Goosebumps (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Night of the Living Dummy: Part 2

[BRATT] I'm Nathan
Bratt, I'm the new owner.
I am a bit of a writer.
- This is a huge upgrade for me.
- [BEN] You inherited the house?
Yeah, turns out I'm the
closest living relative.
We finally found him.
We have searched years for this.
We had a deal. Stick with the plan.
[HAROLD] Previously on Goosebumps
[JAMES] So you know Isaiah and
Margot will never be together.
They're just in love with
the idea of each other,
but they can never really make it work.
Let me get this straight,
I can like Isaiah,
as long as I'm okay with
him having deep-seated,
unresolved feelings for
his beautiful neighbor?
[ISAIAH] I don't need your
boyfriend coming at me.
[MARGOT] Lucas is not my BF.
[ISAIAH] What is he?
[MARGOT] My BF-like person.
It's finally over.
[BRATT] The great American
novelist, Henry Miller,
once said, "Imagination
is the voice of daring.
If there's anything God-like
about God, it is that.
He dared to imagine everything."
So what does that mean
for us mere mortals?
Take me for example, I wanna
be remembered for something,
something bold, something that I created
that left a lasting impact on the world.
I want my own Tropic of Cancer,
or Bell Jar, Grapes of Wrath.
Hold on one second.
In order to do that, I need one thing,
the same thing all of you have.
It's just a matter of unlocking it,
of being bold and firing
up those imaginations.
And once you do, I promise you,
you will become writers like that.
- What? Go ahead.
This is Biology class
Yeah, I know.
Okay, let's go. Let's
go fast, Fifi, okay?
Make it fast. Go, go, go, pee, pee, pee.
Principal Pock, how are you?
Yeah, I know
I was filling in for Mrs. Turner.
Yes, I know she teaches Biology.
When did it happen before?
So you're firing me for
trying to inspire kids?
Principal Pock, please don't do this.
I need this job, I'm begging But
Oh, shoot.
Hello, Nathan.
Hey, Julia, you know what?
I'll chat with you later,
'cause I'm on an important work call.
I can wait!
[BRATT] You don't
wanna wait in the snow.
I have a jacket.
Principal Pock, please
don't make me beg.
But I will. Know that I will.
I will get on my hands and
knees and do it properly, please.
Principal Pock? Hello?
Great, then I will catch
up with you tomorrow
about maybe reading my short
story at the next assembly.
I think that's a great idea.
Okay, all righty, bye-bye.
Nathan, just following up about rent.
Because you said you
had the check yesterday,
but didn't want to go in because
My apartment was being fumigated.
Yes, that is true.
So, the check
So, mm-hmm, the check I had
all ready to go, and, um
and Fifi also had to go,
and so she relieved herself
right on the check, I know.
Nathan, I need someone who pays rent.
I'm begging you, please.
Just gimme a little
bit more time, please.
How long have we known each other?
- Three more days
- Yes!
then I have no other choice.
That's fine. Three days is all I need,
'cause I know something
big is just about to happen.
- Fifi?
- Fifi!
Sweet Fifi.
You were a good friend.
Probably my best friend sadly.
- I'm gonna miss you.
I'll be right back.
Oh, great.
Are you Nathan Bratt?
Unfortunately, yeah.
Can I come in?
Sure, you mind if I just finish my lunch
before we get into it?
Please, make yourself at home.
My firm has represented the interest
of the Ephraim Bratt
estate for many decades.
It's taken significant
effort to determine
the line of succession and locate you.
Ephraim Bratt?
Wait, you're not here to evict me?
You've inherited your
great-grandfather's property.
It's a substantial estate.
Are you serious?
Yes, Mr. Bratt.
This is the first day
of the rest of your life.
[BRATT] Oh. Home, sweet home.
That was crazy.
Make a hell of a book though.
the teens of Port Seymore,
the haunted clouds hanging
over them had finally parted."
[BEN] Here we go.
[BRATT] "Isaac's arm was
healing faster than expected
from the baseball accident
that started this "
- [BEN] There we go.
- [BRATT] " sequence of horrible,
haunted events."
[BEN] That's what I'm
talking about, come on.
