep your family strong? Yes.
Speaking of traditions, are you going to go for six years in a row? Oh, that trip to New York is all mine.
- Trip to New York? - The winner of the Harvest Festival Queen competition gets a trip to New York, compliments of the Middletown town council.
People stopped running against me after the third year.
I may not have a date, but I will have my crown.
So confident Hey, Sam.
Abigail has your to-go order ready.
- Not dining in? - I need to work on my maze.
- There's a sentence you don't hear every day.
- I promised Martha and the town council that I'd build a walk-through maze.
Never been a Halloween guy, but I missed out on so many with Nick in New York that I want to make an effort this year.
Maze sounds like it's going to be complicated but very satisfying.
Hi Sam Bye Sam.
So George tells me that the B & B is booked solid and you're short of family help to turn Grey House haunted.
Of course, now I've got a maze to build.
- Of course.
- But Nick could lend a hand.
- Or two.
- I think asking Nick is perfect.
- I will.
- OK.
How's Ryan? Still in Chicago.
Surprised he ended up taking that Jones job.
Yeah, not so surprising.
Any plans to move back to Middleton? - Well, he hasn't sold his house.
- Sounds like he's coming back.
- I think he wants to.
- Oh? - But time will tell.
- True.
- You need a ride? - Excuse me? To Grey House.
Joseph Weld, the doctor from Chicago? My luggage.
Neat trick.
Cassie Nightingale? Website.
- You know, you're much prettier in person.
- Shall we? We shall.
I have a bone to pick with you, Miss Cassie Nightingale.
- Hi, Martha.
- No! No time for small talk.
What's this I hear that Grey House is going to be dark? Lori tells me that you won't be doing your usual haunted house because you're all too busy.
Now, as you well know, the Grey House Haunted House is a Halloween staple here.
It is a Middleton family tradition to trick or treat and then tour your haunted house and then end up at the festival to close out the night.
The whole town is counting on you.
Don't worry, Martha.
The Merrywick women are never - too busy for Halloween.
- Oh.
Well, good.
Great, actually.
So what are you waiting for, Christmas? String some lights, carve some pumpkins and haunt this place up, pronto.
Oh, Mom! Where are the skeleton napkin rings? Oh, they're on the table, wrapped around the spooky cat napkins.
- I love Halloween.
- Me too.
I mean, seriously.
It's like the best holiday ever.
I mean, how can Halloween not be everyone's favourite holiday? Between the decorations and the costumes, - all you can eat candy - Mm It doesn't get any better.
And Mom? I promise to never lose sight of how special - Halloween is to me.
- I hope so.
Got that doctor checked in and settled.
The inn is officially full.
I'll get it.
Grey House Bed and Breakfast.
Yay! - There you go.
- Thank you.
Sorry to barge in, but Our apartment building has a wasp infestation.
- No way.
- Yep.
- We are officially homeless.
- Never.
You'll stay here.
I thought we were booked.
That was the Freeman couple.
They had to cancel work.
You knew.
So I waited for everyone to be together so we could decorate Grey House for the festival.
I thought we weren't going to do that this year - 'cause it's so late.
- Oh, come on, you guys.
I mean, we can't let the whole town down.
No, or each other.
It's Halloween.
It's Grey House.
It's what we do as a family every year.
Pardon me sorry to interrupt, but I need some towels.
- Oh.
- I'll get them.
I don't believe we've met.
But I feel like I know you already.
Joseph, this is my family - Hi, I'm Grace.
- Tara.
- Brandon.
- George.
Be right back.
- And I'm Abigail.
- Right.
Do you want to join us? You know what? I have a bit of a headache.
I think I'm going to lay down.
Close my eyes.
Oh, I think I might have parked behind you.
- Just let me know if you need me to move my car.
- I took the train, - so we're good.
- Oh.
- Alright.
- Bye.
- OK, how did I miss that? - Mom! He's cute.
Seriously, - not bad for an old guy.
- I don't know about cute, but - he does have a certain charm.
- All I know is that he uses too many towels.
Well, I'll just have to make up for all of you in making our guest feel welcome.
Just remember, the first and only rule when I re-opened Grey House is that we treat our guests like family.
He shoots, he scores.
You're going to help me with the walk-through maze, right? - No way.
- OK, then I told Cassie you could help them decorate Grey House.
You can't just volunteer me up without asking.
And I'm not going to that festival.
Halloween is for kids, and just in case you missed it, - I'm not a kid anymore.
- You used to love dressing up.
- I was 5.
- I'm not a big Halloween guy either, but it's important to be part of the community.
Nick does have a point.
OK, look.
Decorating aside, sweetheart, you may end up having fun with your friends at the festival.
- OK yeah.
Maybe you're right, Mom.
- Great.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to - Undermine me with Nick? You know, Nick may be living with you, Sam, but I am still his mother.
And I'm staying right next door.
And I said I was sorry.
Oh, come on.
I am not some evil witch.
You and I both want what's best for Nick.
I never called you a witch.
Your lawyer did twice.
Was that my lawyer? Yeah.
