Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Patrick Molloy's

GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay,
and I'm hitting the road.
[blues rock]
[horn honks]
I'm heading to restaurants
all across America.
Oh, my God, no, no.
GORDON: On the brink
- [bleep] you!
Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for,
a [bleep] death?
But having endured
so many kitchen disasters
over the years
There's a [bleep] mouse
in here.
I know that I need
to do something
I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save
each of these restaurants
in just 24 hours.
That's not a lot of time.
I'm scared
we're not gonna finish.
Because in this age
of social media,
where every customer
is a critic
"If you want fast service and
good drinks, don't go here."
Next one, one star--
"The food looks gross
when it comes
out of the kitchen."
Oh, my God.
Your business can succeed
or fail overnight.
But when people know
I'm coming,
they tend to hide
what's really going on.
So, this time,
I'll need to be covert,
hiding cameras
in the restaurants
and myself in plain sight
Catch of the day--
hepatitis B.
To catch them all red-handed.
I had to stop you
from eating in there.
- And this is the reason why.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, no!
If I have any hope
of saving them
Bless thy soul,
may I come out in one piece.
I'll have to go
to hell and back
Oh, my God.
In 24 hours.
[rock music]

I'm heading to a secret
location in Hermosa Beach.
Now, this is a stunning beach
that's just south
of Los Angeles, California.
And it really is
a big tourist attraction.
This place is bustling 24-7.
I struggle to understand
why any business
couldn't make it here
with this as your backdrop.
[blues rock]
My name is
Patrick Molloy Bastian,
and I am one of three owners
here at Patrick Molloy's
in Hermosa Beach, California.
In 1996, my ex-husband and I,
along with my
current husband, Fred,
opened Patrick Molloy's.

Fred's relationship
with my father,
there is a lot of tension,
and a lot of anger.
The partnership was
a little strange,
because I believe that Bill
really loved his wife still.
I remember coming into
Patrick Molloy's as a kid,
and you could cut the tension
with a knife.
ALICE: Patrick's father
died suddenly,
and Patrick inherited
his father's percentage
of the business.
I stepped in my father's shoes,
in regards to his relationship
with Fred, my mom,
and Patrick Molloy's.
He's gotten too much,
too quickly,
without the blood,
the sweat, and the tears.
Running a restaurant
with my stepdad and my mom
puts a huge strain
on our personal relationships.
FRED: Pat and I,
we do different things
to run the business.
I'm here quite a bit,
just walking around,
checking things out,
and doing things.
Patrick's philosophy is,
come in for two hours a day
and say something and leave.
PATRICK: He doesn't see me
as an owner, really.
As much as I say
it doesn't bother me,
I mean, I would like
nothing more
than to get
my stepdad's approval.
The staff not only
notices the tension
between Fred and myself,
they use it to their advantage,
'cause they figure,
"These two guys are out there,
going at each other--we can
get away with all this stuff."
We're always so confused
because we don't know
who to follow or what,
necessarily, to do.
ALICE: On a daily basis,
I'm caught in the middle,
because Fred will complain
to me about Patrick,
and Patrick will complain to me
about Fred.
Ah! I can't deal with
this anymore, it's ridiculous.
FRED: The stress
of the business
isn't good on anybody,
and for Alice especially.
14 years ago, I was diagnosed
with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
At a certain point,
I would like to know,
if I wasn't here any longer,
that they would
have each other's back.
In the last three years,
we've seen a big decline
in business.
Last year,
we lost about $135,000.
Within three to four months,
we'll be out of business.
PATRICK: We need this.
My mom needs this
to afford the expensive
monthly medical bills.
ALICE: The thought
of the doors closing--
I can't even imagine
how difficult and painful
that would be.

They know
that help is coming,
but what they don't know
is that help is me.
I needed to know the issues
before I even
stepped foot inside.
So my team told the restaurant
that they are trying out
for a renovation series.
While they're
being interviewed,
we installed hidden cameras
throughout the restaurant
and have been
secretly recording
surveillance footage
since we left.
That is disgusting.

