Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Bella Giana's

I'm Gordon Ramsay,
and I'm hitting the road.
I'm heading to restaurants
all across America
Oh, my God, no, no.
- On the brink
- you!
Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for,
a death?
But having endured
so many kitchen disasters
over the years
There's a mouse
in here.
I know that I need
to do something
I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save
each of these restaurants
in just 24 hours.
That's not a lot of time.
I'm scared
we're not gonna finish.
Because in this age
of social media,
where every customer
is a critic
If you want fast service
and good drinks, don't go here.
Next one, one star,
the food looks gross
when it comes out
of the kitchen.
Oh, my God.
Your business can
succeed or fail overnight.
But when people
know I'm coming,
they tend to hide
what's really going on.
So this time,
I'll need to be covert,
hiding cameras
in the restaurants
and myself in plain sight
Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
To catch them all
I had to stop you
from eating in there,
and this is the reason why.
Oh, my God, no!
If I have any hope
of saving them
Bless thy soul,
may I come out in one piece.
I'll have to go
to hell and back
Oh, my God.
In 24 hours.
I've just arrived in
Congers, New York. Look at it.
This is a stunning, picturesque
lakeside community
that is literally 60 minutes
outside Manhattan.
The good news about this area,
it's such a melting pot of
different cultures and cuisines.
But there's one that sticks out
as the very best,
and that is a New York Italian.
This family Italian-owned
was once very successful,
but since the son, Vinny Vasti,
has been at the helm,
the restaurant and the family
have been falling apart.
My name is
Theodora Vasti Barbato.
I am a part-owner of Bella
Gianna's family restaurant.
It originally started
with my brother, Vincent,
and my father, Frank,
and my husband, Frank.
When we first opened,
we did very well.
All right, anyone else
need anything?
It's been my dream.
Since I'm a little boy,
this is all I ever wanted to be.
You know, I told my wife,
"This is gonna make us rich,"
and it did nothing but cause
issues within our family.
Okay, every day, I'm here.
Every day, I'm here.
Nobody said you weren't, Vin.
I just fixed the toilet
in the bowl.
In the last few years,
business started to decline.
Every year,
it got a little worse and worse.
And then my brother-in-law,
Frankie, passed away
We lost Frank
approximately a year ago.
So now it was just me here,
by myself.
And since Frankie passed,
it affects maybe the way I talk
and the way I do things.
Yeah, you're a partner!
What are you here?
What do you do anything
with the place?
I wasn't here.
I went back to work.
I can get a little crazy
every now and then.
Then don't be
blaming everything on me!
He'll be yelling
in the same breath
and then be crying
in the second breath.
Vinny gets out of control
sometimesuh, a lot of times.
You know, we have
some screaming matches,
you know, throwing things.
It gets really bad sometimes.
-Where is it?
-He just told you.
Once again, I don't get it.
- The whole kitchen's.
- Go outside.
Go the business up more.
When my dad's in a bad mood
at work,
you just don't wanna
be near him.
You don't wanna be here.
So done.
The restaurant and Vinny
are both at breaking point.
If it wasn't for my dad
shoveling money in every month,
the doors would be closed.
Money for the mortgage
has to come out
of my retirement account.
I think it's overdrawn,
like, $900.
I would say I'm out
of pocket maybe $1.2 million.
This thing is a burden
on all of us.
But family comes first.
The stress of the restaurant
and the stress
Vincent puts on my parents
have kind of torn us apart
a little bit.
My dad's dream was
to own a successful restaurant,
and since it didn't
turn out that way,
I think that's why my family
has so many issues.
I think if things did work out
the way he wanted to,
then my family would be
so much happier all around.
Now, I'm hoping I can turn
this restaurant around
in 24 hours,
but I needed to know the issues
before I even
stepped foot inside,
so my team told the restaurant
that they are trying out
for a renovation series.
While they're being
we installed hidden cameras
throughout the restaurant
and have been secretly
recording surveillance footage
since we left.
Now, if I'm going into an
Italian restaurant undercover,
I've gotta get slick
with my disguise.
Right, time to take
the family for an Italian.
Who's hungry?
-I am.
Let's go.
This disguise pays homage to
one of my favorite comedies
- This thing stinks.
The "National Lampoon"
vacation movies.
Is this legal?
This is great.
our meal is less disastrous
than some of their vacations.
Oh, man.
-Here we go.
-Give me some macaronis.
-How are you?
Hey, can we get
a table of four, please?
-Sure, right this way.
When you walk
into Bella Gianna's,
your first instinct
is to walk right back out.
Set them on table 23, please.
I'm sorry? 43?
How depressing
is this décor?
The tacky décor
and the uninviting staff
makes you feel
immediately unwelcome.
You need a few minutes,
or are you ready?
Nope what? "Nope, we're ready"?
"Nope, we need a few minutes"?
