Good Witch (2015) s04e07 Episode Script

Til Death Do Us Part

1 - [CASSIE]: Previously onGood Witch - Between the Lines is gonna be the biggest thing in internet matchmaking ever.
- You know he likes you.
- No.
He likes you.
I look forward to every minute whenever I'm with you, so stick around.
OK? I'm not going anywhere.
[MAYOR TINSDALE]: Your English teacher was just telling me about the wonderful story you wrote.
Apparently, you have quite the gift for prose.
- I got some options for dates.
- Sam, I can't wait to get married, but I don't know why we have to make all these decisions now.
[SOFT MUSIC] There's a toy store at the end of the street and a place down there called Nothing but Yarn.
And this is Cassie's shop.
- What does she sell here? - Don't let the sign fool you.
She's got lots of books and candles, but I hardly ever see any bells.
I sell a little bit of everything.
Has your personal tour guide been showing you - the best Middleton has to offer? - Well, I've been showing him what Middleton has to offer, but there's not really a best of.
Oh, I've really been enjoying it, actually.
- You have? - Oh, yeah.
I always hear about places with small town charm, but this town actually has it.
Everywhere you look.
And thank you so much for letting me extend my stay at Grey House.
Oh, you can have the room as long as you want it.
And if you want a memento, I had these made for anyone who wants to remember their stay.
Oh Well, I can see why someone would want to remember.
I wonder what the mayor wants.
- Who? - Good morning! Cassie, I need your advice and perhaps even Abigail's.
Oh, and you're Mr.
Technology, so maybe you have an opinion too.
I was looking at our city's website, and I realized it is woefully out of date.
- Oh, it's not that bad.
- It's embarrassing! It still has a reference to how we won Cleanest Streets two years in a row, but that was ages ago! We've actually won it five.
Now, I need someone to rewrite the sections - on our town's history.
- Well, you could ask Grace.
That's a good idea.
She proved how great a writer she is with those Elizabeth Merriwick stories.
- Who's Elizabeth Merriwick? - Oh! Now you see, if our website was more current, he wouldn't even have to ask.
I can tell Grace to stop by and talk to you about doing - the job, if you'd like.
- I'd love.
And now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to stop by Table Tops and get some new doilies for my dining room credenza.
There is a store in Middleton that sells doilies? Yep.
It's right next - to Nothing but Yarn.
- What? [SOFT MUSIC] Hey.
Are we expecting any guests tomorrow? - Uh Not for a few days.
- Good.
I'm going to take this opportunity to do nothing.
I was gonna suggest you try that.
- Goodnight.
- Night.
- Hmm.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Hi, Sam.
- [HEY.
] Oh.
I didn't know you were working tonight.
] I had a little bit of an accident.
Ow! Sorry.
It's a little bit of a muscle strain.
] I'll be right there.
- Hi.
Sam - It's OK.
I'm all right.
- What happened? - He was trying to help me.
- I saw a loose - shingle on this guy's roof.
- And you know how Sam feels about things that are out of place.
And I got up there and fixed it, and then I slipped on - another one on my way down.
- You fell off a roof.
Right onto three baby pine trees - that I had just planted.
- Oh, don't worry about me.
What? You grow back.
It's no big deal, Cassie, really.
So right when we're about to get married, you decide you just have to go crawling around on roofs? I just don't want you getting too banged up, that's all.
Well, I'll try to keep my feet on the ground.
[GRACE]: My mom said that you wanted me - to do some work on the website? - [MAYOR TINSDALE]: Oh, yes! And I think you're the perfect person for the job.
You love history and you love to write and this job involves both.
Don't you have people who work here that take care - of that kind of stuff? - Well, there might be someone in IT, but I can never get them to stop playing 'Minecrafter' long enough to pay attention.
Also, this isn't - really in the budget.
- Hmm.
- I would be happy to volunteer.
- That's what I was hoping to hear! - OK.
- Now, there is one particular section of this website that always fills me with pride.