[car beeping]
Now, these people are
in desperate need of my help,
and the only way to assess
how things are really that bad
is to see it with my own eyes.
Except this time, I'll be doing
things a little differently.
[funky music]
Right, I'm going in undercover,
because as you know,
in the past,
when people know it's me,
they're on their
best bloody behavior.
This time,
they've got no chance.
Surf's up. Let's go.
The only way
to really determine
the food quality here
is for me to go in undercover.
Just gonna post up
right here, yeah.
GORDON: I've invited
some surfer buddies
to meet me for some lunch
- Dude, Austin.
- Hey.
- Gordon, what's happening?
- Good to see you, bud.
GORDON: And asked that they
order various menu items
so that I can inspect
each and every dish.
- Wait.
- What did you get?
MAN: What did we get?
Some pizzas, wings, burgers.
I'm starving, man.
- Couple shepherd's pies.
- Good man.
Gonna slide these
over here.
GORDON: Vision, look how dry
these wings are.
I mean, this food
looks terrible.
Guys, look at this.
The mess of it--
how do you start eating that?
[indistinct chatter]
Not good.
Oh, frozen fish,
and that is just soaking wet.
If it's not [bleep] fresh fish,
when the ocean
is 100 feet away,
what's going on?
Enjoying the food,
guys, or what?
- You getting there?
- Yeah, thank you, sir.
Appreciate you asking.
I've made thousands
of shepherd's pie in my time.
I've never quite seen anything
as [bleep] disgusting as that.
What's up?
How's it taste?
It's topped with that
disgusting gravy. Look at that.
The ground mince is bland.
That's gross.
Um, you're not eating that.
I'm not gonna even allow you
to touch that.
- [laughs]
- Take a slice of pizza.
So this is soggy
as [bleep] as well.
Gents, thank you.
I've seen enough.
- Will you excuse me?
- Oh, okay.
Don't order any more
[bleep] food.
- I will not, then.
- [laughs]
- We won't be.
- Cheers, fellas.
Oh, boy, that was bad.
That was really bad.
Now, time to meet owners.
And this restaurant,
clearly, has given up.
[blues rock]
- Is that Gordon?
- It's Gordon Ramsay!

Excuse me,
can I see the owners, please?
Thank you.
- This is?
- Patrick.
- Patrick, how are you?
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise. Is Mum
- Upstairs.
- And Fred?
- Yeah, yeah.
Can you get them
for me, please?
Is Fred back here?
Hey, Fred.
- Gordon Ramsay is here.
- Gordon Ramsay's here?
Yeah, he wants you out there.
Gaby, come on.
- Gordon Ramsay, how are you?
- How are you?
Fred Hahn, nice to meet you.
Good to see you, too.
Could you send
that back, please?
- Who?
- Gordon Ramsay.
- What?
- Yeah.
- Alice.
- Alice, nice to see you.
- Wow.
- Let's just get
one thing clear.
I've just been sat out there
for the last hour,
eating some of the worst food
I've ever tasted
in my entire career.
- Really?
- Yes.
How's business been
- Bad?
- Yeah.
Why do you think
business is bad?
Not a lot of customers.
Every other business
this afternoon,
and has been
for the last three hours,
have been packed.
Why do people come here?
- Um
- Should I tell you?
'Cause they can't get in
anywhere else.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
This is not Patrick Molloy's.
This is the last resort.
- I'm pretty pissed.
- I thought it was good.
Usually most feedback
is pretty positive.
Oh, [bleep], no.
I've got some bad news
for all four of you.
Excuse me two seconds.
Ladies and gentleman,
stop eating.
[indistinct chatter]
Forks down.
the restaurant is closed.
[surprised chatter]
All of you, follow me outside.
Right now.
Let's go.
[dramatic music]

Let me introduce you
to Hell on Wheels--
the heart
of my command center.
And more importantly,
every individual behind there
are serious experts.
Over the last few weeks,
your restaurant has been
under surveillance.
I want you all to have a look.
I am horrified.
It's [bleep] embarrassing.

GORDON: Kissing in the middle
of service.
FRED: You want
to be the top dog.
PATRICK: I don't care
about that, though.
- Actually, you do.
- Oh, my God.
I wanted to be out of here
seven [bleep] years ago,
and I can't get out of here.
that's really good.
We need someone to stand
there and say,
"I run this [bleep] place."
You got to do that,
and you don't do that.

- [woman groans]
MAN: This is gross.
Wow. [bleep].
[surprised chatter]
GORDON: Oh, my God.
Ugh, I cannot believe
we just ate there.
GORDON: Shocking.
I mean,
it's just disappointing,
because you expect people
to be up to code.
- And probably not.
- It's going to take
a big turnaround
for me to come back here.
Cross contamination?
Raw chicken with cooked food?
Excuse me?
You go to the gym,
and you walk
in your restaurant
You know, it's something
that you're used to doing,
and it's just bad habits.
You're running a business.
It's not a catwalk.
I didn't know
how unprofessional I looked
until I saw it
on the big screen.
It's pretty embarrassing.
We've got 24 hours
to turn this business around.
[surprised chatter]
With the reopening
in less than 24 hours,
we are in a race against time.
My team has installed clocks
throughout the restaurant
to track
our impending deadline.
And if we can't do that
as a team in 24 hours,
there's no point.
You'll save more money
shutting that place down
than you would
if you continue to operate it
like that.
Customers, today
I am picking up your tab,
because none of you should
have to pay for that crap.
[cheers and applause]
What I'd like to see is all of
you back in 24 hours from now,
to experience
something much better
than you've been paying for.
- Are you committed?
BOTH: Yes.
- Absolutely, 100%.
- Oh, no doubt.
Good, because the 24 hours
[dramatic music]
Starts right now.