Mm, mm. High, high. Yeah.
Putting in that work.
[BRATT] "His father, Ken,
could see his son's future
coming back into balance."
Whoo! That's what I'm
talking about! Yeah!
You keep that up, you could be
more than ready for next season.
[BRATT] "Off-season training
would mean that Isaac
would soon be champion
of the field again."
[BEN] Take a breath,
let's go one more time.
[BRATT] "But was the
future that awaited Isaac
before this tragedy struck,
the future he still wanted?"
"Jesse and Lizabetta
had found friendship
- during their adventures."
- I asked Sam out.
[BRATT] "And the two were
already facing a new frontier "
- And he said yes!
He said yes! He said yes, okay!
[BRATT] " Port Seymore's
simmering dating scene.
Has Jesse found his Mr. Right?
- And has Lizabetta lost hers?"
- Okay.
[BRATT] "Madison had
found her amour in Linus.
A cute boy who wanted to like her books
- as much as her looks."
- [LAUGHS] okay, I know, it's a lot.
- I promise you're gonna like them.
- No, I'm excited.
- [BRATT] "It was a budding, nerdy romance."
Um, okay, I have to go meet my mom.
- Okay.
- But I will see you later.
Yeah, wait. I have a secret.
[BRATT] "But it was also about
to be put to the test "
[BRATT] " by the whims
of Madison's mother, Sorell,
who had survived the
terrors of her past,
ended a marriage, and was
ready to head back to Seattle."
So, I was thinking that, I don't
know, maybe you might wanna consider
moving to Seattle and living with me.
Move to Seattle for senior year?
"Meanwhile, Madison's father, Colter,
and Linus's mother, Mora, had
exposed their shadowy affair,
and were living love in the open.
This honest living included
Mora coming clean to Colter
about her role in the
death of Horace Boodle."
I really did, but I was just scared.
[BRATT] "Colter was a standup guy,
and could forgive Mora
because he loved her."
I really want to build a future
together, with no secrets.
And I was gonna wait
until our camping trip,
and try to tie a ring
to a bear or something.
But I can't wait anymore.
- Colin!
- Nora
I'm in this with you now for good.
What do you say?
I would've preferred the bear thing.
Oh, I knew it.
- Of course.
Of course I'll marry you.
[BRATT] "The teens and
parents had defeated the evil
that was the wooden dummy, Snappy.
And they all knew none of
it would have been possible
without their intrepid
hero, Nicholas Back.
Now, all he wanted was a new
beginning for all Port Seymore.
The end."
All right, that
And sending it off.
Yes! Yes! [CHUCKLES]
[BRATT] I guess the best way
I found to describe it is
imagine somebody breaks into your house,
but they don't take anything.
But you know they were there.
Except it's not your
house, it's your body.
Even that doesn't really
do it justice. It's like
[SCOFFS] It's just weird.
And it's not just mental.
The other day, I was leaning on my arm,
and I started getting
that tingly feeling, like,
it was falling asleep, but
I just I freaked out.
I thought, "Oh, here we go again.
Who's gonna possess me this time?"
[BEN] Yeah, you know, okay,
where do you want me to hang this?
Oh, yeah. Sorry, Ben.
Maybe just a little bit
more to the left, 'cause I
So I want it to be level
with the top of the antlers.
- A little bit more More
- There?
- Uh Sorry.
- Good?
Yeah, sorry, to the
right, to your right.
That's That's good, that's perfect.
Yes. Oh, man, I mean, now
I'm second-guessing the other,
should it be on that side?
- Should I just put it on the ground?
I think we're good.
Okay, yeah, you're right, it looks good.
Aw, Fifi was my grandma's poodle.
And on her deathbed, I promised her
I would care for Fiefs
as if she were my own.
And I did, and and I
She cared for me too, though.
She really did.
She got me through some hard times.
I think we've all had it.
Yeah, I know, you're right.
Oh, man. [CHUCKLES]
But I gotta say it it
really helps to talk about,
so, thanks.
And it's funny, it took being
possessed by a teenage kid
that you and your friends killed
to finally turn my luck around.
[GROANS] It was an accident.
I know, you're right.
I should be focusing
on the positive anyway.