Okay, can we order
the calamari frittiti
We've ordered a variety
of classic Italian dishes.
And spaghetti and meatballs?
Very good.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
If you can't do
these staples properly
Fried calamari,
baked clams chopped first,
and a family salad.
You have no business
being in the restaurant
I have the two appetizers.
Yeah, go ahead.
Go for it.
So this is
That's the baked clams.
Take one and say a prayer.
Let's see what I've got
in mine, then.
Clams are really salty.
I know, it tastes like
I'm eating just bread crumbs.
I have no clam in mine either,
so clam with no clam.
-Did you get a clam?
I don't think so.
Calamari is rubbery.
It's not even crispy.
They taste old.
If you like,
I can give you a little
on each of your dish,
if you want.
-These clams are horrendous.
There is not a clam in there.
Okay, dear,
I'd be more than happy
- to take them off the check.
- Yeah, please.
You got it.
Whatever you want, dear.
- Lou!
- Yes?
Clams sucked.
Okay, listen, you gotta stop.
-Okay, I
-My clams suck, my sister sucks.
-You gotta stop.
Can you hear that shouting?
No clams in the clams,
no nothing.
Yeah, there's no clam
in the clam, huh?
- Okay, whatever.
- That's why they ate
- the whole thing.
- Yeah, I know.
Yeah, okay.
Give it up,
you can cook yourself.
There you go. Cook yourself.
Yeah, I know,
'cause I'm the one saying this.
- I'm making it up.
- Clams suck.
Yeah, I know. All of a sudden,
the clams suck now.
The customer doesn't like it.
Yeah, look at my salad.
This salad is appalling.
Oh, it's dead.
- Don't eat the dressing.
It smells like
the back seat of my car.
Spaghetti and meatballs.
Eggplant Parm.
So let's say a little
prayer for the entrées.
Dear Lord,
we're about to receive,
may we not end up in the ER.
Thank you.
That's horrendous.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God,
that looks like
the inside of
my grandfather's underpants.
That looks like a placenta.
I would not feed this to my dog.
- How we doing?
- This is horrendous.
Horrendous meaning
you want me to take it away?
-You didn't like it, dear?
-It was horrible.
-Okay, great.
-How you doing?
Take it away, Daniel, please.
You know what? If you like,
the whole dinner's on me.
Enjoy, okay?
Okay, well, you don't
have to be nasty.
-Dear, you don't like anything.
-You don't have to be nasty
-with me.
-I'm not nasty at all, dear.
-Thank you.
Is he always like that?
Is he always angry?
Sir? Oh, my Lord.
It's like they're scared of him.
They said the veal sucked,
the eggplant sucked,
this sucked, everything sucks.
It's all . I'm done.
So done..
See you in a minute.
I've seen enough.
Please, thank you.
Where's Daniel?
You know what?
Why don't you buy them
coffee and dessert, too,
so they complain about that too?
Tell 'em it's on me, everything,
'cause our food sucks.
I really ..
Oh, man.
That was absolutely shocking.
I've got no idea
what this guy's gonna do.
But let me tell you
No one understands!
In about 60 seconds,
we'll find out.
-Um, Vinny, right?
Can you, uh, go into the kitchen
and get everybody out, please?
-Get everybody out?
-Now, thank you.
It's Gordon Ramsay.
We need everybody
in the kitchen.
Uh, young man,
you can come over.
That's Gordon Ramsay.
-That's it?
-You shut everything down?
Ladies and gentlemen,
listen up, stop eating.
knife and forks down.
The restaurant is closed.
First of all,
I've just witnessed
one of the most
appalling lunches
I've ever eaten.
My guests couldn't
even find a clam.
The salad was rotten,
and the dressing tasted like
it was made ten years ago.
Um, when you attacked my guests,
is that how you deal
with customers?
I thought they were very
irritating from the beginning.
I just wanted them to know.
I'm amazed
you can stand up straight.
The size of the chip
on your shoulder.
What size chip should I have?
- Let me just ask ya.
- As a maître d'
My dad put $1 million in
the place that I'm failing him.
What chip do you want on me?
The restaurant's on me!
No chip! No chip. No chip.
Because if you're not
in that fit state of mind
to respect what little
customers you have,
you shouldn't be
in here
I got a question
for both of you.
Do you want my help? Yes or no?
Yes, I do.
I need it more than my life.
Ladies, gentlemen,
I need all of you
out of this restaurant,
and I want you to follow me now.
Let's go.
- Let's go, please.
- Oh, Hell On Wheels.
- Hell On Wheels.
- This is Hell On Wheels.
It is the engine room
and the heartbeat
of my operation.
The talent
and the amount of knowledge
inside that truck
is extraordinary.
Listen carefully.
There's something
you should know.
My team has been coming
to this restaurant undercover
for quite some time
to find out
what is really going on.
