Good Witch (2015) s03e07 Episode Script

In Sickness and in Health

- Previously on Good Witch - Shouldn't you be studying? - I already know everything.
- I had such dreams of leaving my mark in so many different places.
So you've made some improvements on this guy, huh? - Sam's been good for me, too.
- Yeah, you told me you'd never - fall in love again.
- I probably did say that.
Here you go! If you're not feeling your best, you can come back here anytime.
(door chimes) Can I help you find something? Oh, uh Here.
Take your pick.
I found these paintbrushes in Italy.
They were being sold by an artist who barely said a word to me.
He just let his art do the talking.
You can keep that one and just pay me if you think it inspires you to create.
Thank you.
Were you planning on setting up your easel out front? - I was.
- Well, then I'm eager to see how your art comes alive.
Mm-hmm I thought you were seeing patients all day.
Well, that's sort of why I'm here.
I need some ginger candies for a woman I'm treating with a digestion difficulty.
Oh! Are you finally seeing the value in some of my natural remedies? No, I'm sticking with science, but she's allergic to the medication I prescribed so I'm going with plan B.
Here, let me show you where they are.
That's not the only reason I came by.
- Oh - (romantic melody) Oh, for heaven's sake.
Alright, you two! We get it, you're in love.
A little restraint, please.
Hello, Martha.
Help yourself to as many as you like.
- Thank you.
- Hmm-hmm! Martha, thank you so much for stopping by.
I really wanted to talk to you about this weekend's Tri-Cities Healthfest.
Yes, and we're all looking forward to it.
Every year we just love what you put together to showcase the best this area has to offer for the mind, the body, and the spirit.
But maybe this year we could have two minds working on the event, instead of just one.
Well, you've always been able to handle it by yourself.
Yeah, I just thought that different perspectives might be useful.
Oh! Who did you want working with you? - I haven't asked him yet.
- I wanted to get your approval.
- Are you sure he has the time? - The Healthfest takes - a lot of work.
- Well, maybe his schedule will open up.
Then perhaps we should make sure that it does, shall we, before we bring him on board.
I'll let you make the announcement once everything's a go.
- What's in there? - Ginger candies.
- Ooh, that sounds delicious! - I know.
Want one? Oh, I couldn't possibly! But since you insist We can settle up later when we talk with you know who.
Ta-ta! Here.
Go get some more.
- Hey! - Oh! - Hi, Abigail.
- How was school? - Not so good.
- Mr.
Decarlo announced the captain for the academic decathlon team today.
- And it wasn't you? - He chose Larissa Diaz.
- But it should have been you.
- I really thought I was going to be, and I wanted it so much, but Oh, well.
You know, I've never been the type who accepts what happens just because it happens.
And you don't have to be either.
But what am I supposed to do about it now? There are always things you can do to get what you want.
I don't know.
She got picked and I didn't.
Shouldn't I just leave it that way? I'm just reminding you there are always options, that's all.
Well, you've put in some long hours.
I guess so.
How many more paintings do you need to finish - before you leave town? - How did you know? I can always tell when an artist is under a deadline.
I've got an exhibition in St.
Louis next week.
With a lot of people there.
I have a room that I could turn into a studio at Grey House.
A perfect place for an artist who wants to observe life.
Here's the address.
I'll have a room ready when you get there.
- Hey! - Hello! Who's the artist? A guest at Grey House.
I got a call from Martha saying she wants to meet with us tomorrow.
What's that about? Martha always has the most interesting plans.
(theme music) I don't think we've ever had an artist working here before.
Is there going to be enough room? - Yeah, thanks.
- I brought you some breakfast.
Ah, this place looks perfect! We want our guest to be comfortable in case he wants - to produce a masterpiece.
- What are you going to work on? I'm not sure.
I never really know until it's finished.
Well, I set you up right here for a reason.
Hopefully, you'll be inspired by what you see.
Oh, hello! I heard we had a painter staying here.
- I'm Abigail.
- Harrison likes to, uh, introduce himself through his art.
Then, I look forward to seeing what you do.
Maybe we should clear out and let our artist create.
Might as well go outside and enjoy our day.
It is nice out there.
Maybe I'll put out some things for the guests to use, - if they want.
- That's a great idea.
(Sam): Who put this week's schedule together? - Jennifer Noreen, I think.
- Why am I so light on it? Maybe she wants you to have a couple days off.
- Huh.
I'll have to thank her.
- (ringtone) Hey.