Like, I got a house, I have
friends like you. [CHUCKLES]
I have a new book.
- Book?
- Oh.
Yeah, it's It might
sound a little familiar.
It's a tale of intrigue and
murder set in a small town.
It's kind of like Stephen King's Carrie
meets Stephen King's The Shining,
but with like a touch of levity.
Wait, what is this?
Oh, no, calm down, Ben. It's fiction.
Ben, it's just fiction.
By the way, this is a
little awkward for me to say,
but do you mind if I pay you next month?
Just 'cause I'm, like, a little
light in the bank account now.
Teacher salary, you know.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, like, don't worry
about it at all, or ?
Ah. Next month. Next month, okay.
Yes! Thank you. Thank you.
[GROANS] I guess that's
what friends are for, huh?
- Yep.
- All right.
- All right. See you, Ben.
Tell the other guys I said hey.
Everyone's waiting
downstairs. What's up?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, I
I was just, kind of,
sitting here thinking like,
- what if I stay?
- Stay?
Well, what if what if you need me?
Or like, what if something
happens, you know,
I should just probably be here just to,
you know, play it safe, you know?
Yeah, Lucas, it's okay.
I'm okay. Things are okay now.
Even good.
I know how
all of this has been so scary.
And I bet it feels still so close,
but as someone who has lived
with so much fear for so long,
I'm telling you it's safe for you
to go have fun and live your life.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
See you later.
- There he is!
- drive. Oh, what's up?
- [LUCAS] Sorry.
- [ISAIAH] About time, bro.
[LUCAS] My mom made bagels.
- Nice.
- Clean.
Road trip!
- Damn.
- [ISABELLA] Sorry.
I'm trying out the whole, like,
unbridled enthusiasm thing.
It's cool. Passionate.
I can't believe Margot's
moving to Seattle.
She's, like, thinking of moving.
- Oh, what's up, Mr. Bratt?
- [BRATT] Oh, ho-ho!
- Hey, what's up, guys? The gang?
- [ISAIAH] What's up?
It's me, I promise.
Well, where are you guys going?
- Weekend in Seattle. Yeah.
- [BRATT] Nice!
I love Seattle.
- You going to the Space Needle?
- Yeah, yes!
Oh, you are gonna lose your mind!
I was telling you
about the Space Needle!
- You booked that, right?
- [JAMES] Yeah, I booked it.
Oh, I'm so je You know
what? Maybe I'll just tag along.
You know what, I'm not
doing anything this weekend.
- Actually, Margot's got the last seat
Hold on one second,
lemme get rid of this.
It's a New York number.
I'm getting a call from New York City.
- Take it.
- Take the call.
Okay, change of plans,
you guys go without me.
I will I gotta take
this, okay? Have fun.
- Yeah, we gotta go now.
- [ISABELLA] Get in the car.
Nathan Bratt speaking.
[ANN] Mr. Bratt, it's Ann
Macy at Scholarly Press.
We received your manuscript,
I was wondering if you
had a minute to chat.
Hello, Miss Macy, yes, of course.
First of all, we love the direction
you're taking with this new, new horror.
It's so now. It's so cutting-edge.
I'm New horror is my
forte, so that's good to hear.
[ANN] So my boss is very,
very interested in this book.
There's just one tiny thing.
It needs a new ending.
Sorry, you want me to
write a whole new ending?
[ANN] Not new, more.
This book wants a satisfying
finale that's unexpected
but also digs deeper and
explains the backstory of Snappy.
You understand?
Oh, okay, no problem.
Honestly, Mr. Bratt, I'm so
excited about this project.
It's just one of those
once-in-a-lifetime manuscripts to me,
and if we get this right,
this is so clearly a book series.
[GASPS] A series?
Really? Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, sorry, just quickly,
with regard to finances,
specifically my finances.
[ANN] Oh, once we get
the new manuscript,
that will be the next discussion.
Next discussion. Great.
[ANN] Looking forward to reading more.
Okay. Well, I will
fire those off and
get 'em on over to you.
Thank you so much.
[ANN] Thank you.
It's a call from New York City.
I think I just sold a series.
Well, whatever decision you make,
- I'm gonna support you.