It's about my own family, the Endicotts.
Oh, I remember reading about them! Yes, well Douglas Endicott was hailed as a hero for saving a family from a burning building, carrying each and every one of them to safety.
They misspelled safety there.
Well, now you see why we need your help.
It was that act of bravery that established my family as being so prominent in the community, and it's why there's an Endicott Road that passes through some of the most desirable neighbourhoods - in Middleton.
- You must be - very proud of your heritage.
- Oh, well, all the Endicotts were interesting in their own right.
Douglas's wife Doris was a formidable lady who apparently used to play a mean game of seven-card stud, which also happens to be one of my own hidden passions, but don't tell anyone that your Mayor occasionally likes to hold out until the river to see if she hits her straight.
- Your secret's safe.
- JARED! - Yes, Madam Mayor? - I want you to give Grace unlimited access to the archives room, so she can research any history she needs to learn for the website.
- Yes, ma'am.
- And also, she'll need the password into the city account, so she can - go onto our computers.
- It's password.
The city's password - is "password"? - Yeah, the mayor wanted it to be something that was easy to remember.
Everybody says that here in the town square is where the most exciting things in Middleton happen.
We have the Lights Festival in December, and we had a book release party for the third book in the Terrenceville series too.
The Enchantress Unites.
- You've read that? - My niece made me read her a couple of chapters and then I needed something to read on the plane.
Oh, so it wasn't the romance - that sucked you in.
- I just always have to know where a story's going.
I really do love it here.
Yeah, it's a place to live.
What made you end up in Middleton? I just wanted to get away from New York.
Was that after your friends who weren't really your friends stole your ad company - out from under you? - How do you know about that? I found some stuff online.
I didn't realize there was anything about that on there.
Yeah, I had to dig through a few filters, but I can't imagine all the embarrassing stuff - you probably found! - No! What I found was a person who's honest and free and tells people exactly what she thinks and has worn the same Christmas sweater for like, three years.
Yeah, I need a new one.
I thought it looked nice.
I should probably admit I looked you up too.
But the best thing about being a computer programmer is I know how to hide all the most embarrassing things.
So when do I get to find out the stuff you don't want me to know? I guess you'll have to learn to get past my filter.
I'll keep working on that.
[CASSIE]: How are you feeling? Well, I'm still sore, but it's - starting to get better.
- OK.
No, no.
Shouldn't you be off your feet? I know that's what a doctor would say.
Doctors tend to be a little bit too cautious - about these things.
- Well, some of them actually know what they're talking about.
- Hey, Nick.
- Hey.
The soup is mostly for your dad, but help yourself too.
- Thanks.
- How are those college - applications coming? - I haven't started filling them - out yet.
- The deadline is three days - from now.
- So I still have three days.
All right.
Let's get you on the couch, get some rest.
I brought you a heating pad.
Oh, we've got one of those, but thanks.
Yeah, but it's broken.
It doesn't go past barely warm.
Well, I guess I can use it.
Well, I'll be in my room.
- Working on those college apps.
- Eventually.
[SAM SIGHING] I can never find this outlet.
Here, you want some more light? I got it.
Here we go.
All right.
Can I get you anything else? I've got heat, I've got soup, everything a man can want.
Well then, my work is done.
Hey, um I was thinking about what you said at the hospital.
What'd I say? It was about how, with our wedding coming up, maybe I shouldn't be climbing around on a friend's roof.
Well, you know, I wanted our first dance to be an actual dance.
That was the first time you've brought up the wedding in I don't know how long.
Was it? Been a while, yeah.
And all we've decided on is what song we want to be played.
What about everything else? Have you walked past that place on the beach where you want the wedding to happen? Or seen that perfect colour of flower you were hoping to find? Not really, no.
You're not having second thoughts, are you? Sam, of course not.
'cause I'm good to go.
I'm all set.
So just let me know when you are.
OK? [SOFT MUSIC] [GRACE]: Where would the original photo be? [JARED]: Somewhere in here.
