Goosebumps (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Go Eat Worms

- Ugh.
- [NORA] Lucas!
- I feel really nervous around him.
[NORA] I said stop doing that.
I knew when Dennis died,
it was gonna be hard,
but I thought he was
gonna be sad, not reckless.
[MAN] Previously on Goosebumps
[COLIN] Lucas has gotta
get his act together.
I don't want us to affect his future.
All you have to do is
get an A on the next test.
- What if you help me?
- Like, study?
- No, nerd. Like show me your answers.
- Yes.
[MARGOT] You mean you
want me to help you cheat?
Nora, what're you doin' here?
He's come back to make us
pay for what we did to him.
I saw Biddle.
I'm telling you, he's back!
That kinda talk that's gonna
get you in trouble again.
Help me find him.
- Oh, my God!
- Some weird stuff is happening.
What the
- Where did you find the mask?
- The Biddle house.
- Yo. Check what I found in the kitchen.
- Ew.
- It's the same place I found the cam.
- [MARGOT] This is all connected.
Where is he? Where is he?
Yo! Wassup, guys!
It's Lucas Parker here.
And, uh, I'm about to, uh,
make a run down that thing.
Um, it's called the "Booms of Doom."
And this one is to, uh,
honor the old man.
Wind's not right.
It's morning.
It's morning? How did we fall asleep?
Oh, your body just gets
relaxed and your brain
I can't afford to be relaxed.
It's kinda my thing,
I just relax people.
I'm like a glass of warm
milk at two in the morning.
I'm sorry we gotta sneak
around all the time.
[SIGHS] Yeah, well.
Well, we do.
Because we're two grown
adults having an affair.
[SIGHS] A widow and a married man.
And that's just the truth.
And no matter how we spin it,
it's wrong and sad, and
and amazing and weird and
But also wrong.
I mean, I just washed my private
parts with a mini bar of soap.
Really? I mean, that was very fast.
I just feel like,
every time I start to feel good,
something bad happens.
What are you talking about?
Nothing bad is gonna happen.
No, I just
There's just
[EXHALES] There's a lot going on.
Like Lucas?
I was really talking about me.
- I don't want to drag you into it.
- Hey.
- Drag me into it.
- Trust me on this one.
Nothing that you say is gonna
change the way I feel about you.
We should go.
I can't wait to just be able to
hold hands with you in public.
I'm gonna do it for you, Dad.
I'm gonna do a Denn-defying stunt,
and it's gonna be The "Booms of Doom."
- Dad?
I thought you might be hungry, since
you were gone all of last night.
Were you with someone special?
Mom. No. Please, don't.
- Okay. You know, sad face.
You used to tell me everything.
But really,
where were you last night?
I was worried.
Did you send Eliza an apology for what
happened at her house the other night?
You know, most people
start with, "Good morning."
Good morning.
Did you send Eliza an apology note?
No. Because there was
nothing to apologize for.
What does that mean?
Fine. Just sit there and silently sulk.
Your choice.
[EXHALES] Uh-huh.
- This shouldn't hurt.
Been laying off the arm? Taking it easy?
Yes, Dad. I've been taking it easy.
How easy?
Get away from him!
- Run!
- [MARGOT] Run!
Pretty easy.
Your future's riding on this.
- If I hear you're sneaking into practice
- Then what?
You okay?
Well, other than my broken arm?
[CHUCKLES] You know what?
I'm actually feeling pretty good.
And the kids cry out ♪
We're spitting off
the edge of the world ♪
[LUCAS] Hey, Mom?
Hi, honey.
- Could I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah, sure. What's up?
What were you doing this morning?
I had to get down here
early to make some pies.
I haven't seen that hat in a long time.
Uh, yeah, yeah, I found it when
I was clearing out the shed.
You've been spending a lot
of time in that shed lately.
I know you miss him.
I mean, don't you?
Of course I do.
What does that mean?
N-Nothing, nothing.
Yeah, you know, I'm thinking maybe
one day making one of my own with,
like, my name on it and stuff.
Yeah, well, as long as it's
promoting your safe
accounting firm, though.
Honey, you okay?
Yeah, it looks good on you.
I'll see you later.
Hey. Don't forget your breakfast.
Yeah, so, um [CLEARS THROAT]
Principal Stoller mentioned that
you've used up all your sick days
and I guess you wanted
a mental health day,
and I just wanted to let you know
that's not a thing with teachers.