Radford, I know you're at the hospital all day Is there a problem? Well, Arthur Brachvogel called and he was wondering if he could see you today.
- It sounds like he has the flu.
- Um, I could stop by his house when I leave the hospital.
Say six o'clock? - He lives on the edge of town.
- It's kind of out of your way - Just tell him I'll be there.
- Right around six.
Very good! Good.
Thanks for helping me get ready for next week's competition, Grace.
Well, I need to review my constitutional amendments anyway.
I hope they don't change it again while we're studying.
Yeah! You want to quiz me? Sure.
I should pick through the hardest ones.
I just feel like I really need to know this stuff now that Mr.
Decarlo made me captain.
And hopefully nobody on the team lets you down.
(sigh) Hey, ladies! - Can you do me a favor? - Probably.
Can you taste these and tell me what you think? Any favor that involves eating is an easy favor to do.
It's food for the Healthfest.
I've done it six years in a row but I like to do something a little extra special each year.
- It's pretty good! - Yeah! - It's low fat and low sodium.
- And it's still good.
Good! Well, I'm gonna make a whole bunch.
Your mom hasn't asked me to be there yet but I'm just gonna be ready when the call comes in.
Yeah, you should definitely make a lot of these.
- Right after I have one more.
- Me too! - Help yourselves.
- Oh! My notes! - I'll grab a rag.
- These things are ruined.
I'm going to have to redo the whole stack! Look, you probably already know everything on there anyway.
But I'm the captain, Grace.
I have to know things better than anyone! Otherwise they might replace me with someone else.
Here You've been feeling dizzy? - And tired all day.
- Huh.
How's your appetite? I haven't really wanted to eat.
Not for a couple of days.
Well, it doesn't sound like the flu because your temperature's not that high.
But I can give you something for the dizziness, if you want.
And when do you think I can get back to work? It's hard to say.
Probably not until the end of the week.
- That long, huh? - That's funny.
Most people look for a chance to say, "The doctor says I can't come in.
" I mean around here.
I'm putting a plumbing line in for a guest house out back and wanted to get the job done.
This bug is putting me a couple days behind schedule.
You can get back to work as soon as it all clears up.
Did you do all this today? I'm able to work fast when there aren't any people around.
It's really good.
Hey, that's me And that's George, carrying that stuff in the crate.
I sometimes use the faces of people I remember.
I've never been in a painting before.
I wonder if this is what Mona Lisa felt like.
What's all that? Just some things Cassie wanted put outside, for the guests.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
It's just Huh.
So what did Martha want to talk with us about? I'll let her make the official request.
An official request? I feel like I've been called - into the principal's office.
- Don't worry, you're not in trouble.
Unless you've done something I don't know about.
There was a one day in senior year, when I skipped class to go to the beach Is that the worst thing you did in high school? Just don't ask what I did at the beach.
I can only imagine - Oh, good! You're both here.
- Yes.
And why? As you know, the Tri-Cities Healthfest is this weekend.
Well, sure.
Cassie's organized that thing for years.
Except we thought that an extra dose of something special might make it better than ever.
- An extra dose of what? - You.
So, you want us to work together? Isn't that a wonderful idea? Yeah, I don't know if I have time for something like that.
The hospital has already given you the time off you'll need.
- Yeah? What a coincidence.
- Actually, that was - all Martha's doing.
- No one says no to the mayor.
But there are still all my other patients.
I don't think you're suddenly going to get hit with extra work that's going to take time and energy away from something as important as this.
- I guess I'm in.
- Wonderful! So, it's official.
So that means we're co-workers? Yeah, I just hope the two of us can get along.
- Of course you can get along.
- I wouldn't even be considering this idea if I thought you were going to mess things up.
So don't mess things up.
Yes, ma'am.
Grace? Uh, sorry.
I was looking for - Grace.
- Yeah.
- That's really good.
- Okay.
What's that guy doing on the ladder? He's putting up a birdhouse.
- He's gonna need a face.
- It's not finished yet.
(ringtone) Hey, Courtney.
I'm over at Grace's.
You and I just saw each other.
Fine, I miss you too.
There she is.
We'll be there in a bit.
Okay, bye.
- You ready to go? - Yeah, but we gotta go to Larissa's, first.
I grabbed all of her study materials by mistake and she needs time to go over everything - before she heads to her job.
- We can drop it off on the way.
She's kind of freaking out about everything.
She already had to redo all of her note cards, and then she lost the permission slip for our next competition.
It sounds like she's not having a very good week.