They're sorted by date.
Well, the fire took place on April 12th, 1922.
19 20 2.
It's the photo on the website.
It's of Douglas Endicott receiving his award for saving that family.
The one where he's getting the ribbon, sure.
Let's see, let's see.
Here we go.
All right.
Oh! Yeah, that's the one.
Wait the photo on the website cropped out everyone else who was there.
- Hmm.
- He does look heroic.
And his wife, she looks so proud.
It looks like there are actually a few more of him - from that same year.
- Oh, well maybe I can use them - on the website too.
- Yeah.
- Is that Douglas Endicott? - It looks like it.
"Opening day, Chicago, 1922.
" Can I take that? - Yeah, take whatever you want.
- And if you ever need to get back in here, you come on down.
That door is always unlocked.
Shouldn't you keep stuff like this - more secure? - Well, yeah.
We used to, but the mayor kept losing her key, and I got a little tired of hearing, "Jared!" - So - I understand.
- Mm-hmm.
- [EVE]: Here you are.
Have a nice day.
So, where have they set up camp? Are there serious injuries? Um yeah, let me see if I can get there.
I'll let you know.
Eve, will you get in touch with Dr.
Legett and see if he can cover me for the next few days? - Is everything OK? - Yeah, not really.
You know I did some work with that aid organization - last summer? - In South America.
They've had a series of storms near one of the villages I visited before.
And they really need medical personnel down there to help with the evacuation sites.
When do they need you? As soon as possible.
I'm gonna see how quickly I can - get a flight.
- I'll get in touch - with Dr.
- I need to tell Cassie.
[SOFT MUSIC] - Hello, Eve! - Hello! Do you think - that Sam would like this? - He would.
I am putting together a few things for him to take to Columbia.
Also, I got him this.
It's a pen light.
- What can I help you find? - A wedding gift.
Not for you.
It's for my friend Karen.
Although, I am to know when you and Dr.
Radford are going to set a date.
We'll be setting a date very soon.
Are you worried about Dr.
Radford being gone? Oh, no.
He's been there before.
I'm sure - he'll be fine.
- It's just with the storms - going on - Storms? That's why he needs to get there so quickly.
- Oh.
He didn't mention that to me.
- He just said he was going.
Well, I'm sure it's nothing - to be too concerned about.
- Yeah, probably.
- Mayor Tinsdale? - Oh, Grace! Hello.
I need to talk to you about the website.
- Oh, then I'm glad you caught me.
- Have you found a way to feature my family even more prominently? - I found something.
- I found this photo of Douglas Endicott in the archives getting his award.
- Oh! - And this one of him - at a Cubs game.
- My great-grandfather was a Cubs fan, so I guess it runs in the family.
That was on opening day, April 12, 1922.
- So? - So that was the same day that he was supposed to have been saving that family - from the burning building.
- Well that's impossible! How could he have been in Middleton and Chicago at the same time? He couldn't have been and he definitely wasn't here.
That photo proves it.
Well then that would mean that the legend isn't true.
There's no way it could be.
Then my family name is a a fraud.
Oh [CASSIE]: Why didn't you tell me about the storms? [SAM]: Didn't I? I didn't mean not to.
I guess I was just thinking about everything I had to do about my flights and make sure all my patients were covered.
And when are you getting there? Well, if I can make the connection in Bogota, I should get to the evacuation centre not too late in the morning.
I'll be back in a few days.
I got you a couple of things before you go.
To keep you warm if the winds get too strong.
- I love it.
- And in case you need to plug something in in the dark - It's a pen light.
- Ah! Thanks.
You sure you don't want me to take you to the airport? Nick said he wanted to, and he promised he's gonna work on those college applications while I'm gone.
Well, I'll make sure he gets done what he needs to.
- Call me when you get there.
- Yeah, I'll try.
That cell service is really spotty in the mountains.
Just know I'm thinking of you.
I'm thinking about you too.