- Thank you.
Even if it's the wrong one.
- Mm, there it is.
- [ALL] Road trip!
[COLIN] Okay, okay. [CHUCKLES]
There they are, the whole gang, wow.
Okay. Hey, let's make
smart choices, right?
We talked about that.
And, you know, I trust
you and I love you a lot.
So, Lucas, let's stay
safe, right, buddy?
Yeah, yeah, man, you know,
safety's my middle name.
Okay, good. Okay.
Yeah, okay. Dad, it's
just a weekend, relax.
Okay, also, I would be
remiss if I didn't remind you
to please not have sex, nobody.
- Nobody's having sex with me around, okay?
- Oh, my God,
Mom is going to be there, okay?
We're leaving. Goodbye.
- Okay, tell Mom not to have sex.
Just kidding, she can
do whatever she wants.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay?
Yeah, no, I'm okay, it's gonna be
it's gonna be super good. I can't wait.
- Road trip!
- Whoo!
[CREEPY VOICE] Road trip,
road trip, road trip!
- Whatever that was!
- [COLIN] Okay, okay.
- [JAMES] Road trip!
- Okay.
- [LUCAS] Road trip!
Okay, come on, Fifi, let's do this.
New ending, here we go.
Okay, we got this, Fifi,
let's go, new ending.
Come on, Nathan. Come
on, man, you've got this.
You got this. You're overthinking it.
Come on, no pressure, no pressure.
Wait for it to come to
you, it'll just come.
Write what you know.
What do you tell the kids?
What do you tell the
kids? Write what you know.
I did that!
[WHISPERS] Let it come
to you. Let it come.
I think it's coming!
Okay, okay, don't panic. Don't panic.
What do we got so far? We got "The End."
Or was it?
Oh. Oh, that's good.
Okay, I got it.
[MUTTERING] "'We're dead.'
Linus shook his head.
'How did we notice?' The ghosts all "
Miss Macy?
[ANN] Hey, just checking in.
Have you had a blast of inspiration yet?
You know, I actually have,
this is perfect timing.
- Let's hear it.
- Okay, here we go, new ending.
Just as long as they don't all turn
out to be ghosts in the end. [LAUGHS]
It's like, it's been done, okay?
Right, I know.
You know, why don't I
just send them to you
and you can read it yourself,
you don't want to hear me read it.
[ANN] Great, Nathan.
I really think you could
be the next Stephen King.
Really? You do?
I do, but you need to get me those pages
as soon as humanly possible.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have to move on.
Well, I will not disappoint you.
Stephen King-level
ending is on its way.
- Um
So I wanted to thank you
all for coming tonight.
I had a lot of I-told-you-sos prepared,
but I'm gonna skip those.
- You're welcome.
No, a long time ago, we were
all friends. Good friends.
And seeing our kids together reminded me
of who we all were before
everything happened.
Before Harold died.
And I thought it would be nice to
get back to that place.
So, a toast.
To new beginnings.
- [ELIZA] Cheers.
- [NORA] Cheers.
[WHISPERING] I'm proud of you.
I'm gonna run to the
restroom. Excuse me.
[BRATT] The French
fries and the crudité.
Well, well, well. Hey, Colin.
Oh, hello, Nathan.
[LAUGHS] Hey, it's me, don't worry.
- It's good to see you.
- Yes.
Oh, wow, well, the whole gang's here.
- [COLIN] It's
- Hey, guys! Hey.
Are you celebrating something?
Uh, not really a celebration.
It was just kind of the first
weekend without the kids.
Oh, sure.
I think after everything
they've been through,
everybody sort of felt like,
"I'm just happy to have
survived," you know?
- That type of thing.
- Oh, I can understand that.
It's been a rough couple of
months for for everyone.
- Yeah.
- Whoa, thank you so much.
Well, I was just gonna
run to the restroom.
Did you want to say a quick
hello or a quick goodbye?
I do, but you know,
I'm in the midst of this
really intense writer's block, so
I'm gonna go on a thinking drive.
Well, have fun. That sounds like fun.
It can be fun, I guess,
but this feels like work.
But I'll get it, I'll crack it.
See you, Colin, it's good to see you.
