Good Witch (2015) s06e00 Episode Script

Curse from a Rose

1 (CRICKETS CHIRPING) Be still, sad heart, and cease repining.
Behind the clouds, is the sun still shining? Thy fate is the common fate of all.
Into each life, some rain must fall.
(ENCHANTING MUSIC) - So, what do you think? - Oooh! I think you're more interested in what Donovan will think.
- I think he's gonna love it.
- Mm-hmm.
Almost as much as Grace loves these candy-corn muffins.
I'm sorry she can't be here.
Yeah, our first Halloween apart.
It's definitely not gonna be the same without her.
Hopefully, these muffins will make her feel like she's home.
- Is this you?! - Ah Yeah, with my old college roommate.
Senior year at Wellingsly.
I remember my senior year.
It was no picnic.
Sam asked me to pack a lunch, said, "Be ready for a surprise.
" Mm-hmm.
And will you be? Of course.
I have a feeling our adventure will be smooth sailing.
- Keep 'em closed.
- OK, you are just lucky - I trust you.
- Trust me, I'm the lucky one.
- Can I peek now? - (SIGHING): I'll allow it.
Wow, it's beautiful out here! It's even more beautiful out on the lake.
And your chariot awaits.
Smooth! Mm-hmm.
I was hoping for suave, but I'll take smooth.
Haha! I figured you wouldn't mind a little calm before we go full-on holiday mode.
You figured right.
And I also wanted to do something memorable to celebrate our first married Halloween.
Yeah, I would say this qualifies.
I just have one question: how did you get us the lake to ourselves? Magic.
(CHUCKLING) - This is kind of perfect.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh Sam - I know what you're gonna say.
- No, I don't think you do.
Would it be that the boat is filling up with water? It would, mm-hmm.
Yeah, it looks like a crack.
Yeah, right behind me.
So, unless you feel like swimming, we should probably get out.
Well, I did say that I wanted our first married Halloween to be memorable.
And I can promise you I will never forget this.
Let's just hope the rest of the holiday is better than this.
Whatever happens, I think you calling this "kind of perfect" is some kind of perfect.
- You too.
(CASSIE): Martha, is everything OK? Everything is absolutely peachy.
Sounds like you need some of my lemon verbena tea.
- Cassie - I had a feeling.
It's my Tom.
He's not acting like well, like my Tom.
Normally this time of year, the Tinsdale Tandem gets bitten by the romance bug.
Halloween night is the anniversary - of when we got engaged.
- And it's usually a weeklong, gift-giving "snugglefest" is I believe the word you once used.
Well, so far, not a gift or a snuggle from Tom.
Well, there's four days left to Halloween; - I wouldn't give up hope.
- I never do.
Mmm! Oh, my goodness, it is only four days until Halloween, and yet somehow this year just doesn't seem to have the same pizazz.
Last year's Middleton/Blairsville Harvest Festival was quite the spectacle.
And quite a lot of work, which is why we only do it once every four years.
And yet, it just makes this year's Halloween festivities - seem so passé.
- Is that why you asked to borrow Elizabeth Merriwick's diary.
- - Hmm Yes, I was hoping to find something in the past to provide an answer for the present, but it looks like you loaned it to me for nothing.
Hmmm You sure you read every page? (CHUCKLING): I know this diary inside and out.
Wait a minute.
Two of these pages are stuck together.
How did I miss this? Anything interesting? (GASP) I should say so.
It's dated October 31st, 1891.
Elizabeth writes, “Today, Middleton began the bewitching tradition "of a Halloween bonfire.
"All those gathered "tosses the petals of a rose "into the dancing flames to inspire harmony and happiness throughout their lives.
" Oh, that sounds beautiful! - - More than that it sounds perfect.
This year, Middleton will have the Halloween bonfire to end all Halloween bonfires.
I think I love it.
(BOTH LAUGHING) You came in for lunch and I put you to work; I feel bad.
- No, you don't.
- (WOMAN CHUCKLING) - No, I don't.
- (MAN CHUCKLING) - (INDISTINCT SONG PLAYING) - How's this? Oh! Just a little to the left.
Yeah, that is perfect.
You're right, the two inches made all the difference.
Hey, in this town, the placement of Halloween decorations is a big deal.
(CHUCKLING) From what I've seen, Halloween, period, is a big deal around here.
Haha! You have no idea.
I'm so excited for your first Middleton Halloween.
Well, if you're excited, then I'm excited.
And a little dizzy.
- I think I'll come down now.
- Pff! Ohhh, you gotta be kidding me.
Yeah, I don't get up there to dust too often.
Don't judge me.
"The Little Book of World Records.
" - Surprisingly dust-free.
- Ah.
Forgot I had that.
Ah you have no idea how hard I tried to break a record when I was a kid.
That is so cute.
Cute?! Record breaking is serious business.
One Halloween, I was seconds away from eating more peanut butter cups than anyone else in history.
There's actually a record for that? No, no, no, but it should be.
- - It would be kind of cool - to see your name in there.
- Right? - Well, here's a thought.
- Mm-hmm What if we try and break a record together? That's a big step in a relationship.
- Does a big step scare you? - I love a good scare.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, in that case, why don't we try and "smash the most watermelons" with our heads.
- No.
- No.
(WOMAN CHUCKLING) Well, I'm sure there's - one in here we can break.
- Mm-hmm.
Favourite scary movie? The Blob.
- "The Blob"? - It's a camp classic.
It's a blob of goo devouring a city.
Gets me in the mood for Halloween.
It gets me in the mood to take a shower.
Although it does remind me of last year's Halloween's Harvest Festival where Middleton devoured - Blairsville.
- That was only because I was - out of town.
- Keep telling yourself that, - Mr.
- I guess we'll never know.
I guess we never will.
Face it, when it comes to Halloween, Blairsville's got nothing on Middleton.
Spoken like a woman who's never experienced - a Blairsville Halloween.
- I got a taste of it last year.
- And? - It's no pumpkin pie.
OK, I admit it.
Middleton's enthusiasm for all things trick or treat pushed us to up our game.
You're welcome.
And you're invited.