I'd like all of you to take
a look at what I discovered
whilst my team were undercover.
Please, pay attention,
all of you.
I think the restaurant,
it is very old-fashioned.
We now only had
ten people all week.
I made more money
when I was 16.
In the kitchen, it smells.
Like, it has a smell.
Oh, my God.
What is wrong with you?
Oh, my Lord.
Don't laugh. It's not funny.
What I saw in the video
was disgusting.
I couldn't believe I ate there.
It was disugh, it was gross.
I wannaI wanted to puke.
Don't be blaming
everything on me!
Well, why is this business
going down in the dumps?
Everyone blames me!
-I'm sick of it!
-Oh, come on.
Vinny loses his temper,
the place, it becomes a frenzy.
- asinine.
- The whole kitchen's.
No, listen,
I'm cooking my.
- Go yourself.
- you.
I'm stuck here,
destroying my family!
This is what you wanted.
This is your dream.
Right! It's my dream.
I everybody.
I live with that every day.
Let me tell you something.
Even though it may appear
that all of you have given up
Maybe I'm bitter, hateful,
and disgusted inside
and it shows,
- but I never gave up!
- Okay
Don't say I gave up!
It's disgusting behavior, Vinny.
Did you ever have to fail
your father every day?
Did you?
I'm asking you a question.
My father died 20 years ago.
Okay, I'm very sorry for that,
'cause Dad and Mom
mean everything to me.
If you failed your father
every day,
let me say it the right way,
would you feel good about
every day going to work?
-Would you?
I'm asking you a question.
It's no wonder
that the customers are
few and far between.
Right now, you need to clean up
your attitude.
Are you committed?
-Yes, I am.
I haven't got months.
I haven't got weeks.
I've got 24 hours
to turn this business around.
But if you can't give me
your best in 24 hours,
trust me, you may as well
close the door.
With the reopening
in less than 24 hours,
we're in a race against time.
My team have installed clocks
throughout the restaurant
to track our
impending deadline.
I'm picking up those checks,
but what I am gonna
ask you to do
is to come back here
24 hours' time
and taste what an Italian
restaurant should taste like.
Understood? Good.
'Cause the clockstartsnow.
Now, get on your cell phones
and tell everybody you're not
coming home for 24 hours.
I'll meet you back
in the restaurant.
Get on your phones.
- Is he serious?
- Yep.
I don't know if they'll be able
to do Bella Gianna's
over again in 24 hours.
After what I saw,
I don't think so.
I'll call you when I could,
Oh, wonderful.
My brother's the most
stubbornest person I know.
I think today,
here at Bella Gianna's,
what I witness could be
Vinny's wake-up call.
-I'm sweating.
-You sweat in the shower.
Okay, right,
so is everybody here?
- Yes, Chef.
- Where is young Olivia?
Um, young lady,
you are 16, right?
-So you've got school tomorrow?
-Can I have a word with you?
-30 seconds.
First of all, I said earlier,
I'm here to help, okay?
How long has it been this bad?
Uh, as long as I can remember.
It's gonna be a tough 24 hours,
but I don't want you
a part of this.
I think you've had
enough heartache as it is.
-Um, thank you, darling.
-All right, thank you so much.
-Good night. Take care.
-Thank you so much. Good night.
Give me a hug.
-Oh, drive carefully, okay?
-Thank you.
-I will.
-Thank you. Good night, darling.
No daughter should have
to witness their father
-behave so badly.
-Be careful.
So for Olivia's sake,
I'm sending her home.
Um, Vinny, you think I'm lying
about how bad my experience was.
Just listen to what the other
people had to say.
Listen to this.
Um"Two stars.
"I've been here
a couple of times,
"and each time, it gets worse.
Vinny, the owner"
congratulations, they know you
"is overbearing and careless.
Food is simply just mediocre."
-Sir, that's one out of 700.
-Can I finish?
-Can I finish? Yeah?
-Okay, go ahead.
"One star. The clams
were tasteless and cold,
"and the Bolognese sauce
was shocking.
"Let's just say that
the owner, Vinny,
needs some lessons
in etiquette."
You're quite popular
around here.
Yep, people love me.
Let's get to the crux
of this issue.
How bad is the business running
in your mind?
-No, business is bad.
Maybe on a Tuesday,
we'll do three, four tables.
-That's a problem.
-Of course.
Why are you guys butting heads?
It's pressure.
I mean, Vinny
Pressure? With nobody in here?
Last year, we lost 100 grand.
You aware of that?
Maybe more.
Where am I getting
the money from?
Should I cry "Daddy" louder?
It doesn't take money
to solve a problem.
It takes a change of attitude.
How did you two disconnect?
'Cause of the way
he talks to me, I really
How 'bout when Frankie died
and he
Frankhow 'bout when Frankie
just left the business
-without saying a word to me?