[seagulls squawking]
Now, get on your phones,
talk to your families,
and tell them
for the next 24 hours,
they're not going to see you,
and I need you here.
And get all the staff together.
I want to see you
back in that dining room
- in two minutes from now.
- Okay.
MICK: Hey, so I'm not
coming home tonight.
Yeah, so it's, I'm staying
overnight basically.
MAN: I'll be here
Sunday morning.
WOMAN: Okay.
- [laughs]
I am serious, Fred.
I'm having chest pains.
My chest feels so tight.
FRED: The 24-hour period is--
to me, is somewhat
I look
at the business itself,
what it took
to get to this point,
the construction,
and wonder how it could happen
in 24 hours.
Okay, uh, right.
What was going
through your mind,
looking at some of that
shocking footage?
MICK: Embarrassing.
- Why has it got to that?
- Just complacency.
- You know, maybe we haven't
seen as much leadership as we
probably should have seen.
- Who's running this place?
- Fred.
Who's running this place?
I see the most of Fred.
I would say I feel like
no one's running the place
right now.
The restaurant's
called what?
Patrick Molloy's.
- That's you, right?
- Yeah.
So why have you checked out?
Because according
to my footage,
customers spend
more time in here
than you do across the day.
Have you given up?
[dramatic music]
Yes, I've given up.
So. if you've given up,
what kind of message
does it send to the team
sat behind you?

