Good Witch (2015) s04e10 Episode Script

Tossing the Bouquet

1 - Previously on Good Witch - I was wondering if you think Stephanie would want to go out with me? I think the two of you would be fantastic together.
- Really? - What about you, Martha? - What would you wish for? - Oh, I would just wish for what every mayor wants: just one day without people wanting - so many moments of my time.
- I'm sorry, Abigail.
I know we kind of had something started here, but I found a place - in Portland.
- OK then.
So this wedding's actually coming together.
Piece of cake.
Life is a risk, so I'm gonna love you as if each day was - the only one we had.
- Sounds like the perfect way to start a life together.
(CHEERY MUSIC) Ah, there's the happy couple, soon to be the happy married couple.
- A few more days.
- You excited for the wedding? Yeah.
Can't you tell? This is my excited face.
It looks just like your regular face.
Well, there's a lot going on beneath the surface.
So when do your guests start getting here? My friend Olympia arrives from Chicago tomorrow.
And my sister gets here the day after that.
And I keep forgetting to ask you, where are - you going for your honeymoon? - Oh, we haven't decided yet.
Shouldn't you have plans already? Well, Cassie traveled the whole world without making any plans.
We thought we'd just wait 'til we were married and - see where the wind takes us.
- Ooh, like a hot air balloon - ride over the African desert.
- Yeah, I wasn't really literal - about that wind thing.
- I'm just saying it's an option.
- Who's gonna go first? - Either one.
You should probably go first because my maid of honour speech is going to be so good that you really won't want to have - to do yours right after.
- OK, how do you know yours - is gonna be so good? - 'cause I'm almost finished writing mine and you haven't started your best man speech.
- And how do you know that? - Because you never start - anything in advance.
- I could say that's not true, but I can't think of anything that makes it not true, - so that's true.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys.
Cassie and I are about to have tea.
- You wanna join us? - Sure.
We just had a table cleared and it's getting set up.
- Radford, party of four.
- That's us.
- I'll be right there.
- OK.
Have you seen Liam since the party at Grey House? I noticed he gave you a ride home.
- I did.
- And? And we sat outside my house until 3 o'clock in the morning just talking.
So it was worth the trip.
It really was.
Yeah, we've just been so busy getting ready for your wedding though that we haven't really had a chance to talk since.
Well, I hope whatever each of you says gets the reception you're looking for.
Just as soon as we figure out what to say.
Well, maybe you won't need any words at all.
(SOFT MUSIC) Oh! Hello, George.
Martha, what are you doing so far from the centre of town? Wedding gift shopping for Cassie and Sam.
Now normally, I would just whisk in and out of the Bell, Book & Candle but obviously I can't go there.
Still, I am determined to find the perfect gift.
Well, I hope your hunt is successful.
Excuse me.
What do you think you're doing? The mayor told us to put some new benches along this avenue.
I most certainly did not! Our mayor in Blairsville.
- What?! - Maybe we're farther from the centre of town than we thought.
Well, no! I I know Middleton, and this is still Middleton! "Beautiful Blairsville.
" The only beautiful thing about Blairsville - is when you get to leave! - I don't know.
They've got a pretty decent hardware store there.
Really? They should make that their town motto.
Ha! (SOFT MUSIC) - Hello, Sam.
- Hey.
What's all that? Well, I thought I would go ahead and bring some things over so I can move in right after we get back from our honeymoon.
Muscular Degeneration in the Shoulder volumes one and two.
Oh, but the story really gets good in volume three.
I've got a few shelves of medical books if you have room.
You know, I just happened to have cleared some space.
And they'll fit perfectly right there.
You know, this is all starting to feel real.
- What's that? - You being here.
- Being us.
- Huh.
Oh, did I tell you about the flowers? I saw a garden full of cyclamens the same colour as the ones I saw when we were looking for my dress, so I was gonna ask the owner of the house if they would let us have them.
You're gonna ask if you can pick their flowers? Well, they are really perfect.
So, exactly the right flower in exactly the right colour is blooming at exactly the right time.
- Exactly.
- Well I guess we chose the right week to get married.
Whoa! Shh! I'm hiding from the monster.
- Sorry.
- Maybe I should - hide over there.
- Yeah, you can hide - anywhere you want.
- We're pretending my brother is a monster, but he won't find me back here.