-Frankie didn't just leave
Yeah, okay, but then you're
you'reyou'reyou're lying!
You're making up.
Frankie didn't leave
the business.
Me and Daddy talked about it.
Okay, no one spoke to me!
You're right.
I don't like being around this,
you know?
I don't like being around
two people that are arguing.
Can Ican Ilet me
Do you think I get respected
as an owner?
-Honest answers from everybody.
-We're respecting you,
but you wanna talk
however you wanna talk,
who the is gonna
respect you then?
You gotta give respect
to get respect.
What are we, animals?
Excuse me.
I never got respected
from anybody from day one.
-What do you mean?
-Leaving? I'll leave tomorrow!
See? That's the answer you get.
- I don't need this.
- Tomorrow.
Vinny, you're a grown man,
and this is not
your pity party.
That clock is ticking.
We are gonna reopen
those bloody doors
in less than 24 hours.
I've seen enough,
I have learned enough,
but I am lost for words.
what's wrong with you?
Read the text I got
from my daughter.
Oh, man.
"Dad, please cooperate with him.
"I know it's gonna be hard
to hear criticism for 24 hours,
"but you need to listen.
They just want to help."
That's from a 17-year-old.
You can learn a lot from her.
Now, cut the excuses,
and let's get down
to what this place needs.
With so little time,
every minute could mean
the difference between
reopening tomorrow night
or failing,
so my team is coming in
on the double
to start construction.
All the tables,
all the glassware,
let's get it to the bar.
We still got a few more tables,
and then we'll put
the chairs all around them..
The 1980s are long gone,
and this terrible décor
should be as well.
Are you seeing the dust
on the grape?
This restaurant is neither
contemporary nor cohesive.
We need to brighten the walls
with a new paint
All this urine color stuff
is getting painted.
I'm gonna start
cutting in this gray.
Refresh the furnishings,
and modernize the lighting.
With my design team
the hoarder's paradise
in the dining room,
I shudder to think
what awaits me in the kitchen.
-What's in here?
-That's a freezer.
Just be careful
when you open this thing.
- hell.
- I know.
This has been here
20 years, I think.
Yeah, I don't keep much
in here.
What the?
Is it veal or pork?
-Pork chops.
-Pork chops.
So we're cooking
with this stuff?
Well, I keep 'em here in case
somebody wants a pork chop,
and then I throw them out
in the water.
Lou, hell.
-And what's that?
-I have no idea.
That's been there,
like, five, six years.
-Five or six years?
-Yeah, probably,
because I'm here
two years.
It was here before I got here.
Stay there two seconds.
What's in this one?
What the is that?
This was from a party.
Vinny wanted me to save it.
-It's tilapia.
-Cooked tilapia?
And he brings it back
and freezes it.
Is he seriously asking
to put that on the menu?
Yeah, but he wants me
to reuse them.
I throw him away behind
his back. How's that?
Say that again?
Yeah, he goes, "There's
nothing wrong with this."
Which is where
some of the arguments come in.
Where the arguments start,
because I won't do it.
Where he says,
"No, I'm not doing that."
And he starts and I start and
we escalate, and there we go.
And then we got
then we come this way.
-There's more? No, stop.
-You wanna see the walk-in?
Look at this.
Welcome to hell.
This is a walk-in?
Can you smell that?
Oh, yeah.
What is that that's gone off?
What is that?
- That's veal.
- How old is that?
I don't know
how it got just like this,
and I don't know
how this got in here.
Take that thing out.
-What is this?
-Uh, dressing.
That's not the dressing
for today.
-Is that one?
That is black mold.
-Yeah, give me.
Throw this in the garbage.
The smell in here,
this is obscene.
Can you smell that?
Yeah, I can smell it from here.
Justhey, come here.
Bring that.
Bring that here?
Bring that here.
-Oh, my God.
-This is bad.
I said there's something
uh, there's something
stench of stink
and disgust.
- Just smell that for me.
- I know.
The whole place
is contaminated.
Take it away, Danny.
We are.
That is the worst walk-in
I've ever witnessed.
You have lost control.
I'm getting the out
of here.
Excuse me.
It took years of neglect
to create this level
of disaster in the kitchen.
Things only get this bad
for one or two reasons.
Either the chef
is completely incompetent
or has just given up.
Uh, Lou, let'sI just need
two minutes with you.
I need to know right now
that Lou is still committed.
You can cook,
and I've seen the résumé.
-I've seen where you've been.
-This is my passion.
This is what I've been doing
since I'm 11 years old.
I was raised in
the business, so
There must've been
a point somewhere
that you not only switched off,
but you've lost your way.
This level of
that I unearthed and
you know,
there must have been a
-It's disgusting.
It's impossible.
There's weeks, I mean,
we're lucky if we do $2,000
for the whole week.
