Goosebumps (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Haunted Mask

- Where's that go?
- Basement.
You know what happened
down there, right?
Son of a bitch!
Previously on Goosebumps
Let's give it up for Isaiah Powers!
I love you all so much.
Please don't drop the mic.
That troll sent the
invite to my parents.
I'm gonna have to cancel the party.
We just need a new venue.
It's just a mask.
Say cheese!
Hey, hey, is something wrong?
Yeah. I could just really
use your help with this.
- I know how crazy it sounds.
- I thought you were actually coming
to check up on me.
You're gonna have to
solve this one on your own.
Stop the game. Somebody, please!
- Stop the game!
- Mom! Mom.
Nora, what are you doing here?
I saw Biddle. He's come back
to make us pay for what we did to him.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Dude, it's no all padding!
There is real muscle under here.
Yo, okay, so then I was
looking at her and I was like,
"You should see the other mascot."
Look, Isaiah, Friday,
there's gonna be a college
scout in the stands.
This can't just be a good game.
It's gotta be your best game ever. Hmm?
- Okay. Thank you.
- Hey, Coach.
Okay, Titans!
Beast mode!
- Uh, Coach Rifkin.
- Did I say that right?
Coach? I have the footage you asked for.
Hey, Jack!
What's up, Coach?
No, yeah, it can wait.
So, Mom's not coming home
from Seattle this weekend?
It's her birthday.
Oh, honey, I'm sure she feels terrible.
Maybe she's got a big
photo shoot or something.
Why doesn't she
want to spend her birthday
with her daughter and her
husband like a normal mom?
You'll have to ask her, honey.
Yeah, like she'd tell me anything.
Margot, are you okay?
Oh, what's up, man?
Lucas, are you insane?
You almost just killed me!
Oh, sorry, I didn't see you.
Jesus wants his hair back.
Uh, no one asked.
Daddy pay for the lips or just the nose?
So freaking rude.
Nice shirt, does it come in your size?
You suck so hard, you blow.
Excuse you, clumsy.
Sorry, Allison, I
That was my bad.
So, what time does the party start?
And what time does it end?
Sunrise, 'cause that's when my parents
get back from upstate.
Oh, yeah!
That stupid troll leaked
my invite to my parents.
Texted, emailed and DM'd them.
- Word?
- Who does that?
Who hates me that much?
My mom said I have to cancel the party.
No, you don't. You
just need a new venue.
Come on.
Look what I found.
Your old vampiress costume.
Why would I go to a
party I tried to sabotage?
You tried and failed.
I say it's fate.
Besides, don't you want to see
the Biddle death house in person?
Not my thing.
Plus, I was like 12
when I last wore that.
So? Vampires never go out of style.
They literally can't.
'Cause they live forever.
'Cause they're vampires.
You have to stop explaining your jokes.
Whatever. You should go, 'cause
you're anxious and miserable,
and a party would make you happy.
- I can't.
- Why?
Because nobody knows me at school.
I am literally invisible to them.
Maybe that's 'cause
you never even join in.
What's the worst that could happen?
Wear me, Isabella.
Oh, my gosh!
Hello? Is someone there?
You deserve to be seen. Just put me on.
Oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh,
my God, that party was wild!
Hey, it's James. Leave a message.
James, it's me.
I really need to talk to you, okay?
I can't believe you're
making me leave you a voicemail.
Can you call me? Please?
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
I'm not bothering you, am I?
- No, no, no.
- Okay.
No, you're all good.
You're all good, I'm just
- sorting some stuff out.
- Hey, hey.
What I got it.
- You have a broken arm.
- Oh, really?
I didn't notice.
Okay, I'm sorry. That was
me expressing empathy badly.
No. No, no, no.
You're not, you're not bad at it.
It's just everything sucks right now.
Oh, please, take a
seat at at my bakery.
Every cookie in Port Lawrence.
Yeah, every five
minutes someone shows up
with a new baked good.
So, what happens now?
They're saying I got
like six months minimum.