(ROARING) Oh, no! - The monster found me! - I'm gonna get you! - Not if I'm the monster now! - (SCREAMING) (ROARING) Is it always like this around here? You've been at my house when it was full of guests before.
Well yeah, but the guests were usually on their way out and things were winding down.
It was mostly just the two of us.
Well, now you get to experience Grey House all hours of the day, when it's full of life.
(SCREAMING) - See? Life.
- Oh, yeah.
I see it.
(ROARING) I just didn't realize life could be so crowded.
- (BOY SCREAMING) - (CASSIE CHUCKLING) (THEME MUSIC) Cassie, this is my sister Emma.
Emma, this is Cassie.
- So nice to meet you.
- You too.
Emma's getting married too in a few months.
Oh, and is your fiancé a Marine as well? How did you know that I was in the military? Oh, you should just get used to the fact that Cassie just sort of knows things about people.
And you have a big sister who is very proud of your service, and she tells me that you recently made captain.
My fiancé is a Marine.
He's a first lieutenant.
Which means she outranks him.
That could come in handy in a marriage.
Oh, yeah.
I plan to use that when I have to.
There's a really beautiful place that we might want to have the wedding that's just a few miles from here, so I'm scouting it out and reporting back.
I'm just happy it all worked out that she's here to help me get ready for your wedding.
Well, you two will have fun cooking together, like you did with your grandmother.
Yeah, did you tell her about that? I don't remember that I did.
Well, I'm glad you stopped by because I thought of one more thing to add to what you're already serving at the reception.
I have this recipe for saffron shrimp that I first tried at a restaurant in Damascus.
- It's a bit complicated, but - We can do this.
No problem.
So, when do I get to meet this Marine of yours? I was really hoping that we could get here at the same time, but, well, you'd have to talk to our commanding officers about lining up our schedules.
And I don't think I'm powerful enough to be listened to by the United States Marines.
I wish I knew someone who was.
(SIGHING) - Brandon.
You're a police officer.
Can you do something - about this tree? - Only if it's - stealing your purse.
- It's starting to block my sign.
Pretty soon, all anybody's gonna be able to read is Abigail's OW.
Who do I talk to about getting it trimmed? City Council has someone who takes care of those requests.
Do I have to make an appointment at City Hall? Well, don't worry.
I'm sure they'll make time for the owner of Abigail's OW.
Oh, hey.
Have you seen a book that I left here about the intricacies of the respiratory system? Sorry.
I'm more into Harry Potter.
- Oh.
I need it for a consult.
- Oh.
Well, one of the guests might have taken it.
Oh, my mom, she lets people borrow whatever they want down here.
Yeah, you learn that anything that's not nailed down pretty much disappears.
Well, it must be hard to keep track of where you put - your stuff.
- You'll get used to it.
It's just one of the things about living at Grey House.
(SOFT MUSIC) I just drove by here yesterday.
Well, you should've stopped then.
This whole area was covered with cyclamens.
I know.
They were taking over the whole yard, so I got out here with the weed whacker.
(SIGHING) So are there none of them left? Just what's in the wheelbarrow.
- Oh.
- I don't even know how these things got in my yard.
You know, I didn't plant them.
They just sprouted up.
Yeah, they hardly grow anywhere when it's this cold.
I don't want them back.
(SIGHING) - You need a tree trimmed? - Yes, so it doesn't cover my sign Brandon says you have somebody on City Council - who handles that.
- There was until last week, - when Melissa Glen retired.
- Who am I supposed to speak to? - Whoever fills her seat.
- And that would be To be determined by the upcoming election.
- When is that? - End of the year.
End of the year? My shop could be taken over by a forest - by then.
- Honestly, this is the least of my problems right now, what with the city of Blairsville encroaching on everything that we Middletonians know to be good and holy.
Isn't there some way we can get that seat filled before the election? Well, a temporary council representative can be appointed by a person of authority.
- And who has that authority? - The mayor, dear.
This meeting will now come to order.
Now, before we begin, I want to officially introduce our newest council member who has been appointed to take on the duties of Melissa Glen.
So please welcome Councilwoman Abigail Pershing.
Now, the first item on our agenda is to elect a new council president.
- You people don't even have a leader? - Of course we do.
But the original charter set up a system of checks and balances that we, you know, pay lip service to.
So anybody want the job? Oh, come on now, people! Somebody has to do it.