[CHUCKLING] We don't
get mental health days.
But I am here to check in, so
I'm just not feeling like myself.
I shouldn't be expected to teach
if I'm not feeling like myself.
[INHALES] Uh, yeah, I hear you.
But if you could just
kinda push through,
that would be helpful. Okay.
Did you wanna keep talking? Okay
Yeah, I do, actually.
'Cause a friend of
mine has gone missing,
and I'm pretty freaked out about it.
Oh. Yeah that's That's
horrible. I am so sorry.
He's been missing for a while.
Why do we hurt the
ones that we love, huh?
Oh. Uh, I don't know.
Hey, where did you get that?
[LUCAS] Oh, dude! No-fly zone.
The eye, where did you find it?
- Oh, um
- What's your name again?
Lucas Parker.
- Can I just see it?
- Um, I'm gonna go to math.
Lucas Parker.
- Nora has him.
Hey. You know what I miss?
Being bored.
Oh, God, I would kill to be bored.
Not actually kill, not a monster.
Triggering, I get it.
Seriously, I'd much
rather take being bored
over this constant feeling
of dread that I have, 24/7.
- Right here. At all times.
- You know, I used to spend every day
trolling Allison's
terrible singing voice
and hating my annoying mother.
What I would give to go back to that.
[JAMES CHUCKLES] I knew you were funny.
I knew you were cool.
Hey. I don't know why
we're at school today.
I mean, look, on a positive note,
at least we know we're
not gonna die alone from
Zombie apocalypse? Vampires?
- [ISABELLA] James.
- [JAMES] Werewolves?
- Enough.
- [JAMES] Spitballing here.
It's just insane that we're
supposed to go about our day
like none of this ever happened.
I know. But look, we just gotta wait
for Margot's mom to get here,
and that way there we can
find out what's going on.
Okay, well [SCOFFS]
when is that gonna be?
I have no idea. Honestly, I've
been waiting for my mom to come back
for a long time, so I've
gotten used to disappointment,
- but that got me thinking.
- Oh, no.
- What if I tell my dad?
- What?
- Hey
- C'mon, c'mon, we have to talk
to someone old enough to pay taxes.
I tell him everything.
And he tells me
everything. He never lies.
He's literally the most normal,
honest person in the world.
There's no way he's
connected to any of this.
She's got a point. I've
lived next door for years,
and her dad's, like,
the OG of norm-core.
You said he did puzzles before COVID?
His aura is beige.
Gotta love him.
- [JAMES EXHALES] Okay. What the hell.
Literally, after the week we've
had, what else can go wrong?
- James!
- No.
It's like you want us to die.
- What?
Uh, Stokes?
Can I, um, can I talk
to you about something?
Yeah, um
Is this about what
happened at the docks?
- 'Cause I've been meaning to explain
- No, I mean, that was, like, really weird,
but it's different.
Um, there's just, um
Well, there's something in my bedroom
and I need to show it to you.
It's not like a weird thing,
it just happens to be
in my bedroom and w
I'm not gonna, like,
murder you or anything.
You really need to
workshop your pick-up lines.
Wasn't trying to pick you up.
No, I know, I was
Sorry, uh, it's just really important.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Cool.
All right, my mom and I didn't
exactly have a great morning,
so I just wanna make
sure she's kinda gone
Okay. After you.
Um, I just didn't want her to, like,
you know, offer us snacks and be,
like, weird or something like that.
Ah, yes, avoiding a hovering parent.
- I know it well.
- [LUCAS] Mm.
This is a nice room.
Like, not so
musky as you would expect a
boy's room to be. [CHUCKLES]
Yeah, you know.
Contrary to popular belief,
I believe in good hygiene.
Don't take this the wrong way, but
that's kinda surprising for you.
That was a joke, I
Yeah. Um, you should probably, um, sit,
um, sit down for this.
It's, um, super weird
and, uh, sort of
You know, uh, tough to watch,
but, um
Yeah, I'm just gonna, um, show you.
Um, that's my dad. And your
Yeah, it's my mom.
It's from this morning when, um
When, um, he dropped her off.
I can't believe he
would do this to my mom.
I'm really sorry.
[SNIFFLES] Uh, do they
know that you know?
No. No, no
My mom, um
I tried to talk to her
about it this morning,
but, um, she denied what she did
and just kind of lied
to my face, I guess.