-That's nothing.
-$2,000 a week?
Yeah. It's that bad.
I wanna change the menu, I wanna
do different things, you know,
but the problem is him.
He just gets me to a point where
I just can't take it anymore.
We can blame Vinny
till the cows come home,
but your responsibility
is inside these four walls.
-We need this thing
-firing on all cylinders
If this fires on all cylinders,
we got a chance
of making this work.
I think the only question
I've got now is,
you know, are you up to it?
You show me what you wanna do,
the menu you wanna put in,
-I'll follow it 100%.
We don't have a lot of time.
-Let's get it boiling.
-Okay, let's go.
And there's something I need
to show you and your team.
Lou says he can change,
but I need to see
what he's made of.
With less than 18 hours
until the reopening,
I'm hoping
some one-on-one coaching
and a new simplified menu
Line up, please.
Can put the spark of passion
back into Lou's food.
We are relaunching
tomorrow night
with this menu.
-Just this?
-Why so small?
Well, they say less is more.
And when it's this small,
what do you think happens
to the flavor?
It does.
And more importantly,
everything's fresh.
So let's start off
from the beginning here,
Bella Gianna's modernized take.
endive and arugula salad,
lemon vinaigrette,
and an aged Parmesan.
Next to that,
you got the baked clams,
which is done with a gremolata.
So sweet and delicious.
Next, pappardelle Bolognese.
Top of that, you've got
a fragrant mascarpone.
Next to that, chicken marsala.
Creamy polenta,
Tuscan kale, braised.
And then finally, a veal,
done to order.
Prosciutto, mozzarella,
beautifully seared,
ready to roll.
Right, now, for the veal.
Mozzarella in there.
-Sage also.
-Sage is in there, underneath.
Well spotted.
Hot pan, 90 seconds each side.
As that cheese
just starts to melt,
that's the time
to get it out of there.
And then, bang, into the oven.
Pan stays.
Why, Cameron?
What's in that pan now?
That's right, the flavor.
Reduce that down.
So you're just gonna reduce
and reduce and reduce it?
This is simple.
We can't freeze that.
We can't buy that stock.
That flavor is there and then.
It's of that moment.
Now, have a little, uh
get your knife and forks,
have a little dig in.
Wow, this is excellent. Wow.
I promise you now,
I will take care of Vinny,
but the most important thing
about the restaurant now
-is the engine room.
-Everything's steam ahead.
Let's go, guys.
All right, Mary, over to you.
Hey, guys, come on in.
First of all, we are
relaunching Bella Gianna's
in just over 16 hours
from now
Uh, Chef, put a little bit
more cream in there.
Little more cream?
But Lou needs
to wake up.
That guy has lost his passion.
I'm hoping
this one-on-one training
lifts him back up
to great things
and to fall back in love
with what cooking's all about.
It's got the lemon zest
in there too?
Yes, I do.
With little time to waste,
I need to get back inside
and make sure
that the dining room renovation
is on schedule.
Uh, Theresa, Ryan,
how's it going?
- How are you, sir?
- Oh, we're good.
Yeah, that looks good there.
I love that character
it's given to that space.
- Right, right.
- Yes, sir.
Anyone see Taylor?
- Oh, jeez, what's he shouting
- Taylor?
what are you shouting for?
Well, just go around
and look for them.
Okay, you got it, sir.
Restaurants are
close-knit environments,
and when you have a virus
like Vinny's bad behavior
Are they leaving
that red inside?
Doesn't that look ugly?
It can slowly
infect everyone.
I'm a little disgusted
with that.
-Uh, Vinny?
Show me the office.
Dori, will you join us, please?
-Yes, I will.
-Please. Thank you.
Look at the state
of this office.
I need to treat the source
of contamination now,
before it's too late.
You two, along with your father,
are owners, right?
So when did you two fall apart?
For the last seven years,
I'm doing everything by myself.
Stop using that as an excuse
that you're left on your own.
It's not an excuse.
You're sounding like
a petulant teenager.
Okay, great, I'm a baby
with that, correct.
What is wrong with you?
Resentment, anger,
alienation, a lot of things.
All right.
Dori, be quiet, please.
Canif I talk
that's what annoys me about you.
I didn't say a word.
You went, "Uh!"
You can't even voice
your concern,
and you get jumped on
What's missing for you
inside here?
You always downgrade me
in front of people,
and you make me feel worthless
in front of people
-Okay. How do I feel?
-And that's gotta stop.
-Okay, how do I feel?
-There you go, back to him.
We're getting
a second chance now.
We're getting a second chance
But what does that have to do
with how I feel?
We gotta get rid of that hate
and we gotta put it aside.
It's done.
You've got to stop
sounding like the victim.
You've got to stop
blaming everybody else.
But you're making it feel
like I should have no guilt
-or anything over that.