Yeah, there's been a lot of stuff going on.
(Cassie): Hey.
- Hey, thanks for coming over! - Sure! I printed out the names of the new people I invited - to the Healthfest.
- You've already invited them? Well, yeah.
I wanted to get things moving.
Oh! I thought we'd start by going over who we want to be there.
Oh, well we're kind of in a time crunch.
No, I know.
I just didn't expect you to be so - Efficient? - Eager to make so many changes.
What's this? Ah, I was just thinking about where we could put everybody.
That you've invited.
There's room for your people, too.
Well, the yoga instructors will need a lot more room than that, and the massage therapists have to have room to set up their tables.
Well, as long as we have room for the blood pressure monitors.
And I invited a cardiologist to check everybody's heart rates.
Except you also need to keep in mind the flow of the room.
I didn't realize the room had a flow.
You'll get a sense of it once you get there.
Oh, here.
I had a chance to print up these flyers.
Maybe you wanna give some of those to your patients.
- Okay, I will.
- What's this woman doing? - Yoga? - Meditative aerobics.
While the doctor just stands there.
He's thinking about very important doctor things.
That's true! So, how long have you been feeling this way? I was feeling sick to my stomach for a few days last week, and then I noticed how tired I was - over the weekend.
- But no fever? - No.
- Just general fatigue.
At first we thought it might be food poisoning because my husband was feeling the same way, but he hates doctors so he won't be coming to see you.
(chuckling): I'll try not to take it personally.
I can give you something for the nausea, but it sounds like you might be dehydrated, so you should try to take some clear fluids until you get your appetite back.
- Got it.
- And if you're feeling better, you should come to the Healthfest this weekend.
Oh, I've seen posters for this but I've never been.
I think it's gonna be good this year.
That woman's doing meditative yoga.
And that's a doctor, just standing there.
Tough time getting out of bed this morning? - Yeah.
- How did you know? I could tell you were tired when you walked in.
But I have just the thing.
Dried reishi mushrooms.
You can eat them on their own, or they make a really good soup.
It'll boost your immune system and get your energy back up.
And there'll be a lot more food that's good for you at this weekend's Healthfest.
- Maybe I'll check it out.
- I hope to see you there.
- Margo, aw! - Cassie.
I stopped by to see when I'll be getting my invitation to display - my crystals at the Healthfest.
- And I was hoping to invite you again but I'm not sure there's going to be room this year.
So it's true.
I'd heard there was this newbie know-it-all who was taking over and was pushing the rest of us out.
You're not going to give in, are you? Well, that newbie and I are working together.
So then you should be able to get him to do what you want.
I sure he and I will be able to come up - with some sort of compromise.
- Good.
I wouldn't want you to be seduced by his ways.
Well, I'll try to keep my head on straight.
We should definitely go to the bistro.
- Oh, good! Young people.
- Can one of you give me a hand? - Oh, yeah.
What do you need? - I need someone to go up there and change a bulb.
Cassie wanted to brighten things up for the painter but my knee doesn't do ladders very well.
- Yeah, I can do it.
- Thanks.
- I'll get you the right bulb.
- Hey.
How are things going with that smart-girl decathlon thing? Has there been any change in your status? No.
But I've been trying to help Larissa not stress out over all the weird things that have been going on with her.
Weird things? Have you been working on getting rid of your nemesis? Abigail, I would never do that! At least, I don't think I would.
- This one should work.
- Alright, you go up there and hold the bulb and the rest of us will turn the ladder.
That's an old joke.
Actually, Some buddies and I tried it once.
Didn't work very well.
- Up you go.
- Okay.
- Whoa! - Oh! Let me get that.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Have you guys seen this? Is that the one he was working on outside? I don't know, but look.
Is that me in the painting? And me in there with you? His last painting had stuff in it - that hadn't happened yet, too.
- Okay, this is freaky.
I agree with my granddaughter.
This is freaky.
(door chimes) - Hi, honey.
- Hi, Mom.
- You okay? - Yeah.
It's just, um I was wondering if you might have anything like a study-notes organizer.
It's for Larissa.
She's been having weird things happen to her ever since she was named captain and I just want her to know that I support her and want her - to succeed.
- Glad to know that you're not jealous because Larissa got something you wanted.
I mean, even if I was jealous, which I'm not, what could I do? She was chosen over me and that's the end of it.
That's a good thing to remember.
- Yeah.
- Umm Well, would this work? - Uh, yeah.
- It's perfect.
Here you go.
(door chimes) - Hey, Monica.