- Not a good one.
- Now they've given up.
Do you see what's happened?
You're just going
through the motions.
There's just no attention
to detail.
When we can't nail
a [bleep] chicken wing,
do you have any idea
what that says about us?
It's [bleep] Friday.
So you cooked them Monday
and just reheated them?
When's the last time
you went online
and read some of these reviews?
Just listen to this.
"Great potential on the patio,
"Looked like a great place
to stop in with some friends.
The wings were dry
and were overall disgusting."
"If you want fast service and
good drinks, don't go here."
"Terrible service,
even worse food."
"If you're looking
for a delicious breakfast,
go elsewhere."
"The waiter didn't pay
attention to my boyfriend,
who was the only one
with no food for 25 minutes."
Does that hurt anybody?
Makes me feel terrible,
listening to that.
It's horrible.
It's embarrassing.
Sorry, but we all have to be
You're their boss.
And to move forward,
we have to have
a completely different
mind-set in here.
We are losing time.
I am dying
to get this place going.
I want to introduce you
to two incredible designers
that are gonna help
renovate this place.
I'm going to hand you over
to this team.
Kitchen staff,
I want to see you now.
Anything that will
come off the ground,
you can take outside.
We'll just start
pulling chairs,
tables, anything out.
GORDON: We have less than
24 hours to transform
this mismatched, cluttered bar
into an elegant gastropub.
We'll open up the layout
by removing the bulky booths
and dividing wall.
Then we'll update
the lighting and decor
to unite the character
of a traditional pub
with an amazing modern style.
I need to inspect the kitchen
with Gaby, Fred, and Patrick.
Based on the
surveillance footage,
I fear what I might find
in there.
When does this kitchen
get cleaned?
[bleep] terrible.
I've got no dates on here.
I've got no [bleep] reference.
Who leaves these potatoes
in there like that?
Your kitchen's a war zone!
Gonna be a long night.
What in the [bleep]
is going on in here?
On Monday,
we cooked three times
the amount of wings
we needed.
- Would you eat that?
- No.
- Is that the powdered gravy?
- Yes.
Just taste that--
that's what's going
on top of the shepherd's pie.
Shepherd's pie, my ass.
- Shepherd's [bleep].
- It tastes like airplane food.
Look at that.
Do you have any idea
how long that's got to sit
in there to get like that?
What do you do with that?
But do you have any idea
of the thousands of dollars
on the menu
you're throwing out?
This business
is hemorrhaging.
And it starts
from right in here.
You can do better than this.
And you two,
you don't have to be
a top executive chef
to realize how bad
this is functioning.
Mm-hmm, I see it.
So Fred,
you've been running this place.
Why would you make the business
so dysfunctional?
To be honest with you,
I wanted to be
out of the business.
But I just kept
coming in and out
and not focusing
enough on it.
You'd better
get your [bleep] together.
Gaby, I want all your team
in here now.
And I want this [bleep] place
absolutely spotless.
GORDON: With so little time,
I really need to understand
why this kitchen
is such a mess.
- Let's get some fresh air.
- Okay.
GORDON: So I need to speak
to Gaby chef-to-chef.
What's going on?
So you can't make any changes
unless Fred says yes?
And the wings?
We had to call Fred--
how many cases of wings
do you want for Monday?
So Fred's telling you
to do this?
For me, it feels like
you don't want to be here.
I think you've given up.
You may be a sweet guy,
a lovely man--love that.
But right now I'm not seeing
a chef with anything.
I can't feel your voice.
I can't hear your voice.
I don't know
if I can work with you,
or I have to look
for a new head chef.
So, I mean, do you feel
you deserve to be here?
Gabriel, seriously?
Gabriel, seriously?
I'm not happy with this.
I'm not happy with myself.
You love this kitchen?
I'm not giving up on you.
But can you change,
or are you done?
Do you know what that means?
Finding your voice.
Stop asking Fred
how many [bleep] wings
- you cook on a Monday night.
- Okay.
You stand out as a head chef,
and you make sure your
[bleep] kitchen is spotless.
Is that clear?
Let's go.
GORDON: While Gaby's team
tackles the kitchen,
my design team
has the dining-room demolition
fully under way.
- After you, please.
- [giggles] Thank you.
Do we get rid of these?
WOMAN: Yes, we're getting
rid of those.
'Cause we need consistency.
What's happening at the bar?
It'll be nice and open
with some long tables
and lots of seating.
- Great, thank you.
- Yep.
GORDON: But for real progress
to be made here,
the biggest change has to be
from the owners themselves.
You guys, I need--No, you guys
can leave me alone.
Why are we in
the [bleep] we're in?
Fred looks at
the business one way,
and I look at it
the other way.