So my scholarship's up
in the air right now.
Look, Isaiah, I'm really
sorry about the other day.
You were in trouble and I just,
I threw it back in your face.
Do you want any of this mess?
I'm sure one of these
does not contain nuts.
Isaiah, what you told
me about the camera.
- Look, I saw it. I saw it happen.
- Okay, all of these contain nuts.
Literally, any of these will kill you.
It makes no sense. Why would
you put nuts in all baked goods?
It's like putting avocado in a BLT.
It's just a way of ruining
a perfectly good thing.
Isaiah, I saw you on the field
and something was clearly wrong.
What did you see out there
before you broke your arm?
You're better off staying
far away from this.
Far away from what?
I need to get back to all this.
Thank you for coming round.
Oh, man.
I'm a lightweight.
Oh, boy.
Okay, back on track.
Oh, God!
Oh, shoot!
What the hell?
Heh. Just slipped.
Hey, you guys.
Go Titans.
Hey, hey, Teresa.
Oh, God.
Dropped my glasses.
Mr. Bratt, uh, are you okay?
It was something I ate.
Oh, God! Okay.
Oh, my God. What's happening?
Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay.
You're not real.
Help me find him.
You leave me alone!
Everything's gonna be fine.
Hey, Susan.
You get footage of all the games, right?
I do.
Well, can you give me Friday's?
- You mean when you
- Yeah.
Are you sure you wanna see that?
Well, you watch film to learn
from your mistakes, right?
Yeah. Okay.
Um, it's on my A.V. cart.
- Can you watch the drone?
- Yeah, sure.
Okay, just
Hey, so, um
how long have you been
doing this A.V. Club thing?
Don't touch that. Freshman year.
Damn, that's a long time.
Hey, you know what's weird?
We've been in school together for years,
but like I know nothing about you.
Including my name,
which is not Susan, by the way.
It's Isabella.
- For real?
- For real.
Damn. Hey, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
It's fine.
Uh, start, stop.
Do you need me to stay or
Uh, no.
I can take it from here, Susan.
No problem, Isaac.
Thank you, Isabella.
I really appreciate this.
Lucas, what the hell are you doing?
Please, I'm begging you, do not.
- Do it!
- Get it, dude!
I'm sorry, Mr. Stokes.
I'm never going to hang
from a stolen drone ever again, okay?
You don't need to apologize
to me. It's not my drone.
Look, I'm really sorry.
In my defense, I didn't
know it was yours.
I thought it was like school property,
which is like a little
different, you know?
And in my brain I was
sort of thinking about
like robots taking over the world
and that seems to be
You know he doesn't mean it.
He's a liar.
You know, if there is a
silver lining to any of this,
it's that, you know,
humanity isn't doomed.
Thank you so much for fighting
the robots for us, Lucas,
but I think you're going to
have to do more than apologize.
I think you're gonna have
to make good financially.
Uh, yeah, I can do
like five bucks a week
till it's paid for.
Okay, I mean that's an offer.
Is that something that
both parties can agree to?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, yeah, great.
Do not back down.
You know what, no.
This drone cost $3,000.
And if this moron somehow
manages to graduate,
he will never make that money back
flipping burgers for
the rest of his life.
Why is this chick like so intense?
Okay, I don't think she meant that.
I think tempers are just
running hot right now.
Oh, no. No, this chick
did mean all of that.
I'm just telling Lucas to his face
what everyone says behind his back.
Which is that you are a pathetic person.
This, this whole Jackass
facade is honestly sad.
Whoa, whoa, okay, let's just
try to take it down a notch.
Mmm. Well, how's this?
You're a high school guidance counselor.
- You literally failed at life.
- Dude.
I'm here because I love helping kids.
Here's the thing, Colin.
You didn't help me.
You made my life a whole lot worse,
'cause now my mom is gonna kill me.
And I mean, kill me.
And it's because you're an idiot,
and you're worse than an idiot.
You're weak.
I'm so sorry.
