Good Witch (2015) s05e01 Episode Script

The Forever Tree, Pt. 1

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The mayor lives here.
MY HOUSE IS IN BLAIRSVILLE?! I've been instructed to strip you of your title.
Mayor Pershing, the city is yours.
I remember making this for Daddy.
- You miss him? - Yes.
I wanted to ask if it would be OK if I married your mother.
Yes! I've been out of the dating game for so long, I don't know - how to get back in it.
- I'm sure you'll find yourself - with plenty of options.
- I'll believe it when I see it.
Sorry, Abigail.
I know we kind of had something started here, - but I found a place in Portland.
- OK then.
- What's wrong.
- The whole place is under three feet of water! - Our wedding! - Can't believe we have to wait.
Let's not give up.
We'll find the perfect place.
I would never give up.
It's a bottomless pit in here.
Oh, stop it.
I'm used to you surprising me, it's one of the things I love about you, but I never imagined you'd have a junk room that's so messy.
Uh, this is not junk; they're mementoes - and I know where everything is.
- I have no doubt.
Well, since Nick moves in here, all the mementoes will be replaced with videogames.
When that kid's not battling aliens; he's talking about battling aliens.
Active imagination is fuel for a creative soul.
Yeah, well, not sure that's gonna fly on college applications.
At least, not the ones that he filled out - and never sent in.
- Yeah, there's still time.
I've tried tough love.
I've tried being cool dad.
Ah, but you haven't tried being awesome new stepmom.
You think you can work your magic on Nick? Oh, I knew there was a reason I was marrying you.
- Is that the only reason? - No.
- Do tell.
- I'll tell you in two days.
Can you believe it's finally happening? - Shhh! Don't jinx it.
- OK.
Stop distracting me, we'll never get this done.
Ohhh I haven't seen this in a long time.
Wow! Who are they? My great-great-great- grandmother Catherine Merriwick and her husband Douglas.
They got married under the Forever Tree.
On their wedding day, they carved their initials inside a heart on the trunk, which means - their love will last - Forever.
The name kind of gave it away.
A lot of people have carved their initials in trees.
Not a tree that's lived for thousands of years.
Legend has it that the roots never stopped growing.
They go so deep into the ground that the tree will be here for all time.
- Where is it? - No one knows.
Most believe that the tree has been lost to the ages.
What do you believe? When the time is right, the Forever Tree will reveal itself.
That's it.
Alright now, careful.
Keep it moving, but most importantly, keep it clean.
Oh my.
Who has the long-handle duster? Isn't it just so romantic that Sam and Cassie went horseback riding here on their first date, and now they're getting married here? It really is beautiful.
It will be even more beautiful with flowers everywhere.
Um, well, nobody will be looking at the flowers - after they taste the food.
- Please! We both know flowers as the most important part of a wedding.
I doubt 50 hungry guests would agree with that.
Um, 48 to be exact.
Oh, right, I forgot my plus one - is back with his ex-wife.
- At least, Liam left you for a good reason.
Phil chose his dating app company over me.
- He did come back for you.
- Like I was ever gonna move to Portland.
My flower shop is here.
- You're also the mayor.
- Which is taking my entire day.
I have to figure out how to fund the new playground equipment, I'm up to my ears in paperwork, and my phone is ringing off the hook with constituents calling me all day.
- I wouldn't want to do it.
- Do what? Move to Portland.
I hear they get a lot of rain.
Oh, well, Phil's loss is Middleton's gain.
We couldn't have a better interim mayor in my absence.
- What do you want, Martha? - Well, since you asked, my job back.
You need to get this Blairsville town line nonsense fixed, so my house can be returned to Middleton.
If I were you, I would embrace my time away from city hall.
You don't have to be mayor to be Martha.
Oh, you think I'd be used to you just popping up by now.
No, no, no, no.
Candles on the sidewalls only.
You should start planning weddings again, Martha; - you have a knack for it.
- No.
That phase of my life is over.
I'm just doing this as a favour to Cassie.
I appreciate your help, but I'd much rather - you enjoy yourself as our guest.
- But how would I enjoy myself - if I have nothing to do? - Quite the conundrum.