To Halloween in Blairsville? Well, is it so wrong to want to spend it together? It's actually pretty great; I just figured we'd be spending it in Middleton.
I'm the mayor, I've gotta be home to hand out the big candy bars.
I get it, but Halloween is a huge deal in my family.
I get it, but it's our first Halloween together.
- (BIRDS SINGING) - (DOOR CHIME) Autumn Delaney.
- - There is no sneaking up - on Cassie Nightingale.
- It is so good to see you.
It seems like yesterday we were making popcorn on that hotplate in our dorm room.
25 years ago isn't exactly - yesterday.
Haha! - Ahhh Well, you moved out so fast, I didn't get to say goodbye.
You know, I tried getting in touch with you, but I couldn't find you anywhere.
I had to clear my head.
Yeah, graduating is a lot to handle.
Not for you! Heard you became quite the world traveller.
I had a few adventures, yes.
How about you? I haven't had as many as I'd like.
Well, maybe your time in Middleton will change that.
Oh, I wasn't planning on staying.
I was just driving by your shop, and a little voice told me to stop.
I'm glad you listened.
Funny, I found an old photo album this morning.
There's a picture of us from college.
Sounds like we were meant to reconnect.
Why don't you stay at Grey House, my family's bed and breakfast? It'll give us a chance to catch up.
That sounds like a perfect plan.
Wow! Look at us.
- Autumn? - Cassie.
I'm glad you're back.
I'm having trouble.
Why didn't you tell me you were having trouble sleeping? How did you know? I saw it in the book.
Top of the page, it says, - "Sweet dreams.
" - It's my family's grimoire.
You never mentioned a grimoire.
It's more like a folksy cookbook.
You know how it is in New Orleans.
These recipes have been handed down.
I haven't slept in a week, I'm desperate.
- - Maybe you could use one of my family's recipes, a Merriwick blend of blue chamomile flowers and geranium oil to rub on your temples If you blend it, I'll use it.
- Oh! Hi, Sam.
- Hey.
Give me five minutes and I will be ready to go.
About that, I forgot to make the reservation.
Oh, well, prominent surgeon like you, they should be able - to squeeze us in.
- I have a better idea.
- Shall we? - Ho ho! This is amazing! Well, you better reserve judgement until you taste my wild mushroom risotto.
Mmm, my favourite! Wow, chivalry and risotto; how did I get so lucky? Well I ask myself the same question every day.
Since the whole boat ride thing didn't exactly go as planned, I say we consider this take two.
- Here's to - I'm home! Nick? (DOOR CLOSING) Hey, guys! - There he is! - Welcome home! (NICK AND CASSIE CHUCKLING) - Hi.
- Hmm-hmm Is that risotto?! I'm so hungry! (WHIMSICAL MUSIC) - And I'm clearly interrupting.
- No, not at all.
It's great to have you back.
Yeah, I'm gonna take this to go.
- You sure? - Yeah, I should unpack.
And we can catch up tomorrow.
- Appreciate it, pal.
- Bye.
(SAM SIGHING) Take three.
Here's to (WOMAN): Cassie! Cassie? There's a broken water pipe under the bathroom sink, and there's water gushing everywhere.
- I tried to turn it off, but - Yeah, I'll take a look at it.
(SMOKE ALARM RINGING) - Ah, the garlic bread! - Oh no! (SIGHING) Well, there's always take four.
- (DISTANT MAN): - I shut off the water! - (BIRDS SINGING) - Mmm! Something smells good! Apple-cider donuts, my family's Halloween specialty.
- That is so sweet.
- I wanted to do something for you and Sam since your dinner last night kind of fell apart.
Sometimes when things fall apart, - better things fall into place.
- Well, I hope you're right 'cause my special Halloween confections aren't going to arrive on time this year.
Wait! So no chocolate peanut butter monsters - with spider web caramel? - Not a one.
What about the mummy dirt cups with the edible eyes? (CHUCKLING) I mean for the kids.
I need comfort food.
- These are incredible! - Hm, I think you just took a bite out of your answer.
I did? - I did.
- I'd be happy to bake - some for your shop.
- Abigail Pershing meet Autumn Delaney, your old college roommate.
You mentioned me? I saw a picture of you in an old photo album - yesterday.
- And now you're here.
That's quite a coincidence.
If there's one thing I learned from living with Cassie is there's no such thing as a coincidence.
You learn a lot about each other when you live together.
Wish you learned how to make these donuts.
Well, then it's your lucky day because Autumn offered - to bake you some for your shop.
- That's an offer I can't refuse.
(NICK): Uh-oh! Your camera, the old-school Pony 135.
I know what that means.
(ABIGAIL AND SAM GROANING) - Don't worry, I know - you've all heard the story.
- Aww! I haven't heard the story.
(NICK AND SAM GROANING) I'll be short and sweet.
You know how Loch Ness has its Nessie? Well, Middleton has its Bessie.
Or so he thinks.
This is my year, Doc.
- This is my year.
- Mm-hmm? - Duty calls.
- Dad, can you drop me off at the Bistro? I'm gonna meet some friends.
- (SAM): Ah, you got it.
- Sam, this came to my house for you.
No, I think I'll let the anticipation build.
Says the man who doesn't like surprises.
I like to keep you on your toes.
- I'll walk out with you.
- Trick or treat, my little goblins! Oh, you're in a good mood! For once, Cassie Nightingale, you could not be more wrong.
I am in a "spooktacular" mood! I just spoke with Jacqueline Casey, the highly respected editor of Small Town Digest.
I have been trying to get her to do a feature on Middleton's Halloween for years, and finally our bonfire seems to have, how shall I say it?, stoked her flames.
I love a bonfire at Halloween.
Oh, I don't believe I've had the pleasure.
Mayor Martha Tinsdale.
Autumn Delaney.
And there's nothing like a community harmoniously coming together to celebrate.
I agree.
Our bonfire tradition dates back to the late 1800s here in Middleton And our modern version must be magnifique.
We have our work cut out for us, Cassie, and only three days - to pull it off.
- Well, why go modern when you could go retro? Do tell? - You could recreate the 1890s.