Look, I can't go around giving citations to every business who refuses to participate in this year's decoration contest.
Your lips are moving, but the wrong words are coming out.
Halloween is optional.
We are Middleton.
We are Halloween.
Now let's table this discussion and move on, shall we, to how you're going to help me have the best display that City Hall has ever seen.
Thank you.
I need pumpkins.
Many, many pumpkins.
Ooh! You getting a horse? At this point, I think it'd be easier.
You know, I followed the instructions I got online, but I keep ending up with a straight path because my bales keep falling apart when I try to make turns.
Think the town will be happy with just a straight, - festive hay walkway? - The residents of Middleton - love Halloween - Oh, so if I fail, I will have let down an entire town.
When you succeed, you will have made Halloween better - for an entire town.
- If I don't succeed, Martha is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.
Halloween is a big thing in Middleton.
We get a lot of visitors.
- I think Martha just wants to make sure that - That she looks good.
I was going to say she wants to make sure - the festival is special.
- You know what's not special? Having all of these great plans for Halloween and your son wants nothing to do with them or you.
"The best laid plans of mice and men " Steinbeck.
Um, Burns.
Robert Burns right.
The poet.
Steinbeck used a line from the poem for the novel.
Your book club must hate you.
What are we talking about again? Oh, uh plans.
Burns knew that plans are what we want to happen, not necessarily what actually happen.
I disagree with Mr.
I think if you plan something well, it will actually happen.
Well that's all fine and good until your plans don't work out.
Clearly, that has never happened to me.
Would you like some tea? There seems to be so much, I don't know what to choose.
Allow me.
Did you come for the festival? No.
But this is the big event in town? Oh, yeah.
All the shop owners on Main Street decorate.
Grey House's haunted house is a big attraction.
Cassie decorates like you wouldn't believe.
There's a festival in the park with live music and a costume contest and at the end, there's a big dance and they crown a Harvest Queen.
And I just threw my hat in the ring.
Winner gets a free trip to New York.
- Can't beat that, right? - I love New York in the fall.
Does that mean I can count on your vote? Absolutely.
I'm famished.
Lunch? I have to work, but I could do dinner.
- Don't you have family plans? - No.
I thought the family was decorating.
Oh, hi! I gotta run; I'm late for work.
Oh, and count me out of family time.
I have a date.
Sorry to interrupt, but my bathroom seems to have sprung a leak.
- You're, uh - New.
Just moved here.
We have Calc together.
Oh, right.
- So are you going? - To the festival? No, the haunted place.
Grey House.
Rumour is there are real witches living there.
- What? - It's not actually haunted.
- How do you know? - Well, because I live there.
- Let's go.
- OK.
Nice to meet you.
- It's all done.
- Thank you, George.
Sorry, Cassie.
I thought I fixed that pipe.
I must not have sealed it properly.
George, old house, old pipes.
Don't blame yourself.
Well, I think we're going to have to replace a main valve.
And we'll need an outside plumber for that big a job.
Just a few drops and you'll sleep like a baby.
No time to beat around the bush.
I need your help just a little bit of your "magic.
" - Magic? - I need you to fix me up.
I've decided I can't be a Queen without a King.
Some of history's greatest queens were single.
- I don't care about history.
- I care about having a date.
Things didn't work out with Sam.
He wasn't ready and now that his ex-wife is in town I just want someone complication-free.
- Hello there.
- Hi, uh - Where can I find - Over there.
- Plai essential oil.
- Excuse me? For your sister.
It's steam distilled from the rhizome of Plai, wild-grown in Thailand.
- Oh OK.
- It's widely regarded for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenative properties.
She has a bad back car accident.
Well, that shelf has exactly what you need.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- I'm Ben, by the way.
- Hi Ben, I'm Cassie Nightingale and this is Stephanie.
I just moved here from Kansas.
My sister got a divorce.
Single mom, so I came to help out.
- Family.
- Yeah.
It's the most important thing.
I'm a plumber/handyman by trade, so if you ever need some work done - Thank you.
- OK.
I have a feeling And I have a feeling I want you to keep looking.
Hi, Nick.
Just so you girls know, there'll be a pop quiz in History today.
- How do you know that? - How do you know? I just do.
It's kind of weird to know something that hasn't happened yet.
- Spooky.
- Maybe she's a witch.
She was doing you a favour, alright? That's not cool.
- You didn't have to do that.
- I did.
This is so sweet.
Well, you have way too much to do, so I thought I'd bring dinner.
Thank you.
OK, you're all set.
I replaced the valve and got the water back on.
Hello, Stephanie.
Ben What a surprise.
Welcome, Ben.
Now, if you'll excuse me - He's sweet.
- I don't do sweet.
I do smoldering and romantic.
He can't even look me in the eye.
Maybe he's waiting for you to look him in the eye.
He's sweet, just not for me.
- So, Stephanie - she's, uh she's nice.
And currently unattached.
The plumbing problem has been addressed, so we need to focus.
There isn't much time - before we have to open Grey House for Halloween.
- I mean, there's so much to do.
Maybe a little bit too much? - I agree.