- Hi! This is what you got last time.
You're absolutely right.
- Did it help you relax? - It did.
But just this week I started having headaches right after my morning walk, so I thought something like this might help take the pain away.
It will.
Just light the candle and think about the flames, and imagine yourself pain-free while the aroma stimulates your endorphins.
Thanks! - Is everything okay? - I thought I brought my wallet.
I've been forgetting everything this week.
- You can just pay me next time.
- Or better yet, why not come to the Healthfest and we can settle up there? Maybe you'll meet some of my other customers there.
- I just might do that.
- Thanks for this.
I hope it does the trick.
(Sam): You can put that right there, please, and I'll put the respiratory specialist right here, across from the booth on muscular degeneration.
I didn't know you were going to start setting up already.
Oh, I was just putting cards on all the tables marking off - who goes where.
- Oh! Well, these are all medical.
People from the hospital.
Are they? Oh, I guess I just went with what I know.
Then that would put everyone I know at the end.
Oh, well, we can mix and match.
Can I at least put your aromatherapy friend a few booths away from the "dangers of smoking"? - So people don't get confused.
- Fine.
- Hey! - Stephanie.
Just thought I'd stop by and see where my booth might be.
But I've looking all around and I can't seem to find mine.
- Oh! I'm sure it's somewhere.
- I saw it on Sam's list.
- Is it? - Oh, yeah, I may not have made a card for that one.
So you might not have room for me at all? No, I'm sure we'll find something.
Yeah! Somewhere.
Oh! There you are! I just thought I'd come and see my two favorite event planners in action.
It looks like things are being set up differently this year.
- Yeah, they moved me.
- For some variety! Oh, I like it! That way, everyone in the tri cities can get the full taste of what we have to offer.
If they can even find me.
- They'll find you.
- Don't worry.
Oh, wonderful! You know, they say that some couples can't work together but I knew it'd be different with you two.
You don't seem to be having any trouble at all! - Good morning.
- What are you working on? I'm still figuring it out.
After seeing your other paintings, I can't wait to find out what's going to be happening in this one.
Am I in it? Maybe.
What am I going to be doing? I'll let you see when I'm done.
I guess I can wait till then.
But everyone who lives here is very curious to see what's gonna come out of that brush.
In what year was the most recent amendment to the constitution ratified? - 1992.
- Good.
- And when was it first proposed? - 1789.
That's right! Larissa.
We started practicing 20 minutes ago.
Yeah, um sorry.
It's the second time you've been late this week.
- I fell asleep in the quad.
- Okay.
Well, we were just going over constitutional amendments.
The most recent one ratified? Is that about voting age? Um Congressional salaries.
Larissa, I need all team members performing at their best and if you can't do it, I Grace I think you should take her place as captain.
Except you already picked Larissa.
I know, but I think we need to make a change.
Maybe she just needs some rest And if we had the time, she could take it.
But the competition is next week, so Larissa, are you okay? I don't know.
I think somebody should call a doctor.
- Okay.
Just have a seat.
- Have a seat.
You'll be okay.
Don't worry, don't worry.
(Sam): Your daughter's going to be fine, but she does need a lot of rest.
I'd keep her home from school for a couple days.
After that, I think you'll be all right.
Thank you so much.
- Uh, hey! - Hi.
I brought by a couple of invoices that we both need - to sign before the weekend.
- Well, let me take a look.
Yeah, um was that Grace's friend, Larissa, and her mom? Yeah.
She had a dizzy spell at school and her teacher said she kept forgetting things.
Tired and forgetful? I've had customers complaining about the same thing.
- You, too? - Yeah.
Larissa was my fourth patient to come in with the same symptoms: lethargy, headache, nausea, and decreased memory.
- When did it start? - About a week ago.
- Same as mine.
- I ran a culture to see if it was a virus, but it came back negative.
What do you think is causing it? I don't know.
Can you get in touch with your customers - and get them back in the shop? - Yeah, I can try.
Eve, can you set times for these patients to come back in? - Yes, Doctor.
- Do you think everybody's sick - because of the same thing? - I think they might be.
And you and I are going to figure out why.
(Sam): Thanks for coming in.
I've been going back over your chart and communicating with some other patients and there are some commonalities - we think might be connected.
- Connected in what way? It does seem odd that we were all thrown off our feet - in pretty much the same way.
- Right around the same time.
- About a week ago, yeah.
- Did you make any dietary changes, or alter your sleep pattern? - Nothing's different, no.