- Period garb what an inspired idea! Maybe you could be inspired to come up with a few more.
Autumn's a landscape designer.
She did a fellowship at Kellington Gardens.
Ooh Actually, I didn't.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Clearly, their loss.
Sometimes, there are forces out of our control.
But you've been designing since? I've been managing a nursery.
Oh! Do you think that they could manage for a few extra days without you? We could use your expertise at our bonfire.
(MARTHA LAUGHING NERVOUSLY) - Cassie, could I have a word? - It's OK, it'd be better if I decline.
It would be better if you accept.
I remember that festival you designed for the homecoming weekend.
The alumni couldn't stop talking about it.
I won the Braden Design Medal for that.
Oooh, how prestigious! Your talent deserves to be on display.
Well, since you got Cassie's vote and the Braden Design award committee's, mine just makes it unanimous.
Middleton would be forever grateful.
You weren't kidding about this Halloween stuff.
I told you, Middleton does not kid about Halloween.
Only two pumpkins? You got off easy.
We are just getting started.
Wow! I can't believe how many pumpkins are in one place.
Actually, it's even harder to believe that they'll all be carved by Halloween.
You know, I bet you there is a record for the most carved pumpkins.
And I'm sure it belongs to Middleton.
Actually, it belongs to Blairsville.
They hold the state record for most carved jack-o'-lanterns.
Huh! - - We've secured a gifted designer who's taking the bonfire in an even more wonderful direction with an 1890s theme.
Without a doubt, we are gonna be the belle of your magazine's ball.
Yes, we'll see you soon.
Ta-ta! Ah! Tom, what an lovely surprise! You must be here to whisk me away to lunch.
Actually, I'm here to get your signature on this insurance form.
Oh! And then, you're gonna whisk me - away to lunch.
- I wish I could, but I have a meeting with Charles Edelman.
You mean you're playing golf.
Now, you know that's where he likes to talk business.
- (SIGHING) - (CELL PHONE RINGING) Charles! Yeah, I was just talking about you.
(WHISPERING): See you later.
I'm willing to spot you five strokes.
- Martha, do you have a minute? - Apparently, I have all day.
Perfect because we have some really great news.
Your timing is impeccable.
Blairsville has the state record for the most carved jack-o'-lanterns.
Blairsville?! Well, how is that good news? We're gonna break it.
- Go on - Well, the record currently stands at 5983 carved jack-o'-lanterns.
Oh, my goodness! How on Earth will we beat that? Middleton has a population of 3017 people.
If each resident were to carve two pumpkins That equals 6034 jack-o'-lanterns, breaking Blairsville's record - by - (TOGETHER): 51.
What are we waiting for? Go rally the troops! - Perfect! - OK! I mean it, go rally the troops.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Thanks, Martha.
- - (SAM): Let's see what we got.
- It's a four-leaf clover.
- That's interesting.
What's even more interesting is I have no idea - who sent it.
- You checked the return label? There's not one.
And the postmark's faded.
(SIGH) - It has a good energy.
- Ha! You don't really think - those things are good luck.
- Well, clearly, you don't.
What I do think is it could be a thank you from a patient.
Without a card? Yeah, that doesn't make any sense.
Hello, Autumn.
- I didn't want to interrupt.
- You're any good at solving mysteries? Because we've got one on our hands.
I know the culprit is usually the person you'd least likely suspect.
And they usually think they have everyone fooled.
I just wanted to give you the good news.
I found a supplier for the 1890s' period attire, and they're overnighting it.
- We'll have it in plenty of time.
- That is good news.
I'll let you get back to your mystery.
Is it just me or does she seem like a bit of a mystery? Oh, we definitely don't have the whole story.
(ELECTRONIC DOOR CHIME) "Of all the flower shops in all the towns in all the world, I walk into yours.
" - My favourite movie.
- My favourite actor.
- I thought it was The Blob.
- Hmm, he's not exactly leading man material.
What exactly is leading man material? Someone confident, - handsome.
- Of course.
- Strong.
- But sensitive.
- A must.
- What about kind? Definitely.
But not a pushover.
Let me guess, we're talking about? - Humphrey Bogart.
- Casablanca.
- Starts in 20.
- Well, it's a good thing I close now.
(GENTLE MUSIC) (ELECTRONIC DOOR CHIME) (DISQUIETING MUSIC) (CLINK) Imagine! Nearly two days and barely a peep out of Tom.
Now, you know I'm not one for keeping tabs Oh, all right fine, I'm an Olympic-level tab keeper, - but it's no excuse.
- Maybe it's the tab keeping that's making it so hard.
I know, I know.
Don't focus on things you can't control.
Or focus on the things you can.
What if you made a romantic gesture towards Tom? Well, I hadn't thought of that.
- (ELECTRONIC DOOR CHIME) - (DISQUIETING MUSIC) Oh, my goodness! What on Earth happened? I wish I knew, they're all like this.
We can't throw these into the bonfire; they look like they've been through one already.
(CASSIE): This is worse than I thought.
That's weird.
No return address, - no card, nothing? - Freeze! Who, me? What is wrong with this picture? Can you at least give us a hint? I see Dr.
Radford is wearing his ID badge.
- You are one tough cookie.
- Thanks for reminding me.
I made your favourite, Dr.
Ah, your world-famous double-fudge brownies.
- With extra chocolate chips.
- Oh, man! - That'd be your best batch ever.
- (NURSE CHUCKLING) You're gonna want one of those.
- - No badge, no brownie.
Wear this.
- Hahaha! - Now, you may have a brownie.
- Haha! - But I've got my eye on you.
- - Thanks, Samantha.
Mmm! You were so right.
Maybe we owe it to your lucky charm here.
Oh, you believe in that whole good luck thing? I spent an entire summer in Ireland with my grandparents - obsessed with finding one.
- I'll take that as a yes.
You know, only 1 in 10000 gets a fourth leaf.
The first three represent faith, hope and love, but that fourth leaf is supposed to bring you luck.
As you can see, this is important for Middleton, so if every Middletonian carves just two jack-o'-lanterns, we will secure the missing jewel from our Halloween crown.