Or quite the opportunity.
You're right, Cassie.
Perhaps Martha Tinsdale needs to reinvent herself.
You could start by helping me out at Bell, Book & Candle.
There's been a recent opening.
Excuse me.
Hmm! Dad, you're about to get married; are we seriously gonna talk about college now? Well, there's still two days to the wedding and I'm off work, - what are we gonna talk about? - Anything else.
Fair enough.
But your grandma and grandpa might ask about your plans, and they'll be here in a couple of hours.
Oh, great.
Now, I'm getting it from all sides.
Getting what? Whole college what-are-you- gonna-do-with-your-life thing.
Hmmm Well, I promise not to ask.
At least, not about college.
Could you go grab a ladder for me? I need it to finish hanging the lights.
I saw one up by the horse stables.
- Gladly.
- I'll take that.
So you're gonna get him to take college more seriously by promising not to talk about college? Interesting strategy.
You don't always need to talk to get someone to listen.
Nice horse! Thanks! She's a great jumper.
Cool jacket! I'm Lyndsay.
I'm getting married.
I I mean my dad's getting married.
- I'm Nick.
- Great to meet you.
Man of few words.
I came looking for a ladder.
Just on the side of the barn.
- Easy, Starfire.
Starfire? Like from the game Destination? Is there another Starfire? - I'm on level 4.
- Me too.
It's a new horse.
He's been really restless, and no one can get near him yet.
Wow! Um I guess I'll see you.
Oh! You forgot the ladder.
- Oh! Yeah.
Hey, get back! - [WHINNYING.]
- Shhh Shhh - Shhh Shhh - Grace! Hey, are you OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I just Just not sure he is.
- Vincent?! - What's up, Cass? Look at you! - I look good, right? - Yeah! I'll let you two get caught up.
It was nice talking to you.
Yeah, you too.
You ever get out to the coast, - we'll sail the Catalina.
- I'll hold you to that.
- What are you doing here? - Didn't you invite me? Well, we did, but you never RSVP'd.
- Right, I should get going.
- No, no, I'm not letting you - get away again.
- Hey! Who's this? - Ah, Sam, this is Vincent.
- Ah, the foster brother! I guess Cass told you about me.
She told me you haven't been around the past 10 years.
- I'm glad you're here now.
- Me too.
Wait 'til you see Grace.
She's all grown up now.
- That makes two of us.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
- Wow! It's so nice having you here, Uncle Vincent.
I cannot remember the last time I saw you.
Because he keeps promising to come and never shows up.
When you're out at sea, keeping a schedule can be tough.
The ocean is unforgiving.
But we're not.
We are grateful for all these gifts.
Yes, and I love my It's a handmade harmony ball from Bali.
There's a small bell inside.
- When you wear it - [TINKLING SOUND.]
it reminds you to take a deep breath and relax.
Which is why they're also used for meditation.
- It's cool.
: Your turn, Sam.
- Ah! [NICK.]
: Yeah, what do you got, Dad? - Uh, let's see.
It's a - It's a lali drum from Fiji used to call people together.
I figured you could use it - to gather the new family.
- Or I could send a group text.
Seriously, it's it's very thoughtful.
- [GRACE.]
: I Your turn, Mom.
- Yes, OK.
Let's see here.
Black pearls.
- They're amazing! Look.
- Yeah.
I found them when I was sailing to French Polynesia last month.
They're supposed to protect - the wearer from negative energy.
- Not too much of that - around Cassie.
- Hmm.
It's also believed - that they have healing powers.
- You know, as a kid, I never needed an encyclopedia when I was living with Cassie.
- Well, that sounds like my mom.
She would always tell me these amazing adventures she had planned.
Her stories inspired me to take up sailing.
I can't believe you've been around the world.
I circled the world a few times working for Jonathan Gardner.
- The billionaire? - Yeah.
I'm in charge - of his entire fleet.
- You're definitely not - that shy little kid anymore.
- How old were you guys when you lived together? Uh, I got placed there when I was 6.
Yeah, when I went to college, you were 10.
When I came home, you were gone.
Foster kids get moved around a lot.
Yeah, it took me a long time to find you again.