- I think we need to work in pairs on the different projects.
Strength in numbers it's what's going to help us get this place ready faster.
I could start with the front porch.
No, I think we need to work on the inside first.
OK, but I have to get my article in by the end of the week.
Yeah, I'll do what I can, but I am a police officer.
Even when I'm not on duty, I kind of am.
Cassie, it's the end of the month.
I've got a lot of work to do in the books.
I'm sorry.
It's good Nick's here.
He's not here for me.
Well, honestly, neither am I.
- Hello, Nick.
- Hey.
This book spoke to me.
But I have a feeling it could find a better home with you.
I used to be obsessed with knights when I was kid.
For four straight Halloweens I was King Arthur.
You'd still make an excellent knight.
No offense Cassie, but I'll be sitting this Halloween out.
Are you going to help your father? He doesn't really want my help.
He still thinks I'm a kid.
But still, thanks for the book.
- Cassie.
- Linda! I didn't bring enough for all of us.
- Oh, no.
I was just leaving.
- Alright.
You know, if you need me to leave Grey House to make more room for your family, Sam has a spare room at his place.
I could - You are welcome to stay as long as you need.
- OK.
- I need you to vote for me.
- For Harvest Queen.
- I'm running.
- Against Stephanie? Yes.
Can I count on your vote? We're family.
- What are you up to? - Me? - Mm-hmm.
- I just love New York in the fall.
And I like to win, - plain and simple.
- Not so plain and never simple when you are involved.
- Where's Nick? - I don't know.
So, are you two ? We're friends.
I don't know how you trapped Nick, but everyone is talking about that house of yours - and your mother.
- Maybe she used a spell on him.
That would explain a lot.
- What are you doing? - Huh? That's Cassie's.
And this is a family space, it's not public.
Oh sorry.
My mistake.
Hey Hey wait! - What's going on? - Your daughter is being rude.
Interesting tactic for a charming, homey B & B.
He was upstairs in the attic going through your trunk.
- He's allowed to be in the house.
- Can you stay out of this? No, I will not stand by and watch you attack a guest.
I don't want to cause trouble.
- I'm with Lori.
- Big surprise.
- You two always stick together.
- Look, I didn't realize that - it wasn't a public space.
- It's an attic.
- Joseph, I am so sorry.
- It's OK.
No, it's not.
He was upstairs, just going through our stuff.
- Your stuff.
- I've seen him snooping around too.
You have to ask him to leave.
Joseph isn't the problem.
Remind me again.
Why are we carving pumpkins? - Because we always do.
- It's tradition.
- Every year.
- We attack innocent guests and then carve pumpkins? - Do you need to get that? - Uh, no I'm just going to silence it.
Once we finish the first round of pumpkins, I need your help finishing the lights and the cobwebs out front.
Don't worry, if we all work together, we can get Grey House extra spooky this year.
Excuse me.
Did you get my memo and my pumpkin? I am going to create the biggest carved pumpkin display - that City Hall has ever seen.
- Eve Where did you put it? You are openly defying my mandatory order for businesses to decorate.
- We're trying.
- Try harder.
Put your back into it, man.
You left so quickly, you forgot your coat.
Why is that? That you left so quickly? What's up? Nothing.
There's a rumour going around school that I'm a witch and that Grey House is haunted.
Well, rumours are the playthings of unintelligent beings.
You shouldn't let them get to you.
It's too late for that.
- They're just jealous.
- Hello, you two.
You look like you are having a less-than-good day.
The kids at school are giving her a hard time.
It must be hard this time of year.
Hard to combat a rumour that Grey House is haunted, especially when your mother is advertising that it is.
This is the first Halloween where I'm honestly not happy to be living in "haunted central" Grey House.
Well, good luck, Grace.
Thank you.
You know what? He's right.
Mom's plans for Grey House are just going to make things worse.
Hey! Oh, is that the book Cassie gave you? - Uh, yeah.
- You used to love all things knight.
Hey, what do you say you and I dress up like Knights of the Round Table this Halloween? What? No, I told you, I'm too old for that.
It could be fun.
As a matter of fact What is this? Oh, there's a costume shop in Blairsville.
- I picked them up on my way home.
- No way.
- Why? - Look, I don't know what's up with all this Halloween stuff, but the time for matching father and son costumes is over.
Thank you.
Oh, Cassie! I must compliment you on both your Halloween spirit and your d├ęcor.
Bell Book is a shining example for others to follow.
Now, how is our haunted house coming? - Right on schedule.
- I wish all the business owners were more like you.
And when I say all the business owners, I mean Sam "I can't be bothered to carve a pumpkin" Radford.
That man has absolutely no town spirit.
Oh, he's got plenty of spirit.
He allowed that new receptionist Eve to throw my memo in the trash.
He's got spirit.
He's just trying to work his way through the maze right now.
Well, he does owe me one truly confusing maze and a freshly carved pumpkin.
Tout de suite.
- I could fix that.
- I just had it fixed.
Like all the other broken things around here.
Oh, yeah, sure.
- How much? - How about lunch? Free lunch? Done.