And it was it was
pretty good to see you.
I have my cell if you need anything.
And, kids, please don't
set anything on fire,
I had to put a huge
deposit down in this place.
- [ISAIAH] Understood.
- [MARGOT] We'll be good.
- [ISAIAH] Bye.
- Love you, bye.
[SARAH] Bye, love you too. [KISSES]
Is it weird that I'm still hungry?
[JAMES] Mm, it's all the
freedom that's making us hungry.
Mm, okay, yeah, we're embracing this,
and I am making the group
decision to get gelato.
Italian place on the
corner, we're going.
I don't really feel like it, but
you guys should definitely go.
Hello! Earth to Lucas.
[LUCAS] Oh, yeah, sure, let's go.
- Bye.
- Oh, sorry, bye.
I think I'm still re-acclimatizing
to Earth's gravity. [GIGGLES]
You know we didn't
actually go to space, right?
- Just let me have fun.
- Go.
- [ISAIAH] Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
Do you want tea? I think my mom has tea.
So, come on, how you feeling?
- I
- Mm?
- don't know.
- Okay.
A big part of me is, uh, really excited
about the idea of a fresh start.
But I'm not sure if
I'm ready to leave
Uh Lucas?
I don't know.
Does he seem off to you?
[CHUCKLES] I can see you here.
This place has got, like, 25 bookstores.
It's got coffee shops
where people just read,
in the store, alone.
Mm. And I know how much you love that.
[LAUGHS] I do.
But look, this is something that
you gotta decide for yourself, you know?
But I dunno.
Maybe this place is right for you.
[R.L. STINE] Ideas are often depicted
as a light bulb coming on. Why?
Because true creation
comes from darkness.
You can't create unless
you allow yourself
to sit in that darkness.
The blackness, the
nothingness that we have
before the big idea, the perfect twist.
This darkness is where
imagination was born.
- Is it scary?
Of course. It's like I always say,
"Every great story has a beginning,
a middle and a twist."
So, you out there listening
[R.L. STINE] what
are you willing to do?
That's great advice.
All I need is a twist.
And a light bulb. [LAUGHS]
[CHUCKLING] That would be a twist.
That would be a twist.
What are you doing out here, Nathan?
You gotta have your
head examined. [LAUGHS]
I mean, you gotta be
the world's biggest
Portugal. The Man playing]
Welcome to America ♪
I'm waiting on a miracle ♪
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, no, it's just, uh
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, it's just, I don't know, it's
This line's, like, took two hours long,
I mean, like, how good can
a can a donut actually be?
[WHISPERING] He doesn't like me.
- He doesn't like me at all.
- [LAUGHS] Well, uh
- Well, this chef takes a whole day
- Uh-huh.
- to make the dough.
- Uh-huh.
It's like, this special
dough with that yeast in it,
- I don't know, it's like [LAUGHS]
- Yeast? Yeast?
Oh, yeah, you're really
selling this place.
But don't you just find Seattle
sort of, like, depressing?
It's cloudy, but that's about it.
Yeah, but like, everything's like a
Like, a thing here, you know? Like
Like donuts.
You know, when I run The Harbor Stop,
I'm just gonna have
"totally okay" donuts.
Wait, you want you want
to run The Harbor Stop?
- Yeah, of course.
Well, if you move to Seattle,
you can have your fancy
donuts anytime you want.
Is it in the breast pocket?
Just read it. It's the only way.
"Karru Marri Odona
Loma Molonu "
" Karrano."
That's what I thought. Great.
[LAUGHS CYNICALLY] That's great.
Wouldn't you know it?
What took you so long?
I I need a
- [SLAPPY] You need an ending.
- Yeah.
And I'm about to give you the
greatest ending of all time.
Oh, my God.
- Fifi?
So your cousin, is he blonde?
- Is he tall? Is he here?
- Last time I saw him,
he had blue hair,
you'll really like him.
Okay, first big city party.
Why did I think there'd
be dance music playing?
Okay, we can do this.
We've been haunted by cameras and masks
and, like, actual ghosts.
We've explored alternate
crumbling realities.
Somehow less intimidating.
Yeah, like, do we want to do this?