All in favour, say pumpkin! - Haha! - Just kidding.
Of course you're all in favour, we're Middleton.
- (PEOPLE LAUGHING) - And now in other news, it would appear that Blairsville's Mayor Davenport is still stewing over their defeat in last year's Harvest Festival.
And so he has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged us to a Halloween Triathlon.
There's one catch: he has proposed a Mano a Mano competition in which he himself will represent his beloved Blairsville.
So, which brave Middletonian will be our own Sir Galahad? Now, this individual must be courageous dedicated selfless And strong.
Well, surely one of you will be our knight in shining Armour.
Uh, sorry I'm late.
On the contrary, you're right on time.
- How's the patient? - Well - in better shape than you are.
- Hahaha! Shouldn't you be training for the triathlon? I am.
Up here.
True strength begins in the mind.
(CHUCKLING): Can you hand me a torque wrench? Torque wrench.
You've got a surgeon's confidence.
Hoping I'll switch to pre-med? (CHUCKLING) That ship sailed.
And sunk.
You look happy.
So do you.
California treating you all right? Dude, California's great.
"Dude"? (NICK CHUCKLING) - Still purrs like a kitten.
- Thanks for taking care of her.
She misses having you around here.
We all do.
Thought you'd be out looking for Bessie.
Haha! It's been 58 years, Doc, there's no hurry.
You think there's any way she's actually out there? This is Middleton.
Taking a break from designing your bonfire festivities? You wouldn't happen to have any sketchbooks? Hmm How's this? Perfect.
Kind of like your life.
Not exactly, but I have been pretty lucky.
Grey House, this shop Sam - Must be nice.
- Hasn't always been easy.
I'm sure it hasn't.
But difficult roads can lead to great destinations.
And sometimes, they lead to a simple little nursery in St.
I have inscribed each of these balls with a different Halloween Triathlon event.
Each town may veto one choice.
Here we go.
- "Mummy marathon.
" - Veto.
Well, that was fast.
All right.
Ooh! "Pumpkin bowling.
" - Veto.
- Oh, really? I look terrible in those rented shoes.
(SNORT) Well, now that your vetoes have been exhausted, the events are Halloween hammer.
- (SIGH) - I should have known.
Ah, the second event A hay bale obstacle course.
Of course it is.
And the final event - Ooh! - Giant pumpkin regatta.
Giant pumpkin regatta.
I saw it reflected in the mirror behind you.
I used to row in college; you might want to concede now.
Unless you were rowing some kind of squash, I'm not worried.
It would appear that this meeting is adjourned.
You're in an awfully good mood for someone who's about to disappoint his entire town.
You know pride comes before a fall.
I know something that's about to fall: - your jack-o'-lantern record.
- Haha! The mighty Middleton.
We'll see if you have the candlepower to pull it off.
You're in for a rough Halloween.
If you're so sure you're gonna win, what about a friendly wager? On the triathlon or the pumpkin carving record? Both.
A twofer, I like it.
If I win, we watch a double feature: the original Blob and the remake.
That's all you got? If I win, you spend Halloween night in Middleton with me.
Halloween can't come soon enough.
Keep 'em coming! Keep 'em coming - Right there! Perfect! - So, we are really doing this.
- We are so doing this.
- Hey! - Less kissing, more carving.
- What? I've got a lot riding Middleton's got a lot riding on this.
- Mm-hmm? - Ahem.
You're with me, we've got another truck - coming in.
- OK.
- See you.
- (AUDIO FEEDBACK) Attention, all carvers! Let's not just go for triangle eyes and a toothy grin.
Let's take it to the next level! (ENGINE HUMMING) Looks like our first load of firewood's here.
Oh! Nicholas and George, you have entered a restricted pumpkin-carving zone.
Please back your vehicle up.
Where do you want it? Oh, I defer to the bonfire bon vivant.
Uh I'm not sure.
You're not sure?! I saw some space on the other side of the courtyard.
That sounds good for now.
Well, you heard her.
Scoot! Uh, perhaps now would be a good time to discuss your thoughts for the bonfire designs.
I'm still working them out.
Well, uh, you might want to work a little faster.
All right, people, let's pick up the pace! This is a sprint, not a marathon! - (DOOR CHIME) - (MAN): Thank you.
(MARTHA CLEARING HER THROAT) Cassie Nightingale, we have a problem.
Besides the buzzing in my ears? - - Buzzing reminds me of a busy little bee, which Autumn clearly is not.
Can you be more specific? The problem is she's not being specific about her design plans for the bonfire.
As far as I can tell, she doesn't have any.
Well, I know she's arranged for the 1890s attire - to get here.
- Wonderful! We'll be all dressed up with no place to go.
I know that Autumn is your dear friend; I just don't think she understands how important Halloween is to Middleton.
This bonfire needs to be our Mona Lisa, and she's treating it more like a paint by numbers.
Well, Martha, you know the creative process takes time.
Of course, I mean But unfortunately, time is not on our side.
If Autumn's vision isn't blooming by the end of the day, she'll need to be relieved of her duties.
You're gonna fire her? Oh, good heavens, no.
You are.
- - As of this moment, consider her on probation! - Ta-ta.
- This is a surprise.
- And this is a donut.
- Ha! I take that back.
This is arguably the best donut - that I've ever had.
- You brought donuts - to distract my training? - Wrong.
I brought donuts to snack on while watching you train.
- Hahaha! - But I do have extra if you want.
I'd love one two days from now after I've won the Halloween Triathlon for Blairsville.
The problem with that is I can't promise there'll be any left to console you when you lose.
You know, now that we're a thing A "thing"? What would you call it? Maybe over if you're gonna call our relationship a "thing.
" The donuts didn't work, so you're gonna try getting inside my head now.
You don't know me.
Apparently, you don't know me.
See, if you wanted to disrupt my training, you should have brought a chocolate donut with sprinkles.
Never underestimate me.
- (DOOR CHIME) - - (CASSIE): Hey! - I have reached out to everybody I know, and nobody's taking credit - for sending me this thing.
- Ah, you'd think you'd have better luck carrying around a four-leaf clover.
- Funny.
- So, our little mystery - is still a mystery.