While we're waiting to figure that out, could we talk - about trimming back my tree? - Not until we have a president.
What if I volunteer for the job? You want to be council president? I want people to be able to read my sign, so if that's what it takes.
Well, it'll certainly move things along.
Hearing no objections? Councilwoman Pershing will serve as president.
- So hail to the me.
- Now, can we just zip through the rest of our agenda so I can have some time to think about what I'm getting Sam and Cassie for their upcoming wedding? How about a big tree branch from in front of my shop? We could put a bow on it and say it's a gift from all of us.
Madam President? - Madam President? - Oh, right.
That's me.
You're in charge of landscaping and beautification.
If you want something done, you can approve it - if there are no objections.
- Does anyone object to me sawing off a branch? Then so moved.
- Done.
- Ooh, can I do - the gavel next time? - You try it, and I'll be using it on you.
(SOFT MUSIC) How much of this did you need? Uh you know, I think we better take all of it.
We are making a lot of shrimp.
Well, in that case, here you go.
I think we got about everything except the Iranian saffron.
Oh, that's a very special seasoning - that makes this dish so unique.
- Ah.
Well, where are we - supposed to get that? - I have a friend who lives in the Middle East, and she sends me a shipment of fresh spices each month.
You know, the next shipment is actually due tomorrow.
There's always Iranian saffron in there.
Great, then we will have everything we need.
Is Ryan gonna be able to swing through town while we're getting - things ready? - It doesn't look like it.
Emma's fiancé got called to a training exercise at a base just on the other side of the state line.
I was hoping that his unit would pass through Middleton, - but it's not.
- Hmm.
Well, maybe he can make it here some other time so the two of you can experience all the romance this town has to offer.
- Oh, Liam.
- Stephanie.
- This is my sister Emma.
- Ah.
The Marine, right? OK, does my sister tell everyone? Oh, she's very proud.
Oh, Cassie, I brought some champagne to try for the wedding reception.
- I will get some glasses.
- Great.
- Did you want to join us? - You know, we would love to, - but we have a lot of work to do.
- Oh, then some other time.
When things slow down.
And so, a toast.
Not the kind with bread, but with whatever you have in your glass.
- To my dad and - Nick? Grace.
Um I can read you the rest later.
I can't wait to hear how it ends.
What was going on? Nick just wanted to try out his best man speech on me.
So he finally started working on it.
Well, what did it say? I think he wants that to be a surprise.
But it was really very good, very heartfelt and spur of the moment.
Well, um I structured mine to be sure that it built on a theme, sort of like an English essay, so It's a wedding reception, Grace, not a midterm.
Do you think I should rewrite it? Uh Have you done any recent upgrades? I never really needed to.
The house was like this when I bought it, and I just punched in the key code and moved right in.
Well, it's in wonderful condition.
Yeah, I was lucky to find it.
And I've really learned to love my neighbour.
What's the timeline for the sale? Oh, I'm not in any big hurry.
It's just that after this weekend, I won't be living here anymore.
- Oh, where are you moving to? - Not very far.
The house next door.
I'm getting married.
- Oh, congratulations.
- Thank you.
But I thought that that house was a bed and breakfast? It is but I'll be living there now too.
Well, that will be a big change.
It will.
I'll write up a listing and get it on the market right away, but a house like this with this much space and privacy, I can't imagine anyone wouldn't wanna call this place - their home.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I really did like it here.
I always look forward to getting fresh spices from my friend, and then making delicious meals with whatever she sent me.
Uh, that's weird.
It's not in here.
- What? - The Iranian Saffron.
It was the main thing we needed for the dish.
Well, can we get more before the wedding? No, and the recipe won't be the same without it.
It's too bad because we already bought everything on here This is exactly what we need for shrimpy wraps.
- Really? - Yeah.
- What are shrimpy wraps? - Ravioli with shrimp and lemon cream sauce.
Our grandmother used to make it all the time, and Emma calls them shrimpy wraps.
She wanted to make them every time we were at Grandma's house.
- They're my favourite food! - Sounds like I would like it.
Maybe we could make them for the reception.
Oh, yeah, but I wish we had that special ravioli roller our grandma got from her grandma.
Sure, but where are we gonna find one of those? I have some cooking utensils over there.
Maybe you'll - find something that'll work.
- I don't know.
Grandma was pretty specific about how she wanted things to be.