Um, forget what I said.
The money thing is fine.
Five bucks a week.
So, is that settled?
Yeah, please go to detention.
- For the record I think you're
- It's okay. You can just go to detention.
That's right!
We still got another half!
Get out there and keep up the intensity
and finish strong!
Sorry, I don't mean
to scare you like that.
- You made me jump, sir.
- I'm practicing to be a ref.
- I guess the whistle works.
- It sure does.
Oh, I got it, I got it.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
Hey, you know, your dad,
- he did some work on my house.
- Okay.
He used to play
football here too, right?
Yeah, he did. Um, how did you know?
I know a lot about my students.
I gotta get back to class.
Sorry about the arm.
- That's not your fault.
- I know.
Can you imagine?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good luck with the ref situation.
Get to class.
I will do.
Thank you.
Got you some coffee.
But then I realized that was dumb.
You work in a coffee shop,
but I didn't want to
come empty handed, so
No, uh, I can use
all the coffee I can get today.
Oh, is now not a good time?
No, it's, it's fine. I just, uh,
I just thought I was seeing you tonight.
- Yeah.
- You're not canceling, are you?
No. But this is actually about Lucas.
Oh, no. What did he do now?
Well, um
He kind of destroyed Isabella
Chen Lopez's $3,000 drone.
Oh, my God.
I can't pay for that.
Yeah, I'll talk to her parents
and try to work something out.
But, look, Lucas has got
to get his act together.
You know, I don't want
this to affect his future.
Yeah, no, I
You know, I knew when Dennis died,
it was gonna be it was gonna be hard,
but I, I thought he was gonna be sad.
- Not reckless.
- Hey, come here.
You're doing a great job with Lucas.
It's just, you know, it's hard.
Colin? Elsie, from the nursery.
How's your wife?
Still gardening, I hope?
My wife? Yeah, she's doing great, Elsie.
Um, she's in Seattle for work,
so the gardening has fallen to me,
unfortunately for the plants.
- Well, tell her I said hi.
- Yeah, I will.
- I gotta get back in.
- Oh.
- See you tonight.
- Okay.
It isn't my fault.
Lucas Parker stole it.
Did Lucas Parker borrow
the drone from your father
without permission
and take it to school?
No, but Dad isn't even around to ask.
The drone was
in your care when it broke,
so it's your responsibility.
You're grounded.
So I have to stay home? Fine.
It's kind of par for
the course these days.
Not just that.
No phone, no Internet, no computer.
Oh, that is not fair!
How, how am I supposed
to do my homework?
Long hand.
No wonder Dad doesn't wanna be around.
Yes! I love this song.
I-I'm sorry. We're actually closing.
We're not open for dinner.
Oh, no!
Shoot, I was really hoping
to jam on an egg sandwich.
Um, okay.
I'm sure I can warm one of those up.
Thank you.
- Okay
- Could I have that one?
Yeah. Have we met?
No, I don't think so.
I've never been here before, so
Oh, wait, are you Mr. Bratt?
Yes. Heh.
Yes, I am.
Nathan Bratt. I'm the
new English teacher.
My son loves you.
I mean, well, he said,
"He's not the worst,"
which is really the highest compliment
you can get from him these days.
So do you live near here?
Um, no, I live on the edge of town.
The old Biddle house.
The Biddle house?
How long have you lived there?
Just been a few days.
You know, I hear it's haunted,
which, you know, I don't know,
have you seen anything
strange happening there?
No. Not that I can think of.
I did hear the horrible story
about the boy who used
to lived there, though.
- Yes, Harold.
- Yeah.
It was sad.
Kids can be so cruel.
What do you mean?
Well, it's just that everyone
seems to have forgotten
about him and moved on.
Not everyone.
You shouldn't be back here.
Says who?
I'm just kidding.
I wanted one of these.
Okay. Oh.
Thanks, Nora.
Thanks, Mr. Bratt.
All right
- Oh, hey, here. Here.
- Oh!