And I know we may not have seen each other as much as we wanted, but now that you're here, we're gonna start - making up for that.
- I gotta go check in - with the office.
- OK.
Katovitz is covering for you, so what's really going on? Like, I know Vincent being here means a lot to you Hmm But you think he's gonna disappoint me? He has before.
I just don't want to see you get hurt again.
And I love you for that.
But I need you to do something for me.
Give Vincent a chance.
Aaah Hey, Mr.
How's the patient? Bored.
There's like two channels in this place.
Well, would a hot coffee and a maple-bacon donut - cheer you up? - Ohhh Aaah You know, if I don't make it through the operation, this is - what I'm gonna miss most.
Sure your wife will be happy to hear that.
She'll be happy I saved her half.
Are you related to this troublemaker? Mr.
Langer was my first customer the day that I opened my bistro.
He's come in every day since for a hot coffee and a maple-bacon donut.
I came in to see if you want to play some gin, but I can come back later.
A doctor has time to play cards? Haha! A doctor probably doesn't, but a hospital chaplain does.
Adam Hawkins.
Oh! Uh, you don't look like a chaplain.
What does a chaplain look like? - [LANGER CLEARING HIS THROAT.]
- We gonna play cards of what? - [CHUCKLING.]
- I'll let you two get to it.
It was nice to meet you.
You too.
- Um, great song! - That was my parents' first dance at their wedding.
I'm adding it - to the playlist for the band.
- I love it.
I can't wait to meet them.
Ten to one, as soon as they get here, my dad will tell you how they made record time from Minnesota.
And then he'll start looking for things to fix - around the house.
- Well, I was kind of hoping they'd be here by now.
I have a few things to do before Grace's final fitting for her maid of honour gown.
Actually, perfect timing.
- [WOMAN.]
: Hello! We're here! - Ah! Hey, guys! No.
That's how you greet us? You give your mother a hug! [LAUGHING.]
And you too, you're family now.
Unless of course you're not Cassie in which case - I'll be hugging a stranger.
- You're safe.
Hahaha! Are you sure you want to marry this one? - He's a little grumpy, you know? - Yeah, I'm working on that.
Haha! It's so great to finally meet you both.
And as you can see, they're a handful.
Oh, so that's why you've been keeping Cassie to yourself: you're afraid we'll embarrass you, huh? - [SAM'S DAD LAUGHING.]
- I missed you guys.
Well, we have a beautiful room ready for you.
- Want me to show 'em? - Thanks.
Is there anything at all I can do to help with the wedding? Yes.
You can relax and enjoy yourselves.
Oh, well, we're already off to a good start.
- Made record time from Minnesota.
- Mm-hmm.
Dad, let me help you - with those bags.
- They're perfectly balanced, don't touch 'em.
Just show the way.
If you throw out your back, don't say I didn't offer.
I'm like an ox.
And when I unpacked, there's a bent sprinkler head out there I want to fix.
My two boys.
Some things never change.
You have a wonderful family.
We have a wonderful family.
- [GRACE.]
: Did you get it? - Just came this morning.
I swear the bride and groom look exactly like Cassie and Sam.
I wouldn't be so excited.
The topper's that cool; - no one's gonna look at your cake.
- I hadn't thought of that.
Where is it? I want to see! Be right back.
What? I'm gonna pay for it.
Well, in that case, will you pay for mine too, please? Well, that definitely doesn't look like Cassie.
It was too close to the oven when I baked the cookies.
- What are we gonna do? - Well, don't panic.
I can fix it.
I think.
- The delivery company says the flowers didn't make it onto the truck.
Have no fear! You're looking at an expert in damage control.
- I'll make some calls - Martha - grease some palms.
- Martha There'll be flowers here tout de suite! Martha! I've got it.
The flowers will arrive in plenty of time for the wedding.
There's no damage, - just a little hiccup.
- I hope so.
Well then, I'll just have an espresso to go.
Aren't you supposed to be helping Cassie at the Bell, Book & Candle while she's getting - ready for the wedding? - I was just on my way there.
It's all part of finding the updated moi.
Let's call it Martha 2.
Tataa! Oh! - She forgot her coffee.