- I've been eating that mushroom soup you told me to do, but before that, - meat and potatoes, mostly.
- So it's not food related.
We hardly eat dinner with Larissa at all.
She's got a baby-sitting job most nights, so she usually eats on the way.
And does she have any history of cognitive failure? No.
She usually remembers everything.
You know how much - I like to walk.
- Every morning.
And until last week I was zipping right along.
Whatever this is slowed me down completely.
Oh, how about that prescription? - Did it take care of your dizziness? - Better, yeah.
Spent a little bit of time working on that new plumbing line.
But I got tired so quickly.
I just hope this isn't going to end up with me having to see a doctor.
I just like what you prescribe a whole lot better.
Not all of them are as bad as you think they are.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
Once we figure out how everything connects.
(sigh) Hey! I heard you got made captain.
- How'd you know that? - Your mom told me.
But I figured it would happen eventually - because you wanted it so badly.
- Except I didn't want it - to happen like this.
- All that matters is that it did.
- So good job.
- Oh, no, no.
I didn't do anything to cause it.
At least, I don't think I did.
You never know.
You might be more powerful than you thought.
There's got to be something these people have in common.
Yeah, I thought you and I'd be able to figure it out.
Are your customers going through, like, any emotional or existential crisis? You want to know about their spiritual well-being? - I'm looking for anything.
- No, they all seemed okay.
What about your patients? Maybe they stopped taking their meds? Sounds like something a doctor would ask.
Well, I do hang out with one every now and then.
What is the common thread? If they lived in the same neighborhood at least that would - give us something to look at - They live all over.
Well, we'd better get this map figured out before the Healthfest gets here.
So I moved things around to make room for your friends.
And I figured out a way to get all your hospital people where you wanted them.
Well, look at that.
It's nice to see when things finally come together.
Still working? Yeah.
I just want to finish this last painting before I go.
- Can I see how it looks? - You can see with everybody else, when I'm done.
Have you enjoyed your time here at Grey House? - I've started to, yeah.
- I mean, at first I didn't like that you set me up here, in what seems to be the busiest room in the house.
I thought you might like to see some familiar faces.
Faces, I don't mind.
It's the people that are the problem.
They're just so unpredictable.
- I don't understand them at all.
- From what I've seen you understand them better than anyone I know.
All I do is paint.
Well, you painted Sam and me together - before you even knew we were.
- He looked at you a certain way when he came into your shop.
I could tell you were together.
And you predicted what George and Nick and the others were gonna do before they even did it.
I heard some certain things get said.
It was clear what was going to happen after that.
Well, I'll let you get back to your painting.
So we can all find out what's going to happen after that.
Oh my! Well, this is quite the event you put together.
Bringing on someone with Sam's perspective was a good idea.
I'm just glad he agreed to the partnership.
When I found out who I'd be working with, how could I say no? Perhaps you two should consider planning a different kind of special event someday.
You know, for some special occasion - This one was fine, for now.
- Yeah, there's no rush.
I'm just saying this was good practice, that's all.
(laughing) Stephanie! Ah! Thank you for giving me my old spot back.
Oh, yeah.
We decided we didn't need to make too many changes.
Can I bring you over a plate? - It's really healthy, right? - It is.
Well, then, I can eat twice as much, bring two.
- Ha, ha! Okay.
- Thanks.
You made it! Yeah, I managed to walk all the way here.
Getting in tune with nature really seemed to perk me up.
Margo, nice to see you.
- You're looking better.
- Yeah, it feels good to get out of the house and get some fresh air.
Yeah, well, low-impact aerobic activity really increases that lung capacity.
In fact, there's a whole exhibit on it right here.
Or, check out the meditation display over there, which is another great way to regulate breathing.
- Maybe I'll do them both.
- See ya.
- Dr.
- Oh, hi Carol.
- And how are you feeling today? - Better.
We're both feeling better.
Maybe it was just getting back into our own house.
- Hey there, Arthur.
- Carol.
- I see your mom got home okay.
- Yep, back in her own bed.
What, you two know each other? Arthur's sort of our neighbor.
Oh? I thought you live on the other side of town.
We were house-sitting for my mom who lives next door to him.
Do you have a walking path behind your house? Yeah.
I see the same people back there all the time.
I think, maybe, one of my customers walks back there.
If everyone else has been staying at the same place That gives us a proximal cause.
Arthur, did you get a permit to dig that new plumbing line you're putting in? Why would I need permission to dig in my own backyard? Because you never know what you'll tap into down there.