Yeah, my dad
I just thought he left
before me this morning,
but I guess he never came home.
I'm really sorry you had to,
you know, find out like this,
um, like, that I had to
be the one to tell you,
I just, you know,
figured you should know.
If it makes you feel
any better, you know,
my dad's dead.
It doesn't, but thanks for trying.
[SIGHS] Hey.
I have something that's
gonna cheer you up.
If it is a video of
our parents having sex,
then I'm I'm leaving.
No, it's, uh
It's these.
- It's my friends.
- Your friends?
Yeah, do you, uh, remember the worms?
From the Halloween party?
- [MARGOT] Ah. Those friends.
- Yeah.
This is him.
It's a worm.
I know, pretty cool, right?
You wanna see me eat it?
No, thank you. I I appreciate
the attempt to cheer me up
but that's not gonna
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, what did you just do?
- Are you okay?
- Oh Are
Oh. Mm.
- Oh.
I'm good. I'm good. I think he's
[CLEARS THROAT] I think I got it.
Yeah, I'm good. I'm
chilling. It's all good.
- I'm okay.
- You're chilling?
Do you even know what
kind of worms those were?
What if it's a parasite or something?
- Do you need me to, I
- Uh. Well, it's all protein now.
Okay. Um
On that note, I should go.
Uh, I could walk you home.
- If you wanted.
- Uh, yeah, sure.
Hey, Margot!
You're bringing him to
this thing with your dad?
What thing?
No Change of plans.
We're not telling my
dad anything anymore.
- Why, what's going on?
- What's going on is just
I can't trust my dad. That's all.
Hey! Lucas. And Isaiah.
- Hey.
- I don't know what you guys are up to,
but I just started an 8,000 piece puzzle
of the Milky Way Galaxy
if anybody wants to help out.
- Uh
- I'll talk to you guys later.
- Okay.
- [LUCAS] Later.
I didn't know you're
friends with Lucas Parker.
That's great. That's fun.
- Yeah, sure.
- Are you good?
- Uh
Ye Yeah. Um, I'm good.
Oh Yeah, I gotta
do it at my house, too.
[NORA] Lucas, breakfast!
Okay, uh, burrito. It's on the counter.
- Come on.
- Oh, man!
Dude! You okay?
Yeah, man, I'm okay!
Really? We totally nailed you.
I didn't feel it.
I'm gonna go throw up now.
No, you don't understand.
I don't feel anything.
[MARGOT] Hey, Lucas?
- Hey!
Hi. Um, I was just checking in,
'cause I know yesterday
was really sucky,
and I wanted to see
how you're handling it.
Yeah, I'm so good.
You know, I'm just, uh,
just rolling with the
punches and, you know, uh,
doing all the things
that need to be done.
So, you're fine?
- [CHUCKLES] Margs. Listen
- Don't call me Margs.
[SIGHS] I know you're in pain.
But the great thing about pain,
is that you can actually
choose not to feel it.
I really don't think
that's how it works.
Well, what I'm learning today,
is that's exactly how it works.
Well, she saw something in the
forest the night of the party.
It could be connected.
Okay, but she sucks. She's rude.
- No offense.
- Hm? What are we talking about?
Isaiah would like to bring Allison
into the Haunted
Housewives of Port Lawrence.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, no, bad idea.
[SIGHS] I knew you was gonna say that.
What is your problem with her?
It's not It's not that I
have a problem, it's just
You want to bring someone
else into this mess?
[CHUCKLES] Wait. What
is the dynamic here?
- Did you guys date?
- No!
[TOGETHER] No, we're neighbors.
- Who dated?
- It's like they're an old divorced couple.
But now that they're retired,
the kids are off in college,
they're finally entering the more
amicable part of their separation.
- I will hurt you.
- No, it's not.
We should probably talk about it,
- 'cause I'm feeling the vibes.
- Feeling what vibes?
Why did you ask me to come here?
We all just wanted to talk
to you about what happened.
No, we didn't.
What do you mean, "what happened?"
In the forest.
Ring a bell?
'Kay, nothing happened in the forest.
Please don't tell her.
Okay, how about you
don't tell my boyfriend
what he should and shouldn't tell me?
- Thanks, guys.
Told you she sucked.
Hey, Allison! Come on, baby, hold up.
[ALLISON] Just tell me what's going on.
That's what I've been trying to do.
Not your stupid ghost story.
I'm talking about Margot.