No, um I want to have lunch with you.
I mean, the least you get out of it is a cabinet that won't break on you again.
I promise.
OK I know she has it.
It's got to be here somewhere.
Hi, Sam.
Tutankhamun? His tomb.
Very intricate.
Deadly twists and turns.
Very mazy.
Well, I have two days and a bunch of hay and I don't think - the citizens of Middleton are looking for deadly.
- No, that's probably true.
But thanks.
I had this great idea for Nick and me to dress up as knights and he shot me down hard.
I'm trying to make up for lost time and it's just not working on any level.
I guess that depends on what you're trying to make up for.
- Meaning? - Is it possible that maybe this is too much about you and not enough about Nick? Maybe.
Well then, stop trying to recreate and just create.
- What? - A fresh start.
Clear of guilt and expectations.
That's easier said than done.
If it were easy, everyone would do it.
I just want to turn back time.
I think it's more important to use the time we have, wisely.
- Special occasion? - Yes.
I am making our traditional "get in the spirit of Halloween" dinner - for my family.
- Nice.
Family, I mean.
I believe food is a direct pathway to the soul.
It reaches us at a very primal place.
This is all very, uh eclectic.
Brandon's favourite soup, Grace's favourite drink, Lori's favourite pie, Abigail's favourite veggies, George's potatoes all to accompany my famous Eggplant Parmesan.
You seem to be looking for something.
- If I can help - No, you can't do more than you're already doing.
Some spares, just in case you need them.
A witch can never have too many brooms, or can she? You alright, Grace? Yeah, fine.
I just hate this digital technology.
Oh, yeah, me too.
It's as if people are too busy tweeting or calling or texting about what they're doing instead of actually experiencing what they're doing.
Oh, no, I'm not texting about us.
No, it's Lori.
She's helping me with my profile for Harvest Festival Queen.
Right I hear you're the reigning Queen.
That I am.
Well, if you need to handle something, - you know - Oh, no, I'm good.
Keep talking.
Aw, you know, I hate to cut this short, but I remembered I told Cassie I'd help her with the last of the booths for the festival.
Oh, OK.
So It was nice.
You have to look at the maze like a puzzle.
This maze is making my brain bleed.
Lay out the bales as if you didn't know the ending.
Well, maybe you could just walk me through a blueprint.
I could do that.
And then maybe we could take your plan and make the greatest maze Middleton has ever seen.
Yeah, we could do that.
- I gotta go.
- But what about the maze? I'm late for my friends.
Sorry, Dad.
Coffee's on me.
I need to go over the menu for the festival with Stephanie.
She should be back soon, but I'm glad you stopped by.
- You are? - I wanted to run a few things by you.
- Yes.
- I'm thinking about taking my campaign for Harvest Queen to the next level.
- Really? - But I wouldn't want to do anything against the rules.
- Rules? - I had this idea that would really open up the campaign.
- And how would you do that? - Well, I've already spoken to several businessmen regulars who want to run ads for me, which would in turn promote the festival.
I'm sorry, did you say local businessmen? Mm-hmm.
Yes, print and radio and also some flyers.
Do you think anyone else that's running would take issue with that? How many local businessmen? Linda! Cassie.
Can I be honest with you? - Sure.
- I need you to stop helping.
OK, interfering.
Nick is my son.
And you are everywhere with books and advice and I'm really trying to make this situation with Nick and Sam work, and I can't compete with all of this.
Oh, Linda.
I'm not competing with you.
I think you are.
So if you wouldn't mind, if you could just back off, just a little bit, and give me a fighting chance, here.
Hello George? What? Grace I asked Grandpa not to call you.
What's going on? I don't want to talk about it.
Sometimes, holding things inside can make them grow bigger and stronger.
It helps to talk.
There's a rumour going around school that I'm a witch and that Grey House is haunted.
Did that help? No.
It didn't.
Look, high school is hard enough, but this haunted house is not helping.
- Grace - Mom.
Cancel it.
- Just do it.
- Closing Grey House isn't the answer.
- It is.
- The answer is not letting others define who we are.
Honey, you're beautiful and you are strong and smart.
I love you.
It's going to get better.
It won't.
Mom, I have these feelings and when I have them, they're usually right.
- Grace - So, what? You're just going to choose Halloween over me? Not having the haunted house here is not what you need.
- It won't help you.
- It will.
You just don't want to ruin your Halloween.
Thanks for the help.
What's this? Oh, that's the advance for tomorrow's paper.
Since when are you running for Harvest Queen? It's just a friendly competition - with a free trip to New York.
- Yeah.
- My free trip to New York.
- Hey, don't worry.
People usually vote for the incumbent anyway, right? I will not go to the Fall Festival dateless and come home crownless too.
Well, then, may the best woman win.
She already has five times.
Hey, Ben.
- Hi.
- It's Abigail.
Um, can I get the turkey sandwich to go, please? I would love to get you a turkey sandwich.
He's cute and a man of few words.
I like that.
He's got a real George Clooney thing going on, don't you think? That abandoned car? It's registered to Joseph Weld Cassie's guest.