Every ravioli had to be even and the right size, which is why she used a roller just like this one.
That's pretty much exactly like Grandma's.
Then the two of you should be experts in how to handle it.
Ah! We'll get right to work.
Well, I just hope you'll still have time to make it to - the rehearsal dinner tomorrow? - Oh, yeah.
Where is that? Oh, Liam's hosting it at the microbrewery.
- Oh, Liam's hosting it.
- Stop it.
I would love to.
And thanks for this.
(GIGGLING) - Martha! - Watch where you step out there.
You wouldn't want to trip over an illegally-placed - Blairsville bench.
- Hello, Martha.
How are things in our fair little town? We're at war, actually, fending off marauding invaders who are trying to claim our land.
- So, not good.
- Well, I can understand why anyone who lived in Blairsville would rather be living in Middleton, but this town is only big enough for one town, and we're it.
But let's talk about something more pleasant, shall we? Like your wedding gift.
I'm still waiting for suggestions about what to get you.
Well, just that you're thinking about the two of us - is gift enough.
- Oh, you can't be serious.
Thinking about doesn't count as much of a gift.
Unless that was the gift.
(GASPING) Cassie, your words have inspired me once again.
- Oh.
What did I say? - Well, you'll certainly be thanking me on your wedding day, so I'll just say this in advance: you're welcome.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) (SOFT MUSIC) I didn't even know the sink needed to be fixed.
I don't think your dad did either, but Cassie noticed there was a drip and knew we had one of these doohickeys to fix it.
- What's a doohickey? - It's kind of a whatchamacallit.
I'm surprised you're not still working on your best man speech.
- Nah.
I'm pretty much done.
- Oh.
Grace is working on hers night and day.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
She's practically glued to the computer.
By the way, have you figured out what you're gonna call me? When your dad marries Cassie, you're gonna become the step-son of my daughter's husband's wife.
I was thinking I might just keep calling you George.
I think it's probably simpler that way.
(CHUCKLING) When will they let you book another flight? Well, that's after we get married! (SIGHING) All right.
Well, let's talk again after you get it renewed.
Me too.
Soon, I hope.
- Who was that? - My sister.
She didn't realize her passport's expired - and they won't let her travel.
- Oh.
Where has she been? I never know for sure.
I get updates, but all I could figure out from the last one was somewhere in Asia.
So she's not gonna make the wedding? - Yeah, looks like it.
- That's too bad.
Yeah, I really wanted her to be there.
All right.
- Who's our next patient? - No one.
I kept your schedule light today because I figured you and Cassie had a lot to do to get ready for the weekend.
We do.
I was supposed to meet her over at Grey House, but there's a little too much life going on over there, so I thought I would just stay here at the office and do what I need to on my own.
Plus, when I'm here, nobody borrows my stuff.
I thought these meetings only happened once a month.
Unless there's special business, and this business is special and urgent.
It's about this weekend's wedding.
Is that all anybody cares about? We live vicariously.
Don't judge.
But I finally came up with the perfect gift.
I want City Council to issue a formal proclamation in honour of Sam and Cassie, which I'll announce right before I present them as husband and wife.
I just need everyone's approval to make it official.
All in favour, yay.
All opposed, keep it to yourself.
Can we go now? No! Not until the minutes reflect our decision.
And Jared's not even here to record them.
- Madam Mayor.
- There you are! The meeting started ages ago.
I'm sorry.
I had to dig this out of the archives room - to show you.
- Show me what? The City Manager looked into our border issue - and, well, look.
- Ah! - Middleton in her early days.
- Right when the town was founded.
It shows the exact line between our city and Blairsville.
Finally, proof to push those wannabes back.
The boundary that was drawn runs right down the centre of what is now Ridgepine Drive.
Oh! I live on Ridgepine Drive.
The south side is and always has been a part of Middleton.
The north side is part of Blairsville.
Which side do you live on? Who am I, Magellan? How should I know? The Mayor lives on the north side, right here.
But you said that was Blairsville.
- It is.
- MY HOUSE IS IN BLAIRSVILLE?! Yes, and please try and remember that I am simply the messenger here, but non-residents of Middleton are not allowed to serve as mayor, which is why I've been instructed to strip you of your title.
- Oh! - Please hand over your gavel.
I will do no such thing! I'm sorry, Madam Mayor, but those are the rules.