I love you.
I love you.
[SOFT MUSIC] I have to - Yeah.
- OK.
- Yeah.
Shannon Calderon, physician in charge.
- Ah, nice to meet you.
- Thank you so much for coming - here so quickly.
- Oh, sure.
No problem.
- How's it going inside? - It's all right.
We got about a couple hundred people in here.
Some of them are injured and they're in the medical tent, which is where we're gonna need you, of course.
All right.
Is this wind supposed to get any worse? Well, I hope not.
- Do you speak Spanish? - Ah un poco.
Well, you should be able to get by.
So, we have plenty of food, but not very much drinking water.
- Thanks.
- And our generator is just strong enough to barely keep the lights on.
This is your first patient here.
This gentleman fractured his wrist when he was trying to get his car out of the mud.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] If you need anything, I'm in that tent there.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I'm a doctor.
Soy medico.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Thanks for letting me come over for breakfast.
You are welcome here any time your dad is gone, and even when he's here.
Where are you headed off to? Phil wanted me to show him more of Middleton.
You sure all those tours aren't just an excuse - for him to be with you? - Of course they are.
Why do you think I keep saying yes? Taken him to the old mill yet? I hadn't thought of that.
It's such a part of Middleton's history, and I'm pretty sure it snowed out there last night, so you might wanna see how beautiful things look.
- That's a good idea.
- Mm-hmm.
- [GRACE AND ABIGAIL]: Morning! - Hello.
- Hey.
Oh, did I miss breakfast? - Oh, you can grab anything before Nick puts it away.
- Help yourself.
- Thanks.
So, have you made any progress on the website for the mayor? I made some progress, but not the kind she likes.
- Oh.
- I found out that Mayor Tinsdale's great-grandfather didn't save the family like everyone thought he did, because he wasn't - even there when it happened.
- Hmm.
At the corner of Endicott Road and Shanaman Avenue.
- Where's that? - Well, there's a park there now, but it's where the hotel used to be.
They named the streets after Douglas Endicott and somebody Shanaman.
I can show you where it was, if Oh, yeah.
I thought I still had one of those in here.
What am I supposed to do with this? It's a map.
You use it to find your way to places.
I thought that's what phones were for.
Yeah, except this one folds, and you can put it - in your glove box.
- Then how come there are never - any gloves in there? - Will you just take it? - See where it leads you.
- Do you need help - with the dishes? - Already taken care of.
- Wish me luck.
- OK.
Any word from Dad? - Not yet.
- Well, I'm sure he'll call when he can.
So, you had a chance to work on those college applications? Well, I really want to, but we have all these dishes, so - Uh-huh.
- Plus, I'm not sure where I should apply.
All my friends seem to be excited about where they're gonna be, but I have no idea.
I haven't even figured out what I wanna do.
You don't have to have your entire - future planned out right now.
- Yeah.
Tell that to everybody.
Hey, why don't you have dinner with me and Grace at The Bistro tonight? You can work on those applications while you have whatever dessert it'll take to bribe you to work on those applications.
Well, they do have my favourite apple pie.
See? You have that part of your future planned.
OK? Tight.
You understand? It's gonna be OK.
- Excuse me, Doctor? - Yeah.
- My sister has been crying all day.
- Can you find out what's wrong? - Sure, I can take a look.
- Her name is Isabelle.
- Isabelle.
What's your name? - Rosa.
Won't you take a seat right here and let's see what's making little Isabelle so cranky.
It's OK.
It's all right.
Ah Oh.
Ah Oh, there you go.
Ah I need more light.
Ah! This'll give me a better look.
- Ah Yeah.
- Isabelle.
- Isabelle.
- There you go.
That's not supposed to be there.
A little piece of wood against her tympanic membrane.
Which would make me cranky too.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- De nada.
- Gracias.
[SOFT MUSIC] It says I'm supposed to be I don't know how anybody ever read one of these things.
Oh! There I am.
- Mayor Tinsdale? - Oh.