And as opposed to, like,
fighting with him on this
and then causing more stress
between all three of us,
I just step back
and walk away.
How stressful is it?
Between the two of them,
it's stressful, because,
you know, I love them both.
I am a mom and a wife, and
I hate to see that conflict.
You shouldn't be doing this.
You shouldn't be in here
working the way you work.
Can I just have five minutes
with these two?
- Certainly.
- Will you do me a favor?
- Certainly.
- It's been a tough day so far.
And we're on the clock,
but do you know
what I'd like you to do?
- What?
- I'd like you to go home.
Yes, chef, I will
follow your instructions.
- Bye, honeys.
- Bye.
[somber music]
That is a lady
that's in pain
because there's fighting
and conflicts
going on on a daily basis.
God forbid your mum
didn't make it
through that horrible
PATRICK: Mm-hmm.
- How would you feel?
This isn't anything
I'm proud of.
I don't think you two realize
just how bad off you are.
There's one piece of footage
our cameras captured
you both need to watch.
I want to be out of here
seven [bleep] years ago,
and I can't get out of here.
I don't give a [bleep].
Guess what, I'm 70.
He's 31.
He can lead the pack.
I don't want to lead the pack.
What do I, though,
I step away even further?
It'll only get worse.
GORDON: I've seen too many
restaurants shut their doors
because of feuding owners.
What goes through your mind
when you watch that back?
Oh, definitely anger, and,
"Why do I want to be here?"
I'm 70 years old.
I really don't get
what this age group wants.
What have you got to say
with that kind of behavior?
It's embarrassing,
because you see it,
and you realize how bad
and unprofessional,
really, it looks.
How can you do that?
I don't do it intentionally.
That's why I leave.
But you can't run away
from the [bleep] problem.
I agree,
but I don't what to do.
You need to face
the music.
I thought that at this point,
I would be running the business
and be sending them
a check somewhere.
I don't want to be the guy
that inherited a bar
and never did [bleep] with it.
If I was in your shoes
right now,
number-one priority is getting
my mum out of here.
And number two,
being successful
while she's still alive.
But if you two aren't
on the same page,
we've got no [bleep] chance.
And you need to understand
the importance
of that relationship.
Think about that.
GORDON: While we're starting
to break down walls
both metaphorical
and physical
One, two, three!
I don't know if we're going
to be able to do this
in 24 hours,
'cause it is a big change.
I'm hoping we can.
GORDON: My culinary team have
been out at Hell on Wheels,
working on the new menu.
There's one thing
that can save this restaurant,
and that's good food.
Gentlemen, follow me.
Let's go.
We've completely updated
the oversized
Patrick Molloy's menu
by paring it down
with simple, delicious dishes.
WOMAN: Hello, Chef.
GORDON: With less than
18 hours left,
if they can't master
these new dishes,
we've got no chance
for success.
So I'm gonna show you
some things now.
Then after that,
you guys are going to spend
the next six hours
in here cooking.
And I'm hoping that you
reignite that passion.
So the most amazing
Caesar salad.
Dressed properly,
not soaking wet.
From there, a steak frites.
Savory, seasoned beautifully.
And these beautiful little
corned beef Reuben sliders.
And then this baby here, that's
what you call a shepherd's pie.
Look at the colors,
how vibrant that is.
Spicy wings, they're savory,
fresh, delicious.
GABY: That's so good.
- When do you think
- they were cooked?
- Tonight?
Yeah, eight minutes ago.
Not last Monday.
- [laughs] Monday night.
- So
come over here, please.
Reubens, salt, pepper,
a little touch of oil.
That'll help get it
nice and crisp underneath.
Cheese on top.
Just a little touch.
Little steam,
that'll melt the cheese.
Now, fish.
Fresh lime.
Over, and take
your Reuben.
That sits on top.
Corned beef hash, delicious.
Now, the slaw.
The color and the flavor
is incredible,
and look, first one.
And then, finally,
a touch of lime.
There you go,
a delicious taco.
Pick one up, have a bite.
Your brothers say,
[bleep] share.
I love learning
to be a better chef.
And I'm very excited
to cook a different menu.
This is what we need.
The chef to
come in and help us.
And everybody's happy.
The freshness, vibrancy.
That's what I want to taste
when we come in
to Patrick Molloy's.
That's two dishes.
What you're going to do now
is learn the whole menu.
Each of you have got
the most amazing chefs
teaching you one-on-one.
All right, Christina,
who's with who?
Gaby, you and I
will start together,
and we'll start
with the steak.
I'm happy now that they are
connected to my team,
and they've got
one-on-one training
throughout the whole night,
and there is no room for error.
[bleep] the sleep.
That's long gone.