- I'll take it.
And if I find it, then that'll be my wedding gift to Cassie.
- Oh, she'll love that.
- A tree? The Forever Tree.
It's a Merriwick thing.
Reminds me of the time that I drove three hours to surprise your mother with a piece of pie from a bakery that she loved.
That stuff is exhausting.
You look good in a suit, pal.
You know, I've worn one every day since I got - my business degree.
- That didn't take long.
Did Dad tell you to bring up college? Actually no.
I just did the math.
College comes after high school.
- Ha! - One thing I've learned: you gotta trust your guts.
Not just with people.
With everything.
So if you don't feel that college is in your DNA, find what is.
- Thanks, Grandpa.
- Yeah, "thanks, Grandpa.
" Hey, you used to love my advice, especially - when it came to dating.
- Ha! What kind of dating advice would you give him? Hmm What's her name? [CHUCKLING.]
I met her at the ranch where Dad and Cassie are getting married.
- Got tongue-tied, didn't you? - Totally.
But I think she's into me.
The only way to know for sure is to ask her out.
Yeah, I I don't know.
Worse she can do is say no.
Only way to find out is ask her on a date.
That makes total sense.
I literally just gave you the same advice.
Yeah, but it sounded better coming from Grandpa.
OK, eyes are closed! Are they actually closed? No peeking.
OK, I'm not peeking, but hurry, I've been waiting months for you to surprise me with this dress.
Tadaa! Ohhh Oh, Grace, it's beautiful! You're beautiful! - You promise you like it? - I love it.
- OK.
- Wow! Ohhh You know, it's been quite a journey getting here, but I know everything is gonna - be perfect.
- I want to see too! Ohhh! Grace, you look amazing! Alright, enough about you guys.
How do I look? You've got to be kidding me.
Well, I guess you two have more in common than you think.
We have a problem.
- One of us needs a new dress.
- Clearly.
Which one? OK, well, it is my mom's wedding.
And you'll both look amazing no matter what you wear.
You're right.
I can compromise.
So can I.
I'll find a dress that puts this one to shame.
Honestly [WHISPERING.]
: A lot of things keep going wrong.
Don't you think that it's kind of weird? No.
Me having the same taste as Stephanie? Now, that's weird.
Remember this guy? Elvis the elephant.
You gave it to me the day we met.
Yeah, I told you he would always be there - when you needed him.
- Well, so are you.
You know, I hated when you left for college.
Elvis was supposed to keep you company.
His stories weren't as good as yours.
Is that why you put him in my suitcase? I just didn't want you to forget me.
I could never forget you.
And I'm so proud of you.
That means a lot, Cassie.
You were the only one who ever believed in me.
I'll never stop.
Stop! Don't move! Stephanie, you're not feeling well.
You have a - A horrible headache.
- I knew it! You see? Cassie Nightingale isn't the only one - with "intuition.
" - OK, well, Cassie creates this amazing blend of aromatherapy oils for pain.
Do you think you can make me that? Oh! Of course.
Now, let's see.
Oh, uh Uh Hahaha! Let's do this the old-fashioned way, shall we? Martha's magic.
Take two and call me in the morning.
- Any other problems I can solve? - Uh, well, since you seem to know everybody and everything about them, what could you tell me about Adam, the hospital chaplain? Why? Are you inquiring about his relationship status? - I might be.
- Well, I happen to know that he's quite single and quite the catch.
Oh, wait.
You're not seriously considering pursuing him, - are you? - Why? Well, it would be like wearing two different socks.
- What's that supposed to mean? - I'm just afraid that you may be reaching for the stars.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Ha! Well, we'll see about that.
- Is it something I said? - [DOOR CHIME.]
Oh! Hey! - Hey, Sam.
- Does anything look familiar? Hmm I recognize that old church steeple in the background.
So if I can find that church, I'll find the Forever Tree? Uh, you might.
But you have one problem, Doc: that church was torn down about 60 years ago.
I got two days, George.
Can you at least point me in the general area? A lot of that land got cleared for new farms.
I hate to break it to you, but there's a good chance that tree got cleared with it.
Well, if it's out there, I'll find it.