And if he hit a pocket of gas That would explain everything.
Well, there's no way you could have known that you hit a pocket of methane gas.
But it causes the kinds of headaches and dizziness and loss of memory that people were experiencing.
I guess I really messed up.
- Is it okay to even be here? - Just to play it safe, they're recommending that everyone in the neighbourhood find alternate housing for one night.
Radford? - Ms.
Diaz! - What's going on? We figured out why everyone was feeling sick.
There was an underground patch of methane that was exposed.
- Oh? Is that serious? - It can be, but this was was a very small amount, so there's no long-term danger.
What are you doing here? Larissa has her baby-sitting job right here.
Which is why she was affected too.
I was just filling in for her until she feels better.
And she'll be fine.
too, in another day.
But we should let the others know.
- Good idea.
- Excuse us.
Hi, it's Cassie Nightingale.
(Larissa): Is this why I was feeling so tired? And why I forgot so many things? Forgetfulness and sluggishness - were part of the same thing.
- But the effect is short-term.
They're testing the air to make sure they stopped the leak, but within a day or so it should be safe to get back there.
- I'm so sorry, to all of you.
- It's okay.
There's no way you could have known.
You should all increase your respiratory activity for a couple of days.
Get some air circulating in your lungs.
And try to get lots of fresh air and drink plenty of water.
Yes, stay hydrated and start getting some variety back in your diets.
Yeah, just sit down and enjoy some meals with friends.
- Well, thanks to both of you.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, it's a good thing you both ended up at that Healthfest - to compare notes.
- It was Cassie's idea that we team up on it in the first place.
Otherwise, we might have never figured this out.
I just thought it'd be good idea to combine our different perspectives.
It's a good thing we did.
- So Larissa's going to be okay? - Yes, she is.
Just a few days of fresh air and she'll be to full academic decathlon strength.
Which means she'll be captain again.
- If Mr.
Decarlo lets her.
- I already talked to him.
- He said that he will.
- Oh! That's really nice of you.
I'm just glad I wasn't the reason Larissa got sick.
And nothing else that happened was because of you either.
How can you be so sure of that? Because sometimes notes get ruined and permission slips get lost and things just happen.
That's good to remember.
I'm so glad to hear you were concerned that none of it was your fault.
It just shows how compassionate you are.
You don't want something bad to happen to someone else even - if it meant good things for you.
- No, never.
And whether you're the captain or not, I will be there, - cheering you on.
- Oh, um, hey, just don't cheer too loud.
You can be kind of embarrassing.
Oh, well, in that case, I'll cheer even louder.
- There we go.
- Everything back in its place.
Did you get enough artwork together for your exhibition? I did.
For as many people as want to come there and see.
I'm sure they'll be very impressed.
I don't think I ever paid you for the paintbrush.
- You can keep it.
- I don't need it anymore.
I was using my paintings to do all the talking for me but it turns out that there's a whole other way to communicate.
I learned that by watching everyone in this room.
Then I hope this is the beginning of some wonderful conversations.
It was really nice meeting all of you.
I actually enjoyed being with you.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
And let us know if we end up in any more of your paintings.
- I can help you with these.
- Oh, thanks.
- Oh, hello! - Hi.
Oh, there's everybody.
We were just saying goodbye to the artist.
Hey, I got an e-mail from a friend of yours.
At least I assume he was a friend of yours because his name is Swami Floyd.
- He's one of my best customers.
- He loved being at the Healthfest and he hopes we'll invite him back next year.
Oh, so we're already planning on doing it again? Well, nobody can predict the future but if I have time, I might be willing to pair up.
I could maybe see us doing that, sure.
- Oh, hey, Sam! - Hey, George.
What's that? Oh, our guest wanted to leave us all a gift.
It's a painting he did while he was here.
That could mean something.
Well, let's have a look.
I think Harrison was doing a painting of Grey House.
That'd be amazing if we were in it.
Oh! - That's us.
- Wow.
He put us in the other ones, too, doing things before we even did it.
Except we're hardly doing anything in this one It looks like it doesn't predict a thing.
Well, I can't imagine Harrison would give us a painting that didn't mean something.
Let's take a closer look.
Who's that girl with Nick? I can't tell.
But Grace looks mad at me about something.
Why would I be mad at you? - I don't know.
- What'd I do? Well, at least the two of you are together.
Yes! - Except you aren't holding hands.
- That's kind of weird.
Yeah, I thought that guy knew we were together.
It's probably no big deal.
It's just a painting.