-You have to grow up.
Good. You call it growing up,
I take it as failing.
You're still
holding on to it.
- Get over it!
- How?
By growing up!
You're calling me a baby.
You're questioning
my love for my family.
You know what?
You have no right
to question my love.
I've only once in my life
thrown the towel in,
because I couldn't work with
owners that were so delusional.
I can fix the restaurant,
I can fix the menu,
I can clean the kitchen,
but my one big issue is,
honestly, I don't think
I can fix Vinny.
As the minutes count down,
I've asked Dori to rejoin
the renovation efforts
How does this all get done
by tomorrow?
I just can't see it.
So I can confront
Vinny's denial head-on.
I'm not here
to pick on you, Vinny.
-I'm just here to help you.
We've got some
serious work to do,
but there needs to be a turn
where you dig deep.
-Can I say a word?
I don't wanna hear
one more piece of
about a situation
five years ago,
seven years ago,
"My fault,
everyone deserted me."
- I'm done.
- Got ya.
Who do you think
this affects the most?
My mom and dad.
Your mom and dad?
I want you to watch this for me.
I think the restaurant
has, like,
been ripping my family apart.
I don't see, really,
anyone on my dad's side of
the family that often anymore.
We haven't been invited
to Christmases,
and my mom and my dad,
like, they don't sleep
in the same room.
There's, like, a different fight
every night,
and, like, no matter, like,
what the fight has to do with,
like, it always somehow,
like, finds a way
to come back to, like, here.
Like, this thing is, like,
the root of every problem.
You've got time, Vinny,
to turn this around.
I'm gonna take care of it
the right way, sir.
I need to be a man.
How is Vinny gonna change
going forward,
dealing with problems?
I'm gonna try to find
the solution to the problem
and do it in a calm,
professional manner,
because that's what
everyone deserves.
I may have finally
broken through with Vinny,
so for now, fatigue
Is the biggest challenge.
What time is it?
12:30? 1:00?
Throughout the night,
the kitchen team is pushing
to stay awake and learn
-How you feel?
-I don't feel good.
I'm in here, like, 14 hours.
I'm tired.
While inside, the renovation
is slowly coming together.
It feels like the
longest day of my life.
I need to get a little sleep.
To combat the exhaustion,
I have a surprise
to increase everyone's energy
and test the kitchen.
Now, just under
six hours from now,
we are filling that place,
so I'd like you all to dig in,
taste the difference,
and understand
what we're selling tonight.
This is what I call fresh, okay?
The broccolini's delicious.
-It's good for you.
Did you try pasta, everybody?
The new menu is amazing.
All the food tasted really good.
I haven't tried the salad.
-Pass that over.
-How's the fish?
-So good.
Yes, I'm excited.
If I seem like I'm not,
I'm just very, very tired
because, you know,
working all night with them.
I'm not 20 years old anymore.
-What'd you think?
-Delicious. Delicious.
Can you taste the difference?
- Yes, I can.
- Yeah? Good.
Vinny, what would you like
to say to the team?
Today on,
I'm gonna give everyone
the respect they deserve
and appreciate everything
you do for me.
I'm here for you.
I'm here for you.
I'm here for you.
What Mr. Ramsay said,
it was enlightening,
and it made me realize
the things I was doing wrong.
From today on, it's gonna be
a new step forward.
We need to stand strong
'cause together,
we're super powerful.
But we aren't done yet.
We still have a long way to go.
I'll see you back
in the restaurant.
Good job. Well done.
Thank you.
-Thank you all.
-Let's get going.
With only four hours
until the grand reopening,
Lou and his team have proven
they have the skill
and the heart.
I wanna show you something,
something really important.
Come here.
I can't make them
any less tired,
but I can try to set them up
for success tonight.
Look at this place.
Before, this place
was a health hazard.
Now it's pristine
and ready for professionals.
In order to cook properly,
we need the right utensils,
And Breville
have been brilliant
- at giving you all that.
- That's nice.
Brand-new plates,
boards, steamers.
- You name it, it's here.
- Thank you, Chef.
I'm, like, scared to touch it.
It looks so nice.
-Very happy.
-First time I smiled.
First time you
I love it when you smile.
It means a lot.
From working with
what we had here, oh, my God.
-Look after it.
-Yes, Chef. Thank you.
All right.
These are the lights
for in here.
No rush, but, you know, rush.
The dining room and the kitchen
are slowly coming together.
Time is almost up. It's crazy.
I don't know if we're
gonna get it done,
but everyone's rushing around,
and we don't really
have a choice.
So there's gonna be
two side by side?
Yep. Yeah, exactly.
I've given them
all the tools I can
in order to help ensure
but it means nothing if they
don't have a strong leader.
I'm just gonna put
this glass away
so it doesn't get lost.
Bella Gianna's is definitely
not out of the woods yet.