But he didn't take a car here.
He took a train.
So how did his car end up here? - I don't know.
- And why would he abandon it? Suspicious.
I mean, it definitely doesn't add up.
With this guy, nothing adds up.
Look, you already accused him once without having - all your ducks in a row.
- You're right.
I need to have a real case next time I bring this to Cassie.
- Yeah.
You do.
- I just don't understand why she doesn't get the same vibe from this guy that Lori and I get.
I mean, she's usually three steps ahead of the rest of us, but when comes to Joseph Weld, it's like she's blind.
I want what's mine.
It's why I came.
You have it.
And you're going to give it back.
What is it that you think I have? Do you know our families have a shared history? Almost hundred years ago, my family was forced out of Middleton.
- Forced? - My great-grandfather, Henry, was engaged to your great-grandmother.
- Laurel Merrywick.
- And as the story goes, when Henry broke off the engagement, Laurel cursed him.
Cursed him for life and lineage.
Henry lost his businesses, he lost his money He left Middleton, angry and broke.
The Merrywicks would never curse anyone.
I don't believe in curses, but I do believe in treasure.
Before my father died, he told me there is a key hidden here at Grey House.
Given to your relative by one of my relatives - for safekeeping.
- A key.
It belongs to a safety deposit box at Middleton National Bank.
There is a lot of family jewelry from that time not accounted for.
I believe that safety deposit box contains a small fortune that will change my life.
We need to get out of here.
The electrical box was sparking.
Frayed wire.
Old wiring, maybe.
Or maybe not.
We've had a few too many accidents since you checked in.
I'm thinking maybe you need to check out.
- Not without that key.
- What key? My great-grandfather was Henry Weld.
He left something of value here and I'm here to claim it.
My father knew Henry's son.
The stories about the Welds weren't good.
Stories? Well, the story as I know it was Henry lost the family fortune on a bad business deal.
His actions created a huge rift in the family.
They fled Middleton and scattered across the country in shame.
It's a terrible story.
Stories aren't always as simple as they seem.
- You trust him? - I do.
There's something else out there that I don't trust.
I say this Joseph Weld needs to leave.
You heard what Grandpa said about the Welds.
It's wrong to form an opinion about someone when we don't know the whole story.
There's more to Joseph than this.
- Mom, he's creepy.
- OK, well, being different isn't creepy.
It's just different.
I think he should leave.
- I think that you're being unfair.
- He could be dangerous.
- He needs our help.
- If Dad were still alive But he's not.
I'm here, and Joseph hasn't done anything - to warrant me kicking him out.
- I know you always see the good in everyone, but there's no good in this guy.
If you won't protect this family, I will.
No, no, no, no, no.
I need it higher and more.
Nah, you can't do that.
I need this display to create well, to be honest, envy and jealousy.
'Tis the season.
I hate to interrupt official police business Ha ha.
Feel free to help.
- There's more in her office.
- Oh, I'm on a case, actually.
- Joseph Weld? - I mean, I could stay and help.
Please, it's enough that one of us has to endure this.
Go be a policeman.
I hate to leave a man behind.
Save yourself.
Brain power.
To help you study later.
In Indian folk medicine, it's known as the "herb of grace.
" You know, I could really use your help getting Grey House ready.
Halloween is tomorrow and this place is a long way from being properly haunted.
Would that be such a bad thing? I'm sorry.
I'm just not that into Halloween this year.
We both have gifts that make us special.
We both see and feel things that other people can't.
I just want to be normal, Mom.
I don't want you to let others dictate what is normal for you.
This gift that I have, that I get from you I didn't ask for it.
I don't want it.
Honey, I understand.
I spent my whole life with people questioning who I am and what I do Staying true to yourself, it pays off in the end.
You don't understand, Mom.
It's you, too.
They're talking about you and the haunted house.
Being a Merrywick is ruining my life.
I don't want anything to do with this haunted house or Halloween.
On the house.
What'd I do to deserve that? Let's just say it's an apology for the way my family has been treating you.
I got pretty heated with your cousin.
Still Enjoy.
Here you go.
I think you've made an enemy.
Oh, she's just upset because I'm running against her for Harvest Queen.
And I'm winning.
I believe sometimes you sometimes need to make enemies - in order to get what you want.
- I couldn't agree more.
I mean, anything is possible if you want it badly enough.
So you're voting for me.
What can I do for you? I'm sure I'll think of something.
Sam! Hey, I got your message.
- You wanted to show me something? Your maze? - It's impressive.
And tall.
- Tutankhamun's got nothing on me.
- Can I take it for a spin? Sure Martha's in there right now, testing it out.
- Martha? - Yeah.
Can anybody hear me?! That monstrosity is not a maze, - it's a deathtrap.
- Martha No, no.
No, no.
Halloween is tomorrow.
The posters are up, the website has promised the people of Middleton a walk-through Halloween maze.
And my good word is on the line.
- So, excuse me.
- Martha's a little claustrophobic.
I think you need some help, Sam.
No, I think I might need to leave town.
Just so we're clear, you are not going to hurt my family.