Good luck.
You know, I I really appreciate all your hospitality, especially when you got - everything else going on.
- Sam and I couldn't imagine you not being here.
Oh, classical guitar.
A customer traded that.
- Bring back some memories? - Jonathan used to play our wedding song on one just like this.
Well, those were the days.
Um, I bet there are plenty more of those days.
- Oh, my two favourite ladies! - Oh, what a nice surprise! Aw, so sweet! Thank you.
- Someone raised you right.
- Yes, someone did.
Could I give you both - one little piece of advice? - Yeah.
- Of course.
- Never stop doing the little things.
Well I'm gonna go do some shopping.
- Hey! - Hey! - Still a man of few words.
- Well, actually I was Easy, girl.
I think she likes you.
Did you want to try? Sure.
You have to go in circular motions.
Yeah, perfect.
You really know what you're doing.
Well, I better.
I'm gonna be a veterinarian specializing in zoology and surgery.
- Wow! - Yeah, I just applied for early decision at Cornell.
It's the top veterinary school - in the country.
- Sounds like you have - your whole future planned out.
- Don't you? Yeah.
Of course.
It's really important to know what you want.
- I'm waiting to hear too.
- Oh, from what school? I don't really want to jinx it.
Sorry, it's stressful enough.
Oh, did you want to ask me something? Uh, nah, I'm I'm good.
Um, could you show me the circle thing again? Yeah.
- You have to press pretty hard.
- OK.
: Guess what I have! Oh, the mock-up bouquet? I totally outdid myself, which is impressive considering I am juggling my shop and running this town.
Ohhh it's beautiful! Mmm! And I appreciate all your hard work.
Since I took such good care of you, I need you to do one thing for me.
Make sure you're the one to catch it? I'll be staying in the back on the right.
If you do catch it, is there a lucky guy in mind? Sadly, the man of my dreams is only in my dreams.
Or maybe right outside your door.
Yeah, right.
I gotta get these back to the shop.
- I'll see you at home.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me! Hello? What do you think you're doing? I was going to ask you the same thing.
I was just picking up a newspaper.
I like to keep up on what's going on in town.
Actually, you're disturbing the town.
- Not to mention you're parked illegally.
- Didn't realize.
I should write you a ticket.
- Are you a police officer? - I'm the mayor.
Mayor of Blairsville never complains.
You're in Middleton now or did you not realize that either? [ENGINE STARTING.]
- OK.
Hey there.
- Everything OK? - Everything's fine.
Of course.
- Oh! Don't look.
- Oh! OK, I'm not looking.
: That screw looks pretty stripped.
Wanna use the needle-nose pliers and yank it out? No, it'll split the wood.
I was gonna tackle that door next week.
Oh, well, uh, I hope you don't mind my jumping in.
Anything else on my list you'd like to do, help yourself.
- Hahaha! - I'll be in my hammock.
Hello, boys! - Hi, Mom.
- Hello, sweetie.
You want me to help you with those bags? No.
I've got surprises in here and if you see them, then they won't be surprises.
I bet your father broke that just so he could fix it.
Hahaha! I know how he operates.
If you two are done, could you hand me a flathead screwdriver? Well, I'll let you two bond.
- You two having a fight? - Not that I'm aware of.
- You hardly looked at her.
- I know what she looks like.
Could I have that flathead? Thank you.
Your mom seems happy.
Yeah, she is.
I'm really glad that she found Sam.
But you miss your dad, don't you? - Did you know my dad? - I only met him once, but he's the kind of guy you never forget.
You know, I lost my parents when I was young, so I get how you feel.
It's not easy.
Can you believe that one of our esteemed citizens just asked me to dedicate a statue to their parakeet? - It is a noble bird.
- I'm guessing you're the Vincent I've heard so much about.
- Guilty.
- Well, she is the mayor, - she can pardon you.
- Hmm, not sure he deserves it.
Would you mind stopping by the shop later to help me with - the rest of the wedding flowers? - I will be there.
Nice to meet you, Vincent.
- Hi, Stephanie.
- Adam! - Hey.
- This place is great! Well, thanks for saying that.
I work really hard at it.