- Let me
- Hey, thanks, Nora.
Uh, my dad's inside.
Yeah, um, actually, I would,
I'd love to talk to you.
I just wanted to ask you about the game.
What about it?
- Well
- Isaiah.
Go inside.
Yeah, okay. I'll see you later.
- Okay, bye.
- I'll be in in a minute.
I told you, I don't want
your dark creepy crap
around my family.
He's been through enough.
Ben, just hear me out.
About what? Biddle?
His ghost broke my son's arm?
Is that what you're saying?
I don't know what I'm
saying exactly, I just
Go home, Nora.
This is getting sad.
I'm calling the others. We need to talk.
Hey, Margot.
Hey, Ms. Parker.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey, listen, um
Do me a favor.
Give this photo to Isaiah.
Ask him if he recognizes this kid.
Izzy, check it out!
- Not in the mood, dude.
- No, look, it's evidence.
Lucas! What the hell are you doing?
Are you kidding me?
- He posted this?
- Uh-huh, yeah.
And you can show Dad. Show
him it wasn't your fault.
I will handle this.
Oh-ho-ho, what are we gonna do?
We are not going to do anything.
- Huh?
- I will handle this.
Wait, are we gonna do, a trap?
I've always wanted to do a trap.
- No, no, leave me alone.
- No, wait!
Let me help you.
Where did you get this?
From Nora.
Why, do you recognize him?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
I saw him on the football field.
He was the referee
and then he was on fire.
Who is he?
Well, I did some research,
and I'm I'm pretty
sure that's Harold Biddle.
What, the kid that died in that house?
Okay, I think we need to go
to Nora at the Harbor Stop.
She clearly knows more
than she's letting on.
Damn it.
Can you not drag that?
It's, um, expensive.
Move out!
Get back!
What the hell was that?
Oh, my God, Lucas!
Thank God we came here.
Are you okay? Lucas.
Yo, what just happened?
It's okay.
Hi, honey, I'm headed back to work,
but I just wanted to get your thoughts
on how to deal with Isabella.
Her attitude has been terrible lately.
Something's gotten into her,
and I could really use your support.
Can I have a fruit gummy?
That's just sugar.
It's shaped like fruit.
Have an apple.
I've been called in,
but your sister should
be home any second.
Please pick up,
please pick up, please pick up,
please pick up.
Please stop this, Isabella!
Izzy, stop this. This isn't you!
Izzy, I know you're in there!
This isn't you!
I'm here. I'm Alan. I'm here. It's me.
What are you doing?
Get off!
You were meant to
be a troll. You are weak!
Get off!
Hey! I said get off!
No, it's okay, it's me.
I promise, it's me.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, I'm so
sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Mom's never gonna buy it.
A bear in the yard?
I mean, if we both stick to it,
she doesn't have a choice.
Besides, you know she
can't resist this face.
Should we say a prayer or something?
Rot in hell?
Rot in hell.
Rot in hell.
- Rot in hell.
- Rot in hell!
- Rot in hell!
- Rot in hell!
Rot in hell!
I'm sorry for trashing the place,
but I don't know why I had to come,
and Alan got to stay home.
Because at the moment, I
don't know if I can trust you.
I said I was sorry.
And I hope you mean it.
You brought Isabella.
Sorry, Eliza.
It's been a rough couple of days.
Bring Isabella to the game room, please.
How do we get you to stop
with this ghost nonsense?
I'm telling you, he's back,
- and I think he's coming for our children.
- Listen to yourself, Nora.
That's the kind of talk that's
gonna get you in trouble.
I wasn't crazy then,
and I'm not crazy now.
You could lose custody of Lucas.
Are you guys threatening me?
I think the real threat is to Lucas,
who could spend his
last years in high school
without a mom.
That's a lot coming from you.
At least I'm present in my son's life.
What are they fussing about?
Looks like your
mom's really laying into Nora.
Yeah, well, that's Eliza for you.
Gets that way on her second bottle.
Your shot.
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