You two have this secret thing
and I'm just not in on it.
Okay, fine. You want to know our secret?
Look, she helped me cheat on my test,
so then I got a good enough
grade to play in the game.
That's it.
That's the big secret, okay?
You happy?
Is that supposed to make me feel better?
That the girl I've always suspected
you've always had feelings for,
- helped you cheat on a test?
- No, no, it's not
God, you're not as smart
as I thought you were.
Well, yeah, that's why I
had to cheat on the test.
What's up, dude?
Come in.
I need to talk to you about something.
Hey, yo, you guys seen Lucas?
Uh, yeah. Earlier today.
I guess he's not really one of
the guys I keep track of, you know.
He's been acting super weird.
He was walking his dirtbike
through the hallway.
- He's just going through a lot right now.
- [ISAIAH] Yeah, seems like it.
You know, last night, after you
went inside, he got pretty sick.
There was a whole
gross stomach situation.
- Stomach situation?
- I thought the meeting was canceled.
Yeah, no it was.
Um, Lucas was just walking me home.
It's a long story. He ate a worm.
So he finally ate the worm?
He was trying to flex at the
Halloween party and do it there.
He found the worms at the Biddle house.
Camera, mask, dupes
[ALL] Worms.
- Oh, this is bad.
Okay, one sec, guys.
What's up, Dad?
Uh, close the door, please.
So, look, I know.
You know?
I know about everything.
- Wait, who told you?
- Honey, that's not important.
What's important is that
I'm the guidance
counselor at this school,
and my own daughter's
been accused of cheating.
Wait. Wait, what?
Just tell me, honey, honestly.
Did you share your answers
with Isaiah on the test?
Did he pressure you? 'Cause
this is so out of character.
No, no, I [SCOFFS]
Okay, I I can't
I can't believe this is happening, no.
Okay, so you're not denying it, then.
Look, Margot.
I'm asking you.
Yes or no, did you cheat?
Yeah, I did
and I guess I learned that from my Dad.
Look, I know about you and Nora.
What, I don't
Were you just not gonna tell me?
Or Mom?
- It's not that simple, um
- No, I think it's very simple.
You are sleeping with
someone that is not my mom.
[STUDENTS] Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
- Jump! Jump! Jump!
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!
- Well, this has to be Biddle.
I don't know, man.
Lucas is always doing something crazy.
- [MARGOT] Lucas!
- Lucas!
- Lucas! What are you doing?
- Get off the roof of the school right now!
Lucas, listen to me!
You're gonna get hurt!
Come down off the roof of the building!
[MARGOT] Lucas, stop!
- No, no, no!
- Are you out of your mind?
- No! My car!
Are you out of your stupid mind?
Are you okay? You could've been killed!
Look at me. Look at me, Lucas!
I probably can't even drive that now.
I'm gonna have to recommend
that the Principal expel you.
And I'm gonna recommend
you stop banging my mom.
Lucas! Lucas.
Lucas, stop.
What was that? You
Dude, you really
messed up your shoulder.
- You need to go to the hospital.
- No, I didn't. Just
- What
- I'm invincible.
Wait, Lucas, what's under your skin?
Ah, I would love to stay and chat,
but I have a Denn-defying
date with the "Booms of Doom."
Yo, boy. Here we go.
Nora, we have to talk.
Yes, your father called
and told me everything.
I'm so sorry. You must be
No. This is not about your stupid
affair. This is about Lucas.
I think Biddle got to him.
- There are these worms, and
- Worms?
Yeah. He found them
at the Halloween party.
And he ate one last night.
And I think they're, like,
crawling around inside of him.
I don't really know, but he's
acting really strange and
I'm really worried about him.
Uh, before he left he said,
something about the "Booms of Doom"
- and then he took off.
- Let's go. Let's go. Right now.
- Wait, what are the "Booms of Doom?"
Where his dad died. Get in.
[LUCAS] Time for a Denn-defying stunt.
- Time for a Denn-defying stunt.
- Time for a Denn-defying stunt.
- Lucas!
- Lucas! Don't do it!
Mom. I'm so good, you know?
I don't feel any pain.
I feel so good, Mom!
Lucas. It's the worms.
They're messing with you.
No, no they're not. They're
helping me fulfill his legacy.
Okay, Lucas. I know how much you
wanna be close to your dad right now.
- But this is not the way.
- Yes, it is. Okay?
Mom, we're exactly the same.