Trust me, your family is not my concern.
Well, they're very much my concern.
So you've got about a day, 2 max, before you're gonna leave with or without the key.
You're expecting company? - Yes, you.
- Thanks.
- Sorry about your maze.
- I will rebuild.
If I couldn't get Nick to help me the first time Well, you know what they say: - "If first you don't succeed " - Stop! Starting over can be a good thing.
You do know the definition of insanity Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
I'm not insane.
Nick wants his independence.
Independence doesn't mean you can't be close.
Take a step back, look at the big picture.
The big picture is I missed my window with him.
Pick a different path.
You sure that guy isn't trouble? - Grey House.
- Do not give your guest - what he wants.
- Who is this? Keep Grey House open at your own risk.
] It sounded like him.
- It's not Joseph.
- How do you know? I can sense him, I can feel his energy.
It's not dark or menacing.
So then, who is it? Someone I can't see.
- No way.
- Way! - What? - I got 2 tickets to the Blairsville cemetery crawl.
- Cemetery crawl? - It's super creepy and totally sold out.
How? Ah, I know a guy who knows a guy.
John is gonna freak when he finds out we're going.
Thanks Dad.
This is great.
Well, you and John have a creepy good time - on me.
- So cool! Just be careful! John! Man, you are never going to believe this.
Those weren't for Nick and his friend, they were - for you and Nick, weren't they? - Yeah.
You know, Sam, kids are supposed to leave the nest.
I know.
I get it.
I understand.
I just wish I had more time.
My beautiful, beautiful, display, It's completely ruined, all of it.
Maybe stacking all those pumpkins - so high wasn't such a good idea.
- Really? Is that what you think? Sorry.
- What can I do? - Can you fly around the planet like Superman and turn back time? No.
But, ah Hey! Look, you know, we can fix this.
- Halloween is tomorrow.
- Maybe people won't realize that your pumpkin display is missing? I have been on every news outlet that would give me ink or a microphone, shouting to all that I have the most spectacular display of community Halloween spirit in the state.
I mean, we'll probably have twice as many people at the festival this year.
Oh! Twice as many people to see me utterly humiliated.
Hm! Wow! That's really something.
- Thank you, George.
- Where do you want it? Um above the mantle.
I'll take good care of the Grey lady.
Hm George, have you seen my decorations for the foyer? I haven't seen them anywhere and they used to be in a trunk, - in the garage.
- No, haven't seen them.
Thank you for coming, thank you so much for you support.
I leave for a second and this.
There you go! Don't forget to vote.
You have to get Abigail to stop.
Abigail is uniquely independent.
- You mean stubborn.
- Yeah, we can't control what others do.
We can only control how we react to what they do.
You know what? I'm gonna bring the bottle back on the house.
Thank you.
- Are you insane? - What, the mixer? It's only for an hour.
A local businessman insisted on hosting it for me.
So sweet and supportive.
- Here's to Abigail.
- Abigail! This is my restaurant.
If you're thinking of firing me, imagine how people would view that - dirty pool! - Why are you doing this? My wardrobe needs a New York update.
Abigail is out of control.
She has gone way too far.
Well, the question is: Have you gone far enough? Do you want that crown? I am surprised at how much I want it.
Maybe it's time you let the town know that.
- How are you? - Pretty good! Never too late to get the right message out there.
Hm - Here you go.
- Ah, thank you.
Joseph! We need to talk.
Did you find it? Did you find the key? No.
But I did find this.
Would you like to explain or should we talk to your brother? You both have the same ring.
- Jackson? - Your twin.
- Twin brother? - Identical twin.
- Why would Jackson be here? - We both know about the key and the treasure I guess he decided to try - to find it before I could.
- But why mess with us? All these things that he's clearly been doing? Revenge.
Plain and simple.
He blames Cassie's family for our family's financial troubles.
But if Jackson were nearby, then Cassie would you would feel something dark.
Your brother, does he like charms? - He does.
- Jackson may be using a charm to mirror Joseph's good energy.
It's like hiding in plain sight.
So he's using me as cover.
In a way.
How's the haunted house going, Grace? Ahem! I don't know and I don't care.
Your family's into Halloween hard core! Well, I'm not.
I actually think it's kind of stupid.
- I don't believe you.
- You know what they say: "Once a witch, always a witch.
" You really gotta stop letting them get to you.
I just wanna be like everyone else in school.
I just wanna be normal, Nick.
You're so not normal.
Thank you.
No, no, no, Grace, that's not what I meant.
I like that you're not like everyone else.
You're unique.
Like no other.
There are so many Brendas in this school, but only one Grace Russell.
Be who you are.
But don't care what other people think.
When did you become so wise? I'm like the Obi-Wan of this place.
How goes the maze? Let's just say it's not the Halloween I'd hoped for.
I bought tickets to the Blairsville Cemetery crawl.
Oh! Spooky fun? That Nick will be having with his friend, John.
I really thought I could get a do-over.
- I'm not sure there is such a thing as a true do-over.
- Meaning? I'm just saying focus on the now.