"Nothing worth having comes easy," right? Theodore Roosevelt.
I'm impressed.
Now that I've impressed you, what can I get for you? 12 cups of OJ, please.
You really like juice, huh? Not as much as the kids in my baseball team.
- You're a coach?! - I try, yes.
Well, I am sure they learn a lot from you.
I learn a lot from them too.
You OK? Yeah.
I just love baseball.
- Do you have a favourite team? - Uh-huh.
It's, um - What's your favourite team? - Diehard Cubs.
Me too! Cubs diehard Ohhh! Wow! I'm such a klutz.
- Hahaha! - Maybe we are mismatched socks.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go get you that juice.
- It's pretty hot out there.
- In here too.
Four years later, and I finally like drinking tea.
- No, you don't! - [LAUGHING.]
: No.
I really don't.
But I love you for doing it for me.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
You keep talking like that, and I might have to marry you.
How's tomorrow? Um, I happen to have some time on my schedule.
Hi, George.
Oh! You seem to be on a mission.
Uh, no, I just want to have a word with Sam.
Oh, well, your timing is perfect, I was just heading out.
Look what I have.
It's a Middleton map.
It must be at least a hundred years old.
- Yeah, it looks it.
- See - this little thing right here? - Barely.
That's the old church.
The tree seems to be somewhere in Foster's Wood.
So you pinpoint the church, you're gonna be darn close to the tree.
Looks like that's from the 1800s.
- I guess you know your maps.
- Yeah.
You can see from the borderlines, the colours, even the creases in the paper.
I used one to sail a Saudi prince's yacht to an ancient port.
Uh, we're trying to find the Forever Tree.
There's Merriwick family lore that goes with it.
I wanted to surprise Cassie.
I'd love to help.
Why don't I come with you.
That sounds great.
What inspired all this?! I'm trying to figure how early decision works.
The early ship has sailed.
At this point, you are late.
How late? Only by like five months.
- Well, that's a problem.
- Why? [SIGHING.]
I kind of told a girl that I met at the ranch that I applied.
Why? Because I was trying to impress her.
By lying That is not exactly impressive.
And that's not exactly helpful.
You want my help? Try being honest.
As far as I could tell, we should head a little further south.
Yeah, yeah, that's definitely it.
The tree's out there.
It's this way.
Looks like you're enjoying this.
I love it, man.
It's like when I chart a destination and head out on the high seas.
It's just me versus nature.
- I guess it's hard to explain.
- I think you explained it - pretty well.
- You ever feel that way? I do, yeah.
Right before surgery.
Set a goal, conquer it.
Cassie taught me that.
I doubt Cassie used the word "conquer.
" Hahaha! That's not really in her vocabulary, but she always talked about never letting your situation get in the way of your goals.
She'd say, "If you follow your heart, - you'll be successful in life.
" - Now, that sounds like Cassie.
I was a handful as a kid.
She was the first person who made me feel like things might be OK.
Why did you stay away so long? [SIGHING.]
I wanted to see her, but I was trying to make something of myself first.
You know, for a long time, I was stepping up to the plate and only hitting singles.
I wanted Cassie to see a guy who was blasting homeruns.
- Guessing you played some ball.
- Second base.
And when I'm not on a boat, it's where I feel most at home.
Starting to think I misjudged you.
Yeah, I had a feeling you didn't like me very much.
Well, tell you what, you help me find this tree, you'll have a friend for life.
Does effort count? As far as I could tell, it's one of these needles in a haystack.
Well, let's start looking for carved initials.
- Ooh, comfort food! - Mmm! - [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
- Mayor Pershing.
Just leave it on my desk.
Thanks for calling.
Kid just wants me to fix his parking ticket.
I get calls like that all day long.
- I could get you a slice.
- No, it's OK, I'll just eat yours.
Also, I'm taking Martha for me today if that's OK.
She's helping me at the flower shop.
This mayor thing is out of control.
I'm fine with that, but how does Martha feel? She wants me to get her house moved back to Middleton - so she can be mayor again.
- What do you want? It sounds - like you're ready to resign.
- I'm so ready, but I'm not ready to give Martha the satisfaction.