He wanted me to be just like him.
We're a team. You know,
we're father and son.
He wanted me to be just like him.
- No, but you're not like him, Lucas.
- Don't say that to me.
Mom, get out of my way
before I run you over!
No, I know you're mixed up
and confused right now
[GROANS] I'm so sick of everybody
telling me what I am, Mom.
Okay? I'm clear. Okay?
I'm perfect. And I'm
gonna make this run.
Stop! Please!
No! Lucas!
Dammit! Look at me!
Your dad didn't do this run
because he thought he could make it.
[SCOFFS] What are you talking about?
He did it because he knew he couldn't.
- No!
- You're trying to trick me!
- No, she's not. Listen to her, okay?
- He left a note.
- No.
I didn't wanna tell you because I
know how much you idolized him.
- [LUCAS] No.
- No, and I didn't wanna ruin that for you.
- But you have to hear the truth.
- No! No.
Listen to me, look at me!
He wanted to die, Lucas,
and this was his way of doing it.
God, Lucas.
Lucas, I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have kept
it secret, but I just
[CRYING] I miss him so much.
I know, sweetie. I miss him, too.
- I'm really sorry, Mom.
- Oh, God.
You never have to apologize to me, okay?
- Okay.
- I mean, you do.
But not for something like this, okay?
I'm never gonna lie to you again.
Okay. I mean, I'll
probably lie to you, but
- I love you.
- I love you so much.
- [LUCAS] I love you too.
You guys
What's that I'm feeling?
An emotional moment
between mother and son?
No, no, I feel something, like,
in the ground, like, shaking.
[MARGOT] What're you doing?
- They want me back.
- Lucas.
They want me back. Mom,
get in the car and drive.
- Go, go!
- Come on!
Hey, I'm the one you want,
okay? Come and get me!
- Nora, what the hell is that thing?
- Like I know!
Well, you know it has to do with Biddle!
Maybe the kid had a collection of worms!
Sorry if I didn't see this coming!
Get in, get in, get in!
- Shut the door.
- [NORA] Lucas!
[LUCAS] Give me the wood thing.
Is there another exit?
Yeah, um, I don't
Mom! Mom, get away from the
Uh, yeah, I don't
think that's gonna hold.
[NORA] Oh, God.
Um, Mom, okay, I I need you guys to,
to get the sawmill on and
I'm gonna buy us some time.
- [NORA] Margot, Come on!
That's it.
Okay. Oh, my God!
[NORA] Keep flipping switches
until we find the right one.
- Chipper, chipper!
- Oh! Chipper!
- Oh!
- What was that?
- Stay here.
- What?
[NORA] Yes, stay here!
- [MARGOT] Nora!
[LUCAS] Get the chipper on.
[CHUCKLES] He did it.
[MARGOT] Thanks for coming so fast.
Hey! Yogadu okaday?
I'm fine. We gotta get outta here.
Hey. Hey, Mike.
It's just It's just me.
I mean, um, Officer Hodgson.
Nora? What happened here?
Yeah. Well, um, funny thing
[WHISPERS] I am just so
sick of lying.
I'm gonna tell you
everything that happened here.
I'm not crazy.
I'm telling the truth.
There were giant worms everywhere.
And this all has to do with
the ghost of a dead kid.
Why is nobody listening to me?
She's been through a
lot with Dennis dying.
You brought her to the right place.
I'll take care of her now.
Don't worry.
We'll get you back together
soon enough, Slappy.
I'm still a fan even
though I was salty ♪
Hate to see you with some
other broad, know you happy ♪
Hate to see you happy if
I'm not the one driving ♪
I'm so mature I'm so mature ♪
I'm so mature I got me a therapist ♪
To tell me there's other men ♪
I don't want none I just want you ♪
If I can't have you no one should ♪
I might I might my ex ♪
Not the best idea ♪
His new girlfriend's
next how'd I get here ♪
I might my ex ♪
I still love him though ♪
Rather be in jail than alone ♪
I did it all for love ♪
I did it all on no drugs ♪
I did all of this sober ♪
I did it all for us ♪
I did it all for love ♪
I did all of this on no drugs ♪
I did all of this sober ♪
Don't you know I did it all for us ♪
Ah! ♪
I just my ex ♪
Not the best idea ♪
Killed his girlfriend
next how'd I get here ♪
I just my ex ♪
I still love him though ♪
Rather be in hell than alone ♪
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