And there is one more thing.
According to the Charter, if the mayor is unable to serve, the title falls immediately to the president of the City Council.
The president? I So, that means Mayor Pershing.
The city is yours.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING) It's nice to see you taking a break from rolling raviolis.
This is my sister's fiancé.
- Oh, Ryan.
- Ma'am.
I didn't think you could make it.
His training exercise got canceled, so everyone was - granted some leave.
- I was able to get a ride our unit chaplain who's visiting some friends in Blairsview? - Blairsville.
- And then I took him out to show him the place where I want us to get married - and he loved it.
- Middleton really is the perfect place to start a life together.
- Right on time, as usual.
- Oh.
There's the man I came here to see.
Liam, would you like to join us? You could sit right next to my sister.
I would love to, but Cassie and I need to go over what I'm serving at the rehearsal dinner.
We're having it here and then going to Grey House to walk through the ceremony.
- Only four more days! - Ryan and I still have to wait for what feels like forever.
I'm sure that day will be here before you even know it.
But since you're both in town, why don't you join us for our rehearsal dinner? It's Thursday at 5.
Well, that sounds great.
Thank you.
Everyone's been so wonderful helping us put this wedding together, but it'll be nice when things slow down a bit and people can have more time - to just be together.
- Shall we? Yes.
Hmm! (GASPING) Oh Jared told me you were in here.
Not for much longer.
You doing OK? Having lost my purpose and identity? Hardly.
You know, Martha, you are much more than just the title on that door.
Tell that to my fellow residents of Blairsville.
Oh, and the worst part of it is, I won't be able to lead you in your vows.
Those duties will fall to Mayor Pershing.
Well, Sam and I still want you to be part of the ceremony.
Maybe you could do the reading that my friend Olympia was gonna do.
She's got a family emergency and can't make it to the wedding.
So now I'm just a stand-in? You'd be an important part of our celebration.
Well I guess I could do that.
And we still want you to be at the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night.
A bit of solace for your fallen leader? Oh I am so taking this! The new Mayor can get one of her own.
It is city property, and it would be outright thievery to Oh! Go ahead! Arrest me! I'd gladly do the time.
Farewell, my sanctuary.
- Hey.
- Is your mom here? - I think she's on her way.
Well, she wanted me to print out these pictures of her and my dad and put them out at the reception.
- I can give them to her.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- What are you working on? Oh, my maid of honour speech.
- Still? - I want it to be really good.
And it is.
(RINGING) Oh, it's Courtney.
I've been meaning to call her.
Yeah, - I was just gonna call you.
- Oh.
Hey, Nick.
Grandpa! You see, it just doesn't sound right.
- How's your speech coming? - Uh, it's not.
I feel like there's so much pressure on every word.
Well, that's funny.
I heard Grace typing away like it was no problem at all.
Well let's see what it says.
Do you think you should be doing that? I'll hear it eventually.
"A wedding is a day for all of us "to think about love and being together and Nick, stop reading my maid of honour speech" Have you no decency? Hey, you tried to get George to tell you what mine said.
Oh, all I did was ask.
I didn't go crawling around on your hard drive.
Well, I'm gonna redo my speech and make sure - it's better than yours.
- Oh, and I'm gonna have people laughing and in tears, so good luck having to follow that.
(LAUGHING) - (TOGETHER): What?! It's just funny watching you.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think you two had been brother and sister your entire lives.
(LAUGHING) (GRACE SIGHING) (SIGHING) What's a larry-nix? A what? A larry-nix.
I was reading about it in this book - about breathing.
- A larynx.
What's it do? Larynx is another name for your voice box.
It's located in your neck, right about here.
We use it when we breathe, swallow, talk when you make a lot of noise.
So I use mine a lot.
Well, anybody who's chasing monsters would.
Are you interested in that sort of thing? Maybe becoming a doctor? I don't know.
Everybody says you have to be so smart to be a doctor.
Yeah, mostly you just have to remember things.
I'm pretty good at remembering things like this book was exactly right here before I borrowed it.
I knew I should remember for when I put it back.
Well, if you can remember that, then you can certainly figure out where all the bones are in the human body.
And there's a book right here that shows you all about it.
Can I borrow this one too? You can take any of them whenever you want.
- Thanks! - And you know one of the best - things about being a doctor is? - What? You get to talk to all kinds of different people.