I better go put the finishing touches on the wedding flowers.
- Mayor Pershing.
- Hey, where have you two been? - Out looking - for buried treasure.
- In Middleton? Together? - It's a town full of surprises.
- I think it's great.
It had its moments.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Sound like you two found common ground.
Yeah, I guess he couldn't resist my charm.
- Well, who could? - Haha! You know, being here with you feels like home.
It's a home you're always welcome in.
In that case, maybe I'll stick around a while.
So you see, Henry, if you use the right turn of phrase to say, "Get well," you don't even need a bouquet.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You haven't sold a single flower today, have you? Now that you mention it, it has been rather slow.
But that hasn't stopped me from doling out advice.
My wisdom simply cannot be contained behind a register.
Let me guess, you and your wisdom would prefer to be in city hall? You know, in my search for Martha 2.
0, I have come to the conclusion that the Martha that I like best is, well, Mayor Martha.
- Mayor Pershing.
No! I'm sorry, I can't help you! - What was that? - The last straw.
: Tell me you're not putting these pictures out - where anyone can see them.
- Throwback photos are a tradition at weddings.
Our guests will love that.
- The groom won't.
- The room was an adorable kid.
No, the bride was an adorable kid.
- I guess I was pretty cute too.
- Do I have a say in that? Uh, only if you say something nice.
- Haha! Pass.
- Really glad you're here, Dad.
- What did he do this time? - Refused to admit - that I was a cute kid.
- Haha! Uh, do you have any newspaper I can put under this paint? Uh, in the recycling bin outside the door.
Ah, OK.
Jennifer, you should try some of my buttercream cupcakes.
- They're on the counter.
- That sounds good, thank you.
Mmm! It's the annual flight of the fireflies.
Come on, I was reading that.
I'm trying to paint here.
Every year, thousands of fireflies return to a clearing in Foster's Wood, and they light up at the same time.
- It's really amazing to watch.
- I would love to see that.
And I'm sure Dad would love to take you.
But we never do things like this anymore.
You wanna see some bugs that light up? We'll go see some bugs.
- It's a date.
: Alright.
You know, I'm really glad you needed this newspaper; otherwise, I never would have seen this.
- Yeah.
- That was lucky.
Hey, you.
If I'd known you were coming, I would have worn my good boots.
- I've been trying to connect with that horse.
I feel like he wants to tell me something, - but I just don't know what.
- I know how he feels.
- Sorry, what? - Nothing.
Actually, I was hoping we could talk.
Maybe later tonight, we can get dessert.
How about a round of Destination over ice cream? Great! We can go to the Bistro, - and they have great Wi-Fi, so - Bring your Ghost Armor, you're gonna need it.
I'm just gonna go put her away.
- Come on.
We have a contract! John, we go back a lot of years, don't do this.
I'll leave the keys with the harbourmaster.
Is everything OK? Great.
Just need a little air.
Mayor Davenport, I'm Mayor Pershing.
I love cats.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Actually, I'm more of a dog person, but you gotta keep the constituents happy.
- You're the mayor.
- Donovan Davenport.
It's a pleasure to officially meet you.
Did you come to give me that ticket for disturbing the peace? Wow, you think you're really charming, don't you? Doesn't matter what I think; - it's all about the voters.
- I vote no.
Well, lucky for me you don't live in Blairsville.
Unlucky for you, Martha Tinsdale does.
- What can I do for you? - You can agree to a deal to return the town line to where it was, so that Martha can become a citizen of Middleton again.
And what's in it for me? Or should I say Blairsville? Goodwill between our towns.
- What do you want? - Actually, I want to keep things the way they are.
Martha's a formidable political opponent; why would I want to make it possible for her to return office? And I'm not a formidable opponent? You said it, not me.
Now if you don't mind, I have work to do.
It would appear so do I.
You open it! No.
I'll open it! It's the same dress as it was in the last fitting.
I know, but three weeks ago, we didn't have the shoes, jewelry, veil.
I am finally going to be able to see you as a complete bride.
What is it? It's probably nothing.
You don't get that look over nothing.
Oh no! What's wrong? - It's been eaten by moths.
- It's ruined.