- Grace.
- What are you doing here? Just basking in the false memories of my ancestral glory.
I thought I'd take some pictures of the street sign before they consign it and my family name to the dustbin of history.
On the map, it says it's supposed to be Shanaman Avenue, but the sign says "Norman Way.
" Yes, I think they - changed that some years ago.
- Why would they do that? I don't know.
I just sign the requests.
Is that where the hotel used to be? Yes.
The hub of activity in those days.
I wonder what else might've been going on there.
Sadly, the answer involves no glory for the Endicotts.
- I'll see you later.
- Mm.
Cassie said there'd be snow out here, but I didn't know - there would be this much.
- Well, it was worth the trip.
What'd they used to do here? I guess they milled stuff? Yeah, this'd be the place to do that.
Just let me know if you see any ghosts.
A lot of people think this place is haunted.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Apparently, there was this woman whose husband left her, and she had no place to live, so she moved in here.
And every night, she would lie down next to the furnace, hoping he would return.
But he never did.
She died of a broken heart, and she's haunted this place ever since.
Do all stories about Middleton have something to do with mystery or romance? Not all of them.
Some of them are about magic.
Are there any stories about a man and a woman walking on a bridge, and then he just kind of kissed her? I don't think so but maybe there should be.
[SOFT MUSIC] Did I tell you that I love it here? Yeah, it's pretty nice.
What colleges are you applying to? Well, so far, none of them.
But he's gonna fill out some applications during dessert.
So I might as well finish this slowly.
I am so sorry for the confusion, Mrs.
Hannah, but there's really nothing I can do.
I'm sorry.
Oh! I will take those.
You go clear and set up table six.
OK? Ooh, it's a busy night.
Ugh! Well, I could use an extra arm.
And a delivery person.
Poor Mrs.
Hannah ordered food to go and thought that that meant for delivery.
I'd take it to her myself if I wasn't so swamped, but clearly, I can't do that.
I can take it.
Really? That would be great.
Oh, but I thought you were gonna be working - on those college apps.
- And this way, I don't have to.
Well, it is already boxed up and ready to go.
You know what? I need to get down to City Hall.
Jared said that he would go get some stuff for me out of the basement, and he gets scared when he's down there by himself.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hi! - What's going on? - What? - You look happy.
Am I not normally? There's just something different with your face.
Huh - Cassie? - Oh, hi.
Is everything all right? - Yeah, I'm good.
- No, you're not.
I can't help but wonder how Sam is doing.
You haven't heard from him.
No, and I wasn't sure I would, but ever since I said goodbye, I've had this weird feeling that I haven't had in a long time.
You know it's the same thing I felt every time Jake would leave, when he'd put on his uniform and walk out the door not knowing for sure if he was ever coming back.
That must've been really hard.
Yeah, it was.
It is.
You know, I keep checking the news where Sam is, but there's hardly any news at all.
[INDISTINCT SPEAKING] It's gonna take this bone a long time to set.
Can we get him in a cast? Yeah, as soon as we get some more supplies, but right now, we're out of pretty much everything.
Does he understand he's gonna be in a lot of pain? Yeah, I'm gonna try to explain.
All right.
Rosa, how long has your father's arm been hurting? - What do you mean? - Well, he's been favouring that left arm all day.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] He said it's been hurting all day.
He never tells us how he really feels.
May I? Esta bien? Si.
Does it hurt when I do this? - Aie! - Yeah, the area's tender.
It's probably sprained.
We need to get him in a sling, and I just used the last one.
Ah! I have that scarf Cassie gave me.
Tell your father he's gonna need to stay in this for a few days.
OK? Here you go.
Put your arm through here.
- Si.
- And tell him he needs to let you know when he's not feeling well.
Let the people that care about you care about you.
- Gracias, doctor.
- Thank you.
- Doctor Radford? - Yeah? - We got trucks moving in here.
- We've been ordered to evacuate.
- All right.