- With my larynx! - (LAUGHING) That's right.
How long have you been standing there? Long enough to see how nice you were treating - one of my guests.
- Ah.
Well, I thought I should get used to having so many people around.
- You gonna be OK with that? - I think it's one of the things I'm gonna love the most about living here.
Well, then you should probably move in more of your stuff upstairs, down the hall.
I turned one of the guest rooms into a private office just in case you wanted - some time to yourself.
- Thank you.
Oh, and I figured out what I wanna do for our honeymoon! Oh, good, 'cause I've been a little stumped.
I wanna travel around and visit all the people who can't be here for our wedding, the ones that mean so much to us.
- Like Joanne and Olympia? - Yeah, and my foster mother - and Laurie can't be here either.
- Oh.
Yeah, I'd like to see all of them.
Great! Then we could actually spend time with them instead of just a quick visit - after cutting the cake.
- Yeah.
- I think that sounds great.
- Yeah.
So this is all gonna happen, just like we've been waiting for.
Three more days.
It'll be the perfect wedding.
And do you think we're ready for life after that? I do.
You see how good I am at saying those two words? It looks like you've been practising.
I just want you to know how much I mean it when it really counts.
(SOFT MUSIC) Are your children joining us for dinner? They're gonna meet us at Grey House in time to run - through the ceremony.
- They both said they needed more time to work on their speeches.
Well, I can't wait to see what they have to say.
Hey, we should get a picture before we all sit down.
Amy, can you take a photo? - Of course.
- Hey, let's do it over here.
Let's put the bride and groom in the middle, right next to the mayor.
- Oh! Well, if you insist.
- Ahem.
- Oh.
- Why don't you come - on this side, next to me? - Thank you.
Can you get closer together? Liam, you and Stephanie.
Yeah, you really need to squeeze in.
- And there.
- (CLICKING) One more.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Cassie, I brought something to show you.
It's not a cyclamen like you wanted, but I thought the colour would match some of the other things - you picked out.
- Oh, those are gonna look really good.
Where did you get that? I ordered it out of a catalogue.
- You remember? - Yeah, of course.
Well, we met at a logistics seminar and we had some free time, so we went for a walk in the sand dunes.
And they had flowers like that growing everywhere.
They really are beautiful.
Good, because Grey House is going to be full of them.
So you're doing the flowers and leading the ceremony.
- A mayor's work is never done.
- Oh, go ahead! Rub it in! But the worst part of it is now I don't have the authority to proclaim the day in honour of Cassie and Sam.
Now I'll have to go and buy them a blender.
I don't know that you have to settle on the right gift just yet.
Well, the wedding's the day after tomorrow.
Which means you still have time to shop.
Lieutenant Gathright! Chaplain Roberts.
Emma, this is Dave Roberts, unit chaplain.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Chaplain.
I thought you were in Blairsville.
- Aren't we all? - I was, but your CO called and wanted me to convey the news.
You're being deployed overseas, both you and Captain Borden.
Well, where are they sending them? I'm sorry.
We can't give out that information, but they need you to report to Jacksonville and you to Norfolk, then they'll give you your assignments from there.
- Two different places? - We're in different divisions.
- That's how the system works.
- And they wanted me to tell you that the deployments will be for a full year.
A year?! - You guys are getting married! - I guess it'll have to wait.
We can reschedule for as soon as we get back.
It just seems like such a long time from now.
I know.
What else can we do? When the night Has come This is my favourite part, when we get our first look at the bride.
Even I always tear up.
- Oh, look! Here she comes! - And the moon Is the only Light we'll see No, I won't Be afraid No, I I won't be afraid - Just as long - It's so incredible that you guys just gave your wedding away.
They needed it more than we did right now.
I'm just happy we could give them exactly what they wanted So darling, darling stand - By me - And salute! Oh, won't you Stand by me Just as long as you stand Stand by me Just as long - Wanna go to a wedding? - I do.
As you stand Stand by me I give you this ring as a symbol of our love and a sign of my unending faithfulness.
And now for the groom.
I give you this ring as a symbol of our love and a sign of my unending faithfulness.
They both fit OK? - Yeah, pretty good.
- I think so, yeah.
Well then, by the power vested in me as a clerical representative of the armed services of these United States, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- You can kiss now.
That's an order.