Kids will go off and live their lives like they are supposed to but they come back, and when they do, just make sure you're there.
- I think this will be perfect.
- Cassie, I have failed my office and my town.
- Martha - I need over one hundred carved pumpkins by tomorrow.
You just need to think outside the box or the pumpkin.
No use.
Well, do you want to set up a carving station at Grey House? Oh, how sweet! - No.
- OK.
Could you do me favor? I need to deliver these to the festival coordinator at the park.
They're gonna be used for prizes for apple bobbing.
Sure, why not? My professional reputation is hanging by a thread, but by all means, let's get these stuffed ghosts to the festival.
- Good afternoon, Martha.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
- Hey! - We've been tailing Joseph.
- Why? Because I'm not 100% sure that he and his brother weren't working together.
I don't think - Joseph means me or our family harm.
- So where is he? I don't know, but I definitely don't get a sense of either of them right now.
Well, you wouldn't get a sense of Jackson, right, because he's using that charm thing against you.
- Not anymore.
- What do you mean? Jackson used a charm to hide his sinister intentions from the Merrywick women, but once you helped me see he was there, the charm was broken.
- Maybe he left.
- They may be out of sight, but they're not gone.
So there's a warrant out for breaking-and-entering and vandalism at Grey House.
Cassie, Jackson has a long police record in Chicago.
He's seriously bad news and he clearly has it in for you and the family.
We need to find him as soon as possible.
Alright, I'll see you guys later.
- See you at the harvest fest.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- It's coming together.
I am never gonna finish in time.
Ha! Mom told me that you got the tickets for you and me.
No problem.
Go with John tonight.
Thanks, Dad.
So tell me, exactly what is a cemetery crawl? It's so cool.
You walk through the cemetery and when you get to certain graves, these people pop out, and they talk about their life What I love is You know, I should go.
We can talk later.
- Why? - You have a lot of work.
You have to have this all finished by tomorrow.
Well I've got time.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
We need six more chairs over here.
- Great, thanks.
- From Cassie.
- Thanks you.
- Wait a minute.
Where's our "ghoulish" cotton candy booth? - They pulled out.
- But this is our most popular booth! - I know.
- Ah! You know, after our "date" in the park, I wasn't sure you'd call me back.
That wasn't a date.
You'll know when I take you on a date.
- Will I? - Yeah.
And will I know that soon? Maybe Now are you ready? I am.
You know, I realize I care about winning Harvest Festival Queen because I care about Middleton.
Being chosen to represent the festival means that the community believes in me, and they do and have even when I haven't.
They're my family.
Haha! Thanks for helping me.
I just hope it's not too late.
Festival is tomorrow.
It's never too late to get the right message out there.
Well - let's do this.
- Yeah.
- I didn't order this.
- It's on the house.
Say, between us if two people wanted to have a private conversation at Grey House what would you recommend? Leaving.
Seriously, any hidden spaces, you know? Nooks, rooms? Old houses have those, right? I mean if What's that? Make sure you vote for Stephanie! Stephanie for Harvest Queen! Six years in a row! - Oh, sure! - Thank you, Middleton! I love you! Hope to see you at the Harvest Festival.
- Brandon - Hey.
- What's all this? - It's my contribution - to the Halloween decorations.
- Wow.
It's us all of us you, Lori, Grace, Abigail, Grandpa.
That's me.
Yeah, you were a very happy clown.
My nose honked and everything.
Lori was a great witch for, like, three years running.
I wonder where she got that idea.
Um, I wonder.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, how that you're all here, Derek and I have been talking, and we both think that as long as Jackson is still out there we probably shouldn't open Grey House this Halloween.
- No tours? - Wait, no trick-or-treaters? It's just not safe.
We don't know what this guy is capable of.
Well, Halloween is tomorrow, and this house if far from haunted.
I guess between not being ready and Jackson Weld it's official, Grey House is closed for Halloween.
I think it's for the best.
Wow! So, we're really not gonna do Halloween at Grey House? With everything going on, it's just too dangerous.
But we always do Halloween.
- How can you be so happy? - I'm just happy that I have my whole family is here with me and we're all safe.
Mom - I'm sorry.
- For what? Blaming all my problems with Brenda and Stacy on Grey House.
Don't be sorry.
I can't believe that we're not really opening up Grey House.
Halloween isn't about having trick-or-treaters or a haunted house here it's about our spirits and the spirit of the holiday and having our family here together to share that holiday.
So, open or closed, it'll still be Halloween - in here, where it counts.
- Still Halloween Yes.
- I love you.
So much.
- Oh! I didn't see that there.
- Are you OK? Yeah, I am.
Is she? - The Grey Lady is strong.
- Just like you.
Ah! What do you mean, you didn't finish? Well, I did the best I could; I just ran out of time.
Ah! Oh! Oh you! Is this your idea of a joke? - Ahhh - Wanna give it a spin? No.
Thank you.
I've come to the conclusion I'm not a maze person.
Good work! You wanna give it a try? I do.
- Thanks for this.
- Thanks for listening.
You're a talented kid.
You will figure it out.