What do you need, Brian?
So, yeah,
they're finishing sanding.
They're going to
start that right away.
I'm going to have her start
on that beam right here,
and we're going to
bang this guy out right now.
- Yeah, okay, good.
- Thank you.
Let's have two minutes.
Can you take over from Pat?
Yeah, let's go outside.
With Gaby and his team
in good hands,
it's time I speak
with Patrick privately.
I've had my team filming
the hell out of this place.
Every time it comes back
to your lack of presence
and Fred's overbearing
The writing's on the wall
for him.
He wants gone.
He wants you to step up.
He says that,
but I don't feel
that he has ever
treated me as an equal.
When I first saw
that surveillance,
with you standing there while
he's struggling up the stairs
with a [bleep] box,
you're not ashamed?
I mean, yeah.
If you can't step up
and handle pressure
when the [bleep] hits the fan
in your business,
you've got to get out.
You have got to get out.
[dramatic music]
If you can't step up
and handle pressure
when the [bleep] hits the fan
in your business,
you've got to get out.

Have you thought
about stepping down?
Then you can't walk around
like a dummy.
The past ten years have been
a cycle of the same [bleep].
And I don't have that fight
in me anymore with Fred.
That I see clearly,
but I feel like
you've never let this guy in.
As a kid,
there was so much tension
- between Fred and my dad.
- Right.
And I always told myself
I wouldn't let that happen.
And then when I see
this footage and [bleep]
and I realize,
like, "[bleep], man,
you're doing the [bleep] same
thing that you hated as a kid."
- Do you love him?
- Yeah.
Do you know how you could
really honor your father?
You need to find a happy peace
with Fred.
And you need to sort
that [bleep] out.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Let's get back in there.
- Okay.
GORDON: I am fully committed
to saving this restaurant.
My one big hope is that
Patrick is prepared
to do the same.
I hope we're able
to finish the renovation
in such little time.
It's now almost midnight,
and the hardest part
is staying awake.
- Britni's asleep in the back.
- [snoring]
Just don't say I said it.
Gaby and his team
are making excellent progress
learning the new menu.
CHRISTINA: That's a good
medium-rare. That's nice, Gaby.
Look at this, Team Ramsay!
Good, could I just have
30 seconds with you?
But if these two owners
can't commit
to working together,
it won't matter
how good the food is.
The restaurant will be lost.
So you can't go on like this
for another five years.
You can't work
the way you're working.
- Well, I really don't want to.
- You're 70 years of age.
You need to step away
and let them step up
- Okay.
- And become chefs.
- And they need to cook.
- I'll make it happen.
Above all that,
the most important person
you need to start trusting
is your partner.
- Do you trust Patrick?
- Um
I like Pat a lot.
Do I trust him?
I don't know.
That needs to change, Fred.
He's your partner.
I'm not his father either.
But you two,
whether you like it or not,
spend more time together
than many fathers and sons.
You need to be there to pick
him up when he makes mistakes.
That's what a father figure
is about, right?
That's right. I can't do much
about that now, can I?
If he comes to me for help,
I say, "Fine,
I'll do it for you."
You got to be
the bigger man here.
You can't wait
till that [bleep] poor guy's
on his knees.
You two need to
come together somewhere,
because if you don't, one of
you or both of you need to go.
[somber music]
- GORDON: Okay, thank you.
- [Fred clears throat]
What a stubborn [bleep].
With the rest of Hermosa Beach
fast asleep
[dog barking]
My team
and Patrick Molloy's staff
are working through the night.
Just opening this place up,
Fred, is going to be amazing.
Fred, what are you doing now?
I'm sanding nuts off--
bolts off.
One, two, three.
- Is that bolted on there?
GORDON: A renovation
this quick never comes easy.
Hey, that's your workout
for the day.
- Yeah.
- [laughs]
[dramatic rock music]
GORDON: The reopening
is nine hours away,
and there's still
an enormous amount of work
to be accomplished.
You guys look [bleep].
That's a good sign, by the way.
You know that?
Don't be disappointed.
Trust me.
I need everybody
just to follow me.
Right, let's go--
a little surprise.
I think
after all their hard work
GORDON: They need a little
fuel to boost their spirits.
Okay, line up.
Come over, guys.
This man has been working
through the night
and transformed the menu.
Get used to what you'll be
selling in hours from now.
Dig in, guys.
Let's go.
WOMAN: You want to try this?
WOMAN 2: This is amazing food.
I'm serious.
This is so good.
You can taste the quality
over quantity, for sure.
KIRSTI: I feel really good
about the new menu.
I will be extremely proud
to serve this food
to my customers.
Gab, I need you
for two minutes, please.
Let's go in the kitchen.
I want to show you something.
Come in.
Look at this.
Welcome to your new kitchen.
Remember what this kitchen
used to look like?
Piled with grease and rotten
food, it was disgusting.
And now look at it.
It's amazing.
I've set your kitchen up
with brand-new, amazing
professional equipment.
I want you to go
and get Patrick and Fred.
I want you to show them
your new [bleep] kitchen.
- Okay.
- They're in there.
GABY: Fred.
FRED: Wow.
PATRICK: It's spotless. Nice.
What are you here?
You're the head chef.
That's right.
- Exactly.
Yeah, good,
I'm happy with that.
We back you 100%,
'cause you've always
been there for us,
so we can be there for you.
Take them around.
Show them what you've got.
And then let's get back
in the dining room, yeah?
[blues rock]