All right, no, it's cool, we'll live.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it'll be fun.
- Okay, yeah.
- Okay, I'm gonna go find my cousin.
Yo, um
- Let's circle. Let's circle.
- Yeah, yeah.
Anyone who wants you to
explain queerness to them
is never gonna understand your answer.
And there is no one, real answer.
I mean, that's what my art is all about.
- Your art?
- Your art.
- What?
- You are the most interesting person
- That we've ever met.
- Thank you.
- Live here.
- Okay.
- They do art.
- I know.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
Hey, I don't I don't
really wanna be here,
and I think I'm just gonna go.
Lucas, you're not even trying.
No, I I have been trying, I just
Look, I don't understand how everyone's
just able to, like, move on so easy.
No one said it was easy,
it's just it's worth it.
All right, look, I'm just, like,
not where you're at right now.
- Okay, where am I at?
- This trip was for you.
No, this, this was for
us, like we talked about,
- so I could figure out if I could choose
- No, I know
I know, you're just gonna leave.
Oh, so you're just
gonna You're just out?
You're the one leaving!
Look, I like Port Lawrence.
I like my life there,
I like the people there.
And right now, that's
where I need to be.
I just really shouldn't have come.
Yeah, maybe you shouldn't have.
So maybe we're just, um,
not meant to be together.
Okay, Fiefs, okay, where are we going?
Where we going, Fifi? You lead the way.
Okay, okay, hold on, Fifi. Slow down.
Ugh, my back. [PANTING]
Okay, when did you get so fast?
I guess, yeah, I got you,
you want me to dig here?
This is where we're
- Okay.
- Oh, boy.
Yes, I know.
[GASPS] Oh, God.
[SARAH] Hey, how was your party?
It was great, where's Lucas?
Well, he isn't here. I
thought he was with you guys.
[JAMES] No, he left early.
Okay, well, where is he?
Do I need to call Nora?
He's okay.
[SARAH] Oh, that's good.
All your parents already hate me.
He left you a note.
He went back to Port Lawrence.
I go, I stay ♪
I fall undecided ♪
All of these walls could break ♪
Cave in any moment ♪
Written all over my face ♪
No, I can't hide at all ♪
I can't hide at all ♪
A momentary sweetheart feels so good ♪
If someone turned the
lights off, what would I do? ♪
'Cause only when it's gone,
you look for something new ♪
Well, don't you hate when I go ♪
Oh, man.
I don't know about this.
I don't know.
Nothing to know.
You need this.
Jeez. Okay.
Okay, I can do this.
It's just lift off, and
All right, okay, here we go.
Oh, God, whoa, boy.
Oh, God, that's awful.
You can go in
- [SLAPPY] Just do it!
Oh, God. Oh, my God.
I think I just touched it.
Okay, okay.
[SLAPPY] Read.
"Aldu Meindu "
[SLAPPY] What are you doing?
I just saw
Was that the ending?
- Read.
- [BRATT] Was that real?
That That That didn't seem good.
- [SLAPPY] Read.
- That seemed a little intense,
- maybe you could tone it down.
- You need an ending!
Okay, okay.
"Aldu Meindu Haldoom Zandratz."
- [BRATT] Uh, hey.
You o Hello?
Where's the ending? We had a deal.
- Uh
[MOUTHS] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- [BEN] Nathan, I know it's late,
but I gotta talk to you about
this book you're writing.
- Be
- That's a coffin.
Who are you?
Adanna Meenu Sanara
[BRATT] What? No. Oh, no.
Oh, Ben! Ben! Hey! Ben!
Ah! ♪
Ah! ♪
Ah! ♪
I believe ♪
Them bones are me ♪
Some say ♪
We're born into the grave ♪
I feel so alone ♪
Gonna end up a big
ol' pile of them bones ♪
Ah, ah ♪
Ah ♪
Dust rise ♪
Right on over my time ♪
Empty ♪
Fossil of the new scene ♪
I feel so alone ♪
Gonna end up a big ol' pile of them ♪
I feel so alone ♪
Gonna end up a big ol' pile of them ♪
I feel so alone ♪
Gonna end up a big
ol' pile of them bones ♪
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