- (LAUGHTER) And now, it gives me great pleasure to present to you Captain Emma Gathright and Lieutenant Ryan Gathright.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Draw swords! The Marine Corps requires a kiss to pass.
(APPLAUSE) (CONVERSATIONS) I think the two of you win the prize for best wedding gift ever, since what you gave us was your literal wedding.
Well, we're just glad you enjoyed it.
We loved everything about it.
The flowers, and the food it was all exactly what we wanted.
We were hoping it would be a day to remember forever.
- Oh, we'll remember.
- It couldn't have been more perfect - if we'd planned it for months.
- I'm glad it all worked out.
It's funny how it usually does.
I just hope that the two of you won't have to wait too long for your wedding.
Oh, we won't.
I have a feeling we'll find a time and place that'll be just right for the two of us.
Don't you think, Sam? I do.
Guess we won't be giving those speeches we spent so much time working on.
Not today, at least.
Which will give you more time to make sure yours is as good as mine.
- Oh, it's good.
It's great.
- I'll be the judge of that.
I'm pretty sure you would've liked it, 'cause it was mostly about you.
You were in mine, too.
I redid it after I heard what Grandpa said.
I was going to say how happy I was looking forward to having you as a brother.
And I was gonna say that this is about a lot more than just my dad and your mom getting married.
It's about me getting a sister that's already one of my best friends.
You were seriously gonna say all that? I was gonna start with that.
Wha No, you can't start with it, you have to lead into it.
What's wrong with starting with that? Because you need a structure beginning, middle, end.
Oh, so now you're gonna tell me how to write? Only if you want people to pay attention.
You did a great job with the food.
These raviolis are delicious.
Well, you can thank my grandmother for that.
I would, but I'd much rather be here with you.
So, what's going on with us? Yeah, I was hoping to figure that out myself.
Look, I know I've been really busy, but I would like to get a few minutes alone with you.
Really? Looks like we have a few minutes now.
And actually, there's something I've been wanting to do for a while, but I've been waiting for the right time to do it.
What was it you were hoping to do? (ROMANTIC MUSIC) Was it the right time? What took you so long? Can we? Sorry to interrupt the festivities, but these need the mayor's approval right away.
It's fiscal year-end business.
Approval for police supplies - and educational funds.
- Sounds kind of important.
Well, you are a very important person.
Thank you.
I will see you at City Hall.
Thank you.
So do I have to call you Madam Mayor now? - Either that or Your Highness.
- (LAUGHING) I kind of like it.
It's weird.
Once I finally decided to embrace being a Middletonian, this happened.
I didn't realise you had been just visiting.
I was sort of living my life like that.
But now I'm here to stay.
I even put an offer on a house.
- Your house.
- Oh, you wanna buy my house? - Well, you don't need it anymore.
- How much did you offer? - Exactly what you asked for.
- Sold.
Great! There's no rush to move out.
Whenever you and Cassie decide to finally get married, I will move in.
And then I will be living right next door.
There goes the neighbourhood.
- Hello.
- Hi.
So soon, this will be us.
Can't wait.
Phil? What are you doing here? I came back to see you.
Here I am.
I was an idiot when I left.
All I've thought about since I've been gone is you and how much I wanna be with you.
How I want you with me.
So, would you consider it? Consider what? Come back to Portland with me.
It's where my business is, it's where my life is, and I realised that I want you in it.
- Phil - You told me Middleton wasn't really your home, that there was nothing keeping you here, so walk away.
Be with me.
Starting right now.
(SIGHING) - Wow! - It is beautiful.
- It is.
I can see why Emma and Ryan wanted to get married here.
Can you imagine this without all the snow? The colours of the season, and the sunlight glistening on the lake This is exactly what I was hoping to find.
That place that you wanted to stumble upon, this is it? That's right.
This is it.
- Well, then let's do it.
- Really? Well, we're never gonna stumble upon a place any more perfect than this.
And Ryan and Emma already put a deposit down for a few months from now.
That would give us enough time to find the flowers we want and have the right food.
And get everybody that we want to be here.
(SIGHING) I can hardly wait for all of us to be together.
Me too.
So, uh, exactly how long are we gonna have to wait? Well, we can get married on the day it was reserved for.
So, when's the big day gonna be? Halloween.
Those fingers in my hair That sly come-hither stare That strips my conscience bare It's witchcraft And I've got no defense for it The heat is too intense for it