Let me get that clear.
Do you wanna set it up
on this table?
There are signs of Vinny
starting to understand
the issues he's got,
which is positive,
but I'm uncertain if this guy's
got it in his wheelhouse.
Sorry, call the dishwasher.
I need him in.
-Does anyone have his number?
-You had it. That's it.
I don't even know
where his number is.
There's one more member of the
family that I need to get to,
and I need to ask him
serious questions.
Gordon Ramsay. How are you, sir?
-Glad to meet you.
Please, take a seat.
Um, I really appreciate
you coming in.
It's my pleasure.
Frank, I need you to commit
to a time frame
where you are gonna promise him
he has no more support.
What am I gonna do?
If I can help my children,
that's my primary objective.
I have given him over $100,000
of a refit, equipment,
and I'm implementing
a structure to go forward.
If he can't do this,
it's never gonna happen.
And I needed to see you today
to beg that you stop funding
this fire.
Three months.
II agree with you.
I cannot invest any more money
in this business.
He needs to stand
on his own two feet.
Uh, thank you, sir.
Good to see you.
-You're an amazing man.
Thank you.
I need you two
to follow me, please.
Let's go.
Now, put that on,
and just shut the up
for five minutes.
Darling, please put that on.
Jump in.
Hold tight. Here we go.
Right, I wanna
show you something
that is gonna be a big advantage
for your business.
-Please, remove your blindfolds
and take a look.
I wanna show you
something that is
it's gonna be a big advantage
for your business.
-Please, remove your blindfolds
and take a look.
Welcome to one
of the most busiest roads
anywhere in this neighborhood.
34,000 cars a week
go past that sign.
I pass it every day.
Do you have any idea
how important that is
as a marketing tool?
You know what that is?
That's my dream.
That's me telling my family
I love them every day.
-I'm back.
Now, minutes from now,
we are opening.
Let's head back. We've got an
exciting restaurant to launch.
I was tired up until
two minutes ago.
- Right.
- I ain't tired no more.
- No.
Guys, that clock is ticking.
If we've got any chance
of finishing this,
we have to move now.
The clock is running out.
With 30 minutes to go
Getting nervous.
A little excited.
Bella Gianna's staff rushes.
To put the dining room
and the kitchen back together.
Nice touch.
-Good to see you.
-Good to see you.
-How was school?
-Hi. It was good.
Come on, get inside.
Take a walk inside
that dining room, young lady.
Look at that picture there.
I love that picture.
Come on. Huh?
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
This looks completely different.
Oh, Olivia, you're crying!
She's making me cry.
I cry at the drop of a hat.
All come over. Come over,
come over, as a team.
-It's amazing.
What a gorgeous room you have.
I'm grateful that
you've all stuck around
over the last 24 hours.
But look at that clock.
Guys, seconds away.
That's rock and roll!
Five, four, three, two, one.
We are ready. Let's go.
Come on in, everybody.
Welcome to Bella Gianna's.
Uh, first of all,
do you recognize any changes?
- It looks beautiful.
- Doesn't it?
It's unbelievable.
In just 24 hours,
we have transformed
Bella Gianna's,
and I can officially say
to their dated look.
It's fantastic, huh?
-Oh, my.
-Beautifully designed.
With a fresh paint-lift
Oh, my God,
that turned out fantastic.
Stunning accent walls
OhI like that a lot.
Copper pot chandeliers
Gorgeous. I mean, look at those.
And updated furnishing
I said the couches,
that's a beautiful touch to it.
The space is spectacular.
-I like the sofa.
-It's very homey.
Very homey.
Now I just need Vinny
and the meal to shine
as bright as this room.
You need anything?
Just throw a piece of lettuce
at me and I'm here.
- Oh
- You got it.
-I hear you got a six?
-I'm gonna do six and a six.
they're gonna have to be
-That's fine.
-I'm waiting on the clams.
-You got any clams coming?
-I'll make clam all day.
Table seven, table one, pick up.
Danny, I need that
two chicken marsala, please,
and a pappardelle.
How's everything so far?
-It's a little bit undercooked.
-What? The veal?
But everything else
is really good.
-I truly apologize.
-No, no, don't worry.
It's totally fine.
Everything else was perfect.
-Thank you very much.
-Thank you.
-Oh, no, what's wrong?
Excuse me, everybody,
cook the veal a little more.
that's the bloggers' table.
-It's undercooked?
- That is raw.
Try to make sure
that everything is cooked.
-They've been waiting.
-Come over, yeah? Come over.
When you need me,
I'll be right back.
Slept two hours in two days.
This is ridiculous.
Try and turn down that dial
on that voice a little bit.
It's loud.
I understand
what you're saying.
As the atmosphere comes up,
then the voice comes up.
-I got you.
-Atmosphere's down,
-so the voice goes down, yeah?