- I even considered X-raying this to try to read that faded postmark.
Before you rush it to the ER, I might have another idea.
Lemon oil.
Could react with the ink and bring it back.
The day.
"November 13, 1974.
" 45 years ago? - (CELL PHONE RINGING AND BUZZING) - Ooh! Hello, my hardworking hubby! I have a surprise for you, but it must be served hot.
No, no.
Work comes first.
But maybe you could just take a few No, I understand.
Yes, I'll see you at home.
(SIGH) Hmm Mm! I still can't believe another Sam Radford used to live in my old house.
It's possible that charm got lost in the mail for a reason.
What reason would that be? Maybe you were supposed to end up with it all along.
That's interesting.
- Property records? - No, an actual record.
- Martha and the Middletones.
- Are you kidding me? I don't think I could make that up.
Well, here we go! Property records.
- That was fast.
- Don't celebrate yet.
I see the '60s and the '80s; how do you misplace an entire decade? OK.
Here's our missing decade.
Let's see about our missing Sam Radford.
According to this, the Radfords didn't live in that house in 1974.
It was a family named Thurlow.
Oh! Here it is.
Mhm, a blank page can be daunting.
That's one word for it.
Sometimes, the best way to get something done - is to just start.
- I haven't started something like this in over 20 years.
Martha is worried that you're not gonna be able to do it.
I'm worried I'm not gonna be able to do it right.
To be creative, you need to lose the fear of doing it wrong.
You don't know me anymore.
Why are you so sure I can handle this? What makes you so sure you can't? (KNOCKING) Autumn! I was just working up a few ideas for the bonfire, a plan B if you will.
I'd like it if you could take a peek at plan A.
I can hardly wait.
Since there are so many carved pumpkins, I decided to incorporate them into the design.
The unity of the glow of the jack-o'-lanterns and the historic lampposts will be in perfect rhythm to highlight the focal point of it all.
The dancing flames of the bonfire.
Capturing the overall theme Of harmony and happiness.
I knew from the moment we met you were capable of greatness.
Thank you.
Now, we just have to bring it all to life.
Oh, Tish tosh.
In your gifted hands, Middleton is more than up for the task.
Bravo! You sure this thing is gonna be seaworthy? It's not my first rodeo or my first pumpkin regatta, Doc.
I built a boat for Tommy Russo in '68, I'd bet you dollars to donuts it's still floating.
- Sounds like I'm in good hands.
- It's your own hands that have to paddle you to victory, but I'll get you to the starting line.
You just watch out for Bessie when you're out there.
Haha! Hey, kid, you're late.
We gotta get some more wood - for the bonfire.
- I know, but I got some news.
Did you find something on the Thurlows? I came up empty on that, but I found another Sam Radford, - and he lives in Middleton! - (CELL PHONE RINGING) Do you got an address? Sorry.
Has to wait.
It's the hospital.
Have fun.
Well, it appears I'll be tossing a rose petal into the bonfire all by my lonesome this Halloween.
I wouldn't throw in the towel or the rose petal just yet.
The love between you and Tom, it reminds us all that you don't marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can't live without.
You know you're absolutely right.
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
We'll see if it works with Tom.
Uh, is there something wrong with Grey House? Well, since we're working so closely together on breaking the pumpkin-carving record, I'm moving in with you.
Aren't you working just as closely with Stephanie and Adam? Oh! Stephanie didn't answer her phone.
Hey! Hey.
Nothing better than coming home to that smile.
Figured you could use this.
- It's green.
- It's a spirulina smoothie.
It's a natural source of B vitamins and beta-carotene.
I was hoping for a natural source of caffeine.
It'll give you an energy boost for training.
It's not bad.
Hey, Nick found another Sam Radford in town.
We should deliver that four-leaf clover to its rightful owner.
That'll certainly be an unexpected surprise.
I just dropped off the last truckload of wood.
Care for a spirulina smoothie? Natural source of B vitamin and beta-carotene.
So is that carrot cake.
- (THUNDER RUMBLING) - Now we're talking.
Oooh that's not good.
The wood is gonna get soaked.
(AUTUMN): That's odd.
It's been sunny all day.
- Well, this is a surprise.
- I'm nothing if not unpredictable.
Unpredictable would be not showing up to check on my pumpkin progress.
- Coffee? - Sorry, I can't.
I'm training.
I jogged over here.
- Three miles! - And three miles back.
Yeah, I figured I'd take it easy today.
I also figured you'd have more pumpkins carved.
I hate to disappoint you.
Abigail? I will take a café Au lait.
Hold the milk.
Oh! Well, fancy meeting you here! I could say the same.
Are you trying out a new look for Halloween? Oh! No, actually, I'm trying to create a radiant glow.
Martha is bunking here for a couple of days.
May I give you two a little advice? Could we stop you? Never take each other for granted.
And absolutely never forget the important moments in your relationship.
I take it Tom's in the doghouse.
Well, I'd love to stand here and chitchat, but I'm heading out to assess the damage from last night's storm.
- Are you forgetting anything? - Hm? Oh no! I hope Middleton's jack-o'- lanterns survived the downpour.
Word is, every single one.
I hate to keep you from carving more.
I think that's exactly what you're trying to do.
Then you don't know me.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I brought you something.
It's empty.
It is? Oh, well, I'd better apologise.
- Well played.
- Never underestimate me.
I know not everyone in Middleton could carve a pumpkin, but by my count, we are still 523 jack-o'- lanterns ahead of schedule.
No! Forget the state record.
We should go for the world record.
Oh! Yoo-hoo! That's askew.
Which could be the catchphrase for this whole Halloween.
Oh, I wouldn't say that.
The dried out roses, the rained on wood, my Tom Thank goodness we have Autumn.
Her inspired design for the bonfire will remedy all of our Halloween ailments.
I hate to burst my own bubble, but I just got off the phone with the costume supplier.
It looks like our 1890s attire has been rerouted to Saskatchewan.
And just like that, - we're all back to askew.
- Not necessarily.
After a little rain, you can get a rainbow.
Well, we should have a pot of gold after that downpour.
- How bad is it? - Wood's too damp to light up.