So what's wrong? - The storm has changed course and it's threatening our site, so we need to move to a safer location about 80 miles from here.
- OK? - OK.
- Por favor, atencion! - OK.
No rush.
No rush.
Can you walk? OK.
[GRACE]: I went to where it happened, and I just I had this feeling that maybe something else was going on there.
Wait, what's all that? Oh, I don't know.
I keep on thinking I'll have time to catalogue all this stuff, but frankly, I'd need an assistant of my own to do that.
[SIGHING] What's in this? Oh.
"Items recovered from Richard Shanaman's illegal poker game.
" Richard Shanaman? They named a street after him, but then they changed it.
- Why would they do that? - Because he was running an illegal poker game? Does it say on there when all this was recovered? Uh "April 12, 1922.
" The hotel fire.
Well, this is weird.
Why? In those days, poker was a man's game.
Any woman who would have been there would've been looked at as being of ill repute.
There's something in here.
What does it say? Who the purse belonged to.
And now I understand why she couldn't say she was there.
[SOFT MUSIC] - Who is it? - Delivery from The Bistro.
Oh! Thank you.
I'm sorry, I just can't see anything out here.
You know, that light's been out for a week.
I tried getting up on the ladder, but it's too wobbly for me.
I can do that if you have a lightbulb.
I have one right here.
Here you go.
So how many delivery guys does it take to change a lightbulb? One.
One very helpful one.
Oh, thank you so much! Now, what do I owe you? Oh, maintenance is free with every delivery.
Well, now, here.
You You have one of these.
I just made the batch.
- Thank you.
- I was about to take them down to the homeless shelter, but I can always make some more.
Well, you know, I've never asked you your name.
- Nick Radford.
- Like Dr.
Radford? Yeah.
That's my dad.
Oh, and are you going to be just like him? Are you going to be a doctor? Uh I don't know what I wanna do.
[PHONE RINGING] [LONG BEEP] Any news about Sam? No.
I just wanna know that he's OK.
Oh, you usually have a good sense of how things are gonna turn out.
Yeah, most of the time, but I'm sure he's gonna be all right.
[SIGHING] You know, I want I wanted Sam to be safe, so I even put sort of a good luck charm in his pocket.
Sam doesn't really believe in luck.
That's why I didn't tell him I did it.
I understand why you're trying to protect him.
You're looking at a lifetime together and you wanna make sure you do everything you can to make sure you don't lose him.
- Well, Sam and I are in love.
- That's forever.
Oh, no.
I don't mean it like that.
I mean really lose him.
I shouldn't be feeling that way.
But you are, because the last time you said the words 'til death do us part, it happened a lot sooner than any of us thought it would.
So you you can't help but think it might happen again.
I keep falling in love with men who wanna change the world.
Why do they have to take so many risks while they're doing it? Because if they didn't the world would never change.
Just lie here.
OK? You'll be fine.
You OK? - How are you doing? - Hey.
How many people - are left inside? - I think there's just a few.
We need to get them all in the truck now.
Rosa! Your family has to - get on the truck.
- My mom says she needs help.
She's been getting weaker all day.
How long has it been since she had anything to drink? Not since we got here.
They said they were running low on supplies and she was giving - all of it to the baby.
- She's dehydrated.
- Help me get her up.
- OK.
Sit up.
There you go.
- OK.
- Good.
All right.
Come on.
[INDISTINCT SPEAKING] Tell your mother I can help her once we get on the truck, OK? [SPEAKING SPANISH] You good? Hey, is everything - OK here? - Yeah.
I need saline bags.
- I got some more in the truck.
- Just one.
- I'm on it.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
I can help.
- Gracias.
I got her.
I got her.
OK, Isabelle.
All right.
I can get this started once we get moving, all right? I just need somewhere to hang this.
This'll work.
All right.
Just put this around your neck.
OK? There you go.
Once I get this drip started, tell your mother she has to keep her arm below the bag to get the fluid - in her system.