-Got you.
-Thank you.
Good. Now off.
So altogether, I need from you
three marsala now
and a pappardelle now, please.
Uh, it is,
but it should be
cooked a little more.
I'll be right back,
Okay, I need one snapper
with a chicken marsala.
Hey, Lou, can we fire
this one a little more?
-It's rare inside.
-What is that?
- The veal.
- Look at this.
Do me a favor,
get the out of here!
45 years, I never cooked a piece
of veal under in my life.
Don't look at me
like I'm a moron.
Hey, shut up..
Go abuse the people
out there, not me.
Let them all hear ya.
- Yeah? Yeah?
- You're gonna break my?
Looking at
three to five on that snapper.
-Uh, Lou?
Give me 30 seconds.
You okay?
What's wrong?
Tell me.
Can you give me
two minutes, please?
What's wrong?
But when you make
a mistake, you bounce back.
Listen, they're loving the food.
You've made one or two mistakes,
big deal,
but I said earlier,
we're gonna have bumps.
Yeah, but it's good
to be proud, okay?
But don't shut down.
Come on, okay?
Come on. Thank you.
Go ahead and fire these tickets
for nine, one, and 15.
That's four veal,
one chicken, and one Bolo.
Polenta is going,
that's going, that's going.
That's in there. Sweet.
You're gonna serve them dessert.
-All right, take care of that.
-Okay? And they're table nine.
Up on top, please. Up on top.
-All right, check those veals.
-Heard, Chef.
Thank you. We got it now.
Getting ready to plate
a veal re-fire.
Vinny, what the table's
the re-fire on?
-Table 11 is the veal.
-Table 11. Thank you, Vinny.
Please. Pick it up, please.
Veal re-fire in the window.
I got it. Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Enjoy. I'm sorry.
This is delicious.
Thank you for coming back.
You recognize the difference,
-Oh, my goodness.
How did you guys
enjoy your dinner?
-It was great.
-Oh, it was great, thank you.
Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Thank you for coming.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
How about you?
How did you like it?
Yeah, I like it a lot.
I hope my dad
makes these changes last,
because it'll have
a lasting impact
for the restaurant,
for my family
-What do you think?
-It's crazy.
-This is so different.
-I know, right?
-It looks so nice.
-But it's nice.
And just improve
relationships all around.
It was a tough 24 hours
for me, but
all in all, I think I grew up.
Dinner last night
was not so great.
Tonight was
absolutely wonderful.
The dressing is so good.
It's a very cute way
to serve it, I have to say.
The food was really good,
the presentation was beautiful,
and the service was incredible.
Here's to putting money
back in your pocket.
I would say
it's about five years
since we've seen the restaurant
packed like this,
and I'm really proud of him.
Here's to better days!
Vinny, come with me.
And, Dori,
will you join us, please?
Yes, I will.
My time is done. I'm going.
Now, it's been
a hell of a 24 hours.
Let's get that right, yeah?
Your biggest asset
is your sister,
and together as a family,
-you can make this place work.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. You've been amazing.
-Thank you so much.
-Oh, man.
I think the last 24 hours
has brought us
a lot closer together.
Everything takes time.
You can't change the world
in a day,
but each day will get better.
Oh. Good luck.
You have an amazing family.
-I'm the luckiest man alive.
From the bottom of my heart,
I'm eternally grateful
for everyone here,
for everything they did for me.
I have the tools
to make this place a winner.
-I owe ya.
-Good luck.
-Vinny, don't let me down.
-Never will.
Wow, where do I begin?
I found an owner
who acted like a man-child
he pushed everybody
away from him,
including his own family
and a kitchen,
quite honestly,
that should've been condemned
and shut down years ago.
But in just 24 hours,
we have given Bella Gianna's
a new lease of life.
My only hope is
that Vinny does not revert back
to his old ways.
Hey, Gordon, it's Vinny
over at Bella Gianna's.
Hope all is well.
Things have been good.
Weekdays are still very slow.
The weekends are picking up.
Everyone seems to love
the new look of the restaurant,
the new menu.
My dad, he's trying.
Whenever they're, like,
slow on the weekdays,
he'll come home,
he'll be aggravated,
but he's still working on it.
-Yep, I'm trying.
We're trying over here.
We're doing what we can.
Taking it day by day.
I just wanted to thank you again
for everything.
Next week, I head
to a century-old restaurant
in the heart
of the French Quarter
-Oh, hell no!
-Yeah, baby.
Whose dreadful practices
I think that's
a roach leg in there.
Oh, my God, no.
May finally spell their demise.
What are you waiting for,
a death?
How long do you think
you've got to stay open?
- A few more months, maybe.
- If they don't
get it together quick
You're not equipped
to be in the kitchen.
What did I do wrong?
This restaurant
No! No!
Is toast.
There's a mouse
in here!
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