- Then we'll bring in some more.
- It'll be the same condition.
- The store won't have enough.
- We have till tomorrow night.
And we also have apple cider donuts.
Ooh! Those are wicked.
He's had a lot of caffeine.
But I am happy to report that we are on track to shatter Blairsville's pumpkin record.
Thanks Goodness something is going right! Well, just to be safe, maybe you should hand out - those donuts.
- Hmm! Good call.
That should keep everyone's energy up.
Paul Bunyan's got nothing on you.
(CHUCKLING) Well, he does have that giant blue ox as a best friend.
But my best friend makes a much better glass of lemonade.
- I'm partial to you too.
- Then why did you let the town - rope me into this triathlon? - Oh, please, you love it.
I do kind of thrive under the pressure.
You found some wood.
Impressive! It will be, if these logs dry out faster than the ones at the bonfire.
Huh! You know, you left this on the counter.
- You might need it for luck.
- Hasn't brought us much so far.
- Maybe because you doubt it.
- Maybe because it's not mine.
And we couldn't find the Thurlows.
Then we should bring it to the other Sam Radford.
Yeah, we should.
But first, I've gotta run to the hospital and check on a post-op patient.
Sam Radford's waited 45 years, he can wait one more day.
Hey, George.
Going fishing? Nothing gets by you, kid.
What I meant was: are you going fishing, - or are you going fishing? - This time of year? It's a little of both.
I just enjoy tossing my line in the water and spending some quality time with nature.
If Bessie pops up, we'll take a selfie.
Either way, being out on the lake reminds me of all the great times I had growing up in Middleton.
This whole thing has turned into a real nice tradition.
I get it.
And I hope you get that selfie.
- Can I get you something? - Hey, Samantha.
I wouldn't say no to one of your double fudge brownies.
Oh, Dr.
Rayburn just had the last one.
But the banana pudding is flying off the cart.
I'm more of a tapioca guy, but thanks.
I'm wearing my badge! See? As long as we understand each other.
Don't you usually leave that part to the lab techs? This patient required a personal touch.
- The four-leaf clover? - Check out the old marks inside.
Looks like dirt.
Yeah, that's what I thought too, but it's actually writing.
With a magnifier, you can see two words: "Ti amo".
- I love you.
- I love you too, - but let's focus on the clover.
- It's "I love you" in Italian.
(CELL PHONE CHIMING) And this means that I'm late.
Then let's go.
You're gonna need some time to warm up.
The goal is to ring a bell, not get your bell rung.
Yeah? Small town pride sure isn't lost around here.
And your vision will shine a spotlight on it for Small Town Digest magazine.
I hope I do justice to the tradition of your great-great-grandmothers.
It's been a lost tradition.
Finding it again has seemed to spark something in all of us.
Great news.
The replacement roses have arrived.
- Wow! That was fast.
- You seem disappointed.
No! No, just surprised.
It's great! They're here in time! And if the 1890s attire would make its way back here from Saskatchewan, the bonfire will go off without a hitch.
Which reminds me I should get back to work.
Is it just me or is there something going on with her? It's not just you.
- Sam all ready for this? - He's been training hard.
He better be.
I need him to shatter this event.
Attention! We are moments away from our Middleton-Blairsville Halloween triathlon! I'm gonna go wish Donovan good luck.
Contestants, please report to the Halloween Hammer event.
Is that sweat I see on your brow? It's determination.
But I do think that's sweat on your brow.
Look closer.
It's confidence.
All right, it is time to swing to ring! Each contestant will get three tries to ring our witchy bell.
The most dings wins.
Contestants, approach the hammer.
- May the best man win.
- I will.
Don't choke.
- (DING!) - (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Bravo! We have a winner! Sam Radford of Middleton! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Good job.
You too.
- Impressive.
- I, uh, got lucky.
You wouldn't happen to have that four-leaf clover on you? (LAUGHING) You think that four-leaf clover had something to do with this? I just asked if you had it on you.
Come here.
Don't gloat.
It's not a good look.
- Neither is coming in second.
- There's still two more events.
Lucky you.
I see you're still mixing up those lotions and potions.
How about you? Cooked up any of your grandmother's recipes - lately? - I dabble every now and then.
I would love to get a look at your family's grimoire, especially now that I'm more practiced in holistic therapy.
That's right.
It's why they celebrated you at Wellingsley.
- You saw the alumni magazine.
- "Cassie Nightingale's naturalistic approach inspires first holistic medicine class".
Quite an honour.
I'm sure you've changed a lot of lives.
I gotta give it to you, that was a pretty impressive win.
- But? - But what? - Where's my sarcastic son? - Ohh, you mean like how I'm surprised you pulled it off - in your golden years? - There's my boy.
Uh, I'll let you two bond.
- What've you got there? - Nothing, kid.
You're going to a lot of trouble to hide nothing.
You got pictures of Bessie, didn't you? Come on, let me see! - There's nothing to see.
- There's obviously something.
That's interesting.
- You think it's her? - It doesn't look like much more - than a tree branch to me.
- That's no tree branch! Well, it's no monster either.
Can't say your dad's wrong.
You were really hoping there'd be something out there, huh? I don't need to see any proof.
I've always believed George.
The jack-o'-lanterns should be set up in balanced proportion to the bonfire, creating lines of symmetry.
Sounds great.
All right, Middleton, our pumpkin count is at 4,722 pumpkins! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Make that 4,725 pumpkins! Great team work, everyone! Um, unfortunately, it appears that our team effort is dwindling.
It's like their energy's just been zapped.
Well, they have been carving pumpkins nonstop for 72 hours.
Yeah, but they should be hyped up on sugar from those donuts.
Maybe some ice tea will be a refreshing boost.
Ha! I hope so, 'cause they need it.
Yeah, this should help change the pace.
Autumn! I've been looking - everywhere for you.
- What's wrong? The birds have eaten the corn decorations.
I repeat, the corn decorations have been eaten.
It feels like every time we take one step forward, we fall two steps back.
Middleton faced this same problem in 1891.
Warding off corn-eating birds? Warding off a disharmony that had befallen the town.