Isabelle wants to sit with you.
All right, Isabelle.
It's gonna be fine.
We're just going for a little ride.
[TENSE MUSIC] [SOFT MUSIC] - Madam Mayor? - Oh, Grace.
Come on in.
I found something out about your ancestors.
Well, I hope you're not gonna put it on the website.
I'm embarrassed enough as it is.
This is good.
I showed you this photo before - of Douglas getting his award.
- The one he didn't deserve.
But look what Mrs.
Endicott was holding.
Those two children, the ones who were carried out of the building.
Well, I did mention she was formidable.
And she was a poker player.
And do you know what was going on in the basement of the building the night of the fire? A poker game.
Jared and I found a box of items that were recovered after the fact, and this was in there.
A lady's purse.
And any woman who would've been caught there would've been - too embarrassed to admit it.
- Well, yes.
That was during prohibition, so any such activities would have been frowned upon by everyone.
Which is why Doris couldn't admit that she was the one who saved the family, but she left her purse there - while doing it.
- How do we know this was hers? Because I found something inside.
"To Doris, love Douglas.
" They had to come up with a different story in order to protect the family name, and Doris was smart enough to say that it was Douglas who was there.
So an Endicott did save the day! Just not the Endicott people thought.
So that means that the street sign for Endicott Road can remain exactly where it is.
I think it should, to honour your family name.
Well, you know, we are very highly esteemed.
Thank you for thinking of me.
Oh, I know how much you like lavender candles, and I wanted you to be the first to know when they got here.
- Come back any time.
- You know I will.
Are you OK? I am, yeah.
Everything's fine.
We had to move to a new location, but they had - a phone I could use.
- When are you coming home? [TOMORROW NIGHT.
] Everybody here is safe, but I'm glad I came to help.
Yeah, I'm glad you did too.
And thanks for looking out for me.
What did I do? [OH, I THINK YOU KNOW.
] I couldn't have done what I did without you.
- Dr.
Radford? - OK, I gotta go.
- I'll see you tomorrow night.
- I'll be waiting up for you.
- You don't have to do that.
- I'll do it anyway.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
[SIGHING] - Hey, Cassie.
- Hi.
- I just got a call from Dad.
- Yeah, he just called me too.
It sounds like he's doing a lot of good down there.
By the way, Mrs.
Hannah was just here, and she told me that you helped her change a lightbulb.
It was dark.
And then after that, you took some cookies she made down to a homeless shelter and stayed there for a couple of hours.
It was either that or go home and fill out those college applications, so Is that the only reason you went, to get out of doing work? Or maybe because you really like to help people? I don't know.
You know something, Nick? You are a lot like your father.
And the world is gonna be a better place because you're in it.
Once I decide what I'm actually gonna do.
Well, maybe deciding what you're gonna do isn't as important as realizing who you are, because it's the goodness in a person that's really gonna change the world.
So why did you want to come back to this old mill? Because I've decided that this is one of the most romantic places in Middleton.
It does have a lot going for it.
And I've decided that this would be the perfect place to put my company's headquarters.
- In a run-down old mill? - Yeah! I already put an application in with City Hall to buy it and restore it, and once I get the approval, I can start moving my operations here.
So that means you'd be living in Middleton.
Yeah! So it's a good thing I already really like the people here.
Welcome home.
I told Nick I wanted to wait up for you so I could see you as soon as you got back.
Well, I'm back.
It's good to see you.
What are those? Nick finished filling out his college applications.
- Wow.
- Uh-huh.
I'm gonna leave you in charge more often.
I was hoping you wouldn't have to leave at all.
But I understand why you do.
[SIGHING] Life is a risk, and we don't know what might happen tomorrow, which makes every moment we do have together even more important.
So I'm gonna love you as if each day was the only one we had.
Sounds like the perfect way to start a life together.
Speaking of that What's this? I wrote down when I wanted our wedding day to be.
That's less than three weeks away.
We better get to work.
So amazing Tonight