Well, Gabriel's
definitely found his voice.
There's no two ways
about that.
I think that guy's
rekindled his fire,
but, more importantly,
he's now starting
to tell the owners that,
"I want commitment.
I want freedom, and I need to
be supported as the head chef,"
which is refreshing.
Everybody's been up all night,
and no one's threatened
to [bleep] kill me,
which is a big shock.
The only one area
of concern right now
I'm gonna run the meeting.
I thought because
you wanted me to do something--
Is with Pat and Fred.
I'm not convinced.
PATRICK: There's still work--
FRED: Let me finish!
- I don't give a [bleep].
- You say that, but you do.
Guys, everybody, listen up!
I want all of you out of here.
Please leave the building.
You two, stay in here.
Stop the clock.
[dramatic rock music]
Stop the clock.
And I've stopped that,
by the way, for a reason.
It's that I'm not convinced
that you two
are on the same page.
What have you done together
to sort out the issues?
- We've been talking.
- Okay.
And I actually told him, "Look,
you start taking over.
You want some information,
I'll give it to you."
I'm letting him take over,
and I'm here to help him out.
GORDON: You're saying you're
going to change,
but I'm not
feeling it.
Can you feel a change?
- No.
- No.
Your dad and Fred
had so much animosity,
but what is apparent
over the last 20 hours,
you both have the same level
of animosity.
It's almost, like,
reliving itself again.
He isyour son.
He wants to be respected
like a son and a partner
and someone that [bleep]
you have respect for.
- Do you love this man?
- I've always loved him.
When was the last time
you told him that?
I don't know.
Will you cut the [bleep]
and just get [bleep] straight
with one another
and put your differences aside?
What do you want from Fred?
I want to work with you,
not against you.
- How's it look in there?
- It's chaos.
If there's one lady
that needs to hear it,
you know who that is.
I think she needs an apology.
- How are you?
- Good.
- How are you feeling?
- Good, good, thank you.
- Good, we've had a busy--
- I see that.
- A busy morning.
- Wow.
And, yeah.
We were just talking
about us
- Oh.
- And coming together.
Put this all aside.
We're a family.
And you and you
are all, really, I have.
Something happens to me,
I want you to have him.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to walk away.
You guys just need to get
on the same page.
- [sighs]
- So
Well, I just--you know,
I have to
apologize, for, you know,
putting you in the middle,
because I don't mean to, but,
you know, I do it all the time.
Okay, and what about you?
And I think that we're
both committed, though.
You are?
You're committed to each other?
It's steps, Alice--
you don't all of a sudden
grab him and hug him
and give him a kiss.
It doesn't work that way.
Could we sit over here
for a second?
My foot's killing me here.
But we're going
to move forward,
and then show everybody
that we came together.
The past is the past.
It doesn't matter what
happened in the past, does it?
I mean, it's time to move on.
I care about today
and going forward.
We've got four [bleep] hours
to get this place set.
- Can you make this work?
- I can make it work.
You have
my commitment to that.
Can you make this work?
- Absolutely, yeah.
- I hope that is the case.
I'm getting that bunch
of talented, loyal,
hardworking individuals
back in here,
- and we've got to go, quickly.
BOTH: Okay.
I have to start that clock.
Four hours left.
Now that Fred is finally
willing to relinquish control
and Patrick is ready
to prove himself
Thanks, guys.
Let's go.
GORDON: We are rushing
to complete
the renovation touches
But it's just--we're not
done yet [bleep] everywhere.
I want to get this
last light fitting up
and then a big sweep
from left to right.
And then we'll bring in
those tables, okay?
And prepare for tonight's
grand reopening.
[tense music]
Right, guys, gather round.
Let's all agree--
it's definitely been 24 hours
to hell and back, right?
ALL: Yes.
- Yes, Chef.
I've got a picture
that I think you'd recognize.
- Aw.
- That I'd love you to put
center stage.
- Thank you.
- Please, put that up.
Aw, that's so cute.
Wow. Come over.
Three owners--amazing.
And finally,
I'm so excited to announce
that the owners
are on the same page,
and Patrick
will be in charge
of running the restaurant
Now, guys, seconds away.
ALL: Five, four,
three, two, one.
- Let's go, guys.
- [cheers and applause]
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Break a leg.
Let's go. Let's open
this restaurant officially.
Mick, let's go.
[cheers and applause]
Head on in.
Hi, welcome.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
What do you think?
- Well done!
- Oh, my God.
WOMAN: Look at this place.
It's fabulous.
GORDON: In only 24 hours,
my team has completely
renovated the restaurant
from top to bottom.
- First impressions?
- Wow, amazing.
- The energy in here is great.
- It's really light.
It's light, it's vibrant,
it's open.
- Yeah, I love it.
MAN: It's so open in here.
GORDON: We have gutted
the interior
Didn't they take out, like,
a wall or something there?
GORDON: Broken down
the barrier walls
The walls are gone.
Looks awesome.
Oh, my God, it's crazy.
Changed the drab decor
The lights are so cool.
And modernized the lights.
It used to be dark in here.
When you're coming off
the beach, it was like
GORDON: Instead of the dark,
depressing dining room,
customers will now experience
an inviting atmosphere,
while enjoying
the brand-new menu.
Yeah, I love what you did
with the place. It's gorgeous.
[blues rock]

Yeah, there's
us three here.
- Okay.
- They have to be seated--
Come, guys,
you'll be right here.
PATRICK: Why don't you two take
a seat below that picture
and enjoy the meal
and let me handle this?
Guys, I got a bunch
of new tickets, okay?
Get me an order
as soon as you can.
These are two
of the owners here.
- Yeah.
- Can you tell it was us?
- Hello.
- Hello.
You guys good?
- Are we missing your food?
- Yeah.
- Let me go check on that.
- It's okay.
- How long ago--
- 200's missing food.
- What's wrong?
- 200's missing.
- Hey, guys, where's 200?
- 200 is literally this.
I'm just waiting
on the steak frites,
and I'll be out
in about a minute.
- Okay, perfect.
- Steak frites, Gaby.
What is it?
What kind?
Okay, Gaby,
I need to hear you.
GABY: Okay.
Give me a deviled egg
really quick.
I need a deviled egg right now.
Come here, you, come here.
There's now 20 tickets
waiting for food.
- You can cook.
GABY: Yes.
Just talk and cook
at the same time now.
- All right, Chef.
- Are you the head chef?
- I'm in charge of the kitchen.
- I want to hear you.
Yeah, I'm in charge. I'm the
head chef in the kitchen.
I'm coming back in there
in 30 seconds,
and if I don't hear you sound
like a head chef,
I'm taking over.
All right..
[seagulls caw]
[tense music]
- Patrick, we're good?
- Yeah.
- So we're in full swing now.
- Yeah.
There's a problem
in the kitchen.
Gaby needs to talk.
MAN: Get me a deviled egg
really quick.
But he's just shut down.
There's now 20 tickets on.
That means nearly 35 people
waiting for food.
If he shuts down, the
kitchen's going to shut down.
Get him to [bleep]
talk now, please.