So history is repeating itself.
Elizabeth realised a bonfire would bring everyone together and the sweeping gesture of tossing the petals of a rose, the symbol of love and positivity, into the fire, would return happiness and harmony to the town.
Well I'm not exactly feeling happiness or harmony at the moment.
Autumn, come with me, we're on official damage control.
It's a pumpkin, not a yacht.
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
A successful woman like you knows that.
- Did you check the tides, too? - Flowing inland, so the current will be slow.
It's gonna take manpower to keep this moving.
That's a pretty confident smile.
- I'm a pretty confident man.
- Martha, there you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Well, I guess the saying is true - What saying? Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
And absence of food is the definition of grief.
Would you mind telling me where you keep the Crockpot? You used it last time you made the chicken goulash.
Honestly! All right, come on, boys, let's get that pumpkin in the water! OK, let's do this.
One, two, three Careful.
(GRUNTING) Well that's not good.
- How's it going, crew? - Looks like your pumpkin may need a trip to the ER, skipper.
You OK? Exhausted.
I've been working with Martha all afternoon trying to get things ready for tomorrow night.
I could blend you some cinnamon and peppermint oils to give you a natural energy boost through Halloween.
I'm sure it would.
Do you remember in college I mixed some blue chamomile flower and geranium oils to help you sleep? How could I forget? Your little potion ruined everything.
For me.
I overslept and lost my chance for a fellowship at Kellington Gardens.
You think my aromatherapy made you miss that interview? My entire life changed because I fell under the spell of your oils.
Belief is the most powerful spell there is.
What's that supposed to mean? What you give power has power.
My oils may have helped you sleep, but the only thing that stopped you from going on that interview was you.
(CHUCKLING) Good luck with the bonfire.
A cookbook?! (DOORBELL) Welcome to Grey House, Mrs.
Oh, call me Jackie and it is truly an honour to be here.
Your B and B has quite the reputation.
I could say the same about your magazine.
I bet you would love some fresh apple cider? You read my mind.
I'm eager to see your Halloween celebration.
It's been on our radar for years.
Glad it finally worked out.
Martha tells me your designer has quite the imagination.
She does, unfortunately she's at bit of a creative impasse.
Oh! What does that mean for the festivities? I promise you won't leave Middleton disappointed.
How's she look, Doc? Not particularly pretty.
No one ever said pumpkin racing was a beauty contest.
That was a big crack.
What did you use? Surgical glue.
I threw in a few sutures for insurance.
Don't you usually get a resident to close for you? Do I question your video game skills? - All the time.
- You think she's seaworthy? Well, there's only one way to find out.
I heard you had an "equipment malfunction".
- My pit crew addressed it.
- Thank you all for coming out to show your Middleton, and of course Blairsville-pride! - (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) - But sadly, pumpkin-boats are not built to last, so without further ado, may the best pumpkin win! On your mark! Get set! Go! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Aha! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Oh no! All right! Tie ballgame.
You know, I'll pick you up a little early so we can get popcorn on the way to that Blob double feature.
(WHIMSICAL MUSIC) - This tea should warm you up.
- Thank you.
I'm getting the feeling that maybe you should stick to dry land this Halloween.
You couldn't have had that feeling two days ago? At least you proved your point about the four-leaf clover.
Actually, I left it at home to prove to you I didn't need it to win.
- How you feeling about that? - I may decide to bring it - to the obstacle course.
- Hey, Doc.
I feel lousy about dropping your pumpkin.
I owe you an apology.
We owe you an apology.
Look what I caught on-camera at the regatta.
That's that's definitely something.
It's Bessie! - This is getting framed, kid.
- I'll print one up for you.
Crop out my sinking pumpkin boat.
- Tomorrow is another day.
- How's your obstacle time? I had better go scale some hay bales before it gets dark.
Thanks for the tea.
And sympathy.
So Bessie finally made an appearance, huh? Thanks to a little photo magic by the kid.
That means more to me than Bessie ever would.
Why do you think you can't sleep? I don't know.
I guess I'm more stressed about this interview than I thought.
Training under Didier Chatelaine at Kellington Gardens happens once in a lifetime.
Pressure forms diamonds.
This is your chance to shine.
Or lose everything.
My entire future will be determined tomorrow.
I think you just need a good night's sleep.
Take this, breathe it in, and rub it into your temples.
Gotta do more than these rose petals and candles.
I got a feeling you're gonna want to remember this moment.
(WHIMSICAL MUSIC) Mmm! I hope you don't mind, - I helped myself.
- I'd mind if you didn't.
It's T-minus 8 hours 'til the Halloween celebration and our 1890s attire is still missing, the birds are still eating the corn decorations oh, and the bonfire wood is still wet.
It is a perfect trifecta of turmoil.
- Don't forget Autumn quit.
- Oh! How can I possibly forget? I can't forget the talks Autumn and I used to have in college.
We'd stay up all night in our dorm room and eat popcorn and talk about how we were gonna save the world.
Saving the world was always the easy part.
Dealing with our own problems, that was a much harder conversation.
I wish I would've realised that back then.
Well, with experience comes wisdom.
And I'm wise enough to realise we are in big time trouble with Small Town Digest.
- I wouldn't be so sure.
- (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We can't have any delays.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
(CONTENTED SIGH) I had the 1890s clothing overnighted from Saskatchewan.
I just confirmed it'll be here by four.
I worked out a redesign to keep the birds away from the corn, and now, I head over to make sure that the bonfire wood is fully dried out.
So I take it you've rescinded your resignation? With experience comes wisdom.
(GASPING) I just literally said that! - (CHUCKLING) - Nothing can stop us now.
Only ourselves.
Then there's nothing to worry about.
No, no, no! No more contemplation.
Let's move.
It's time for our third and deciding race! On your mark! Get set! Go! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Whoo! (CHEERING) Yeah, Sam! - Oof! Ah! - (CROWD MURMURS) Finish line's that way.
Yeah, but my ankle went that way.
It's already swelling.
Come on.
- What are you doing? - Can't put pressure on it.
Also not a good idea to help your competition.
You're not much competition right now.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) It appears we have a tie.