Ha! Hey! Get back here! I have saved Halloween! - I always knew you would.
- I am taking my pumpkin display out of City Hall and bringing it to the people.
For the people.
By the well you know.
Everyone can help create a display at the festival.
I'm going to take over a booth and have a pumkin-carving station.
- You found a bigger space? - I found the biggest space.
I was dropping those prizes off at the park when Cassie Nightingale thank you.
I have to say, your campaign has been hard to miss.
- Thank you.
- So, why are you running? To win.
Yeah, OK, that's funny.
But why? To win.
It's a competition, right? OK let's find out what the reigning Harvest Festival Queen has to say Stephanie five time reigning queen I'll ask you, why should Middleton vote for you? I think the people of Middleton want someone they know and trust.
I love my town, and I would be honoured to wear that crown again this year.
Thank you.
- Have you guys voted yet? - No, actually.
Let me get you a coffee on the house.
So, are you going to be OK? - You mean, if I don't win? - Uh-huh.
- I tried my best.
- Yeah, you did.
You know, I realized just now how little I actually have been trying these last few years.
You had some pretty stiff competition to remind you.
Brandon what's going on? George spotted one of the Welds on the property.
I checked the perimeter; he's double-checking the garage.
- No sign of them? - No.
Maybe he was mistaken.
He wasn't mistaken.
I'll check it.
I think someone is down there.
Hello, Jackson.
- That's my brother.
- Where have you been? You said that Jackson was using me to mirror my energy.
I figured if I wasn't here, it'd make it easier to catch him.
Which it did.
You found it.
- It found me.
- The key to my inheritance.
Yes, I think it is.
I'm sorry about Jackson.
He followed me.
I feel - responsible.
- You're not responsible and you're not your brother.
Remember that.
Thank you.
- For what? - Believing me.
I know it must have looked like I was beyond guilty.
You should stay.
I have to go.
I'll let you know when I get to New York.
We're gonna be late for the festival.
Just have some patience.
- OK, right there.
- OK Stop.
One, two, three.
Surprise! I give you this year's very special and haunted Grey House which, thanks to you and Brandon, can now be open to the public.
As it should be.
I love it.
How did you find the time? - We made the time.
- Because we're Merrywicks.
- And Russells.
- We're a family.
And it's Halloween! Everybody get changed and get over to the festival, I'll hand out the candies and do the tour.
I'll meet you there later.
- Oh! We need a picture.
- Yes! For the collage.
- Group selfie? - I love it! Here.
- Your arm's longer.
- Yes.
One, two, three Happy Halloween! I feel like you should reconsider your career choices.
I don't think fortune telling's for you.
How's yours going? - That's good! - I'm almost done.
So thanks for coming.
I know that you're not really into this kind of stuff.
You know, we can bolt if you want.
I can't keep running.
Even if I want to.
- Wow.
- Oh look, you really are a witch.
I am.
And I know that you're both afraid, but you really should check out Grey House.
It's extra haunted this year.
- Oh? - And just a heads up, there will definitely be a quiz in American History tomorrow.
And Brenda, you might want to spend a little extra time on chapter six.
I'd hate to see you be at the bottom of curve again.
Happy Halloween! Is there really a pop quiz tomorrow? Oh, I have no idea.
What's the worst that can happen? She studies? You are one cool customer, Grace.
Let's go.
So, Cleo, happy Halloween.
Yes, it is very happy and magical, Mark Anthony.
He's here, he's in costume and he's actually enjoying himself.
And we connected.
In the present.
Well, let me buy you a cup of blood punch and a devil dog to celebrate.
Thanks, by the way.
I know you had something to do with Nick's turnaround.
No, but you did.
- I need to ask you something.
- Yes? Oh! It looks like great queens think alike.
- Apparently.
- Hey, Dad! Excuse me.
Ah, no man, huh? Nick and Sam, they really count on you, don't they? They count on you, too.
- Again.
- There it is! Nice.
And now, the moment that we've all been waiting for Oh my, this is a surprise.
Uh ahem! This year's Fall Harvest Festival Queen is Six times is the charm.
Stephanie! Now, everyone, please go and enjoy all that Middleton has to offer! - So Why did you withdraw? - Hm! - Well, that was nice.
- Stephanie made me work for it, though.
Hard to get her to shed that complacency.
To get up and fight.
I'm exhausted.
Well, like I said, what you did was nice.
Well, I'm a nice person.
I can be nice.
- Joseph.
- I'm on my way out of town.
Did you get everything you came for? I didn't find money, but I found the truth.
This is Laurel Merrywick and my great-grandmother.
I found a letter.
Laurel kept the key for my great-grandmother.
She'd always hoped to return to Middleton.
They were friends.
A Merrywick and a Weld.
Go figure.
I'd like you to have it.
Thank you, Cassie Nightingale.
So is it the Halloween you hoped for? It's exactly what I hoped for.
- Tell me, Sam, what is that you wanted to ask me? - Mom! Come dance with us! You too, Sam! Sam? Later.
But we do need to talk.
- About? - Us.
Mom! Mom, seriously, come!