MAN: Got a fish taco
coming, please.
- Yes?

What's going on?
But I know, like, when you get
flustered, you shut down.
You got to be opened up
and, like, excited about this.
And let them know,
you know, you're calm and cool.
It's fast,
and it's hard work,
but you're the one
leading it.
Okay? You got it?
Thank you.
MAN: Steak frites medium,
going with a shepherd's pie.
Then I need a fish taco.
One minute on fish tacos.
MAN: And I need
a shepherd's pie.
GABY: Vámonos, vámonos,
vámonos, vámonos, vámonos!
[speaking Spanish]
Patrick, that's what
you need to do.
- Okay.
- Don't stop that.
That's where your staff
really needs you,
as an owner, to deal
with a situation like that.
- Right.
- Now we get over it.
- Uh-huh.
- We lift them back up.
But you need to coach them, and
that's how we work as a team.
- Okay.
- Yes?

- Amazing, thank you.
- Enjoy.
- I'm sorry about the backup.
- I got ya.
They're just working out
the kinks.
- But it was worth the wait?
- It was good, yeah.
- It was good.
- It was worth the wait.
I thought I've had
good buffalo wings before,
but these are amazing.
100% different.
I mean, the fish was delicious.
We sampled almost everything,
and it was really good.
Oh, my God.
The chicken wings--it was, like, fall off the bone.
- It was so soft and perfect.
- Yeah.
[upbeat music]
GORDON: My time's done.
- You're leaving me?
I got to go.
There's another
restaurant waiting.
- I would like
- I feel sad.
To say thank you.
It's been a tough
but incredible 24 hours.
It's been the hardest
24 hours of my life,
but the most rewarding.
How are you feeling?
It's the most bonding
experience I've ever had.
This grand reopening
gave me the opportunity
to show Fred that
I really have the knowledge
and the work ethic
to take over this business.
GORDON: The potential of this
business is exceptional.
But more importantly,
you two
it's imperative
that you stay together
- Right.
- For health and happiness.
He seemed to be able
to break down that wall
between my son
and his stepfather.
And that's a huge gift for me.
I need 30 seconds
with this one.
- Okay.
- Take care.
Thank you so much again.
- Right, you stepped up.
- It felt natural.
It felt natural.
It did.
I wasn't convinced
to begin with.
- I bet you weren't.
- I got to be honest. I wasn't.
- Tonight you turned me around.
- Thank you.
And if you can
turn me around,
you can turn
your business around.
After this experience,
I feel so ready to take over
the reigns of Patrick Molloy's,
and I'm just excited to see
what happens in the future
with this business.
- Take care.
- Thanks, Chef.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
What a difference
24 hours can make.
We've gone from a chef
that can cook wings
for weeks in advance
to a chef delivering food
tonight that critics love.
An owner that showed up
for two hours a day
has finally fallen back in love
with his restaurant.
And a family
that was bitter and broken
that are now on the same page.
[horn honks]
My only hope now
is that Patrick Molloy's
can continue riding
the crest of the wave.
[upbeat music]
Hey, Chef Ramsay.
Things are going great here
at Patrick Molloy's.
My mom and Fred
are actually in Costa Rica.
As you can see,
everybody loves the new menu.
I just want to introduce you
to our new managing partner
- and head chef, Gaby.
- Hey.
It's going to 65.
So thank you.
GORDON: Next week,
I'm in Sacramento, California,
home to Sandra Dee's
No, no!
It's not me, it's him!
Where the combative owner
If y'all ain't got my back,
then I ain't got
y'all [bleep] backs.
There's the [bleep] door.
And rude staff
Hey, li'l bitch.
Flip 7 and 8.
What'd you do now?
What did you do?
Will light the fuse
What's a gas container
doing next to a furnace?
On an explosive "24 Hours."
You'll blow up Sacramento
yourself, you [bleep] idiot.
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