And a gentleman.
You would've done the same.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Come on, let's go get some ice on that ankle.
- I just have one question.
- Is this the answer? - Looking pretty slick, kid.
- Thanks.
You too.
You know what else is pretty slick? Those pictures you took of Bessie.
You knew? (CHUCKLING) For what it's worth, I believe Bessie's out there.
Means a lot to me.
Cassie, you know I love when you make an entrance, but you said you'd be down in 5 minutes 10 minutes ago.
I got it.
That's an entrance.
I took the back steps.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You can keep me waiting anytime.
Oh, how exciting! The final numbers are coming in! May I have the envelope, please? Oh, just roll with it.
- How 'bout we read our counts? - Splendid.
I have 2,447.
And I have 3,485.
Hold on.
You didn't count this one.
Oh, my goodness! What better way to immortalise everything you've done for Middleton than put your face on a pumpkin? - That's flattering.
- And sadly fleeting.
I'm no mathematician, but I believe that makes 5,933.
Which means that the Blairsville record still stands.
I don't understand.
I mean, we had a plan.
Maybe not everyone carved their two pumpkins.
Why are we giving up? We only need 51 more pumpkins to break the record.
Trust me, there's not a patch with a pumpkin left to pick.
- Say that three times fast.
- At least you don't have to sit through a Blob double feature.
This is gonna be a fun conversation.
You could send him a text.
Now seems like the perfect time to light the bonfire.
I'm still not sure that wood's gonna burn.
(MARTHA): Come on, everyone, follow me! Attention, my beloved fellow Middletonians.
There's no need to fret, because when life throws you pumpkins, you make pumpkin pie.
It's time to light up the sky with the glorious glow of our Halloween bonfire.
George, the stage is yours.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) George, I'm sorry, perhaps you misunderstood.
Light her up.
(EXCLAMATIONS) (APPLAUSE) - Ooh! Ooh! - Now that's a fire.
Ooh! You were right, I'm not leaving Middleton disappointed.
We're glad to hear that.
You've created quite the spectacle.
I've had a lot of encouragement.
Now, I assume we'll have a full feature in next month's issue? I can do you one better: you'll have the entire cover.
What a prestigious and well deserved honour! I have a car waiting to take me to the airport, but I'd love to get a few more pictures.
Our bonfire is your bonfire.
I'll walk with you.
Ahh Well, I'm glad everything worked out.
Me too.
I'm sorry things happened the way they did in college.
I really was just trying to help.
You have nothing to apologise for.
You were right.
What we give power has power.
It's amazing what we're capable of when we stop getting in our own way.
- Hey, what are you doing? - I'm in your office.
You? Ah! I guess great minds do think alike.
You're at the bonfire, aren't you? Since you lost the bet, I figured you could use consoling.
Don't gloat, it's not a good look.
I would never.
Head on back, I'll wait for you here.
- Goodbye, Ms.
- Goodbye, dear.
Thurlow? You seem surprised.
I'm just used to calling you Samantha.
Did you ever live at 211 Circle Cliffs Drive? I grew up there.
I bet they used to call you Sam.
Only one person ever called me that.
My fiancé, Steven.
Steven Radford? Seeing you always reminds me that I would've been Sam Radford.
Steven got in a car accident two days before our wedding.
I'm sorry.
It was a long time ago.
This belongs to you.
It was addressed to Sam Radford.
It's been lost in the mail.
We found this four-leaf clover on our first date.
Steven must've wanted to surprise you.
It's got a tiny inscription, "ti amo".
We were going to go to Italy on our honeymoon.
Thank you.
Well, we may not have broken a record, - but at least we failed together.
- Hmm.
If we can get through this, we can get through anything.
(LAUGHING) Yoo-hoo! Everyone, may I have your attention? Tonight we revive a wonderful tradition.
Commencing many moons ago, on an all Hallow's Eve much like this one, Elizabeth Merriwick led the very first tossing of the rose petals.
It is my very great honour to say, Middleton, raise your petals.
On three, we will toss as one.
One two Hold your horses, Martha.
Tom Tinsdale! What on earth are you doing? This is a momentous occasion.
It certainly is.
Many Halloweens ago, you made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to be my wife.
Thirty years later, I am more sure than ever that I asked the right question.
- Oh, Tom - So I'm gonna ask it again.
Right here, in front of all these people my constituents? - I thought you'd forgotten.
- I had to throw you off my tracks somehow.
You are an Olympic-level tab-keeper.
That I am.
(CROWD MURMURS) Martha, will you marry me? Again? I should never have doubted you.
Yes, yes, yes, a trillion times yes! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) - Congratulations, you two.
- Thank you, Cassie.
You knew all along, didn't you? Let's try this again.
Everyone, raise your petals.
One two three.
- Hey, where are you? - [I'M STANDING IN MY OFFICE.
- You're kidding, right? - [YUP.
If that's how you gloat, you can gloat anytime.
- Impressive display.
- Not impressive enough.
Maybe I can help with that.
You brought us pumpkins? 51, to be exact.
Congratulations, Middleton just broke our record.
You know what this means, don't you? - You won the bet.
- I won a lot more than that.
That's nice.
- Just nice? - Very nice.
- You know what's nicer? - Tell me.
A moonlit drive, - top down, wind in our hair.
- Keep talking.
Why keep talking when your chariot awaits? Ahh a girl could get used to this.
Could she get used to that? It's beautiful.
I just love that you did all this.
I really wanted the night to be perfect.
I thought about finding you a four-leaf clover, but the odds are 1 in 10,000.
But then I found something better A lotus flower.
A symbol of perfection.
Like the man I married.
(CHUCKLING) I've been trying so hard to make our first Halloween as husband and wife perfect then I realised it doesn't matter if our boat sprung a leak, or our dinner got flooded, or our kitchen filled with smoke Love's not about being perfect.
It's about being perfect together.
That four-leaf clover may be 1 in 10,000, but you, Sam Radford, are one in forever.
Baby, I compare you to a kiss From a rose on the Grey Ooh, the more I get of you The stranger it feels, yeah Now that your rose is in bloom A light hits the gloom on the Grey